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  1. ronpeled

    QuickBooks Contrib

    James, The main reason that QuickBooks crashes is because the import file contains some sort of typos. Open the file in excel or a simple text pad and read it. Try to find multiple word entries which suppose to be one word or wierd characters like '"`~ etc. Mine used to crash until I changed some default settings like "Your Name" or "Your Class Name" etc. I hope it helps. Ron Peled
  2. Hi All, After processing the order, which variable would indicate the total discount amount? or How would I extract the total discount amount wether it was a Coupon or a Voucher? I would like to have this information so it will be automatically inserted into my QuickBooks import file. Thank you, Ron Peled
  3. When I checkout with a product that is taxable I cannot use the Gift Voucher amount it will not pass the checkout_payment.php page and it will give me the following error: Anyone has experienced the same problem? any ideas? I have installed the latest 510b version, and otherwise it works absolutely fine. THANKS! Ron P
  4. Strider, great to hear from you! p1 - I have tax turned on in the order totals modules, my gift voucher module is: Gift Vouchers Display Total true Sort Order 770 Queue Purchases false Include Shipping true Include Tax true Re-calculate Tax None Tax Class --none-- Credit including Tax false my Discount Coupon module is set uo for: Discount Coupon Display Total true Sort Order 740 Include Shipping true Include Tax true Re-calculate Tax None Tax Class --none-- p3 - I did not assume that. it is what is happening. I simply checked. thanks.
  5. Hi Strider, Randy and everybody else! Re-testing my shopping cart I have found the following problems. I browsed this thread (which is getting way too long now) and I have found nothing more than couple people complaining of the same problems. Please advise on the following: 1. My biggest problem at the moment is that whenever I checkout with an item that requires Tax calculation it won't allow me to go through the checkout_payment.php page. It comes back to it and complain: When I do the same with an item that is not taxable no problem at all! I simply check the 'Use Gift Voucher account balance' checkbox and continue successfully. 2. If I want to use the voucher balance, I cannot use only part of the amount, it always uses the entire order amount. What if I want to split the order amount between my voucher and a credit card? 3. This is minor. However, when the admin creates a Gift Voucher and sends it via email. The voucher will be redeemable to whomever will claim it but it will not allow checkout to any other user except whomever the coupon was emailed to initially. Since we want to have promotions where we can print the Gift Voucher on a card and hand it out to people, it is a problem. I read through the thread and please assume that all the basic settings like order total sort numbering, and latest installation are already taken care of. Thanks! Ron Peled
  6. Hi All, Vin posted this message a while ago: Does anyone know what to do about it, since I am having the same problem. Ron P
  7. ronpeled

    QuickBooks Contrib

    I think this problem was mentioned before but I did not see how it was solved. i am a bit puzzled. The probem I am getting is This is my IIF file: !INVITEM NAME INVITEMTYPE DESC PURCHASEDESC ACCNT ASSETACCNT COGSACCNT PRICE COST TAXABLE PAYMETH TAXVEND TAXDIST PREFVEND REORDERPOINT EXTRA INVITEM 10COLS-I NON-INVENTORY Colombia Supremo Ground Colombia Supremo Ground SALES:INTERNET/PHONE Inventory Asset Cost of Goods Sold 7.2900 0 Y 1 INVITEM CA Sales Tax COMPTAX CA Sales Tax 8.50% CA Sales tax Sales Tax Payable 8.50% 0 N State Board of Equalization. !CLASS NAME CLASS Your class !CUST NAME BADDR1 BADDR2 BADDR3 BADDR4 BADDR5 SADDR1 SADDR2 SADDR3 SADDR4 SADDR5 PHONE1 PHONE2 FAXNUM EMAIL NOTE CONT1 CONT2 CTYPE TERMS TAXABLE TAXITEM LIMIT RESALENUM REP COMPANYNAME SALUTATION FIRSTNAME LASTNAME CUST INTERNET CUSTOMER Ron Peled 1495 Evans Ave San Francisco, California 94124 Ron Peled 1495 Evans Ave San Francisco, California 94124 0000000000 webmaster@jeremiahspick.com Ron Peled WEB Authorize.net Y Alameda 10000.00 WEB Ron Peled !TRNS TRNSID TRNSTYPE DATE ACCNT NAME CLASS AMOUNT DOCNUM MEMO CLEAR TOPRINT ADDR1 ADDR2 ADDR3 ADDR4 ADDR5 SADDR1 SADDR2 SADDR3 SADDR4 SADDR5 NAMEISTAXABLE PAID TERMS SHIPVIA REP FOB !SPL SPLID TRNSTYPE DATE ACCNT NAME CLASS AMOUNT DOCNUM MEMO CLEAR QNTY PRICE INVITEM TAXABLE PAYMETHOD EXTRA !ENDTRNS TRNS INVOICE 04/08/04 Accounts Receivable INTERNET CUSTOMER Your class 11.24 7000098 Online Sale N Y Ron Peled 1495 Evans Ave San Francisco, California 94124 Ron Peled 1495 Evans Ave San Francisco, California 94124 Y Y Authorize.net USPS WEB Your FOB Point SPL INVOICE 04/08/04 SALES:INTERNET/PHONE 0 Colombia Supremo Ground N -1 7.29 10COLS-I Y Authorize.net SPL INVOICE 04/08/04 SALES:SHIPPING Your class -3.95 Shipping N -1 3.95 SHIPI N SPL INVOICE 04/08/04 Sales Tax Payable State Board of Equalization. Your class 0 N 8.50% CA Sales Tax N AUTOSTAX ENDTRNS Please advise.
  8. ronpeled

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Hi All, Great contribution! I have installed it and it works fine, except: We need the attributes field to be displayed either on the product description or as a separate line - and the current contribution have all the fields but it just doesn't work. Please advise.
  9. Jason: I think I got it. I messed enough with the logic inside the checkout_confirmation file that it is working now. Thank you so much, Ron Peled
  10. I have just noticed another confusing issue, the sort order: I have my order total modules set up the following way: Sub total - 1 Shipping - 2 Tax - 3 Discount Coupons - 7 Gift Vouchers - 8 Total - 9 If I change the order to have the GV before the Discount Coupons the small checkbox: 'use GV account balance' does not appear. Please confirm this confusing matter, there are so many referrences to this issue in the thread that by now who knows? Thanks! Ron Peled
  11. Jason, I just did the fixes that you posted. I have updated the 'include tax' and 'include shipping' both in the discount coupon and under the gift voucher to be true. I can get past the checkout_payment.php but it bounces back when I try to confirm and claims: I can tell that the solution is couple of changes away. Any idea? Ron Peled
  12. Hi Jason, Hi All, I am still fighting with the gift vouchers. I have recently compared all the files on my server and DIFF them with MS2 and the CCGV 5.10 contrib. I have updated some but everything is exactly the same at the moment. However, I still get the following problem: When a customer redeems a GV, it appears correctly in his shopping cart. When they want to checkout and the total amount is less than the Gift Voucher amount it does not allow the customer to check the 'Use Gift Voucher...' and proceed. Instead, it returns to the same page with the following error: and the address bar looks like this: Since I checked and compared with ms2, I know it is not the authorizenet.com module because I never changed it. What can it be? please help/advise Ron Peled
  13. Jason, I have just finished updating all the 99 files to the new version including the two lines of the database and I still get the same problem. I think it might be the authorizenet.com module. any clues? Ron Peled
  14. Hi Strider, I will update to the latest version of the GVC 5.10. Are there any Database changes? can I use my existing database? thanks, Ron Peled
  15. Hi Strider, you are doing a great job! I read through most of this thread and this is one of the best contributions. (Well supported) Here is my problem: I have sent a Gift Voucher to an email address. I sent it to myself. I was able to redeem it, it shows in the shopping cart box on the right. Then I add items to my shopping cart and proceed to checkout. So far everything is working fine. At the payment method page, I have the checkbox "Click to use Gift Voucher..." I check the box. Above I have the authorize.net module. If I do not enter a credit card the Authorizenet complains. Even if the gift voucher amount is greater than the shopping cart total. If I do enter a credit card (VALID) it proceeds to the next screen and shows the correct amounts in the order total page. When I press the process order, I get the error message: "Error processing credit card: contact your bank". What to do? I am thinking of reinstalling Authorizenet.com module or the CGV... please advise, Ron Peled