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  1. SteveD-uk

    Adding Product Attributes on Synology NAS

    Thanks to you all for your comments and helpful insights I have a number of systems using the NAS from external locations with emails in/out, but I do understand your comments. I hadn't known about Phoenix (until Mikepo enlightened me), I'd just used to app that comes with the Synology system. I was looking to use this to see if there was interest in the photo's, videos and hand drawn artwork before launching at a full server and all that entails. I will consider all options. Good to see such an active community Regards Steve
  2. Hi All, I've just installed oscommerce on a Synology Disk Station NAS. Looking to review if this will allow me to have a shop to sell Photo/Video/Artwork etc I have created a Product Attribute and given it a number of values - how do I add that to the Product? When I select 'add a product' there seems to be a standard form with no option to add the new attributes. From reading the documentation people mention additional modules etc, do these work on Synology devices? I would be interested in anyone's feedback on using this system as I'm concerned this version may be less functional than a version installed on a server, for instance when selecting UK as the location, the Time Zone drop down contains no entries to select. The version is the current one for that system and the tag line shows Online Merchant with no version number Thanks in advance, and apologies for the multiple questions! Regards Steve