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    Shipping Problems

    you do know that UPS and USPS are two different things right? Yes I do. USPS = United States Postal Service UPS = United Parcel Service Why won't the UPS shipping option show at all? Also, why won't the USPS username and password work? I would really only like to use UPS and FedEx, but I'm not sure how the FedEx module works either. Does FedEx charge for live quotes like that?
  2. JSLayton

    Shipping Problems

    I haven't added anything. The only thing I did was change the code so that it would work without register globals. I did signup with USPS and got a username and password, but it still won't work.
  3. JSLayton

    Shipping Problems

    I tried to enable the UPS shipping and it won't even show on the checkout page, then I signed up at USPS for the shipping module, put in my username and password, and it tells me that there was a problem calculating. What could be the problem??
  4. JSLayton

    Fedex Help

    That looks like it is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  5. JSLayton

    Fedex Help

    OK, I have just started using osCommerce and must say that it looks extremely impressive. I would like to offer Fedex Shipping for my customer as well as the options that are already there. Where would I get a module for Fedex and can someone give me a detailed description on how to install it?? Thanks.