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  1. deeveloper

    PhpBB2 2.0.15 Contribution Support

    Disregard the last post... i've removed the faq section altogether, i've wasted enough time trying to get it to work. ;) I've restored tep_session_name('osCsid') back to it's default, and set the autologin code to automatically default to automatically set the autologin cookie. Now my only problem: If im logged in and click submit or preview to quote, edit, post a reply it returns an error from this link... http://localhost/catalog/modules.php?op=mo...ile=posting.php&mode=reply&t=1&sid=3c2f8cac34a6c10bb68bb813253b3980?osCsid=sg4otmmrktduuqvdtnnt6u2h40?osCsid=miqvo1q57eb6g6bc92tjs0ab91?osCsid=sg4otmmrktduuqvdtnnt6u2h40?osCsid=sg4otmmrktduuqvdtnnt6u2h40 When i click submit or preview it refreshes to a link with no &mode appended to the url: http://localhost/catalog/modules.php?op=mo...upbb77818s48fm3 And outputs: ==> No post mode specified Anyone know what may be causing this?
  2. I have a problem with a phpBB2 oscommerce contrib as found at: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2952 demo at: http://test.glotus.com.tw/english/modules....&file=index.php Now on my site I have an Autologin Mod for OSC installed.. (with a 'remember me tick box') 1) PhpBB It keeps logging out whenever i click on the phpBB header links (faq, profile, etc). If i change tep_session_name('osCsid') within application_top.php to tep_session_name('sid') then it fixes the logging out problem... BUT... only when the remember me box is ticked for the Autologin Mod. This is about the closest I've been to fixing the logging out problem. Only 2 problems.... 1) It only works when the Remember Me is Ticked when logging in. 2) For some reason the anchor links on the FAQ page return a blank area (where the forum content shoud be) instead of redirecting to an anchor on the page. NB: I noticed another problem with the original contrib, but i haven't had a chance to look at it yet... the 'back to top' links don't work. Anyone had this problem before? Anyone have any suggestions? Why does it only do this with the FAQ section... I've tried a couple of different them templates and it still does it. I'm thinking i'll just disable the FAQ section and forget about it...
  3. deeveloper

    phpBB2 Implementation Contribtion

    think i'll start a new thread.. this ones bloated with code >_<
  4. deeveloper


    Banners Not Showing Up - FIX If you are having trouble seeing banners, try this: Change all references in affiliate_show_banners.php FROM: $pic = DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_IMAGES . $banner; TO: $pic = DIR_FS_CATALOG . '/' . DIR_WS_IMAGES . $banner; OR follow the instructions in affiliate_configure.php to track down the error yourself: CHANGE: define('AFFILIATE_SHOW_BANNERS_DEBUG', 'false'); TO: define('AFFILIATE_SHOW_BANNERS_DEBUG', 'true'); THEN: Try to load the banner in a new Browser window, and look for URL errors. i.e.: http://yourdomain.com/affiliate_show_banne...ate_banner_id=3