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  1. undersiege

    error 500 Admin HTTP Authentication

    Perfect, they've done it. Thanks !!
  2. undersiege

    error 500 Admin HTTP Authentication

    - i think i don't understand what exactly i have to keep synch with what - it doens't stay on 444, i changed it and look after it comes back to 644
  3. undersiege

    error 500 Admin HTTP Authentication

    I put this 2 files on writable (777), i still have the same issue after multiples try. But i just do the password folder security on my host serveur panel. Is it ok like that ? Also i have a problem with the configure.php security : > i've puted the file on 644 but the message remain. Maybe another thing that i missunderstood.. needs help for this tto please Thanks !
  4. Hello, So i've started a new site with the Phoenix CE v1.0.5.0, and my PHP is 7.3. But after confire and remove the whole thing and re-configure 3 times, i always have an error 500 while editing the Administrator username/password. I always use a new username/password and tick the Protect box. And when i click save i have a error 500.