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  1. Hey guys, I have a script which ideally i'd like to run every 5 minutes. The script basically connects to MySQL database, changes some ID's and thats it... But to save me from having to do it every time a customer places an order, i'd like something that would run the script for me, every 5 minutes. I'm not familiar with cron jobs which someone suggested so i was just wondering if anyone could help me out here with some in-depth information? or as a colleague most lightly puts it a "Dummy guide to ease database management". The script i run is currently in a .php file which i have bookmarked on my FireFox bar, and everytime i recieve an email, i click that button and it'll update the ID's.. but obviously over x-mas, when i'm not here, ill or whatever else and i dont run the script, it will generate a security issue so it's very important the script is run every 5 minutes atleast. Thanks in advance!