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  1. floridagal

    Easy Populate Install Parse Error

    You're just missing the closing '. Here's the full line from my catalog.php... '<a href="' . tep_href_link('easypopulate.php', '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">Easy Populate</a><br>'. Just add '. to the end of your line & you should be fine... 8)
  2. Hi Tim, Sorry I missed your post before now -- file is on it's way to you! Thanks again for such an incredibly helpful tool!!!
  3. Deb, tried to email you - message bounced.. let me know where to send that file... I know this was mentioned before, but just in case it might help anyone, here's where I added the add'l fields into easypopulate for the mimage & bimage fields -- same would apply for any other add'l fields, I imagine.. (Roughly around...) Lines 266 815 866 1008 1103 1472 1488 1511 In this particular case, where it already had the standard 'image' field, I added in appropriate matching code for mimage & bimage... I may have put it in more places than was truly necessary - ?? All I know is that it works :wink:
  4. Howard & Deborah, I've got my EasyPopulate running with those additional image fields. Would be glad to email you a copy or if anyone else needs it??? Thanks to Tim for such a fantastic contribution -- I can't even imagine trying to put in any sizeable number of products w/o EasyPopulate!! And of course, thanks to the developers for this awesome program, and to everyone in the forums - whenever I get stuck on something, I can always find the answer eventually, by just digging & digging through all the posts here.... - Nickie 8) (Glad I can finally do a tiny little *something* to help someone out! LOL!)
  5. floridagal

    Help with Paypal IPN please

    Badjuju, :( I'm sorry - I really don't know what to tell you --- I didn't do anything to mine, other than check/re-check/double-check/triple-check my code over & over again to try to find a problem, re-read the text that came with the contribution, etc etc -- and since everything looked like it was the way it was supposed to be, I didn't actually change any of it Like I said, my only guess was that my browser had cached something or ?? because after walking away from it for a while, it suddenly was working fine & has been ever since - I've run a good number of test transactions through & never once had another problem... Sorry!!!! Maybe someday in the future I'll learn enough to be able to help out here once in a while, I hope! :wink:
  6. floridagal

    Help with Paypal IPN please

    :oops: OK, I swear, I'm really not *too* dumb..... but anyway, it's working now.... either a session ID or just local caching was keeping the 'problem' coming up before (even though I'd tried it over & over & over....) Anyway, it figures -- after posting, I grabbed a bite to eat, came back in here & tried again - it worked like a charm... go figure... (I even told my hubby - 'the moment I post, asking for help, I'll find the answer or something like that....) Outta here before I get any more embarressed .....sorry to bother you folks!!
  7. Hi, I'm using Ian's "loaded" osC -- been doing great so far & haven't had any real difficulties with anything until now -- I wanted to try out the Paypal IPN -- when I initialy clicked through a test order with it, it started fine, but was giving the paypal screen with 'you@yourbusiness.com' since I hadn't set specifics for myself yet..... but it looked like all was going to work right - data was going into the tables, etc At first, (DUMMY me) :oops: overlooked the neat paypalIPN-edit area in the admin section & finally just set the email address & notify URL fields directly in my database thru phpmyadmin... Apparently, I've mucked something up -- now, when I try to do a test run, upon hitting the 'confirm order' button (3rd step of checkout), it just takes me back to the checkout_payment screen, rather than going on to a paypal screen at all as it originally did... I even dropped the two paypal tables out of my database & recreated them - no help.... I feel like an arse - and maybe have just been sitting in front of this screen too many hours now to think clearly anymore - but can someone please give me a hint as to what I mucked up & what I need to do to get this working? Even a shove in the right direction would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, so very much!!!! :cry: