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  1. I tried to name it as you said but it didn't work. it is something on the custom code that made in the site so it's not working. when I upload it still rename as "store_logo.png" and not logo.png that would make the logo overwrite. I appreciated your help @puddlec
  2. I think you are right, looking at this makes things clearer for me. The issue is on the custom code. I'll have to contact the person who did this cause right now I don't have access to the codes. Thanks for your help @JcMagpie
  3. I don't have access to this. I guess I have to contact the person that makes all this custom code. I appreciated all your help regarding this issue. many thanks, man!
  4. It's not a second logo. For number 1, I already did that. I modified the existing logo and add the acronym to it. then upload it to the store_logo section of OSCommerce. For number 2, I don't know where to edit the core code. Is there a PHP file to it? I didn't see any coding inside the OSCommerce. I'm just a newbie looking for answers. :p
  5. I want to display the logo with the acronym. What can I do to unblocked the images in some browsers?
  6. Hi, here's the following I tried. 1) Check the new logo file is the correct format. I used the PNG format for the image. 2) Check to see if the logo file has been uploaded and saved to your site. I says that the logo is uploaded successfully. see the screenshot 3) Make sure the name of the new file is good name. I used the default name for it. (store_logo.png) 4) Clear cache on your pc/laptop. I tried it many times. (ctrl + f5 ) and used the incognito window tab. 5) Try another image file. I tried different sizes but still, nothing displays. Is there any other way to edit it? I only have access to the OSCommerce admin. here is the live site. http://5starsautoparts.com/ Thanks for all your help.
  7. @puddlec Hi thank you for your reply. yes, there is an old logo on the website. However when I upload the new logo on the configuration>>>store_logo on admin OSCommerce, it's not displaying on my site.
  8. Hi, Good Day! I having trouble getting the updated logo on my site. I updated it in-store tab logo but it's not showing. what I'm thinking is to updated to header.php file. how can I view the PHP file on admin OSCommerce? hope someone can help me regarding this issue. thanks Regards, Vincent