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  1. I have, I've actually just done another full installation with the same result. Even did a manual setup as opposed to a 1 click setup through web host. Tried on Firefox, Edge and Chrome. If I go to mywebsite.co.uk/index.php the site works. If I just go to mywebsite.co.uk it takes me to /install/index.php Edit: I think its being cached in my router itself as I just tried on 4G on my mobile phone and it worked fine. Thank you!!😋
  2. Yes, they're all set to go to the domain I'd like them to go to and don't include /install/index.php just the domain name.
  3. I've deleted install and started fresh 3 times now with the same issue. No redirects setup or anything. Is this a common issue and if so is there a fix as I am unable to find a fix online.