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  1. brave_heart

    File and Folder Permissions

    Thank you but after following your instructions above and change the web root directory user to the user I used to ssh to the server, and changed the file and folder permissions as you have instructed above, I get "Unable to connect to database server!" error. I will keep trying anyway to see if I can come up with a fix.
  2. brave_heart

    File and Folder Permissions

    Thank you for your response. But I'm not quite sure what to look for, maybe to have a green check mark everywhere or just the left column or the right column. The web directory is owned by www-data and the group www-data. I can change the ownership to whatever I want since I have root access on the server. I have changed the include folder permission to basically all permissions already without seeing any noticeable change when refreshing that page. If I understand you quite well, you're saying the left column should all have a red X mark. But what about the right column? Should they all also have a red X all through or the opposite? I currently stopped the Apache web server so that I don't get hacked while trying to fix the directory permissions. Thank you for your help.
  3. brave_heart

    File and Folder Permissions

    Hello, I recently installed osCommerce on an Ubuntu 18.04 server running Apache2 as the web server. After installation and logged in the admin dashboard and do the file and folder security check, I was presented with the following in the screenshot. What appropriate permissions do I need to set? And are there any free templates that I can use for the shop? Thank you and looking forward to your inputs.