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  1. eredman

    Support Tickets

    Thanks Jon, I'll give it a try.
  2. eredman

    Support Tickets

    Sorry about reposting this but it has me stumped. I've tried changing different things but to no avail. Here is a screenshot: Can anyone point me to where I need to go? Thanks
  3. eredman

    Support Tickets

    I have succesfully installed this mod except for one problem. When you go to the faq, the bottom table with the answers is cut off on the right side. Can anyone tell me what I need to edit. I figure irs a messed up table setting, but do not know which one. Thanks
  4. eredman


    Steve in the 1st version of OscAffiliate I found these instructions: If you wish to pay your affiliates a flat rate per sale you can replace the following: In your newly modified checkout_success.php in the catalog directory find line 14 approx // osC Affiliate Mod $total = $my_affilliate_total; $percentage = "0.10"; $payment =$total*$percentage; if ($ref) { tep_db_query("INSERT INTO affiliate_sales VALUES ('$ref', '$clientdate', '$clienttime', '$clientbrowser', '$clientip', '$payment')"); } replace with the following: // osC Affiliate Mod $payment ="5.00"; if ($ref) { tep_db_query("INSERT INTO affiliate_sales VALUES ('$ref', '$clientdate', '$clienttime', '$clientbrowser', '$clientip', '$payment')"); } You can then set the $payment variable to any dollar figure you like. "5.00" means that the affiliates will be payed $5.00 per sale. Problem is, the latest version doesn't use checkout_process.php best I can tell. Any idea where that code might be now? Thanks
  5. eredman


    Steve, the oldest version I find at Sourceforge is oscaffiliate_0.2.zip Will I find it there or is there an older version that would have the info? Thanks, Ed Redmon
  6. eredman


    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! lol
  7. eredman


    Ok, scratch that previous problem. I got that fixed. Now, for my new question: Instead of a percentage as payment, I would like to give a flat fee, such as $5.00 per sale. Can I do that with this program and if so, where would I make the change? Thanks!! Ed Redmon
  8. Can't say that this is the problem for you, but I use Zonealarm w/ad blocking and if I forget to turn it off, thats exactly what I see.
  9. eredman


    I have just installed oscafiliate on my local server. When I attempt to go to admin section I get the following error: Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/affiliate_application_top.php' (include_path='.;C:Program FilesEasyPHPphppear') in c:program fileseasyphpwwwadminincludesapplication_top.php on line 281 That part of the code plus the code above it reads like this: // check if a default language is set if (!defined('DEFAULT_LANGUAGE')) { $messageStack->add(ERROR_NO_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_DEFINED, 'error'); } require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'add_application_top.php'); // BOF: WebMakers.com Added: Functions Library include(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'webmakers_added_functions.php'); // EOF: WebMakers.com Added: Functions Library // Include OSC-AFFILIATE require('includes/affiliate_application_top.php'); ?> Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong? (probably the 1st of many mistakes I shall make in this installation! lol)
  10. eredman

    Support Tickets

    Is it possible using this system (new support_v1b) to allow the FAQ part to be seen without logging in? Thanks
  11. Have you been able to add admin controls to it yet?
  12. Waza, I don't understand either. I'm using PayPalIPN, I have a business account, and the only way so far that I know an order has actually been placed is when PayPal notifies me that I have received a payment. Then when I go to admin in my store it does show the order with "pending". Is this the way it should work or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!! p.s. I know this is a question in TIPS but it follows the thread. The thread shouldn't be here tho. Sorry.
  13. eredman

    Contribution Request: Manual Order Entry

    My thought would be a self contained page within Admin, basically containing all of the steps for teh catalog>checkout procedure but all in one page. Press update - wham - customer entered, products ordered entered, payment details entered. Done. Could be useful, as I do the same as you - go through checkout (we get monthly repeat orders) and then print off an Invoice and send. I'll look into doing something. Burt, thats exactly what I was hoping to get!! Hope you (or someone) can do it!!!!
  14. eredman

    [Contribution] - osWrapper

    I'm not understanding. What security problem is exactly wrong here? I've been using this with no problems that I am aware of.
  15. eredman

    contrib Manual Entry order V0.5

    Is anyone making progress on this, or maybe it already exists and I'm missing it. Again, what I'm looking for is a way to manually enter a customer and and invoice for that customer who had purchased from me before I began using oscommerce. This would allow me to centralize all my customers into one site and allow them to see their previous purchases from my old site. Thanks