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    HoneyPot Captcha

    Hello, Goodmorning. Please I need help with the HONEYPOT module. This add-on has been a lifesaver from the vicious attacks of spammers. Lately, the module is failing to stop attacks, especially after I upgraded to Phoenix v1.0.7.15. The Creat Account page (create_account.php) is throwing 500 Error Message and new customers are not able to create accounts. If you disable the module then everything works well. When I compared the new (create_account.php) for v1.0.7.15, I noticed differences. If anyone has an updated (1) Contact us Page (contact_us.php) & (2) Create Acct page (create_account.php) of HONEYPOT adapted to work with PHOENIX v1.0.7.15, please kindly post it here, Thank you in advance. The Russian Spammers are at it again. Thank you. -CGIFTER

    Continue Shopping

    Hello Jack, Thank you for the "Continue Shopping" addon, I was wandering if you could show me where I change the outcome to put me on a "category display" of the product and not back to the "product" itself. Thanks iin advance for your time.