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  1. ChristopherFisher

    PayPal IPN update

    contact with PayPal support, they can describe you in detail.
  2. ChristopherFisher

    Discount shippers

    Didn't try that yet, I think you should contact with specific site authority.
  3. ChristopherFisher

    create new image folders

    I think using the server will solve your problem.
  4. ChristopherFisher

    Need Html advice and help

    Hello Ken, could you do it using CSS?
  5. ChristopherFisher

    How do I install Oscommerce

    Could you installed it properly?
  6. ChristopherFisher

    Change Layout For PayPal Hosted ~ paypal_pro_hs.php

    hello, did your problem solved?
  7. ChristopherFisher

    Initial Configuration

    hello, did your problem solved?
  8. ChristopherFisher

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    thank you frank for such a nice help.
  9. ChristopherFisher

    Paypal Express characters strangers

    you can ask for help from os commerce customer care section. Hope it'll work for you.