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  1. So I have an osCommerce 2.2-MS2 site that I have to support for a while longer. I lost the host that I had so I had to move the site to another host. Now all account login and add-to-cart options aren't working. So I suspect that the sessions aren't remembering things saved in them. (I added some temporary checkpoint code that proved it to me.) Does anybody have any idea which PHP settings I should look at that might be set incorrectly? The PHP version I'm using is 5.1.6. I'm a PHP programmer but not an osCommerce expert...
  2. I’m an experienced PHP programmer that has inherited an osCommerce 2.2MS-2 site that was running on PHP 5.1. My goal has been to update it enough so that it would run on PHP 5.6 and maybe 7.2. I’ve made a lot of code changes to remove obsolete/deprecated features like: - Replace MySQL calls with MySQLi - Substitute deprecated keywords like ereg, ereg_match, split, each, etc - Replace old HTTP_GET_VARS, HTTP_POST_VARS and so forth to their modern equivalents I was very careful and meticulous but my greatest fear has been realized. Items won’t add to the cart any more. So it obviously has to be some code change that I must have made. I inserted some debugging code into application_top.php to see what I could figure out. I was able to see the database was receiving the session data: Key: osCsid, Value: j085u28li7qg7rd4g718nthmc6 So I went to the database and found the data stored there: SELECT * FROM `sessions` WHERE `sesskey` LIKE 'j085u28li7qg7rd4g718nthmc6' cart|N;language|N;languages_id|N;currency|N;navigation|N;new_products_id_in_cart|s:6:"44{1}1"; So I feel like the item I put in the cart "went" there but I'm having trouble retrieving it later. I feel like I'm close to figuring it out if I knew where to look next. You all are a bunch of smart, good-looking people. What are the best methods to debug situations like these? Remember, I'm good at programming just not at the inner workings of osCommerce...