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  1. I think I figured it out myself. On this file path ext -> modules -> payment -> paypal -> express.php It seems that a condition is coded incorrect or may be I am wrong and the dev put it with some reason but changing the value seems to fix my problem. its from line 945 if ( DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX == 'false' ) { $item_params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT'] = $paypal_express->_app->formatCurrencyRaw($order->info['tax']); $paypal_item_total += $item_params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT']; } change it to this code below. if ( DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX == 'true' ) { $item_params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT'] = $paypal_express->_app->formatCurrencyRaw($order->info['tax']); $paypal_item_total += $item_params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT']; } That start sending tax information to paypal express and also start showing on order confirmation page as well. Hopefully that will save some people few hours of code reading. Regards Jawad
  2. jawadakr

    Paypal Express Dropping Tax Calculation

    Can you share the solution with me. It seems that I am almost facing a similar problem with os commerce CE phoenix version.
  3. Hi Everyone We are using "OSCOM CE Phoenix" and currently calculating taxes in the paypal side ( paypal express checkout method ). Paypal calculates the tax properly and charge it according to customers address but somehow paypal is not returning the taxed amount or perhaps I would say oscommerce is not reflecting it in the system. We are only getting the product prices in the order completion area. Any workaround for this ? Thanks Jawad
  4. some updates regarding the migration from old oscommerce non responsive version ( upto latest 2.3.4 version) to responsive phoenix version. 1) Their are couple of data type changes in the database for the new version along with additional fields in some tables. 2) Some of the fields input length is change or increase. In one case the value was short so I just change it to text. hopefully that won't messed up big time for me. Bug 1) Their seems to be possible bug with the address book area. The table has a separate column for saving the state but someone it seems to be empty or going empty. We just added 2 new addresses for testing purpose for PO box checking and they were not working for us. Adding state name ( complete name not Initials ) seems to fix the problem for us. Regards Jawad
  5. small problem. after enabling the module and I can see that tax zone , tax rates and store zone is added. basically one Zone for every thing and all the products are added with taxable zone. I am only seeing the message. no amount. Any idea about it ?
  6. I did the whole thing from scratch. somehow that seems to fix the problem but I am still using the os commerce default version and planning to move to a responsive version instead of working on it anymore.
  7. So can I use the phoenix version with the old version "osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.4" database. I migrated the database with version 2.3.4 but now I am getting redirect problem on admin login page. Thanks
  8. Hi There Can I migration oscommerce database to latest version of oscommerce community edition ? I am trying to upgrade a very old extension and after upgrading the database and files for latest now I am getting too many redirect problem on admin side area. Frontend is working totally fine. If anyone experience the issue above or run the migration from old version to ce edition please let me know. thanks Jawad