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  1. Lochlann

    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    Unfortunately that is not something I have the ability to do right now. To be straight.... I'm a disabled person looking to change my life around and this shop I am building will do it. Funds are extremely limited at this point. If this was 6 months from now that would be a different story all together and it wouldn't be an issue, but for now I have to build up to that.
  2. Lochlann

    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    Well, after looking at one of the modules for porting (It was a bit of a mess) Simply changing the class constructor won't suffice. It will take someone like me a VERY long time to do (I'm not well versed in php). The biggest problem I am finding is that the module needs to first be converted from an old version of php to php7. This is where I am going to have some major issues. Also have to look at how to change it so it doesn't interfere with the core code since this one requires core code change. Wish there was some kind of open source Linux program that would update the code for me.
  3. Lochlann

    install 2.3 modules to Phoenix?

    All others listed I understood. I understand about hardcoding paths, but there is no old store to compare too. This is a semi fresh install of Phoenix (couple Phoenix modules added) It's just that Phoenix (In my opinion) is really lacking when it comes to modules (I'm sure this will change in due time though). For example; I can't find any shipping/tracking modules and they are definitely needed.
  4. Lochlann

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    I wish my coding skills were of such. I'm more of a grab a module and follow the directions precisely kind of person.
  5. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but after searching through 50 pages my ADD took over so here I am asking; sorry. I have not touched osCommerce since 2.3.0. I do understand that the modules were not written for Phoenix, but in order to have a good shop one needs various shipping modules (ex. FedEx, UPS, Purolator, Canada Post, USPS, DHL, etc) as well as a few other modules (ex. choose quantity on product info page among others). I have not yet been able to find any for Phoenix. Is it possible to install some of the older ones into Phoenix? I don't mind tinkering with the code, but I want to check the possibilities before starting to tinker. Some of the screenshots I have seen for modules I have installed you can clearly see activated modules that I cannot seem to find for Phoenix anywhere. Thanks so much in advance. Phoenix v1.0.3.0 (Semi Fresh Install)
  6. Lochlann

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Excellent find these were. Thanks so much. I'm new to Phoenix (haven't created any osCommerce sites since 2.3.0). The only thing that I think could make the invoice better is a call to display a different "NOTICE" & "TERMS" at the bottom "if" the customer entered a "Company Name" in their account otherwise it would just show the default "NOTICE" & "TERMS".