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  1. Thanks for that, those are my thoughts as well.
  2. OK many thanks for those insights, we will contact the hosting company and see what they are prepared to do for us. Would you say that OSCommerce is still a viable option for an online store of this kind? - https://www.tymbercreekfabrics.com/ Or should she move it to Magento or something else? It seems that OSC is a dying project from what I see on builtwith.com The new owner is not tech savvy and needs something as simple as possible. Ideally I'd like to get this site fixed for her to the point where she can start taking orders again, and then maybe in a few months she can consider moving to another platform if she feels like it. But there are quite a list of things that need to be corrected in this store related to ordering, payments, shipping, stock control, etc. I think I could help her with a lot of it if I could get proper access to the store, but an OSC Pro like yourself would prob be what she really needs if she could afford it. Am sure you could fix what's required in 1/10th of the time it would take me to figure it all out. The store was inherited to her by her close friend who passed away, and she (new owner) has a very limited budget to work with, I just trade her dog-sitting time for working on her store. Will see what I can do.
  3. This file list image is the lower continuation of the above image, with the 'Includes' folder selected - as you can see, no footer file in sight, in fact no files from the 'Includes' folder at all..
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies, much appreciated! To answer them - - "My Store", what can I say, 😝 duh! But please see attached screenshot of that screen, the only phone number option is "Store Address and Phone" which I've changed but that made no difference to the bottom right. - The other weird thing is, if I go to Tools->File Manager, and click on any of the folders on that list (such as 'Includes' or any other folder listed there), I don't see the contents of that folder, it just defaults back to the main top level list of files that it displays before I click on any folder. It's as if access to all those folders has been blocked. Is that possible? So consequently I can't see the footer.php file or any others at the lower folder levels. - I have no access to CPanel or FTP on this website, so cannot take up any of the suggestions that require that, sorry. Will ask the host provider if we can get it but they will prob think we're going to break something if we go in there lol Thanks!.
  5. Hi folks, OSCNewbie here, trying to help a friend with her OSCommerce site which she took over from a friend of hers here in Florida USA. The store is "controlled" by an offshore web hosting company, and communications with them are not easy to do (time difference, language issues). I've logged into the store and made some basic changes for her, but we can't make all the changes we wish to, maybe because some of the Admin Menu items (like 'Store' under the Configuration section) are missing and may have been disabled by the hosting company and are not visible (?). Also, we want to change the phone number which is appearing at the bottom of every page, maybe it's in the footer.php file (I'm not 100% sure on that), but the footer.php file does not appear in the list of files under the Tools->File manager, and I don't have FTP access to the site, I only have access via the Admin login screen. Please see screenshot images attached which show you what I mean. Also, when I go to Tools->Database Backup, I get a screen with “Error: Backup directory is not writeable.” in pink at the top left, and no options of backing up anything. Maybe that function has also been disabled? Any help on how to fix these issues would be very much appreciated, thanks!