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  1. jasonmc

    quickbooks integration with phoenix

    oh! I have been meaning to request to join that club. Thank you. I think you are on the right track. All I was doing was following the attached instructions that come with the EZ quickbooks installation. At step 4 it tells me to look in that column_left php page where it includes all the links to those pages like tools.php and others. So i compared old and new column_left files and they are different and the phoenix version does not have those explicit calls. They are embedded deeper I think. I guess selfishly I was looking to see if someone had resolved it so i could get past it quickly and someone most likely has in the club. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I support our OSC environment and we are wanting to move to phoenix from 2.3.4. I have the new install set up on a new linux server and I am just adding modules at this point but ran into a snag on the EZ quickbooks installation. Admin/includes/column_left.php is different in phoenix and i was wondering if there were new instructions or a new version i am missing for phoenix. I am sure i am missing something obvious but been searching for some time. Thanks in advance for any help that is provided! Jason