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  1. ron441241

    Add text to footer copyright

    Thank you.
  2. ron441241

    Add text to footer copyright

    I need to add "All Rights Reserved. All trademarked names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Their use does not imply endorsement by any brand unless expressly stated." to the footer after the copyright notice. I looked for the footer in various files but cannot find where the copyright 2020 is located. Thank you.
  3. ron441241

    Products - How many are in stock

    Thank you.
  4. I am sure I missed this somewhere. I want the product to show how many are in stock so the buyer can see it.. I did look thru the admin section and Google. Could not find it. Thank you.
  5. ron441241

    Change Finalise and pay for my order

    Thank you for the help. I am located in the U.S.
  6. I would like to change the text "Finalise and Pay for my order" on the checkout page. I want to change the text. I did look in the confirmation.php but did not find it. Thank you.
  7. ron441241

    Change number of columns

    Thank you!! I appreciate your help. I really struggled trying to figure this out.
  8. ron441241

    Change number of columns

    I downloaded the latest version of Oscom. I need to change the number of columns in subcategories from 6 to 4. Please see https://classicelectronicsvce.com/index.php?Path=3 As you can see the text with 6 columns is vertical and not horizontal, however with 4 across the text is normal. I have looked thru the configuration and cannot find any way to change this setting. Thank you for your help.