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  1. Anyone tried using this as a more "general" fraud checker? I'm interested in using it with PayPal and/or 2Checkout but I do not process CC's; I send them to 2Co's page to enter their CC #. So.... with a little modification, can this be used to check their sign-up info? I mean, when they create the account or something?
  2. howdy


    If ALL (not link to both cats and prods) you want to do is create the links to the catagories and not each product, it should be that hard to modify the files. I am at a remote location tonight or I would look at it more.... I would START by looking in /admin/affiliate_banners.php and see how it builds the links. Look in MySQL also to see how it is stored. Once you edit the code to the /path/to/catagories -product If I could see the code I could help a bit more. Also, look at at the catalog files to see how they are reading the banner links. If they are reading a /path/to/the/catagory/product it seems easy enough to simply delete the /product Again, sorry I cant help more tonight but that should help get you started if you want it really bad :)
  3. howdy


    Holy CRAP! Man.... I got my affiliate banners to show up now! WOW, what a headache!! In your MAIN config (/includes/configure.php) make sure that this line define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://domain.com); // eg, http://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers is actually pointing to your CART! Example: If OSCommerce is installed at domain.com/shop then your configure.php needs to be: define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://domain.com/shop); // What a SMALL little error to give me HOURS of fits! There is obviously some errors in the code if this has to be modified only for this contrib. If I had time, I would search and fix, but this fix works for me and hopefully for everyone else that has problems with the banners not showing up.
  4. howdy

    adding an email button in orders.php

    Holy COW!!! Nice option! I never knew I needed it until I was going through the contribs and ran accross it. It takes 15 seconds to install and if you mess anything up, let that be a hard lesson to stay out of the contrib area :P Thanks!
  5. howdy


    Well, I have found the problem with MY banners... The problem is that the images are not being pulled from the correct directory. domain.com/images and it should be: domain.com/catalog/images Where is that specified for the affiliate program? All other images are FINE, even in the affiliate addon. It seems to be ONLY when it is producing the banners. I have messed with this for 3 days now, almost 30 hours total! I have fixed allot of things. I am sorry that I did not document all the changes. I have them in my head so I might try to jot them down and add to the contrib. Thanks!