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  1. Trichome

    Konquerer Web Browser Issues

    I have seen this too!
  2. With the recent updates, it seems to work OK. Anyone have any input on this contribution?
  3. Trichome


    I am using the SEF contribution w/ a few mod_ tweaks. I see that someone added a fix and I installed it. I works now, but I cannot get the manufacturers to show up.
  4. amanda, I am having the same problem that the person whom just posted to your contribution encountered. It finds products, but doesn't display them. Any Ideas?
  5. Me Too... What I am doing now is just hiding the error output with an hidden <div> and a font color to match the background of the page. How lame. Me needs to learn more that coding thingy.
  6. Here is what I found on the contribution page: Does anyone have an answer for this? It seems like the easiest to install and configure.
  7. Trichome

    Shipping methods/tables by product/category

    Has anyone done this? There are many instances where different products require different shipping methods. Maybe it already does and I just don't know how. Any ideas?
  8. Trichome

    Newbie Alert!

    I would like to know too. I want to use a flat rate, by product count as well as "free shipping" and maybe USPS too. I also want to select which products get what shipping module.
  9. I need one table for a whole category. it is similar to this: 1 for $2.00, 2 for $2.75, 3 for $3.45, 4 or more for $6.00 Then other products could be "Free Shipping", and others could be Fed Ex, etc...
  10. Trichome

    Recover Cart Sales

    Doesn't the latest version have a 'Delete' button for each entry? Mine does.