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  1. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    Thank you 'domiosc' for thinking that I am an AI machine with capabilities to translate quickly. However, I am real ... and it took me several days and hours to do such work in order to be helpful to the community in assisting 'osCommerce-Official' to release a multilingual osCommerce v4 as quickly as possible. (Gracias 'domiosc' por pensar que soy una máquina de inteligencia artificial con capacidades para traducir rápidamente. Sin embargo, soy real ... y me tomó varios días y horas hacer ese trabajo para ayudar a la comunidad y ayudar a osCommerce-Official a lanzar un osCommerce v4 multilingüe lo más rápido posible.) I have tried very hard to use Castilian (Castellano) Spanish as such is the formal Spanish spoken by educated speakers. If you wish to help and translate in the second language commonly used which is Mexican Spanish then kindly do so as it would be helpful, any corrections are easily able to be done on the existing left column.😁
  2. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    tiempos. times. 1 TIMES ordertotal bb43e0e5d217811dc19413aaf518b29c Descripción del servidor de zona horaria Timezone server description 1 TIMEZONE_SERVER_DESC configuration 04b3ed7a1fe4c32dc5567003d9d63b1f Zona horaria del servidor Server Time zone 1 TIMEZONE_SERVER_TITLE configuration 32bd28ad19ea01f8437f3ad68404b672 Sistema de información Information system 1 TITLE admin/information_manager 276b18ee70280202e92e785b1bc00c1b atributo title title attribute 0 TITLE_ATTRIBUTE admin/design 4c64bb01886c17691c5663bdbcceb07a Catálogo Catalog 1 TITLE_CATALOG pos/main 19eb55475dee695b7bf82f1dae4ccca6 Página Editar Catálogo Edit Catalog Page 0 TITLE_CREATE_EDIT_CATALOG_PAGE admin/catalog-pages 09085e5461f1596d98a65a47497adb3d Página Crear Nuevo Catálogo Create New Catalog Page 0 TITLE_CREATE_NEW_CATALOG_PAGE admin/catalog-pages 4bc3819938947414927eeba41abe6290 Crear imágenes web Create webp images 0 TITLE_CREATE_WEBP_IMAGES admin/design 326036a817f1ad26b1df69a9076e2095 Moneda: Currency: 1 TITLE_CURRENCY admin/main f23e1c1de670120ac9ed048400bd305d Buscar cliente Search Customer 1 TITLE_CUSTOMERS pos/main 56b2127f58037b188d0e7dee58aae11a Base de datos: Database: 1 TITLE_DATABASE admin/server_info 64acd9c4f9bd7c7d753956df2b3fd128 Fecha base: Datebase Date: 1 TITLE_DATABASE_DATE admin/server_info e5b104c5790daa68120d2d6851d88334 Host de base de datos: Database Host: 1 TITLE_DATABASE_HOST admin/server_info d17a66a08cefdb4398f89aae95ad1d38 Agregar comentarios al pedido Add comments to order 0 TITLE_EBAY_CRM_ADD_ORDER_COMMENT extensions/ebay 98527a5e16acd583e3fd221704884295 Respuestas de productos Product Answers 0 TITLE_EBAY_CRM_PRODUCT_ANSWERS extensions/ebay b7c441c466a69171e4efd4aafa214ced Mensaje de respuesta Reply message 0 TITLE_EBAY_CRM_REPLY extensions/ebay 1158e7fb905b680d6cfea7f2c7437ca7 Respuestas estándar Standard Answers 0 TITLE_EBAY_CRM_STANDARD_ANSWERS extensions/ebay d76b24a2c1d57c26bba8c76002441400 Tipo de gráfico: Graph Type: 1 TITLE_GRAPH admin/sales_statistics 9eacba56b229ffc10ff7ab71f11d216c Servidor HTTP: HTTP Server: 1 TITLE_HTTP_SERVER admin/server_info 65ba1e6f19ebded50577c9c1e06fca45 Proceso de importación Import process 1 TITLE_IMPORT_PROCESS admin/easypopulate 342ca440c8b102b8648ae920ff95a6cd Título Title 1 TITLE_INFORMATION admin/information_manager 120ced6aef55914704b4945301917cc4 Pedido# Order# 1 TITLE_INVOICE_ORDER account/invoice 435b29571cfdb015895eec335fb40ef6 Pedido# Order# 1 TITLE_INVOICE_ORDER admin/main 119cd8828d0ac628953c6c13cc1b7e59 Mes Month 1 TITLE_MONTH admin/sales_statistics 26b3d7d3b017c4d18eab98f8ca2fe98f Orden de búsqueda Search Order 1 TITLE_ORDERS pos/main cd167878a1e48b407fd33ba14c4107fe Página: Page: 1 TITLE_PAGE admin/information_manager 3f2ec1c1c09b7f48c0a51ee8c9291d5f Título de la página: Page title: 1 TITLE_PAGE_TITLE admin/information_manager c35086183e6b196407cd6fde4434f83a Tipo de página: Page type: 1 TITLE_PAGE_TYPE admin/information_manager 9c3cbc90b296262598600b6cb19a7663 Versión de PHP: PHP Version: 1 TITLE_PHP_VERSION admin/server_info 7613ad39efc895e79e3a9f1cd53a2dc5 Número de pedido de impresión: Print Order #: 1 TITLE_PRINT_ORDER account/invoice 29f02080bdc20610407768e337f7dfdd Número de pedido de impresión: Print Order #: 1 TITLE_PRINT_ORDER admin/main afccdcc0f072c85fd1d13d963c969b81 Pedido # Order # 1 TITLE_PRINT_ORDER email-template 5a7956da8dae4a242e10a9f7320aa7fb Descuento por cantidad Quantity discount 0 TITLE_QUANTITY_DISCOUNT admin/categories ca3486a8b4fc0623534a7b7fc3d15e75 Seleccionar campos para exportar al documento Select fields to export to the document 1 TITLE_SELECT_EXPORT_FIELDS admin/easypopulate 0ec92633259791fe1259b83da802d2e8 Nuevo nombre de campo(s) New field(s) name 1 TITLE_SELECT_IMPORT_FIELDS admin/easypopulate 196600b1c3e68af185dfbbc5e225389c Seleccionar directorio para cargar archivo Select directory to upload file 1 TITLE_SELECT_IMPORT_FILE_TYPE admin/easypopulate 21be3a362b1040f5d4bd831ef5c05530 URL de la página SEO: SEO Page URL: 1 TITLE_SEO_PAGE_NAME admin/information_manager cb9d73bd39140919f1c600efc481aa7c Fecha del servidor: Server Date: 1 TITLE_SERVER_DATE admin/server_info 4c61425c93164cf0930e635aecc456a1 Host del servidor: Server Host: 1 TITLE_SERVER_HOST admin/server_info 545868e8275803e6fddd733b2b7c8031 Sistema operativo del servidor: Server OS: 1 TITLE_SERVER_OS admin/server_info 8198959e64b441a007b871ce9e4dd572 Tiempo de actividad del servidor: Server Up Time: 1 TITLE_SERVER_UP_TIME admin/server_info ee82e124c740f8dfc2c8a1981caa4d91 Título a mostrar en el canal de ventas Title to show on Sales channel 1 TITLE_SHOW_FRONTEND admin/categories 492abf049909c27577c6c1c450899441 Coste del proveedor Supplier cost 0 TITLE_SUPPLIER_COST admin/categories 60702cfdb78f8b4062866d5917274591 Tipo: Type: 1 TITLE_TYPE admin/sales_statistics e0341765c8ac05164cbf1fed53369550 Año Year 1 TITLE_YEAR admin/sales_statistics aac5c958b66477c9d323e1b0229ce7be Zend: Zend: 1 TITLE_ZEND_VERSION admin/server_info aef6910261243d4623de58549657832b Hoy Today 1 TODAY_DELIVERY admin/platforms a72af99ed37d0e86f165ca12b10129e1 Respaldo Backup 1 TOOLS_BACKUP admin/index 6c26ed2a06ff0df0ff0999ab53cc50ff .... .... 0 TOO_MANY admin/main 98c8613c587ebb5aacdb980920ba4025 demasiadas variaciones e imágenes. La opción no está disponible, asigne imágenes a los atributos en su lugar too many variations and images. Option is not available, assign images to attributes instead 0 TOO_MANY_IMAGES_SETUP_ATTRIBUTES admin/categories e75531267860e227a6c992847855f534 Demasiadas imágenes: configuración en la ficha Imágenes Too many images - setup at Images tab 0 TOO_MANY_IMAGES_SETUP_AT_IMAGES_TAB admin/categories 7e8e020856e71841cd603b6c679bc402 ¿Quieres tener una tienda online súper rápida, segura y con muchas funciones (como esta!) para tu propio negocio? Sólo <a href="https://www.holbi.co.uk/contact-us" style="text-decoración: subrayado">siga este enlace</a> y rellene el formulario para recibir un asesoramiento gratuito de uno de nuestros expertos en desarrollo empresarial. Want to have a super fast, feature-rich, secure online store (just like this one!) for your own business? Just <a href="https://www.holbi.co.uk/contact-us" style="text-decoration: underline">follow this link</a> and fill in the form to receive a free advise from one of our business development experts. 0 TOP_TEXT main 7f827bb9e7a7eaf2efaed13c72324b22 Total: Total: 1 TOTAL main bb3770c4aee68afeba359e2b92f45581 Total pedido Total ordered 1 TOTAL_ORDERED account d4c71a5e156d72308adf8ecbccea8734 Total pedido Total Ordered 0 TOTAL_ORDERED admin/design 90428dce9a12ef3a18e5d40a71847562 Ciudad/ciudad Town/City 1 TOWN_CITY main 30b11c6abf967e5a6ae23257de7fbf47 Número de seguimiento Tracking number 1 TRACKING_NUMBER main f065fb77ec53bb7bbf80ba34d1f6632d Números de seguimiento Tracking numbers 1 TRACKING_NUMBERS main 5140b105a3953018fdbab1c14fbeed4c Formulario comercial Trade Form 1 TRADE_FORM admin/main 89da90c13df4a99999dd3b16afb9806f Formulario comercial Trade Form 1 TRADE_FORM main 4759f7f362e92888d4e0a53f260a2cc9 Referencia comercial Trade Reference 1 TRADE_REFERENCE admin/customers 315c142a426c6ee213fdad5c17ea4be3 Referencias comerciales Trade References 1 TRADE_REFERENCES admin/customers 79506a40605e728ef62b6605a60202eb *Notificación al usuario según las casillas marcadas en los bloques correspondientes. *Notification of the user according to the checked checkboxes in the corresponding blocks. 0 TRANSFER_BONUS_POINTS_NOTIFY admin/main 33f23e25e952ee974e97741c364a99e7 Transferir a importe de crédito Transfer To Credit Amount 0 TRANSFER_BONUS_POINTS_TO_CREDIT_AMOUNT_TEXT admin/main 1fd7b8f6d00f8d87c9220c96a6b34c3c Transferir %s bonus(es) Transfer %s bonus(es) 0 TRANSFER_BONUS_POINTS_WARNING admin/main 8820b5c4cf3bfa725156bcf3213745fa Transferir %s bonus(es) Transfer %s bonus(es) 0 TRANSFER_BONUS_POINTS_WARNING main 5e1431d6e40f67548d6d6b29b6e04a74 Transferir %s bonus a %s Importe de crédito - Correctamente Transfer %s bonus(es) to %s Credit Amount - Successfully 0 TRANSFER_BONUS_SUCCESS admin/main 6ba03dd65ed673887e71fde8df726118 VERDADERO TRUE 1 TRUE configuration 0c776e50e7f0511e5f2db6d84dd81e8d Introduzca el ID de unidad de negocio Trustpilot Enter Trustpilot business unit ID 0 TRUSTPILOT_ENTER_BUSINESS_UNIT_ID admin/index cb21e92657a7d12ca0d40244643254fe Reseñas de Trustpilot Trustpilot reviews 0 TRUSTPILOT_REVIEWS admin/index 41b4778181ee8864abc1a442e87134a2 Totales Totals 1 TRXT_TOTALS admin/design fa63bc7a2f8f21240ceb87bf878e7079 Texto Text 1 TXT_ admin/design 98e3c054417d387edd2e493ccefff5de Establecer fondo, fuente del sitio web Set background, website font 1 TXT_BACKGROUND_WEBSITE_FONT admin/design d4763ab032a6fc99c5603961bd98c88e Este es el ejemplo de texto Body This is Body text example 1 TXT_BODY_TEXT_EXAMPLE admin/design 7d14b001f3989866e3f6b964450bec7e Tipo de botón Button type 1 TXT_BUTTON_TYPE admin/design 4331c52f6e85fbe559b127dd23052c47 Elementos de formulario Form elements 1 TXT_FORM_ELEMENTS admin/design 763d4bed7646c88936d3f974d934cc0c Nivel de título Heading level 1 TXT_HEADING_LEVEL admin/design 59c300544d4779de35ae17bc167190f6 campo de entrada input field 1 TXT_INPUT_FIELD admin/design 842bf7dce274010de14583506470f03f Estilo de vínculos Links style 1 TXT_LINKS_STYLE admin/design ca81c23560c9bf94f426eb1c9fbe9cc4 Navegación principal Main navigation 1 TXT_MAIN_NAVIGATION admin/design eb586655cab02559a70989fb3e34604f Establecer ancho de sitio principal Set main site width 1 TXT_MAIN_SITE_WIDTH admin/design 06b3e056b46037bff84217bd3e96a317 Encabezado de página Page heading 1 TXT_PAGE_HEADING admin/design 5c25ecc831c9a42ebb79115ddd2c8c54 Descripción breve del producto. Texto aleatorio colocado aquí, sólo para rellenar el espacio en blanco Product short description. Some random text placed here, just to fill in the white space 1 TXT_PRODUCT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION admin/design fc4aeec4d3daae54b1e0c1ab02cefa43 Navegación secundaria Secondary navigation 1 TXT_SECONDARY_NAVIGATION admin/design 7123e79a496b39d715607ab82ae41614 campo textarea textarea field 1 TXT_TEXTAREA_FIELD admin/design cc98c7a6b202633243d05c4d2eb261d8 Tipografía Typography 1 TXT_TYPOGRAPHY admin/design b9d43e7ef7385d472592c7f63473f268 Estilo de sitio web Website style 1 TXT_WEBSITE_STYLE admin/design 290a0cf2a1dfea2f60a952791dfa2245 Escriba una información adicional aquí Type an additional info here 1 TYPE_ADDITIONAL_INFO checkout 8ee877f03e6073853c434d61d0a2c946 Todas las zonas All Zones 1 TYPE_BELOW admin/geo_zones 5428d1d5d434cd104481d589c953d195 Escriba abajo Type below 1 TYPE_BELOW admin/main 2cf87868daa1ddca79b4bc0159af3c38 Escriba abajo Type Below 1 TYPE_BELOW main 687777ae9346e4ee3b3bdaf9798f683c BORRAR DELETE 0 TYPE_DELETE admin/main 25247700e2fa11b95bc2147f5a36ec36 BORRAR DELETE 0 TYPE_DELETE main bc090b24908650c5cbbfb5a609de7556 Escriba %s para confirmar. Type %s to confirm. 0 TYPE_DELETE_TO_CONFIRM admin/main e9750d6ea864763979dd4e8a785466e8 Escriba %s si desea eliminar su cuenta Type %s if you want to delete your account 0 TYPE_DELETE_YOUR_ACCOUNT account 65468ce0ebd708ce6535669d4a10742f escriba el nombre del producto y selecciónelo de la lista type product name and choose that from list 0 TYPE_PRODUCT_NAME_CHOOSE_ROM_LIST admin/main bf2d8ced35477fb79610d785797d4c69 Dirección Address 1 T_ADDRESS admin/orders/create 6f27e5bed2f0dba7df95e6b57c16cd3d Detalles de dirección Address details 1 T_ADD_DET admin/orders 99ea8793914d7ea782a76aafd846cbcd Dirección de facturación Billing Address 1 T_BILL_ADDRESS admin/orders 330e9c8d8a0c9ac0f54bcf804d84d89b Método de Facturación Billing Method 1 T_BILL_METH admin/orders f10376e66414a6cf9fd179b58b3e91d5 Contacto Contact 1 T_CONTACT admin/main 3fb17a06bdf6eb71cee02142d7202ae0 Cliente Customer 1 T_CUSTOMER admin/orders 423e867a146351d964923a02855947ee Editando cliente Editing customer 1 T_EDITING_CUS admin/customers 5053cc323d36e2639b1b210bbb6f5819 Revisión de edición para Editing review for 1 T_EDITING_REVIEW admin/reviews 3349d5958d7e4e2b54e5aab77f0d2a10 Editar producto Editing product 1 T_EDIT_PROD admin/main e8a8ed30f40aad0c3d91dbb7fe521f66 Señorita Miss 1 T_MISS admin/main 42986a8154bb566885cc4085b1b479c6 Señorita Miss 1 T_MISS main db5087d0290881cfa2186cca1d9e16ea Sr. Mr 1 T_MR admin/main 2e42560ab9df6a2f78e2b8d8c9d8eda9 Sr. Mr 1 T_MR main 3dfb38afc5b7e9a80fcf632e3ade8159 Sra. Mrs 1 T_MRS admin/main 7bdd216a168253a8822ef9f51577cd50 Sra. Mrs 1 T_MRS main b1e067c6f0f587318bd3a423f6a57f4b Nueva contraseña New password 1 T_NEW_PASS admin/customers 93aa4d012e2a2055a4b0b8163f7c9ddd * Campos obligatorios * Required fields 1 T_REQUIRED admin/orders/create d48db2145eb80f96779a5a1cba34b939 Enviar cupón Send coupon 1 T_SEND_COUPON admin/main 243c219e48bb4c487c1e5f29320189dd Dirección de envío Shipping Address 1 T_SHIP_ADDRESS admin/orders 9262baf8adde0e17048cf6565b718d4a DIRECCIÓN DE ENVÍO Y FACTURACIÓN SHIPPING AND BILLING ADDRESS 1 T_SHIP_BILL_ADDRESS admin/orders bb48ccb1508b3f3ffb7344d391f22c3b Método de envío Shipping Method 1 T_SHIP_METH admin/orders 7cbf230f0db20a91a5fc8ca6e09ba29d Ciudad/ciudad Town/City 1 T_TOWN_CITY admin/main 59e1bcbd05fdd7049c0ed42bf2cead22 Actualizar contraseña Update password 1 T_UPDATE_PASS admin/main c47b2b6d0c2b2538a11468a709b24dc1 Cantidad unitaria Unit qty 1 UNIT_QTY main 9062e676749ce9ea262f918d41e342b6 Desvincular de este producto Unlink from this product 1 UNLINK_FROM_PRODUCT admin/categories f9dbc3dd2673493bd6dbf13687dea18d Verificación de captcha incorrecta Wrong captcha verification 1 UNSUCCESSFULL_ROBOT_VERIFICATION main bd3ac8739488b1752c713bc5cd86797a Id. de información actualizada= Updated information ID= 1 UPDATE_ID_INFORMATION admin/information_manager 6040391b49b459aa77112fbc415d1f5c Cargar archivos Upload files 1 UPLOAD_EP_FILES admin/easypopulate cacbf79afdeddaf8dba3ccb13c2b8336 Cargar desde el equipo Upload from your computer 1 UPLOAD_FROM_COMPUTER admin/main ed2e2a9ef05ce2bd65fff5d2325fc6d2 Cargar desde galería Upload from gallery 1 UPLOAD_FROM_GALLERY admin/main 764eb28e474709edec49bee208beca9a Cargar imagen Upload image 1 UPLOAD_IMAGE admin/main da009fcaf9d5c0cb3bc3ea92409a0a0d Subir una foto Upload A photo 0 UPLOAD_PHOTO wedding 58f03ae9db806f412a2a924908c4f31b Usar (at) en lugar de @ en la dirección de correo electrónico Use (at) instead @ in email address 0 USE_AT_IN_EMAIL_ADDRESS admin/design 07ee96b014c1a7e2fe63f5fb45d2ce1b Permitir añadir producto regalo al carrito de compras automáticamente Allow add giveaway product to shopping cart automatically 1 USE_AUTO_GIVEAWAY_DESC configuration 04901a2423cdb1954fabad1a3ed23478 Usar autoregalo Use auto giveaway 1 USE_AUTO_GIVEAWAY_TITLE configuration aa7430f9625066d049040cbc87f98503 ¿Usar importe de crédito? Use credit amount? 1 USE_CREDIT_AMOUNT shopping-cart 5be915fa99f98b9d333d296b9d6bcd30 Cambiar automáticamente a la moneda del idioma cuando se cambia Automatically switch to the language's currency when it is changed 1 USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY_DESC configuration 62ac778752e1423920e7e9b535f77a07 Cambiar a moneda de idioma predeterminada Switch To Default Language Currency 1 USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY_TITLE configuration 7d719cf39d461f08db2450e9f3395055 Usar imágenes externas Use external images 0 USE_EXTERNAL_IMAGES admin/categories a07cde037ce0e04a08af576f6eed2996 ¿Desea que los clientes utilicen los precios del mercado? Do you wish customers use market prices? 1 USE_MARKET_PRICES_DESC configuration 413e9c812aa1814103c8b545d2576fb9 ¿Usar precios de mercado? Use market prices? 1 USE_MARKET_PRICES_TITLE configuration 2d5f685599601aec7cf519d43a25db96 ¿Desea habilitar las características de Mis listas? Enable My lists features? 1 USE_PERSONAL_CATALOG_FEATURES_DESC configuration 54094a4debf43221f8cf87ea1c05093b Usar mis listas Use My lists 1 USE_PERSONAL_CATALOG_FEATURES_TITLE configuration a271fd50c23f38e0aa5b3188a4f994f8 ¿Activar pedido rápido de presupuesto? Enable quote fast order? 1 USE_QUOTE_FAST_ORDER_DESC configuration ebac3f51b070759872c59dcdc690e808 Usar pedido rápido de presupuesto Use quote fast order 1 USE_QUOTE_FAST_ORDER_TITLE configuration 9f43503988d0eb57b989112a60c91d03 Mostrar inicio de sesión social Show social login 1 USE_SOCIAL_LOGIN admin/platforms fb3c9c5de650d5f1ac1c564b4bd3a489 Copiar contenido del sitio Copy Content from site 1 USE_SOUCRCE_DURING_COPY_DESC configuration a15acad2d315edeac24075c595b8257f Copiar contenido del sitio Copy Content from site 1 USE_SOUCRCE_DURING_COPY_TITLE configuration d9f1f1e8f1808ecdff65fef3c953913c ¿Habilitar características de registro de bodas? Enable wedding registry features? 0 USE_WEDDING_REGISTRY_FEATURES_DESC configuration 77daf6b39a161da52c511a96d178b34e Usar registro de bodas Use wedding registry 0 USE_WEDDING_REGISTRY_FEATURES_TITLE configuration 4ac2453b18b3817c7689163ce3c9d661 Vídeos de YouTube Videos from YouTube 1 VIDEOS_FROM admin/categories ecbe9049a666efb4a621b9516690a954 sólo el vídeo coincide con el idioma actual only video match current language 1 VIDEO_MATCH_LANGUAGE admin/design 322433f78f612d36f582c8cf47f4f81e Vista View 1 VIEW main 2082de997ec051ba7e97a9ddc339cbc9 Productos vistos Viewed Products 1 VIEWED_PRODUCTS admin/main a1dfe55d77ebd39204877c0a98f55099 Productos vistos Viewed Products 1 VIEWED_PRODUCTS main 51b8533542b359616cfb28b534fc9caf Ver todos los productos destacados View all featured products 1 VIEW_ALL_FEATURED_PRODUCTS main 22952ca47daddbb6e10beaf4c1d63a93 Ver todos los productos nuevos View all new products 1 VIEW_ALL_NEW_PRODUCTS main 8ffe6477039727d88820783ede7599c6 Ver todos los especiales View all specials 1 VIEW_ALL_SPECIALS main 36f4510774a73b78361321fd2f196b74 VER COMO VIEW AS 1 VIEW_AS main b61fd9beec7abe3c4420246619782c62 Ver/Botón Crear Registro View/Create Registry Button 0 VIEW_CREATE_REGISTRY_BUTTON wedding 9c9d4ceb9c79305669b18629b17ef44c Ver su registro View Your Registry 0 VIEW_YOUR_REGISTRY main 396b060c954bd3e2555283d2616ba2dc Fecha de envío del certificado de regalo al destinatario Date to send Gift Certificate to Recipient 0 VIRTUAL_DATE_TO_SEND catalog/gift-card f718dfff3b56e621f2492462c78081ac Opciones visibles Visible options 0 VISIBLE_OPTIONS admin/main 594409f8c2d2ef39fe26024035e1622f de componentes from components 0 VOLUME_BY_CHILDREN admin/categories c4c0f7ef79d7258686b179104017c70d Saldo del cupón Voucher Balance 1 VOUCHER_BALANCE account e02161c5b5b811010257d37ba2cf3e5f Cantidad cubierta (%) Covered quantity (%) 0 WAREHOUSE_PRIORITY_ORDERED_QUANTITY_PARAM admin/warehouse-priority 0c07c5f3d5e1558f351bfefb7aa36cf1 Cobertura de cantidad pedida Ordered quantity coverage 0 WAREHOUSE_PRIORITY_ORDERED_QUANTITY_TITLE admin/warehouse-priority f5e37756ca8e4be73dab57b4fcdf7cb3 Distancia (%) Distance (%) 0 WAREHOUSE_PRIORITY_PLATFORM_DISTANCE_PARAM admin/warehouse-priority f72f746cdfcf88ccdbadda9406e57110 Distancia al almacén Distance to Warehouse 0 WAREHOUSE_PRIORITY_PLATFORM_DISTANCE_TITLE admin/warehouse-priority cb30618f17fbc944f2cdbd39817f3796 Nivel de existencias Stock level 0 WAREHOUSE_PRIORITY_WAREHOUSE_STOCK_PARAM admin/warehouse-priority dbe784223fc83896014f9c0f82412aa0 Existencias de almacén Warehouse Stock 0 WAREHOUSE_PRIORITY_WAREHOUSE_STOCK_TITLE admin/warehouse-priority c4ca0e87696f36d523d0583be7709621 Almacén A Puertas Warehouse To Doors 0 WAREHOUSE_WAREHOUSE_DOORS admin/main 3d24fb222f26620809498ddcadc391b7 Almacén A Puertas Warehouse To Doors 0 WAREHOUSE_WAREHOUSE_DOORS main 38f36d61eb6b47e4afc41e2ee53e488b Almacén A Almacén Warehouse To Warehouse 0 WAREHOUSE_WAREHOUSE_TEXT admin/main de571b7564df8390b2a693f5ee666350 Almacén A Almacén Warehouse To Warehouse 0 WAREHOUSE_WAREHOUSE_TEXT main b274fac89f1dabaecc834a9c8214b53f Advertencia: Puedo escribir en el fichero de configuración: %s/includes/configure.php. Se trata de un riesgo de seguridad potencial. Establezca los permisos de usuario adecuados en este archivo. Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: %s/includes/configure.php. This is a potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file. 1 WARNING_CONFIG_FILE_WRITEABLE main bbcd8e4337cb8a3cb035528b0aae96ce Advertencia: El directorio de productos descargables no existe: ##DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD##. Los productos descargables no funcionarán hasta que este directorio sea válido. Warning: The downloadable products directory does not exist: ##DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD##. 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What is GDPR? 0 WHAT_IS_GDPR account/update 67220d8b5c6bf8cf010aa6081b5f6f6b Widget de Google Maps Google Maps Widget 0 WIDGET_GOOGLEMAPS admin/main 93340b87917604a2931696342039f04e Widget de nuevos pedidos New Orders Widget 0 WIDGET_NEWORDERS admin/main 1c312201971aad99a9dcbc388cca7a9e Widget de gráfico de ventas Sales Graph Widget 0 WIDGET_SALESGRAPH admin/main 42844a56e9c120c3806d1bfe2b840b5a Widget de resumen de ventas Sales Summary Widget 0 WIDGET_SALESSUMMARY admin/main 10017d9f7fe7981fb1be0c3be9688a63 Tamaño de ventana de Window size from 0 WINDOW_SIZE_FROM admin/main 5d39c3676ee2a817f366b75b6a9e5b0b Tamaño de ventana para Window size to 0 WINDOW_SIZE_TO admin/main 78d6bd8f541fd203559a8b562df9ce5c Si no está en, ¿le gustaría dejar su paquete con un vecino? If you are not in, would you like to leave your package with a neighbour? 0 WOULD_LIKE_LEAVE_NEIGHBOUR main d6fea0df95093ba87547bba9af827ecb Si desea abrir una cuenta comercial, rellene nuestro If you would like to open a trade account fill in our 1 WOULD_LIKE_TRADE main 9bb0d1faf1835e667bde4e34cca11758 Blog Blog 1 WP_BLOG admin/main 3b5accbfa6dbed65756f9f1b1476bfb2 Escribir revisión Write Review 1 WRITE_REVIEW reviews 4d6faa05136630fc3d8aeb87c7aea499 Archivo no válido. File not valid. 1 WRONG_FILE_TYPE admin/easypopulate 25814b09bcbd6724202de7d24186ab95 Nombre de tema incorrecto Wrong theme name 0 WRONG_THEME_NAME admin/design 972f4a3ff315c877ada06aae903c9b56 Su nombre Your first name 1 WR_CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME_LABEL main e3bae416b8f9e0433536ac0ba2f3750c Su apellido Your last name 1 WR_CUSTOMER_LAST_NAME_LABEL main af328aac28505553136a75b63e048d7c Eres un You are a 1 WR_CUSTOMER_STATUS_LABEL main 0a9a63282d88a706ed4b5da606b6d4a3 ¿Dónde está tu evento? Where is your event? 1 WR_EVENT_ADDRESS_LABEL main 1942066b8c7f54fe4a4618b3688f1a0f ¿Cuándo es tu evento? When is your event? 1 WR_EVENT_DATE_LABEL main 53a855282c7227d68bd1e7f6e2c5594a ¿Quieres dejar una nota para tus invitados? Would you like to leave a note for your guests? 1 WR_NOTE_LABEL main a2998036287bdddab5e657b05f593277 Introduce el correo electrónico de tu pareja Enter your partner's email 1 WR_PARTNER_EMAIL_LABEL main 89df262ee2c86cd25bb876e7844060b1 El nombre de tu pareja Your partner's first name 1 WR_PARTNER_FIRST_NAME_LABEL main aef6d70176317218378cd0950a079020 Apellido de tu pareja Your partner's last name 1 WR_PARTNER_LAST_NAME_LABEL main c2a768777213e1b6bb4199c42a8013cd novia bride 1 WR_PARTNER_STATUS_BRIDE main 695b9ce152c87f1f5ced5795d751346e novio groom 1 WR_PARTNER_STATUS_GROOM main 33efb7dc8ef03a04aab51212deafc01d Son un They are a 1 WR_PARTNER_STATUS_LABEL main f2c975034e870907947149a5382fdc54 socio partner 1 WR_PARTNER_STATUS_PARTNER main b99ba34a52dbaa2d3c46f86451c610e1 Ciudad City 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_CITY_LABEL main f83d40fcb794ec97765cff1f0091d992 País Country 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_COUNTRY_LABEL main 52eec1cb311255a57878d5cacbb11a4b ¿A qué dirección quieres que envíen tus regalos? What address do you want your guests to ship your gifts to? 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_LABEL main 22e6cc018eb2e6a249a9c7744ec6a29b Línea de dirección Address line 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_LINE_LABEL main 859a84a79a06eab7bba0b1e5c84f0890 Código postal Zip code 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_POSTCODE_LABEL main c0f026876264e5e2e6be7ca006e009e0 Estado State 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_STATE_LABEL main 19735ef90ddc39bae97327348efd795e Línea de dirección 2 Address line 2 1 WR_SHIPPING_ADDRESS_SUBURB_LABEL main 2b0e06ec7055f41cc9c84b1a5d5467ac Nombre y apellido First and last name 1 WR_SHIPPING_TO_NAME_LABEL main 82b54dcd57c99c7606ec1f9a12bde6c7 Editor WYSIWYG: emergente o en línea WYSIWYG editor: popup or inline 1 WYSIWYG_EDITOR_POPUP_INLINE_DESC configuration b085c2a7c29025bb9e8e60afb6e0743e Editor WYSIWYG: emergente o en línea WYSIWYG editor: popup or inline 1 WYSIWYG_EDITOR_POPUP_INLINE_TITLE configuration 5d828decfbe53045444b0423afed3fa4 Se Ha Creado Tu Cuenta. Your Account Has Been Created! 0 YOUR_ACCOUNT_CREATED account 7f4e46dc75ce3d08a7d057b6d420cbcd Su saldo de puntos de bonificación Your bonus points balance 0 YOUR_BONUS_POINTS_BALANCE main 1f4d6ff78bae59b60c43ade65ab359bf Su no escribió %s Your don't typed %s 0 YOUR_DONT_TYPED account 230505f6a3fe689f4750eaf66acac785 Es necesario guardar el menú para aplicar los cambios en las categorías Your need save the menu for apply the changes in categories 1 YOUR_NEED_SAVE_MENU admin/design cb912f53b7ba7c5bd83e2fbd02b5b2d0 Es necesario guardar el menú para aplicar los cambios en las marcas Your need save the menu for apply the changes in brands 1 YOUR_NEED_SAVE_MENU_BRANDS admin/menus 3165496d982c7c71879a481c07907539 La palabra incorrecta escrita Your typed wrong word 0 YOUR_TYPED_WRONG_WORD account 6b57a301dcefab2db18cafca52d4c7d7 Ya tienes una notificación para este artículo. You already got notify for this item. 1 YOU_ALREADY_GOT_NOTIFY catalog/product 9684cc216ec3c6a2d5622a65825bb7b7 puedes comprar con descuento you can buy with discount 0 YOU_CAN_BUY_WITH_DISCOUNT main ef94599e08e4c190b22c2650632dd700 Cambiaste el banner, si vas a ir a la página del banner perderás este cambio. ¿Desea guardar los cambios? You changed the banner, if you will go to the banner page you will lost this changes. Do you want to save the changes? 0 YOU_CHANGED_BANNER admin/main 847420ae24360784ed99fa81a726f425 Se te notificará por correo electrónico una vez que el artículo vuelva a estar en stock. You will be notified by email once the item is back in stock. 1 YOU_WILL_BE_NOTIFIED catalog/product 02185e406efc6272e40a5b08aa9dd0fc Abril April 1 _APRIL admin/main 45f1f7a2a9eec00c480d2df9f1ce0555 Agosto August 1 _AUGUST admin/main 7814d12ecf3664fba18d951d2a85a0d2 Diciembre December 1 _DECEMBER admin/main 32e382638f4f667713e5c02034d1f460 Febrero February 1 _FEBRUARY admin/main 7e48f56d808cc500df0f906d4c698b4d Enero January 1 _JANUARY admin/main 268d6eff67d1ae05cfb303b34c942a82 Julio July 1 _JULY admin/main 1150183603080f1a0fbdb82b6d67717f Junio June 1 _JUNE admin/main f1bace0243666791d19fffaa54e6eab6 Marzo March 1 _MARCH admin/main ca725d76c429d3518a310ea255983213 Mayo May 1 _MAY admin/main 6549fc9a38fd18047ee1e9ab1203012c Noviembre November 1 _NOVEMBER admin/main 9a62f94482383fe2e6f31557e1417664 Octubre October 1 _OCTOBER admin/main 64bfd3da7c5e86bf91aedb5efc99b4ac Septiembre September 1 _SEPTEMBER admin/main bf8307257258f5540a1a10d81012cd9c
  3. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    Almacén del destinatario Warehouse of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_WAREHOUSE_NP main f7abb4eb37da8bd60cca4aebab64c574 Rectángulo Rectangle 0 TEXT_RECTANGLE admin/image-maps/edit d093bfb445940081d309e24cf1289c1d Recursivamente Recursively 0 TEXT_RECURSIVELY admin/main b7aef4236344d59ae3ed75cfdff80c96 Amortizaciones Redemptions 1 TEXT_REDEMPTIONS admin/coupon_admin bf7fc1aefcc4c31af62bdd6e778b6c23 Para este cliente For this Customer 1 TEXT_REDEMPTIONS_CUSTOMER admin/coupon_admin 50ea825f2b5f6ad0394d6c421b45e1b9 En total In Total 1 TEXT_REDEMPTIONS_TOTAL admin/coupon_admin 0cc54b883bc067e98f4ab75083cd60ff Eliminar redirección de SEO Delete SEO Redirect 1 TEXT_REDIRECT_DLEETE admin/seo_redirects 3b2d66417aba6cc5e0e88361cc1b7cd9 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta redirección? Are you sure you want to delete this Redirect? 1 TEXT_REDIRECT_REMOVE_CONFIRM admin/seo_redirects db85cc4cf3e63cd6ff1d4f56ab302b7e URI de referencia Referer URI 0 TEXT_REFERER admin/platforms 338070ffcdc179e199a37d64bc2aae58 Refiera a un amigo y reciba un vale <gift_amount> cuando compre con nosotros por primera vez. Simplemente ingrese los detalles de su amigo a continuación y le enviaremos un correo electrónico en su nombre con un código de cupón <coupon_amount>. Cuando lo usen, te enviaremos un cupón <cantidad_regalo> también para gastar en lo que quieras. Refer a friend and receive a <gift_amount> voucher when they shop with us for the first time. Simply enter your friend's details below and we'll send them an email on your behalf with a <coupon_amount> voucher code. When they use it, we'll send you a <gift_amount> voucher too to spend on whatever you like. 1 TEXT_REFER_INFO_INTRO referfriend c7b4c82677f4a99007ed42f99703b09a Por favor <a href="%s">inicie sesión</a> (para que podamos rastrear que usted remitió a su amigo y darle su vale): Please <a href="%s">log in</a> (so that we can track that you referred your friend and give you your voucher): 1 TEXT_REFER_INFO_LOGIN referfriend 37eed498607c0408a59e1e1d566bd71a Ten la seguridad de que no molestaremos a tu amigo. Simplemente les enviaremos este correo electrónico con el código de cupón, haciéndoles saber que usted ha sugerido que lo hagamos. No los agregaremos a ninguna lista de correo y nunca los volveremos a contactar a menos que nos lo pidan. Y ciertamente nunca pasaremos sus detalles a nadie más. Rest assured that we won't pester your friend. We'll simply send them this one email with the voucher code, letting them know you've suggested we do so. We won't add them to any mailing list and we'll never contact them again unless they ask us to. And we'll certainly never pass their details on to anyone else. 1 TEXT_REFER_INFO_OUTRO referfriend 7599f225128a645e7bc54b55aa8c70fe El programa de amigos de referencia no está disponible actualmente Refer friend program currently not available 1 TEXT_REFER_PROGRAMM_NOT_AVAILABLE referfriend 55545c4ad828eea84f318fce33cc5122 Refinar la búsqueda Refine search 1 TEXT_REFINE_SEARCH main 0b3c54ee9232d6a1b66ebedd000a5e48 Actualizar Refresh 0 TEXT_REFRESH admin/main e11791eb5424d03e6c96d8908e330dae Importe reembolsado Refunded Amount 0 TEXT_REFUNDED_AMOUNT admin/orders a987f1212e59c2d771ced0b8c625caad Especifique el importe a reembolsar Please specify amount to refund 0 TEXT_REFUND_AMOUNT admin/orders 986b1a5414e6185de5910ff1d303037f Lo sentimos, no es suficiente cantidad para hacer el reembolso Sorry, it is not enough amount to make refund 0 TEXT_REFUND_AMOUNT_ENOUGH admin/orders ee751ac639740d0e20a862a80d723feb El importe no puede ser superior al permitido por las transacciones Amount could not be more than allowed by transactions 0 TEXT_REFUND_AMOUNT_ERROR admin/orders 9ce1cce14dc8ebdd635430da5f2595e5 ¿Estás seguro? Are you sure? 0 TEXT_REFUND_PROMPT admin/orders cc7bc9b2e4862c0dcf422da490487b07 Identificador de transacción no definido Undefined tarnsaction id 0 TEXT_REFUND_UNDEFINED_TRANSACTION admin/orders 9e335001529651cd72bdb42e847fc3c6 Registrado: Registered: 1 TEXT_REGISTERED admin/main 8633110df13ce2ab501fe7d85643c5d0 Actualizado correctamente. Updated succsessfully. 0 TEXT_REGULAR_OFFERS_CONFIRM_SUCC account/subscription-renewal 88bd0daefb0046bf00a5a4a07e656143 Producto normal Regular Product 0 TEXT_REGULAR_PRODUCT admin/categories ab29eeda0a345ae8bf3e2d412f2b9598 Nº de empresa Company No. 1 TEXT_REG_NUMBER main 6244de303e50ae3001b5b2d880248cf8 Colocar productos agrupados juntos Place groupped products together 0 TEXT_REINDEX_GROUPPED admin/main e04286881fc206474d4c2670618532a7 No mostrar vídeo relacionado después del programa Don't show related video after the show 1 TEXT_RELATED_VIDEO admin/design d270cfae5a6d322540eae8dd5f9139e2 Tipo de relación Relation type 0 TEXT_RELATION_TYPE admin/main 543988b0672585d75123bf779bd6c898 Paquete de productos Bundle Product 0 TEXT_RELATION_TYPE_BUNDLE admin/main 1592bf9496ba97d1df5f27724efcfa7f Producto vinculado Linked Product 0 TEXT_RELATION_TYPE_LINKED admin/main 3a46c676b3ca3173943ab9b72b0be05d Subproducto secundario Sub product child 0 TEXT_RELATION_TYPE_SUB_PRODUCT admin/main a8d8795d37eadde33dc8e1f79d68db6b Volver a cargar página Reload page 1 TEXT_RELOAD_PAGE admin/design e469e7a2823b5695517388f1e6c8710b No pierda el código de cupón, asegúrese de mantener el código seguro para que pueda beneficiarse de esta oferta especial. Don't lose the coupon code, make sure to keep the code safe so you can benefit from this special offer. 1 TEXT_REMEMBER admin/coupon_admin 4a732bc83300dce45b6cf882db981151 Recuerda mi elección Remember my choice 1 TEXT_REMEMBER_EXPORT_FIELDS admin/easypopulate be83b82a944b86ccda5b7c6a19973a8c Eliminar Remove 1 TEXT_REMOVE admin/main c2f3671856c6aae40cb0d1d34b5acd79 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar: Are you sure, you want to delete: 1 TEXT_REMOVE admin/sales_statistics d8711916d93876acd72fe1871494e1ba Eliminar Remove 0 TEXT_REMOVE main 2263519e8b3d26947ea8b7c7b19379f4 Eliminado Removed 0 TEXT_REMOVED admin/main 4b5653836b372757de91db02aa878aef Eliminado Removed 0 TEXT_REMOVED admin/support-system 1aa0d62bc47cbde7e3d2040ccc3bc9db Eliminado Removed 1 TEXT_REMOVED main 54f50361291b7287a1e43738cec746a7 Eliminar Remove 1 TEXT_REMOVE_CART main 6b19c9d19e1842ede5729984211aa373 Quitar promoción Remove Promotion 1 TEXT_REMOVE_PROMOTION admin/promotions 44d9ad1dea06f2af938e435d2c33530c ¿Realmente quieres eliminar esta página? Do you really want to remove this page? 0 TEXT_REMOVE_THIS_PAGE admin/design f9c6361127ca5a6bdf2e715f28c65f0d Reordenar desde # Reorder from # 1 TEXT_REORDER_FROM admin/main fef4e6dc260e546982b1b6f70f772a7a Reordenar desde # Reorder from # 1 TEXT_REORDER_FROM main f342ce5081f32e04624436e4f84b8c96 repetir repeat 1 TEXT_REPEAT admin/main 9c594f53223f27aac2e312335accc72c repetir para el campo todo el espacio (sin cambiar el tamaño) repeat for field all space (no resize) 1 TEXT_REPEAT_ALL_SPACE admin/main 7520fec4abe60a5948ae4331c107a1ab repetir para el campo todo el espacio (cambiar tamaño) repeat for field all space (resize) 1 TEXT_REPEAT_ALL_SPACE_RESIZE admin/main f5b59bb97b3649daab788157eeb92fe3 Repetir cliente Repeat Customer 0 TEXT_REPEAT_CUSTOMER admin/main 00376fe7943abf3ba1b42a4e5e0b8490 repetir horizontal repeat horizontal 1 TEXT_REPEAT_HORIZONTAL admin/main c3a9406527b544a121a633322eb2b275 repetición vertical repeat vertical 1 TEXT_REPEAT_VERTICAL admin/main a11d9f5fec51afb0393bd0b4f5ee8f04 Reemplazar por exactamente las mismas teclas Replace for exactly the same keys 1 TEXT_REPLACE_KEY admin/texts ebece790af26437dd9b612933d545927 Reemplazar los mismos productos Replace same products 0 TEXT_REPLACE_SAME_PRODUCTS main f986a39271c1de60da48b98cc8f23bce Reemplazar por exactamente los mismos valores antiguos Replace for exactly the same old values 1 TEXT_REPLACE_VALUE admin/texts 0ff7dd22e47c8de9e5bf7263f9055768 Responder Reply 0 TEXT_REPLY extensions/ebay bc4172c823c6a7a2bcf7cf5a32d0a7f5 Informe Report 1 TEXT_REPORT admin/coupon_admin 18d508fe0c4cee769d4b6e14834ec200 ¿Solicitud de presupuesto? Request for quote? 1 TEXT_REQUEST_FOR_QUOTE admin/stock-indication b1975c01b3108239dfe89fc488e933a6 Solicitud de presupuesto Request for quote 1 TEXT_REQUEST_QUOTE admin/categories 9a6e021917f482808d673bf0b1248e22 Permitir cotización fuera de stock Allow quote out of stock 1 TEXT_REQUEST_QUOTE_OUT_STOCK admin/categories 7a93b04191fe7a5501bda25e762549af Reenviar Resend 0 TEXT_RESEND admin/main 1b2f47e2c0063a46bc15924ea0bf0bb2 Volver a enviar cupón Re-Send Voucher 1 TEXT_RESEND_VOUCHER admin/loyalty 536efecf2da1dab1dcd27b59df4bd72e Restablecer Reset 1 TEXT_RESET admin/main de5a543980358c5dedc268c2a20cec11 corregir los errores y restablecer el registro de errores fix the error(s) and reset error log 0 TEXT_RESET_ERROR_NOTE admin/main 02e91f047611c5a5a7f59ba6570c6325 Restablecer la contraseña Reset your Password 1 TEXT_RESET_PASSWORD admin/main 4d8be426e84463fbb74af2f1d86c73f8 Restablecer y volver a calcular Reset and re-calculate 1 TEXT_RESET_RECALCULATION admin/main 45e6b7483b08fec2bbe7f9435bf99bca En la última cantidad vendida producto conjunto "Disponibilidad de stock por cantidad" On last qty sold set product "Stock availability by qty" 0 TEXT_RESET_STATUS_ON_OOS admin/stock-indication 371f7a084e7ea955520548a448d1d2c5 ¿Desea restablecer la configuración predeterminada? Reset to default settings? 0 TEXT_RESET_TO_DEFAULT admin/main 65391fe5fa30fa0753ee5f88bff5263a Restaurar tema predeterminado Restore default theme 1 TEXT_RESTORE_DEFAULT_THEME admin/main 652467c422a7a9d556f26f8944249da4 ¿Restaurar esta copia de seguridad? Restore this backup? 1 TEXT_RESTORE_DESIGN admin/design d76fd1164a0156d92a736208644275f1 Restaurar contraseña Restore password 0 TEXT_RESTORE_PASSWORD admin/main 74f9cb5795836b462b69857e4adac65f Restricciones Restrictions 0 TEXT_RESTRICTIONS admin/main 0ff561753d6ade889e7f4c6fcd35e23d Principales productos Indicación de existencias Main products Stock indication 0 TEXT_RESTRICT_STOCK_INDICATION admin/promotions 815e33684cf39ae53faf196b7afee4fb Sólo para clientes Only for customer 0 TEXT_RESTRICT_TO_CUSTOMERS admin/main edf3d611d9aaaff1f0fd70e4c9e7c659 Especifique el correo electrónico del cliente o déjelo vacío Specify customer email or leave empty 0 TEXT_RESTRICT_TO_CUSTOMERS_HELP admin/main d598932646664a61beddbd55a8b969e7 Página %s de %d Page %s of %d 1 TEXT_RESULT_PAGE admin/main 661111350d2a06577279310bdccf8a6b Páginas de resultados: Result Pages: 1 TEXT_RESULT_PAGE main b8e0bf09c32761644b92c5511698e889 [Haga Clic Aquí Para Volver] [Click Here To Return] 1 TEXT_RETURN admin/recover_cart_sales 904478c510461e1bd58c2beeea148f54 Cupón Coupon 0 TEXT_RETURN main abb4a4fb63509c00e20cba492d8e65ce Enviar al revés Send reverse 0 TEXT_REVERSE admin/orders-ga 9eb1e7a608a996fbe719aa949e1c7c5b Revisión Review 1 TEXT_REVIEW admin/reviews fcc3b10e34b8a90eef926eac869cc57d Revisiones Reviews 1 TEXT_REVIEWS admin/main 984e0ce3f38c6343cd2079eefe193859 Revisiones para aprobar Reviews to approve 1 TEXT_REVIEWS_APPROVE admin/main e69b669fd77c324adb5e13d8e8499e13 por %s by %s 1 TEXT_REVIEW_BY main 17ac1e88dfef6c8d525f7a6c35948193 Fecha de adición Date Added 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_DATE_ADDED account 16af1a7f8350fa9029bdd825d6593cf5 Fecha de adición Date Added 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_DATE_ADDED account/products-reviews 4a8dd2d63eed671a6da6927b55c41a49 Nombre del producto Product name 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_PRODUCT_NAME account 2e553bde47765421bf0662641b39a716 Nombre del producto Product name 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_PRODUCT_NAME account/products-reviews f082b7447427b3b8dfe53505917f0899 Tasa Rate 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_RATED main 15d1642ba32cafaa036fa411918b258c Estado Status 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_STATUS account 70948baf7b02d00dfbb622643c29d196 Estado Status 1 TEXT_REVIEW_COLUMN_STATUS account/products-reviews b8e03d2ade8a6fbee07a1fdd588e0a0f Fecha de adición: %s Date Added: %s 1 TEXT_REVIEW_DATE_ADDED main 9367539d805c84b4761d7777958aa9f9 <span>Clasificación:</span> %s <span>[%s]</span> <span>Rating:</span> %s <span>[%s]</span> 1 TEXT_REVIEW_RATING main 8a17038ba2baa393192ed9ed07aa9e14 * Debe calificar el producto para su revisión. * You must rate the product for your review. 1 TEXT_REVIEW_RATING_ERROR main 1edb3dbc0bb08fbae3d4a69af5a0f60b Aprobado Approved 1 TEXT_REVIEW_STATUS_APPROVED account 788a5e16e976e15637ded09a9cde6984 Aprobado Approved 1 TEXT_REVIEW_STATUS_APPROVED account/products-reviews 7e99d46dc2184e4bd1a6ce663825ab4f No aprobado Not Approved 1 TEXT_REVIEW_STATUS_NOT_APPROVED account 57f69319bfa678111aac02474d15296c No aprobado Not Approved 1 TEXT_REVIEW_STATUS_NOT_APPROVED account/products-reviews 7c833b6da7f2b9b44251affec92ccd72 * El 'Texto de revisión' debe tener al menos ##REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH##' caracteres. * The 'Review Text' must have at least ##REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH##' characters. 1 TEXT_REVIEW_TEXT_ERROR main 2cf26dc8f7cbcf9c1935df2c984ae89a derecho right 1 TEXT_RIGHT admin/main f9306db0e3284826a41527ee751dacfb Nota de Envío/ Número de Factura Dispatch Note/ Invoice Number 0 TEXT_RMA_DISPATCH_NOTE main d1db395e49bcbd95aee74a6aac9951b9 Código de producto Product Code 0 TEXT_RMA_PRODUCT_CODE main 99d0df75774c1cff7867af2913804e51 Cantidad de producto Product Quantity 0 TEXT_RMA_PRODUCT_QUANTITY main f99d1ff32f890b4767dbc1e088655f6c MOTIVO DE LA DEVOLUCIÓN REASON FOR RETURN 0 TEXT_RMA_REASON main 558aa0a6941181833c32534bb071af0d Número(s) de serie Serial Number(s) 0 TEXT_RMA_SERIAL_NUMBER main 44ecbcecb9ef3d18780749bb465a71d6 redondo round 1 TEXT_ROUND admin/main 4a109bab7a5f4de51f9041c9e37dba4f (abajo, después del redondeo) (down, after rounding) 1 TEXT_ROUND_DOWN_TO admin/currencies 1e62489f05b023abf454e5e9a16e2a77 Redondo bruto Round gross 1 TEXT_ROUND_GROSS admin/currencies 0ab161bb181df40eb2e76df7251870c2 % de impuestos for tax % 1 TEXT_ROUND_GROSS_TAX admin/currencies 437a423711ec59e60d3f53e0359279c5 Redondear a: Round to: 1 TEXT_ROUND_TO admin/currencies 82a01b3ba56d1f8fee28137f604c5c48 Método de redondeo: Round method: 1 TEXT_ROUND_TYPE admin/currencies 706149af18f6c9e97dc6b1a79debd051 Filas Rows 1 TEXT_ROWS admin/design 8bdfa96cedf814a99f38d74695fbb790 Precio RRP RRP price 0 TEXT_RRP admin/main 29728c76d3897603b2693a4967145d85 Ejecutar %s: Run %s: 1 TEXT_RUN_CRONS_NAME admin/exact_online 7265292f6e013d5cd4e208cab7640ff6 Cada %s hora(s) Every %s hour(s) 1 TEXT_RUN_EVERY_XX_HOUR admin/exact_online 6065b3967a9c50689665b1658870faaa Cada %s min(s) Every %s min(s) 1 TEXT_RUN_EVERY_XX_MIN admin/exact_online 36f60c78a383827950cedb56341a60c2 Frecuencia de ejecución Run Frequency 1 TEXT_RUN_FREQUENCY admin/easypopulate 077ac826dd86dec16111b0285cf798b9 Ejecutar ahora Run now 1 TEXT_RUN_IMMEDIATELY admin/exact_online 7c5dd332122577d1f0de925c6fb41698 Manual Manual 1 TEXT_RUN_MANUAL admin/exact_online cb734d99de37ee3ceaebe664f6aeefc3 Una Once 1 TEXT_RUN_ONCE admin/easypopulate 991ae691cee6938d151a776cca27a9eb Ejecutar alimentación de pedidos Run Orders Feed 1 TEXT_RUN_ORDERS admin/exact_online f4fd169ebe13c492fe26606c0f08a536 Periódicamente Periodically 1 TEXT_RUN_PERIODICALLY admin/easypopulate df0552e388d7763220c7d8f80202754d Ejecutar alimentación de productos Run Products Feed 1 TEXT_RUN_PRODUCTS admin/exact_online dbf8c1af26f23c4845a5daa8c405f108 Ejecutar alimentación de stock Run Stock Feed 1 TEXT_RUN_STOCK admin/exact_online cf3858915fa4b94e2bea0b876665068c Venta Sale 1 TEXT_SALE admin/main 3793b15984f87779bd33d44f23fc628b <p><b>Descripción:</b> la principal oportunidad de esta promoción es obtener descuentos adicionales en productos de categorías o fabricantes especificados</p> <p><b>Description:</b> the main opportunity of this promotion is getting additional discount on products in specified category(s) or manufacturer(s)</p> 0 TEXT_SALEMAKER_FULL_DESC admin/promotions 0ca7177ac6733655bf0e6f5ce484f64f Estadísticas diarias de ventas Sales Daily Statistics 1 TEXT_SALES_DAILY_STATISTICS admin/sales_statistics 6e2ebf848e22340ee5a7109b20062476 Deshabilitado para el grupo Disabled for group 0 TEXT_SALES_DISABLED_GROUP admin/main 42333534660ea4a946250b4b30bb5e8a Estadísticas horarias de ventas Sales Hourly Statistics 1 TEXT_SALES_HOURLY_STATISTICS admin/sales_statistics cd3a1fc5e09fbe0aa41a276eac00130d Ventas de los últimos 12 meses (el mes actual es la previsión) Sales for the last 12 months (current month is forecasting) 1 TEXT_SALES_MONTH admin/main 5c912820b7fd1917e0135bc18847de4f Estadísticas mensuales de ventas Sales Monthly Statistics 1 TEXT_SALES_MONTHLY_STATISTICS admin/sales_statistics 11a8392c8d90ef29bad1624e248774fb Estadísticas trimestrales de ventas Sales Quarterly Statistics 1 TEXT_SALES_QUARTERLY_STATISTICS admin/sales_statistics bc7e0f3b49e94a09f11745decc7a5e02 Reglas de ventas Sales rules 0 TEXT_SALES_RULES admin/main a6e27e3d60964a08fc330dc5f0edb987 Resumen de ventas Sales summary 1 TEXT_SALES_SUMMARY admin/main b7b7be573c223323505ecfd5a209cb61 Estadísticas semanales de ventas Sales Weekly Statistics 1 TEXT_SALES_WEEKLY_STATISTICS admin/sales_statistics e74408d855170fd33da15e41e8a8164c Estadísticas anuales de ventas Sales Yearly Statistics 1 TEXT_SALES_YEARLY_STATISTICS admin/sales_statistics 620ccecdd78b6c4aabaf71956c0b69c7 Categoría de venta Sale Category 0 TEXT_SALE_CATEGORY admin/design da93582b96aeeead0e9c27c015ca39dc Venta bruta Sale gross 1 TEXT_SALE_GROSS admin/main 8434b384097f93105525cd0836514eba Promover (si procede) Promote (if applicable) 0 TEXT_SALE_PROMOTE_EP admin/main 702092ff6eed34ed3430cfb750b83e67 ¿Igual para todos los idiomas? Same for all languages? 1 TEXT_SAME_OF_ALL admin/properties 1611898fa5a298323574634d9a1f9627 Mismos valores de propiedades Same properties values 0 TEXT_SAME_PROPERTIES_VALUE_LIST admin/main c9158f59047040ea98a8c3e357e08b6d (como producto actual) Lista separada por comas de identificadores de propiedad (as current product) Comma separated list of property ids 0 TEXT_SAME_PROPERTIES_VALUE_LIST_DESCRIPTION admin/main f7d7052d793395ac68376bab5d934143 Muestra Sample 0 TEXT_SAMPLE admin/main ee1c0651077e5cac01f7fcb8cc3e2f6e Historial de ejemplos Samples History 0 TEXT_SAMPLES_HISTORY admin/design 24921f8c7be77368fe1405ea42c3b3f2 Muestras Samples 1 TEXT_SAMPLE_CART admin/main a71e89e60a49f4e6ea038436eb88efdc Ejemplo de Pago y envío Sample Checkout 0 TEXT_SAMPLE_CHECKOUT admin/design 2528f4e36a9224f7a8e008e4f6928846 Botón de desprotección de ejemplo Sample Checkout Button 0 TEXT_SAMPLE_CHECKOUT_BUTTON admin/design 52544033d93e46dca1b2f1f4dc965094 Datos de ejemplo Sample Data 0 TEXT_SAMPLE_DATA admin/design 83ce14d347cce60ea25883ddc00eb25d Historial de muestra Sample History 0 TEXT_SAMPLE_HISTORY admin/design 2c1ad937316eaef067a8faf64bcae78f Productos de muestra Sample Products 0 TEXT_SAMPLE_PRODUCTS admin/design 58e2769e4ef4e86e251777b632b390f0 Subtotales de muestra Sample SubTotals 0 TEXT_SAMPLE_SUBTOTAL admin/design ba3911049bd540f5f8e0b6e2170e2826 sábado Saturday 1 TEXT_SATURDAY admin/main ff2a040d53991126f89cac65904b147b sábado Saturday 1 TEXT_SATURDAY main 23ab49037a19da5be874b4bd3b82c9ae Guardar Save 1 TEXT_SAVE main 758d814434ceb19436164a835a9b685c Carros guardados Saved carts 0 TEXT_SAVED_CARTS admin/design e7e163964d8cf51f3d944a4f7804d956 Guardar como filtro: Save as filter: 1 TEXT_SAVE_AS_FILTER admin/sales_statistics 8c909737d1a2637094b0d268754d2a17 Botón Guardar Save button 0 TEXT_SAVE_BUTTON admin/design dfca6b5c79def22bea44cbd24c6fea4f Crear pedido y enviar solicitud de pago Create order and send request for payment 0 TEXT_SAVE_ORDER_SEND_REQUEST admin/main 8dc7fa5971b1fc48a3088a599ef04d34 Crear pedido pagado Create paid order 0 TEXT_SAVE_PAID_ORDER admin/main fbc3ee0fdbfba9c0f3324f28d5a0aff8 Ahorro Savings 0 TEXT_SAVINGS main f3968080b27c88909c774eaf28daa27a Programación Schedule 0 TEXT_SCHEDULE admin/main 2268d63e075c61ce88a9024c47223f14 Programado Scheduled 0 TEXT_SCHEDULED admin/main e9404cb388427b327198aa21a5a9ac31 Última sincronización: Last Synchronisation: 1 TEXT_SCHEDULE_LAST_STARTED admin/exact_online 656b2b175f68fd1fad2733d72501d70b Resolución de pantalla Screen Resolution 1 TEXT_SCREEN_RESOLUTION admin/recover_cart_sales 383b8e10e29f7c7d112afd625d0b00a3 Selecciona la forma de pago, desplázate hacia abajo para revisar el pedido y confirmar el pago Select payment method, scroll down to review order and confirm payment 0 TEXT_SCROLL_TO_CONFIRM main e4c7ca778e279eaa8ad1ae65775919e8 Buscar Search 1 TEXT_SEARCH admin/main efb3cc33053ef7438ea4cf8d0b3dc338 Buscar por atributos asignados Search by assigned attributes 1 TEXT_SEARCH_ASSIGNED_ATTR admin/categories de85bd6e06b70f067572c3d58b11ab4d Buscar por productos asignados Search by assigned products 0 TEXT_SEARCH_ASSIGNED_PRODUCTS admin/categories 96580b88f72f27500191eade8a2807e6 Buscar por propiedad asignada Search by assigned property 1 TEXT_SEARCH_ASSI_PROP admin/categories bb2eeecde033c4dd6c578471c35f6471 Buscar por marcas Search by Brands 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BRANDS admin/main dd1dd9e9f3ba5175a0ebf16e91733e28 Buscar por: Search by: 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY admin/main 9f05fa7a60f7e5da3d752e39982855d5 Buscar por Search by 0 TEXT_SEARCH_BY wedding 81b86fc00b69c22ffbbff8834d0846f5 ASINA ASIN 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY_ASIN admin/categories 264648d9cdc5b1b299e65aab1927983e EAN EAN 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY_EAN admin/categories 69b30e15268e751e647dd4f57ed05386 Archivo para descargar File for download 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY_FILE admin/categories 2217acea5c0f3eae24f5da33f2db7e09 ISBN ISBN 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY_ISBN admin/categories 053eba373b560262dca56bc881ab9107 Modelo (SKU) Model (SKU) 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY_MODEL admin/categories eba924d69a82a1878a28f5f94e3edfe7 Nombre de página SEO SEO Page Name 1 TEXT_SEARCH_BY_SEO_NAME admin/categories 15519e791cdc8e283751134119c4715e Correo electrónico/nombre/teléfono Email/Name/Phone 0 TEXT_SEARCH_CUSTOMER admin/main e41e425ea22fa0519fe94783702ec871 Las palabras clave pueden estar separadas por instrucciones AND y/o OR para un mayor control de los resultados de la búsqueda.<br><br>Por ejemplo, <u>Microsoft AND mouse</u> generaría un conjunto de resultados que contiene ambas palabras. Sin embargo, para <u>mouse OR keyboard</u>, el conjunto de resultados devuelto contendría las dos o ambas palabras.<br><br>Se pueden buscar coincidencias exactas incluyendo palabras clave entre comillas dobles.<br><br>Por ejemplo, <u>"notebook computer"</u> generaría un conjunto de resultados que coincida con la cadena exacta.<br><br>Se pueden usar corchetes para un mayor control en el conjunto de resultados.<br><br>Por ejemplo, <u>Microsoft y (keyboard or mouse o "visual basic")</u>. Keywords may be separated by AND and/or OR statements for greater control of the search results.<br><br>For example, <u>Microsoft AND mouse</u> would generate a result set that contain both words. However, for <u>mouse OR keyboard</u>, the result set returned would contain both or either words.<br><br>Exact matches can be searched for by enclosing keywords in double-quotes.<br><br>For example, <u>"notebook computer"</u> would generate a result set which match the exact string.<br><br>Brackets can be used for further control on the result set.<br><br>For example, <u>Microsoft and (keyboard or mouse or "visual basic")</u>. 1 TEXT_SEARCH_HELP catalog/advanced-search 5134947d94c284b79c54eea2371333e2 Buscar en Ayuda Search Help 1 TEXT_SEARCH_HELP_LINK catalog/advanced-search c74cd1eeb926102d28b0620e6ddb2bb9 Buscar en descripciones de productos Search In Product Descriptions 1 TEXT_SEARCH_IN_DESCRIPTION catalog/advanced-search 09014b7f03a9aefeb76eec5cfe84e38a Clave de búsqueda Search key 1 TEXT_SEARCH_KEY admin/recover_cart_sales d7940b5b05174544f6e181c5be09e317 Página de búsqueda Search page 0 TEXT_SEARCH_PAGE admin/design cba77fff0b0865247762c317a9663ae1 Buscar todos los elementos Search All Items 0 TEXT_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER pos/main 671fab981150c7aeae79362975456115 Buscar por propiedad Search by property 1 TEXT_SEARCH_PROP admin/categories ad412f66682926e09a1ac627c7e3f0fc Recuento de lugares de entrega Count of places for delivery 0 TEXT_SEATS_AMOUNT_NP admin/main 569d5bd0e2d0e8f3603480e17bc7eab2 ¿Es invitado? Is Guest? 0 TEXT_SECURITY_IS_GUEST admin/main 571085254c27d454c08872e85db514c8 Clave de seguridad Security key 0 TEXT_SECURITY_KEY admin/main cf51abf9aa57e78e8ce21335d038bb95 Recuerde: Remember: 0 TEXT_SECURITY_KEY_EXPIRE admin/main cc10ab4c401aaed5775acd9bc4f56608 Probablemente ya ha guardado sus credenciales. Sin embargo, a medida que utiliza su dispositivo móvil, su dirección IP posiblemente ha cambiado (o tal vez utilice una nueva red móvil o un nuevo punto de acceso WiFi). Es por esto que necesita pasar a través de la autenticación de nuevo. You have probably already saved your credentials. However as you use your mobile device your IP address has possibly changed (or maybe you use new mobile network, or new WiFi access point). This is why you need to pass through the authentication again. 0 TEXT_SECURITY_KEY_MOBILE_DISCLAIMER admin/main 9ef1577cf628488fc9a57e5012a6f484 La clave de seguridad se le envió por correo electrónico Security key was sent to you by Email 0 TEXT_SECURITY_KEY_VIA_EMAIL admin/main fb44a72540b5f85f4066c7cb571eb7c6 La clave de seguridad se te envió por SMS Security key was sent to you by SMS 0 TEXT_SECURITY_KEY_VIA_PHONE admin/main 5303f2ade0e33642ca7af8e37c19a9c1 Seleccione Please select 1 TEXT_SELECT admin/sales_statistics d2868705eed6752f88175984c839010f Seleccionados Selected 0 TEXT_SELECTED admin/orders 5caa6ac69e31ff7bdc8af3d354b7735e Métodos seleccionados Selected Methods 0 TEXT_SELECTED_METHODS admin/main d92ba2b6edffe6e08852a6f80428a2a5 Tablas seleccionadas Selected Tables 0 TEXT_SELECTED_TABLES admin/backup f8fd126eb19fed09dcf69296c125814b Nombre de selección Selection name 0 TEXT_SELECTION_NAME admin/shipping-carrier-pick e12acae9240383acddcf2f35506f91e4 %s (Usted paga: %s) %s (You pay: %s) 0 TEXT_SELECTOR_GIFT_AMOUNT catalog/gift-card 7c486cefc83b035e1fff7f0fee451918 Seleccionar / Agregar nuevo proveedor Select / Add new supplier 1 TEXT_SELECT_ADD_SUPPLIER admin/categories e8bf151a9e5b2e826b1a4a691f6c50ac Seleccionar todo Select all 0 TEXT_SELECT_ALL main 13003ca9c8e3b13e704eaf30112ed6bf Seleccionar categoría: Select category: 1 TEXT_SELECT_CATEGORY admin/easypopulate 130bcfa0bee2efa1011123dfc97d529d Seleccionar páginas de categoría Select Category Pages 0 TEXT_SELECT_CATEGORY_PAGE admin/main 597d7f5ad7eb7d3a5cac9d94825205f7 Seleccionar componente Select component 0 TEXT_SELECT_COMPONENT admin/menus 52f30a648c85f109448411fecdfc9400 Seleccionar cliente Select Customer 1 TEXT_SELECT_CUSTOMER admin/main a2da14cd37f48d8fa3454694ea73100c Seleccionar columnas Select columns 1 TEXT_SELECT_FEED_COLUMNS admin/google_base fca3bcc6eddddc4065a189d5a9af734e Seleccionar icono Select Icon 1 TEXT_SELECT_ICON admin/promotions d4fdfb882ae9bc3ae6988d06016552a2 Seleccionar ninguno Select none 0 TEXT_SELECT_NONE main 465ee1caa0fbcb059882e682526805e7 Seleccionar producto primario para <b>%s</b> Select parent product for <b>%s</b> 0 TEXT_SELECT_PARENT_PRODUCT_S admin/categories 5e59fb9bb038a8ed8137bb2ddcd66d98 Forma de pago Payment method 1 TEXT_SELECT_PAYMENT_METHOD admin/main af2d1e070ffd2a691833a37369878fb6 Forma de pago Payment method 1 TEXT_SELECT_PAYMENT_METHOD admin/orders/order-edit 7eb7211326ea1f1a8276e6f512abb725 O seleccione Propietario del canal de ventas Or select Sales channel Owner 1 TEXT_SELECT_PLATFROM_OWNER admin/platforms/edit acaa116c35b68b799d5a98e507d5ae67 Vista previa del canal Ventas Preview Sales channel 1 TEXT_SELECT_PREVIEW_PLATFORM admin/design 4261e260721b6d77d3d57dc9204de405 Seleccionar Precio del Proveedor Select Price from Supplier 1 TEXT_SELECT_PRICE_FROM_SUPPLIER admin/categories 5fe1f25d785687fbb53b2f43b33ee587 Seleccione el producto Please select product 0 TEXT_SELECT_PRODUCT admin/categories 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TEXT_SENDER_WAREHOUSE_NP admin/main 3d3c0cfc155e2ca7e93618b840c484e9 Error de transferencia de datos Data transfer error 0 TEXT_SENDING_ERROR admin/orders-ga ce564c8f3d908285504661ef6299d358 Enviar cupón Send coupon 1 TEXT_SEND_COUPON admin/customers 77050d02c88cafea8503f0477f33e297 Enviar cupón Send coupon 1 TEXT_SEND_COUPON admin/main 38062f44b08e0ee767a48d81ebc26d6d Enviar correo electrónico de cupón Send coupon e-mail 1 TEXT_SEND_COUPON_POPUP admin/coupon_admin 7a2eddd97ec2c554cbe922ab0dbb6b3f Enviar solicitud de pago del cliente Send customer request for payment 1 TEXT_SEND_CUSTOMER_REQUEST admin/main 6ef3120c0ff3abe36cc02c7042a5b8a8 Enviar datos de comercio electrónico a GA Send ecommerce data to GA 0 TEXT_SEND_DETAILS admin/orders-ga 3c65b4bb9cd84d850b0569329492aa14 Enviar correo Send mail 1 TEXT_SEND_MAIL admin/main 6aa829906b0d03b3939e6aadce3d1215 Ahora Now 0 TEXT_SEND_NOW catalog/gift-card ee4046c387d917116d9d5bbfadde347c Agregado correctamente Successfully addded 1 TEXT_SEND_SUCCESS main 0da6fdbbea073bb7325b3c7aca41884c Se ha enviado un correo electrónico a tu amigo. An email has been sent to your friend. 1 TEXT_SEND_SUCCESS referfriend 6858302428434fd14fb78fd82874cbd4 Enviar vale regalo Send gift voucher 1 TEXT_SEND_VOUCHER admin/recover_cart_sales 292d6112ea82515f6b35b641712d5cdd Distingue mayúsculas de minúsculas Case sensitive 1 TEXT_SENSITIVE admin/texts 2e9be90a29147e32c6c1004c3404f12f Enviado Sent 0 TEXT_SENT extensions/messages fd2fbd5b8aad74c995a40dcdfa839564 SEO SEO 1 TEXT_SEO admin/main 279ac1ff779d3d9945757ec8d649c1b7 Título SEO SEO Heading 0 TEXT_SEO_HEADING admin/main e80bec95fdef864d6a94abc9b080fceb Nombre de página SEO: SEO Page Name: 1 TEXT_SEO_PAGE_NAME admin/main d4d488f86171a0bee6583ea929b543fa Septiembre September 1 TEXT_SEP admin/main 9ac9d660c63007a220d0d0484315ac61 Separar Separate 1 TEXT_SEPARATE main b01b068e66e69a6236996601242e44c2 Hora del servidor Server time 1 TEXT_SERVER_TIME admin/main 6604de4d0f4d378eb728084824567783 Credenciales de cuenta de servicio Service account credentials 0 TEXT_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDETIALS admin/google-settings b44a99b6fc3602364ae4ed7484f122c9 Su sesión ha caducado. Your session expired. 1 TEXT_SESSION_EXPIRED_MESSAGE admin/main c1661934d327aa50a264fbaf1760b938 Sesión caducada Session expired 1 TEXT_SESSION_EXPIRED_TITLE admin/main 7caa942665b4cacb4536f6c00a5caa70 Sesión del cliente Customer session 0 TEXT_SESSION_ID admin/main f062842e28c198b222bf9addcd1d218f Configuración Settings 1 TEXT_SETTINGS admin/main 077a7cea302dd687d7b029a8231fce96 Establecer como predeterminado Set as default 1 TEXT_SET_DEFAULT admin/main 6fb1494cce247f56ddf378694cccffd0 Establecer como predeterminado Set as default 1 TEXT_SET_DEFAULT admin/stock-indication 22c748f207ef8e34ce42f3f2ca50c9e3 Establecer detalles para %s Set details for %s 0 TEXT_SET_DETAILS admin/promotions 134d6e1cb6984cae807d6de3b61cc4ab Establecer descuento: Set discount: 1 TEXT_SET_DISCOUNT admin/categories a8bef63a71735abf17967af1b37fb408 Establecer marca Set flag 0 TEXT_SET_FLAG admin/orders be3b003d75628f279ae348c230440631 Establecer marcador Set marker 0 TEXT_SET_MARKER admin/orders 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Shipping address 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS admin/main 1060c2bc8931aca4f134670d80b8a7ff Elección de envío Shipping Choice 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_CHOICE admin/design 783d7cea5e94e1baab7950d201e8ca23 Detalles de envío Shipping details 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_DETAILS main cf18167c95f40db47b8c835f7dfafb7d Módulos de envío Shipping modules 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_MODULES admin/sales_statistics 1e7449d64ff5348ac9c6ad9d7cf59ac2 Opciones de envío Shipping Options 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_OPTIONS shipping e71f4cad97075c19e6883e911c77900a Importe del paquete Package Amount 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_RULE_AMOUNT_TITLE admin/shipping-carrier-pick ead8fd66b60897daab8055024188c540 Dirección de entrega Delivery Address 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_RULE_DELIVERY_COUNTRY_TITLE admin/shipping-carrier-pick 1deb6fab8c16dc388daff8e4255efb3f Método de Pago del Pedido Order Payment Method 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_RULE_ORDER_PAYMENT_TITLE admin/shipping-carrier-pick 377a05b4fab5a4e0b8e39a5d02669f5f Gastos de envío del pedido Order Shipping Cost 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_RULE_ORDER_SHIPPING_COST_TITLE admin/shipping-carrier-pick 56485868725c32b9e1a5b585e087b016 Método de envío del pedido Order Shipping Method 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_RULE_ORDER_SHIPPING_TITLE admin/shipping-carrier-pick eeacb6e2ac644a4e1fdd87a3b1254851 Peso del paquete Package Weight 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_RULE_SHIPPING_WEIGHT_TITLE admin/shipping-carrier-pick a2ecf01c082a1209c20cf51100501e47 Servicio de envío Shipping service 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_SERVICE account/invoice 1df4819879dacf194d42eb8455c3ae80 Servicio de envío Shipping service 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_SERVICE admin/main bf31690c360e74583dce11ba90ca953e Recargo por envío: Shipping Surcharge: 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_SURCHARGE admin/categories 06a9b0d0d0c59267992b7298fbebfeae Fijo Fixed 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_SURCHARGE_TYPE_FIXED shipping 8ed570485f33bfd37e956f88353c6961 Porcentaje Percent 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_SURCHARGE_TYPE_PERCENT shipping e7e2e0b1adb00cb54b4298e176a88e97 Recargo: Surcharge: 0 TEXT_SHIPPING_SURCHARGE_VALUE shipping 73e718950d9d7c306e748091c7ff8e54 Tabla de envío Shipping Table 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_TABLE shipping 3053dbae1706997e94ab572a2cd55f7f Envío mediante Shipping via 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_VIA account/invoice 96441cf5b3529fe8d82fed1a99e42b4d Envío mediante Shipping via 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_VIA admin/main 42cda2acec34f1cf1390a6908f5b25f6 Envío mediante Shipping via 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_VIA admin/orders/packingslip 466f74a0441ffadc5db1f483c6659c2d Zonas de envío Shipping Zones 1 TEXT_SHIPPING_ZONES shipping 1bd0cd9555abd4faf30664cbb3fa4ae9 Carrito de compras Shopping Cart 1 TEXT_SHOPPING_CART admin/main 774e4ac27cde17e4d8c4e76dc48ced0d Subtotal Subtotal 1 TEXT_SHOPPING_CART_SUBTOTAL admin/whos-online 14764e751600023a790b905aaca3e892 Corto Short 1 TEXT_SHORT admin/design 8c9866949d48c42d88ed6db749ffb370 Vista corta Short view 0 TEXT_SHORT_VIEW admin/design 8e61a11b71992010e0f4bcfc367b7037 Mostrar Show 1 TEXT_SHOW admin/design 2eda64dca08bc7f91b57e6e9ed5e3196 Mostrar ABC Show ABC 0 TEXT_SHOW_ABC admin/design 9bf42685ac1c94ca996861936d8c8f00 Mostrar productos ausentes Show abscent products 1 TEXT_SHOW_ABSENT_PRODUCTS main aa50d68d3efcb936d7167df2930b099f Mostrar todas las direcciones Show all addresses 0 TEXT_SHOW_ADDRESS_BOOK admin/main 992e4e69f8ebd9adf71a78892ed52ba9 Mostrar todo Show all 1 TEXT_SHOW_ALL main fc3ca4854febae105ce32e8d902b12e1 Mostrar botón de Amazon Show Amazon button 0 TEXT_SHOW_AMAZON_BUTTON admin/design c4f2f317954d6c90dfbc8db7a18decd3 No mostrar nombre y permanecer ‘Anónimo’ Do not show name and remain ‘Anonymous’ 1 TEXT_SHOW_ANONIMUS testimonials de593c03309006c3a6d112f31ecc875b Se muestra como Shown as 1 TEXT_SHOW_AS admin/design ce51138e89e7a547c4824796e05478b6 Mostrar ASIN Show ASIN 1 TEXT_SHOW_ASIN admin/design 5f3b9e6403567a39b63f20acdb9ef463 Mostrar puntos de bonificación Show Bonus Points 1 TEXT_SHOW_BONUS_POINTS admin/design f5691e79d007e7f9f93623e7294f7350 Mostrar botón Comprar Show Buy button 1 TEXT_SHOW_BUY_BUTTON admin/design 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TEXT_SHOW_ICONS admin/design cf7d21ce1aefa626f6dff9060dadb82b Mostrar imagen Show image 1 TEXT_SHOW_IMAGE admin/design 41ab46b7907d5d9e4afe3014d2731b35 Mostrar imágenes Show images 0 TEXT_SHOW_IMAGES admin/design 539b073d5cf3f168f79fef6af3c6a741 Mostrar inactivo Show inactive 0 TEXT_SHOW_INACTIVE_DEPARTMENTS admin/departments 2d5dc136300747469e5045ce795a7da7 Mostrar ISBN Show ISBN 1 TEXT_SHOW_ISBN admin/design 0ce774c6bb74341739ea232929b5586f Mostrar elementos Show items 1 TEXT_SHOW_ITEMS admin/design 455369d9bf6504730fffeedd2b925028 Mostrar etiqueta en frontend Show label on frontend 0 TEXT_SHOW_LABEL_ON_FRONTEND admin/promotions 7fbcf5cad89382b10c652affbec22e4b Mostrar menos Show less 0 TEXT_SHOW_LESS main 700653a0886e350bc5233c06607d3b7c Mostrar fabricante Show manufacturer 1 TEXT_SHOW_MANUFACTURER admin/design 846ab98a137cbe5c795a6760d9079c5c Mostrar modelo (SKU) Show Model (SKU) 1 TEXT_SHOW_MODEL admin/design 559c7d02d154565b2e13cab3eb189712 Mostrar más Show more 0 TEXT_SHOW_MORE main a6db72886e1a06434150555da38bd4af Mostrar más botón Show more button 0 TEXT_SHOW_MORE_BUTTON admin/design 5d6488da261c43d29aeba92a496d2180 Mostrar nombre Show name 1 TEXT_SHOW_NAME admin/design a5a674ccc9587f2abdb493a07a05bd17 Mostrar en la página principal Show on home page 1 TEXT_SHOW_ON_HOME_PAGE admin/design 24a40a40cf915995324cec63f78ee95f Mostrar en la página principal Show on home page 1 TEXT_SHOW_ON_HOME_PAGE admin/main 26214941a56bad705ef7cacd9ee5a1ed Mostrar en la página de índice de ubicación de entrega: Show on delivery location index page: 1 TEXT_SHOW_ON_INDEX admin/seo-delivery-location 43bb6eadf16683daa1e0e8a3d3291a0f Mostrar en el mapa Show on map 1 TEXT_SHOW_ON_MAP admin/sales_statistics 99af173491cb41e391f7507cdff44a72 Mostrar pedidos Show orders 1 TEXT_SHOW_ORDERS admin/main 4f9a6adab50193439f9ca573ff725778 Mostrar fuera de stock Show Out of Stock 1 TEXT_SHOW_OUT_OF_STOCK admin/pdf-catalogues cdc4405e549106dc154773faed6ee6dc Mostrar botón de Paypal Show Paypal button 0 TEXT_SHOW_PAYPAL_BUTTON admin/design d3a30598ce942f3d0fe7515130bd30d1 Volver a cargar la página después de agregar al carrito Reload page after adding to cart 0 TEXT_SHOW_POPUP_DEPENDED_PRODUCTS main 146fd7710c2c3de55ae0d932897ba090 Mostrar vista previa Show Preview 0 TEXT_SHOW_PREVIEW admin/design 79ae5220cef8927c00c7def68e36093d Mostrar precio Show price 1 TEXT_SHOW_PRICE admin/design 70ac9e87bb88cc04a7d1cbfa85e5bb12 Mostrar productos Show products 1 TEXT_SHOW_PRODUCTS admin/design 87396c399986e172ad9aeafde11fb4c5 Mostrar vínculo de producto Show Product Link 1 TEXT_SHOW_PRODUCT_LINK admin/pdf-catalogues 14b830da791630a2631975856461dbac Mostrar conjunto de productos: Show product set: 1 TEXT_SHOW_PRODUCT_SET admin/seo-delivery-location a72f4d7dee797ee2515f34d425308cad Mostrar propiedades Show properties 1 TEXT_SHOW_PROPERTIES admin/design 8fe53c112d943aa71337f0edbf858231 Mostrar entrada de cantidad Show Quantity input 1 TEXT_SHOW_QUANTITY_INPUT admin/design 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TEXT_SHOW_TRACKING_NUMBERS admin/orders f8772f10e46c415f154c219d3e12c042 Mostrar vídeo en el cuadro emergente Show video in popup box 1 TEXT_SHOW_VIDEO_IN_POPUP admin/main afc20b7ae9c4caf4bfd5f2c59aac3372 Mostrar botón Vista Show View button 1 TEXT_SHOW_VIEW_BUTTON admin/design c928ec036430b7c5b43fc5cca320975d Mostrar botón Añadir a la lista de deseos Show Add to Wishlist button 1 TEXT_SHOW_WISHLIST_BUTTON admin/design 9af0b7fcbf80b5ffb8f71ef41e0d8451 Mostrar con comentarios Show with comments 0 TEXT_SHOW_WITH_COMMENTS admin/main fb785ff40e192da0a1607a4da94b97f7 Firmado Signed 0 TEXT_SIGNED admin/customers e1a4b40befc0c32abf7ad69963474caf Iniciar sesión Sign In 1 TEXT_SIGN_IN admin/main fe6d60439539cade347c82f36d48de93 Iniciar sesión Login 1 TEXT_SIGN_IN main 017552c41b3e14e7a09e9b1d98b7a327 Iniciar sesión en su cuenta Sign In to your Account 1 TEXT_SIGN_IN_ACCOUNT admin/main bfab27480ec76a8226a0e1abe5163db1 Iniciar sesión en su cuenta Sign In to your Account 1 TEXT_SIGN_IN_ACCOUNT main 03a72ace855b25982e08804bd870489a sencillo simple 0 TEXT_SIMPLE admin/main 538e268039200b79ad05a7cdf46a05f1 Coeficiente de popularidad adicional Additional popularity coefficient 0 TEXT_SIMPLE_POPULARITY admin/categories fb0836e1060a7bc9255bfab08f6cb700 Opción única Single choice 1 TEXT_SINGLE admin/properties 9bd3342d459fc949a282bc26626c1afb <span class="smallText">Utilícelo para enviar correos electrónicos individuales; de lo contrario, utilice la lista desplegable encima de</span> <span class="smallText">Use this for sending single emails, otherwise use dropdown above</span> 1 TEXT_SINGLE_EMAIL admin/gv_mail 68db385991a0e8c36b39da6b33e2c68a Una sola línea Single line 1 TEXT_SINGLE_LINE admin/properties 5d79d62fdc68a5e5273b921b5c54d781 Mapa del sitio Site map 1 TEXT_SITE_MAP admin/main c63e015329336a3048ed04e42b082854 Mapa del sitio Site map 1 TEXT_SITE_MAP main 774187da946768d7bd6c3c4a19ebc064 Ubicaciones de entrega Delivery locations 1 TEXT_SITE_MAP_DELIVERY_LOCATION sitemap 0f0f971cefd60da471e2f76faaf6d257 Información del sitio web Website information 1 TEXT_SITE_MAP_PAGES_GROUP sitemap bbfe171945cd4d7998f5520d5e3a23e3 Mapa del sitio Site map 1 TEXT_SITE_MAP_TITLE sitemap d5cbeb621453e01ae73ee4a23e72fbf1 Procesamiento de Pedidos Orders Processing 1 TEXT_SITE_ORDER_EXPORT_IMPORT admin/easypopulate f1a868759bc5fa3ad9e90633ad93033b Estadística Statistic 1 TEXT_SITE_STATISTIC admin/easypopulate aec7782d08282f8410bf919c05cd3d7f Tamaño y embalaje Size and Packaging 1 TEXT_SIZE_PACKAGING admin/main 2e320cd20cbf29ebe614f4281e63b568 Omitir administración y configuración Skip admin and configuration 0 TEXT_SKIP_ADMIN admin/texts 3dd4118834cd8155ccee738f2edcbfd1 SKU SKU 1 TEXT_SKU admin/main 64a1834cb40d62460c296d572e0ed75f Pequeño Small 1 TEXT_SMALL admin/main 677aeb786f5a3935952faaf13ab7f7af Inteligente Smarty 1 TEXT_SMARTY admin/cache_control 0885e7617ef4a6d4c218b37f5e8e68e2 Caché inteligente vaciada. Smarty cache flushed. 1 TEXT_SMARTY_WARNING admin/cache_control 2e3e894febef7272de51d223ce05a396 Error no especificado An unspecified error has occurred 1 TEXT_SMS_CLASS_ERROR_GENERIC admin/sms 5057ca05a226f137620782a05d1c333b Error: Número no válido Error: Invalid number 1 TEXT_SMS_CLASS_ERROR_INVALID_NUMBER admin/sms 29ec8c32454a032070defc2ac3a8ce5a Error: Su cuenta de puerta de enlace está detenida Error: Your gateway account is currently on stop 1 TEXT_SMS_CLASS_GATEWAY_ACCOUNT_HOLD admin/sms a4b00abc1eca1b5cca649fa5b61ba6f4 Error: Error de autenticación de puerta de enlace. Compruebe su ID de cliente y contraseña Error: Gateway authentication failed. Check your Client Id and password 1 TEXT_SMS_CLASS_GATEWAY_AUTH_FAILED admin/sms 7f60507f47ca2646c47268ef2f4f08db Error: Error de envío genérico: no hay más explicaciones disponibles Error: Generic Send Failure - no further explanation available 1 TEXT_SMS_CLASS_GENERIC_SEND_FAILURE admin/sms 821cffc965b947333cb2353219e26f95 al número to number 1 TEXT_SMS_DESTINATION_NUMBER admin/sms 5e5eccca240d509bbe932379b447ba5a o elegir un mensaje predeterminado or choose a default message 1 TEXT_SMS_SELECT_DEFAULT_MSG admin/sms 2bd0dbce6e5703fa7255f7561347d287 No se ha podido enviar tu mensaje de texto SMS en este momento Your SMS text message could not be sent at this time 1 TEXT_SMS_SEND_FAILURE admin/sms ac4f8d978c733fcec0102d307b72b28d Se ha enviado tu mensaje de texto SMS Your SMS text message has been sent 1 TEXT_SMS_SEND_SUCCESS admin/sms 96ee5db7febe30206737522029dbf4d0 cuerpo de la plantilla SMS SMS template body 0 TEXT_SMS_TEMPLATE_BODY admin/email/sms-templates fdc80b7bf10f87fcbb9194579c613ce7 ¿Realmente desea eliminar esta plantilla? Do you really wish to delete this template? 0 TEXT_SMS_TEMPLATE_DELETE admin/email/sms-templates a2e326f16004e19e564f88f0fac096f8 Clave de plantilla SMS SMS template key 0 TEXT_SMS_TEMPLATE_KEY admin/email/sms-templates 66c9b8ca73b62276210273c1b22fbc4f Personalizar datos de actualización Customize update data 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_CUSTOMIZE_FLAGS admin/main bd5121038b35cd18b8542a08cc848208 Actualizar cliente Update Client 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_CUSTOM_HEAD_CLIENT admin/main 5644d394c1ec0e7ceeba5d0182f15890 Datos del producto Product data 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_CUSTOM_HEAD_KEY admin/main 083307e1ed1e4381925310eb6d4ce68f Servidor de actualización Update Server 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_CUSTOM_HEAD_SERVER admin/main a8c6a4edeb8cfafa3658a5e05856d560 Crear producto Create product 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_MAIN_CREATE admin/main 60ab9e02d4cf2150779950cb0cc86038 Crear esta tienda de productos en el servidor Create this store products on server 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_MAIN_CREATE_SERVER admin/main a5bf139f2d5222bd59dff652256ad2d7 Actualizar producto Update product 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_MAIN_UPDATE admin/main 35b62624c6e06c10d39df425caa77c0c Actualizar productos de cliente importados modificados en el servidor Update imported client products modified on the server 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_MAIN_UPDATE_CLIENT admin/main 24b3273a8022492983290e4081b4e002 Actualizar productos modificados locales en el servidor Update local modified products on the server 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_MAIN_UPDATE_SERVER admin/main 7e93e965ac27ca6c11cd083518317a72 ¿Usar configuración personalizada? Use custom config? 0 TEXT_SOAP_PRODUCT_USE_CUSTOM_MAIN admin/main 61db93b43b351be3e4800a57980455dd Permitir uso de API para IP Allow API usage for IP 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_ALLOWED_IP admin/soap_server a483e90076e009c1e988603a0773d886 Clave API API Key 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_API_KEY admin/soap_server 3ea96a30ecf9bacc44dac541b52ab59a Permitir crear categorías Allow create categories 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_CATEGORIES_CREATE admin/soap_server 5ec1e166d680a285ca10c3404ec8d1d0 Permitir categorías de actualización Allow update categories 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_CATEGORIES_UPDATE admin/soap_server a5a55561cecacdba7af076af75445caf (para .NET) (for .NET) 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_DOCUMENT_LITERAL admin/soap_server 5204ecf02e3a5f248d1f567c9af0ce2e Permitir crear productos Allow create products 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCTS_CREATE admin/soap_server 79507d347d7215c4b0e59e62aa5c64fa Permitir quitar productos propios Allow remove owned products 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCTS_REMOVE_OWNED admin/soap_server 787030e280ff6fb318b2d7a2f5040f26 Permitir actualizar productos Allow update products 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCTS_UPDATE admin/soap_server 494cacc7f5b7fe61d02f275146d2be14 Personalizar datos de actualización Customize update data 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCT_CUSTOMIZE_FLAGS admin/soap_server bf026c7b3609c33c57f7ee23e2308b97 Datos del producto Product data 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCT_CUSTOM_HEAD_KEY admin/soap_server e8e0ba8a4c3ebfd4f1b2c3c82120fa8f Permitir actualización Allow Update 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCT_CUSTOM_HEAD_SERVER admin/soap_server 1793839c7834423c7c5c033d1b643ef3 Actualización del producto propio Own product update 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_PRODUCT_CUSTOM_HEAD_SERVER_OWN admin/soap_server c8f6815c503389b20f34484fcadffab8 (para PHP) (for PHP) 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_RPC_ENCODED admin/soap_server ca9ad38b924c0b53d2ceea2443bc5619 Url del servicio Soap Soap Service Url 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_SERVICE_URL admin/soap_server 4b353baad003e40dc01e0f6c12f7d8d9 Permiso de acceso al sitio Site Access Permission 0 TEXT_SOAP_SERVER_SITE_ACCESS_PERMISSION admin/soap_server 28a6c93c2ad9e5ccbf74846c587ce25a Social Social 1 TEXT_SOCIAL main 40cbf1a2685169954ca4c507829fc5e5 Clase social css Social css class 0 TEXT_SOCIAL_CSS_CLASS admin/socials/edit 41ce71a8c2d3dfc458dd8fa280a62477 Enlace a página de inicio social Social homepage link 0 TEXT_SOCIAL_HOMEPAGE_LINK admin/socials/edit 815e5723d7470a2b88c9d8102a9095a0 Imagen social Social image 0 TEXT_SOCIAL_IMAGE admin/socials/edit b55dba7381e9a8b57e273d3d09f2914a Vínculos sociales Social Links 0 TEXT_SOCIAL_LINKS admin/design 7e609948249578fd5d0b87fba070724a Módulo social insertado correctamente Social Module inserted sucessfully 1 TEXT_SOCIAL_MODULE_INSERTED admin/socials eb6f64b26ac38484f4523df20544e57f ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este módulo social? Are you sure you want to delete this social module? 1 TEXT_SOCIAL_REMOVE_CONFIRM admin/socials 1cf7c8d08124cba950c023cc32c2a21d Eliminando módulo social Deleting social module 1 TEXT_SOCIAL_REMOVE_CONFIRM_HEAD admin/socials 7e9e7f6ee7701200c7e576f248369d61 Se vende en los siguientes períodos Sold in the following periods 1 TEXT_SOLD_IN_PERIOD admin/categories b8d11ecac3c101240971402864c65a96 Vendidos los últimos días NN Sold last NN days 0 TEXT_SOLD_LAST_DAYS admin/main 6b0c15fdddcfac1296e15f9b610555e7 Clasificación Sorting 1 TEXT_SORTING admin/design 277fb39caa45a22aa42324234738acc4 Ordenar por categorías Sort in categories 0 TEXT_SORT_IN_CATEGORIES admin/main b07ce572b419097ed02d842cf7431090 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 1 TEXT_SORT_ORDER admin/main c870a5b15a15074742bb4aab3e2adc13 Mostrar botón ir a Sow go to button 0 TEXT_SOW_GO_TO_BUTTON admin/design 819ba53d9cbe3cba7affce0b7bb2e669 Separador Spacer 1 TEXT_SPACER admin/main b995a464078333645926124df960f81d Especial Special 1 TEXT_SPECIAL main 4e4d37d717f3e5707245db1862d5dc68 Fecha de caducidad: Expiry Date: 1 TEXT_SPECIALS_EXPIRES_DATE admin/main 3c835dac0cc8ada5b73e9326c57976e1 Fechas incorrectas Incorrect dates 0 TEXT_SPECIALS_INTERSECT admin/main e5547d4dbd72df82d583175ab0e01b60 <b>Notas especiales:</b><ul><li>Puede introducir un porcentaje para deducir en el campo Precio especial, por ejemplo: <b>20%</b></li><li>Si introduce un nuevo precio, el separador decimal debe ser '.' (punto decimal), ejemplo: <b>49.99</b></li><li>Deje la fecha de caducidad vacía para que no haya caducidad</li></ul> <b>Specials Notes:</b><ul><li>You can enter a percentage to deduct in the Specials Price field, for example: <b>20%</b></li><li>If you enter a new price, the decimal separator must be a '.' (decimal-point), example: <b>49.99</b></li><li>Leave the expiry date empty for no expiration</li></ul> 1 TEXT_SPECIALS_PRICE_TIP admin/specials f9b30d87f7f261612ea6f539ffc4bc35 Producto: Product: 1 TEXT_SPECIALS_PRODUCT admin/main 4f937e1e0182cefce1ce46681cea4496 Función de ventas Sales feature 1 TEXT_SPECIALS_PRODUCTS admin/main 7c8abd0863ad52dcacc736c1a75e2720 Precio especial: Special Price: 1 TEXT_SPECIALS_SPECIAL_PRICE admin/specials cd3063e1381e0019917b2a911a113178 Etiquetas de ventas Sales tags 0 TEXT_SPECIALS_TAGS admin/main 8194e2572ecdbd719caea37b810ea34a Establecer días especiales para la entrega Set special days for delivery 0 TEXT_SPECIAL_DAY admin/special_day 5cc695a614bddaaf532d66345898c8b4 Ventas %s %s Sales %s %s 0 TEXT_SPECIAL_DESCRIPTION admin/main 5d6307a71517b53c5c9aaf2add5df8e1 Ventas %s %s Sales %s %s 0 TEXT_SPECIAL_DESCRIPTION main dc33e088f92a2420905ed6386df9606d Identificador de venta Sale ID 0 TEXT_SPECIAL_ID admin/main 6b7c36df808610b323194e3b087ea6ed Cantidad Amount 0 TEXT_SPEND_AMOUNT main 926570f7fc435c62aeab8809f198de15 Gastar otro <strong>%s</strong> para entrega gratuita Spend another <strong>%s</strong> for free delivery 0 TEXT_SPEND_ANOTHER_XX_FOR_FREE_DELIVERY main dd8e5d65e721f391831e209ba08b39b9 Saldo del cupón Balance on coupon 0 TEXT_SPEND_BALANCE admin/design a5cfa53b0226d02632b700baebae8735 Saldo del cupón Balance on coupon 0 TEXT_SPEND_BALANCE main be62ed3f1284c1efb4df13c6bb760c9b Gastar sólo <b>%s</b> más para obtenerlo Spend just <b>%s</b> more to get it 1 TEXT_SPEND_MORE admin/main 08db06572b41891f962c537edf6efda4 Gastar sólo <b>%s</b> más para obtenerlo Spend just <b>%s</b> more to get it 1 TEXT_SPEND_MORE main 95c4d72d4c3d7f012436e944f334f410 Comprar %s mismos artículos para obtenerlo Buy %s same items to get it 1 TEXT_SPEND_MORE_ITEMS admin/main f89ce313e0891689ee144488b84c57fa Comprar %s mismos artículos para obtenerlo Buy %s same items to get it 1 TEXT_SPEND_MORE_ITEMS main a9e50ee8e69480525459b45cb7398d22 Permitir el gasto en parte Allow spend partly 0 TEXT_SPEND_PARTLY admin/coupon_admin 1e6974cf95c397c04964afca99cb42a2 Este cupón se puede utilizar varias veces hasta que gaste toda la cantidad. Aplicable solo con importe fijo This coupon can be used several times until you spend the entire amount. Applicable only with fixed amount 0 TEXT_SPEND_PARTLY_INTRO admin/coupon_admin 144b7bfc56991d8e57813b87e97f2ed4 Dividir por página Split by page 1 TEXT_SPLIT_BY_PAGE admin/design e44aa7aa8f5e79537b5f47bf37c33c15 SSL SSL 1 TEXT_SSL admin/information_manager d8c37132fdafeda47697f9a16071cbe6 Estelarizado Starred 0 TEXT_STARRED extensions/messages 2f0687f8c12e7833ab73c73eb6ea9a93 Inicio Start 0 TEXT_START_BETWEEN admin/main cc706b980ddd1945b28bdce2cba0f432 Fecha de inicio Start date 1 TEXT_START_DATE admin/main fb6323ca176c20a9a439e7d3e873eccc Estático Static 0 TEXT_STATIC admin/design 74bcf7bfdd84684ee78215230ef7a1ef Estadística Statistic 1 TEXT_STATIC admin/main f3d83e86f44f1051519c63ed72a7499f Estado: Status: 1 TEXT_STATUS admin/main 5648c02b1309fc61672b9542546b9b70 Estado Status 0 TEXT_STATUS main 39fc336a8e7e14977b5e3b51c5ae4a8a Estado Status 1 TEXT_STATUS purchaseorders 89d4338fa7c2690f6b0989c9c2d104ba Estado de los paquetes Status in bundles 0 TEXT_STATUS_BUNDLE admin/main 46bca3de5737194d1e1a17900ecb5111 Exportar clientes: Export customers: 0 TEXT_STATUS_CUSTOMERS admin/newsletters b40407f592b285da8693a944b27c98bc Cancelado Cancelled 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_CANCELLED admin/main fceb404f160a7a80f6968e2025367917 Entregado Delivered 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_DELIVERED admin/main b683bb86d50fd8b95339bca50e98b534 Enviado Dispatched 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_DISPATCHED admin/main 356ea64fdc8db7402920d5a8443688bf Citado Quoted 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_QUOTED admin/main 3f1530ed52229ac2d59d064c245e4bcc Recibido Received 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_RECEIVED admin/main 8ed58b9bcb77003c39c72d901a4ba2f4 Déficit bursátil Stock deficit 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_STOCK_DEFICIT admin/main 97919fb028ccdfb9eda47c4f986086d6 Stock pedido Stock ordered 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_STOCK_ORDERED admin/main aae3fd3b9b08f3b39a0e74b2839ae72f Existencias pendientes Stock pending 0 TEXT_STATUS_LONG_OPS_STOCK_PENDING admin/main 235619d3fceb4271d7879305fdecffe4 Cnld Cnld 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_CANCELLED admin/main 8e4d1cd60f62385ac66b2b033c6e346e Dlvd Dlvd 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_DELIVERED admin/main c352c23dca9e2ee4fa0def8688561846 Dspd Dspd 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_DISPATCHED admin/main b40f60ec85b3a75fb85008588957fd13 Qted Qted 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_QUOTED admin/main 2b676ad8eae8c6ba67b6cb504ed5e874 Rcvd Rcvd 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_RECEIVED admin/main 2e745ca9aa75ee3af5bd4c3b23cad8a0 DfctStock StckDfct 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_STOCK_DEFICIT admin/main c3a6e82637ab571f507362b457926e1f PedidoDePila StckOrdr 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_STOCK_ORDERED admin/main cf22a249e5f778790f30ea1b235dc949 StackPndg StckPndg 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPS_STOCK_PENDING admin/main 165f6068c90475c74df8afccb09b5e4a Cancelado Cancelled 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_CANCELLED admin/main e0c302d08f03361daa1223f2691a483a Cancelado Cancelled 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_CANCELLED main db74bff436cf9be7896f30e70380c953 Descontado Discounted 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_DISCOUNTED admin/main 1e5c5c831d57dd5e086395b1e0113b79 Descontado Discounted 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_DISCOUNTED main 1cd67e7cade30fa3937de68a6aeb261e Pendiente Pending 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_PENDING admin/main 94f08d4b3af9509f43562c14604283f5 Pendiente Pending 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_PENDING main 63b7a4af1594e2f098081ca92494aa60 Procesamiento Processing 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_PROCESSING admin/main cc07b601c167b33a68cd691fa51315c5 Procesamiento Processing 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_PROCESSING main 4b26d5268e192184470b3f078073657f Reembolsado Refunded 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_REFUNDED admin/main 137cd3ff85c5aa9bd2225d87d810c269 Reembolsado Refunded 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_REFUNDED main dffd1646305cb39c3170c481d109608c Rechazado Refused 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_REFUSED admin/main 3d84b770307b85560a600e5cc8a5754d Rechazado Refused 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_REFUSED main 32e9c2b83f506162332c67f32e19b47f Exitoso Successful 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_SUCCESSFUL admin/main 1b8b5281c60228d8f8a717efe066b147 Exitoso Successful 0 TEXT_STATUS_OPYS_SUCCESSFUL main 0255b50b815804a043c663c922d5d592 Pedidos de exportación: Export orders: 0 TEXT_STATUS_ORDERS admin/newsletters fc5f64adf8509a18838364ea717d5ed3 Exportar productos: Export products: 0 TEXT_STATUS_PRODUCTS admin/newsletters 3d2ca5464145fa2cedeedc009000e829 Pasos Pago y envío Steps Checkout 0 TEXT_STEPS_CHECKOUT admin/design 156ef2869dc87347b81de8a7b4f938d2 Existencias Stock 1 TEXT_STOCK admin/main ae16885f9f4e42396e91d5b0deab6ed5 Existencias Stock 0 TEXT_STOCK main 77e46d36895daa3e52ee470beb5f7923 Asignado Allocated 1 TEXT_STOCK_ALLOCATED_QUANTITY admin/categories 65df22905318ba8d87422681980027c5 Comprobación de existencias Stock Check 0 TEXT_STOCK_CHECK admin/categories 6c08583a9f5f57b0ad3076123c393b45 Grupo de acciones Stock group 0 TEXT_STOCK_CODE_TYPE admin/main e05471220f7e77d090d7849af8a098a2 Condiciones de entrega de acciones Stock delivery terms 1 TEXT_STOCK_DELIVERY_TERMS admin/main 85db8c98afeee89df8f011f967610638 Historial de stock Stock History 1 TEXT_STOCK_HISTORY admin/categories 9a820ef5e89c25eb7047c63a0dbb7b25 Disponibilidad de existencias Stock availability 1 TEXT_STOCK_INDICATION admin/main 31074e944eefb5ea3f68a671d95bab1c Número de indicación del material textual Text stock indication number 1 TEXT_STOCK_INDICATION_NO admin/stock-indication bc2dd2be4019211467aea8c78bd3fb8f Sí Yes 1 TEXT_STOCK_INDICATION_YES admin/stock-indication fb3455716ae35225692a6d10360a06d5 Ocultar siempre el precio Always hide price 0 TEXT_STOCK_INTICATION_PRICE_OFF admin/stock-indication 9fef0a409dd9b682b1c404363d6484c7 Mostrar siempre el precio Always display price 0 TEXT_STOCK_INTICATION_PRICE_ON admin/stock-indication a87548aa39740c88b34f5fdc65a0acfe Ocultar precio cuando cero (solo) Hide price when zerro (only) 0 TEXT_STOCK_INTICATION_PRICE_ZERO admin/stock-indication 304639e43c61d600a12ae9bcf88af290 Aplicar tanto en productos físicos como virtuales Apply on Both physical and virtual products 0 TEXT_STOCK_INTICATION_VIRTUAL_INC admin/stock-indication 9d2817e00c6e904c047822fe53409642 Aplicar en productos físicos Apply on Physical products 0 TEXT_STOCK_INTICATION_VIRTUAL_OFF admin/stock-indication f098e05923aed4f0003a01f19f86fdef Aplicar en productos virtuales Apply on Virtual products 0 TEXT_STOCK_INTICATION_VIRTUAL_ON admin/stock-indication 403eab544ab4897da1c6ecf4b1011673 Límite de nivel de agotamiento Out of stock level limit 0 TEXT_STOCK_LIMIT admin/main c5ad0d409b64a924eb6ab2e1476da632 Stock pedido Ordered stock 1 TEXT_STOCK_ORDERED_QUANTITY admin/main da26527b602aa462a4a910eabfdcd6c1 Cantidad de stock: Stock Qty: 1 TEXT_STOCK_QTY admin/main f9eb075fc4ee30c003500c9685cb217a Existencias disponibles Available stock 1 TEXT_STOCK_QUANTITY_INFO admin/categories a211fc15fa9264539220aba0f8462740 Actualizar stock disponible Update Available Stock 1 TEXT_STOCK_QUANTITY_UPDATE admin/main 789fa45a5b55a5c0ba1a509cb045569e Reubicación automática de material faltante de Auto-Relocate missing stock from 0 TEXT_STOCK_RELOCATE_FROM admin/collection-points ad63f24f41cc22445916d23958c4525f Nivel de pedido de stock Stock re-order level 0 TEXT_STOCK_REORDER_LEVEL admin/main 1e8e85122140071372e906e51ae33ac5 Cantidad de pedido de stock Stock re-order quantity 0 TEXT_STOCK_REORDER_QUANTITY admin/main d0a1a512790dad365a8311142effecfe Disponible de proveedor(es) Available from Supplier(s) 1 TEXT_STOCK_SUPPLIERS_QUANTITY admin/main c08e5d13eb1d77ce82280190cb01d318 Liberar todas las existencias temporales Release All Temporary Stock 0 TEXT_STOCK_TEMPORARY_DELETE_ALL admin/main be062c7fb6571c45d94f1bc226bc5a4e Existencias temporales Temporary Stock 1 TEXT_STOCK_TEMPORARY_QUANTITY admin/main c2f223c25a36f6e589f30a91852f50ea Enviar notificación al almacén Send notification to warehouse 0 TEXT_STOCK_WAREHOUSE_NOTIFY admin/collection-points 33076184b8adcacc590ca920862ab289 Almacén Warehouse 1 TEXT_STOCK_WAREHOUSE_QUANTITY admin/categories 35e899b2bef380764f1051b1529396e9 Dirección de tienda Store Address 1 TEXT_STORE_ADDRESS admin/design 6d7db69a215b1dc643183305b9cdb8d6 Correo electrónico de tienda Store Email 1 TEXT_STORE_EMAIL admin/design 7c8dd61f7f5fe78170a095bba49fa26b Nombre de tienda Store Name 0 TEXT_STORE_NAME admin/design 3e8ede011b7eab955c24396a46eae6b2 Teléfono de tienda Store Phone 1 TEXT_STORE_PHONE admin/design 15f1561fa91016eacadc60b7629d681e Sitio de tienda Store Site 1 TEXT_STORE_SITE admin/design e76edbcf3600087ec2ec973d3b05091e Fuerte Strong 1 TEXT_STRONG main 577309dcb205dd025c56e9a10c2ed98e Estilo Style 0 TEXT_STYLE admin/design 7227bf58460ff868f4fca3319d798296 Subcategorías: Subcategories: 1 TEXT_SUBCATEGORIES admin/main ad12954475daa57dfcdc15127bb700c4 Asunto: Subject: 1 TEXT_SUBJECT admin/main aeff39347c0f5c8d3999e4a177753d47 Asunto Subject 0 TEXT_SUBJECT extensions/messages f41be470936ceaaf19041e5f29af0463 Suscrito Subscribed 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIBED admin/main d7dffac5cca4c26861d02210266c009d fechahora datetime 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIBERS_DATETIME admin/subscribers 8dab88150eccddf5b6dc19ce1287d41e dirección de correo electrónico email address 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIBERS_EMAIL_ADDRESS admin/subscribers 042a8a832ecd4693a28dc47a98cfc44c primer nombre first name 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIBERS_FIRSTNAME admin/subscribers 0cbd2b67e152d21a0a5519d2168e693a Id. de suscriptor Subscribers ID 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIBERS_ID admin/subscribers b5df5489d82a0fb59b59eb0ab04e2a6b apellido last name 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIBERS_LASTNAME admin/subscribers 7b1228d56dd3544335a564991792c33f Formulario de suscripción Subscribe Form 0 TEXT_SUBSCRIBE_FORM admin/design da136d771c1b676277db5a58dbce9503 Suscripción Subscription 0 TEXT_SUBSCRIPTION account da721fe9cd9458c393a48e60429aa53b Suscripción Subscription 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIPTION admin/categories 707ad00c7e8790096ebb30c8a36ea787 Código del plan Plan code 1 TEXT_SUBSCRIPTION_CODE admin/categories a76bb28bc8225a63cb22cb3706257768 Subcategoría Sub Category 0 TEXT_SUB_CATEGORY main 10311bc3ab1661af86515fbcd6944c2f Nombre del cliente Customer name 0 TEXT_SUB_CUSTOMER_NAME admin/orders-comment-template 694b1d1711d3def7c487022f2c778724 Productos secundarios conectados Connected child products 0 TEXT_SUB_PRODUCT_CONNECTED_CHILDREN admin/categories a984ef9a4ab0cad1615ff0ecdf2ba99a Principal conectado Connected parent 0 TEXT_SUB_PRODUCT_CONNECTED_TO_PARENT admin/categories 13f12dad555ad3a3f6263c0cd7f7b8d1 ¿Desea que el producto principal no se muestre en el frontend (marcado como master)? Do you want the parent product not to show on the frontend (marked as master)? 0 TEXT_SUB_PRODUCT_PARENT_MARK_AS_MASTER admin/categories c7e44d6a7f4d0ecdda4b4440ab2fd952 Ver todos los productos secundarios See all child products 0 TEXT_SUB_PRODUCT_SEE_ALL_CHILDREN admin/categories 58493db20f328d5233c1bea0150a832a Producto infantil con precio propio Child product with own price 0 TEXT_SUB_PRODUCT_WITH_PRICE admin/categories 5743fb30398e8bfb3d2bb18327b8df63 Nombre de tienda Store name 0 TEXT_SUB_STORE_NAME admin/orders-comment-template cabcb78a02f57a8ad7ec429e785bd611 Se ha suscrito correctamente You was successfully subscribed 0 TEXT_SUCCESSFULLY_SUBSCRIBED main 82a3f8c28fbb15033db754160d9f7982 Se canceló la suscripción correctamente You was successfully unsubscribed 0 TEXT_SUCCESSFULLY_UNSUBSCRIBED main 08c362ccdd8eca02bc9ea9a1a7fec8a9 Éxito: Los tokens de autorización se han almacenado correctamente Success: Authorization Tokens have been successfully stored 1 TEXT_SUCCESS_AUTHORIZATION_TOKENS admin/exact_online de40312115d934a7bb09db767066a364 Éxito: La división actual se ha almacenado correctamente Success: Current Division has been successfully stored 1 TEXT_SUCCESS_CURRENT_DIVISION admin/exact_online 42340626ea9e2aa62d511fa15dd2dfc9 Éxito: Los datos de Exact Online se han actualizado correctamente Success: Exact Online data has been successfully updated 1 TEXT_SUCCESS_EXACT_DATA_UPDATED admin/exact_online 02262381cae295cce42b4eedd8761950 Éxito: Total de %s pedidos sincronizados Success: Total of %s orders synced 1 TEXT_SUCCESS_ORDERS_SYNCED admin/exact_online 799a073b9d5c13c334b6b56d3a8ed9d9 Éxito: Total de %s productos con stock sincronizado Success: Total of %s products stock synced 1 TEXT_SUCCESS_PRODUCTS_STOCK_SYNCED admin/exact_online 14569f19367cbdc36fc4ba43b9299702 Éxito: Total de %s productos sincronizados (%s productos nuevos) Success: Total of %s products synced (%s new products) 1 TEXT_SUCCESS_PRODUCTS_SYNCED admin/exact_online ce0f36ee794f3fae764faaab4b76b172 Resumen Summary 0 TEXT_SUMMARY admin/main 3a124173d5fc78f09d0fe749b333d993 Lista de productos resumen Summary products listing 0 TEXT_SUMMARY_PRODUCTS_LISTING admin/main 6cb024633bc33e44da603b834983e0ad Lista de productos resumen Summary products listing 0 TEXT_SUMMARY_PRODUCTS_LISTING main 3e9694fa0e501c6f1e772ff4cabc666c Resumen de afiliados Affiliate Summary 0 TEXT_SUMMARY_TITLE affiliate 275923c089cb37ead3207bfd288b66b5 Pendiente Pending 0 TEXT_SUMMARY_TITLE_PENDING affiliate 5d5aa448aa9e939192f9e4494ddd6063 Hoy Today 0 TEXT_SUMMARY_TITLE_TODATE affiliate 5a6b65419a3dd66ba9a5629a1161ee94 Domingo Sunday 1 TEXT_SUNDAY admin/main 31c3e347d877591c04028ac273636cb6 Domingo Sunday 1 TEXT_SUNDAY main 6fcd3fec5fe29081237d0495177b6154 Super Descuento Super Discount 1 TEXT_SUPERDISCOUNT main 8cf5038b329e88d63b7c7c9897a20274 El cliente habitual puede recibir un descuento superior comprando más de Regular Customer can receive a Super Discount bying over 1 TEXT_SUPERDISCOUNT_INTRO main f2e689f571b18083ab777d5babcc383b Atención: para obtener un descuento adicional tienes que ser cliente registrado Attention: to get additional discount you have to be registered customer 1 TEXT_SUPERDISCOUNT_NOTE main b1a6c3dfc63c36e86a5b86142fd2dba6 Importe mínimo único para superdescuento Minimum one-off amount for superdiscount 1 TEXT_SUPERSUM admin/groups 23bd5495b9a3b6fadbe2554b0471ee7b Proveedor Supplier 1 TEXT_SUPPLIER admin/main 4b05e46659e322ecf154104e75bdee84 Proveedores: Suppliers: 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS admin/suppliers 5eef95c3edace720140d93114b4e55a5 ASIN del proveedor Supplier's ASIN 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_ASIN admin/categories fd9e2f4f093b46fe3f8fbf72631cf75e Clase de impuestos predeterminada Default tax class 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_DEFAULT_TAX_CLASS admin/suppliers 923ae24586c9323b4d9453a271696029 Tipo impositivo predeterminado Default tax rate 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_DEFAULT_TAX_RATE admin/suppliers 5400dac5c922d9cfb10bd9cbbcf71d45 EAN del proveedor Supplier's EAN 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_EAN admin/categories 93c345285adf7679decaea2b809f77a1 ISBN del proveedor Supplier's ISBN 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_ISBN admin/categories f4d5cf3098418bc9728f5f84e4964085 Precio aterrizado Landed price 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_LANDED_PRICE admin/categories 65780b40487c52be6c811995abba0cbb Margen de proveedores (%): Suppliers Margin (%): 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_MARGIN_PERCENTAGE admin/suppliers 4102bc7d8631cc1f159747d181c74a6a Modelo del proveedor Supplier's model 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_MODEL admin/categories eeddef5db29c08e12df93334db068f18 Nombre del proveedor: Suppliers Name: 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_NAME admin/main aeac52582bcab280240d6965e1f3970b Notas del proveedor Supplier notes 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_NOTES admin/categories fb4a73760b9bc32718f1d7314e69c8e8 Nuestro precio Our price 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_OUR_PRICE admin/categories 5feb90ab4d9be85e8927e814f20f84a3 Precio del proveedor Supplier's price 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_PRICE admin/categories ee90ffefbc3f2ac2ce76cc217a1d6146 Detalles del proveedor Details of supplier 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_PRODUCT_DETAILS admin/categories 0a2c47f30281944fbfbaf426a1d7f7fd Nombre del producto Product name 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_PRODUCT_NAME admin/categories b6717647a8e0769f794a6229770d4ec9 Cantidad del proveedor Supplier's quantity 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_QUANTITY admin/categories 5e8ecf5666cde4347f5603e504a12345 Script cron: Cron Script: 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_SCRIPT admin/suppliers 9347cd2b3e5ef9e8907809aa87aec115 Stock de proveedores Suppliers Stock 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_STOCK admin/main 887060c63b2da21dfb661fd8b07984a2 Recargo de proveedores: Suppliers Surcharge: 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_SURCHARGE_AMOUNT admin/suppliers 608d7c1f37cac3499f37b84bc7ca1c0b Tipo impositivo Tax Rate 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_TAX_RATE admin/categories 85927cc78fe48700ae976638b12fd95e UPC del proveedor Supplier's UPC 1 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_UPC admin/categories 95eef808a16389f6233e3865b9a8fcf2 Proveedores / Almacenes Suppliers / Warehouses Stock 0 TEXT_SUPPLIERS_WAREHOUSES_STOCK admin/categories cf3c5708b79dcc7be4fcdb36e970cdfd Proveedores (coste) Suppliers (cost) 1 TEXT_SUPPLIER_COST admin/categories c86e654a96d95488405888c9538bcc59 Descuento del proveedor (%) Discount from supplier (%) 1 TEXT_SUPPLIER_DISCOUNT admin/categories f778ee068e3da43a8dffd4b33b47126c Descuento (%) Discount (%) 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_DISCOUNT_PERCENT admin/categories fb8a66116cfeb60d74b7e9cc8a1abd94 Extra Extra 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_EXTRA_DETAILS admin/categories bf1013cc4b0fff204efab4ac0be3de04 Detalles adicionales Extra details 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_EXTRA_POPUP_TITLE admin/categories a33d7d0e9a220da4feb4a63dde8264b0 Sin descuento por cantidad No quantity discount 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_NO_QUANTITY_DISCOUNT admin/categories 8b24d3a31c71f2601e83ce8d3d6c553c Proveedor Supplier 1 TEXT_SUPPLIER_PREFIX admin/main 5b90886c14ca59f5a9f6a97725c5d7a8 Precio del proveedor Supplier price 1 TEXT_SUPPLIER_PRICE admin/categories 24c294c021a57fb9c9198b51a0c20f9c ¿Precios de proveedores con impuestos? Supplier prices with tax? 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_PRICES_WITH_TAX admin/suppliers 6f0d7f3195fe82897527eb9c812b1a5e ¿Precio del proveedor con impuestos? Supplier price with tax? 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_PRICE_WITH_TAX admin/categories 50cfccf3e72b05741e6dbbd76592b90f Coste de a Cost from to 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_RULE_CONDITION_FROM_TO admin/categories 99addfbe438282c465b3714d9166eabd Coste no inferior a Cost not below then 0 TEXT_SUPPLIER_RULE_CONDITION_NOT_BELOW admin/categories 7ed037d20b7d3441aeb1d1ec03d43cdf Soporte Support 1 TEXT_SUPPORT admin/main 5742fab66a2376750f585892f27207d7 SKU del proveedor Supplier's SKU 1 TEXT_SUPP_MODEL purchaseorders 1d8d8d59171d4b1ddc58439bf9a0af32 Sobrecarga Surcharge 1 TEXT_SURCHARGE admin/categories de1fdaf191613acc08d481d2e8af1978 Icono/muestra Icon/swatch 0 TEXT_SWATCHES admin/main 4c71a5eb52e358fed133664384006f3d Mezclador Switcher 0 TEXT_SWITCHER admin/main e52f7f47f54306755249192aaaf1f0c4 Boletín de Switch Switch Newsletter 0 TEXT_SWITCH_NEWSLETTER admin/design 1479fac9376883892ebb961d42831f44 Actualizar precios de grupo para desactivar el módulo de precios de marketing Update group prices to switch off Marketing prices module 1 TEXT_SWITCH_OFF_MARKETING admin/currencies 9832d549ee7f5b5cdd485f59a3de7c7f Rellene los precios después de cambiar el módulo de precios de marketing Fill in prices after switching on Marketing prices module 1 TEXT_SWITCH_ON_MARKETING admin/currencies 9e72fdb33259ed83814ee784de1c3c07 Actualizar NS => sitio Update NS => site 0 TEXT_SYNC_NOW admin/main 52f9f03c7c7dacd5ef319c60db029bb6 Estado de pedidos para exportar: Orders status to export: 0 TEXT_SYNC_ORDER_STATUSES admin/newsletters 737513ca1ec60056fe0af29d1277edf1 Caché del sistema System cache 0 TEXT_SYSTEM admin/cache_control d8a1ccd8881b2c1e59757a68a87aabe5 La caché del sistema se ha vaciado System cache has been flushed 0 TEXT_SYSTEM_WARNING admin/cache_control d9bcfe6eca58b8dc2d25c8800e704fa0 Título Title 1 TEXT_TABLE_TITLE configuration 129c7d9acad03c48bde629fd59887352 Valor Value 1 TEXT_TABLE_VALUE configuration 918c3b976c42d99be05cb5b02bd61680 Fichas Tabs 1 TEXT_TABS admin/design 4900b1d8874c98b5bcbe76ab52fbb6c0 Fichas (Iniciar sesión, Crear cuenta) Tabs (Login, Create Account) 1 TEXT_TABS_LOGIN_CREATE_ACCOUNT admin/main 79e1c49d380877545a93384690b27e42 Nombre de ficha Tab name 1 TEXT_TAB_NAME admin/design d2c1a45c41c9d76e1eae087a4cc55a57 Datos de contacto/entrega/pago Contact/Delivery/Payment details 0 TEXT_TAB_ORDER_DETAILS admin/orders a5b815b09069f868e88ab2cfb5380c05 Proveedores Suppliers 0 TEXT_TAB_SUPPLIERS admin/categories 4d11490249acb07a6c87fa957671f1fe Etiquetado como Tagged as 0 TEXT_TAGGED_AS main 1262404a262186523866123a63aa54c4 Objetivo Target 1 TEXT_TARGET admin/banner_manager 21524f54822f1f0e44c7790cb8360d7e Impuesto Tax 1 TEXT_TAX main 236748ac31cad3a5a60d30a2c00cfa81 Imponible Taxable 0 TEXT_TAXABLE admin/main 25005e3e96b04c992a0ed1278cc9c87f Tel Tel 0 TEXT_TEL admin/customers 727b63c509749a920dfe86f97401b13e Nombre Name 0 TEXT_TELEPHONE admin/design 4800e8d8d6deed62ef0b3c7da8f3f7e1 Nº de teléfono Telephone No. 0 TEXT_TELEPHONE_NO admin/customers ae35e1c9f6d998113fe7f5d016fa4ebb Plantilla Template 1 TEXT_TEMPLATE admin/design 71a72e5108ffc4cc9dd3cdd7776d7595 Plantilla Template 0 TEXT_TEMPLATE admin/information_manager 9a912c3507322b57416f365be1c255d5 Claves de plantilla Template Keys 1 TEXT_TEMPLATES_KEYS admin/email/templates b9a41e662acd5cea843fddf01da9ddad Agregar clave Add key 1 TEXT_TEMPLATES_KEYS_BUTTON admin/main 1bb424f8b31c6b0e89003c0416f91c1c Texto de comentario Comment text 0 TEXT_TEMPLATE_COMMENT_TEXT admin/orders-comment-template 85e35bb2231ea3001e66a3347e86f71e Nombre Name 0 TEXT_TEMPLATE_NAME admin/orders-comment-template daeeae4c0e9057d68adc82f58aeeca3b Existencias temporales de la parte delantera Front-end temporary stock 0 TEXT_TEMPORARY_STOCK admin/main 9b0b8847a7988ff692927fa282e7187a Actualización temporal de existencias Temporary Stock Update 1 TEXT_TEMPORARY_STOCK_UPDATE main f202d5e057cb5ca88781a61c0d5655e0 Términos y condiciones Terms and Conditions 1 TEXT_TERMS_CONDITIONS admin/main 2412a6630dd0f8fd619e8b3635df0cd4 Consiento que el sitio mantenga y administre mis <a target="_blank" href="##URL##personal-data-and-its-handling" class="terms-popup">Datos personales</a>. Estoy de acuerdo con los <a target="_blank" href="##URL##terms-conditions" class="terms-popup">Términos y condiciones</a> y <a target="_blank" href="##URL##privacy-policy" class="terms-popup">Política de privacidad</a>. I consent site to hold and handle my <a target="_blank" href="##URL##personal-data-and-its-handling" class="terms-popup">Personal data</a>. I agree with the <a target="_blank" href="##URL##terms-conditions" class="terms-popup">Terms & Conditions</a> and <a target="_blank" href="##URL##privacy-policy" class="terms-popup">Privacy Policy</a>. 1 TEXT_TERMS_CONDITIONS main 500f6a727da62fa6cb6550345ee575dd Título Title 1 TEXT_TESTIMONIALS_TITLE testimonials 4f1573aea14ae4db8ad6d7f6f9418151 Testimonio de Testimonial by 1 TEXT_TESTIMONIAL_BY testimonials 6b690a343b7130f947fb51eb064ed0d8 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este testimonio? Are you sure you want to delete this Testimonial? 1 TEXT_TESTIMONIAL_REMOVE_CONFIRM testimonials fe7fd21a54a241ae7334fa16e3d8d234 Eliminando testimonio Deleting testimonial 1 TEXT_TESTIMONIAL_REMOVE_CONFIRM_HEAD testimonials ffc9c11c68b559315b2553f1014f2e08 Compruebe el módulo antes de la activación<br/> Please test module before activation<br/> 1 TEXT_TEST_MODULE admin/socials 1217fc14602b7fe147b91d453a5ad2e7 Probar impresora Test Printer 0 TEXT_TEST_PRINTER admin/printers 16c78912e3d9ca3871447c234cea4460 Texto Text 1 TEXT_TEXT admin/main 6a4b1867e48cdc8140f25fb89ff6610b Alineación del texto Text align 1 TEXT_TEXT_ALIGN admin/main 443d4248623f586f5f13a226fe3ff9e7 Sombra de texto Text shadow 1 TEXT_TEXT_SHADOW admin/main 8e641b15e3dd2bd61fbaa28e85ca8946 th th 0 TEXT_TH admin/design e8ef7aaa9722517fc4ab156667b7fa40 Archivos de la carpeta de temas Files from themes folder 1 TEXT_THEMES_FOLDER admin/js cc9f172e53a0a9488ef47362bde6bd3d Color para navegador móvil Color for mobile browser 0 TEXT_THEME_COLOR admin/design 56d7db2eed00cca2bc7543d7faf6e485 Color para navegador móvil Color for mobile browser 0 TEXT_THEME_COLOR admin/main 2341db19c9de83a24fdafb02dc1849a6 Nombre del tema Theme name 1 TEXT_THEME_NAME admin/main 9cfbfa45023083397a1883ce3c7b2827 Tema predeterminado restaurado Default theme restored 1 TEXT_THEME_RESTORED admin/main 006eec15e22468426aacf816e8ef2c35 Título del tema Theme title 1 TEXT_THEME_TITLE admin/design 9ae2ac8d4fe193fcd042fdc94acdc17c El número de teléfono The phone number 1 TEXT_THE_PHONE admin/customers 284a348033ef4cdcb432aa5f24ade0ff Este mes This month 1 TEXT_THIS_MONTH admin/main 3158ba595e6768b4ae276afcb0f43734 Este año This year 1 TEXT_THIS_YEAR admin/main 793d7f379464b3131c00de102ae4d358 Jueves Thursday 1 TEXT_THURSDAY admin/main f34e2d57b1cca95d2ab91738bcb796bb Jueves Thursday 1 TEXT_THURSDAY main 7a1c9934f7a845ba1dd7d616d4a64123 Ticker Ticker 0 TEXT_TICKER admin/main 6a82fb581a52e9390bedcd7f39d40085 Tiempo Time 1 TEXT_TIME admin/main 62e2a99efe034a8fbaa8449b326e532a Hora / fecha Time / date 1 TEXT_TIME_DATE admin/sales_statistics ac5e906fd888183cbb2556edaf31b3ba Formato de hora Time format 1 TEXT_TIME_FORMAT admin/main 95536d47e47066e5370230ef5ed255c1 Formato de hora Time format 1 TEXT_TIME_FORMAT main 09468e235a5a2e17f0a97f13b9f130d0 Nunca Never 1 TEXT_TIME_NEVER admin/exact_online 74643a3623eed62f68c7b0e7876d0cc7 Título: Title: 1 TEXT_TITLE admin/main 62b433b532a4dac3126da5ae6b78eff0 Título Title 1 TEXT_TITLE admin/virtual-gift-card cfa67d8538017e705f8530a23d6be5b8 Título Title 1 TEXT_TITLE_ admin/main 3981732457be676ad1681bc864bf884a Título de configuración Configuration Title 1 TEXT_TITLE_LABEL configuration d8728f34227ea6b1a0092d55b8c585a3 Enviar correo electrónico a: Email To: 1 TEXT_TO admin/gv_mail ce41f8011ae41681693dee13ca7ba701 Hasta To 1 TEXT_TO admin/main 5be5cbc9999f636e71206aa7a0b2e0e6 Hasta To 0 TEXT_TO extensions/messages a14894aac3a9e5c2c89f0420287e1369 Hasta To 1 TEXT_TO main 021c38e0869c32940ed86862f8200937 Hoy Today 1 TEXT_TODAY admin/main db6253733cb23a813a9f3b02c09839f5 Entrega hoy y al día siguiente Today and next day delivery 0 TEXT_TODAY_AND_NEXT_DAY_DELIVERY admin/design 5c59ea1b8d775a6893fc3ff8ea2981e7 Hoy Today 1 TEXT_TODAY_COMMON admin/main dd942ba9839fa429b6e37adebcd3d6cf Hoy Today 1 TEXT_TODAY_COMMON main 96a260b92e4ab2a979223e09d13df822 Entrega hoy Today delivery 0 TEXT_TODAY_DELIVERY admin/design ecd17b98249ebb5a2fd0a136c6337e3e Entrega hoy Today delivery 1 TEXT_TODAY_DELIVERY admin/main 5881253cd716cd41c36e1baf699d366c Entrega hoy Today delivery 0 TEXT_TODAY_DELIVERY main ab62e5824dadb174d1baa24c47944131 Hoy, entrega al día siguiente Today, next day delivery 0 TEXT_TODAY_NEXT_DAY_DELIVERY admin/design c379d2bf2010207b1debee59ec055b5d Juntos Together 1 TEXT_TOGETHER main 02def49c4632768524d4e881a028d153 Fichas de tarjeta de crédito Credit Card tokens 0 TEXT_TOKENS admin/main 263170672871a676d8b55a1bb5c75bd2 Token Token 0 TEXT_TOKEN_KEY admin/main 0fe24239758396749d95d9dc8404e64d Secreto de token Token secret 0 TEXT_TOKEN_SECRET admin/main 8e5f8d8d6ae8a03bb15099be97895fc7 Demasiados grupos: especifique regalías en %spage%s independiente Too many groups - specify give-aways on separate %spage%s 0 TEXT_TOO_MANY_GROUPS_PAGE_GWA admin/categories 4072b39ba139b62ca381b19f93f6ef76 Solicitud de GA anterior no confirmada todavía. Prev GA request not confirmed yet. 0 TEXT_TOO_OFTEN admin/orders-ga ec110b06b0572a31fa87c89f810fe92f Demasiado corto Too short 1 TEXT_TOO_SHORT main 8c4feb5673cd605ac9a386822aa58596 Superior Top 1 TEXT_TOP admin/main ec23b1ca4f20aa2ba20975e0532b5754 Barra superior Top bar 0 TEXT_TOP_BAR admin/design 248488a6aadbbcc438743f74912643d1 centro superior top center 1 TEXT_TOP_CENTER admin/main 088d2f4dee2abc2d5f278e02f4626724 superior izquierda top left 1 TEXT_TOP_LEFT admin/main 85781cf017acaad71ab85cb8352d6571 Parte superior de dropbox Top of dropbox 0 TEXT_TOP_OF_DROPBOX admin/design 9a483ad869757dfc8ceaeca0dcb15fb6 superior derecha top right 1 TEXT_TOP_RIGHT admin/main 9e6be7bef21be3c7dbb77da879b54ba8 Texto superior Top Text 0 TEXT_TOP_TEXT admin/design b67611cff6360f9577bfacc226c96979 Total: Total: 1 TEXT_TOTAL admin/sales_statistics 84c09a635e2a5a45a09d8af350e0f5f4 Total Total 1 TEXT_TOTAL main d6e45cc2aae19a120976b8fe5bb37ee5 Totales Totals 0 TEXT_TOTALS admin/main f95fb030305ddc5c0a326480b91d47b6 Importe total Total amount 1 TEXT_TOTAL_AMOUNT admin/main 2e51235e5fe9888c50bb1c4ef8f3220d Promedio del total AVG of total 1 TEXT_TOTAL_AVG admin/sales_statistics 15cd6548ba4cfb6085579c9550a5b4d8 Total de elementos Total items 1 TEXT_TOTAL_ITEMS admin/orders 6034ed9e7cad16e0e9af64bdf6efb2e7 Por By 0 TEXT_TOTAL_LINE admin/main 66afbf8fc3fbabfd1c864005a0ae1cb6 Total pedido: Total ordered: 1 TEXT_TOTAL_ORDERED admin/customers 55b64e93514aa27458f5e51ea02586a3 Total de pedidos Total orders 1 TEXT_TOTAL_ORDERS admin/main 41230293809a2ab29c39c21bb4e9ecd7 Precio total: Total Price: 0 TEXT_TOTAL_PRICE main f3e189ccaba55b9aed96644f111fb378 Cantidad total de productos Total products qty 0 TEXT_TOTAL_PRODUCTS_QTY admin/design a7f833bfc2ca6e9ec81e5ae193a69cf7 Vista total: Total view: 1 TEXT_TOTAL_VIEW admin/categories 9a86d52cdcd3d74e4a14033a18291903 Primero First 0 TEXT_TO_FIRST admin/main 4fbf5b06b237b333bd6f0267de801b51 Último Last 0 TEXT_TO_LAST admin/main 536fae9dc9c5a981024f40ea593eb373 al producto to product 0 TEXT_TO_PRODUCT admin/main 02f8f3bf267fdb196dbea767b8d491d4 Puede canjear este cupón durante el pago y envío. Simplemente ingrese el código en el cuadro proporcionado, y haga clic en el botón canjear. You can redeem this coupon during checkout. Just enter the code in the box provided, and click on the redeem button. 1 TEXT_TO_REDEEM admin/coupon_admin 877bb834342ff277cce2e113bdd518ce Para canjear este cupón regalo, por favor haga clic en el siguiente enlace. Por favor, anote también el código de canje To redeem this Gift Voucher, please click on the link below. Please also write down the redemption code 1 TEXT_TO_REDEEM admin/gv_mail 9998d7a104472513809343441b735fd3 Éxito: El número de seguimiento se ha actualizado correctamente. Success: Tracking number has been successfully updated. 1 TEXT_TRACKING_MESSAGE_SUCCESS admin/orders caf1e82ac687e183cdd460346689f6d7 Advertencia: Por favor, rellene el campo. Warning: Please fill the field. 1 TEXT_TRACKING_MESSAGE_WARNING admin/orders 530d67fde14661afac34fdfdd906db0d Número de seguimiento Tracking number 1 TEXT_TRACKING_NUMBER admin/orders 7e99d22e9bd8d6d8a96d169ca668529e Transacciones Transactions 0 TEXT_TRANSACTIONS admin/design 599e36f191ab984e19c08df3c85a64d4 Transacciones Transactions 0 TEXT_TRANSACTIONS admin/orders 159892d9da0bb16b64fd165bf5c3038b Transacciones Transactions 0 TEXT_TRANSACTIONS affiliate 394bce443879306213731a9edb3e6c63 Importe de transacción Transaction Amount 0 TEXT_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT admin/orders 569be8f3548b25f2e24cd0931d2816c7 Identificador de transacción Transaction id 0 TEXT_TRANSACTION_ID admin/orders fc95d3e10970960bee761e0ed8c88a35 Transferir Todos Los Puntos De Bonificación Al Importe Del Crédito Transfer All Bonus Points To Credit Amount 0 TEXT_TRANSFER_BONUS_POINTS_TO_CREDIT_AMOUNT admin/main 55a8f6da9bcb59c5ecfbdb5633f344d3 Transferir Todos Los Puntos De Bonificación Al Importe De Crédito Transfer All Bonus Point To Credit Amount 0 TEXT_TRANSFER_BONUS_POINTS_TO_CREDIT_AMOUNT main 9a9e116b80abebc666d09afbcfd1fa98 Transferir Puntos De Bonificación Seleccionados Al Importe Del Crédito Transfer Selected Bonus Points To Credit Amount 0 TEXT_TRANSFER_SELECTED_BONUS_POINTS_TO_CREDIT_AMOUNT main 15b0472f57ea95fac1c972097c2939f4 %s de %s traducido %s %s from %s translated %s 1 TEXT_TRANSLATION_PERCENT admin/texts f174c62cac34e80eefa6a8ab5f2bc9d0 Basura Trash 0 TEXT_TRASH extensions/messages 8e1f32988e866cc55333bfd81cfa9380 Destrozado Trashed 1 TEXT_TRASHED configuration b00b37b23cc2176887c591cee0d25a8c ¿Redirecciones vacías para el canal de ventas actual? Empty redirects for current sales channel? 1 TEXT_TRUNCATE_PLATFORM_REDIRECTS admin/seo_redirects 24bcfdd6084dcc9a032227a3f103f3e8 Estados de pedido de invitación configurados Configured Invite order statuses 1 TEXT_TRUSTPILOT_EXPORT_CONFIGURED_STATUSES admin/trustpilot 6fdbb5923e632cdafedb9946fef6e05b Invitación de Trustpilot enviada mediante Trustpilot invite sent via 1 TEXT_TRUSTPILOT_INVITE_SENT admin/main 3136c8579c8980b61887c515a0d27fd2 Comentarios de TrustPilot TrustPilot reviews 0 TEXT_TRUSTPILOT_REVIEWS admin/design 6ba285c6fc4d7a9e0af44b830ad52e46 Nuevo intervalo New Interval 0 TEXT_TSAI_BUTTON_NEW admin/two-step-authorization-interval 782218a81817a8d4047aa7882618fbb7 Editar intervalo de autorización de dos pasos Edit two-step authorization interval 0 TEXT_TSAI_EDIT admin/two-step-authorization-interval 49d4f1bfac2d954a0edcf7c5221cfbcf El intervalo expira (en minutos) Interval expires (in minutes) 0 TEXT_TSAI_EXPIRE_MINUTES admin/two-step-authorization-interval 724afa5d8ff95a2d410425624eb88a4d Nuevo intervalo de autorización en dos pasos New two-step authorization interval 0 TEXT_TSAI_NEW admin/two-step-authorization-interval 4b14bddb8a32ca34569244d0a45c6fc0 Lista de intervalos de autorización en dos pasos Two-step authorization intervals list 0 TEXT_TSAI_TABLE_HEADING admin/two-step-authorization-interval 24b80d6508fbe271441730384c33e3be Título de intervalo Interval title 0 TEXT_TSAI_TITLE admin/two-step-authorization-interval 4391a479c529905f090cc2fd11de022e martes Tuesday 1 TEXT_TUESDAY admin/main a15b624c1b239d09b2cf325ddb9b3393 martes Tuesday 1 TEXT_TUESDAY main 87d8d4d3606ef75b910ea87a60e00ebf Configuración global Global configuration 0 TEXT_TWO_STEP_AUTH_DEFAULT admin/main 992b4be6bf73a236d2899107d6ac11fe por correo electrónico by Email 0 TEXT_TWO_STEP_AUTH_EMAIL admin/main 1b8cff26f1af44e6f9650b63b0a26693 por SMS by SMS 0 TEXT_TWO_STEP_AUTH_SMS admin/main 995b27192be135fe50cf2b604bb8cc07 Tipo Type 0 TEXT_TYPE admin/admin-menu/add 3d01c1f60616a4e7e84866516c0469e7 Tipo: Type: 1 TEXT_TYPE admin/properties 55996caff4cfcda75468d0a69b477d21 Escriba un nombre de archivo alternativo Type alternative file name 1 TEXT_TYPE_ALTR_FILE admin/categories 63afdf13ebdb5b90b84302a1a8cd88d3 Escriba o elija el producto Please type or choose product 1 TEXT_TYPE_CHOOSE_PRODUCT admin/main 93342cdba34939108b2bb9d75d75f8bf Escriba o elija la ciudad Please type or choose city 1 TEXT_TYPE_CITY admin/main c336b3a4d10a1fa2ab628d3c8a20bd4d Escriba o elija el país Please type or choose country 1 TEXT_TYPE_COUNTRY admin/main 527840940065144bd59c77cbc68a2669 Por favor, escriba o elija condado/estado Please type or choose county/state 1 TEXT_TYPE_COUNTY admin/main 0c0c3b82f578269fcae736fa2785f7f2 Escriba o elija un cliente Please type or choose customer 1 TEXT_TYPE_CUSTOMER admin/main 262732be5cd7fc81373dca27581974bb Tipo de entrega Type of Delivery 0 TEXT_TYPE_DELIVERY admin/main 1a410b11211da749fcdb31fbfe6cbfe2 Tipo de entrega Type of Delivery 0 TEXT_TYPE_DELIVERY main 57200f3b55c225ed43e322c6dc2cdc52 Escriba el nombre del nuevo menú Type name for new menu 1 TEXT_TYPE_NAME_MENU admin/main debf311a2811c227eda2f7774b51224d Tipo de carga Type of cargo 0 TEXT_TYPE_OF_CARGO_NP admin/main 182fe12b3b9fd90ec48a956d99a45b0c No se puede conectar a la base de datos de departamentos. Unable to connect to departments database! 0 TEXT_UNABLE_CONNECT_DEPARTMENTS_DB admin/departments e01e733302614207d5adf07a59594a71 Este producto no se puede añadir como regalo This product can't be added as giveaway 1 TEXT_UNABLE_GIVEAWAY main 1ae4e151d074ae615c684616288e0be0 Anular asignación Unassign 0 TEXT_UNASSIGN admin/affiliate e77f95a225f526cc5ec4834bb33d712d Desmarcar todo Uncheck all 1 TEXT_UNCHECK_ALL admin/main 8afb52325e23d12455eed37eb7ac9df3 no confirmado unconfirmed 1 TEXT_UNCONFIRMED admin/subscribers 84e455819c44198be84ecb95fc4191a9 Descongelar ahora Unfreeze now 0 TEXT_UNFREEZE admin/freeze-stock d66ea0d0e59e8e2eba3f1d2cf1c8fdaf Actualmente el sistema no está congelado Currently the system is not frozen 0 TEXT_UNFREEZE_INTRO admin/freeze-stock ecb870234ade53295178bfe9ddae558b Desagrupar Ungroup 1 TEXT_UNGROUP admin/promotions 72b40dcd1772ddec21c48577e87c55bf unidades units 1 TEXT_UNITS admin/main 9db9031c8effc7ed8f09178325e573ee Unidades: Units: 1 TEXT_UNITS admin/properties d09856ed06bf726abf735b0a2e5dbc5b Unidades: Units: 1 TEXT_UNITS main d23529b047dda1bad66dc04a8521ff4b Escriba o elija la unidad Please type or choose unit 1 TEXT_UNIT_DESCRIPTION admin/properties af57417b820b00591cfe820b60b2b3ac Desconocido Unknown 1 TEXT_UNKNOWN admin/main a4c9f7d49d2a75202be4e7c89cd8874d Impuesto Tax 1 TEXT_UNKNOWN_TAX_RATE admin/main 8f647d78725bf1c79ebe99ee230ba0dc Tipo impositivo desconocido Unknown tax rate 1 TEXT_UNKNOWN_TAX_RATE main 18bbf021cd2d953159a9a1fb6806edc1 Desvincular Unlink 1 TEXT_UNLINK admin/main da4ff368beb1b65af47f8e77ca5f55e5 Desvincular impresora Unlink Printer 0 TEXT_UNLINK_PRINTER admin/printers bda9d0b343915fe5273ca16c647870ad ¿Confirma que desvincula esta impresora? Do you confirm unlink this printer? 0 TEXT_UNLINK_PRINTER_CONFIRM admin/printers 93511c00318a9f87e67c9936602327d3 ¿Confirma que desvincula esta transacción? Do you confirm unlink this transaction? 0 TEXT_UNLINK_PROMPT admin/orders b1438acf8bc22c844e95bf1309d83381 Marca no pagada Unpaid Mark 0 TEXT_UNPAID_MARK admin/design 36adf6a0727cd1c84ced388c75107751 Marcar como no leído Mark as unread 0 TEXT_UNREAD extensions/messages d0d8b3adfe9cc6822fd2622ae64b0796 Carros no guardados Unsaved Carts 1 TEXT_UNSAVED_CARTS admin/main 7b2c0d815acb14d40cba29b83123d1fe Cancelar suscripción Unsubscribe 0 TEXT_UNSUBSCRIBE main 1c9cda2e69bb808c6c2bb93a155c53f7 Formulario de cancelación Unsubscribe Form 0 TEXT_UNSUBSCRIBE_FORM admin/design 9d486e0416a1ef7ceadd55fc58298d8b Explorador no compatible Unsupported Browser 0 TEXT_UNSUPPORTED_BROWSER admin/design 890594cd9dff1888ec4985d83343b5b3 No se admite el navegador IE We don't support ie browser 0 TEXT_UNSUPPORTED_BROWSER main c3cf62dbe0ac72bd37bf99e3e89143cd Sin traducir Untranslated 1 TEXT_UNTRANSLATED admin/texts 3eb1e07d0b6611c2835330f491711ebc No traducido solamente Not translated only 0 TEXT_UNTRANSLATED_ONLY admin/texts 13370be343a616cc0c1b46cb46b4f9c5 No verificado sólo Not verified only 0 TEXT_UNVERIFIED_ONLY admin/texts a69a29144ea4030035e5ba8d327855e0 UPC: UPC: 1 TEXT_UPC admin/categories 9633416aa490495b3334860202155fcd UPC UPC 1 TEXT_UPC main 79dfeb061de5ff7e332fe51f2456275a Actualizar Update 1 TEXT_UPDATE admin/main 4da6742834a0903d73a839aeba5ac56f Importe actualizado Updated amount 1 TEXT_UPDATED_AMOUNT admin/orders/order-edit 21579e8f3db977e2c4bf8aa5180c2dcc después de guardar recibirá una nueva contraseña por correo after saving you will receive a new password by mail 0 TEXT_UPDATE_ACCOUNT_NOTE admin/main 0415d1b86af4f3c98ae1c6ed6dc6fe25 Actualizar monedas Update Currencies 1 TEXT_UPDATE_CURRENCIES admin/currencies 91eed4c33cc08437dc6aeb97ae45bd90 Actualizar registros existentes Update existnig records 0 TEXT_UPDATE_EXISTING admin/main 4711a4a64409b216e93b9a212c5238a6 Agregar/cambiar ID de NS Add/Change NS ID 0 TEXT_UPDATE_EXTERNAL_ID admin/main 159b9ce84e654b15e63dd4f6369a6370 Actualizar los detalles de inicio de sesión Update your login details 0 TEXT_UPDATE_IN_ACCOUNT admin/main 5e673421be75a04b397313d95001434b Actualizar etiqueta Update Label 0 TEXT_UPDATE_LABEL admin/main 2f4464a057857cbd44cb87007158d117 Actualizar importe pagado Update paid amount 1 TEXT_UPDATE_PAID_AMOUNT admin/orders 026e01ef3cafdf36cfabc3a0bb283837 Actualizar contraseña para Update password for 1 TEXT_UPDATE_PASSWORD_FOR admin/customers 3e7580f10e6ad4bb1fb5a2216e9d779d Actualizar pago Update Pay 1 TEXT_UPDATE_PAY admin/main ba4f216278cd8db1d1e36624d2c0a385 Actualizar automáticamente varias redirecciones HTTP301 (a.html => b.html, b.html => c.html reemplazar con a.html => c.html) Automatcally update multiple HTTP301 redirects (a.html => b.html, b.html => c.html replace with a.html => c.html) 0 TEXT_UPDATE_REDIRECTED admin/seo_redirects 73f68e37866dd3b95f2f86309b56bfb9 Actualizar existencias Update stock 0 TEXT_UPDATE_STOCK admin/categories 6e9010a1fa8bc2fcc83c96cc0a52e1ac Actualizado correctamente Updated successfully 1 TEXT_UPDATE_WARNING admin/google_base f4d39e2ba1104eb434a0d7069051872b Cargar Upload 0 TEXT_UPLOAD extensions/messages 5458f26ee67fe431f79c0cabcc503288 Cargar archivo para: Upload File for: 1 TEXT_UPLOAD_FILE_SELECT admin/easypopulate 8c106f37ab8af7832f19f34a654d39a7 Seleccionar de la galería Select from gallery 1 TEXT_UPLOAD_GALLERY admin/banner_manager eb55762487e82cdbbeb2d77edb5bc5bd Cargar nuevo vídeo Upload new video 0 TEXT_UPLOAD_NEW_VIDEO admin/main ba31388c3fd3c9c08ea67e575ac5f68b Cargar producto Upload product 1 TEXT_UPLOAD_PRODUCT admin/categories 1311c1629bcaafe6477c4c63f372cf62 Url Url 0 TEXT_URL admin/categories 0db7a60b9beeac14947a21243490fd09 Url Url 0 TEXT_URL admin/main bf9bacc3a1be12bcbe1cdff390a8a56a Url / mailto: Url / mailto: 1 TEXT_URL testimonials 289c24ba363fd512f31d253f342a16b8 Url corto Url short 0 TEXT_URL_SHORT admin/categories 21b790e3422725709d1ac1c31a8eaeee Título de URL URL Title 1 TEXT_URL_TITLE testimonials 642abb0871b34cdd278a623163328ac1 <b style="color:#ff0000">USADO</b> <b style="color:#ff0000">USED</b> 1 TEXT_USED admin/recover_cart_sales 49018636d0f989cdf7aaa252aecd2629 Cupón usado Used coupon 0 TEXT_USED_COUPON admin/main ab970abd7f0fbc82b2c692b250530145 <b>Cupones usados:</b> <b>Used coupons:</b> 1 TEXT_USED_COUPONS admin/recover_cart_sales 640d453e180923be65600dd023871401 Descripciones propias usadas Used Own Descriptions 0 TEXT_USED_OWN_DESCRIPTIONS admin/platforms/edit 50f72d78c2e496fc61170b522f702851 Precios propios usados Used Own Prices 0 TEXT_USED_OWN_PRICES admin/platforms/edit b97e5779f7212d24ef18f452b70220b9 Promoción usada Used Promotion 0 TEXT_USED_PROMOTION admin/orders f0654ce5067f9cbf4cd69cd641339b4b Nombre de usuario Username 1 TEXT_USERNAME main 25b1bb5b7e134aac7b52cf2b5cf5e936 Nombre de usuario y Contraseña idénticos. Username and Password identical. 1 TEXT_USERNAME_PASSWORD_IDENTICAL main a7afdfbf8ea857b11fcf61cf5fb907c5 Estimado %s: Dear %s, 0 TEXT_USER_GREETING extensions/messages 4bbdfec725338746fe003b8ce49e1ebe ¿Usar puntos de bonificación? Use Bonus Points? 1 TEXT_USE_BONUS_POINTS admin/main d73b765d288fb18c67cf014b913bc14a ¿Usar puntos de bonificación? Use Bonus Points? 1 TEXT_USE_BONUS_POINTS main d70b52f157c00f8aee99d90a2128bb9e Usar predeterminado (%s) Use default (%s) 0 TEXT_USE_DEFAULT_CURRENCY admin/platforms 7e5a1455ba78957317c4d676dd47202c Haga doble clic para mostrar los detalles Please use double click to show details 1 TEXT_USE_DOUBLE_CLICK admin/manufacturer-sales 1642764e066a94e6fc3b0a539951b286 Uso para stock de emergencia Use for emergency stock 0 TEXT_USE_EMERGENCY_STOCK admin/categories e2dc00c2e625e4b3d0b048ed8307e21d Estado del filtro Filter status 1 TEXT_USE_FILTER admin/main f5efd423267326377d95fbcf82d8f169 Utilizar precio fijo inferior Use Fixed Price Below 0 TEXT_USE_FIXED_PRICE admin/categories 806ed80dc0396c6409a4fbae98828cc0 la salida de invitado the guest checkout 0 TEXT_USE_GUEST main 7c10648e333dae23ea2cd07675e9d18b Si no desea la comodidad de una cuenta completa, utilice If you don’t want the convenience of full account, use 0 TEXT_USE_GUEST_INTRO main 403fce4929433f18b351bce1373c4748 Usar logotipo de Use logo from 0 TEXT_USE_LOGO_FROM admin/design acc9241a2a4ef14ee1348e9e6fb54f77 Usar tema móvil Use mobile theme 1 TEXT_USE_MOBILE_THEME admin/main c6c04b5f0f938a2b209378c25324cb8f Usar nombre de imagen de origen Use origin image name 1 TEXT_USE_ORIGIN_IMAGE_NAME admin/main 8ae0c400c094e7b61d94cf8f7d6709ad Utilizar descripciones propias Use Own Descriptions 0 TEXT_USE_OWN_DESCRIPTIONS admin/platforms/edit d901da54484932871680f2fabb88bd6e Utilizar precios propios Use Own Prices 0 TEXT_USE_OWN_PRICES admin/platforms/edit 7059076857e7a84206bed2fc3e143619 (utilizar plantilla de nivel primario) (use parent level template) 1 TEXT_USE_PARENT_LEVEL_DATA admin/seo-delivery-location b98bcbe7ff7e271e33c1f8df3620668d Usar conmutador Use switcher 0 TEXT_USE_SWITCHER admin/design 706a5baeac04719e6ea04a96065de108 Válido Valid 0 TEXT_VALID admin/main 863a76ac17588f08b9f38d7e4eb86552 Válido Valid 0 TEXT_VALID main 044ebe00612f5c477a3d19aa1fc383cd Se ha iniciado la validación Validation has been started 0 TEXT_VALIDATION_STARTED admin/main 5fd60d9309a9540acc6dc43d2ae65f9d Valor Value 1 TEXT_VALUE admin/texts c76c02f73cc3aca0f2b8ff62754818cf Valor Value 1 TEXT_VALUE shipping 83712725016c7ee388cf9f97b3160652 Banca Banking 0 TEXT_VBDR_BANKING admin/report-volo-batch-detail 396a4672b5157657ae58ed01c1235cbc Fecha Date 0 TEXT_VBDR_DATE admin/report-volo-batch-detail 983306629ef9e549713f3d893463b7df Venta bruta Gross Sale 0 TEXT_VBDR_GROSS admin/report-volo-batch-detail b069f045ed7a3d1a609dd9391bfcbaad Seguros Insurance 0 TEXT_VBDR_INSURANCE admin/report-volo-batch-detail da5828b6b8cad52e9135d655ed092e81 Red Nett 0 TEXT_VBDR_NETT admin/report-volo-batch-detail 2b8e4c65b323531a9f6b5c9109da082d Nº de orden Order No. 0 TEXT_VBDR_ORDER_ID admin/report-volo-batch-detail f5023265541b88b0daac4bcf29411ce6 Envío Shipping 0 TEXT_VBDR_SHIPPING admin/report-volo-batch-detail efb7c923ad064f43f6158625d3e2b9c5 IVA VAT 0 TEXT_VBDR_VAT admin/report-volo-batch-detail c4385756c52d981853746f279ba63bc7 Cero Zero 0 TEXT_VBDR_ZERO admin/report-volo-batch-detail 211e6aa4fad76efef31ba3aa52f788f3 Carruaje Carriage 0 TEXT_VBDS_CARRIAGE admin/report-volo-batch-summary 70ab296e040ce7cc07e3759b2b235167 Crédito Credit 0 TEXT_VBDS_CREDIT admin/report-volo-batch-summary 417edc5387eeea60dbd152663ee1f153 Fecha Date 0 TEXT_VBDS_DATE admin/report-volo-batch-summary 7ca0f4b824855098cb4336250d277d00 Débito Debit 0 TEXT_VBDS_DEBIT admin/report-volo-batch-summary a4651bb0bb2a6e526d41ebe2086e12f5 Descripción Description 0 TEXT_VBDS_DESCRIPTION admin/report-volo-batch-summary 39ca213517df4ef86e75804507d54137 Nominal Nominal 0 TEXT_VBDS_NOMINAL admin/report-volo-batch-summary 03ac8bded03c7da1ff9bb0476d351add Id de pedido Order Id 0 TEXT_VBDS_ORDER admin/report-volo-batch-summary e1de3eefdf12f7467d61b9161433d70e Orden Order 0 TEXT_VBDS_ORDER_BOX admin/report-volo-batch-summary d724fc2f97ca5005b1ab6182904e626b Braintree Braintree 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE admin/report-volo-batch-summary 0c3d2059c3a29f6d24919ea35cc677d2 Efectivo Cash 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_CASH admin/report-volo-batch-summary 429f87350749e8041d2ba4deb8506073 Acreedores Creditors 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_CREDITORS admin/report-volo-batch-summary 80423dffbb579087f022ec247c5bf2e2 Deudores Debtors 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_DEBTORS admin/report-volo-batch-summary 7874bd27a1e92a9082642fe9e9be7489 Otros acreedores Other Creditors 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_OTHER_CREDITOR admin/report-volo-batch-summary 5890541c108d60d5ec20fba78d5e82e7 Otros deudores Other Debtors 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_OTHER_DEBTOR admin/report-volo-batch-summary c004e253c8ab0d3a9ed1f2ddb529769c PayPal PayPal 0 TEXT_VBDS_PAYMENT_PAYPAL admin/report-volo-batch-summary d86578f7db9d1f39de26b7055710f89d Ventas de clientes de sitios web Website Customer Sales 0 TEXT_VBDS_SALE_WEBSITE admin/report-volo-batch-summary fc0af3145631488c664c18d2a60f596b Código de Impuesto Tax Code 0 TEXT_VBDS_TAX_CODE admin/report-volo-batch-summary 1edb403128ef095848e971542dc02a3d Totales Totals 0 TEXT_VBDS_TOTALS admin/report-volo-batch-summary d89cdc7d33c237c3b285fe5d837f5b5b IVA repercutido Output VAT 0 TEXT_VBDS_VAT admin/report-volo-batch-summary a9a365b51b5555e258c6708dba1ca3da Vertical Vertical 1 TEXT_VERTICAL admin/main 58bc929e15f6aadefb82157ca3b017eb Centro vertical Vertical center 0 TEXT_VERTICAL_CENTER admin/design c504de6cb543c56ad6a0e79a3c73d71b Vertical izquierda Vertical left 0 TEXT_VERTICAL_LEFT admin/design 76e40794e7645b2db641cc421f8a72e6 Vertical derecha Vertical right 0 TEXT_VERTICAL_RIGHT admin/design aa4422916bc07347ec0defc010ca52b9 vía via 1 TEXT_VIA admin/main 5cb2cd47ae706590dabf2e9fa66b552e Vídeo Video 1 TEXT_VIDEO admin/main 255ab328d13790b3f9b43a797ad228a3 Vista View 1 TEXT_VIEW admin/design 6a4b23c0a5b619f40f57ce7b6cc7c44d Vista View 1 TEXT_VIEW main 1b02549c550a898b544e54caa18a073c ver todo view all 0 TEXT_VIEW_ALL admin/main b2f918e41dade6a891eb648073956948 Ver todas las direcciones View all addresses 1 TEXT_VIEW_ALL_ADDRESSES account 11dd547b1546f0cd44dd96079499ae1f Ver como View as 1 TEXT_VIEW_AS admin/main dd3643f15b97c953b2354ff93fcb5685 Botón Ver View Button 0 TEXT_VIEW_BUTTON admin/design 4e6953916d1611def59d9bca334e0cd1 Carrito actual Current cart 0 TEXT_VIEW_CART main 225a96fc141addd94267ec40b733daf3 Ver historial View history 1 TEXT_VIEW_HISTORY main d946ae010ac9f24f22a3fd45c1bc26a3 Ver puntos de fidelidad View Loyalty Points 1 TEXT_VIEW_LOYALITY_POINTS admin/customers b0b411cd8eb90558b8aa9ba297fa070b Ver mensaje View message 0 TEXT_VIEW_MESSAGE extensions/messages f0421294b5e8a125f73aed799294e557 Ver en NetSuite View in NetSuite 0 TEXT_VIEW_NS admin/main 3618e4a251279377540da7b9f5a7f024 Ver opciones de impresora View Printer options 0 TEXT_VIEW_PRINTER_OPTIONS admin/printers 652c105932e132160692067adc8f7f44 Ver tienda View shop 1 TEXT_VIEW_SHOP admin/main ede4f13ebab8498b16b63f6998d6a8da Ver valores View Values 1 TEXT_VIEW_VALUES admin/categories 83a2fc6d3114f46e3a88e41172c540f7 Virtual Virtual 0 TEXT_VIRTUAL admin/platforms 15c4585e36d7de3565200f44708d9b2a Virtual: Virtual: 0 TEXT_VIRTUAL admin/productsattributes 4925bed311b6608134050cab18dc119a Producto <br>virtual Virtual <br>product 1 TEXT_VIRTUAL_PRODUCT admin/main 3bfa7f456d09b7eb8f4f4190762709f0 visibilidad visibility 0 TEXT_VISIBILITY admin/design 479c7ac186c429c2f6b3cd6ed56c5d21 Disponible para Available for 1 TEXT_VISIBILITY admin/modules/edit 7759735c9bfbc88715c659e28566392a Visibilidad en las páginas Visibility on pages 1 TEXT_VISIBILITY_ON_PAGES admin/main 35dc19efda4400706f3b45613ef30215 Visible para: Visible To: 0 TEXT_VISIBLE_TO admin/orders 856f7c1259f2d9ee1b639414c68305cc País visitante Visitor Country 0 TEXT_VISITOR_COUNTRY admin/main 55c05e7342e7b9ed0e0057697dc0cb3f País visitante Visitor Country 0 TEXT_VISITOR_COUNTRY main 77c3d8f1de469c96227120e236e9b8b1 Visitas Visits 0 TEXT_VISITS affiliate b5888acf0030e0ba143f70b970232a55 Anular Make Void 0 TEXT_VOID_PAYMENT admin/orders 550b79b0df18ed53af017e57ec2c7bc5 Volumen común, metro cúbico Volume common, cubic meter 0 TEXT_VOLUME_GENERAL_NP admin/main 89dfc7a0fe1ae952d8107f86781353cd Peso del volumen Volume weight 0 TEXT_VOLUME_WEIGHT admin/categories 156a963ce4b6ae8969fdd8457faaf5f3 Peso del volumen Volume Weight 0 TEXT_VOLUME_WEIGHT admin/main 8be54432283aaa6bef4718d13168e576 Peso del volumen Volume Weight 0 TEXT_VOLUME_WEIGHT main 31405a220061ee7fe5ecdfc3cf558128 El código de cupón es The coupon code is 1 TEXT_VOUCHER_IS admin/coupon_admin abff5843221b810b8f7739b25aac95d9 Teléfono/pedido físico por: Phone/physical order by: 1 TEXT_WALKIN_ORDER admin/orders 8aca3e5b3414048b9a9fcb3a471ef7ae Almacén Warehouse 1 TEXT_WAREHOUSE admin/main 6929feafe1196d96306a1f5d94db1097 Reubicación de almacenes Warehouses Relocate 0 TEXT_WAREHOUSES_RELOCATE admin/main 08e24d9cf6d3b8f810760d1160286191 Stock de almacenes Warehouses Stock 1 TEXT_WAREHOUSES_STOCK admin/main 38dee24f60e237decf6dd7d05c21abfa Ubicaciones de almacenes Warehouse locations 0 TEXT_WAREHOUSE_LOCATIONS admin/warehouses 10553a7846b3d70718c4459127979dbf <br>&nbsp;<a href="#"><font color="red">Algunas descripciones son demasiado largas. De forma predeterminada, los programas de Office no pueden procesar cadenas de más de 32000. Debe editar el archivo en el editor de texto o actualizar primero la descripción</font></a> <br>&nbsp;<a href="#"><font color="red">Some descriptions are too long. By default office programs can't process strings longer than 32000. You must edit file in text editor or update description first</font></a> 1 TEXT_WARN_LONGTEXT_EDIT admin/easypopulate e4468a00d0075e8e11e62b5da6572c95 Marca de agua Watermark 1 TEXT_WATERMARK admin/platforms/edit 2e936f5f9811c0b13e511c0445eb8394 Débil Weak 1 TEXT_WEAK main 24a245339a68e1f6b63c69e4b329cf49 Fecha de boda Wedding Date 0 TEXT_WEDDING_DATE admin/design 43e16464a2e66b6cc8f0867b0eeea5f6 Detalles de la boda Wedding details 1 TEXT_WEDDING_DETAILS main ba78f4c121fd713de908c38de062996d Tu pareja ya tiene una boda registrada Your parnter already has registered wedding 0 TEXT_WEDDING_EXISTS main f2c2724810879252070acda9252dd1df Página de inicio de boda Wedding homepage 0 TEXT_WEDDING_HOMEPAGE admin/design 3057580ad74e89c5a895f37f767c6754 Registro de bodas Wedding Registry 1 TEXT_WEDDING_REGISTRY admin/main a405ab44b675605d9897667c3afd59a2 Registro de bodas Wedding Registry 1 TEXT_WEDDING_REGISTRY main acb8061009990e64e6808e6a295d11c0 miércoles Wednesday 1 TEXT_WEDNESDAY admin/main 198954e7c15b91b9ccd089ab78649b26 miércoles Wednesday 1 TEXT_WEDNESDAY main 4045c3ab7b14c32dd4daa6b6344b4850 Esta semana This week 1 TEXT_WEEK admin/main ff03f36ec826aad212079647639349e0 semanas weeks 1 TEXT_WEEKS_COMMON admin/main f9b5b4f83e2425ffe0f0dfffbeb3a6ae semanas weeks 1 TEXT_WEEKS_COMMON main 042b689cae1858ee1bf54840983462e9 Semana antes Week before 1 TEXT_WEEK_BEFORE admin/categories 8481cdba89479deb5eead79e2337eacb Semana para comparar Week to compare 0 TEXT_WEEK_CMP admin/sales_statistics 056f5b7a7ccc9c8402ff0e0bc494ae16 semana week 1 TEXT_WEEK_COMMON admin/main 7c3d6a3df6802011d73c170ceae3bb69 semana week 1 TEXT_WEEK_COMMON main 316916b6db23b6a03c78ca91a1f7a630 Peso Weight 1 TEXT_WEIGHT admin/main f42307aa42e930b63dc1f40d1281f961 Peso Weight 1 TEXT_WEIGHT configuration bb27f711129178bc3773b418091440a6 Coeficiente de peso Weight Coefficient 0 TEXT_WEIGHT_COEFFICIENT admin/suppliers-priority 23755551cdc1826370b520bb35d0755f Coeficiente de peso Weight Coefficient 0 TEXT_WEIGHT_COEFFICIENT admin/warehouse-priority f9574f0013f4c6b6676dbe216bc1cbf5 Peso (libras) Weight(lbs) 1 TEXT_WEIGHT_LBS admin/categories b4b044ee46e3e560d834309e9c620db9 Formulario de pedido al por mayor Wholesale Order Form 0 TEXT_WHOLESALE_ORDER_FORM main 7ac89d5bd9e02b897a6040732aa0dc3c Widgets Widgets 0 TEXT_WIDGETS admin/design 00d6d8091c20cbeaecaa4989a555dd24 Selección automática del primer producto Auto select first product 0 TEXT_WIDGET_BATCH_AUTO_SELECT admin/design 86e458e2ede2d0f83f42c12c75e386e5 Productos por lotes Batch Products 0 TEXT_WIDGET_BATCH_PRODUCTS admin/design 813be713609edf471d684570ca39dbf0 Productos seleccionados por lotes Batch Selected Products 0 TEXT_WIDGET_BATCH_SELECTED_PRODUCTS admin/design 9da71f4303d02fc62803c0c174b6afa0 Páginas de categorías Category Pages 0 TEXT_WIDGET_CATEGORY_PAGE main 253d812168df7ed2bd971698d1a4c936 Última lista de páginas de catálogo Catalog Pages Last List 0 TEXT_WIDGET_CATEGORY_PAGE_LAST_LIST main 6fd633bccb76ee50b42f920f5f0f5c17 Última lista de bloques de páginas de catálogo Catalog Pages Block Last List 0 TEXT_WIDGET_CATEGORY_PAGE_LAST_LIST_BLOCK main 1d4d45fcb1be157aca2bc23402109b65 Última lista por catálogo Catalog Pages Last List By Catalog 0 TEXT_WIDGET_CATEGORY_PAGE_LAST_LIST_BY_CATALOG main 38d4e4d0eda5c3013fb3af5071a1dfba Páginas de catálogo Bloquear última lista por catálogo Catalog Pages Block Last List By Catalog 0 TEXT_WIDGET_CATEGORY_PAGE_LAST_LIST_BY_CATALOG_BLOCK main 56a8bda32f71afe7d127b10d6921bfd5 Descripción Description 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_DESC admin/design 3bbfeabc736ebb35379087fb454f3b1a Descripción larga Long description 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_DESC2 admin/design b6e897d8020407cab73f75c055868190 Ubicaciones destacadas Featured locations 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_FEATURED_LIST admin/design 7d25a0bac19170fcfe5c922883cb694a Imagen de encabezado Headline image 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_HEADLINE_IMAGE admin/design 5b4aa0320cc6ed4e5cd532ea45db0ac6 Lista de ubicaciones Location List 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_LIST admin/design d3edf5fca61da0a51897032c8d581573 Productos de ubicación Location Products 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_PRODUCTS admin/design 5190feaddc3a73a721ba74743ed6983a Título de ubicación Location title 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_TITLE admin/design aaaa192ea11beac7c0f67032e2aa3d74 Ubicaciones de entrega Delivery locations 1 TEXT_WIDGET_DELIVERY_LOCATION_TOP_LOCATION_LIST admin/design 706b5e0af782e39bd7e407cc343d2a12 Origen de productos Products source 0 TEXT_WIDGET_LISTING_SOURCE admin/design 8712bba21890007f70a33ddadca7a6ff Configuración del widget Widget settings 0 TEXT_WIDGET_SETTINGS admin/design bc810e2fc2f2d5293acdcc36623f2806 Anchura Width 1 TEXT_WIDTH admin/main d654a06e78a4aa6665301b371c759653 Anchura (cm) Width (cm) 1 TEXT_WIDTH_CM admin/categories 9d6d10f4257588d8655da590e5b925c3 anchura o altura en tamaño de bloque width or height in size of block 1 TEXT_WIDTH_HEIGHT_SIZE admin/main fda548c2121c9ebec4f8de48dadf0980 Ancho (entrada) Width(in) 1 TEXT_WIDTH_IN admin/categories 23dc01b187d58a4283108f50b4d77695 Peso (kg) Weight(kg) 1 TEXT_WIGHT_KG admin/categories c01ab88eae95a0e23a214b3737968b89 Obtendrá un descuento You will get discount 1 TEXT_WILL_GET_DISCOUNT main 78ee5412e01adfef9910705af4422946 Lista de deseos Wishlist 0 TEXT_WISHLIST admin/design 006408318e6d6480369808f55b83628c Botón Lista de deseos Wishlist Button 0 TEXT_WISHLIST_BUTTON admin/design a2e95d33e7663518735e89eb17491f8a Guardar Save 1 TEXT_WISHLIST_SAVE main 22e802fdfee78d6a64c5530d5c691552 Sin dirección de envío Without shipping addreess 0 TEXT_WITHOUT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS main 211dc785cb0319666a766fd9615b56bf con contenido with content 1 TEXT_WITH_CONTENT admin/design 25a61d527b16be00c4385a364bfc7014 WordPress Post WordPress Post 0 TEXT_WORDPRESS_POST admin/design 87fd71ae995a21104ee253908d3bbfaf Ejercicio Workedout 1 TEXT_WORKEDOUT admin/recover_cart_sales cc700f0eaa6d592a2f51709ae954743c Año de comparación Year to compare 0 TEXT_YEAR_CMP admin/sales_statistics 8d9a189f77e589a31fb83d63c86dfb01 Sí Yes 1 TEXT_YES admin/main 381e06b01d1a3efc8595d596cceb8ff7 Sí Yes 1 TEXT_YES main c5d717f4a08eca0ce9da7e01a24fac7e Tu nombre Your name 1 TEXT_YOUR_NAME main 4529fd4bcb1cd3dce759b03a543e7008 Vídeo de Youtube Youtube Video 0 TEXT_YOUTUBE_VIDEO admin/design cf4d101f20d1d647f46090d1dfe59c77 Va a iniciar sesión como administrador de %s. ¿Estás seguro? You are going to login as %s Administrator. Are you sure? 0 TEXT_YOU_ARE_GOING_TO_LOGIN_AS_DEPARTMENT admin/departments 57c0ac6fa4fa91627a8363c6c46dfe7a Has comprado este artículo You bought this item 1 TEXT_YOU_BOUGHT_THIS_ITEM main 9d5de59378c99c124f37efb26a34080e Puede elegir un menú existente de la lista You can choose an existing menu from the list 1 TEXT_YOU_CAN_CHOOSE admin/main 405dd09cd275e38f5186a7a69e8505a2 Puede arrastrar y colocar estas páginas en el menú de formulario You can drag and drop this pages to form menu 1 TEXT_YOU_CAN_DRAG_DROP admin/main eb26ac0a4933129e4cfe3ab982b40052 Precio cero Zero Price 0 TEXT_ZERO_PRICE admin/main 7c50b9e7148a77b974dc258d56aea59e Código postal Zip code 1 TEXT_ZIP_CODE admin/main 4a7db1b733c0cb21b6119ec0c88466d8 Ancho máximo Max Width 1 TEXY_MAX_WIDTH admin/design 5b550d8059b2ee64685ae859a7b43dce Gracias. Thank you 0 THANK_YOU checkout 27818c5572b555e19985889fd12e587b Configuración del tema Theme settings 1 THEME_SETTINGS admin/design b6dc2ecce28135912f8d02af8077c663 El título del tema es obligatorio Theme title is required 1 THEME_TITLE_REQUIRED admin/design b82dc9b524596952de0cfe861eb92fcf Tema desconocido Theme unknown 1 THEME_UNKNOWN admin/design 24879da3d41a32c28c9c4c80918dd700 No hay promociones hoy, por favor vuelva mañana para obtener promociones especiales para usted There are no ptomotions today, please come back tomorrow to get special promotions for you 0 THERE_ARE_NO_PTOMOTIONS main e7409a099be2d2e708942090f4ab4af9 Esta página ya existe This page already exist 1 THIS_PAGE_ALREADY_EXIST admin/design 1c9dc8abc083abca8d5d19e06869caf6
  4. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    Leyenda Legend 0 TEXT_LEGEND admin/recover_cart_sales 9bd3754584db3f611a88dcc59f7aadce Precio Price 1 TEXT_LEGEND_PRICE admin/categories 2d88221a74d8dc7da5d9a627df9d50bc Longitud Length 0 TEXT_LENGTH admin/main 10308824091814b6f24dd097ff30e37f Longitud (cm) Length (cm) 1 TEXT_LENGTH_CM admin/categories bd974c7b9514bb634c1e766cc154c724 Longitud (pulg.) Length (in) 1 TEXT_LENGTH_IN admin/categories 60a6fde327522df107a7ab7d193ecdb6 menos less 0 TEXT_LESS main df2014805503a3bbeac1b06c4c294f6e Nivel Level 0 TEXT_LEVEL admin/design 8a8391bdb62ee52fe6ef20790b33e2a5 Botón Me gusta Like button 0 TEXT_LIKE_BUTTON admin/design 900a000283f5612ab8dee9fa28e1b4ce Como listado Like listing 1 TEXT_LIKE_LISTING admin/design 00e826fc130b104a48337e241cab75b8 * * 0 TEXT_LIMITED_MARK main 09c7900adb258ada807e5257c5e205d6 Precio de venta limitado stock Limited sale price stock 0 TEXT_LIMITED_SALE main 17953fbfdc72ed68b79362da5a98ea1c Precio válido sólo para %s por pedido, hasta fin de existencias Price valid for only %s per order, until end of stock 0 TEXT_LIMITED_SALE_ORDER main d8d23977f1c85eb598cfe2df0d3a833a Limitar elementos en el nivel Limit items in level 0 TEXT_LIMIT_ITEMS_IN_LEVEL admin/design fb93bfc289415a8465eee53f92aab2e5 Límite de niveles Limit levels 0 TEXT_LIMIT_LEVELS admin/design 3a2321465e9a4439617835df1b901418 Altura de línea Line height 1 TEXT_LINE_HEIGHT admin/main b8e7565b0145f44018965e8dae0da98f Enlace Link 1 TEXT_LINK admin/design f478099151db2365e45ed5709d6014a3 Enlace Link 0 TEXT_LINK admin/main 2cc208565ef041eded7a3e60ea4f1139 Texto de vínculos Links text 0 TEXT_LINK_TEXT admin/design dcfa6d7307699a963bf41681a9d50fab Enlace a vídeo Link to video 0 TEXT_LINK_TO_VIDEO admin/main 4dfcab0f33e7e2a017782f505123ce66 Lista List 0 TEXT_LIST admin/main d47f2e168ac1274181b4b6e0c115444e Listado Listing 1 TEXT_LISTING admin/main 82e21ffa4dde87862918499f55311a09 añadido added 0 TEXT_LISTING_ADDED main f70486a1668fe5e2524335bea004680d Listado de categorías Category listing 1 TEXT_LISTING_CATEGORIES admin/main 1fc5bc035dedf930c3c87dea18ca8c62 Barra de funcionalidad de anuncio Listing Functionality Bar 1 TEXT_LISTING_FUNCTIONALITY_BAR admin/main e603b396c9d555339075dcc32f38b41c Anuncio de artículo Listing Item 0 TEXT_LISTING_ITEM admin/design 545f95aafdfcb3a0280bd79415600bfc Aspecto del anuncio Listing look 0 TEXT_LISTING_LOOK admin/design 233d6149227c035ecffd6237fddfca12 Listado Listing 0 TEXT_LISTING_PRODUCT admin/main ec8edad9b64212ae1a8496acf7648e04 Listado de productos Product listing 1 TEXT_LISTING_PRODUCTS admin/main 68be7401d1daeab2975f85af9583dd9b Configuración de anuncio Listing settings 1 TEXT_LISTING_SETTINGS admin/main ec5811a972f46cc26da3f2231331e63d También colocado en: Also placed in: 1 TEXT_LIST_PRODUCT_ALSO_PLACED_IN admin/categories 1abcb5572e303e9d8685b7299d1c179a Colocado en: Placed in: 1 TEXT_LIST_PRODUCT_PLACED_IN admin/categories 5c87fcca033eed7943bd4a87d47f4a83 Lista List 1 TEXT_LIST_VIEW admin/design 6278ab15124415605cdc094f87d9d542 Caja de carga Load box 1 TEXT_LOAD_BOX admin/design d1ffdc404a74080e969f7e066ce67483 Descripción de la ubicación: Location description: 1 TEXT_LOCATION_DESCRIPTION admin/seo-delivery-location 75ac8e17d644206b6acf4298f77cdd48 Descripción larga de la ubicación: Location long description: 1 TEXT_LOCATION_DESCRIPTION_LONG admin/seo-delivery-location baeec5ade40f045f06ff85b7917351d1 Breve descripción: Short description: 1 TEXT_LOCATION_DESCRIPTION_SHORT admin/seo-delivery-location 05cb40efb3ecd844ad07a623ed622ee5 Nombre de ubicación Location name 1 TEXT_LOCATION_NAME admin/seo-delivery-location fb2a6f367e75ac02d5ab82ab08d1574c Servicio de ubicación Location Service 0 TEXT_LOCATION_SERVICE admin/platforms/edit 53443be3b4a077c0200c64e183372166 Cliente registrado Logged customer 0 TEXT_LOGGED_CUSTOMER admin/design a1881a0e4218ca8c49501031ec344408 Registrado Logged-In 0 TEXT_LOGIN admin/admin-login-view d06c9a84ed3b2a1182631597a93ff698 Su cuenta ha sido bloqueada. Póngase en contacto con el administrador de TOP para restaurar el acceso a su cuenta. Your account has been blocked, please contact TOP Administrator to restore access to your account. 0 TEXT_LOGIN_BLOCK admin/main a96da746b2248f2e117bd902cbf62065 Error De Inicio De Sesión. Inténtelo De Nuevo Más Tarde. Login Failed, Please Try Again Later. 0 TEXT_LOGIN_BLOCKED main 9e483131aedc921bcd158896e7930825 Iniciar sesión / Cerrar sesión / Crear cuenta Login / Logout / Create Account 1 TEXT_LOGIN_CREATE_ACCOUNT admin/main c5aa902845faff849a5550134478bc21 Error: No coincide con la dirección de correo electrónico y/o la contraseña. Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. 1 TEXT_LOGIN_ERROR account/login 04deb72ec18e5bbc0ff0ec3c995f09b6 Error: No coincide con la dirección de correo electrónico y/o la contraseña. Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. 1 TEXT_LOGIN_ERROR admin/main dcff69658e43ebd545586ec7e87ed369 Error: No coincide con la dirección de correo electrónico y/o la contraseña. Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. 1 TEXT_LOGIN_ERROR checkout 69d7d86aba5401dff1b92382f7b632ec Error: No coincide con la dirección de correo electrónico y/o la contraseña. Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. 1 TEXT_LOGIN_ERROR checkout/login f19edcb7680121063d30edce78b805c1 ¿Realmente desea eliminar el registro de clave de seguridad de inicio de sesión? Do you really wish to delete login security key record? 0 TEXT_LOGIN_SECURITY_KEY_DELETE_CONFIRM admin/admin-session-view eaf1b17a9e9edd77c8ffd81285f670ff La eliminación de la sesión de inicio de sesión cerrará automáticamente la sesión de Member!\nRealmente desea eliminar el registro de sesión de inicio de sesión? Login session deletion will automatically log off Member!\nDo you really wish to delete login session record? 0 TEXT_LOGIN_SESSION_DELETE_CONFIRM admin/admin-login-session-view 45fc9dcfbdc07aed11f5816548c46b4a Vista Inicio de sesión Login view 1 TEXT_LOGIN_VIEW admin/main 726ad4380068a0286c6359fd41116f44 Tenga cuidado, después de 3 intentos fallidos, su cuenta será bloqueada. Le quedan %s intentos para escribir la contraseña. Please be careful, after 3 unsuccessful attempts, your account will be blocked. You have %s remaining attempts to enter password. 0 TEXT_LOGIN_WARNING admin/main 27e03bbd87b17bb17b66ddb9a931e38c Logotipo Logo 1 TEXT_LOGO admin/main e05f336f4cc63d7312ccdae18e3a887b Cerrar sesión Log off 1 TEXT_LOGOFF main 7531a6bbee5297e5809fd0273c384294 Desconectado Logged-Out 0 TEXT_LOGOUT admin/admin-login-view 0a82eec3e6b4d35f2cd95c7c047d6b02 Cerrado por multisesión Logged-Out by multisession 0 TEXT_LOGOUT_MULTI admin/admin-login-view 8ce77cf3586a56c28c7703bd77620426 Logotipo para selección alternativa en widget de logotipo Logo for alternative selection on logo widget 0 TEXT_LOGO_WIDGET admin/platforms 6bd820df91b7df10baab7175c78d725f Registros Logs 1 TEXT_LOGS admin/cache_control cd01b7b78afb017c4bd58d2a3d2ff3b6 Caché de registros vaciada. Logs cache flushed. 1 TEXT_LOGS_WARNING admin/cache_control 657115d988702924eaa5e94b47cb8f19 Reembolso detenido por el importe alcanzado Refunding stopped by achieving amount 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_AMOUNT_LIMIT admin/orders 38b8e438996b129197032d770c6fad72 Reembolso completado Refund completed 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_COMPLETE admin/orders edf337e951e59b28dc68c0e1dc19984f % error de devolución de transacción % transaction refund error 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_ERROR admin/orders aea3fe62180c0a481f5e9799f843cca9 Reembolso incompleto Refund incomplete 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_IMCOMPLETE admin/orders ef8797a7769d0e09efd68ebbb45714b2 Error de procesamiento de reembolso Refund processing error 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_PROCESS_ERROR admin/orders dee89078599f7c2526c045898547eb09 Reembolso iniciado.. Refunding started.. 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_START admin/orders f2c0e01425a2bd93567116c95a82b936 La transacción %s se ha reembolsado correctamente %s transaction refunded successfully 0 TEXT_LOG_REFUND_SUCCESSFUL admin/orders 45a85e04b0a725f069d3bca750fe90fb Bucle (el vídeo volverá a empezar cada vez que se termine) Loop (video will start over again, every time it is finished) 1 TEXT_LOOP admin/design eb31e5843d9e977cf65bba4c9a7c2182 Bajo stock <br>productos Low stock <br>products 1 TEXT_LOW_STOCK admin/categories 4d38c84e4ae890293e0e830eb0e95edb Tiene <loyalty_points> créditos. You have <loyalty_points> credits. 1 TEXT_LOYALTY_ACCOUNT_HAVE_TS main 67e3f9c3f3e7cb47fce7ed645b1db4cb Usted ganará <current_earn> crédito(s) hoy basado en su cesta de la compra actual. You will earn <current_earn> credit(s) today based on your current shopping basket. 1 TEXT_LOYALTY_CURRENT_EARN_TS main ebfddd004797103da11d00704f6e3472 Cuando hayas recogido <mininal_points> puntos te enviaremos un <minimal_bonus> Voucher de Lealtad para que gastes con nosotros en lo que quieras! When you have collected <mininal_points> points we will send you a <minimal_bonus> Loyalty Voucher to spend with us on whatever you like! 1 TEXT_LOYALTY_MINIMAL_INFO_TS main f8065c90fcd6ef66fc39373a62c4d09a Suscríbase con notificaciones por correo electrónico y participe en nuestro programa de fidelización Subscribe with email notificatins and take a part in our loyalty programme 1 TEXT_LOYALTY_NEED_SUBSCRIBE_TS main 3a826c779d91bfc4e75a39945b1c8a4b Puntos de fidelidad Loyalty Points 1 TEXT_LOYALTY_POINTS admin/loyalty 83f1fe2576158c509a359b1110a06129 Gastar <gastar> más y ganar <ganar> crédito(s) hoy Spend <spend> more and earn <earn> credit(s) today 1 TEXT_LOYALTY_SPEND_EARN_TS main f37c95125483955c747e0cf010adf088 caminar walking 0 TEXT_MADE_BY_ADMIN admin/orders 7eb1679d0d5eb40abd5be13db95b5d02 en línea online 0 TEXT_MADE_ONLINE admin/orders 7925a9d31f421936f8a4cf598a4be300 Id. de cliente de MailUp MailUp Client Id 0 TEXT_MAILUP_CLIENT_ID admin/main 1029662a223b017a36de129c4e7150f3 Clave secreta MailUp MailUp Secret Key 0 TEXT_MAILUP_CLIENT_SECRET_KEY admin/main f03d57bec37848ea35c03f10543b81f1 Contraseña de MailUp MailUp password 0 TEXT_MAILUP_PASSWORD admin/main 351e009b03c67bcc35ffb75ee1fab5e7 nombre de usuario MailUp MailUp username 0 TEXT_MAILUP_USERNAME admin/main 07a94e25cd9afd15c493af7ba90c122b Correo NO enviado Mail NOT Sent 1 TEXT_MAIL_NOT_SENT admin/loyalty c575ebd34c12c16e33a2ae5be0442b94 Correo enviado Mail Sent 1 TEXT_MAIL_SENT admin/loyalty 98816f62be0bf6d02869118f8ada4e72 Ha cerrado su cuenta. Ahora es seguro salir del equipo.<br><br>Se ha guardado el carro de la compra, los elementos que contiene se restaurarán siempre que vuelva a iniciar sesión en su cuenta. You have been logged off your account. It is now safe to leave the computer.<br><br>Your shopping cart has been saved, the items inside it will be restored whenever you log back into your account. 1 TEXT_MAIN account/logoff ec7c94b3410a67909a1025fe2945fb7a Si ha olvidado su contraseña, introduzca su dirección de correo electrónico a continuación y le enviaremos un mensaje de correo electrónico con su nueva contraseña. If you've forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address below and we'll send you an e-mail message containing your new password. 1 TEXT_MAIN account/password-forgotten fc029a70a3223b0b79520140312b4f27 Indique el tipo de oferta regular renovable Please indicate the type of renewable regular offers 0 TEXT_MAIN account/subscription-renewal 3de544029c7488029c614861f256c22a Por favor, indique Su fecha de nacimiento. TENGA EN CUENTA QUE ESTE TEXTO NO ES POLÍTICA DE PRIVACIDAD! Please provide Your date of birth. PLEASE NOTE THIS TEXT IS NOT PRIVACY POLICY! 0 TEXT_MAIN account/update 74d351012933aac60c22ad4c0b4bbd9f Principal Main 0 TEXT_MAIN admin/design e8f2100628a7f7de2e22ccb9dc7b0da7 Principal Main 1 TEXT_MAIN admin/main 7dd84af5770c568dd453a4429a1d8370 Abajo para mantenimiento Down for Maintenance 0 TEXT_MAINTENANCE_HEADING maintenance bb050bba1f6afd72c6bbe0c7cde2fca3 El sitio está actualmente inhabilitado para mantenimiento. Por favor, disculpe el polvo, y vuelva a intentarlo más tarde. The site is currently down for maintenance. Please excuse the dust, and try back later. 0 TEXT_MAINTENANCE_INFO maintenance 62f0545f3909156112d31009b5720f88 Categoría principal Main Category 0 TEXT_MAIN_CATEGORY main a13bd6c88b386d43d079b3ff80b5cc2d Detalles principales Main details 1 TEXT_MAIN_DETAILS admin/main ac0b8362ba26bcced9b05d0dc47c02b1 Buscar... Search... 1 TEXT_MAIN_MENU_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER admin/main 8836cc38a705753811b9e635b992fbbf Alternar navegación Toggle navigation 1 TEXT_MAIN_MENU_TOGGLE_NAVIGATION admin/main aea861642f82a8560760f0ff8d173d23 Usar precio base del producto Use base product price 1 TEXT_MAIN_PRICE admin/categories 231f09726a1c9af7054b5581a1dd14b3 Realizar reembolso Make Refund 0 TEXT_MAKE_REFUND admin/orders 1452fd1ee5dc521ce93f210a37c9064e Administrar Manage 0 TEXT_MANAGE admin/design 8f51c556d28519d72cbb45b8fde6a980 Chat Chat 1 TEXT_MANAGE_CHAT admin/main 1be9c9465e88ddc162a3d8ff51653cca Administrar bloques de ubicación Manage location blocks 0 TEXT_MANAGE_LOCATION_BLOCKS admin/warehouses eb22afe7ce5c88b4643a06416e1101ea Obligatorio Mandatory 1 TEXT_MANDATORY_ELEMENT admin/pc-templates 8756fb68921e07ec995fa821ea053bc0 Manual Manual 0 TEXT_MANUAL admin/main cc5c37dfb51d790808c737bbdc5c0fa7 Activado manualmente Manually Activated 0 TEXT_MANUALLY_ACTIVATED admin/main a40558e163d0ebe0a1bb65c04dc24010 Deshabilitado manualmente Manually Disabled 0 TEXT_MANUALLY_DISABLED admin/main 510e3d5aea79ccc0c3677e75011c82fe actualizado manualmente manually updated 1 TEXT_MANUALLY_UPDATED admin/adminmembers e687247ad45dac498e9fae1110505bdf Actualización manual de existencias Manual Stock Update 1 TEXT_MANUALL_STOCK_UPDATE admin/categories 9d3f1f142524e5e0a368d085fdcbcefd Control manual del estado Manual status state control 0 TEXT_MANUAL_CONTROL_STATUS admin/main 762b8351ecd051d3ed0a88259d601a35 Exportación manual Manual export 1 TEXT_MANUAL_EXPORT admin/easypopulate 3f54dd80bd325286f066fa489fa47cbd Importación manual Manual import 1 TEXT_MANUAL_IMPORT admin/easypopulate 45b14a68392d8acad6b4909c454e03bb Almacenes reubicar de %s a %s Warehouses Relocate from %s to %s 0 TEXT_MANUAL_STOCK_RELOCATE admin/main a702fe63f461648d2eab47a06ce9f7d0 Stock ilimitado de productos Unlimited Product Stock 0 TEXT_MANUAL_STOCK_UNLIMITED admin/main 1e5a66bff0069143b851febccd98017a Fabricante Manufacturer 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURER admin/categories dd06dcd8311e45e39e887ae19ab65abf Fabricante Manufacturer 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURER main 4f6d4272c54c1044e51b1bc4d82c102d Fabricantes: Manufacturers: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS admin/main 91acf9b992b75a63faeefdec867a9784 Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_DESCRIPTION admin/categories 5bf35cbaddb3e31169d7e2a820cae006 Imagen de marca: Brand image: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_IMAGE admin/categories fe5ebcafc2741d0f5dd677162cd5ad33 Imagen del fabricante: Manufacturers Image: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_IMAGE admin/main 279655dfe622971e1fb16ad29ef5abf4 Etiqueta meta de la marca: Brand meta-tag: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_META_DESCRIPTION admin/categories e0ebaafb339f69b1734df4054da9e215 Descripción meta-etiqueta: Description meta-tag: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_META_DESCRIPTION admin/manufacturers a3a9adfdfe31e894176cb5fc0b9deec5 Metaetiqueta de palabras clave: Keywords meta-tag: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_META_KEYWORDS admin/main 94d73f389647a294d5c1cbf72acf96c4 Etiqueta meta del título: Title meta-tag: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_META_TITLE admin/main b59230b4123d0b09810a66b40e45bab7 Nombre comercial: Brand name: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_NAME admin/categories 5f56e610c53ac9a9153cf39f021d5a8d Nombre del fabricante: Manufacturers Name: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_NAME admin/main 8dbb15dbf65e41132d6970c9b60865ef Marca SEO nombre: Brand SEO name: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_SEO_NAME admin/categories 4f1a41e9c8e27f6b4278952b601bc499 Fabricantes SEO nombre: Manufacturers SEO name: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_SEO_NAME admin/manufacturers 36b1e6b766112372c594af3185c33c44 URL de la marca: Brand url: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_URL admin/categories c3b2451e7b1b34dbfac49da55d039880 URL del fabricante: Manufacturers URL: 1 TEXT_MANUFACTURERS_URL admin/main bf3962faefe795de60190fa0930ebf6f Mapa Map 1 TEXT_MAP admin/design bc7ce7b8803c2af6f9fa4c4db16a75d8 Marzo March 1 TEXT_MAR admin/main e37014c3e53bdc787854c811dab42c37 Margen (%) Margin (%) 1 TEXT_MARGIN admin/categories adc485cc9e4d7bf0521e83b1812b0fd5 Margen inferior Margin bottom 0 TEXT_MARGIN_BOTTOM admin/design 6d7028210472ec1b0eaf219f1763d6d0 Margen izquierdo Margin left 0 TEXT_MARGIN_LEFT admin/design 2af4100a0faab3f89be229b33d56ff95 Margen derecho Margin right 0 TEXT_MARGIN_RIGHT admin/design 4c6541f50677a14b8f20f55277f75e13 Margen superior Margin top 0 TEXT_MARGIN_TOP admin/design 6cb2028bdbb327ed9041fe3fdaab9b51 Marcadores Markers 1 TEXT_MARKER admin/orders 33295a3602fd0793ac811320f7f2a968 Marketing Marketing 1 TEXT_MARKETING admin/main 19bdc2dacee38b1c3ad24081680021b6 Marketing (como se especifica en admin) Marketing (as specified in admin) 0 TEXT_MARKETING_SORT_ORDER admin/main 4e302958f3df7acb725aec01206edd7b Mercados Marketplaces 0 TEXT_MARKETPLACES admin/platforms e90ca7afe255ef3a46d8105d3c6a4a35 Marcar como no estelarizado Mark as not starred 0 TEXT_MARK_NOT_STARRED extensions/messages 9cbfc1dee8bc5382bc4bab1204b50cc5 Marcar como leído Mark as read 0 TEXT_MARK_READ extensions/messages a3bd9091c2f945b9b4bec215e115f7c9 Marcar como estrella Mark as starred 0 TEXT_MARK_STARRED extensions/messages c2b5b5a3dbfd05aaaca1660bbfecf508 Marcar como no leído Mark as unread 0 TEXT_MARK_UNREAD extensions/messages ab02419409ab4938ea770297f87fc789 Maestro Master 0 TEXT_MASTER_PRODUCT admin/main e4d91624a10fa0666b39f84a05f71c06 Coincidencia Match 1 TEXT_MATCH main d7037208a0ed49fac981f5ca134b599e MÁX MAX 1 TEXT_MAX admin/sales_statistics 2461abb359e242c1e2e62040a592c7d6 Introducir recuentos máximos de superventas Enter maximum counts of bestsellers 1 TEXT_MAXIMUM_COUNTS_BESTSELLERS admin/main c7c6a4b226ff3f54aa2515cca59ad9a3 Se permite un máximo de %s entradas de libreta de direcciones. A maximum of %s address book entries allowed. 1 TEXT_MAXIMUM_ENTRIES account/address-book 202fb928ba2c128be16a6eaf9f237f7c Introducir recuentos máximos de productos destacados Enter maximum counts of featured products 1 TEXT_MAXIMUM_FEATURED_PRODUCTS admin/main e9d2b7780745dd8b1616cbddb1d0efd1 Introducir recuentos máximos de revisiones Enter maximum counts of Reviews 1 TEXT_MAXIMUM_REVIEWS admin/main 541ac29495a21273eb9837b6265c32a9 Introducir recuentos máximos de productos especiales Enter maximum counts of specials products 1 TEXT_MAXIMUM_SPECIALS_PRODUCTS admin/main 3a9c6875397659bc321d0cc64ce38610 Altura máxima Max Height 1 TEXT_MAX_HEIGHT admin/design 183241e375e0600e01e84e1ef70c37dd Altura máxima Max Height 0 TEXT_MAX_HEIGHT admin/main 100388c08b15c1973459b018a89c569e Máximo de artículos Max items 1 TEXT_MAX_ITEMS admin/main b1c7a9835a7ab87b11bef8161b92499b Máximo total de pedidos Max order total 0 TEXT_MAX_ORDER_TOTAL admin/main a150798edbc10113fc7b4913cfd39f54 Máximo de productos Max products 1 TEXT_MAX_PRODUCTS admin/main 9761df40ecc8a2eb2b3d10ecbd54aa8f Aplicar un descuento para los primeros N productos Apply a discount for the first N products 0 TEXT_MAX_PRODUCT_QTY admin/coupon_admin 3c84df043bbad75e29034378c2f9429a Cantidad máxima a comprar Max qty to purchase 0 TEXT_MAX_QTY_TO_PURCHASE main a28204c1afa57a50e0d8fe36040dbcc3 Vender hasta Sell up to 0 TEXT_MAX_QTY_TO_SELL admin/main b4dcbf0869948e60e65488490aee968e Máx. en 1 orden Max in 1 order 0 TEXT_MAX_QTY_TO_SELL_IN_ORDER admin/main dd8659a30f71b0823d6273dc93c6df00 Ancho máximo Max Width 0 TEXT_MAX_WIDTH admin/main 2c46e6a8a0aa69bf3974f21c93c74c5e Mayo May 1 TEXT_MAY admin/main f62abf013f73951def17d3abf29811d0 Medio Medium 1 TEXT_MEDIUM admin/main a4ddeaacded559ae2f38573f436d5df2 Menú Menu 1 TEXT_MENU admin/main 285bdad739aabc507af08718f3253169 Menú cambiado. Menu changed. 1 TEXT_MENU_CHANGED admin/main 38808b6f512dc194aeaadad4e7d3cb98 Imagen de menú Menu image 0 TEXT_MENU_IMAGE admin/categories 99f42fab63b3802485934fb5de9f7605 Menú sencillo Simple menu 1 TEXT_MENU_SIMPLE admin/design c5a505a57ddcfad6c28ad5108514c48f Menú Diapositiva Slide menu 1 TEXT_MENU_SLIDER admin/design 7af827a0cf96dcf09a91b408d9d0c449 Estilo de menú Menu style 1 TEXT_MENU_STYLE admin/main 23ec02668a45b47a86fb2c201795d98e Fusionar cliente Merge Customer 1 TEXT_MERGE_CUSTOMER admin/main 62dfed60c99c5faca9056e7ba4ae0032 seguirá igual después de fusionar clientes. Todos los pedidos se fusionarán en una cuenta. will stay the same after merging customers. All orders will be merged to one account. 1 TEXT_MERGING_CUSTOMER admin/customers 717e93f459bd799ee4473c647cd4bd56 Mensaje: Message: 1 TEXT_MESSAGE admin/main 78be6f537651f313f8db7ba218203af0 Mensajes Messages 0 TEXT_MESSAGES extensions/messages 75686dcb80cefb58fcce4597acee3bbb Eliminar mensaje Delete Message 1 TEXT_MESSAGE_DLEETE admin/sms 96194d74aad2a0a49776593d07f4f76e Error... Error... 1 TEXT_MESSAGE_ERROR admin/main 56284df98d99c3b031b83fef29a5fae9 Importe incorrecto Incorrect Amount 0 TEXT_MESSAGE_ERROR_INCORRECT_AMOUNT admin/main c0623b5117250aa75b619ddc9b1151a7 Transacción incorrecta Incorrect Transaction 0 TEXT_MESSAGE_ERROR_INCORRECT_TRANSACTION admin/main d4e2e16828331e5678bd598e7b59c7ff Importe insuficiente Insufficient Amount 0 TEXT_MESSAGE_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_AMOUNT admin/main 3de163ab182dcfa23267921028f2739f No reembolsado. Intente actualizar el estado de la transacción. Not Refunded. Try to update transaction status. 0 TEXT_MESSAGE_ERROR_NOT_REFUNDED_UPDATE admin/main 5c92e659c4b34e65d0b19620ec386cff NO se pudo eliminar la transacción Transaction could NOT be deleted 0 TEXT_MESSAGE_ERROR_TRANSACTION_CANT_DELETE admin/main eed52f3c96d11017f0f7570702189fb3 Terminado Finished 0 TEXT_MESSAGE_FINISHED admin/main 72de0cb569c6fca53ca55899452a3a6a Mensaje enviado Message is sent 1 TEXT_MESSAGE_IS_SENT main 7684aaee1697bf8b7bb7d8dd1c082b96 Se ha actualizado el stock del pedido Order stock has been updated 1 TEXT_MESSAGE_ORDER_STOCK_UPDATED admin/orders 04af25ab0651129eaa949c0b158ac4a5 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este mensaje? Are you sure you want to delete this Message? 1 TEXT_MESSAGE_REMOVE_CONFIRM admin/sms 7d991d16cd8ffb00deac4af246e39022 Grupo guardado correctamente. Group successfully saved. 1 TEXT_MESSEAGE_SUCCESS admin/adminfiles 242d7c52455ba1d9f8619880b7de3734 Actualizado correctamente Updated successfully 1 TEXT_MESSEAGE_SUCCESS admin/main 16ae6bb13f748fedea7b59b734eafef0 Actualizado correctamente Updated successfully 1 TEXT_MESSEAGE_SUCCESS admin/texts 24c9502a3f21d6fbf6e0bbb47e3dac05 Agregado correctamente Successfully addded 1 TEXT_MESSEAGE_SUCCESS_ADDED admin/main 9e33b89ae46719ccf29ebb563357676f éxito success 1 TEXT_MESSTYPE_SUCCESS admin/main bfba56eeb6223506b42a923d05cabd02 Datos cambiados correctamente Data changed successfully 1 TEXT_MESS_DATA_CHANGE_SUCCESS admin/admin_account 7bd30d9f6346213addb76db02b2f0051 El correo electrónico ya existe Email already exists 1 TEXT_MESS_EMAIL_EXISTS admin/admin_account 5faeb94aab58dec09d42b0517e20e550 Esta contraseña es demasiado fácil de descifrar This password is too easy to crack 0 TEXT_MESS_PASSWORD_EASY admin/admin_account 78f4f3c5e7d096bb0e542ecd30ef0600 La contraseña termina con Password ends with 0 TEXT_MESS_PASSWORD_END_AT admin/admin_account 8f86f38f52629dcd9bf3e794e9f5201f La misma contraseña introducida The same password entered 0 TEXT_MESS_PASSWORD_LIKE_CURRENT admin/admin_account b040f68439dba0834e7052efe537b78d Esta contraseña se utilizó anteriormente This password was previously used 0 TEXT_MESS_PASSWORD_OLD admin/admin_account e8777d57c1fc1675d09049de12e73635 La contraseña comienza por Password starts with 0 TEXT_MESS_PASSWORD_START_AT admin/admin_account 86d24eca80bff74499d3d8c2d93b0efb La contraseña es incorrecta Password is wrong 1 TEXT_MESS_PASSWORD_WRONG admin/admin_account f6512bfa23df2328f038bdb572a08533 Datos erróneos Wrong data 1 TEXT_MESS_WRONG_DATA admin/main 73fb6654c0bf03538be672fc00453718 Métrica Metric 1 TEXT_METRIC_SYSTEM admin/main 0b2a36393f3a0142e3fb7fa6595b90f5 centro medio middle center 1 TEXT_MIDDLE_CENTER admin/main 2033b47e8109841286069861840e7430 izquierda central middle left 1 TEXT_MIDDLE_LEFT admin/main 2a9e25113343f5fcfcb88096547b9ca9 Segundo nombre Middle name 0 TEXT_MIDDLE_NAME admin/main b75aa223f2acac5afe54bbbb5c85df16 Segundo nombre Middle name 0 TEXT_MIDDLE_NAME main 8657574d33fcba8c6027c0b583556e8f centro derecha middle right 1 TEXT_MIDDLE_RIGHT admin/main eca7ebf14c9c6ca087d15b92d0495105 MÍN MIN 1 TEXT_MIN admin/sales_statistics 50b5b24f8494d927dbba69e5d32b409a Cantidad mínima Minimal amount 0 TEXT_MINIMAL_AMOUNT main 102f9e0a9c1582c74822ecab19c47d6a Cantidad mínima de pedidos conseguida Achieved minimal orders quantity 1 TEXT_MINIMAL_ORDERS admin/sales_statistics 4492e7e8cd2f4cce9e07c01cf520f4ba Altura mín. Min Height 1 TEXT_MIN_HEIGHT admin/design f24e3ffe2364d639200ab2bf2f3e2f49 Total de pedido mínimo Min order total 0 TEXT_MIN_ORDER_TOTAL admin/main c5a89bbbe6ffc7d8358b0f4723850625 Min q-ty Min q-ty 0 TEXT_MIN_QTY_TO_PURCHASE main af19c7bac1b46054a98fe72ad6d37c84 Ancho mín. Min Width 1 TEXT_MIN_WIDTH admin/main 8383c50c899fd3692bb12e68b86adb92 Móvil Mobile 1 TEXT_MOBILE admin/main b7c90921cf1d76793a48c1be67bc1f80 Modelo Model 1 TEXT_MODEL admin/main dd643a130b89e1abf8248e88c1c8b8a8 Modelo Model 1 TEXT_MODEL main 6bf5a15318d110599fd926751fabb6fc Modelo Model 1 TEXT_MODEL_ email-template 90436783083ea4fc40eedfc43fef243d Modelo (SKU): Model (SKU): 1 TEXT_MODEL_SKU admin/categories f7d81d73b545d6468a3f643195bdd222 ¿Estás seguro? ¿Quitar módulo? Are you sure? Remove module? 1 TEXT_MODULES_REMOVE_CONFIRM admin/modules 4e3ab0c66d5df7d4366d8ceea744438e Quitar datos de extensión y borrar sus tablas de datos Remove extension data and drop its datatables 0 TEXT_MODULES_REMOVE_CONFIRM_DATATABLES admin/modules 601fe913ddbaf58490b3710f39e9eaa2 Quitar módulo Remove module 1 TEXT_MODULES_REMOVE_CONFIRM_HEAD admin/modules 55e00aa790223f1abcaf605057a32371 Módulo actualizado correctamente Module updated successfully 1 TEXT_MODULES_SUCCESS admin/modules aec469ffdcb199133cb61d722763c555 Lunes Monday 1 TEXT_MONDAY admin/main 58f5e3e3eb4e46993620c76ef8c08d1c Lunes Monday 1 TEXT_MONDAY main 1f9e44869183298ac7b074f175bc2e6b meses months 1 TEXT_MONTHS_COMMON admin/main 653408d846aa105b58d054f68d14e3c9 meses months 1 TEXT_MONTHS_COMMON main 73c10cad61ecfc4a57c1f70d2c11d296 Mes antes Month before 1 TEXT_MONTH_BEFORE admin/categories 4882cee1dc81dccb88b7f3d53881ba2e mes month 1 TEXT_MONTH_COMMON admin/main 34ff626ddd3f64bdfbc1deb083931bcf mes month 1 TEXT_MONTH_COMMON main b3f383cfc43c2379525f3390e065e764 Mes para comparar Month to compare 0 TEXT_MONTH_YEAR_CMP admin/sales_statistics 9d65725d7364f40e985385001f6cb52e más more 1 TEXT_MORE admin/main 227c8d6974eac93af7c5965aa9c95a1a más more 1 TEXT_MORE main 6aae04a1e4223e327a815a98571d2c9f Más opciones More options 0 TEXT_MORE_OPTIONS admin/main 26eea2d8ef5d4a69d71be81437595fd1 Más de una visita More then one visit 0 TEXT_MORE_THEN_ONE_VISIT admin/design d453a6aa97e1283af8afedf0651cc96b más reciente most recent 0 TEXT_MOST_RECENT admin/main c0b29b1d17e61d9ddfd680e0e179ef14 Mover <b>%s</b> a: Move <b>%s</b> to: 1 TEXT_MOVE admin/main d9fdea569321b935cb383986f1bcf777 Seleccione la categoría en la que desea que resida <b>%s</b> Please select which category you wish <b>%s</b> to reside in 1 TEXT_MOVE_CATEGORIES_INTRO admin/main 529ae38f570de777babbd801176bdaa6 Mover o copiar categorías/productos a Move or copy categories/products to 0 TEXT_MOVE_OR_COPY_BACH admin/categories f248a4a78ed2a55187fa8a8148edb160 Mover o copiar el producto a Move or copy product to 1 TEXT_MOVE_OR_COPY_PRODUCT_TO admin/categories bc1bcf44807dd4216022904c60780c2f Seleccione la categoría en la que desea que resida <b>%s</b> Please select which category you wish <b>%s</b> to reside in 1 TEXT_MOVE_PRODUCTS_INTRO admin/categories b14e2a8b2a60388b610c4515046daaf8 Mover a Move to 0 TEXT_MOVE_TO main 52c36bb9b76bf6cc8ba568eed3cd3b0b Mover a otra lista Move to another list 0 TEXT_MOVE_TO_ANOTHER_LIST main 4c6a169fe2ded12344adf3463bf1fed8 Mover al carro Move to Cart 0 TEXT_MOVE_TO_CART main 95c05e757639619fcf4b95bb7d427b5f Mover al carro Move to Cart 1 TEXT_MOVE_TO_CART_WISHLIST account/wishlist 07a0df8b0a00370447ec87b636813997 <p><b>Descripción:</b> la principal oportunidad de esta promoción es obtener un descuento adicional en productos o categoría en condición de lograr una suma mínima en cesta. También existe la posibilidad de combinar algunos productos en grupo. En este caso el cliente tiene que comprar todos los productos del grupo para obtener descuento</p> <p><b>Description:</b> the main opportunity of this promotion is getting additional discount on products or category in condition acheiving minimal sum in basket. Also there is a possibility to combine some products in group. In this case customer have to buy all products in group to get discount</p> 0 TEXT_MULTIDISCOUNT_FULL_DESC admin/promotions 45c98e05eecf4a29b7c2ba37289a88c1 Enhorabuena, tienes descuento adicional Congratulation, you have got additional discount 1 TEXT_MULTIDISCOUNT_MESSAGE main 88d1fa0ca8088dd8650701b89116e0b4 Multilínea Multiline 1 TEXT_MULTILINE admin/properties a971f34412b49aa99ee6a9bd22d2387f Opción múltiple Multiple choice 1 TEXT_MULTIPLE admin/properties 9a01c70a4ab25a81a43c75628ca9387b Descuento múltiple Multi Discount 0 TEXT_MULTI_DISCOUNT admin/promotions 7cc7900ee93353d6fda37ce646cad4a3 Descuento múltiple Multi Discount 0 TEXT_MULTI_DISCOUNT main e0eb2e44e5ffaf1ac7a368c361eb8297 Correos electrónicos múltiples Multi Emails 0 TEXT_MULTI_EMAILS admin/customers/customeredit 95bac3cbb48b8a2d9af34f3a0e18c3d2 Varias páginas Multi pages 1 TEXT_MULTI_PAGES admin/main 400710244135c2b9dbc1949636037da6 escriba la contraseña aquí type password here 0 TEXT_MULTI_PASS admin/customers/customeredit 6605afc8b73e88ff8dc4830ecf5a9d3b debe ser único must be unique 1 TEXT_MUST_UNIQUE admin/main 9ab0e5e012fbcba5044757ba12ef7235 Silenciado (la salida de audio del vídeo debe silenciarse) Muted (audio output of the video should be muted) 1 TEXT_MUTED admin/design 414685fe4be390145e9c8eb1dc0f83ee Mi cuenta My Account 1 TEXT_MY_ACCOUNT admin/main 30ba9d5b5926a00ba43d6a09ad5ecee5 Mi cuenta My Account 1 TEXT_MY_ACCOUNT main 960cb220a508245081c9ad4fb0fb7824 Información de Mi cuenta My Account Information 1 TEXT_MY_ACCOUNT_INFORMATION_GROUP sitemap ee2c7f96ea60896f23932775086879c1 Mi contraseña My password 1 TEXT_MY_PASSWORD account 0ac48407db45272aa1c1c5ba4ba7025d Mi portal My Portal 0 TEXT_MY_PORTAL extensions/messages 999d7d0f38cf13d119472d39b476f41b Pago posterior Післяплата 0 TEXT_NALOZHENNUJ_PLATEZH_NP admin/main df89bde2534d1a1e0add022a113e577b Pago posterior Післяплата 0 TEXT_NALOZHENNUJ_PLATEZH_NP main 32b231d5b42b197b47a4073b551027d2 Nombre Name 1 TEXT_NAME account ea634fe9a866948c6152e114e23f5fdc Nombre Name 0 TEXT_NAME admin/customers 78c62aaef0aa7cbbbb99cee3f934df8a Nombre Name 0 TEXT_NAME admin/design 0590a64fcfa0133f3eb620eb06b01505 Nombre: Name: 1 TEXT_NAME admin/properties 09a15f2c6e987e1f1d38eb7e0e34c845 Nombre Name 1 TEXT_NAME main b136d6705ca02bbf927379fd8bc2387a Nombres Names 1 TEXT_NAMES main b5bb1299220d9f3ae707c3a394316b91 Nombres Names 0 TEXT_NAMES wedding 4fa0ca67ba0dbaa3d4198d742a5546f8 Nombre Name 1 TEXT_NAME_ email-template 5f170c909999e77a8a17d8ff7de45369 Nombre alternativo: Alternative Name: 0 TEXT_NAME_ALT admin/main 9a2637448ef92350a12302297748ba07 Nombre y descripción Name and description 1 TEXT_NAME_DESCRIPTION admin/main 9f39e241d168f3189b1df27f97695bfd Campo a reemplazar Field to be replaced 1 TEXT_NAME_IMPORT_DB_FIELD admin/easypopulate dca75ded18fd7e4aa9ac0caf702ddeee Nuevo nombre de campo(s) New field(s) name 1 TEXT_NAME_IMPORT_FILE_FIELD admin/easypopulate 1be65548eada05908a4421574cb9f1cd Nombre en el menú: Name in menu: 1 TEXT_NAME_IN_MENU admin/information_manager b810284b9cbc30731488623918dedcc6 Nombre del producto Product name 0 TEXT_NAME_PERSONAL main 67894cfaf31f971f9b167ba4b1b55821 Nombre / SEO Name / SEO 0 TEXT_NAME_SEO admin/main db49d24e7f431a5282612201bbd9d2af Ha instalado el seguimiento de comercio electrónico de Google, pero Google Analytics está ausente. Configure el código de análisis para que funcione correctamente You have installed google e-commerce tracking but google analytics is absent. Please set up the analytics code to work correctly 1 TEXT_NEED_SETUP_ANALYTICS checkout/success 1d23ab4beb234a318ad735b4369caaa9 No se puede aplicar la transacción reembolsada Refunded transaction can't be applied 0 TEXT_NEGATIVE_TRANSACTION_UNALLOWED admin/orders 18e3690b66e2d6091f08e5325ad1d76d dejar el paquete con un vecino: %s leave package with a neighbour: %s 0 TEXT_NEIGHBOUR_COMMENT admin/orders 598af9790bf4473e9f7be3aacd6beb91 RED NET 1 TEXT_NET admin/categories 9d7f932b2d9d8d07e3ccbd5dd0f937c9 Precio neto <i>(sin impuestos)</i>: Net price <i>(without tax)</i>: 1 TEXT_NET_PRICE admin/main d3af4e3c024aad9d797e5baefe139646 Nuevo New 1 TEXT_NEW admin/main 9e9cfe814be1ece13f0ec1ea5f2a8d45 Boletín informativo: Newsletter: 1 TEXT_NEWSLETTER admin/main 93b5ee64cea1af1d0dbf0213d3207caf A todos los suscriptores del boletín To All Newsletter Subscribers 1 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_CUSTOMERS admin/main e278c84ba98433aafe04f2c5b6b91fcb No enviar (lista predeterminada en la plataforma) Do not send (default list on platform) 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_LINKED_DONOT_LINK admin/subscribers-lists 5170967ffb8de86f4b13bb9f903af11b Enviar esta lista como etiqueta (segmento) o como lista no predeterminada Send this list as tag (segment) or as not default list 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_LINKED_INTRO admin/subscribers-lists ef5bb8b55e3d13c269841861f4614546 se envía como lista is sent as list 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_LINKED_LIST admin/subscribers-lists f260af89a7e2afa503209187b18d1234 se envía como etiqueta is sent as tag 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_LINKED_TAG admin/subscribers-lists ee1cb399b8214840894039e1767334f1 Los detalles de lista/etiqueta se omiten durante la sincronización. List/tag details are ignored during synchronisation. 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_NOT_LINKED admin/subscribers-lists f3fd006cb01b78df934d9f6c10d2db81 Enviar a remitente Send to mailer 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_PASS admin/main ba10692c4b2a1a3a1ac32e9c409866ba Boletín pasado Newsletter passed 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_PASSED admin/main 18f5f249ab3c88d012b37fc8a0443db8 Se ha pasado la plantilla Template has been passed 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_PASS_FINISHED admin/main 534a24f0fb8003b6a50fc12c667bed1c Actualizar Update 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_PASS_UPDATE admin/main 1da5623f6a680ef386a2236f6db2fd1d Se ha actualizado la plantilla Template has been updated 0 TEXT_NEWSLETTER_PASS_UPDATED admin/main 615138869ce2897c5780b3eb13e46360 Nuevo cliente New Customer 0 TEXT_NEW_CUSTOMER admin/main 094759098f58f94bb46662d85df7896b Rellene la siguiente información para la nueva clase Template Please fill out the following information for the new Template class 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/classes d0e051300dbde829ca997b2205475075 Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo cupón.<br> Please fill out the following information for the new coupon.<br> 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/coupon_admin 8cbbab43f6b3ec5d7a1a78a600f3258f Rellene la siguiente información para los nuevos elementos de plantilla Please fill out the following information for the new Template Elements 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/elements 899002b043dacdfef8bdb19aeba05c7f Rellene la siguiente información para la nueva función Please fill out the following information for the new feature 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/features 9f3ff8a86a82bb092f33028083f757a1 Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo grupo Please fill out the following information for the new group 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/groups d876a000a819760232a7aaef737c79b0 Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo fabricante Please fill out the following information for the new manufacturer 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/main 9f2a0d45a9fff443b568aba2b6678f3c Rellene la siguiente información para la nueva plantilla Please fill out the following information for the new Template 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/pc-templates d0202fa4c4179eef0b05c85395cc5d74 Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo catálogo PDF Please fill out the following information for the new PDF Catalogue 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/pdf-catalogues 205915c00550eb724c5f160d7701a866 Rellene la siguiente información para el campo de activos de nuevos productos Please fill out the following information for the new products assets field 0 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/products-assets-fields 07af02d3b1ae8ab592e79e7eca87eba1 Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo grupo de productos Please fill out the following information for the new products group 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/products-groups d6fac575c6577fdb32dfffe7a16ba328 Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo proveedor Please fill out the following information for the new supplier 1 TEXT_NEW_INTRO admin/suppliers 5d73decab1dea1cb908405be59b3e7e4 Crear nuevo pedido Create New Order 0 TEXT_NEW_ORDER pos/main b0668efcb7071ecbb580090ba78f0bd7 Nuevos pedidos New Orders 1 TEXT_NEW_ORDERS admin/main d6d9ab0f2ef350325eae4c93d0426701 Nuevo precio New Price 0 TEXT_NEW_PRICE admin/promotions 0b6823a4dbe083cb4ebb0ace9862085f Nuevo precio New Price 0 TEXT_NEW_PRICE main dafb6373277ac90938ff1a44d3277c9a Nuevo producto New Product 1 TEXT_NEW_PRODUCT admin/categories e722d9712097fe8a95f5cee12ef68e46 Nuevos productos New Products 1 TEXT_NEW_PRODUCTS admin/main a32429dc484e7c5219f07ca8103d0c70 Nuevos productos filtrados New products filtered 0 TEXT_NEW_PRODUCTS_PARAMS admin/main a6019517b2bac601a7e47fd69a114109 Crear reubicación de productos Create Products Relocation 0 TEXT_NEW_PRODUCTS_RELOCATE admin/products-relocate 90a0f95e96422b21fba8b006ed43ed7c Ver nueva URL en el navegador See new url in browser 1 TEXT_NEW_SEO_PAGE_NAME_BROWSER admin/seo_redirects 87af3befd21eed86df68aade1723128c Comprobar nuevo estado de HTTP de URL Check new url Http Status 1 TEXT_NEW_SEO_PAGE_NAME_STATUS admin/seo_redirects 6fe8aa1feb5bbb53e3634a41bd54eae5 — Nuevo proveedor — -- New Supplier -- 1 TEXT_NEW_SUPPLIER admin/categories a40c27cce92191917c82d59ea32d8e93 Marcar como nuevo hasta Mark as new until 0 TEXT_NEW_UNTIL admin/main 111075c4839ef40e50516d7a4a4ee918 Siguiente Next 1 TEXT_NEXT admin/main e20b8473f282b5f11fc98c30756b5a2a <p><b>Descripción:</b> la principal oportunidad de esta promoción es obtener un descuento adicional en cada próximo producto según el paso de cantidad </p> <p><b>Description:</b> the main opportunity of this promotion is getting additional discount on each next product accordinly to quantity step </p> 0 TEXT_NEXTDISCOUNT_FULL_DESC admin/promotions e61f86520a28ff13d1e40bcc0f389a24 Entrega al día siguiente Next day delivery 0 TEXT_NEXT_DAY_DELIVERY admin/design 7ae910e616e5e492ad9634a4bfde5467 Entrega al día siguiente Next day delivery 0 TEXT_NEXT_DAY_DELIVERY main 85253a150091a5ed40ab24a1e85f9751 Entrega al día siguiente Next day delivery 1 TEXT_NEXT_DELIVERY admin/main 0a9bc9ca198b1f4e8b5241722e410cf5 Cada %s horas Every %s hours 0 TEXT_NN_HOURS admin/main 849f1d8529990e1a9f5c75987839abea No No 1 TEXT_NO admin/main 354db33e0a2e2ec45b994d4eb25a5922 No No 1 TEXT_NO main 455e5c3100ec4b70d7d7d1295c73f1f0 No No 1 TEXT_NO purchaseorders 8159690b5383748eed66858d7664e83a —ninguno— --none-- 1 TEXT_NONE admin/main 9a79eaaa6cd7a20a4849edb6b3593f76 —ninguno— --none-- 1 TEXT_NONE main 9fd6e3f65428533a111cd14301ea1db6 Ninguno de los grupos tiene descuento en la venta None groups have discount on sale 0 TEXT_NONE_GROUP_WITH_SALE_DISCOUNT admin/main b1ce349217bbd6daa2b369d866a587e4 NO SSL NONSSL 1 TEXT_NONSSL admin/information_manager bd7e75a389060864a20bf7f1df9c0e8a inexistente non-existent 1 TEXT_NON_EXISTEN admin/categories 241aafeded7451eb1830ad290013ad8d normal normal 1 TEXT_NORMAL admin/main 44d72986fe7bd1800a0fd0bd4533f6a1 Nota Note 1 TEXT_NOTE admin/main 871dbb510ff8410a55d6d8de106123d3 No se encontró nada Nothing found 0 TEXT_NOTHING_FOUND admin/main 45c7b9217bf85686ea2328624f732d26 Configuración de notificación Notice settings 0 TEXT_NOTICE_SETTINGS admin/design 358b555c328da986b3ccf3ceb83a27ed Notificación Notification 1 TEXT_NOTIFIC admin/main 2cc03e6bf592d8da46fed199a72e70f4 Notificado Notified 0 TEXT_NOTIFIED admin/report-products-notify 545bba78d0ad9ca590a64aa97d614f4f Notificar al cliente Notify Customer 1 TEXT_NOTIFY admin/customers 2889fe865ace2b40173858332f9240a0 Notificar de nuevo en stock Notify back in stock 0 TEXT_NOTIFY_BACK_IN_STOCK admin/categories/productedit d2a51b3d582c1f414673917c813b8c97 inactivo inactive 1 TEXT_NOT_ACTIVE admin/customers 21d82e2d5f64a2e58e4a46d3b59f55ea No activo Not active 1 TEXT_NOT_ACTIVE admin/main 293e73d27c6e15025888389a8dcc2b6d permisos insuficientes not enough permissions 0 TEXT_NOT_ALLOWED account e5a4af61c7dcd975926d3f5b3b5def0a No todos los productos son necesarios Not all producta are necessary 0 TEXT_NOT_ALL_PRODS_NECESSARY admin/promotions 1e4ce546a121c26b38dd0c5fbf041d06 no sólo disponible not available only 0 TEXT_NOT_AVAILABLE_ONLY admin/main 22885549543585f5a02d20844309de23 No comprobado Not Checked 1 TEXT_NOT_CHECKED admin/main a3c38c3479c265d655b885c9760cffbe Aún no has elegido el tema You haven't chosen theme yet 1 TEXT_NOT_CHOOSEN admin/platforms/edit 9b82f73662465aebe075685d93631a2f Sin contacto Uncontacted 1 TEXT_NOT_CONTACTED admin/recover_cart_sales 33ac3b87abfae941fe46eadf589c1423 No totalmente pagado Not fully paid 1 TEXT_NOT_FULLY_PAID main 54d35aae839508c9365ccfbac762f310 Cliente no registrado Not logged customer 0 TEXT_NOT_LOGGED_CUSTOMER admin/design 7a08ec600da1dc9bf50717b47f003430 No notificado Not notified 0 TEXT_NOT_NOTIFIED admin/report-products-notify 08e99e97e8dde88070f86644b1496bf9 Pedidos no procesados Unprocessed orders 1 TEXT_NOT_PROCESSED_ORDERS admin/main a3ca85c82651514eee876959b8a23e0d Sin procesar Unprocessed 0 TEXT_NOT_PROCESSED_ORDERS_DASHBOARD admin/main 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Haga clic en más para agregar nuevos. None set up. Click more to add new. 0 TEXT_NOT_SET_UP_CLICK_MORE admin/main d3577dd8e9bdd0979e8430fdaaffd778 No suscrito Not subscribed 1 TEXT_NOT_SUBSCRIBED admin/main 003b94e1b7c891bb1e4567d4e0daefc6 <b>Cupones no enviados:</b> <b>Not sent coupons:</b> 1 TEXT_NOT_USED_COUPONS admin/recover_cart_sales 73d1e3c478aa9d9d596fe3ac6d2b0bd4 No válido Not Valid 1 TEXT_NOT_VALID admin/main 2aae55b8127c1b28581839449f09c420 No válido Not Valid 0 TEXT_NOT_VALID main 660edcafea30c381559353541e0a966d No se puede validar. Inténtalo de nuevo más tarde Can't validate. Try again later 0 TEXT_NOT_VALIDATED admin/main 585b1873a972a50b0e66f4f90adc12e4 No se puede validar. Inténtalo de nuevo más tarde Can't validate. Try again later 0 TEXT_NOT_VALIDATED main 7b301c1a15e6bde8d8fed511c0e04717 Noviembre November 1 TEXT_NOV admin/main c59f99b8a5d5c8d2f914445f043b017b ' ahora ' now 1 TEXT_NOW main 9625f0dacd2f49dcf11065756fdfd007 (Ahora el cliente tiene: %s crédito) (Now Customer have: %s credit) 1 TEXT_NOW_CUTOMER_HAVE admin/orders dbf26dc84966ef41b6abb0b17179f930 Sin listado B2B No B2B listing 1 TEXT_NO_B2B_LISTING admin/design b991e58fd7c974915c5a047e5973cf82 Sin listado de columnas No column listing 1 TEXT_NO_COLUMN_LISTING admin/design c51263848f969c4cbed7be783d565d55 El seguimiento no está configurado Tracking is not configured 0 TEXT_NO_ECOMMERCE admin/orders-ga 845e04b82ef3bd113017f58d05d70348 Error: No se encontró la dirección de correo electrónico en nuestros registros. Inténtelo de nuevo. Error: The E-Mail Address was not found in our records, please try again. 1 TEXT_NO_EMAIL_ADDRESS_FOUND account/password-forgotten cd79ef273ce0c3295d5842c6d73a2fa4 Ninguna None 1 TEXT_NO_EXTENSION admin/backup c8efb6de599c5054bda33c870a0c2ca6 Sin filtros No filters 0 TEXT_NO_FILTERS admin/design 15406d8451ecf8bc1904e21292950bc4 NO SEGUIR NOFOLLOW 1 TEXT_NO_FOLLOW admin/main 2376a1e09fbcc9b2892eb4458aa803f9 <span><strong class="mark">NOTA:</strong>&nbsp;El código HTML no se ha traducido.</span> <span><strong class="mark">NOTE:</strong>&nbsp;HTML is not translated!</span> 1 TEXT_NO_HTML reviews/login c3d30870ccaf7d5979cf2e66f17cbe64 NOÍNDICE NOINDEX 1 TEXT_NO_INDEX admin/main 226a3c5af877ef02399f2bdf611cfe5a Sin coincidencia No Match 1 TEXT_NO_MATCH main db06a877b8427d4ec85c08fdc55f8024 Métodos no disponibles Methods not available 0 TEXT_NO_METHODS_AVAIBLE admin/design 98b24a8097bc1101aa0e52a434a17fbc Métodos no disponibles Methods not available 0 TEXT_NO_METHODS_AVAILABLE admin/design ad52e32241595cd6497e2fbee7005e2a Métodos no disponibles Methods not available 0 TEXT_NO_METHODS_AVAILABLE admin/main 6213a13afd2b355e1fdaa4db6da00def No hay historial de pedidos disponible No Order History Available 1 TEXT_NO_ORDER_HISTORY admin/main 962578001aeeb5f709d2f7e4b9f530f0 No hay ningún producto que coincida con los criterios de búsqueda. There is no product that matches the search criteria. 1 TEXT_NO_PRODUCTS catalog/advanced-search c0ab8cf836698f58bc1d8df0799daece Actualmente no hay productos en esta gama. There are currently no products in this range. 1 TEXT_NO_PRODUCTS main b3124dd0a4274f5638659b0996b088b2 ¡No hay productos! There are no products! 1 TEXT_NO_PRODUCTS_FOUND admin/orders/order-edit 57fbff9a15711dcc3ee020511c8d63f6 No hay productos en su lista de deseos No products are in your Wishlist 1 TEXT_NO_PRODUCTS_IN_WISHLIST account/wishlist 6a6c7c9ec183e2f55e40724389902d52 Aún no ha realizado ninguna compra. You have not yet made any purchases. 1 TEXT_NO_PURCHASES account/history 4aa09adc357d5d9057b4031513c9828f no repetir no repeat 1 TEXT_NO_REPEAT admin/main 723e291b5c645343efa179ea1b073945 sin redimensionar no resize 1 TEXT_NO_RESIZE admin/main efa4036a836074353a0338715713902e Actualmente no hay reseñas de productos. There are currently no product reviews. 1 TEXT_NO_REVIEWS main b1280c915163ed87f99a26e4d1a44679 Sin listado de filasN No Rows listingN 1 TEXT_NO_ROWS_LISTING admin/design 1eecf094ed225e823748f0e8fd3e3028 Por favor, seleccione al menos uno!" Please, select at least one!" 1 TEXT_NO_SELECTED_CATEGORIES admin/main 50e7c05a5cc1b3cc5e47dce9fc5310df Por favor, seleccione al menos uno!" Please, select at least one!" 1 TEXT_NO_SELECTED_CUSTOMERS admin/main 0a6b87fed98dcac10be2a313e6078060 Por favor, seleccione al menos uno!" Please, select at least one!" 1 TEXT_NO_SELECTED_ORDERS admin/main 12a1e33166e692eae13325ceacde3f82 Por favor, seleccione al menos uno!" Please, select at least one!" 1 TEXT_NO_SELECTED_PRODUCTS admin/main c14ebb655078533561cc7397f325f425 sin clasificación no sorting 1 TEXT_NO_SORTING admin/design 6dc3bf894b72ab2a793d177263f0897d Predeterminado Default 1 TEXT_NO_SORTING main 8852e4e759ee73ec71316d3b9d4e7198 Sin estado No status 1 TEXT_NO_STATUS admin/main dfad849164af57a30822d95ed9412676 Sin transacciones No transactions 0 TEXT_NO_TRANSACTIONS admin/orders 79e9f0e38198de12e18ed388ab7e1ff1 No aplicar marca de agua Don't apply watermark 1 TEXT_NO_WATERMARK admin/categories cb4124a2dcf5b6d9b2473df5e12b2cf6 Número: Number: 1 TEXT_NUMBER admin/categories 5f1fd317e509e3d6436ede3ff51cbae1 Número Number 0 TEXT_NUMBER admin/main 7fc4c70e15d5fab804683a71c44b3b14 Número Number 1 TEXT_NUMBER admin/properties d83dd36214bc10c9573c9a25820cbd93 Número Number 0 TEXT_NUMBER main 77fe47dd692fcfa223f533a595faf990 Intervalo de números Number Interval 1 TEXT_NUMBER_INTERVAL admin/properties 8844a5ea7e7ac47fb00c6afd4339f38d Octubre October 1 TEXT_OCT admin/main a6337ddce32904cdefb5ce516e826fc5 Finaliza la oferta (venta) Offer (Sale) Ends 0 TEXT_OFFER_SALE_ENDS admin/design 3b6118463bcd4ca12745382cb215a151 Sin conexión Offline 1 TEXT_OFFLINE admin/recover_cart_sales 9c6a40f3b6693896e7ef15d39f90a0f3 Desactivado seleccionado Off Selected 1 TEXT_OFF_SELECTED admin/main 0404be7b5b36bb5c13937e77ddfd9e81 total of total 1 TEXT_OF_TOTAL admin/orders 41d6fca0db3dce21af7d0b872dc16cb1 Ok Ok 1 TEXT_OK admin/main 91736fd4c30965b8fb2da07140304cb8 Ok Ok 0 TEXT_OK admin/orders-ga 0eb9582e4f43ce6a32ea7dbd4a6dc590 Ok Ok 0 TEXT_OK main 3146157dbbf5e8dad8c78dd8ac0a8c60 Antiguo Old 0 TEXT_OLD admin/main 0131bfbe3e398d05193660ac6ea6c284 Anuncio antiguo Old listing 0 TEXT_OLD_LISTING admin/design 56cf7466ea039f39ac8a447ab0290eb9 Nombre de página de SEO antiguo: Old SEO Page Name: 1 TEXT_OLD_SEO_PAGE_NAME admin/main 0d7d2c1419a6fdd64e13952cae5bb691 Ver URL antigua en el navegador See old url in browser 1 TEXT_OLD_SEO_PAGE_NAME_BROWSER admin/main 563ae550e899df1e3245e0dae0612c6f Comprobar estado HTTP Check Http Status 1 TEXT_OLD_SEO_PAGE_NAME_STATUS admin/main 305f5876de2b5895a8529eac1a2bf997 URL SEO antigua: Old SEO URL: 1 TEXT_OLD_SEO_URL admin/seo-delivery-location 3b401199ce6b50f4315e73ae1e606e7e Una caja One box 1 TEXT_ONE_BOX admin/main eee6686bbdc4dd90d28da92326111304 Una página One page 1 TEXT_ONE_PAGE admin/main c6cfc7f03c93161ade77c96a88b276aa En línea Online 1 TEXT_ONLINE admin/recover_cart_sales 270020e01ee27610750916672c033346 Solo productos activos en árbol Only active products in tree 0 TEXT_ONLY_ACTIVE_PRODUCTS admin/main b87dc763cc6e671ecfe547a8b70f2c04 Mostrar para grupos de administradores Show for manager groups 0 TEXT_ONLY_FOR_ADMIN_GROUP admin/orders-comment-template 58ce7ccf1cc8ff8eb744a36a2e3938dd El pago se ha procesado. Payment has been processed. 0 TEXT_ON_BEHALF_PAYMENT_SUCCESSFUL main 8a3f455b7388d74bf0689b1012303fb5 Al seleccionar On selected 1 TEXT_ON_SELECTED admin/main dedf6b2371627c0413c9aa93a24cefd2 Abierto Opened 1 TEXT_OPENED admin/main 0e92778ef3c180310cdf7f13d26d93c0 Horario de apertura Opening hours 1 TEXT_OPENING_HOURS main 390b06374de46cfc5f8f41ea785b465b Abrir todo Open all 1 TEXT_OPEN_ALL admin/coupon_admin 7448b94ffe657bbfa2e8a6d606cad218 Abrir carrito emergente Open cart popup 1 TEXT_OPEN_CART_POPUP admin/design a118f546a9f9d089f3219214cb59277b Abrir desde Open from 0 TEXT_OPEN_FROM admin/design 2363cf47253e31e1324075c458f9d004 Abrir en emergente Open in popup 0 TEXT_OPEN_IN_POPUP admin/design 3ab330a16db05404e5a7fa375b9a236a Abrir mapa Open map 1 TEXT_OPEN_MAP admin/configuration 8c6fa8274adced1c479073351020f0dc Abrir en nueva pestaña Open in new tab 1 TEXT_OPEN_NEW_TAB admin/design cd0cfb10d91c083d864ea740f7dff7a2 Editar en editor WYSIWYG Edit in WYSIWYG Editor 1 TEXT_OPEN_WYSIWYG_EDITOR admin/main 6017749b7caa5f27fa4c328385ffef42 Sistema operativo Operating System 1 TEXT_OPERATING_SYSTEM admin/recover_cart_sales d009aef627a5e6c1e116dac7845368b6 En espera: Awaiting: 0 TEXT_OPR_AWAITING admin/main 9b8214e8dcae043e4733a225b3a52731 La asignación del producto no es válida. Product allocation is invalid! 0 TEXT_OPR_ERROR_INVALID admin/main 950e9a6cb9219200494debc618fa3593 Modelo: Model: 0 TEXT_OPR_MODEL admin/main cd4485084b56b54a8629e2c4845927bd Orden Order 0 TEXT_OPR_ORDER admin/main 49339fd65f0bb2a6f654454c8f89b90b Cantidad: Quantity: 0 TEXT_OPR_QUANTITY admin/main 6cdce6c06e9db76dee67a03b4faec4a5 Opción: Option: 1 TEXT_OPTION admin/properties 77e991ebef85daab8e96bb3613c75f3c Opcional Optional 1 TEXT_OPTIONAL_ELEMENT admin/pc-templates 571b554b27044689dc8791f138d0d2de Opciones: Options: 1 TEXT_OPTIONS admin/orders/order-edit 7f6dadfabb8ac124ad52223677330e3d Atributos Attributes 1 TEXT_OPTION_ATTRIBUTES admin/easypopulate 5505a3b78b9f037db17437c1f4484b76 Detección automática Auto detect 1 TEXT_OPTION_AUTO admin/easypopulate ae09198804c4ed906e97aceb71080dd4 Categorías Categories 1 TEXT_OPTION_CATEGORIES admin/easypopulate 2e30f0ef95cf786dc5aa89dbf61c9396 <b>Aviso:</b> %s producto(s) y %s valor(s) está(n) vinculado(s) a este valor. Se eliminarán los vínculos a los productos de la casa. <b>Notice:</b> %s product(s) and %s value(s) is(are) linked to this value. Links to thouse product(s) will be deleted. 1 TEXT_OPTION_DELETE_NOTICE admin/productsattributes ac568ce054b8d24ccda36a5e38029bdc Descargar todo Download all 1 TEXT_OPTION_DOWNLOAD_CATALOG admin/easypopulate d7d39f8b830599c300e9152ab037c7b9 CSV CSV 1 TEXT_OPTION_EXPORT_CSV admin/easypopulate 0ce77bcff8f40067bf72782cb74afbe8 XML XML 1 TEXT_OPTION_EXPORT_ORDERS_NEW_XML admin/easypopulate 9adce9405094379b6944297ac9ff916e CREMALLERA ZIP 1 TEXT_OPTION_EXPORT_ZIP admin/easypopulate 09ed09612c5018886a17dc03379169d5 Imágenes Images 1 TEXT_OPTION_IMAGES admin/easypopulate 54df720c72f399980f64c6eaac3e0f82 Inventario Inventory 1 TEXT_OPTION_INVENTORY admin/easypopulate 2368a9d6471db64f58df57f5aaa33e18 %s producto(s) y %s valor(s) vinculados a esta opción %s product(s) and %s value(s) linked to this option 1 TEXT_OPTION_NOTICE admin/productsattributes cb84188a279a52f5a62748463cf3f59f Productos Products 1 TEXT_OPTION_PRODUCT admin/easypopulate b2e99899eeada6f380e9fea5a2e76fbe Asignar productos a categorías Assign products to categories 1 TEXT_OPTION_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES admin/easypopulate 4167719f4abd710bf894192dee663399 Propiedades Properties 1 TEXT_OPTION_PROPERTIES admin/easypopulate 70b6a63d472c99e14d458e44ea354a03 Configuración de propiedades Properties Setup 1 TEXT_OPTION_PROPERTIES_SETTINGS admin/easypopulate 6927cb1c60136ff05e67367a238d2ad7 Precios especiales Special Prices 0 TEXT_OPTION_SALES_FEED admin/easypopulate 8cc806b4c3564ce039aba7d66d8de2f3 Existencias Stock 1 TEXT_OPTION_STOCK_FEED admin/easypopulate e8ff57c89b10a2ac78a8c4ed7d8fe76f Eliminar valor Delete value 1 TEXT_OPTION_VALUE_DELETE_HEADING admin/productsattributes 2990db78faf6d0080f5ccc543f60483a ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este valor? Are you sure you want to delete this value? 1 TEXT_OPTION_VALUE_DELETE_INTRO admin/productsattributes 6efd4d86ea78d601bfd0b282a5b195df <b>Aviso:</b> %s productos están vinculados a este valor. Se eliminarán los vínculos a los productos de la casa. <b>Notice:</b> %s product(s) is(are) linked to this value. Links to thouse product(s) will be deleted. 1 TEXT_OPTION_VALUE_DELETE_NOTICE admin/productsattributes e60e9f78ecbf9275cab84f0d2392406c Editar valor Edit value 1 TEXT_OPTION_VALUE_EDIT_HEADING admin/productsattributes ca2801cd8aa5821b96a26d5173517e9e Nuevo valor New value 1 TEXT_OPTION_VALUE_NEW_HEADING admin/productsattributes 1dd5300f8eefd756641c07ea9e87809b %s producto(s) está(n) vinculado(s) a este valor. %s product(s) is(are) linked to this value. 1 TEXT_OPTION_VALUE_NOTICE admin/productsattributes 680d15a8da642886770cc36b3463c720 o or 1 TEXT_OR admin/main 4fd0e5e6c72ea011a0a25e6f2517b1c4 o or 1 TEXT_OR main 8f5df920605e2ba8331f7d7832ced217 Pedidos Orders 1 TEXT_ORDERS admin/main 0259aad9275ad506938c00bc8ac228cf Promedio de pedidos AVG of orders 1 TEXT_ORDERS_AVG admin/sales_statistics 58d7a25f94c7b56c3ca529d9168bd072 Historial de pedidos Orders History 0 TEXT_ORDERS_HISTORY admin/design 2bcff058cbe44a8b6ca548797276b238 Pedidos Orders 1 TEXT_ORDERS_ONLY admin/categories eecf56c9214cad81755b408460761b4f Permitir Asignación de Productos de Pedido Allow Order Product Allocation 0 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_ALLOCATE_ALLOW admin/orders_status ec03701e470552411fc84840b04eb8f2 Grupo de estado: Status Group: 1 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUP admin/orders_status 7425ed21c843016be14d5f5c87069df8 Permitir liberar pagos diferidos Allow release deferred payments 0 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_RELEASE_DEFERRED admin/orders_status 51b3d249f2cd58b816065aa5013cff05 Plantilla de correo electrónico de administrador Admin email template 1 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_TEMPLATE admin/orders_status 81fabbd4e931b883f91c8a195ff7e2f1 Plantilla de correo electrónico de usuario User Email Template 1 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_TEMPLATE_CONFIRM admin/main 81c5ec9fddeed1929179748a679c0027 Plantilla SMS de confirmación Confirmation SMS Template 0 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_TEMPLATE_SMS admin/main 830f41fcca69ed5935e359a97b5ed509 Tipo de estado Status Type 0 TEXT_ORDERS_STATUS_TYPE admin/main e70dde5b39fda9be9efb5b99c794f591 Importe del pedido Order amount 1 TEXT_ORDER_AMOUNT admin/categories 54aef442e70f9bfd9784df8e3e3b77b8 Facturado a: Billed To: 1 TEXT_ORDER_BILLED_TO account/history 9c563c7ea74135dcfe376114f1f24b3e Esta orden está ocupada por This order is busy by 0 TEXT_ORDER_BUSSY_BY admin/editor/owner fc2aac84435863393655444a33b8466a ¿Desea asignar este pedido a su cuenta? Do you want to assign this order to your account? 0 TEXT_ORDER_CHANGE_OWNER admin/editor/owner 5976e165fcb0aa1720f1cccf1a123648 Confirmación del pedido Order Confirmation 0 TEXT_ORDER_CONFIRMATION admin/main b403fa22a30e5470d62fef11925e56ab Número de pedidos: Order count: 1 TEXT_ORDER_COUNT admin/customers 16269af76da17050cac0ee47587b9113 Datos de pedidos Orders Data 0 TEXT_ORDER_DATA admin/design b28d78e6cd6fdb1b6543c8e1b486e711 Fecha: Date: 1 TEXT_ORDER_DATE account 7a434b10aebb5e36d350edc35b7c6ec6 Fecha de pedido Order Date 1 TEXT_ORDER_DATE account/history dc465127f05619a06f661a89fd21e75c Grupo de pedidos / estado Order group / status 1 TEXT_ORDER_GROUP_STATUS admin/sales_statistics ee53aa212c75f0d793a93ff0ffd3eddb Encabezado de pedido Order Heading 0 TEXT_ORDER_HEADING admin/design 7e89b44b77874d19ae7966daf3f8b57d Encabezado de pedido Order Heading 0 TEXT_ORDER_HEADING admin/main 9a26e556b760067da39c8dd9c69337dd Historial de creación/edición de pedidos Order creating/editing history 1 TEXT_ORDER_HISTORY admin/orders c104ef33fbc8dc47de2ec0a831a4b0e4 Nº DE PEDIDO ORDER# 1 TEXT_ORDER_ID admin/design eb17a1fb84e53c0b11ed93d6c587e944 Id. de pedido Order ID 1 TEXT_ORDER_ID admin/main 393487a9e53931c73dd426324c8e7b26 Id. de pedido Order ID 1 TEXT_ORDER_ID purchaseorders 6ae71ff484559972bdff77bcbe6069d4 Leyenda de pedidos Order legend 1 TEXT_ORDER_LEGEND admin/orders 2ae25fc232493b0303b6098508eaf94c Pedido # Order # 1 TEXT_ORDER_NUM admin/orders 3444baac6f059a18bdf9fbfd520f0609 Presupuesto # Quotation # 1 TEXT_ORDER_NUM admin/quotation 0a8f96ecacfe9f45800c161e74c22b21 Ejemplo # Sample # 1 TEXT_ORDER_NUM admin/samples 0a8f96ecacfe9f45800c161e74c22b21 Nº de suscripción Subscription # 1 TEXT_ORDER_NUM admin/subscription 740048e1d7c727df83e6709f0cefbb16 Número de pedido Order Number 1 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER account 3fa4c747a81ff93d84c480e334cfa78f Número de pedido: Order Number: 1 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER account/history 777586177536bd5773efc0602e985b8a Agregar formato de pedido Add Order Format 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_ADDFORMAT admin/invoice_nformat ba68b5562a9cd05451033a7b110321c4 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este formato? Are you sure you want to delete this format? 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_ARE_YOU_SURE admin/invoice_nformat 2406680779e091c94f34bad4013f3bd4 Ambos Both 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_BOTH admin/invoice_nformat e0afff3b52373195032aa5b1b561e92d No se puede procesar la solicitud. Cannot process the request. 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_CANNOT_PROCESS admin/invoice_nformat cb57c685698c2d492e11244c52341d2e El contador de número de pedido comienza en Order number counter starts from 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_COUNTER_STARTS_FROM admin/invoice_nformat 1de81c0f8c8ec61a76acc975e27543f5 El intervalo de fechas no es válido. Date range is not valid. 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_DATE_RANGE_NOTVALID admin/invoice_nformat e816bcc040247cbbe79cfd8e5bd2f73e Editar formato de pedido Edit Order Format 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_EDIT_FORMAT admin/invoice_nformat 8c4f834df935fb014fb144f24f5e7cdb El año fiscal comienza el Fiscal year starts on 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_FISCAL_YEAR admin/invoice_nformat 8cddf9ab3ae64635bd017a709d2abff5 Formato Format 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_FORMAT admin/invoice_nformat 338a07f5588f4d6c7c696411c7e651ef Cambiar formato de número Change number format 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_FORMAT_BUTTON admin/invoice_nformat 495b461664f9cb64d4daffa21d15c888 Y: representación numérica completa de un año, 4 dígitos Ejemplos: 2021<br/>y - Una representación de dos dígitos de un año Ejemplos: 99 o 03<br/>0Xc - contador de factura con X dígitos cero relleno Ejemplos: 04c => 0001; 02c => 01 o 123 (para la factura 123)<br/>Ejemplo completo: GGY-04c => GG2021-0001 Y - A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits Examples: 2021<br/>y - A two digit representation of a year Examples: 99 or 03<br/>0Xc - invoice counter with X digits zero padding Examples: 04c => 0001; 02c => 01 or 123 (for invoice 123)<br/>Full example: GGY-04c => GG2021-0001 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_FORMAT_DESCRIPTION admin/invoice_nformat e9c11f92e90156e8f7d415d31bfc1bd7 El contador de número de factura comienza en Invoice number counter starts from 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_INVOICE_STARTS_FROM admin/invoice_nformat 0014603a072b3718b7eaa29bc76ca93e Última actualización Last Updated 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_LASTUPDATED admin/invoice_nformat 4d032bc9499ef1ab2b8796e0fa957b8c Eliminar el formato de número de pedido Delete the order number format 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_POPUP_TITLE admin/invoice_nformat cc85953bb4ffa47291889e5c057594d3 Los campos obligatorios están vacíos. Required fields are empty. 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_REQUIRED_FIELDS_EMPTY admin/invoice_nformat 2febabb760c06e7ea7b88a5c17c0ac62 El formato de número se guardó correctamente. The number format was successfully saved. 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_SUCCESSFULLY_SAVED admin/invoice_nformat be3e1e3d7a8c8a253d3d35f2663ba17c Tipo Type 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_TYPE admin/invoice_nformat 104e765acef9fe15e9dbb7b66a9adfd6 Factura Invoice 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_TYPE_INVOICE admin/invoice_nformat 99d76cdc9f2500df81164d60c3c445d9 Orden Order 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_TYPE_ORDER admin/invoice_nformat d22bc4f277eb63bf7bad41e06e6d8a20 Válido desde Valid From 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_VALIDFROM admin/invoice_nformat 052e70b7c78eeec322237fae3d8b2b14 Válido para Valid To 0 TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER_VALIDTO admin/invoice_nformat 46ea3db8a0d81647aba9f3a3740c841d Propietario del pedido Order Owner 0 TEXT_ORDER_OWNER admin/main 5a65167778067d2f958a6dcf8939d4e6 Pago del pedido Order Pay 0 TEXT_ORDER_PAY admin/main 8cb663221589e147da1681e8b1be6876 Pedido realizado: Order Placed: 1 TEXT_ORDER_PLACED admin/orders 015e85c4f9b5d180ad9e62ae0a50f0ff Punto de recogida Collection Point 1 TEXT_ORDER_POINT_TO_TEXT admin/orders adbe728033c88c6efc1d2468d461b4b5 Productos Products 1 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCTS account 351a2d2d6a16a687deeeefe8c1c02d18 Productos Products 1 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCTS account/history dd3ca56ba4b3615a2c1052564b525ea6 Reposición en el producto Cancelación Restock on product Cancellation 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_DO_CANCEL_RESTOCK admin/main 10949cf432ac3fa6c1a3149ff5df0ef8 Reposición en el producto Cancelación Restock on product Cancellation 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_DO_CANCEL_RESTOCK main 110b3d223183ca8bbe602fb05ed79826 Reabastecer el producto Error de distribución Restock on product Dispatching error 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_DO_DISPATCH_ERROR_RESTOCK admin/main 701e90c68a6aac570fc851d7e1542b7b Reabastecer el producto Error de distribución Restock on product Dispatching error 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_DO_DISPATCH_ERROR_RESTOCK main 9ddbb081d22bc9e8fdc2d8126ba73cc8 Reponer el presupuesto del producto Restock on product Quotation 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_DO_QUOTE_RESTOCK admin/main a58fd56b0a0257bc9aeb522099290f7d Reponer el presupuesto del producto Restock on product Quotation 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_DO_QUOTE_RESTOCK main 888095eed05e6ac22b92e49e79d37525 producto(s) será devuelto a stock! product(s) will be returned to stock! 0 TEXT_ORDER_PRODUCT_RESTOCK_WARNING_MESSAGE admin/main 01fcd063e65512e5a0e0f709f0d74db5 %s ha asignado este pedido a otra cuenta. This order has been assigned to other account by %s. 0 TEXT_ORDER_REASSIGNED admin/main 5ff1b81f6eaf8563fa9fd31fe26e6e54 Referencia del pedido / Nº del pedido de compra Order Reference / Purchase Order No. 1 TEXT_ORDER_REFERENCE admin/design 3c2a7519940b46ec47ada71545a7ac90 Referencia del pedido / Nº del pedido de compra Order Reference / Purchase Order No. 1 TEXT_ORDER_REFERENCE shopping-cart fe4fabb474c5a5a01045e6f7a8e4de16 Reubicación de pedido Order relocate 0 TEXT_ORDER_RELOCATE admin/main 427c32934956875b34b0f75b9d8a85b0 Enviado a Shipped To 1 TEXT_ORDER_SHIPPED_TO account 81c5434b5ffe4fc65e74748382caf440 Enviado a Shipped To 1 TEXT_ORDER_SHIPPED_TO account/history af98b31f48035aae442e3fdaa6ef6665 Estado Status 1 TEXT_ORDER_STATUS account 6991180ec4ab481e686dc1386ae7f7cb Estado del pedido Order Status 1 TEXT_ORDER_STATUS account/history 9b1dd4c365d377451bcdf2fe008d593e Detalles del estado del pedido Order status details 1 TEXT_ORDER_STATUS admin/main 3d71dda3c1a74d84ee30fdbcc57d3d30 Evaluación automática del estado del pedido Automated order status evaluation 0 TEXT_ORDER_STATUS_AUTO_EVALUATE admin/main e9446cbbb02d75964a77f7929f643e24 Evaluación automática del estado del pedido Automated order status evaluation 0 TEXT_ORDER_STATUS_AUTO_EVALUATE main 816eb54ff1101d29cd75cb6d9686165c Solicitar actualización de stock Order Stock Update 1 TEXT_ORDER_STOCK_UPDATE admin/main be6a00291b920c892062492b9b76b020 Solicitar actualización de stock Order Stock Update 1 TEXT_ORDER_STOCK_UPDATE main db6361cf417b56d21cf4b778dd416519 Existencias actualizadas Stock updated 1 TEXT_ORDER_STOCK_UPDATED admin/orders c22f74ba1327af78d1d26bef7844c0aa Total del pedido Order total 1 TEXT_ORDER_TOTAL account 097f521f59c8c61dd28ed6c54c953b80 Total del pedido Order total 1 TEXT_ORDER_TOTAL account/history ad957612ed1b9e43bf028726fa2a8d56 Total del pedido Order Total 1 TEXT_ORDER_TOTAL admin/main 92ba502b1bcf40b48c108caa41111711 Seguimiento de pedidos Order Tracking 0 TEXT_ORDER_TRACKING admin/design f3aeabefb3d2974295a053614b33ec88 Tipo de pedido Order Type 0 TEXT_ORDER_TYPE admin/design 0f71b0e7b950534f05da36f5c8145de6 Administrar asignados Manage allocated 0 TEXT_ORDER_UNLOCATE admin/main 57930cc0067224db6348d46062eaea59 Organización Organization 0 TEXT_ORGANIZATION admin/platforms 10f0fc45d6c7aa17f4e144a7205b95c1 Sitio de organización Organization Site 0 TEXT_ORGANIZATION_SITE admin/platforms f2ac4cff2452125c16fa149f9f0953d6 Tipo de organización Organization Type 0 TEXT_ORGANIZATION_TYPE admin/platforms c548196b0e87b67e3aeee15ba22d0cc0 Orientación Orientation 0 TEXT_ORIENTATION admin/design eafdabae4e80e7b068fce8a0eee3832d Importe pagado Paid amount 1 TEXT_ORIGINAL_AMOUNT admin/orders/order-edit 9bc9ff14da42ddee23da011f160b8973 Tamaño de imagen original: Original Image size: 0 TEXT_ORIGINAL_IMAGE_SIZE admin/categories 67d1b437a8906de7e1d28b9b565d3f6f Nombre de origen de la imagen Origin name of image 1 TEXT_ORING_NAME admin/categories c9b6f9c676817223268d487f3f0349bb Otros Other 1 TEXT_OTHER admin/main ab5e1ec08d12b38f527e0aaa14f25897 Otros administradores Other Managers 0 TEXT_OTHER_ADMINS pos/main f61fc6b0a2b29bb53c8291c8c1d613bf otro país other Country 0 TEXT_OTHER_COUNTRY main 52a831aa4a3a2ca8c982bc0b62eaa7f1 Precio minorista actual Current Retail price 1 TEXT_OUR_CURRENT admin/categories 23bd5a48bd39b5d70f3ce283005b1a6e Beneficio actual Current Profit 1 TEXT_OUR_CURRENT_PROFIT admin/categories 387e917d6acb85ec2ed19e6223fff56e Precio de venta Sales price 1 TEXT_OUR_PRICE admin/categories 1d3657de81c5ab6e0c22a9d86b21bb44 Beneficio calculado Calculated Profit 1 TEXT_OUR_PROFIT admin/categories 8fdb73a5e866fd8c6ff53d2dc66d5483 Saliente Outbound 0 TEXT_OUTBOUND admin/categories 72b8736ce085187c4aaa9bd64c799222 Especificaciones de palets Pallet specifications 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON admin/categories 0e4e4851327f8ee9051db6662f33523b Dimensiones de la plataforma (L*W*H) (cm) Pallet dimensions (L*W*H) (cm) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_DIMENSIONS_CM admin/categories e05483c24766973bea1ce7a6b295547b Dimensiones de la plataforma (L*W*H) (pulg.): Pallet dimensions (L*W*H) (in): 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_DIMENSIONS_IN admin/categories fde944c223b7be94d0aef64b66d84b54 Altura de paleta (cm) Pallet height (cm) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_HEIGHT_CM admin/categories 9cecd8964dba5b1b95a225b12d1bfa18 Altura de la plataforma (entrada) Pallet height(in) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_HEIGHT_IN admin/categories f675642cc38c569f211966869a34a174 Longitud de la paleta (cm) Pallet length (cm) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_LENGTH_CM admin/categories 698a59d0d19cd342a7aa74ec1218a1d3 Longitud de la paleta (pulg.) Pallet length (in) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_LENGTH_IN admin/categories 84b196a696aa2eccbcd267ab7680708f Peso de la paleta (kg) Pallet weight (kg) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_WEIGHT_KG admin/categories cb0d02ef9e7128292f360ca4a9147ae2 Peso de la paleta (libras) Pallet weight (lbs) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_WEIGHT_LBS admin/categories 0904d24aa0fcf91f8fa0b5536a315628 Anchura del palé (cm) Pallet width (cm) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_WIDTH_CM admin/categories 70d342c3f952eb26dfb1eb684aef25c6 Anchura de la paleta (pulg.) Pallet width (in) 1 TEXT_OUTER_CARTON_WIDTH_IN admin/categories 9b55eeb9ebbb87aef6ad0849e8611033 Descuento de precio saliente (%) Outgoing Price Discount(%) 0 TEXT_OUTGOING_PRICE_DISCOUNT admin/departments 9d346e9765ff8327897d6582fd52f812 Fórmula de precio saliente Outgoing Price formula 0 TEXT_OUTGOING_PRICE_FORMULA admin/departments 5581c73fedf0ab5baaf6d3d57bb80e3a Margen de precio saliente (%) Outgoing Price Margin (%) 0 TEXT_OUTGOING_PRICE_MARGIN admin/departments 1d57f2c85169cbf768388c8d04bf9c18 Recargo por precio saliente Outgoing Price Surcharge 0 TEXT_OUTGOING_PRICE_SURCHARGE admin/departments e6dad63233f72c80aa35c0205d4ee395 Fuera de Out of 0 TEXT_OUT_OF admin/main 732a872e955fb2b0d133cb0a0a58c6eb Fuera de Out of 0 TEXT_OUT_OF pos/main b4aadae84e983fe43bedd4b668ce41a8 Sin existencias Out of stock 1 TEXT_OUT_STOCK admin/main e1c720406c8b643ad0fab1b7c91a5a05 Sin existencias Out of stock 1 TEXT_OUT_STOCK main 9bacb4adc206342bf31b0ad2b0992c3f Desbordan %s caracteres You overflow %s characters 0 TEXT_OVERFLOW_CHARACTERS admin/main 41ff172680c6085e0ff6fdd429c445d0 Las fechas especificadas se solapan con las siguientes Specified dates overlapped with following 0 TEXT_OVERLAPPED_DATE_RANGE admin/main f06390e68c591c54a67de529c5218e8e Invalidar claves Override Keys 1 TEXT_OVERRIDE_KEYS admin/texts e99a0674c7570d321c6ab35c1ef6b833 Invalidar permisos Override Permissions 1 TEXT_OVERRIDE_PERMISSIONS admin/adminmembers 15b7d4257b9748c48a1a21875d647191 Sobrescribir atributos existentes Overwrite Existing Attributes 1 TEXT_OVERWRITE_EXISTING_ATTRIBUTES admin/options-templates c19a1757d3e9f69f1a4a074f44eeb973 Sobrescribir etiqueta de meta descripción común Overwrite Common Meta Description Tag 0 TEXT_OVERWRITE_HEADER_DESCRIPTION admin/categories fa76937cb9ad5a68318da0ff7a31e3e8 Sobrescribir etiqueta de título común Overwrite Common Title Tag 0 TEXT_OVERWRITE_PAGE_TITLE admin/categories 138fd3925788eb39879abc22bc8eed04 Nombre del propietario Owner’s Name 0 TEXT_OWNERS_NAME admin/customers 2c3e1475c28dccece512920fcd5ddc6e Paquete Package 1 TEXT_PACKAGE admin/categories cd6491dbbe01da3d2baece40b319a79e Cantidad de paquetes Packs QTY 1 TEXT_PACKAGING admin/categories 13ec429541ee4951e9792de4ab8428a1 Hoja de embalaje Packingslip 1 TEXT_PACKINGSLIP admin/main 54532f721ab715f1f70802efb14f895c Hoja de embalaje Packingslip 1 TEXT_PACKINGSLIP main 630ab15023dfd8167e5f1e6105ac0f05 paquetes packs 1 TEXT_PACKS admin/main cdb4ca6ab47695a2576e5aca487e5852 Paquetes: Packs: 1 TEXT_PACKS main e7eb34754d24c1aac7213ccc3a78ca78 Cantidad de productos Products QTY 1 TEXT_PACK_UNIT admin/categories c1b82a68c18823be90706232560cc052 Relleno Padding 1 TEXT_PADDING admin/main 6e18c86248e2b5cbfa7c6da6a0725580 Relleno inferior Padding bottom 1 TEXT_PADDING_BOTTOM admin/main fc351a9cb9aed48c7b1c1ed7e119c76d Relleno izquierdo Padding left 1 TEXT_PADDING_LEFT admin/main ca1374650de220d0e93549f7f149014d Relleno derecho Padding right 1 TEXT_PADDING_RIGHT admin/main b69e17456d6e7ce46b1eda98a1c9413d Relleno superior Padding top 1 TEXT_PADDING_TOP admin/main 1a4d56f6df63cdf1eba04347685eefef Página: Page: 1 TEXT_PAGE main 90ea0bc0664d5ba9abf7a1d8ea12fe12 Páginas Pages 0 TEXT_PAGES admin/main 0d217dbf576d043bc59b38a5ee84e996 Acceso prohibido Access Forbidden 0 TEXT_PAGE_ACCESS_FORBIDDEN admin/main bb00575156cb00dd1e462db0652fd2cd Acceso prohibido Access Forbidden 0 TEXT_PAGE_ACCESS_FORBIDDEN main d7c3d3da9291850e2038edc2df929784 Formato de página Page format 0 TEXT_PAGE_FORMAT admin/design 8ad4426fae4617943d5c20a9a5da6a5e Alto de página Page height 0 TEXT_PAGE_HEIGHT admin/design 9106ed3d3e2674f504c0173b88ce0535 Vínculos de página Page links 1 TEXT_PAGE_LINKS admin/main 817ba2dfb59edb7fe720affe0fcd5a3a Meta descripción Meta description 1 TEXT_PAGE_META_DESCRIPTION admin/seo-delivery-location 9f5cfe8775c91ce5a0fd0dc16af76e66 Meta palabras clave: Meta keywords: 1 TEXT_PAGE_META_KEYWORDS admin/seo-delivery-location 6f363c6a9e9af7f3c46816d7923dafdb Meta título Meta title 1 TEXT_PAGE_META_TITLE admin/seo-delivery-location 53b54713c309ca1644ce691530d0c4e9 Nombre de página Page name 1 TEXT_PAGE_NAME admin/design d02c6995ed2f79d5a5a4dc8d4ff31604 <h3>Uy!</h3><h4>Parece que no encontramos la página que estás buscando</h4> <h3>Oops!</h3><h4>We can't seem to find the page you're looking for</h4> 1 TEXT_PAGE_NOT_FOUND main d538548a4e3ce2da81f3052d922af95f Número de página Page Number 0 TEXT_PAGE_NUMBER admin/design a713206b29829c315562fe5e0da43942 Lea lo que otros dicen Read What Others Are Saying 1 TEXT_PAGE_REVIEW_TITLE reviews 956fe7fc86720dd2e7ab84852536cbaa Configuración de página Page Settings 0 TEXT_PAGE_SETTINGS admin/design 407f942765366f7373b582a4938d38cc Estilo de página Page style 1 TEXT_PAGE_STYLE admin/design 83cebd59f7e8b6dd9e6b253f9b4c1438 Estilo de página Page style 0 TEXT_PAGE_STYLE admin/main 162f1404369974227f45c999f6778d1b Título de página: Page Title: 1 TEXT_PAGE_TITLE admin/categories 791ed622fa6f36e4569cc7915958e783 Tipo de página Page type 1 TEXT_PAGE_TYPE admin/design a742f4d6bde27a6fca70ba2b855f667f Ancho de página Page width 0 TEXT_PAGE_WIDTH admin/design a4e81155c05023a77d6d1acfd8c51898 Paginación Pagination 1 TEXT_PAGINATION admin/design 3f0c0d31745ff09084708e7e46d2144d Localización Paging 0 TEXT_PAGING admin/design a94b540d35e2cdca5b111a260bdb47a6 Barra de paginación Paging Bar 1 TEXT_PAGING_BAR admin/main 749b1180a6a696eec71f2f19d5a00ff7 Importe pagado: Paid amount: 1 TEXT_PAID_AMOUNT admin/orders 420f5637b123d3b9c5a181a49a42167b Marca pagada Paid Mark 0 TEXT_PAID_MARK admin/design 0c8240bbef3eef8e97d59e7895ce5305 Nombre de parám Param name 0 TEXT_PARAM admin/platforms f2e2e05d07aa19d189504a1c81c5a2c6 Enviando parámetros Sending parameters 0 TEXT_PARAMETERS_SENDING_NP admin/main 9043c483dcf2bd093e935347a3489187 El parámetro de configuración se ha cambiado correctamente Configuration parameter has been changed successfully 1 TEXT_PARAM_CHANGE_SUCCESS admin/main 5ad94f354b1bccfa4ab3cf9e19ea7c5c Parámetro con valor Param with value 0 TEXT_PARAM_KEY admin/platforms 325d06ea27eaf6981abdaf00a202726d Producto padre Parent product 0 TEXT_PARENT_PRODUCT admin/main 0e684fcc46c264379e2688a732d7d296 Contraseña Password 1 TEXT_PASSWORD admin/main c34ab7b5e0f3de21c5d86f4a5dc9d329 Se ha cambiado la contraseña Password has been changed 0 TEXT_PASSWORD_CHANGED admin/admin_account e11f29ad048d05548cccec0a814e51fc ¿Contraseña olvidada? Haga clic aquí. Password forgotten? Click here. 1 TEXT_PASSWORD_FORGOTTEN_S main 3e34b896f338f687f5c8c5dee19a01f6 Compruebe el enlace para restablecer su contraseña Please check link to reset your password 0 TEXT_PASSWORD_INVITATION_LINK account/password-forgotten 91a8c82f130ccb6ee3c31844123be2ea Configurar para pasar la lista como etiqueta (segmento) Las etiquetas deben crearse en un sistema externo. Configure to pass the list as tag (segment) Tags should be create on external system. 0 TEXT_PASS_LIST_AS_TAG admin/subscribers-lists 12ecc233893fa9ac411b1870cc340ee6 Ruta Path 0 TEXT_PATH admin/admin-menu/add fcce54745448e0d41a1250bf3b42ecba Pago Payment 1 TEXT_PAYMENT main 8230b2098a8d05e16b3e14c77679bc9a Fecha de pago Payment date 1 TEXT_PAYMENT_DATE admin/design b92edbb7f812de7e408dfc0509125e16 Vuelve a seleccionar la forma de pago que deseas e inténtalo de nuevo " Please re-select the payment method you want and try again " 0 TEXT_PAYMENT_ERROR_TRY_OTHER_METHOD main 65115b76a81902b6ec35c4327765e5ed Módulos de pago Payment modules 1 TEXT_PAYMENT_MODULES admin/sales_statistics 622df979bcc99d33120aaddff73ecaea Formas de pago/envío Payment/Shipping methods 1 TEXT_PAYMENT_SHIPPING admin/main 763996b42064e32714995fcb0b68b2a7 Botón PayPal PayPal Button 0 TEXT_PAYPAL_BUTTON admin/design 93628cb0f9bae55c0b641958e3f604a0 Tasa de pago por venta Pay Per Sale Rate 0 TEXT_PAYPERSALE_RATE affiliate 965eb4a73202b3355c8bb9b6ed2f3ec1 Confirmar pago Pay Confirm 0 TEXT_PAY_CONFIRM admin/main c3dbd504680c27bc6eadeeed26a44515 Diferencia de pago del importe de crédito Pay difference from credit amount 1 TEXT_PAY_DIFFERENCE_FROM admin/orders/order-edit 89bd5d5eacebf900159382285eacb207 Diferencia de pago en el importe de crédito Pay difference on credit amount 1 TEXT_PAY_DIFFERENCE_ON admin/orders/order-edit ed3f8852791d870f519af6e672b45be6 Formulario de pago Pay Form 0 TEXT_PAY_FORM admin/main 0a30fd949827b02dcf38cd2302aa090d Procesar pago por teléfono Process payment by phone 1 TEXT_PAY_ON_BEHALF main 93844a45a6829cab937832d8314d68f6 configurable configurable 0 TEXT_PC_CONF admin/main 168e149b72a9fcd06b8a2f8cb13dc13c Pendiente Pending 1 TEXT_PENDING admin/main 2c9237111ce8938bcc0dcfb7c044bf82 Porcentaje Percent 0 TEXT_PERCENT admin/main fda77ee67d7040d78eb5453237073e05 Porcentaje Percent 0 TEXT_PERCENT admin/promotions e2eefbb7121e1f67f99adae3e54f3310 Porcentaje Percent 0 TEXT_PERCENT main 7f91b13b7a81fbc67abb171e703b159d Porcentaje Percent 1 TEXT_PERCENT ordertotal 7d10c2d3630c5b656e87653d704c53a0 Período Period 0 TEXT_PERIOD admin/compare-report b62af631c300e21978ae9cd38afe3a8c <b>Descripción</b>: Esta promoción propone al cliente un regalo en función de sus compras anteriores <b>Description</b>: This promotion propose to customer a gift accordinly his previous purchasings 0 TEXT_PERSONALGIFT_FULL_DESC admin/promotions 3f36f8616995c2ad8694c4e35c7e3efb Personalización Personalization 0 TEXT_PERSONALIZATION admin/promotions be2b11ff3664331186b679c6a2023b61 Personalizar Personalize 0 TEXT_PERSONALIZE admin/promotions ac4f6ee3beb05f54f8484cede7e413d4 Lista List 1 TEXT_PERSONAL_CATALOG admin/main 90fe7fd8db148897a2646b2242015564 Mis listas My lists 1 TEXT_PERSONAL_CATALOG main 0f0ea8a4846143dbbea493cb411d84e9 Mi lista le permite ver su lista personal de productos My list allows you to see your personal list of products 1 TEXT_PERSONAL_CATALOG_CONTENT catalog/personal-catalog ca71551b2efdec19524c2761607953d8 Haga clic en el botón "Añadir al carrito" para añadir el producto seleccionado a la cesta Click the "Add to Cart" button to add the selected product to the basket 0 TEXT_PERSONAL_CATALOG_INFORM_NOTICE main e67976ec6919f950ce07858187a4711a Cambio de datos personales Personal data change 1 TEXT_PERSONAL_DATA_CHANGE admin/main 8ded10f5216f8691de1494c4f3496273 Felicidades, tenemos un regalo personal para ti Congratulation, we have a personal gift for you 0 TEXT_PERSONAL_GIFT main a3e11f1271e1dc78d9f15aecaee8f5c8 Promociones personalizadas Personalized Promotions 0 TEXT_PERSONAL_PROMOTIONS admin/main 613d59183a843e7500f16115cabc43c4 por artículo per item 0 TEXT_PER_ITEM main 9681f7a2a1d613403ed7a12d30141b75 Por KG Precio: Per KG Price: 1 TEXT_PER_KG_PRICE shipping e08a39e8df8b9982e92a3006d2dd153b Permitir especificar el precio del producto (sólo acelerar el administrador) Allow specify product price (speed up admin only) 0 TEXT_PER_PRODUCT_PRICE admin/groups ff4cb6746f3d29495bf36edc9706e283 Teléfono Phone 1 TEXT_PHONE main 5e6bd38e0deaa7b234b45ee5c5bd57c5 Fotos Photos 0 TEXT_PHOTOS wedding 3f42e7d11974d793bbc6ef0f2581565d Físico Physical 0 TEXT_PHYSICAL admin/platforms 4383e212a1386c08d4f5c703924b0613 CLAVIJA PIN 0 TEXT_PIN admin/customers-basket 26d621fa11b4c169a5e67f79d111a06b CLAVIJA PIN 1 TEXT_PIN admin/main 51cb89dcbe68fdab0322dd3bed338e81 Error: PIN incorrecto. Error: Wrong PIN. 1 TEXT_PIN_ERROR admin/main fd6fb8aa6747537b2365204e9437b382 Tono Pitch 1 TEXT_PITCH admin/design c6f50090e762512e971cc1b181eaed40 define la varianza del ángulo "arriba" o "abajo" desde el tono predeterminado inicial de la cámara, que suele ser (aunque no siempre) horizontal plano defines the angle variance "up" or "down" from the camera's initial default pitch, which is often (but not always) flat horizontal 1 TEXT_PITCH_ABOUT admin/design 878777ae5d85e97d45755d0be9138171 Lugar Place 0 TEXT_PLACE wedding fb5242e3d36ad67d710285b896fba9c9 Dirección de correo electrónico Email Address 0 TEXT_PLACEHOLDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS admin/main a6aca98cde7810ed5720d6bc4a079fe7 Plataforma Platform 0 TEXT_PLATFORM admin/main e29b98711d761c4248c188b219081a9b Código Code 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_CODE admin/google_base bbcf181c5b53e277b3922d119d4ce826 Código de canal de ventas Sales channel Code 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_CODE admin/platforms 6077375bd8e1de8f97c0504c6aa8934a Valor de divisa del canal de ventas Sales channel currency value 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_CURRENCY_RATE admin/platforms 33d537f48c03b9c59aca5cf52f04e5c6 Copiar datos de Copying data from 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_LANGUAGE_MESSAGE admin/categories/productedit 6ada70382e0d763f36a4db57a4bafe3a Copiar datos de Copying data from 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_MESSAGE admin/categories/productedit 7e145d8f66ef306aba0127c4e57da57c Canales de ventas Sales channels 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_TAB admin/categories 2abe0248adfa8dacbdc5a6ecd0ba3413 Valor del canal de ventas Sales channel Value 1 TEXT_PLATFORM_VALUE admin/languages b34dc71a99577f0f9f22a3688ba92d22 Ocultar nombre de la función de vídeo y reproductor Hide name of the video and player function 1 TEXT_PLAYER_FUNCTION admin/design 889ef0d03ba5651e9f7a6e7fc35c2b35 Ajuste el conmutador de edad en sí o no. Please set age switcher to yes or no. 0 TEXT_PLEASE_AGE main 758b930f43730522b8073c795fba6048 Elija, por favor Please choose 1 TEXT_PLEASE_CHOOSE admin/properties 7ff3617882566e9a9d8f8f01f2355686 Escriba o elija un grupo Please type or choose group 1 TEXT_PLEASE_CHOOSE_GROUP admin/main 0d67aa9a923e5100609169bb2cd3f757 <a href=\"%s\"">inicie sesión</a> para ver su precio" Please <a href=\"%s\"">log in</a> to see your price" 0 TEXT_PLEASE_LOGIN main b3e007e64e6d44f222f41ad34ea4ade3 Ajuste el conmutador de ofertas a sí o no. Please set offers switcher to yes or no. 0 TEXT_PLEASE_OFFERS main 0b33e31f96810d00fd0118952d440a08 Por favor, acepte las reglas de RDPR. Please accept RDPR rules. 0 TEXT_PLEASE_RDPR account/update 70ee09953b31b4c9f1a1f97156ac3468 Seleccione 2-4 artículos para comparar. Please select 2-4 items to compare. 1 TEXT_PLEASE_SELECT_COMPARE catalog/compare 3dd0beca034fe746f95b4c42714bea03 Acepta nuestros Términos y Condiciones y Política de Privacidad. Please accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 1 TEXT_PLEASE_TERMS main 01c3fe7da778bb348463b155ea7f39a3 Por favor, apague la fuente Please turn off the source 1 TEXT_PLEASE_TURN admin/main 39bee7c979a0e35cd4f8781ca8c69ada Espere... Please wait... 0 TEXT_PLEASE_WAIT admin/main be7b302f116236128d7ae7b3ea74f7a7 Espere... Please wait... 0 TEXT_PLEASE_WAIT main d82aa45e0e34477f42d7eea25513690b puntos añadidos points added 0 TEXT_POINTS_ADDED main 88a24182265ba3e2c9daf4e29e3450b3 Coste de puntos<i>(Ganar)</i>: Points Cost<i>(Earn)</i>: 1 TEXT_POINTS_COST admin/categories 97935c6826e26447d548a7ac659cc5ff puntos ganados points earn 1 TEXT_POINTS_EARN admin/main 234f1efb641bdc0f67dc8fdb2b5c3767 puntos ganados points earn 1 TEXT_POINTS_EARN main 612718361b9a09047523e7499c19bb71 Puntos ganados Points Earnt 0 TEXT_POINTS_EARNT admin/design a5300bff02c9c69d219c1abeef819501 Puntos ganados Points earnt 1 TEXT_POINTS_EARNT main 89e00e5bcf8ebe64dee86f43d1a13c44 Para For 0 TEXT_POINTS_FOR main 61d551b852e712055aca3deb25257ae5 canje de puntos points redeem 1 TEXT_POINTS_REDEEM admin/main 5629447031167d033381bd28c6c59ca0 canje de puntos points redeem 1 TEXT_POINTS_REDEEM main f5b2cafd55b6f244027a45ee07f3a986 Polígono Polygon 0 TEXT_POLYGON admin/image-maps/edit 0b0a0570e53f6fdc1add75359e8c0a5a Popularidad Popularity 0 TEXT_POPULARITY admin/categories 5fb6d63ca5999325d83d8a86d61a4ce7 clase emergente Popup class 0 TEXT_POPUP_CLASS admin/design 945c270b726795943c11a04e282c8c84 Está visitando desde fuera de %s Are you visiting from outside the %s 0 TEXT_POPUP_COUNTRY_SELECTION main 4f0c5d35aecd1b86b310cae4de11b454 Emergente Pop up 0 TEXT_POP_UP admin/design e0eafb521ec9794c838d8e449ed601c3 Retrato Portrait 0 TEXT_PORTRAIT admin/design 93d69a5cde5779772b389aec948b47b6 Posición Position 1 TEXT_POSITION admin/customers b21ae9ac08865323353e2e8b439fa139 Posición Position 1 TEXT_POSITION admin/design 22712a9e38255940e3c7b68ed3369dca Posición del texto Text position 1 TEXT_POSITION admin/main 119fd5007f283667e9dabc13d53c5f02 posición superior position top 1 TEXT_POSITION_TOP admin/main 7f53aee86f163e5b47d72476965dda77 Valores posibles Possible values 1 TEXT_POSSIBLE_VALUES admin/properties 29a540de70139d6440c28a939e224e96 Código postal Postcode 0 TEXT_POSTCODE admin/customers c7abe11fa8e13c376aa760f512d2b4a0 Código postal para Postcode to 0 TEXT_POSTCODE_END admin/geo_zones 7c8babf9422848d652ea6dbcc9e06eed Código postal de Postcode from 0 TEXT_POSTCODE_START admin/geo_zones 21632b2d5c05b65474ccc7099777baee Respuesta publicada Posted reply 0 TEXT_POSTED_REPLY extensions/messages 20993b3d447299c41f8319a026c873c9 Cartel Poster 1 TEXT_POSTER admin/design c46975ac8b894f98f9522eb55134683e (imagen que se mostrará mientras se descarga el vídeo o hasta que el usuario pulse el botón de reproducción) (an image to be shown while the video is downloading, or until the user hits the play button) 1 TEXT_POSTER_DESCRIBE admin/design 5c1844fbfb7c13435742bec599892784 Sólo para POS For POS only 0 TEXT_POS_COUPON admin/coupon_admin 8dd1be156e682393e02d9287ddb17a45 Descuento personalizado Custom discount 0 TEXT_POS_CUSTOM_DISCOUNT pos/main d490bca3cf31d225488223c89b328ecb Recibo de correo electrónico Email receipt 0 TEXT_POS_EMAIL_RECEIPT pos/main 88c5c3076b8f7d74172cc1db6b474ffb Introducir código de cupón/cupón de regalo Enter Coupon/Gift Voucher Code 0 TEXT_POS_ENTER_GV_CODE pos/main 7e2602548db9fcbf819d5c3de195ceb3 Imprimir recibo Print receipt 0 TEXT_POS_PRINT_RECEIPT pos/main aab7f5a15fe262ef325909475b1d696e Sección POS POS Section 1 TEXT_POS_SECTION admin/main f5660cea6255eaa7022d2c3287e185b6 Establecer total de pedido en (restablecer otros cupones) Set order total to (reset other coupons) 0 TEXT_POS_SET_ORDER_TOTAL pos/main c1b52bdff87fa1f67f8a9f7b2927ab56 Pedido de compra Purchase order 0 TEXT_PO_NUMBER main 5a6a28b67b3381192e73b6a433cd4619 Precisión Precision 1 TEXT_PRECISION admin/sales_statistics 665329998aca2c417024514970faa4ed Preferida Preferred 1 TEXT_PREFERRED admin/main 73c7d2a5d46052f01e11f3728c36f574 Preferido Preffered 0 TEXT_PREFFERED admin/orders 06a215dde8f17614c0582d1520b19f15 Prefijo Prefix 1 TEXT_PREFIX admin/categories 7273efa6f6f7c4be9c5acdff04d4042f Pulse el botón para añadir un nuevo menú Press button to add a new menu 1 TEXT_PRESS_ADD_NEW_MENU admin/main db5550f9d7797bddcbcccd6a3aebda14 Anterior Prev 1 TEXT_PREV admin/main 583e05e6c919290ae7d6d672e5698fcc Vista previa Preview 1 TEXT_PREVIEW admin/main de34948270d42e0ba7a066ea89fdd009 Vista previa en caja de luz Preview in light box 1 TEXT_PREVIEW_LIGHTBOX admin/categories 9312dc0a8fe5707bb6066ebbe88fbb43 Vista previa en el sitio * Preview on site * 1 TEXT_PREVIEW_ON_SITE admin/main cba01a866b432abe0efa4267558fceba Pedido anticipado Pre-order 1 TEXT_PRE_ORDER admin/main dd601543aa11055fe1ab6ed0e80ede8d Preseleccionado: Pre-Selected: 1 TEXT_PRE_SELECTED admin/main 2d531199e717aabe54aff31f4a8bd822 Precio Price 1 TEXT_PRICE admin/categories 78ab4f1b1b9a9fa61b7e95b22f2b7e40 y/o Precio and/or Price 1 TEXT_PRICE admin/elements fa5ab177f073a5e802c77023a5266494 Precio Price 1 TEXT_PRICE configuration dcbf31fbb6ea11e7b8dcd790ba5b3e55 Precio Price 1 TEXT_PRICE main 0f8ad696844563bb569c9ed3fcbb5316 Precios Prices 1 TEXT_PRICES admin/virtual-gift-card 076067a812c6bddfd6f7e7bcb67f7697 Automático Auto 0 TEXT_PRICE_BASED_ON_SUPPLIER_AUTO admin/categories 007c4d5e56f7f74497c90d66eabdebea %s elemento de %s %s item from %s 1 TEXT_PRICE_BEFORE admin/main 40a0f0406672af19708e160308c9730c <span class="prod_info_header_active3">%s elemento de %s</span> <span class="prod_info_header_active3">%s item from %s</span> 1 TEXT_PRICE_BEFORE main db1c0f7975ad2fbe35d13fbc6fbea5fc Cuadro de precios Price box 1 TEXT_PRICE_BOX admin/design 40117539c655330d7b6506b5cc1bc9d7 Precio y productos Price and Products 0 TEXT_PRICE_BUNDLE admin/main 46eef12654730438a98c7fc340f3f0c1 Recogida de precios Price Collection 1 TEXT_PRICE_COLLECTION admin/collections 9793b3cbaa8c87e1b686d2296ef8cf54 Precio basado en el coste (proveedor) Price based on cost (supplier) 1 TEXT_PRICE_COST admin/categories a98af7589e203fad858132325ce74aaf Precio y coste Price and Cost 1 TEXT_PRICE_COST_W admin/main f1c2d77e413c6a35a2ba5843bf049c06 Diferencia de precio Price difference 0 TEXT_PRICE_DIFFERENCE admin/main 5d58fc4fd5321a5451ececbd6f2c04fa Fórmula de precios Price formula 0 TEXT_PRICE_FORMULA admin/main d4297c8349a82b9749ff96564032c7a3 Precio (neto) para la colección %s: Price (Net) for Collection %s: 1 TEXT_PRICE_FOR_COLLECTION_X admin/collections 0425b1ad42852065d33393172a39ae99 Precio desde Price From 0 TEXT_PRICE_FROM admin/design 81af520cd6966ac7bcb314fa570ab8e5 Máscara de precios Price Mask 0 TEXT_PRICE_MASK admin/categories 76b613a95c22c86e154afa000cb3f865 Opción de precio Price option 0 TEXT_PRICE_OPTION admin/main fc9a308142afe96c64f2788d332c6a14 Valor añadido: Value-added: 1 TEXT_PRICE_PREFIX admin/categories 7a2ffbe6d21b3bdc711b50692f8f424b Configuración de precios Price settings 0 TEXT_PRICE_SETTINGS admin/platforms/edit a46ef7440024a91593c1859de3f333ec Deshabilitado para &quot;%s&quot; Disabled for &quot;%s&quot; 1 TEXT_PRICE_SWITCH_DISABLE admin/main ee4b08de426d338ffe9679b0aea46ef7 Utilizar precio principal (descuento por grupo deducido) Use main price (Group discount deducted) 1 TEXT_PRICE_SWITCH_MAIN_PRICE admin/categories 5e902f1af54b656a9fd0b3b811643cb7 Usar &quot;%s&quot; precio Use &quot;%s&quot; price 1 TEXT_PRICE_SWITCH_OWN_PRICE admin/categories e35c731887cd38a2a7619a7a9c69c6d7 Principal Primary 1 TEXT_PRIMARY account 3cf34c667b118f0e27e32ea3e97ecba7 Principal Primary 1 TEXT_PRIMARY account/address-book 07c5d0f705c4c4c187f0d8f5dd1dd0a4 Dirección principal Primary Address 0 TEXT_PRIMARY_ADDRESS admin/design ae5b83c95329e2f643c033aa4734f8f1 Imprimir etiqueta Print Label 0 TEXT_PRINT_LABEL admin/main 62ccb0b892162f7185d70d06154ec9b4 Orden de impresión Print order 0 TEXT_PRINT_ORDER admin/main dda4ee06f307b64c530935dfafa841aa Promoción sin título Untitled Promotion 1 TEXT_PRMOTION_TITLE admin/promotions a83836a94b683c07ea318557d1c625bc Probablemente el cliente ha comprado ese producto Probably customer has bought that product(s) 1 TEXT_PROBABLY_BOUGHT admin/recover_cart_sales b1339e8a3e89d146abc80158a1708f9c Banners procesados Processed banners 0 TEXT_PROCESSED_BANNERS admin/design 48404980694674f1e5e7bc77f1433aa5 Imágenes de banners procesados Processed banners images 0 TEXT_PROCESSED_BANNERS_IMAGES admin/design efad3d279450755efaf449cf91a43839 Categorías procesadas Processed categories 0 TEXT_PROCESSED_CATEGORIES admin/design a9546f5cd342289f1f7930751520d9af Imágenes de categorías procesadas Processed categories images 0 TEXT_PROCESSED_CATEGORIES_IMAGES admin/design 637517d1c5785e4e1d3c95db887132a8 Productos transformados Processed products 0 TEXT_PROCESSED_PRODUCTS admin/design 04dd73e75e79621cc0f8a6fc2e5ed93c Imágenes de productos procesados Processed products images 0 TEXT_PROCESSED_PRODUCTS_IMAGES admin/design 3ec1f096f847c6fece50a77c1aa2bc25 Actualizar o eliminar Update or delete 0 TEXT_PROCESS_AS admin/main cce7f3985cf4002573007a44cc0cb73a Eliminar coincidentes por campo clave (se omiten otros campos) o actualizar/insertar datos Delete matched by key field (other fields are ignored) or update/insert data 0 TEXT_PROCESS_AS_DESCRIPTION admin/main 86bba020b1617c397978eb86956d4dd3 Orden de procesamiento Processing order 1 TEXT_PROCESS_ORDER admin/orders 4a88f0c45725056efacd20090f327d10 Orden del proceso Process order 1 TEXT_PROCESS_ORDER_BUTTON admin/main 82ff27f1be0fee206076289053de419c Procesar pedido de compra Process purchase order 0 TEXT_PROCESS_PURCHASE_ORDERS_BUTTON admin/purchase-orders 0a966d66dc42dd50b978425af7f35baa Procesar presupuesto Process quotation 1 TEXT_PROCESS_QUOTATION_BUTTON admin/quotation 328e8a600c2aaf8e708d2b826c649692 Procesar muestras Process samples 1 TEXT_PROCESS_SAMPLES_BUTTON admin/samples 328e8a600c2aaf8e708d2b826c649692 Proceso seleccionado Process selected 0 TEXT_PROCESS_SELECTED admin/main 088b5bb710b853af14011a401a1cdb54 suscriptor de procesos process subscriber 1 TEXT_PROCESS_SUBSCRIBERS_BUTTON admin/subscribers b1e8bd19f1ba5728edaf03bc300691cd Proceso de suscripción Process subscription 1 TEXT_PROCESS_SUBSCRIPTION_BUTTON admin/subscription 1761ce081e8b42db9630210b8bd7e5ab Producto Product 1 TEXT_PRODUCT admin/main fcec6d5b51adfc2efc47e1d1b719bf7f Producto: Product: 1 TEXT_PRODUCT admin/orders/order-edit 548e2a8fa0fc1280860aed59ff60234b Productos Products 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS admin/main 501ab5473747b443356141d562585c08 Producto(s) Product(s) 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS main 8a9757bd1dc12297e8842edaa3b48948 Productos Products 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS pos/main 01adbbac4430a81996a870bc695b1828 Productos y categorías Products & categories 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_AND_CATEGORIES_ONLY admin/categories 3a3a3e0f11a5d501ba16b06f656e7d0a Productos con atributos y <br>sólo inventario Products with attributes and <br>inventory only 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ATTR admin/main 25002c0117cbce7e0352175ac1ae811e Atributos de productos Products Attributes 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES admin/main d08afa6ba267fe459b2d72d4b8db747a Calificación promedio: Average Rating: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_AVERAGE_RATING admin/main 8c61b2b2f5565895ce5744c8a8211176 Paquete Bundle 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_BUNDLE admin/main d2b5986132eb84e025a96e8978bfcfec Usar carrusel de productos Use Products Carousel 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_CAROUSEL admin/design d22532b9f61282764bbeb7a0f3ecaa85 Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION admin/categories 72271771235b1ff9a9c80883cd08fd4e Descripción de productos Products Description 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION admin/main a8ec53a7934980c8ba64aa94ccb1101b Breve descripción Short description 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION_SHORT admin/categories 4056a4ba5b5cf21ce488e5598aff7957 Breve descripción Short description 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION_SHORT admin/main 35db575301c53c7aaf8d921f61b4d0ac Archivo de productos: Products file: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_FILE admin/categories e9fc6cc3dc232263e3df4b1ca00f0a4b Grupos de productos Products Groups 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_GROUPS admin/properties 1cf890dbbc43072339c192f811f57ea4 Productos Variantes Products Variants 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_GROUPS_VARIANTS admin/main d0583be0d3683c0224dfb7ea7510341f Imagen de productos: Products Image: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE admin/main ab1779f4878f70d4087003c14bffb529 Imágenes de productos Products Images 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGES admin/main d0c296a7b8f280a099ebfc198da4f66b <b>Eliminar</b> esta imagen del servidor (Permanente!)? <b>Delete</b> this Image from the Server (Permanent!)? 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_DELETE admin/categories 4e25d7042ca90bd1881fee51f0182578 Eliminar Delete 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_DELETE_SHORT admin/categories a4021ddeb9565b87d2140e04dd7e0e38 <b>Quitar</b> esta imagen de este producto? <b>Remove</b> this Image from this Product? 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_REMOVE admin/categories 690d02eac35a5a10210b0ff0e0f3974f Eliminar Remove 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_REMOVE_SHORT admin/categories 726fef6ae050851638f68fd8e87bae61 Nombre interno del producto Internal product name 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_INTERNAL_NAME admin/categories 0c74efeebf885643a7eb9dace4688a4c También Disponible En Set Also Available In Set 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_IN_BUNDLE admin/main 0170fafd41929ce532eff2e24ac085f2 Elementos a elemento virtual Items to Virtual item 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ITEM_IN_VIRTUAL_ITEM_QTY admin/main 62e999c65f266b73dee38edfcaea0d45 Pasos de elementos virtuales (en Artículos) Virtual item steps (in Items) 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ITEM_IN_VIRTUAL_ITEM_STEP admin/main f22c23ca3fae04945a533422afd3e2f5 %s producto(s) vinculado(s) a este proveedor %s product(s) linked to this supplier 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_LINKED_TO_SUPPLIER admin/suppliers 5597dde431948985fa24fe2e0ebedaf0 Vínculos de productos Products links 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_LINKS admin/main 6846dd050e824aef1ce169c60dc14100 Número máximo: Max count: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_MAXCOUNT admin/categories 646e393c353f14602d56662b6bc03562 Días máx.: Max days: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_MAXDAYS admin/categories d88edfa9e0156a6fdcc8506f46f0e0d0 Nombre: Name: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_NAME admin/categories e5e0f8a43159545599a2653f16dba496 Nombre del producto Products Name 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_NAME admin/main 280096f57e59b2822c8a765b0fb1c98e Título de tarjeta regalo Gift Card Title 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_NAME admin/virtual-gift-card 25bd3f2996bf21fc577746dd40c1e9c2 Solo se podían añadir productos Only products could be added 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ONLY_DESCRIPTION admin/main d1b812da39fe22f7f792583e89d3c1bc Productos en la página Products on page 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ON_PAGE admin/design 5e7bd63e4d2de721acc769387b425133 Máximo pedido q-ty Max order q-ty 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ORDER_QUANTITY_MAX admin/categories 4470faecf5c463367c06ed20c0f57f97 Pedido mínimo q-ty Minimum order q-ty 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ORDER_QUANTITY_MINIMAL admin/categories 127652b7723ea6b07791bd30110b36b2 Paso de cantidad de pedido Order quantity step 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_ORDER_QUANTITY_STEP admin/categories 6c775091f4f056e624be391469371445 Usar plantilla de personalización: Use Customisation Template: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_PCTEMPLATE admin/categories 3ebbb03912bfc1d968a7acb25b3d0d74 Canal de ventas de productos Products sales channel 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_PLATFORM admin/google_base bbeb4fc54e77022245dd803c4e3b1479 Productos Precio Products Price 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_PRICE admin/main 30bec22744b2bc6bbef9a353bfea4c74 Precio Price 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_PRICE_INFO admin/main 51de1af01557f98d591baf4c7bd352a1 Propiedades Properties 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_PROPERTIES admin/main c741b87df66b8271dea990e235a1e655 Cantidad de productos: Products Quantity: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_QUANTITY admin/main a3fb153224424d69d6a19d25afd18c14 Cantidad Quantity 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_QUANTITY_INFO admin/categories f8b56b96b4d4d599f2ee104c5da50da1 Cantidad: Quantity: 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_QUANTITY_INFO admin/properties 093329717060396ad274fb6378d1db65 Reubicación de productos Products Relocation 0 TEXT_PRODUCTS_RELOCATE admin/main ec460aa4a203c8ff8282723cfa466c4c Reseñas de productos Products Reviews 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_REVIEWS admin/main 174c0c64d66f9cd10bfc753b9529b7c6 Clase de Impuesto Tax Class 1 TEXT_PRODUCTS_TAX_CLASS admin/main b38467fe2104d4aa3a00881378b640e8 Acciones del producto Product Actions 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_ACTIONS main fd37d1214880af8b69996ddefb81fdb8 Activos de productos Products Assets 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_ASSETS admin/main fd2f0be29384799941703c1ef2772bf8 Permitir reordenación automática Allow auto re-order 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_AUTO_REORDER admin/categories 540e056226156a884b1b034c8e912db4 En stock In Stock 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_AVAILABLE admin/main 7f3827e73bc42e0d2bd4c1d3f6e87422 Paquetes de productos Product bundles 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_BUNDLES admin/main e9f59954108183e4bb97e3ab3a5aed20 Crear producto en Create Product in 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_CREATE_IN admin/categories 2cf554091ce08ff8a9f4813612e7663c Descripción del producto (NNN - símbolos a utilizar) Product Description (NNN - symbols to use) 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION_LIMITED admin/meta_tags 52cf2083b62bee2d5ec183968a0de9be Etiqueta de descripción del producto Product Description Tag 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION_TAG admin/main 1d4e1d0030a8c7380e57dd5b24b9b112 Actualmente no disponible Currently unavailable 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_DISABLED account/wishlist 352f11c8c5366031248b203223a17dbc Elemento de producto Product Element 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_ELEMENT admin/design dc36f46f21af95b4edfe8ee7c66d29c9 El producto ya existe Product already exists 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_EXISTS main bb658009d418920b09a4636ef0a4b286 Disponible con Available with 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_GROUP_AVAILABLE_WITH main 23bf58543d4a90a6f8fc1940c651cff5 Propiedades modificadas Changed Properties 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_GROUP_CHANGED_PROPERTIES main 520d133ead67e3244ad2f2c60dfcae97 Descripción del encabezado del producto Product’s header description 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_HEADER_DESC admin/categories 522334240336fc54752953c33ca07131 Identificadores de producto Product identifiers 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_IDENTIFIERS admin/categories efb5c90c81bc7768d94f0927c3959f4d Imágenes del producto Product images 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_IMAGES admin/categories 80248d63ceb578adbd3df7dba8d6d052 Imágenes del producto Product images 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_IMAGES admin/design 9335f475abb0642899b6304366bb9b7c Información del producto Product info 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_INFO admin/properties 4e2f64f2aaceaacebcc91fae7e9d53cb Productos del grupo &quot;%s&quot; Products in group &quot;%s&quot; 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_IN_PRODUCTS_GROUP admin/categories de4ca6ed30822a43896f79081e4c49ad Artículo de producto Product Item 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_ITEM admin/design 0d7da26c554c8fe269413908e9d6717e Palabras clave de productos Products keywords 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_KEYWORDS admin/categories a1c3e7d77e819a59ab4c296347003aaf Listado de productos Product Listing 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_LISTING admin/main 7451044a0edf33b3e9feebfb9b3ed7f1 Artículos de anuncio de productos Product Listing Items 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_LISTING_ITEMS admin/design 825017d67215a187433a606c5e7158b9 Nombre del producto Product Name 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_NAME admin/main bf15bae28848d037cb790ba9d508cf18 Nombre del producto Product name 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_NAME purchaseorders 1faa7c1ca4718046272c7b784a42f84b Fuera de stock Out of Stock 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_NOT_AVAILABLE admin/main e2b0eb47be8d09c2950929efdb622c33 Todavía no se ha elegido nada. Elija el producto de la lista de la izquierda Nothing has been chosen yet. Please choose product from the list on the left 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_NOT_SELECTED admin/orders f3f8658fef24a4c583672eea8ceb8f04 Sin existencias Out of stock 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_OUT_STOCK admin/main fb3a6487f10e68c1d91fc67309632f14 <font color="#ff0000">Agotado</font> <font color="#ff0000">Out of stock</font> 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_OUT_STOCK main 42be3fd18862afcfda10f4f7a310f642 Título de página de producto Product page title 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_PAGE_TITLE admin/categories 3450a0edd53cece771cf11a782dc3050 Producto colocado en Product placed in 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_PLACED_IN admin/categories 559c5b639c620c4b32f9e2900b74a962 Descripción breve del producto (NNN - símbolos a utilizar) Product Short Description (NNN - symbols to use) 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION_LIMITED admin/meta_tags 2f0f37faf38720d6f5e9ca7950bc7b2f Especificación del producto (tamaño) Product specification (size) 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_SIZE admin/categories f195f7b6b48f0a002ad65c4e991a6b14 HolbiSoap HolbiSoap 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_SOAP_CONFIG admin/main 184342b416baa4046455e4d7d8e6e3c7 Fuente Source 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_SOURCE admin/categories d03272dbba780b6e3ea4a6455d2cf623 Etiqueta de título de producto Product Title Tag 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_TITLE_TAG admin/main 523cd52bb7892e81e1a61ac0fd200c18 Etiqueta de unidad Unit label 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_UNIT_LABEL admin/categories a5275738b1ac0c86f5a4aa2990ff803d Cantidad de producto: Product qty: 0 TEXT_PRODUCT_UNIT_SIZE admin/categories b18283f27b4e8d68efa360e098d0e10e Producto actualizado. Espere antes de continuar con la edición. Product updated. Please wait before continuing to edit. 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_UPDATED_NOTICE admin/main 0232f9397ee786fd937717df76fcaebd Producto con atributos Product with attributes 1 TEXT_PRODUCT_WITH_ATTRIBUTES admin/main c7d8b1cbdeee5915a3d935f6e851e459 Detalles de productos Products details 1 TEXT_PROD_DET admin/main 69b64096b5ffe28e4b22a5895299e874 Beneficio: Profit: 1 TEXT_PROFIT admin/categories 9b36753d9f3d2ce27bef9aaab5f9e579 Beneficio Profit 0 TEXT_PROFIT admin/main 27f080d10c2f86ad96192a0e5ff64763 ¿Está seguro de que desea cambiar la configuración? Are you sure you want to change settings? 0 TEXT_PROMOSETTINGS_UPDATE_CONFIRM admin/main 07702e42a646fc63690df33f3be45cae Promociones Promotions 1 TEXT_PROMOTIONS main e3c85f510906fb4f6559f1727da6454e Iconos de promoción Promotion Icons 0 TEXT_PROMOTION_ICONS admin/design e618230d2c5a7cc91fd57889755c327b Descripción de iconos de promoción Promotion Icons Description 0 TEXT_PROMOTION_ICONS_DESCRIPTION admin/design 7d2715a385bbbf21b95c7d3011f25b2b Áreas de recogida de puntos Areas of point collection 0 TEXT_PROMO_AREA admin/promotions 4d1331e56ea8e0d53b53e8a7214bf485 Áreas de recogida de puntos Areas of point collection 0 TEXT_PROMO_AREA promotions dc1a8c15563b9efb8a5ee137fc15ec1b Puntos otorgados Points Awarded 0 TEXT_PROMO_AWARD admin/promotions 1c5a93195170b99e3c32e7817059a26b Puntos otorgados Points Awarded 0 TEXT_PROMO_AWARD promotions f1c783cbe0822b36711335b5df2f49ac Programa de bonificación de promoción Promo Bonus Programme 0 TEXT_PROMO_BONUS_PROGRAMME admin/design 5524fcb922c8afca1c38a38bb32118fb Código de promoción Promo Code 0 TEXT_PROMO_CODE admin/design ca4ae733b61bca2fb1a850f8fcda51c9 Código de promoción Promo Code 0 TEXT_PROMO_CODE admin/promotions 9d517fdb32ee763a669696bbb4575537 Código promocional Promo code 0 TEXT_PROMO_CODE main 9e13bcbd8460380867bb96d76579c85d Promociones con Código de promoción están disponibles para los clientes han registrado este código Promotions with Promo Code are available for customers have registered this code 0 TEXT_PROMO_CODE_CONDITION admin/promotions 2fe672c211fe52b1808b4669ce93e74d Código de promoción se utiliza Promo Code is used 0 TEXT_PROMO_CODE_IS_USED admin/promotions 68afeea0e3c6c42a20a6f4dda2ea9c97 Puntos límite diarios Daily Limit Points 0 TEXT_PROMO_DAILY_LIMIT admin/promotions fb49c9c72eb1bd7d6e95b573d35be38d Puntos límite diarios Daily Limit Points 0 TEXT_PROMO_DAILY_LIMIT promotions 3bbd3ff23f135eda117c44aa810aafb9 Clase css adicional Extra css class 0 TEXT_PROMO_EXTRA_CSS_CLASS admin/promotions 982a2a7ffe7a84b3884537c92cbac130 Use Icon si está activo el especial Use Icon if special is active 0 TEXT_PROMO_ICON_SPECIALS admin/main 95c1d13f022f74a219d6472f004e15f2 Límite de pedido superado Order Limit Exceeded 0 TEXT_PROMO_LIMIT_EXCEEDED promotions 93c896b05c5d515220744d6f7c5a71c5 Ocasiones de límite diario Daily Limit Occasions 0 TEXT_PROMO_OCCASION_LIMIT admin/promotions 3645aa1159e7ec999e50471814b966ca Ocasiones de límite diario Daily Limit Occasions 0 TEXT_PROMO_OCCASION_LIMIT promotions ae7244492f81e8db2f94832b545b93f4 Límite de pedido Order Limit 0 TEXT_PROMO_ORDER_LIMIT admin/promotions f5d223b37e45720e42398e32ee69dd36 Utilizar propiedades de productos en promociones Use Product Properties in Promotions 0 TEXT_PROMO_USE_PROPERTIES admin/main 68a03ca998a8f61b75840f835668f80d ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta tracción (localmente)? Are you sure you want to delete this trunaction (localy)? 0 TEXT_PROMPT_DELETE admin/main 4ed225f946b03d591bd7613c6f0ad8e6 ¿Está seguro de que desea evitar esta tracción? Are you sure you want to void this trunaction? 0 TEXT_PROMPT_VOID admin/main 14974c217b3e3190f1258b4724874ecd Propiedades Properties 1 TEXT_PROP admin/categories eb6e1d41bda832a5b24ba0ecaab29eb1 Propiedades: Properties: 1 TEXT_PROPERTIES admin/properties 090b450f98dfc7fb9ae6b89c368a59bc Descripción de propiedades: Properties Description: 1 TEXT_PROPERTIES_DESCRIPTION admin/properties 9d0b8d0898d3c907ded01a1bcd7b3202 Propiedades Iconos Properties Icons 1 TEXT_PROPERTIES_ICONS admin/design a26241dc17272716bef26085ede61d49 Lista de propiedades Properties List 0 TEXT_PROPERTIES_LIST admin/design 15ab7659572e5450f8bbd3d54d69934c Tipo/Opción/Formato Type/Option/Format 0 TEXT_PROPERTIES_MAIN_OPTIONS admin/properties c1e36f834375cde7aaa3c7de52044c51 Propiedades Properties 1 TEXT_PROPERTIES_TITLE admin/properties f1c7c688dde5f40979a6b0352b71f188 Propiedad Property 1 TEXT_PROPERTY admin/categories 288c13b2b3f29679577d154debf3f15a Propiedad Property 0 TEXT_PROPERTY admin/main 04ced96cbe7cc45476eaa2b4bfb7a231 No No 1 TEXT_PROP_FLAG_NO admin/main 0fbc120612731df7910235b5be029569 Sí Yes 1 TEXT_PROP_FLAG_YES admin/main 49c310c96bc4869645c0450f73572f7a Valores Values 1 TEXT_PROP_VAL admin/categories 76baa5d3f485a66c1e284302273c006a Archivo File 1 TEXT_PR_FILE admin/properties 85fcad02bfbb6628ed6fe1b77380ad52 Sí/No Yes/No 1 TEXT_PR_FLAG admin/properties 0072898d63a0d9118698f576e9e093e6 Pulldown Pulldown 0 TEXT_PULLDOWN admin/main 5e5cbae953a3378a64a86cc55ff1198e comprado purchased 1 TEXT_PURCHASED main 9e9ed08d643fafc4d1bc0cad2670b8c5 Has comprado más de uno de estos artículos You've purchased more than one of these items 1 TEXT_PURCHASED_MORE_THAN main fbb0a72936f016d3f68c4c54b58d61e4 Compras Purchases 1 TEXT_PURCHASES admin/categories 85abc23a2635094d6d8e35a6f80e270c Historial de pedidos de compra Purchase orders history 0 TEXT_PURCHASE_ORDERS_HISTORY admin/design 11b4619b97247263e298400f3af15234 Datos del pedido de compra Purchase order data 0 TEXT_PURCHASE_ORDER_DATA admin/design 4c112636c887df6eb56220f246779d0d Historial de pedidos Purchase order history 0 TEXT_PURCHASE_ORDER_HISTORY admin/design d4a1b9f71c79b471b4042ea461ceef2f Productos de pedido de compra Purchase order products 0 TEXT_PURCHASE_ORDER_PRODUCTS admin/design b454eb7367866877264c68b7d9ee0dee Recepción de stock del pedido de compra Receiving stock from Purchase Order 0 TEXT_PURCHASE_ORDER_RECEIVED admin/main 93da92786088600d46ddccd1bd1faad4 Subtotal de pedido de compra Purchase order subtotal 0 TEXT_PURCHASE_ORDER_SUBTOTAL admin/design d715ca5cd4b5096f5955c9f7f0673d7a Detalles de compras Purchasing details 1 TEXT_PURCHASING_DETAILS admin/orders b6fd3604a616f6c7de557928ca292a62 Cant. Qty. 1 TEXT_QTY main e3ad7f5b85c4acd2563bc12dc61e4b8f Compre %s y obtenga %s gratis Buy %s get %s free 1 TEXT_QTY_BEFORE admin/main 778a82f9662d6a1574f9d03580bfc20a Compre %s y obtenga %s gratis Buy %s get %s free 1 TEXT_QTY_BEFORE main 1a5a7df4db6fdecb0e0170a8befc0272 Compre %s o más y obtenga %s gratis Buy %s or more and get %s free 1 TEXT_QTY_BEFORE_GA admin/categories ed678108372146adc558d2fc6d123346 Comprar q-ty Buy q-ty 1 TEXT_QTY_BEFORE_GIVE_AWAY admin/main 4f41f378711744b9ddeb5749fd446eb0 Campos de descuento Q-ty: Q-ty discount fields: 1 TEXT_QTY_DISCOUNT admin/currencies 8187f09f0435601a809ac21981b8aa46 guardar como está save as is 1 TEXT_QTY_DISCOUNT_LEAVE admin/currencies 090d37c3ba2ae3577d700383131750fd restablecer (quitar) reset (remove) 1 TEXT_QTY_DISCOUNT_RESET admin/currencies debacbbf364e87d119cc0f776989006e actualización (podría ser lenta) update (could be slow) 1 TEXT_QTY_DISCOUNT_UPDATE admin/currencies 2b27fd6ffeaa7e75e0fbaf83344eba0b %s en existencias %s in stock 0 TEXT_QTY_IN_STOCK main b3085ab149f8a27c75e3a6fe8a6634bb Límites de Q-ty. Q-ty limits. 0 TEXT_QTY_LIMITS admin/main 400a6635ec311d097f4dbf38ddd239d5 Límites de Q-ty. Q-ty limits. 0 TEXT_QTY_LIMITS main 4be342eec1aff2009bbe49e3fd88b765 Cant. máx. Qty Max 1 TEXT_QTY_MAX admin/pc-templates e756873b0ffb9c17c35510c1fe368292 Cant. mín. Qty Min 1 TEXT_QTY_MIN admin/pc-templates a3c654f7ccf298ff69f8259c9f9bb0ca Vendido por Sold by 0 TEXT_QTY_STEP_TO_PURCHASE main d3eccb5ff68144f7525a9de0da5015d7 Profundidad Depth 0 TEXT_QUANTITY admin/compare-report 3dd091a643dcda556f7764181b9138a7 Cantidad: Quantity: 1 TEXT_QUANTITY admin/orders/order-edit 5874c68403aabad1aa2b25b1a9a473e8 Descuento por cantidad: Quantity discount: 1 TEXT_QUANTITY_DISCOUNT admin/main 37fec1003f6d84b88421ecce30e2ab7b Entrada de cantidad Quantity Input 1 TEXT_QUANTITY_INPUT admin/main 8f76d08b528a39f31faa7bd3a8962829 Trimestre Quarter 1 TEXT_QUARTER admin/sales_statistics 281a968abc33ea9b70e02fce1a1824c3 Pedido rápido Quick Order 0 TEXT_QUICK_ORDER admin/main 40b5d8de68f678f1d02c207d546389a7 Pedido rápido Quick Order 0 TEXT_QUICK_ORDER main 9f8bedb5604681a7ae1084a75d8da94f Cotización Quotation 0 TEXT_QUOTATION admin/main 556eac924ab7610e88fe6e6fdfcb5050 Cotización Quotation 0 TEXT_QUOTATION main 2dce8f9298f99090c075218927bddda2 Historial de Ofertas Quotations History 0 TEXT_QUOTATIONS_HISTORY admin/design cb1f6b4d08bf0fdee2dcb9a4ad2a203d Datos de presupuesto Quotation Data 0 TEXT_QUOTATION_DATA admin/design 5a5ccac96c74e7f4aefcd2be799ec5a0 Historial de Ofertas Quotation History 0 TEXT_QUOTATION_HISTORY admin/design 7e9544e66a6c501459c90975bab4c536 Productos de presupuesto Quotation Products 0 TEXT_QUOTATION_PRODUCTS admin/design 3be31671ea3c23fbbe1b330c27638018 Subtotales de Ofertas Quotation SubTotals 0 TEXT_QUOTATION_SUBTOTAL admin/design 07b9b36daca40556b2bbf24348214fe6 Cotizaciones Quotations 1 TEXT_QUOTE_CART admin/main c7034b4b8ea7be32a18943867587f7ee Pago y envío de presupuesto Quote Checkout 0 TEXT_QUOTE_CHECKOUT admin/main 73f90e2ce6d62a85da8b6cb4ee39239e Id. oferta Quote ID 0 TEXT_QUOTE_ID admin/main c29e776c0853856b83061df0d7a17e55 Presupuesto realizado: Quote Placed: 0 TEXT_QUOTE_PLACED admin/main 720da7b8810c7b867e3587c92cf074a2 Productos de presupuesto Quote Products 0 TEXT_QUOTE_PRODUCTS admin/design 6072200c7a7190902f28da1915081e62 Detalles del estado del presupuesto Quotation status details 0 TEXT_QUOTE_STATUS admin/main dfc247e3b7daf34e3f35923038388631 Radio Radio 0 TEXT_RADIO admin/main 779fbb4a2fa93c4699f0beaddfcc931b radio radius 1 TEXT_RADIUS admin/main 0ebba5c3c71a49ff899b3f6768c4a7c1 Aleatorio Random 0 TEXT_RANDOM admin/design 32df38badca04d57293e1ce2f66572c6 Rango Range 1 TEXT_RANGE admin/sales_statistics f9cd94e2e05220d7dfb98c0e82fe2244 Seleccionar rango Select range 0 TEXT_RANGE_SELECT admin/properties 987b78a9051c82ed20f772ecc5476949 Malo Bad 0 TEXT_RATE_1 main 2d6360d03416d4515399d2b0573bb423 Pobre Poor 0 TEXT_RATE_2 main 56668deaad0bfa4dcec31c09122c9b4c Medio Average 0 TEXT_RATE_3 main ce0b90ccd69fd7971d7127cfe45cd1fa Bueno Good 0 TEXT_RATE_4 main a860bec059f9fa94bb6394c01cde0a48 Excelente Excellent 0 TEXT_RATE_5 main 0b58899b58b9ed96d0664551e9071f68 Calificación Rating 0 TEXT_RATING admin/design a7b747e3ca59eb3fae47659a259f6909 Número de calificaciones Rating Counts 0 TEXT_RATING_COUNTS admin/design dce92b53a7277ef63236bb6238fc99cd Estoy de acuerdo con las reglas de la RPR. I agree with RDPR rules. 0 TEXT_RDPR_CONFIRM account/update a91e54cc14324f66eacbd3e6e597b890 Actualizado correctamente Updated succsessfully 0 TEXT_RDPR_CONFIRM_SUCC account/update 4950007d3eb1bea0556050e1cc525890 Listo para el envío Ready for dispatch 1 TEXT_READY_FOR_DESPATCH admin/main 172908ab502edd16832dbf8dfba1b04a Los precios se han actualizado Prices have been updated 1 TEXT_RECALCULATED admin/currencies 831db0c78bd3793a9b71adb759653358 Destinatario Recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT admin/main 5dafb9db722a2ef354ce8d2e05d46be0 Destinatario Recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT main c629d891fee66c6bfc71116b73b7fb90 Áreas del destinatario Areas of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_AREAS_NP admin/main b0731d920f111beb755f7cc0583bc68a Áreas del destinatario Areas of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_AREAS_NP main 8c3318fbe47c9988fa41eb86695ad208 Ciudad del destinatario City of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_CITY_NP admin/main 2f70da42c0b3c9bc447cabaf6cb834c8 Ciudad del destinatario City of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_CITY_NP main dde0585aba3ab1eb1d1dede7db11cdb9 Número plano del destinatario Number flat of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_FLAT_NP admin/main 8978bffc9163242066948d42d32b03c6 Número plano del destinatario Number flat of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_FLAT_NP main 9b71fc0308362909a7466708fa0d80a5 Número casa del destinatario Number house of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_HOUSE_NP admin/main 90c82ffe3e805b2be81e51b59e4564a5 Número casa del destinatario Number house of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_HOUSE_NP main 3101349d50007cf6f733880b0d2fdfc8 Almacén del destinatario Warehouse of the recipient 0 TEXT_RECIPIENT_WAREHOUSE_NP admin/main 348db3b189750b7502e69f3d45e98f9c
  5. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    Modo de desarrollo Development mode 0 TEXT_DEVELOPMENT_MODE admin/design 173443ed1a96469e7020a0f3cb38d685 Diferencia Difference 1 TEXT_DIFFERENCE admin/orders/order-edit 88d0cf94e791ba739eb3c941498a30a4 Dimensión Dimension 0 TEXT_DIMENSION admin/design 462e567a9b580dce8eaebd9ece2c1fdb Dimensiones L x W x H Dimension L x W x H 0 TEXT_DIMENSION main ceee81909356170184c037c2f1c877e2 Dimensiones (L*W*H) (cm) Dimensions (L*W*H) (cm) 1 TEXT_DIMENSIONS_CM admin/categories 9406c3ba67e5bc648e7d12946c5aa78c Dimensiones (L*W*H) (pulg.) Dimensions (L*W*H) (in) 1 TEXT_DIMENSIONS_IN admin/categories 07ba64f1318cc11ac3fa000a8929a9db Directorio Directory 1 TEXT_DIRECTORY admin/main cb69d218c185045dfe54713c64281c30 Configurar directorio Configure directory 1 TEXT_DIRECTORY_CONFIGURE admin/easypopulate cf8966127fa58f81ef28417fe31e5d2c Directorio para importar imágenes: Directory for import images: 1 TEXT_DIRECTORY_IMPORT admin/easypopulate 9ffa61ee052c98011318a51f6de2b30d Deshabilitar Disable 0 TEXT_DISABLE admin/main 2af4bbab2cb409f45addbb724c57fdac Discapacitado Disabled 1 TEXT_DISABLED admin/main 3481a50cab522ab5f2e059fcfd7d81af Fechas desactivadas Disabled dates 0 TEXT_DISABLED_DAYS admin/main 2572c399f340e8bbb2dc7b7cf22dd59f Deshabilitar promociones/descuentos Disable any promotions/discounts 1 TEXT_DISABLE_ANY_PROMO_DISCOUNTS admin/categories/productedit 1e02a71a69c966338f3ec71791e78cf3 Deshabilitar descuentos propios para niños Disable children own discounts 0 TEXT_DISABLE_CHILDREN_DISCOUNTS admin/categories 3b34fea581190589238c4666f8d1522d Deshabilitar exportación Disable Export 0 TEXT_DISABLE_EXPORT admin/main 975f41b202c0ff81b164e5dcb95ad3ae Desactivar para productos especiales Disable for special products 0 TEXT_DISABLE_FOR_SPECIAL admin/main b483b4b48d1e3f6462c9e0cdb00ebc4b ¿Desactivar actualización de categorías? Disable category update? 0 TEXT_DISABLE_LINK_CATEGORY_UPDATES admin/main 18793661f39dfa8ed7c60b0d94440631 ¿Deshabilitar actualización de vínculos? Disable link update? 0 TEXT_DISABLE_LINK_UPDATES admin/main ee6c8f70e84c954eeb88c4c26aeda613 ¿Desactivar producto cuando se vendió por última vez? Disable product when last sold? 1 TEXT_DISABLE_PRODUCT_ON_OOS admin/stock-indication 5918111555bb128fcc97d5956d61cfb0 No extraer Do not remove 1 TEXT_DISABLE_REMOVAL admin/easypopulate 62e90e440ab65cd5f237889c75f0d5d1 Deshabilitar seleccionados Disable selected 1 TEXT_DISABLE_SELECTED admin/main 0e0023be1a045100da0d1909717b9841 Deshabilitar usuario Disable User 1 TEXT_DISABLE_USER admin/main f801bb707d28daa276557f39d116b0f4 No permitir, permitir por cliente Disallow, allow by customer 0 TEXT_DISALLOW_ALL_ALLOW_BY_CUSTOMER shipping a1a49916b258f1186bcf754b74cfe010 descartar cambios discard changes 0 TEXT_DISCARD_CHANGES admin/editor/owner 0c3058c0c749c515750e5bf76d01ff36 Descuento Discount 1 TEXT_DISCOUNT admin/customers 0cdfa35cfe3f3a6cde5a91b3f3168c74 Descuento (%) Discount (%) 1 TEXT_DISCOUNT admin/main 82ebf1377d2a3fe38af68d454e7c2e6d Descuento Discount 0 TEXT_DISCOUNT admin/promotions 8b1e331ec3f57420b1ec58f8a606fb36 Descuento Discount 0 TEXT_DISCOUNT main f80f20de4825eae41df2b2d6ecfd02e1 Descuento Discount 0 TEXT_DISCOUNT pos/main aabb0bfbd78d8e3a3e7ce680108d3aa7 Cobro de descuento Discount Collection 1 TEXT_DISCOUNT_COLLECTION admin/collections 128868193aa146947714b0bf1b2f6a9f Introducir código de cupón Enter coupon code 1 TEXT_DISCOUNT_COUPON_APPLY_INFO main 5817edbee810c4bf9c6729b982cd0058 Cupón de descuento: Discount Coupon: 1 TEXT_DISCOUNT_COUPON_HEAD checkout be57b2cb847304056360d586a205a6d7 Descuento para %s artículos: Discount for %s items: 1 TEXT_DISCOUNT_FOR_X_ITEMS admin/collections da39c0ac6ee4b0fea9e84d80f252f051 Despacho ahora Dispatch Now 1 TEXT_DISPATCH_NOW admin/loyalty 6fcff32776d5e99a683ec09bd52eae32 Pantalla Display 0 TEXT_DISPLAY admin/design e7096915b9a1018fcd64b36ef622340b Mostrando <b>%d</b> a <b>%d</b> (de <b>%d</b> reseñas de productos) Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> product reviews) 1 TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_REVIEWS admin/main 979eceec5bf27059ce59b5a5c6ebaff3 Mostrando <b>%d</b> a <b>%d</b> (de <b>%d</b> revisiones) Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> reviews) 1 TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_REVIEWS main 8ce63e4032aabb07b893d7548535be6b Documentos Documents 0 TEXT_DOCUMENTATION main 16e7c2fe20a8327ee6b19db8005b2d81 Documentos Documents 0 TEXT_DOCUMENTS admin/main d64850ee5d521655c74d851226273448 No tengo un nombre de usuario I don't have a username 1 TEXT_DONT_HAVE_USERNAME main ad5717a970eebf52b529fc60f2390185 No mostrar precio Don't show price 0 TEXT_DONT_SHOW_PRICE admin/main b3e11c53cb9ba19f562fb991a4541db3 Descargas Downloads 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD admin/orders 1b11eb7b7f8455862b378a7c43d9a045 o especifique el archivo en el servidor: or specify file on server: 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_FILE admin/categories 17a43ab0602152ddd7c569b7aed02b3f Descargar Download 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_FILE admin/sitemap 20f12a7dec1e09c77e245aa098ecd23e No se encontró el archivo solicitado. Póngase en contacto con el propietario de la tienda. Requested file not found. Please contact store owner. 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_FILE_NOT_FOUND account/download 409f77332eb5add70a0d10511aed92cf Archivo: File: 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_FILE_SELECT admin/easypopulate 115c3d8f8340ef1098273ab38921d480 Descargar tarjeta regalo pdf Download gift card pdf 0 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_GIFT_CARD_PDF account 4e446aef18526b1855a610496c7f1fdd Descargar mis pedidos Download My Orders 0 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_ORDERS account 3489587058e5c9fac65c9c865fb0e4f5 Descargar pdf Download pdf 0 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_PDF account 4dead310698f3b36326026076b032afc La descarga del archivo expiró a las %s Your file download expired at %s 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_PRODUCT_EXPIRED account/download db4feef01a81804837114b0842e164f4 Ya ha descargado el archivo solicitado %s veces. You've already downloaded requested file for %s times. 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_PRODUCT_EXPIRED_DOWNLOADS account/download 6df5fab56a23d155e32f741ab42293f8 No se encontró el archivo solicitado. Póngase en contacto con el propietario de la tienda. Requested file not found. Please contact store owner. 1 TEXT_DOWNLOAD_PRODUCT_NOT_FOUND account/download fd19870f249121c110e763303a86fd8e No hacer nada Do nothing 1 TEXT_DO_NOTHING admin/orders/order-edit bb0382e94552942f9eb5a1dd784c6aa6 ¿Desea guardar este menú? Do you want save this menu? 1 TEXT_DO_YOU_WONT_SAVE_THIS_MENU admin/main c341dae0b303a438fd2cf3836850db67 Borradores Drafts 0 TEXT_DRAFTS extensions/messages da7197e1f576da19125fcccbeba7b9c4 Arrastre y suelte en esta área o Drag and Drop into this area or 1 TEXT_DRAG_DROP admin/main b15022c54e6ab1ca374bfe866aa27536 Caída automática (izquierda, derecha) Drop auto (left, right) 0 TEXT_DROP_AUTO_LEFT_RIGHT admin/design c3657f99d94c0d6324071b95d6124cd4 Caída hacia abajo Drop down 0 TEXT_DROP_DOWN admin/design e1d350e0726de35651c1ccc5dbc9d9ea Desplegable (ancho de ventana) Drop down (window width) 0 TEXT_DROP_DOWN_WINDOW_WIDTH admin/design 873ac97f068532db0b4b950a9bc20ec6 Coloque archivos aquí Drop files here 1 TEXT_DROP_FILES admin/main c113a750374038d286ae8c5cffb412b6 Caer a la izquierda Drop left 0 TEXT_DROP_LEFT admin/design f98369cf148f73382ece495ba11f8c13 Caer a la izquierda (empezar desde arriba) Drop left (start from top) 0 TEXT_DROP_LEFT_START_FROM_TOP admin/design 9a83e800c1f83def5b3a8dec36a13a8d Caer a la derecha Drop right 0 TEXT_DROP_RIGHT admin/design 0565050a1d6a243975e29aaaaa2e709e Caer a la derecha (empezar desde arriba) Drop right (start from top) 0 TEXT_DROP_RIGHT_START_FROM_TOP admin/design 90f1b96eaea532afc1db00f1e5d86a80 Estado de Transacciones de Pago Payment Transactions Status 0 TEXT_DS_TRANSACTION_STATUS admin/easypopulate f3d320ba1c91a8ad8004c76719bcff74 Detalles de Transacciones Transactions Details 0 TEXT_DS_TRANSACTION_STATUS_TRANSACTIONAL admin/main 70ae760503bc99402288a4948554ce2f EAN: EAN: 1 TEXT_EAN admin/categories e7f2a8d04aeb4013bf56746594fe8d7e EAN EAN 1 TEXT_EAN main 39f2393975b399f603dcba4c193542c1 Al menos una casilla de verificación debe estar activada o desactivada. At least one checkbox should be checked or unchecked! 0 TEXT_EASYPOPULATE_EXPORT_CHECKBOX_CHECK admin/easypopulate fa07682d8ec02025602bf0d57e08fd59 Se alcanzó el tamaño máximo de exportación de datos preestablecidos (65530 bytes). Maximal export preset data size reached (65530 bytes)! 0 TEXT_EASYPOPULATE_EXPORT_MAXLENGTH admin/easypopulate 677fa0e221f56ca348e2f51d5184a768 Preajustes Presets 0 TEXT_EASYPOPULATE_EXPORT_PRESET admin/easypopulate bfecf6f60ca85b2264a3d722787832f3 ¿Realmente desea eliminar el ajuste preestablecido de exportación? Do you really wish to delete export preset? 0 TEXT_EASYPOPULATE_EXPORT_PRESET_DELETE admin/easypopulate f952d3ee4a7d583653d4c2dd4937f604 Nuevo nombre de preajuste de exportación New export preset name 0 TEXT_EASYPOPULATE_EXPORT_PRESET_NEW admin/easypopulate 505a662c6a0ff965591e623ff00aa81a ¿Realmente desea sobrescribir el ajuste preestablecido de exportación existente? Do you really wish to overwrite existing export preset? 0 TEXT_EASYPOPULATE_EXPORT_PRESET_OVERWRITE admin/easypopulate 19a61e189b3a3721552adc272ccf32a6 Agregar datos adjuntos Add attachment 0 TEXT_EBAY_CRM_ADD_ATTACHMENT extensions/ebay 3f7a925c10ecb52bc72987d8c95a35fb Mensajes Messages 0 TEXT_EBAY_CRM_MESSAGES extensions/ebay 15b11ce6fdeff80f180a86abe9affc09 Estado del mensaje Message Status 0 TEXT_EBAY_CRM_MESSAGE_STATUS extensions/ebay 27b1203142d01fcb9dded5ba11d9ef91 Tipo de mensaje Message Type 0 TEXT_EBAY_CRM_MESSAGE_TYPE extensions/ebay 9d9be54242cb4bd804d0135a1c4b0cdc Exportación Export 0 TEXT_EBAY_EXPORT_PRODUCT extensions/ebay ea2792cc676826e4dcb7acdeeef1b386 Importar Import 0 TEXT_EBAY_IMPORT_PRODUCT extensions/ebay dad4ba6766dfa9fe7162c3a7f66be291 Número de artículo de Ebay Ebay Item Number 0 TEXT_EBAY_ITEM_NUMBER extensions/ebay 6d6f8d85cba0e73644a4eeedac275cc7 Indicador 1 Flag 1 0 TEXT_EBAY_MESSAGE_FLAG_1 extensions/ebay 5dc471dd1405b0c10ba112fd661ed99a Indicador 2 Flag 2 0 TEXT_EBAY_MESSAGE_FLAG_2 extensions/ebay d59b1b7d778a2f4c4338a6722d56bebe Título del producto Product Title 0 TEXT_EBAY_PRODUCT_TITLE extensions/ebay 3c6f85bfd292e8b093327e876c8c5e76 Seudónimo User ID 0 TEXT_EBAY_USER_ID extensions/ebay 9bd9ef33d958f97aa4fe9faaf3dc2edd Desarrollo de comercio electrónico Ecommerce Development 1 TEXT_ECOMMERCE_DEVELOPMENT admin/main 26bd94ce5836d809b659d1053bb1f820 Editar Edit 1 TEXT_EDIT admin/coupon_admin 5b51128f8f9b5351859f3d0f2bce18e5 Productos editables Editable products 0 TEXT_EDITABLE_PRODUCTS admin/design 4ec8f5ff5ccd4c701a3db3616313fa46 Edición Editing 1 TEXT_EDITING admin/information_manager 24e8fa2275f1d909b9a08f93918f2f4d Editar cuenta Editing account 1 TEXT_EDITING_ACCOUNT admin/main 032fbdd0e0ffef6ce9a00d2759f3df46 Editar dirección Edit Address 0 TEXT_EDIT_ADDRESS admin/design 2d50eb42d3d7f1cb09d52bfcff6b8afc Editar atributo Edit attribute 1 TEXT_EDIT_ATTRIBUTE admin/productsattributes cb0f40e74750492f6183a2db8745fb28 Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_EDIT_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION admin/categories 14766764111b1653ca3c3b1d3d8be864 Descripción de la categoría: Category Description: 1 TEXT_EDIT_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION admin/faqdesk baef3799dee6237f66a1a950561b1802 Nombre: Name: 1 TEXT_EDIT_CATEGORIES_NAME admin/categories 7f6a29ef91637cf663ceb9018b00453d Nombre de la categoría: Category Name: 1 TEXT_EDIT_CATEGORIES_NAME admin/main e1884bbfea2f16153e9f476b60c723cb Editar clientes Edit Customers 1 TEXT_EDIT_CUSTOMERS admin/groups 5f9cf4ab4a4dc658ca80fe084ea28389 Editar detalles Edit details 0 TEXT_EDIT_DETAILS admin/main 333305643cad5f8628884f619ef7ef5e Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_EDIT_INTRO admin/main 64fcb08c980a8bd7fc0932b1db0d2f68 Editar vínculo Edit link 0 TEXT_EDIT_LINK admin/design 51545c3fcebba259999754d08d3a763a Editar vínculo Edit Link 0 TEXT_EDIT_LINK wedding 233c9f79198efd90abcbf4ca525333bb Editar logotipo Edit Logo 1 TEXT_EDIT_LOGO admin/main e28af391c947a4cb52cb7e6dd02cec74 Editar redirección Edit redirect 1 TEXT_EDIT_REDIRECT admin/seo_redirects 21e5926fc6b39f9fbfb16bd6fa6a9072 Editar regla de transportista de envío Edit Shipping Carrier rule 0 TEXT_EDIT_SELECTION admin/shipping-carrier-pick d5684d51c5133bae8a1ad1080707564a Editar configuración Edit settings 0 TEXT_EDIT_SETTINGS admin/design 8c3c56080842f11bd3e72b00226adc42 Editar estilos Edit styles 1 TEXT_EDIT_STYLES admin/design 090a6e525720c564520697cb4faab96a Editar testimonio Edit testimonial 1 TEXT_EDIT_TESTIMONIAL testimonials bdfdb4cbcf66d1cad9de9c36ce0fe26e Editar texto Edit text 0 TEXT_EDIT_TEXT main c5ad49e7287e443a5a5c82a4c6f9afdb Editar tema Edit Topic 0 TEXT_EDIT_TOPIC admin/support-system 358de3534ea9dbc3a35dc48e5816b700 Números de seguimiento Tracking numbers 1 TEXT_EDIT_TRACKING_NUMBER admin/orders 9873b14f4526d428e66a2e9f8a904c91 Editar traducciones en frontend Edit translations on frontend 0 TEXT_EDIT_TRANSLATIONS_FRONTEND admin/texts 480242a69c457417902aff04899c82a6 Correo electrónico E-mail 0 TEXT_EMAIL admin/customers f31d2dceda328fbcc37878217e98dd3d Correo electrónico Email 1 TEXT_EMAIL admin/main 7a376f77e76b3dcdb6ce4b87f9f08a23 Correo electrónico Email 1 TEXT_EMAIL main c83c69bd6344db56fd90f4e59b3e6813 <p><HR><b><font color="red">HTML está actualmente deshabilitado.</b></font><br><br>Si desea enviar correo electrónico HTML, habilite el Editor WYSIWYG para correo electrónico en: Admin—>Configuración—>Editor WYSIWYG—>Opciones<br> <p><HR><b><font color="red">HTML is currently Disabled!</b></font><br><br>If you want to send HTML email, Enable WYSIWYG Editor for Email in: Admin-->Configuration-->WYSIWYG Editor-->Options<br> 1 TEXT_EMAIL_BUTTON_HTML admin/email/templates 3f3d9fc3d1b6eaf498ea35b9d2321cdb <p><HR><b><font color="red">El botón Atrás se ha DESACTIVADO mientras el Editor WYSIWG HTML está activado,</b></font> ¿POR QUÉ? - Porque si hace clic en el botón Atrás para editar su correo electrónico HTML, El PHP (php.ini - "Citas mágicas = On") agregará automáticamente barras inversas "\\" en todas partes Citas dobles """ aparecen (HTML los utiliza en Enlaces, Imágenes y Más) y esto destruye el HTML y las imágenes desaparecerán una vez que envíe el correo electrónico de nuevo, Si desactiva el Editor WYSIWYG en Administración, la Habilidad HTML de osCommerce también se desactiva y el botón Atrás volverá a aparecer. Una solución para este problema de HTML y PHP sería bueno si alguien conoce una solución que he intentado.<br><br><b>Si realmente necesita obtener una vista previa de sus correos electrónicos antes de enviarlos, utilice el botón de vista previa ubicado en el Editor WYSIWYG.<br><HR>" <p><HR><b><font color="red">The Back Button has been DISABLE while HTML WYSIWG Editor is turned ON,</b></font> WHY? - Because if you click the back button to edit your HTML email, The PHP (php.ini - "Magic Quotes = On") will automatically add "\\\" backslashes everywhere Double Quotes """" appear (HTML uses them in Links, Images and More) and this destoroy the HTML and the pictures will dissapear once you submit the email again, If you turn OFF WYSIWYG Editor in Admin the HTML Ability of osCommerce is also turned OFF and the back button will re-appear. A fix for this HTML and PHP issue would be nice if someone knows a solution Iv'e tried.<br><br><b>If you really need to Preview your emails before sending them, use the Preview Button located on the WYSIWYG Editor.<br><HR>" 1 TEXT_EMAIL_BUTTON_TEXT admin/email/templates 647f76e2934bee5d794fa91b4210bd92 Correo electrónico E-mail 1 TEXT_EMAIL_BUTTON_TEXT admin/main 762fdf15b1c3a5fc991dbe0358d248f0 Contenido Content 0 TEXT_EMAIL_CONTENT admin/emails-history 729456f66a5b6ac3b0df3586624d8f69 Correo electrónico Email 0 TEXT_EMAIL_EMAIL admin/emails-history 0a9c66b2bfdd05d375c1a13057f12368 Correo electrónico/tarjeta de regalo Email/Gift Card 0 TEXT_EMAIL_GIFT_CARD admin/design 8df26a2f6816a96fc74fae1d08a75e4b Nombre Name 0 TEXT_EMAIL_NAME admin/emails-history e12b90c56cf38039ba4e2c6abff8f904 Correo electrónico no encontrado Email not found 0 TEXT_EMAIL_NOT_FOUND main dd02c7fe33b607e4f03d715946948ca4 Correo electrónico/Oferta Email/Quote 0 TEXT_EMAIL_QUOTE admin/main f8304abf415f1599c81753f3ed821af2 Correo electrónico/Oferta Email/Quote 0 TEXT_EMAIL_QUOTE main faf9a6da1559ba21ef50536d064d21c0 Correo electrónico/muestra Email/Sample 0 TEXT_EMAIL_SAMPLE admin/main c821aa0c84b6ef5922269fb386dc0400 Correo electrónico/muestra Email/Sample 0 TEXT_EMAIL_SAMPLE main 49a1a741f2d25ee057b603e9ca8bd2a2 Asunto Subject 0 TEXT_EMAIL_SUBJECT admin/emails-history bfeb0aecf82c7b085581b81dc12bc27e Contenido: Content: 1 TEXT_EMAIL_TEMPLATES_BODY admin/email/templates 3df9bcf0bb52261d3aef703a28b283b2 Título: Title: 1 TEXT_EMAIL_TEMPLATES_SUBJECT admin/email/templates 56a01cfafbeeb2bc5f6f78331855201a formato HTML HTML format 1 TEXT_EMAIL_TEMPLATE_HTML admin/email/templates 698eb3a8e599c915ea7a721319604216 Nombre de plantilla Template name 1 TEXT_EMAIL_TEMPLATE_KEY admin/email/templates 8c66c12207efb9c16d5ce4c19b7c48cf Formato de texto Text format 1 TEXT_EMAIL_TEMPLATE_TEXT admin/email/templates ddaf58d1eabfd2681f7a9bf4a214ea7d Vacío Empty 1 TEXT_EMPTY admin/design b3d8fd9c9e5fbc6bbfcfedc6b7a99aab Añadir producto Add Product 0 TEXT_EMPTY_BUNDLE_SELECTION main ce8b1bf764037da4c88919d2597d7ebb Inglés English 1 TEXT_EN admin/categories 74dbfdf6bc63331f4b20bde70c7cd940 habilitado enabled 0 TEXT_ENABLED admin/categories ab7810ac77a50ee7816251b2878a79de Habilitado para "%s" Enabled for "%s" 0 TEXT_ENABLED_FOR admin/main d9727f172a3c35551cc1eb4e3ba3c298 Habilitar puntos para este producto: Enable points to this product: 1 TEXT_ENABLE_POINTSE admin/categories e0effecae65eaff785e1b86358f9bac6 Habilitar venta a este producto Enable sale to this product 1 TEXT_ENABLE_SALE admin/categories b50ccb385e3e77d24d3d0f3dc9f3c8b9 Activar según rango de fechas (activo si no hay fecha de inicio) Enable according date range (active if no start date) 0 TEXT_ENABLE_SCHEDULE admin/main 8fd5d4512b9d54039a83b09529b91227 Habilitar seleccionado Enable selected 1 TEXT_ENABLE_SELECTED admin/main f1b5371d006863abccea15fb0e8a1acc Habilitar usuario Enable User 1 TEXT_ENABLE_USER admin/main 0aac065cb88ac770ce49290cd2afae75 Fin End 0 TEXT_END_BETWEEN admin/main 25616d86cd157667077d65646f215745 Fecha de finalización End date 1 TEXT_END_DATE admin/main bcdd132412d8c90696b72237f93a5743 Inglés English 1 TEXT_ENGLISH_SYSTEM admin/main eaf96d6066832a7470f4a2927bdbf322 Consultas Enquiries 1 TEXT_ENQUIRES main 28c32c2f89396bb2584a5e742aac0666 Consulta Enquiry 1 TEXT_ENQUIRY contact 705445f4a8e1edb0bca6525ec29ea467 Escribiste %s caracteres You entered %s characters 0 TEXT_ENTERED_CHARACTERS admin/main d0d33a322b51572a9b2e256314be4ef7 Entrar arriba Enter above 0 TEXT_ENTER_ABOVE main 65c197cdd56157e5c5b5d89e89d885bd Escriba Canjear código&nbsp;&nbsp; Enter Redeem Code&nbsp;&nbsp; 1 TEXT_ENTER_COUPON_CODE ordertotal 82e0d0fc39df58b48ec661e96136757b Introducir tamaño personalizado Enter custom size 0 TEXT_ENTER_CUSTOM_SIZE admin/design ff6b8e768e8d89e6e808a68ea455d126 Introducir dirección de correo electrónico Enter email address 1 TEXT_ENTER_EMAIL_ADDRESS admin/main f203a54302a35a91b3e204988a616b5b Introduzca el nombre Enter first name 1 TEXT_ENTER_FIRSTNAME admin/main c6b220fad8608c77d2999548636fc206 Escriba Canjear código&nbsp;&nbsp; Enter Redeem Code&nbsp;&nbsp; 1 TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE ordertotal 4bd1db21fa01e0199e20d986397d3523 Introduzca el apellido Enter last name 0 TEXT_ENTER_LASTNAME admin/main ba810713ac022dafd740a25f8e43e81d Introduzca el nombre del nuevo menú Enter Name for new menu 1 TEXT_ENTER_NEW_MENU admin/design f0bdc8e893c370523d2a95f42f250be0 Escriba su contraseña. Please enter your password. 1 TEXT_ENTER_PASSWORD admin/main a71837f4659fbad344940e84c9ac5840 Introduce tu número de teléfono. Please enter your phone number. 0 TEXT_ENTER_PHONE admin/main 9fb77dc2f9ce677c3eb61d5b5e8df7d7 Introduzca su PIN. Please enter your PIN. 1 TEXT_ENTER_PIN admin/main b23a653bf56fd5b3dd791499c5af19f5 Introducir ID NS: Enter NS ID: 0 TEXT_ENTER_REMOTE_ID admin/main 4529cb79c2e7e0a000579661d9d0948e Especifique la clave de seguridad recibida Please, enter received security key 0 TEXT_ENTER_SECURITY_KEY admin/main c4f5e25360cd28530cc3280d40d610e9 Este es actualmente el único método de envío disponible para utilizar en este pedido. This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. 1 TEXT_ENTER_SHIPPING_INFORMATION admin/orders/order-edit 26f37462477a2a020ba5d07672ac0a7d Introduzca su dirección de correo electrónico. Please enter your E-Mail Address. 1 TEXT_ENTER_YOUR_EMAIL admin/main b633ca6d650adc85cc6816f82802a0a7 Introduzca su nombre de pila. Please enter your first name. 1 TEXT_ENTER_YOUR_FIRSTNAME admin/main c4db2ef8ab56c448bad884b9a0ad2c73 Introduzca su apellido. Please enter your last name. 0 TEXT_ENTER_YOUR_LASTNAME admin/main 556bd2ab7ff0e0d5e5447da96152c36f Introduce el número de teléfono Enter phone number 0 TEXT_ENTER_YOUR_PHONE admin/main c1d0c316e107bab1787ec5a7f768f2fd Introduzca su nombre de usuario. Please enter your username. 0 TEXT_ENTER_YOUR_USERNAME admin/main cff2c6090bdd4af8b1e0689a51bd84d5 Entidad Entity 1 TEXT_ENTITY admin/texts dfb6ad8bdc5bcf948530806114cbaa34 * Su nombre de usuario es su dirección de correo electrónico * Your username is your email address 1 TEXT_ENTITY_USERNAME main f757bbf61fc4581d9fe272a1b268f7b4 desde la configuración from config 0 TEXT_EP_DEFAULT admin/main 3349d2468b73b411fe220125e3041f0e incapacitar disable 0 TEXT_EP_DISABLE admin/main 64e173f677320f3307597643c54e1408 fijo fixed 0 TEXT_EP_FIXED admin/main 9072e41e7a900ac96b9404279578c14c porcentaje percent 0 TEXT_EP_PERCENT admin/main fde98bb69b658ff2496cc33c511eeea4 Principal, grupo descontado Main, group discounted 0 TEXT_EP_PRICE_GROUP_DISCOUNTED admin/main 2b696fc7a975d0aa849fab2301d05af3 Iguales Equal 1 TEXT_EQUAL admin/categories acad0640941fd71e17bf5bd154fcc8b6 Errores Errors 1 TEXT_ERRORS admin/recover_cart_sales 716722b8035228413eb160f63453b48f Error: Se está ejecutando otro subproceso Error: Another thread is runing 1 TEXT_ERROR_ANOTHER_THREAD_RUNING admin/exact_online ac0a99a790551e74b1e45e834c8d4777 Error: No se pueden obtener los tokens de autorización Error: Can not get Authorization Tokens 1 TEXT_ERROR_AUTHORIZATION_TOKENS admin/exact_online 422f41336b4bfa221fb72b76e127942c Clave de autorización incorrecta Wrong authorization key 0 TEXT_ERROR_AUTORIZE admin/admin-login-view 37cf12f15c86d1fb8816d9906a01d2c7 No se pueden copiar datos a sí mismos Can't copy data to themselves 0 TEXT_ERROR_COPY_ITSELF admin/main 124d6e48529389f09ad7fd82f2f3e1b6 Error: No se puede obtener la División actual Error: Can not get Current Division 1 TEXT_ERROR_CURRENT_DIVISION admin/exact_online 45037c6b11abf1a0da0d58a9ea21115c Permisos insuficientes. Insufficient Permissions. 0 TEXT_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS admin/main b5825802e389187fb7c2f9a23f2a4366 Exportación deshabilitada debido a errores de exportación Export disabled due export error(s) 0 TEXT_ERROR_INTRO admin/main e497da15dceefbd3ca08516d93350a42 Error: No se puede obtener la lista Elementos Error: Can not get the Items list 1 TEXT_ERROR_ITEMS_LIST admin/exact_online f68d00efad51fa82b65977314e8a3d62 El producto de origen no existe Source product does not exist 0 TEXT_ERROR_NOT_FROM admin/main 5da725662dfe94df84ced80542cd0c41 Productos no encontrados Products not found 0 TEXT_ERROR_NOT_PRODUCTS admin/main 57dcf3d34a9ba2198378d3a170174f78 El producto de destino no existe Destination product does not exist 0 TEXT_ERROR_NOT_TO admin/main 81ed69dae7fc41cbd90f710a700f4b95 Error al guardar... Error on save ocurred... 0 TEXT_ERROR_ON_SAVE admin/main 356de991c66ddc6093c0b8ca8934d370 Contraseña incorrecta Wrong password 0 TEXT_ERROR_PASSWORD admin/admin-login-view 8c7034cf367ee76b881fc688c894d584 Pago ya asignado Payment already assigned 0 TEXT_ERROR_PAYMENT_EXISTS admin/main 19b8f7733666b83239cb145633a3d08c Error: No se puede quitar el estado de pedido predeterminado para el pago en línea correcto. Establezca otro estado de pedido como predeterminado e inténtelo de nuevo. Error: The default order status for online payment success can not be removed. Please set another order status as default, and try again. 0 TEXT_ERROR_REMOVE_DEFAULT_ONLINE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS_ORDERS_STATUS admin/main b0bd5ed5c87560a6194a1be209286ed8 Miembro no encontrado Member not found 0 TEXT_ERROR_USER admin/admin-login-view cd63f63fc8b60e0ce6a1c006d311bb99 Entrega estimada Estimated Delivery 0 TEXT_ESTIMATED_DELIVERY admin/purchase-orders ae3ea3f416075219c42392519c202fe3 Forzar estado de pedido de aplicación Force apply order status 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_FORCE admin/main 23008b17284d3bd69a2f78919d79756b Cancelado Cancelled 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_OES_CANCELLED admin/orders_status 8d265a6295c446ce1aa623887d6027b9 Entregado Delivered 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_OES_DELIVERED admin/orders_status c6d22d951562b90fa47e6b49cb108358 Enviado Dispatched 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_OES_DISPATCHED admin/orders_status f55656431ae848b30d893a2b299a8cf4 Pendiente Pending 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_OES_PENDING admin/orders_status 6b92946946dbcf86f6b0ad2cced07c1d Procesamiento Processing 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_OES_PROCESSING admin/orders_status 163291fd58029a269a4a25f252085187 Recibido Received 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_OES_RECEIVED admin/orders_status 12ce59e99990168b19b55bd32d8b9cb8 Cancelado Cancelled 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_POES_CANCELLED admin/orders_status 0c60b557246d1440661b2bb8172ad83a Pendiente Pending 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_POES_PENDING admin/orders_status 1bd7bf9abeee30ebd786938c3b73e5df Procesamiento Processing 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_POES_PROCESSING admin/orders_status 18759f7d4aae4663943abbe8fdccf266 Recibido Received 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_LONG_POES_RECEIVED admin/orders_status 83e95f11f50bb414996fbe36e742c484 Cnld Cnld 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_OES_CANCELLED admin/orders_status c597777a3434a1c09b4fc856f875c05e Dlvd Dlvd 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_OES_DELIVERED admin/orders_status 0b7ff4dc9fef8966e50794d0af37e670 Dspd Dspd 0 TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_OES_DISPATCHED admin/orders_status 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TEXT_EVALUATION_STATE_RESTOCK admin/main d7136e9c5509ffab1ba413a21c874851 Diario Everyday 1 TEXT_EVERYDAY admin/main 82ebae7ac3caccb73e9cc60b3e17c2da Actividades cotidianas Everyday activities 1 TEXT_EVERYDAY_ACTIVITIES admin/main cf72914bea9a9ce2608c32ec46eb1754 Cada 15 minutos Every 15 minutes 1 TEXT_EVERY_15_MINUTES admin/easypopulate cd79b3d4180c6704700bdfee886ef8ad Cada 30 minutos Every 30 minutes 1 TEXT_EVERY_30_MINUTES admin/easypopulate 15c1d43bc3ce46f104965489d6717ab2 Cada 5 minutos Every 5 minutes 1 TEXT_EVERY_5_MINUTES admin/easypopulate da181ecce62fbf0665658ebe71a49760 Todos los días Every day 1 TEXT_EVERY_DAY admin/easypopulate 24f235caa3a1375e65f4527b0c93f612 Cada cuatro horas Every four hours 0 TEXT_EVERY_FOUR_HOUR admin/easypopulate e7ab704e7940e42cedcdf00a5ecc243d Cada hora Every hour 1 TEXT_EVERY_HOUR admin/easypopulate 9cc4cb6469d7a9c2244b7f3ad8f6d0b7 Cada tres horas Every three hours 0 TEXT_EVERY_THREE_HOUR admin/easypopulate 5cbaf6309c732800de72d69a1e0d9768 Cada dos horas Every two hours 0 TEXT_EVERY_TWO_HOUR admin/easypopulate 0eca9eaec4cc09b137c77f0530e07d6f Código de IVA 0% exacto: Exact 0% VAT Code: 1 TEXT_EXACT_0_VAT_CODE admin/exact_online e623d6b8bfafa14afc17d2181c1ce746 Dirección URL base exacta: Exact Base URL: 1 TEXT_EXACT_BASE_URL admin/exact_online 493a87ee3845f1d93c56a791ac0e3a40 Id. de cliente exacto: Exact Client ID: 1 TEXT_EXACT_CLIENT_ID admin/exact_online 93e05e57a86d55d946ad2a52b4ff89d2 Secreto exacto del cliente: Exact Client Secret: 1 TEXT_EXACT_CLIENT_SECRET admin/exact_online 223d82f86b7bfcd38208877fa53ad3d6 División exacta: Exact Division: 1 TEXT_EXACT_CURRENT_DIVISION admin/exact_online a2fc85d842047de5621e4c2c725ad453 Fechas exactas: Exact Dates: 1 TEXT_EXACT_DATES admin/main df1b3f89c57ea3fed03f8abab807743e Código de producto exacto Exact Product Code 1 TEXT_EXACT_MAP_PRODUCT admin/exact_online 989661c514a5436ec4dbd1da46007af4 Desactivado Off 1 TEXT_EXACT_OFF admin/exact_online 3a27b0176fcf51e2de5430709bb2a3f4 Activado On 1 TEXT_EXACT_ON admin/exact_online b501013958b2f16ba638cae9d93dce8a Estados Exactos de Pedido Sincronizados: Exact Order Statuses Synced: 1 TEXT_EXACT_ORDER_STATUSES_SYNCED admin/exact_online 4e75c5ba4860d46991be403557259a1e Activar conector en línea exacto Activate Exact Online Connector 1 TEXT_EXACT_PROCESS_AUTHORIZATION admin/exact_online 94476682d754df9c994bd740baedacd2 URL de devolución exacta: Exact Return URL: 1 TEXT_EXACT_RETURN_URL admin/exact_online ef51344f971d38607030a039f2c726f7 Código de producto de envío exacto: Exact Shipping Product Code: 1 TEXT_EXACT_SHIPPING_PRODUCT_MODEL admin/exact_online 3f143c26893c3d21cc486818465f05cb Excepto Except 0 TEXT_EXCEPT admin/main 2dc7db36cb45d79855e8cf234ff75efe Se ha restablecido el estado de exportación Export status has been reset 0 TEXT_EXCHANGE_RESET_ERROR_OK admin/main 7edc5b606775c2241b131390a08810b4 Se ha actualizado el estado de exportación Export status has been updated 0 TEXT_EXCHANGE_SWITCH_UPDATED admin/main 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A comma separated list of categories_ids that this coupon can NOT be used with, leave blank for no restrictions. 0 TEXT_EXCLUDE_CATEGORIES_HELP admin/main 2d024ff1fce9a215aacefb412b53f2ca Excluir productos Exclude products 0 TEXT_EXCLUDE_PRODUCTS admin/main 18cd4ddbabec8a68adda061ed3faaeba Una lista separada por comas de product_ids con la que NO se puede utilizar este cupón. Dejar en blanco sin restricciones. A comma separated list of product_ids that this coupon can NOT be used with. Leave blank for no restrictions. 0 TEXT_EXCLUDE_PRODUCTS_HELP admin/main d4bc7fdbc13c8f8037ccd74b16211f77 IVA excluido exc VAT 1 TEXT_EXC_VAT admin/main 2ca88f9c71a1f4a354b78843c04af5ee IVA excluido exc VAT 1 TEXT_EXC_VAT main 8f4475d53aea170566b7dfeabe896d6f Fecha ETA ETA date 0 TEXT_EXPECTED_DELIVERY_DATE catalog/product 38bd9b0b593377160b3fa58d379c4c63 %s esperado en %s %s expected on %s 0 TEXT_EXPECTED_ON main 1fc9bbe164183926425b7c246a19fc79 Cantidad entrante Qty Incoming 0 TEXT_EXPECTED_QTY catalog/product 47258942c9805dcf806ba8616ba63ffa Caducado Expired 1 TEXT_EXPIRED admin/gv_mail bfd9c82e7cf2066ce8f05ad62f12ecba Caducado Expired 1 TEXT_EXPIRED admin/main 9debcb3b8a4f0c3b1f1f188a46962ea6 Todos los cupones están inactivos o caducados All coupons are inactive or expired 1 TEXT_EXPIRED_COUPONS admin/recover_cart_sales 055eec983d6307fd0438a7a88c276ccf Caduca días Expires days 0 TEXT_EXPIRES_DAYS admin/design f9a0171947b8ea08f5cbc89ef6b99d7a Fecha de caducidad: Expiry Date: 1 TEXT_EXPIRY_DATE admin/categories 7ea520606bed676261704d29d25a6ee7 Exportación Export 1 TEXT_EXPORT admin/main bd2448a11dbdb4dc3c676da47d7514d0 Se exportaron todas las tablas Exported all tables 0 TEXT_EXPORTED_ALL_TABLES admin/backup de7ff82bc1493c20c24c2a4640d667d5 Tablas exportadas Exported tables 0 TEXT_EXPORTED_TABLES admin/backup eb27f86d7c284f09cd87b634cdb8204b Formato de archivo de exportación: Export file format: 1 TEXT_EXPORT_FILE_FORMAT admin/easypopulate b12ecf92dfbf050a7cbee303fe21850f Exportar claves Export Keys 1 TEXT_EXPORT_KEYS admin/texts 75800517352291e9bd4beaa6c1aa6b46 Añadir cliente a la lista de Mailchimp Add cutomer to Mailchimp list 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_ADD admin/main e806c78a51e9090921a0dc7e80c8ca3f Añadir a la lista de Mailchimp Add to Mailchimp list 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_ADD admin/newsletters 920a5593575f13ef6ed6174015c8f4a6 El cliente se ha añadido a las listas de Mailchimp Сutomer has been added to Mailchimp lists 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_ADDED admin/main dc88cfee891a6c059a6895ada0736b7f El cliente existe en la lista Mailchimp Сutomer exists in the Mailchimp list 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_EXISTS admin/main 65f599d30c727c21f7c0c730bd9c64a0 El cliente existe en varias listas de Mailchimp Сutomer exists in several Mailchimp lists 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_EXISTS_SEVERAL admin/main b7406d3b9213afd3543c6e7595c5f7cc Actualizar Update 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_UPDATE admin/main a38639df7c1c34e8a4c629decb6f9d97 Se ha actualizado la información de clientes Customers info has been updated 0 TEXT_EXTERNAL_NEWSLETTER_UPDATED admin/main 298b1e0e5dc3dba302113c47d092de84 Id. de pedido externo External Order ID 1 TEXT_EXTERNAL_ORDERS_ID admin/main 8b5480b83ecd5d58d7b7d4f1c5dd60a2 Valores adicionales Extra values 0 TEXT_EXTRA_VALUES admin/properties a887dc71895e80da607d65585d8c5bbe Febrero February 1 TEXT_FAB admin/main 17e2454bb069d6daf430c14f91dbc43d Ok Ok 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_BUTTON_OK admin/facebook-base 2f49b73d224b34edddce68d5ec76130f Dirección URL de alimentación Feed Url 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_FEED_URL admin/facebook-base 190ad5aa6d55e12749766045793f9fc8 Me gusta Facebook Facebook like 1 TEXT_FACEBOOK_LIKE admin/design f5d8b441b39ba53625bd32a1017c3904 Notificación Notification 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_NOTIFICATION admin/facebook-base bb81af6c2af94d0e1c57df82aed2ff17 Código Code 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_PLATFORM_CODE admin/facebook-base bb7f39cc6ff256e764e7c5c2a9d1da6b Plataforma de productos Products platform 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_PRODUCTS_PLATFORM admin/facebook-base 261af0a5b85fc7b2063025b5e07679e6 Categoría de producto de Facebook Facebook product category 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_PRODUCT_CATEGORY admin/facebook-base 6188096f3797f470b2c94c55ba03d2ba Seleccionar columnas Select columns 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_SELECT_FEED_COLUMNS admin/facebook-base 3bf42368b6ec75bd8a7144628bcacd30 Plataforma de Facebook Shop Facebook Shop platform 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_SHOP_PLATFORM admin/facebook-base 4cd2e0925a496ec3166ae49f031f5a9c Actualizar categorías de Facebook Update Facebook categories 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_UPDATE_CATEGORY admin/facebook-base 491b833038a5e5e5c4317f65169db21a ¿Realmente deseas actualizar las categorías de Facebook Feed? Do you really wish to update Facebook Feed categories? 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_UPDATE_CATEGORY_CONFIRM admin/facebook-base 4e16346133d56fbc4c7c58007b746218 Error de actualización Updating error 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_UPDATE_ERROR admin/facebook-base 85b96862a071b79928f825ac531f8986 Actualizado correctamente Successfully updated 0 TEXT_FACEBOOK_UPDATE_SUCCESS admin/facebook-base e9143f9b28c567cdd01e7610b813ef4c Favicon Favicon 0 TEXT_FAVICON admin/design dae4995adda4ce9974807d96dd71f94d Fax Fax 0 TEXT_FAX admin/customers eb7138fe75cb26289cf8392af566d97d Nº fax Fax No. 0 TEXT_FAX_NO admin/customers 71199994f658db2e899c81458cc301df Destacados Featured 1 TEXT_FEATURED admin/main 828485438d8309658729f4e516b38dce Fecha de caducidad: Expiry Date: 1 TEXT_FEATURED_EXPIRES_DATE admin/featured e152e6839e154f4135c85db62926a157 Mostrar en destacados: Show in featured: 1 TEXT_FEATURED_LOCATION admin/seo-delivery-location 8c71fce885ce21733c50c78a343980f3 Producto destacado: Featured product: 1 TEXT_FEATURED_PRODUCT admin/categories 5739d8349fb3291935e1de430947b430 Producto: Product: 1 TEXT_FEATURED_PRODUCT admin/featured da0507e2716fc7a8d0b6386e1d878d3c Tipos destacados Featured types 0 TEXT_FEATURED_TYPES admin/main d1e91d84d4dc29b2ae666b9bcd1f3bfc Precio mensual: Monthly Price: 1 TEXT_FEATURES_MONTHLY_PRICE admin/features f36c0733a1eef264ade5e514c1ddb7b1 Precio de configuración: Setup Price: 1 TEXT_FEATURES_SETUP_PRICE admin/features 4e0bd04ebad66f4377fcf6779263444e Dirección URL de alimentación Feed Url 1 TEXT_FEED_URL admin/google_base ef86ac7a1cb6c6305dfe4a3cacc7ba08 campo todo bloque (imagen de recorte) field all block (crop image) 1 TEXT_FIELD_ALL_BLOCK admin/main 727eec64f13c5f54c727121a9a7f6dac <span class="fieldRequired">* Requerido</span> <span class="fieldRequired">* Required</span> 1 TEXT_FIELD_REQUIRED admin/main c4691531585508614d8dfd7f700ebfbf Archivo para descargar File for download 1 TEXT_FILE admin/properties b160668b7fd0a5f1db3dbd6cc80ff90c Haga clic en cargar Click upload 1 TEXT_FILE_CHANGED admin/easypopulate e4167a392f48668e7d45bd37ec72cacb Campo Field 1 TEXT_FILE_FIELD_TITLE admin/easypopulate ec250c8f27eadc4cea784423786f662e Formato de archivo File format 1 TEXT_FILE_FORMAT admin/easypopulate c8d427f38e14553cf954440aae1c85f1 Máscara de archivo File mask 1 TEXT_FILE_MASK admin/easypopulate 67990581d4afae0ddb1469bdf65063c0 No disponible Not Available 1 TEXT_FILE_STATUS_FAIL admin/sitemap a468ae21d9770bfd7d765739738c861a Bueno Good 1 TEXT_FILE_STATUS_GOOD admin/sitemap 0b52bf9f8090871f8306ce689efb1088 Tipo de archivo File type 1 TEXT_FILE_TYPE admin/easypopulate bd0e7ca93663312b15775d9835fd4747 Carga de archivos en curso File upload in progress 1 TEXT_FILE_UPLOAD admin/easypopulate 4a3eba118308a4d089c6e30874ae1ec3 Archivo cargado File Uploaded 1 TEXT_FILE_UPLOADED admin/easypopulate 1f0ee7df573c031a701df7689bbab950 Lleno. Filled. 0 TEXT_FILLED admin/main 451f28afd9176fced841713a6a1aaf2d Rellenar los datos perdidos Fill in missed 0 TEXT_FILL_ALL admin/products-global-sort ab9212f1bb24a88aa12867872abbee7a Filtro:&nbsp; Filter:&nbsp; 1 TEXT_FILTER admin/customers a28cc7b1d92e9e435b4a25c14572df99 Filtro Filter 1 TEXT_FILTER admin/main 158cad6901b4429599cdfd7f19908953 Filtros Filters 1 TEXT_FILTERS admin/main 033405dcc2a00487633987bf8ff22e88 Filtrar por Filter by 0 TEXT_FILTER_BY_PROPERTY admin/main 05a906a691b5f31a2ef74e307608e4fd Filtrar clientes Filter customers 1 TEXT_FILTER_CUSTOMERS admin/main 969f649c4c969310707a47b36dd2c286 Buscar cliente: Search Customer: 1 TEXT_FILTER_CUSTOMERS admin/orders/create 0178c5396f94be76ee4548b614d8b13d Nombre del filtro Filter name 1 TEXT_FILTER_NAME admin/main b5efa5f61a13969cfa76385ad476c6c1 Ocultar si la propiedad de filtro no está seleccionada Hide if filter property not selected 0 TEXT_FILTER_STEPS admin/main 0595cc3fe4fe6751bc31a9d9fb0c12de Buscar dirección Find Address 0 TEXT_FIND_ADDRESS main 77dd2242570bcb489d74383573e6aa9f Buscar páginas Find pages 0 TEXT_FIND_PAGES admin/main ab81708bd57a72ba3d7a9eb6e673ba0c 35% Firme 35% Firm 1 TEXT_FIRM admin/customers e9db4d81b91f6681b01f3c99456ada82 Primero First 0 TEXT_FIRST admin/main c14c36f8f0bc49dfb5ad74da3a23c9fb Nombre Firstname 0 TEXT_FIRSTNAME wedding f4c04fe963f607506f1d4056033d0c01 Primera visita First visit 0 TEXT_FIRST_VISIT admin/design 0a15bdb73e6a3f9701f057d53ab6967b Fijo Fixed 0 TEXT_FIXED admin/main 715bc6df9c633efe0e5782e46c98907d Fijo Fixed 1 TEXT_FIXED ordertotal 7aaffbb7ed11c07e3ec64c3e10a515f7 Cantidad Amount 0 TEXT_FIXED_DISCOUNT pos/main 35e3bca76a6cf7f716eea218da16eb7a Banderas Flags 1 TEXT_FLAG admin/orders 263bc818113761683406709c28cd7917 Botón de plan de crédito Flexi-Fi Flexi-Fi credit plan button 0 TEXT_FLEXIFI_CREDIT_PLAN_BUTTON admin/design b532cffe035adaf75f03c900fc2c0f8c Flotador Float 1 TEXT_FLOAT admin/design 1c24b66cf71ce769f02d8e84bb00b9a0 piso floor 1 TEXT_FLOOR admin/main 942dfcb02c258af4e228e947b00c6b32 <p>Si tienes una cuenta con nosotros, por cada ##LOYALTY_PROGRAM_POINT_COST## o más que gastes en una visita recibirás 1 crédito. Así que si gastas 2 * ##LOYALTY_PROGRAM_POINT_COST## o más en una visita recibirás 2 créditos, y así sucesivamente. </p> <p>También ganarás créditos cuando compres artículos al precio de venta, siempre que gastes &libras;30 o más por transacción. </p> <p>If you have an account with us, for every ##LOYALTY_PROGRAM_POINT_COST## or more you spend in one visit you'll receive 1 credit. So if you spend 2 * ##LOYALTY_PROGRAM_POINT_COST## or more in one visit you'll receive 2 credits, and so on. </p> <p>You will also earn credits when you buy items at sale price, provided you spend &pound;30 or more per transaction. </p> 1 TEXT_FLOWER_CREDIT main 8701538bfdb5289f467f15f069f9b478 Enrasar Flush 1 TEXT_FLUSH admin/cache_control a8fc81abb012f6ac8e92feb1abc894d6 Vaciar caché Flush cache 1 TEXT_FLUSH_CACHE admin/cache_control 920fbdd45159dfa5d28aa73e75e78250 Fuente Font 1 TEXT_FONT admin/main 6b8754e073d2e59bdd9019d3dce7a10a Fuentes Fonts 0 TEXT_FONTS admin/design b3236fbd652e90ed329578ac09757101 Familia de fuentes Font Family 1 TEXT_FONT_FAMILY admin/design 915391c6862e6bbdafcebbffe6758bef Tamaño de fuente Font size 1 TEXT_FONT_SIZE admin/main 41de70b9d5583836361b20812baf5ebf Peso de fuente Font weight 1 TEXT_FONT_WEIGHT admin/main 273a4c1b6bac466c7556663dcbd70772 Pie Footer 1 TEXT_FOOTER admin/information_manager 9b170c17a88756e5c2e79f6b28c2090e osCommerce se proporciona bajo osCommerce Ltd <a href="http://www.holbi.co.uk/terms-service" target="_blank">Términos y condiciones</a> y este <a href="http://www.holbi.co.uk/disclaimer" target="_blank">Aviso legal</a> osCommerce is provided under osCommerce Ltd <a href="http://www.holbi.co.uk/terms-service" target="_blank">Terms and Conditions</a> and this <a href="http://www.holbi.co.uk/disclaimer" target="_blank">Disclaimer</a> 1 TEXT_FOOTER_BOTTOM admin/main ab4473f18c08be2cf1d9b6cad626552c OSCommerce eCommerce Engine Copyright &copy; 2005 &ndash; osCommerce eCommerce Engine Copyright &copy; 2005 &ndash; 1 TEXT_FOOTER_COPYRIGHT admin/main dba5fc31f52470131189a2c78b929a47 Wolq eCommerce Engine Copyright &copy; 2005 &ndash; Wolq eCommerce Engine Copyright &copy; 2005 &ndash; 1 TEXT_FOOTER_COPYRIGHT_WOLQ admin/main c508d6b691164a225ae486affdc5fda1 Defina la dirección IP restringida Please define restricted Ip-address 1 TEXT_FORBIDDEN_ADDRESS admin/ip-restriction 0a072e290b59a79d5e25d4837690221a Forzar deshabilitación (no se activará por fecha) Force disable (won't be activated by date) 0 TEXT_FORCE_DISABLE admin/main 432b6a19599ed4d0a3bfda9966b4294e Forzar activación (no se desactivará por fecha) Force enable (won't be deactivated by date) 0 TEXT_FORCE_ENABLE admin/main 87bedc489154ac276ed3e26ac057fcc7 (<u>olvidar</u>) (<u>forget</u>) 1 TEXT_FORGET admin/backup 54c0f06fa5c0158c8db9edb720cf6e77 ¿Olvidó su contraseña? Forgot Password? 1 TEXT_FORGOT_PASSWORD admin/main 55d78a214b5f2072d3380eb7c5f4c077 ¿Olvidó su contraseña? Forgot your password? 1 TEXT_FORGOT_PASSWORD main ed7639647b06317647b04a4ad25aa522 Formulario Form 1 TEXT_FORM admin/design 8efc2663e60ba22e1a188f648b21a75e Formato: Format: 1 TEXT_FORMAT admin/properties 1a49c5c2316d0d1389b7747cbf9327f7 Formatos Formats 0 TEXT_FORMATS admin/main 097f5f7d276e0fffe149e1697450d6f5 Formato correcto Format Ok 0 TEXT_FORMAT_OK admin/main bb0603f8669c9383c75bb62cd4ce5c57 Formato correcto Format Ok 0 TEXT_FORMAT_OK main 50763506bdac523ec3ab22bd40d6b5e4 Elija, por favor Please choose 0 TEXT_FOR_AREAS_NP admin/main a605c4daea399b4d730cacab9a4474f3 Disponible para países Available for countries 1 TEXT_FOR_COUNTRIES admin/modules/edit d5f5509578f4a24bfcb83c9b2754ecaf Para cada For each 0 TEXT_FOR_EACH main 363e75bd2c28c651bd84e7c4125a951b Sólo permitido para Allowed only for 1 TEXT_FOR_GROUPS admin/modules/edit 6a60552a7421d00c61134b20ca32a45a Cupón para el carro de recuperación Coupon for Recovery Cart 1 TEXT_FOR_RECOVERY admin/coupon_admin 3c4e5a4295f567c9d3f4a1ca5fa0be65 Encontrado: Found: 0 TEXT_FOUND admin/categories 05418483c4ae07d3c32ae0866695f13d resultados(s) results(s) 0 TEXT_FOUND_RESULTS admin/categories 44dba04209b1ddb809260dcfd5d5aa2c Transacciones encontradas Found Transactions 0 TEXT_FOUND_TRANSACTIONS admin/orders f4bd9d5e23e4b8c776a2993a6b3c3d89 Gratis Free 0 TEXT_FREE main b5cc9e2caca0f7508139b861b5ad2a0f Congelar stock ahora Freeze stock now 0 TEXT_FREEZE admin/freeze-stock fa95a5fe1449d89eea7c3b41226149a5 ¿Estás seguro? 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Please reload page or contact us if it persists 1 TEXT_GENERAL_ERROR main be695b598af7ce1fd4f30cdc5aead1b2 Archivos de la carpeta general Files from general folder 1 TEXT_GENERAL_FOLDER admin/js fc343532fda79377dec39c87b26681b2 Generar Generate 1 TEXT_GENERATE admin/main e96127554f0450d66e9fc4411169b77f Generar Generate 1 TEXT_GENERATE admin/promotions 781feb54c11964ff40fc202ae0c8245c Generar contraseña Generate password 0 TEXT_GENERATE_PASSWORD main 20b148725d18326607e3281ea32f4264 Generar pagos Generate Payments 0 TEXT_GENERATE_PAYMENTS admin/affiliate/payment cfabd19588fc1fb7e353e5b294c77df3 Obtener impresoras en la nube Get cloud printers 0 TEXT_GET_PRINTERS admin/printers 6e480ec124ad646982f6b24ff9d52a4e Tarjeta de regalo Gift Card 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD admin/main 28f45d158cdb8b92d0dd01c3731b1ec4 Tarjeta de regalo Gift Card 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD main de7fad4426a67d7a805781b280478f5d Tarjetas de regalo Gift cards 0 TEXT_GIFT_CARDS account ded0f7984b118d2eb3b30e620238355d Código de tarjeta regalo Gift Card Code 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_CODE main 7f7df20ffeb87952fccbd06642726a1b Detalles de la tarjeta regalo Gift Card Details 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_DETAILS main 99815b5c113f519d822919388f839f8d Mensaje: Message: 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_MESSAGE main e55c0253ceae4da80accf6423148804c Destinatario: Recipient: 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_RECIPIENTS_EMAIL main f94eae3d77acd1e088a6f4be093a925e Para: To: 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_RECIPIENTS_NAME main f2a4475f1da9cdc37c0ce934f4315ff3 Tarjeta de regalo Enviar Gift Card Send 0 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_SEND main 7c2855e5757f982878c3c4d3bb74a138 De: From: 1 TEXT_GIFT_CARD_SENDERS_NAME main 6df1be5a0af892e2b7da8eff3aad43c5 Cheque regalo: Gift Voucher: 1 TEXT_GIFT_VOUCHER admin/orders 69a39f9925c85ad5fbfc072e5e51a04d Envoltura de regalo Gift wrap 1 TEXT_GIFT_WRAP admin/main 9452b271acf2eee32a8daf2da0c1a85e Obtener gratis Get for free 1 TEXT_GIVE_AWAY_FREE_QTY admin/main 73d11eb54ceb14864701fc8e856a68e2 Regala: Give away: 1 TEXT_GIVE_AWAY_ORDER admin/main 6ad51fc796e0b10c9b8df80adf33fb0f Seleccione Regalar producto: Select Give Away Product: 1 TEXT_GIVE_AWAY_PRODUCT admin/giveaway bc91e4f261c4e33ccb751c0e8a0e1c71 Gestión de sorteos Giveaway management 1 TEXT_GIVE_MANAGEMENT admin/giveaway 0e301b78144cdfb902d286958ab21ac2 Envoltura de regalo: Gift Wrap: 1 TEXT_GIVE_WRAP admin/categories 82ae52209fedf1b4e7a862449a2f3a2d Ir Go 1 TEXT_GO admin/main 1d824785415e3976035ac06fe1c48782 <small><font color="#ff0000"><b>BUENO</b></font></small> <small><font color="#ff0000"><b>GOOD</b></font></small> 1 TEXT_GOOD admin/reviews c6c556cbba7dcaf8b2d28183b9eb5e8b Bueno Good 1 TEXT_GOOD main 6d408c614fb91088cba92bb0887f0c8d Google Reviews Posición de la insignia Google Reviews Badge position 0 TEXT_GOOGLE_BADGE_POSITION admin/design 939f44e38cba6fe7ce8686f185c9a721 No se puede editar porque la categoría principal está deshabilitada Can't be edited because parent category is disabled 0 TEXT_GOOGLE_CATEGORIES_CANT_BE_EDITED admin/google-categories 80123197ab143b54b76aff7cfc7b85f2 La categoría está habilitada Category is enabled 0 TEXT_GOOGLE_CATEGORIES_STATUS admin/google-categories 4c3d51794def6069d5a34eb9f0f15f84 se utiliza para la API de Google Maps is used for Google Maps API 1 TEXT_GOOGLE_MAPSKEY_DESCRIPTION admin/main ab07554b310335e2f93b61fd37ab0b65 se utiliza para la API de Google Maps is used for Google Maps API 1 TEXT_GOOGLE_MAPSKEY_DESCRIPTION main ab07554b310335e2f93b61fd37ab0b65 Categoría de producto de Google: Google Product Category: 1 TEXT_GOOGLE_PRODUCT_CATEGORY admin/categories 3dd3ece863eabce88ad75e114f247eb1 Google Tipo de producto: Google Product type: 1 TEXT_GOOGLE_PRODUCT_TYPE admin/categories 2de64a783f974870f5806d9c9e2c6710 Insignia de Google Reviews Google Reviews Badge 0 TEXT_GOOGLE_REVIEWS admin/design 8ee106ed44d37513a2d248d99488d77b Canal de ventas de Google Shop Google Shop sales channel 1 TEXT_GOOGLE_SHOP_PLATFORM admin/google_base 1614fbc72ab54165e38d1b3c0df437d3 ir al siguiente pedido go to Next order 1 TEXT_GO_NEXT_ORDER admin/orders 57d1a53c2e855ae4316dddaffe3d9c64 Ir a la lista Go to the list 1 TEXT_GO_PERSONAL_CATALOG main fe916aced75b8c056aefad0ce2445118 ir al pedido anterior go to Prev order 1 TEXT_GO_PREV_ORDER admin/orders aadcf8c57f706e5318b0d18954976ce4 Ir al carrito Go to cart 1 TEXT_GO_TO_CART admin/design 083b753d183943b449668bae0c195ccc Ir al carrito Go to cart 1 TEXT_GO_TO_CART main 066696825dba31b3b1992e43ec3ed5c2 Ir al pedido Go to order 1 TEXT_GO_TO_ORDER admin/main a950df272ef5e846f435249bf42d65e8 Buscar producto Find product 0 TEXT_GO_TO_PRODUCT admin/main 5a73997cdaaf7d70f2fbb531af450c6d Total general: Grand Total: 1 TEXT_GRAND_TOTAL admin/recover_cart_sales be5f3b5bdbeac19489af7a2fed3a459d Bienvenida Welcome 0 TEXT_GREETING affiliate 48a9550a6cd5e4e807eb015fa21d7a52 Cuadrícula Grid 1 TEXT_GRID_VIEW admin/design 03145b25d51a9f479d32c0c094e48473 BRUTO GROSS 1 TEXT_GROSS admin/categories 4f437ccc538efba4600458d540c66eda Precio bruto <i>(con impuestos)</i>: Gross price <i>(with tax)</i>: 1 TEXT_GROSS_PRICE admin/categories 0a8ae1d8d36ae47e26f56c0e2208b7bd Grupo: Group: 1 TEXT_GROUP admin/main 07c541a302b914394b0481f658ab392b Grupo Group 1 TEXT_GROUP admin/promotions 792b93829c7da28887e9fbc5516f207b Grupos:&nbsp; Groups:&nbsp; 1 TEXT_GROUPS admin/customers 609f20a205946353d10e3ed4ac81327c Aplicar descuento de grupo al precio de VENTA? Apply group discount to SALE price? 1 TEXT_GROUPS_APPLY_DISCOUNT_TO_SPECIALS admin/groups 9be365e2095e893ef956cb020cc97e7b Comisión de grupo Group commission 0 TEXT_GROUPS_COMMISSION admin/groups 9efc9242dae2fe0878588fa73f530e16 ¿Desactivar carrito de compras? Disable Shopping Cart? 0 TEXT_GROUPS_DISABLE_CART admin/groups 84184feefba715ebc6ddc949ba8edbd3 ¿Desactivar Pago y envío? Disable Checkout? 1 TEXT_GROUPS_DISABLE_CHECKOUT admin/groups 54d91845895db5533a7bc6b9b635f12e Descuento de grupo: Group Discount: 1 TEXT_GROUPS_DISCOUNT admin/groups 9a899ff0b68513b550eb554f2410c100 ¿Grupo de distribuidores? Reseller group? 1 TEXT_GROUPS_IS_RESELLER admin/groups ca93c91ca3df331e942179830db9ede0 ¿Mostrar precio para clientes? Display price for customers? 1 TEXT_GROUPS_IS_SHOW_PRICE admin/groups e11ec042e406079c7b4680fdfdf0560e ¿Es Aplicable El Impuesto? Is Tax Applicable? 1 TEXT_GROUPS_IS_TAX_APPLICABLE admin/groups 04d02e4774d2670a65a67591d6f80b82 Nombre del grupo: Group Name: 1 TEXT_GROUPS_NAME admin/groups 434a304d0db680aaa9edccd6916a2f08 ¿Los nuevos clientes necesitan aprobación? New customers need approve? 1 TEXT_GROUPS_NEW_APPROVE admin/groups 6722d90674d5066fa9584b88715db33b Mostrar como especial si el precio del grupo es menos principal Show as special if group price less main 0 TEXT_GROUPS_PRICE_AS_SPECIAL admin/groups 228e3e8374367aef88642e3ee6a2035f Agrupar por Group by 0 TEXT_GROUP_BY admin/categories 7bd95c02de5e4b1258155dcf8c91ee7a Regalar precio Give Away Price 1 TEXT_GROUP_GIVE_AWAY_PRICE admin/main e0603b9d9ceac253a93934829c32170e Descuento(s) del grupo a la venta: Group's discount(s) on sale: 0 TEXT_GROUP_WITH_SALE_DISCOUNT admin/main bf62c0f25486c5fc14928d9f15edb207 Por criterio de ordenación global By global sort order 0 TEXT_GSO_SORT_ORDER admin/main c3931206c47b83f90f55d565c4d1dea4 Invitado Guest 1 TEXT_GUEST admin/main 50d5cce7ca05e956b5a59056ec03cdd9 <ul><li>Sin funcionalidad de reordenación</li><li>Sin retención de ilustraciones</li><li>Sin inicio de sesión para descarga de facturas en línea</li></ul> <ul><li>No reorder functionality</li><li>No artwork retention</li><li>No login for online invoice download</li></ul> 0 TEXT_GUEST_MESSAGE_1 main 406c0a1dead0f0f0ea19ef9dadf68390 Le recomendamos registrarse para obtener una cuenta completa si planea repetir pedidos o desea guardar diseños de ilustraciones para su uso futuro. We recommend registering for a full account if you plan to repeat orders or wish to save artwork designs for future use. 0 TEXT_GUEST_MESSAGE_2 main d878acb5e990156d49fd1f7a9d9401ac Cancelar Cancel 1 TEXT_GV_STATE_SWITCH_TO_CANCELED admin/orders aa528d16215879e187375aa5fe29a7da Pendiente Pending 1 TEXT_GV_STATE_SWITCH_TO_PENDING admin/orders c49bdcb5e58ecfcfe4c4edc089caa8a4 Liberar importe de crédito Release credit amount 1 TEXT_GV_STATE_SWITCH_TO_RELEASED admin/orders 146e4cb4c3715938239794b4ef47b10a Etiqueta HTML H1 HTML H1 Tag 0 TEXT_H1_TAG admin/main 04319b5fe7fdef57b3114e95659c19e2 Etiqueta HTML H2 HTML H2 Tag 0 TEXT_H2_TAG admin/main 15a4370d088696b8c84fc828d22ea56a Etiqueta HTML H3 HTML H3 Tag 0 TEXT_H3_TAG admin/main de5692ca0cd7616d239b3ebf63f3533e Controladores Handlers 0 TEXT_HANDLERS extensions/handlers d02609753f81221312d2a9007c248161 Nuevo controlador agregado New Handler added 0 TEXT_HANDLERS_ADDED extensions/handlers 6cf213b651e63f1c546a96bbec5d4615 Nuevo controlador actualizado New Handler updated 0 TEXT_HANDLERS_UPDATED extensions/handlers 3880c57c470b008e6628e25a4a9b8c32 Gestionar pedidos Handle orders 1 TEXT_HANDLE_ORDERS admin/main 7365f485c784b0d5159510288df5bb32 Precio de manipulación: Handling Price: 1 TEXT_HANDLING_PRICE shipping b561f74a65e2e003f9aff0601e40df77 Manejo por artículo: Handling per item: 0 TEXT_HANDLING_PRICE_PER_ITEM shipping ba972d5032a7e67415bfad640a69e811 Tiene atributos Has attributes 0 TEXT_HAS_ATTRIBUTES admin/design ff55658f14142c249240f0dcab4bb835 Encabezado Header 1 TEXT_HEADER admin/information_manager 05ce588ee933c55db8252ed6964e8788 Contáctenos Contact Us 1 TEXT_HEADER_CONTACT_US admin/main 99f3d00911a088285cddddb8dc1dcd16 Contáctenos Contact Us 1 TEXT_HEADER_CONTACT_US main be1b5ec237b3df9ebba5897d64f4232c Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_HEADER_DESCRIPTION admin/categories 19aed0f19687188a398e50fc8a5a1ea2 Cerrar sesión Log Out 1 TEXT_HEADER_LOGOUT admin/main 2f1c9668e23fad661bee3cf0a58a7416 Cerrar sesión Logout 1 TEXT_HEADER_LOGOUT main 7a50a311f2fc5908e0804f7c6be8c46f Bloquear Lock 1 TEXT_HEADER_POS_LOGOUT pos/main 1bb473aad68f8f3da82aa65fd8d942c3 Selector de cotizaciones Stock Swithcer 0 TEXT_HEADER_STOCK admin/design 0111c6860cd76a28b412229c5211c452 Título Heading 1 TEXT_HEADING admin/design 90261126e237871b4dfc678c2b0ffef5 define el ángulo de rotación alrededor del locus de la cámara en grados con respecto al norte verdadero. Los encabezados se miden en el sentido de las agujas del reloj (90 grados es el este verdadero) defines the rotation angle around the camera locus in degrees relative from true north. Headings are measured clockwise (90 degrees is true east) 1 TEXT_HEADING_ABOUT admin/design 6f772048c324be9357f9901b0b39bcb4 Mi libreta personal de direcciones My Personal Address Book 0 TEXT_HEADING_ADDRESS_BOOK account/address-book a6c42fed0ca69032a268314397f48f72 Actualizar entrada de libreta de direcciones Update Address Book Entry 0 TEXT_HEADING_ADDRESS_BOOK_PROCESS account/address-book-process ff631a728f97406efbf4cf3efb4e3066 Elegir plataforma Choose platform 0 TEXT_HEADING_ASSIGN_AFFILIATE admin/affiliate 1f3ae2d804c33038c5527812a71f07ec Eliminar plantilla Delete Template 1 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE admin/email/templates 5a2fadbf5eda783a8c50f6c42300a922 Eliminar afiliado Delete affiliate 0 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_AFFILIATE affiliate e7086673e960a2266b7245f7eb1a730f Eliminar pago Delete payment 0 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_AFFILIATE_PAYMENT affiliate eca79b216da33a61ae09154f474e6f0d Eliminar grupo Delete Group 1 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_GROUP admin/groups 7ca27f8ca9e5b470851b0760ba3230c8 Eliminar clases de plantilla Delete Template classes 1 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_MANUFACTURER admin/classes ae1c1abff95b8b6e756339bab2cfc691 Eliminar elementos de plantilla Delete Template Elements 1 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_MANUFACTURER admin/elements f7f48685c508b51c02a28f26cb58fe55 Eliminar fabricante Delete Manufacturer 1 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_MANUFACTURER admin/main 46b5be94ae84ae5083e38a5ef91eab26 Suprimir Proveedor Delete Supplier 1 TEXT_HEADING_DELETE_SUPPLIER admin/suppliers 653e19fe5479ea2f49fc81d057943b15 Editar grupo Edit Group 1 TEXT_HEADING_EDIT_GROUP admin/groups 3886455045921a7109336d4dee4cfa9c Editar clases de plantilla Edit Template classes 1 TEXT_HEADING_EDIT_MANUFACTURER admin/classes 54f1f22f8692739ca254c757bdba5784 Editar elementos de plantilla Edit Template Elements 1 TEXT_HEADING_EDIT_MANUFACTURER admin/elements 96b77ba14205ffb43a3420b948e5acf1 Editar fabricante Edit Manufacturer 1 TEXT_HEADING_EDIT_MANUFACTURER admin/main ff4511230209703dbe61c0cb689ac59e Editar plantilla de comentario Edit comment template 0 TEXT_HEADING_EDIT_ORDERS_COMMENT_TEMPLATE admin/orders-comment-template aacd0945a3a42932ad9acdc0d41388aa Editar proveedor Edit Supplier 1 TEXT_HEADING_EDIT_SUPPLIER admin/suppliers 97ae164a206488db822a33b00e8cf8b0 Historial de pedidos My Order History 0 TEXT_HEADING_HISTORY account/history d10fe8601ec9e0aaca74d98c84fbd58e Nuevas clases de plantilla New Template classes 1 TEXT_HEADING_NEW_MANUFACTURER admin/classes c676fb8bbff2d5aa6f967a8b7e74609f Nuevos elementos de plantilla New Template Elements 1 TEXT_HEADING_NEW_MANUFACTURER admin/elements 53b0315a5bf9eed075c9d1e9ad9623b4 Nuevo fabricante New Manufacturer 1 TEXT_HEADING_NEW_MANUFACTURER admin/main 385086060737a75bd524ef0d19cdfdd1 Nueva plantilla de comentarios New comment template 0 TEXT_HEADING_NEW_ORDERS_COMMENT_TEMPLATE admin/orders-comment-template e1081494e59adc854caa8ffe8b93aefe Nuevo proveedor New Supplier 1 TEXT_HEADING_NEW_SUPPLIER admin/suppliers b208cd04eb9cb2e63aafbbb272997028 Mi contraseña My password 0 TEXT_HEADING_PASSWORD account/password 0a31440d7119f1f5602778becd5df1c5 Cotizaciones Quotations 1 TEXT_HEADING_QUOTE_CART main 7e7121cdd9d8277397547488e1106217 Muestras Samples 1 TEXT_HEADING_SAMPLE_CART main 07a1ac9861bcad04b8f53a55d9e0eefd Carrito de compras Shopping Cart 1 TEXT_HEADING_SHOPPING_CART main cdf34306de48fa1c1ea082f9479d6167 Seleccionar zona horaria Select time zone 1 TEXT_HEAD_TIME_ZONE_POPUP admin/configuration 3fe63c7a80ca3d4d727235886b9019eb Altura Height 1 TEXT_HEIGHT admin/main 70dd9e9ec5c2a75ba09d3aa2815aeeed Altura (cm) Height (cm) 1 TEXT_HEIGHT_CM admin/categories 95e9a508999d01f516a19cd602b4e25b Altura (entrada) Height (in) 1 TEXT_HEIGHT_IN admin/categories 3a28c9a1dd6a8893328c3060d8280ea0 Cree una contraseña con un mínimo de %s caracteres. Manténgalo a salvo ya que lo necesitará para iniciar sesión en su cuenta de %s cada vez que compre. Esta contraseña distinguirá entre mayúsculas y minúsculas, por lo que tenga en cuenta cuando escriba en mayúsculas o minúsculas. El uso de una combinación de letras y números hace que la contraseña sea más segura. Please create a password with a minimum of %s characters. Keep it safe as you will need it to sign in to your %s account each time you buy. This password will be case sensitive, so note when you type in upper or lower case. Using a combination of letters and numbers makes your password more secure. 1 TEXT_HELP_PASSWORD main 0e8b5f9ec748b44aecc68a72a0ff3744 Imagen de héroe Hero image 0 TEXT_HERO_IMAGE admin/categories a8495869f4d103fd7cac76be4b6b025c Esta imagen se muestra encima de la lista de productos This image is shown above the products list 0 TEXT_HERO_IMAGE_INTRO admin/categories bd86af3d90317dff92912e2cf7af5aee Oculto en admin Hidden in admin 0 TEXT_HIDDEN_IN_ADMIN admin/main 3233f158160763906d28c84781947e8d Ocultar Hide 1 TEXT_HIDE main 8a193ac922d7a2697087dea677aca333 Ocultar bloque Hide block 1 TEXT_HIDE_BLOCK admin/design 2c140f989f47d5eab5822a8da35a4ca5 Ocultar botón continuar Hide continue button 0 TEXT_HIDE_CONTINUE_BUTTON admin/design c96edd4a2e09e7da6c28d3edfc1fd6a1 Escóndete para mí Hide for me 0 TEXT_HIDE_FOR_ME admin/main d80f97de4b75ab56a242fb2299e18f6a Ocultar para canales de ventas Hide for sales channel(s) 1 TEXT_HIDE_FOR_PLATFORMS admin/orders-comment-template a3d685526ce55ca461d7a5fa66fbbfa6 No mostrar para admin Don't show for admin 0 TEXT_HIDE_FROM_ADMIN admin/orders-comment-template b7a94b02bd56626115c061baa6417f95 Ocultar en admin Hide in admin 0 TEXT_HIDE_IN_ADMIN admin/main f298f8075e5edf7be6af7d51abe9cb2d Ocultar productos dependientes Hide on depended products 0 TEXT_HIDE_ON_DEPENDED admin/promotions c930b5ba79c6b0cdcc03d4602caf0730 Ocultar página Hide page 0 TEXT_HIDE_PAGE admin/design fcf761535d239524bec8fe5f2fc31da8 Ocultar vista previa Hide Preview 0 TEXT_HIDE_PREVIEW admin/design a4370743eba2162e743bd9aec11b27bb Ocultar widget Hide widget 0 TEXT_HIDE_WIDGET admin/design 32f9cf62162ccefe363b53e1cc2689ec Ocultar con comentarios Hide with comments 0 TEXT_HIDE_WITH_COMMENTS admin/main 663db9a8ec0c9da9329a95a3297365f5 Historia Hisory 0 TEXT_HISORY extensions/messages ea6e162ce81baefccf913df5f996a4a4 Historia History 0 TEXT_HISTORY admin/main 4378296f5f0f4ec12b79834373bdbf7e Historia History 0 TEXT_HISTORY main 5ccc6cae9505ad0c095d540420af456f mes month 0 TEXT_HISTORY_CLEANUP_MONTH admin/main a60c63b3ca6ade87079471983df2565f Borrar historial durante un periodo Clear history for a period 0 TEXT_HISTORY_CLEANUP_TEXT admin/main 3ad37ce76604e2feec5311bff711cdef Limpieza Cleanup 0 TEXT_HISTORY_CLEANUP_TITLE admin/main 79c3634011966af56fb8e853ac2ad875 año year 0 TEXT_HISTORY_CLEANUP_YEAR admin/main e003f48f45d37c4ca921161fde99af22 Página principal Home page 1 TEXT_HOME admin/main fd3070371da2d540e5e804007c483192 Página principal Home page 1 TEXT_HOME main 82d9439853cbc8b4f2570b7c44d58679 <p><b>Descripción:</b> Promoción sencilla con capacidad para hacer una gama restringida de productos</p> <p><b>Description:</b> Simple promotion with ability to make restricted range of products</p> 0 TEXT_HOMEFISH_FULL_DESC admin/promotions 4f9f93739d7db65bfe119335a65547cd Imagen de página principal Homepage image 0 TEXT_HOMEPAGE_IMAGE admin/categories df331d7458dbf2c46c97e9953979e24e Esta imagen se muestra en la página principal This image is shown on homepage 0 TEXT_HOMEPAGE_IMAGE_INTRO admin/categories 7aeb8dee84aaca4fd6a8e4c1499c65d8 Horizontal Horizontal 1 TEXT_HORIZONTAL admin/main fc29e73e07bed530bff20b7d5e3f2203 Centro horizontal Horizontal center 0 TEXT_HORIZONTAL_CENTER admin/design 5e112a4d828f41657595eb3f8ce60048 Flexión horizontal Horizontal flex 0 TEXT_HORIZONTAL_FLEX admin/design 587baf5df8dff3cff75c966aba5c1245 Horizontal a la izquierda Horizontal left 0 TEXT_HORIZONTAL_LEFT admin/design fed65bcb7462ac6abaecce19b156af79 Horizontal a la derecha Horizontal right 0 TEXT_HORIZONTAL_RIGHT admin/design fe90900f799e8df7ebccd18943e379ce horas hours 0 TEXT_HOURS_COMMON admin/main 7b0b2e79ece6c25ac851205c97baedb7 hora hour 0 TEXT_HOUR_COMMON admin/main 8eac19030d8b2f24b9fd6994c47527ae ¿Durante cuánto tiempo mantener los archivos procesados antes de eliminar? How long keep processed files before remove? 1 TEXT_HOW_LONG_KEEP_PROCESSED admin/easypopulate baae5373243408431bcae2da59107a09 Método de copia: Copy Method: 1 TEXT_HOW_TO_COPY admin/main 03fe7d5075fbc13c3d778bb1eebe86f5 Etiquetas H estilos H tags styles 0 TEXT_H_TAGS_STYLES admin/main 1d5844e9ecaf8e9d798dc0618d43bea2 Icono: Icon: 1 TEXT_ICON admin/properties 4fa64f2ff3071d5b7359df90ad8d3e3e Identificador de referencia Reference Id 1 TEXT_ID_REFERENCE admin/main 9e808e7db9498e5f20f613c77bb5c640 Identificador de referencia Reference Id 1 TEXT_ID_REFERENCE main fc1c234df005dc0eb7788fc0dbcec78c Imagen Image 0 TEXT_IMAGE admin/design 99646b5ad07603ca44ee7ae519da7d28 Imagen: Image: 1 TEXT_IMAGE admin/main a14a288dcd42622c201d30396cfb6a8a Imagen Image 1 TEXT_IMAGE admin/properties 93d0334f25ad93b6842ca80e8cc002a2 Imagen Image 1 TEXT_IMAGE catalog/compare 77a6e6671bb7b5f90a6a7e5d58b85807 Imagen Image 1 TEXT_IMAGE_ admin/main 6aac7b13791f605b99e1fffb66682b03 Máscara para imagen alt Mask for image alt 0 TEXT_IMAGE_ALT_TAG_MASK admin/main b0cc29bdde0b835d5ee5c8238c87f4e2 Caché de imágenes Image cache 1 TEXT_IMAGE_CACHE admin/cache_control 14e214ab41020388980665ec81bcc346 Caché de imágenes vaciada Image cache flushed 1 TEXT_IMAGE_CACHE_CLEANED admin/cache_control e0bf09feb53921eafb79496caa8745e0 Esta imagen se usará en la página de listado de categorías This image will be used on category listing page 0 TEXT_IMAGE_INTRO admin/categories/categoryedit e0e604e7fc32cf0c9ee4c9167b453092 Asegúrese de que el tamaño de la imagen es adecuado. No debe ser demasiado grande ni demasiado pequeño. Make sure your image is appropriately sized. It should be not too big or too small. 1 TEXT_IMAGE_INTRO_LINE1 admin/categories/categoryedit 8fc82fa29c9a4701d4849897a8f36e95 Formatos: jpg, png, gif. Formats: jpg, png, gif. 0 TEXT_IMAGE_INTRO_LINE2 admin/categories/categoryedit 1983491d4d45696d74d6e8136a47b66f Modo de color: RGB Colour mode: RGB 1 TEXT_IMAGE_INTRO_LINE3 admin/categories/categoryedit c721faf148dd618faa61343e77406ebd Imagen grande Image large 0 TEXT_IMAGE_LARGE admin/design b2fdd7f77e524f606e17a065023500fc Categoría de mapa de imágenes Image Map Category 0 TEXT_IMAGE_MAP_CATEGORY admin/design 4d90cf70118e0133453a68f955590b53 Información del mapa de imágenes Image Map Info 0 TEXT_IMAGE_MAP_INFO admin/design f816cdde3be5d31c96971508746b4ad1 Medio de imagen Image medium 0 TEXT_IMAGE_MEDIUM admin/design 23209faa9e69a1f281d67f1875340939 Nombre de imagen Image name 1 TEXT_IMAGE_NAME admin/categories 6ad814bbb8346faa9663bc466185d3c5 LA IMAGEN NO EXISTE IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST 1 TEXT_IMAGE_NONEXISTENT admin/main b4371f0ac05b40f147d0071d99e1ebde Imagen pequeña Image small 0 TEXT_IMAGE_SMALL admin/design 695fd8adfe55b3a6a6a20cc1ce673a6e Máscara para el título de la imagen Mask for image title 0 TEXT_IMAGE_TITLE_TAG_MASK admin/main 86b9a0702a9b3a8b10d575ee8b556c64 Img Img 1 TEXT_IMG admin/categories 2dbf5d74c6648a56f18687cac49b95c3 Atributo alternativo de imagen: Image alternative attribute: 1 TEXT_IMG_ALTER admin/categories 8e1dc5f22318ca5fbc70e14fe93f3af3 Título del encabezado de imagen: Image heading title: 1 TEXT_IMG_HEAD_TITLE admin/categories 774340610465b86606db191887bd390f Inmediatamente Immediately 1 TEXT_IMMEDIATELY admin/easypopulate 3476de252a514f2dbdfe397b25ba66b5 Instalador Installer 0 TEXT_IMPORT admin/install a92f1f5e4c4ef76a335e6f2b398d6390 Importar Import 1 TEXT_IMPORT admin/main d205bd8967e5535a61c52b172a1ef89c Importar claves Import Keys 1 TEXT_IMPORT_KEYS admin/texts 4f4101ad645f1daef7068eb3a99a780b Opciones de importación Import options 0 TEXT_IMPORT_OPTIONS admin/main 34a2f9a760f048ec1feb7c126a2654de Impresiones Impressions 0 TEXT_IMPRESSIONS affiliate 3f16473e4896db2d1466e6e42ad29171 Inactivo Inactive 1 TEXT_INACTIVE admin/main 1d2ed64e87c72825b275b08cc6c55a74 Imagen inactiva: Inactive image: 1 TEXT_INACTIVE_IMAGE admin/groups 508e9b20e1c4ce2deac70cb564dc4471 Entrante Inbound 0 TEXT_INBOUND admin/categories 836c44fd958bce27663714ea74cd801d Bandeja de entrada Inbox 0 TEXT_INBOX extensions/messages 0ece108f521858183b67b754209f73b3 Incluir Include 0 TEXT_INCLUDE admin/main a308ec5e4bf8c3b54b53e9576f249a47 Incluir (todo si no está seleccionado) Include (all if not selected) 0 TEXT_INCLUDE_EMPTY_ALL admin/main ff2347bc1b757015f27a386a747134e6 Incluir archivos de imagen Include image files 1 TEXT_INCLUDE_IMAGE_FILES admin/easypopulate c3728b156acc96d1305d440c5e5589ea Cantidad incorrecta en GA Incorrect amount on GA 0 TEXT_INCORRECT_AMOUNT admin/orders-ga a33d3771e44d598dedb6e0bae786fa95 Identificador de pedido incorrecto Incorrect order id 0 TEXT_INCORRECT_ORDER_ID admin/orders-ga 3a4b8f33f70cf833e9c26d6fcc2735bc inc. en línea inc. online 0 TEXT_INC_ONLINE pos/main 366fa81f6a89739e0eae120249b4e9c5 IVA incluido inc VAT 1 TEXT_INC_VAT admin/main 1f047d5b3b524fef79322bbc439e4547 IVA incluido inc VAT 1 TEXT_INC_VAT main 8c8e60a435dcf384c81e3d4872b92b08 Diseño individual Individual Design 0 TEXT_INDIVIDUAL_DESIGN admin/departments 44cfdc32b423795f2864ce9e3d5a9ccb Información Info 1 TEXT_INFO admin/design faa127f3073b85883a860b8ee664c5ae Información Information 1 TEXT_INFORMATION admin/main 72588236196d2cc2554ebf2d2bd43e16 Su información de afiliado va aquí Your affiliate Information goes here 0 TEXT_INFORMATION affiliate b56d4a04321f4f877dc8a78726e441c3 Información Information 1 TEXT_INFORMATION main b1c530e2b9d78786efa00257162fd076 Información Informations 0 TEXT_INFORMATIONS admin/design cf0d2662f7eec30db114f0b26954483a Después de cambiar el precio base, compruebe los precios de grupo After changing base price please check group prices 1 TEXT_INFORMATION_CHECK_PRICES admin/categories 7b8191303dcf1e26e1139a745a34dde7 Formato de dirección: Address Format: 1 TEXT_INFO_ADDRESS_FORMAT admin/countries cb7dd604bd2f7a1993c681093f1482e5 Importe enviado: Amount Sent: 1 TEXT_INFO_AMOUNT_SENT admin/gv_sent 68e2873abb2b6d6b85191ed83b5021b9 ID DE APLICACIÓN APP ID 0 TEXT_INFO_APP_ID admin/main 73b13a88229c325809f6efd93000d715 Mejor a través de una conexión HTTPS Best through a HTTPS connection 1 TEXT_INFO_BEST_THROUGH_HTTPS admin/backup 4d4f2b5a42e736952f998237e4bdde6f Nombre Name 0 TEXT_INFO_BLOCK_NAME admin/warehouses a9a43bb3c15cdb723493418e7fd5d1e6 No puedes continuar con la compra. Hay productos en carrito con límite excedido Sorry, you cannot continue purchase. There are products in cart with limit exceeded 0 TEXT_INFO_CART_HAS_LIMITED_PRODUCTS promotions 98010f9d3c6a0fd19724ca1209e17e7d Código de zonas: Zones Code: 1 TEXT_INFO_CITIES_CODE admin/cities 585ababe2a64d85877f64e73fb0872f5 Nombre de zona: Zones Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_CITIES_NAME admin/cities 650363aef616aa8ca727b1709863f930 Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_INFO_CLASS_DESCRIPTION admin/tax_classes c42939d677af38eeb59a9ec5e21aa579 Título de clase de impuesto: Tax Class Title: 1 TEXT_INFO_CLASS_TITLE admin/main fc3dfe760932fdb192379d9763bd1df1 Imagen de colección Collection Image 1 TEXT_INFO_COLLECTIONS_IMAGE admin/collections 966307d5be9b338676a3dcb12597deb0 Nombre de la colección: Collection Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_COLLECTIONS_NAME admin/collections 54e7ff3c11d6554e3801cbc363ffe1c6 Compresión: Compression: 1 TEXT_INFO_COMPRESSION admin/backup 874efc0c2e07b9593f6cec0bc0418d85 ¿Está seguro de que desea copiar este canal de ventas? Are you sure you want to copy this sales channel? 1 TEXT_INFO_COPY_PLATFORM_INTRO admin/platforms/confirm-item-copy 9de62af04a835fe07385d93c306c622c Por favor, elija una nueva categoría a la que desee copiar esta FAQ Please choose a new category you wish to copy this FAQ to 1 TEXT_INFO_COPY_TO_INTRO admin/faqdesk 64ea8cf0f9f1294baab030fe61b33efb Selecciona una nueva categoría en la que deseas copiar este producto Please choose a new category you wish to copy this product to 1 TEXT_INFO_COPY_TO_INTRO admin/main 31e5567c3e63ed7f136ac2f4c20c17a7 País: Country: 1 TEXT_INFO_COUNTRY admin/main c74587107283ab5bbf5a5130903afc26 Código ISO (2): ISO Code (2): 1 TEXT_INFO_COUNTRY_CODE_2 admin/countries 6f8b6b799e19f5085413efdf2167814d Código ISO (3): ISO Code (3): 1 TEXT_INFO_COUNTRY_CODE_3 admin/countries b928689eaae04f86a53abc3e78ddf4b7 Nombre: Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_COUNTRY_NAME admin/countries e60a03de43df781f0f9c71d62dd8901e País: Country: 1 TEXT_INFO_COUNTRY_NAME admin/main d7489316b7e0e92ee73da6adbbba974a Zona: Zone: 1 TEXT_INFO_COUNTRY_ZONE admin/geo_zones 8eafc4f84eb153894f3046eb4900ccf8 Cuenta creada: Account Created: 1 TEXT_INFO_CREATED admin/main cd9f7323ea6629506c4dd4e0da27fbe6 Código: Code: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_CODE admin/currencies 0f77eb42b9346a5cdefa70611033d03c Lugares decimales: Decimal Places: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_DECIMAL_PLACES admin/currencies 0ed7ffefcfe05c24946e6bdb27a7fa8b Punto decimal: Decimal Point: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_DECIMAL_POINT admin/currencies 15a6b38602ee21d84efb7f22d85d327e Ejemplo de salida: Example Output: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_EXAMPLE admin/currencies 61fcf4aa2a13eeecb2ccfe86d53fe92f Última actualización: Last Updated: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_LAST_UPDATED admin/currencies 11bcef5ce536960f4d8dba11e8326216 Símbolo izquierdo: Symbol Left: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_SYMBOL_LEFT admin/currencies c1c8285d402c02f5956bc38e12811e4b Símbolo derecho: Symbol Right: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_SYMBOL_RIGHT admin/currencies a2af375b5a5496ea0d63259ed1de7ef5 Miles Point: Thousands Point: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_THOUSANDS_POINT admin/currencies 8fc8122bc1b75de20bee956ef97f6032 Título: Title: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_TITLE admin/currencies 253a5115678f87bad16e03928e95d0f6 El tipo de cambio para %s (%s) se actualizó correctamente a través de %s. The exchange rate for %s (%s) was updated successfully via %s. 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_UPDATED admin/currencies 08076ecb8e429bbab53fe206c8e1a7c7 Valor: Value: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENCY_VALUE admin/currencies 46e226f976406f5e53cecb0d4c7c53ae Categorías actuales: Current Categories: 1 TEXT_INFO_CURRENT_CATEGORIES admin/main 9f6004d4680cfd7e8f079cfdb0a06eb7 Id. de cliente: Customer Id: 1 TEXT_INFO_CUSTOMERS_ID admin/gv_sent 13efdd5a87699b4e7001b17b349e07d0 Fecha: Date: 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE admin/backup f249bb48280fd9918691086c6676a5ff Fecha de adición: Date Added: 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE_ADDED admin/main 42b214dd52009fa40260961e333d77de Fecha de adición: Date Added: 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE_ADDED configuration 99ec85f02158c4871529444cf0a7c857 Fecha Date 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE_ADDED1 admin/main 824021cb53c0574aefbfca2ace23956b Último inicio de sesión: Last Logon: 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE_LAST_LOGON admin/customers 7801ba791e3169805c202a261b8dc97f Fecha de canje: Date Redeemed: 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE_REDEEMED admin/gv_sent d824c15380f9b208195d70bd49937295 Fecha de envío: Date Sent: 1 TEXT_INFO_DATE_SENT admin/gv_sent 361d9aede414378728e47b9efb33fd77 Función eliminada Feature deleted 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/featured/itemdelete cc6122b339edf1a218eae37b5f89ecff Regalo eliminado Give Away deleted 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/giveaway/itemdelete cd9fb70a09e8fe76338e0e404a9d84da Fabricante eliminado Manufacturer deleted 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/manufacturers 6e5783a66182a12a95140cf17a335067 Precio especial eliminado Special Price has been deleted 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/platforms/itemdelete 647e58b74c9db893713cbe4480204db3 Revisión eliminada Review deleted 0 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/reviews f67433fd8a1314faaacc34a7a923e7ba Ventas eliminadas Sales deleted 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/specials/itemdelete aeac898b7033d290f0f90b9b9cfec741 Almacén eliminado Warehouse deleted 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETED admin/warehouses 14e3210a750861bc8e1d987173f7246c ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este bloque? Are you sure you want to delete this block? 0 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_BLOCK_INTRO admin/warehouses 1f9d00c0ea5f58dedebc6ab19eddbef4 Nombre del cliente Customers Name 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_DATA admin/orders 1b40cde855455a0c23384ce12d6fd1a5 Número de pedido Order Number 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_DATA_OID admin/orders 4ab9300daf3b410f2881413e61d0dad9 Eliminar imagen de titular Delete banner image 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_IMAGE admin/banner_manager dfbd678c404810dd0b9864635098ffdd Quitar <nobr><b>%s</b></nobr> de <nobr>Miembros de administración?</nobr> Remove <nobr><b>%s</b></nobr> from <nobr>Admin Members?</nobr> 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/adminmembers d55fb844abc755a1b112473612e2301e ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este titular? Are you sure you want to delete this banner? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/banner_manager 78cb2b04f8689315abf3f6a3ddcc0820 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta zona? Are you sure you want to delete this zone? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/cities 6d781d472e456d50f78f84efc2e0b48d ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este país? Are you sure you want to delete this country? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/countries 2c74ae6eab1a303ee9862bba54bd16bf ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta moneda? Are you sure you want to delete this currency? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/currencies ebe427ea6120bdcfd89fbfc3e5ea19fc ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este producto destacado? Are you sure you want to delete this featured product? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/featured 0e0ff48319fc099b311232d889106141 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar el producto Give Away? Are you sure you want to delete the Give Away product? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/giveaway 1eb44564874bbc1a9ad6d92090573951 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este idioma? Are you sure you want to delete this language? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/languages 6f3b8eacfee4110c000f99c825879b7f ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este pedido? Are you sure you want to delete this order? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/main 85f8c60afbb8531f10d5a90ca52ce2db ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este estado de pedido? Are you sure you want to delete this order status? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/orders_status 14115e3155020c5162cf65b11a7ab791 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este grupo de estado de pedido? Are you sure you want to delete this order status group? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/orders_status_groups 267d251d3182428ec32bfdc86511a8ff ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este código postal? Are you sure you want to delete this post code? 0 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/postal-codes b37132cc618b1f199d95e34bef69c282 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este elemento? Are you sure you want to delete this item? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/properties 32d97a05e14c6fc1fa5661c36a9fcda0 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar el precio de los productos especiales? Are you sure you want to delete the special products price? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/specials fa61055d08e6d5f6388fe9346916ce46 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta clase de impuestos? Are you sure you want to delete this tax class? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/tax_classes 175508f5ba6abf4a2fb41070b2902db9 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este tipo impositivo? Are you sure you want to delete this tax rate? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/tax_rates d6209a6245cae2c6343ff3e43b0e1a9b ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta zona? Are you sure you want to delete this zone? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_INTRO admin/zones 6d781d472e456d50f78f84efc2e0b48d ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este elemento? Are you sure you want to delete this item? 0 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_ITEM admin/customers-basket 9015222cc7f7edd661a256e97d9b1f16 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este canal de ventas? Are you sure you want to delete this sales channel? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_PLATFORM_INTRO admin/platforms/confirmitemdelete 91b6fed14574944131702c06ad9ab52b ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta revisión? Are you sure you want to delete this review? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_REVIEW_INTRO admin/reviews fb5806c29ecbc06a71e1264478510736 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta subzona? Are you sure you want to delete this sub zone? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_SUB_ZONE_INTRO admin/geo_zones 249b703b38dbe72e05dc61f76c7db3ab ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este almacén? Are you sure you want to delete this warehouse? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_WAREHOUSE_INTRO admin/warehouses 978bd878d5e2c2dc18fcfd264dc57be1 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta zona? Are you sure you want to delete this zone? 1 TEXT_INFO_DELETE_ZONE_INTRO admin/geo_zones 74a5cdd07e8878ec7ae85c660993be7a Descripción Description 1 TEXT_INFO_DESCRIPTION admin/languages 1a3ab080bdc60825e3dc053c698584de Para asignar un enlace al texto, haga clic en el botón "Enlaces de páginas" para proporcionar un enlace a las páginas, o "Enlaces de productos" para proporcionar un enlace a los productos o "Enlaces de categorías" para proporcionar un enlace a las categorías To assign link to the text, please click on the button"Pages links" to provide link to page(s), or "Products links" to provide link to product(s) or "Categories links" to provide link to category(ies) 1 TEXT_INFO_DESC_LINKS admin/main a9d7d5b5da61baf413976bea1353415d Dimensiones Dimensions 0 TEXT_INFO_DIMENSIONS shipping 796367f555c305a75b2f2ea7661a4dcb Sólo descarga (no almacena el servidor) Download only (do not store server side) 1 TEXT_INFO_DOWNLOAD_ONLY admin/backup 34b4fb53b0b6cdc8cfbf3d7139d5a85f Establezca el nivel de permisos aquí: Set permission level here: 1 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_INTRO admin/adminmembers 09ee4f2d52b82f0b0f8164b01e31c3b7 Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 0 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_INTRO admin/google-categories 69b0d8094652e6bb806b355aa85fb662 Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_INTRO admin/main 9dcd97e354a8bafd26c0c4ff8f0205ea Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_INTRO admin/stock-indication 2e3dd0a7d10e2a4613a883c6d855ac3e Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_INTRO configuration 7b8d00b825ae08ff44b61e92f73dea71 Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_SUB_ZONE_INTRO admin/geo_zones d0f0cf85c4c63dfcf0eb2d4ace3de650 Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_EDIT_ZONE_INTRO admin/geo_zones 2e4fdae9d3c0cb1f173b039328b02f36 Icono de elementos: Elements Icon: 1 TEXT_INFO_ELEMENTS_IMAGE admin/elements 020da8fddea80558a70a5f507b04cbea Nombre de elementos de plantilla: Template Elements Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_ELEMENTS_NAME admin/elements 6bde1be7a0b3a913d63b04914d61cf6b Dirección de correo electrónico: Email Address: 1 TEXT_INFO_EMAIL admin/main d1366b2605e071a42a08a60dd9401462 Dirección de correo electrónico: Email Addr: 1 TEXT_INFO_EMAIL_ADDRESS admin/gv_sent 6c60fd15ca23817254e679dc4926284b Caduca A Las: Expires At: 1 TEXT_INFO_EXPIRES_DATE admin/main ceaa0afb722a6986a3e67982fec89b86 Nombre de tipo destacado Featured type name 0 TEXT_INFO_FEATURED_TYPE_NAME admin/featured-types 34bd850156d34f5da98d4fcfba7938d3 Nombre: Firstname: 1 TEXT_INFO_FIRSTNAME admin/main b0de10172b59e3b8ee2c182e38533d2f Nombre: Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_FULLNAME admin/main 331d2af11360af90c1d75cb5d1d9dd70 GDPR Checkout GDPR Checkout 0 TEXT_INFO_GDPR admin/design 3542a758dc5868ba53ad7d6d6ecd9d40 Nivel de grupo: Group Level: 1 TEXT_INFO_GROUP admin/main 24c80426b2452b2407e6091e225cd88a Copiar canal de ventas Copy Sales channel 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_COPY_PLATFORM admin/platforms/confirm-item-copy 8940f55c16df260205e0207242bcdb49 Copiar a Copy To 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_COPY_TO admin/main 1f777e95cdd42f84c0dc23183b6076a9 Eliminar permiso Delete Permission 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE admin/adminmembers 5c949af4bebc49a893e3315aeea44cab Eliminar bloque de ubicación Delete Location Block 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_BLOCK admin/warehouses 3d46e1fa2b3e740016eb0ec7e90abfb4 Eliminar categoría Delete Category 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_CATEGORY admin/main 0f795c9dd446ac71e6315e1e5bd2129d Eliminar moneda Delete Currency 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_CURRENCY admin/currencies bf6f8db6a5aeeb14472d6b70f8a94a02 Eliminar cliente Delete Customer 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_CUSTOMER admin/customers f404f7b54045cc34b7668b2d5987f60c Eliminar departamento Delete Department 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_DEPARTMENT admin/departments 99451b81680fe4b4c57b87a9dc288c3f Eliminar producto destacado Delete Featured Product 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_FEATURED admin/featured 54052a21beff58cff0ecaa96748432a4 Eliminar elemento Delete Item 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_ITEM admin/faqdesk 971d628f12668900ce8390eafcb50a31 Eliminar Delete 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_OPERATION_TEXT admin/main c502d711f78cde45617e105fa3071dbe Eliminar orden Delete Order 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_ORDER admin/main e4d78006d4bbd320bae29b64a216d15c Eliminar canal de ventas Delete Sales channel 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_PLATFORM admin/platforms/confirmitemdelete 6e013a2254a495267988d07951516031 Eliminar producto Delete Product 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_PRODUCT admin/categories 4adee89cfe826bd13b70cd6c612e00e2 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este presupuesto? Are you sure you want to delete this quotation? 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_QUOTE admin/main fb3d348f8149472bcaf1c348bde13f48 Eliminar revisión Delete Review 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_REVIEW admin/reviews 2fe629bc84db311063936ca7eea20e8f Eliminar Regalo Delete Give Away 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_SPECIALS admin/giveaway 31e1c90e35650d2629b5bbd6c55f4350 Eliminar especial Delete Special 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_SPECIALS admin/specials 3f80e43055f0589a2517e27d4dcf8b10 Eliminar subzona Delete Sub Zone 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_SUB_ZONE admin/geo_zones 1ce9351ea4eb03037060353a9dbb46bf ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar? Are you sure you want to delete? 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_TEXT admin/main 40250b3a9a9573a8bcc6d6741a277da8 Eliminar almacén Delete Warehouse 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_WAREHOUSE admin/warehouses 5426ebbad4076d5e69f643e601b37796 Eliminar zona Delete Zone 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_DELETE_ZONE admin/main 49204fe0b7a201dccc41eacf8b4b4df4 Editar categoría / Edit Category / 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT admin/adminmembers 3c054009cff34989e8f56173f551e60d Editar elemento Edit item 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT admin/properties 056b68fe219199f11865af42d1e75cc1 Editar bloque de ubicación Edit Location Block 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_BLOCK admin/warehouses 6e12df23a7f312cf8df0147b3955ffd4 Editar marca Edit brand 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_BRAND admin/categories 20b63ec7ac521990620da10d2cf024bd Editar categoría Edit Category 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_CATEGORY admin/main c7241a3f3c2137f077e1b4050bc23ec2 Editar ciudad Edit city 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_CITY admin/cities 7f909d1d1d44b2ebb49c52a8a0e3823a Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_COLLECTION admin/collections 088ecf67a35d2a338adba7c80333c93e Editar punto de recopilación Edit collection point 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_COLLECTION_POINTS admin/collection-points 32b67d973ad07d8397d550c176ce76c0 Editar país Edit Country 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_COUNTRY admin/countries 497a72cb1dddac2c7a77413e7dcc4e09 Editar moneda Edit Currency 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_CURRENCY admin/currencies ab51cbf62366e1d8a807b9802f5097a9 Modificar condiciones de entrega Edit delivery terms 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_DELIVERY_TEMS admin/stock-indication 7bb1a1db25176d595749229423bf6aa3 Realice los cambios necesarios Please make any necessary changes 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_ELEMENT admin/elements 1e15dbd4e0455fd7e81f98b1afbf1cba Editar tipos destacados Edit Featured types 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_FEATURED_TYPE admin/featured-types 1211e4392361200457b07e2d3fa282d8 Editar categoría de Google Edit Google Category 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_GOOGLE_CATEGORY admin/google-categories 9c62fc16381b5469f6698b8ddf2e17f5 Editar idioma Edit Language 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_LANGUAGE admin/languages 6b8e3d50f746cc4bf3ea5ec2c5724378 Editar estado del producto Pedido Edit Order product status 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS admin/orders_products_status b12bda39865570018b0cc85a309833c1 Editar estado del producto Pedido manual Edit Manual Order product status 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS admin/orders_products_status_manual 85a45fc87810c047d74449964b7d7f4e Editar estado de pedidos Edit Orders Status 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_ORDERS_STATUS admin/orders_status 920d4569b5d2e00151dc7e6c0771b1ef Editar grupo de estado de pedidos Edit Orders Status Group 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUP admin/orders_status_groups 2b141b7d7eed72402eea8e8ef2a5b3f9 Editar canal de ventas Edit sales channel 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_PLATFORM admin/platforms 01ba8393075fbb41c3baacca3651cdb3 Editar código postal Edit post code 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_POSTCODE admin/postal-codes b18cde929ab92fa09ba12b942bfcdfbf Editar etiqueta de ventas Edit Sales tag 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_SPECIALS_TAG admin/specials-types d44b0a47bac22fd05b0695a795f5e339 Editar indicación de stock Edit stock indication 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_STOCK_INDICATION admin/stock-indication 7b5363c485081d141f4aa3d9ba56d354 Editar subzona Edit Sub Zone 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_SUB_ZONE admin/geo_zones b6b8fd6eefa45ca664fddf640078925f Editar clase de impuesto Edit Tax Class 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_TAX_CLASS admin/tax_classes e3ea2e39cd73aba3b5e83a007cf34a6b Editar tipo impositivo Edit Tax Rate 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_TAX_RATE admin/tax_rates 674c3590013d12a6ac737d388f3adf49 Editar almacén Edit Warehouse 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_WAREHOUSE admin/warehouses 56d5b0205f6f1406230f93527bcdbc79 Editar tipo de venta cruzada Edit Cross Sell Type 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_XSELL_TYPE admin/xsell-types 7af2cc67646b4cfbcce17a769844a541 Editar zona Edit Zone 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_EDIT_ZONE admin/main 7ca43249d0bfa39a31f3b64859144f84 Mover categoría Move Category 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_MOVE_CATEGORY admin/main 7d690a969a0c3110cf7d333c6cdb5924 Mover producto Move Product 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_MOVE_PRODUCT admin/categories dedb41159b7c808d2a01218e715968ca Nuevo miembro de administración New Admin Member 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW admin/adminmembers 1fc25995f0e4ba9fd195bcf69b93f2bc Nuevo backup New Backup 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_BACKUP admin/backup 7b88be586ddad90afbcaa8c7a094cd54 Nuevo bloque de ubicación New Location Block 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_BLOCK admin/warehouses ed2e8d1ddf10e632e702b38cf8b7e18b Nueva marca New brand 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_BRAND admin/categories 6742ad321ff7dcdb983328ef363fb140 Nueva categoría New Category 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_CATEGORY admin/main c0c54bf492020046d27c53395fd8c90e Agregar nuevo Add new 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_CITY admin/cities 0c2fc65ed5dce0a36370c6e48cfcc54a Rellene la siguiente información para la nueva colección de productos Please fill out the following information for the new products collection 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_COLLECTION admin/collections 5a777b81cec182efd019df1f52c896ed Nuevo punto de recogida New collection point 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_COLLECTION_POINTS admin/collection-points 8888859db02c989f29d455cdac062420 Nuevo país New Country 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_COUNTRY admin/countries f67e6c2693abf7c7baad59176806c574 Nueva moneda New Currency 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_CURRENCY admin/currencies e15b9b22c891e193acd46543dcfc44a3 Agregar nuevo plazo de entrega Add new delivery term 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_DELIVERY_TEMS admin/stock-indication d3d6db79ce86deaa934c5f1bfff1a4aa Rellene la siguiente información para el nuevo elemento de plantilla Please fill out the following information for the new Template Element 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_ELEMENT admin/elements aa3295f160e48134a6e7db3aeac8ff29 Nuevos tipos destacados New Featured types 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_FEATURED_TYPE admin/featured-types af863ce359be3d268671dc6959bd29e0 Nuevo idioma New Language 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_LANGUAGE admin/languages 794d60a59aad3c8d8d58e619fa88a2a4 Agregar bloque Add block 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_LOCATION_BLOCK admin/warehouses 8ba60d28eac2d58fe52698a051ab27c1 Nuevo estado del producto Pedido manual New Manual Order product status 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS admin/orders_products_status_manual 66a2b4256a3043c5db68b0940db2331e Nuevo estado de pedidos New Orders Status 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_ORDERS_STATUS admin/orders_status e7be4dd9fe69835de6d822f6a543bc8d Nuevo grupo de estado de pedidos New Orders Status Group 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUP admin/orders_status_groups 4483d4ddb6a64c87fad4a4418519c0bc Añadir nuevo canal de ventas Add new sales channel 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_PLATFORM admin/platforms 473774a54e09fb1bea666d5377e91e3d Agregar nuevo código postal Add new post code 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_POSTCODE admin/postal-codes 5880a00d607363dd83b1e40c44bd76fb Nueva etiqueta de ventas New Sales tag 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_SPECIALS_TAG admin/specials-types a5310a4dd49fbbabd168ffd53afd6462 Nueva indicación de existencias New stock indication 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_STOCK_INDICATION admin/stock-indication cfda3601cd4fae28cb88c32ffb311d73 Nueva clase de impuesto New Tax Class 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_TAX_CLASS admin/tax_classes 3b59f50f1993261a7f9d3c3338ea8c9a Nuevo tipo impositivo New Tax Rate 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_TAX_RATE admin/tax_rates 031abd02a3decf158144f82c50c1d7d4 Nueva plantilla New Template 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_TEMPLATE admin/related-templates b1c13ced54b54307329c1a7ec9313c94 Agregar nuevo almacén Add New Warehouse 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_WAREHOUSE admin/warehouses 85066266ad592dc048795d0bb62b4fdc Nuevo tipo de venta cruzada New Cross Sell Type 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_XSELL_TYPE admin/xsell-types 10398e697c5d75b66ea96c3d2cfa4294 Nueva zona New Zone 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_NEW_ZONE admin/main dafabbf70ac9738d8346c9532e99f74b Categoría principal Parent Category 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_PARENT_CATEGORY_TEXT admin/main 12c7e2c42ef42edc620c2cf6366f464b Orden de reasignación Reassign Order 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_REASSIGN_ORDER admin/orders dd468fccd1dc4325111493d7d4414469 Confirmar reembolso Confirm refund 0 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_REFUND_ORDER admin/orders b1c94034f54e0e4fc49b686377ccbe6b Restaurar local Restore Local 1 TEXT_INFO_HEADING_RESTORE_LOCAL admin/backup e4caa709701dbc4563a7e0c59bce9e87 Dirección IP: IP Address: 1 TEXT_INFO_IP_ADDRESS admin/gv_sent 909141a268c8515554316ec964dd17a8 ¿Es obligatorio? Is Mandatory? 1 TEXT_INFO_IS_MANDATORY admin/elements 4f2b0cc7160107d1310a7970780b7a84 Longitud Longitude 1 TEXT_INFO_LANGITUTE admin/main 2eaa3e653f9d69514a582fc165e39e10 Código: Code: 1 TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_CODE admin/languages 0b4e22d9e278d7e4d1667c45cdb3e34a Directorio: Directory: 1 TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_DIRECTORY admin/languages a58cfc2eb0edce20cd7a7f1e3eeb48b3 Imagen: Image: 1 TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_IMAGE admin/languages 495103e83ea99a2af59098230ef44236 Nombre: Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_NAME admin/languages 52fcb8311e5ed970e201b737d7d4e5cf Orden de clasificación: Sort Order: 1 TEXT_INFO_LANGUAGE_SORT_ORDER admin/languages 251af2ea23a0b665041055b61410f558 Apellido: Lastname: 1 TEXT_INFO_LASTNAME admin/main fc7a56de5fa33ff5b7f7cc039ffcfef1 Última modificación: Last Modified: 1 TEXT_INFO_LAST_MODIFIED admin/main b7c070984ea9e6d788d137769aacbe37 Última modificación: Last Modified: 1 TEXT_INFO_LAST_MODIFIED configuration 7a2fd431eb54246fc5cc782f734041f2 Latitud Latitude 1 TEXT_INFO_LATITUDE admin/main ee5b7d06ae01a759447111fe6018b471 Configuración regional: Locale: 1 TEXT_INFO_LOCALE admin/languages 77ddb5c0d766e227d198883743c20a15 Último acceso: Last Access: 1 TEXT_INFO_LOGDATE admin/main c59e32bb8d6a0fdea14af1937bc8be49 Número de registro: Log Number: 1 TEXT_INFO_LOGNUM admin/main 9cb9ed35f3b341581708c2a41bfaa19c Modo: Mode: 1 TEXT_INFO_MODE shipping c92214fde5e92bc3c747d1c9ce67a7fb Cuenta modificada: Account Modified: 1 TEXT_INFO_MODIFIED admin/adminmembers a7f2449da2e3eebf0ce651de57a36535 Modificado: Modified: 1 TEXT_INFO_MODIFIED admin/admin_account f8de107481c62ed81709f82ab6a49dd6 No interrumpa el proceso de copia de seguridad, que puede tardar un par de minutos. Do not interrupt the backup process which might take a couple of minutes. 1 TEXT_INFO_NEW_BACKUP admin/backup 56ab56ab99c72c5de8c23d4e6e65d581 Nuevo precio: New Price: 1 TEXT_INFO_NEW_PRICE admin/main 5bb3eb7f1225ad5bec560835f2d6a3a9 Crear lista de nuevos suscriptores Create New Subscribers list 0 TEXT_INFO_NEW_SUBSCRIBERS_LIST admin/subscribers-lists cb59e9a07225501988c3653427aa62d2 No canjeado Not Redeemed 1 TEXT_INFO_NOT_REDEEMED admin/gv_sent 2cbee4cb5f0d18bb247871d6f71b2c50 Nº de inicios de sesión: # of Logons: 1 TEXT_INFO_NUMBER_OF_LOGONS admin/customers a310757f82df061938a2afa97f2f3d4d Número de opiniones: # of Reviews: 1 TEXT_INFO_NUMBER_OF_REVIEWS admin/customers d431664c27cc7995c3e0098c38b91e59 Número de zonas: Number of Zones: 1 TEXT_INFO_NUMBER_ZONES admin/geo_zones 09ceb73fef7c27c00680e624b48180fc Nombre de plantilla de atributos: Attributes Template Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_OPTIONS_TEMPLATES_NAME admin/options-templates 0a8950f3fdb6b667d174eac3c37caff5 Solicitar color de estado del producto Order product status colour 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS_COLOUR admin/orders_products_status c4fb3af2c1dec74c362315b465ce50d1 Pedido Manual estado del producto color Manual Order product status colour 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS_COLOUR admin/orders_products_status_manual 9b2c2245ae379ad3ec689edbf095808d Solicitar nombre corto de estado del producto Order product status short name 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS_NAME admin/orders_products_status 7e72e32912b9c584e30ef6d42ef0e39b Manual Solicitar estado del producto nombre corto Manual Order product status short name 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS_NAME admin/orders_products_status_manual 276fa49c2503af9caedf6f520b842717 Nombre del estado del producto del pedido Order product status name 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS_NAME_LONG admin/orders_products_status f189fe8b74b0f855bf3e34de5861b7bc Nombre de estado del producto Pedido Manual Manual Order product status name 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_STATUS_NAME_LONG admin/orders_products_status_manual 88c1b150bb33d3678384871d26ee2886 Color de estado de pedidos: Orders Status Color: 1 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUPS_COLOR admin/orders_status_groups 99e9e3a4118cfac20335ac3688e9e462 Grupo de estado de pedidos: Orders Status Group: 1 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUPS_NAME admin/orders_status_groups 743527bf5f6716bb811efdb5fcd1e690 Enlazar grupo de estado al estado de evaluación de pedido Bind status group to order evaluation state 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUPS_ORDER_EVALUATION_STATE admin/orders_status_groups d8e72c7270effa6522a7c3cd4f3278fc Forzar el envío a Google Analytics Force send Google Analytics 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUPS_SEND_GA admin/main 65938100be6b75b680b83ceb5d3586e4 Productos de pedido preasignados temporales Temporary pre-allocate order products 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUPS_STORE_TEMPORARY admin/main 6aab785d3a66f70d47e83ea58b191afd Estado de pedidos: Orders Status: 1 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_NAME admin/orders_status 26352a5358cab294b146a745ea2662a9 Enlazar estado al estado de evaluación de pedido Bind status to order evaluation state 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_ORDER_EVALUATION_STATE admin/orders_status 570ccf52f87f62e04929520a72fd7885 Es el estado predeterminado para el estado de evaluación del pedido Is default status for order evaluation state 0 TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_ORDER_EVALUATION_STATE_DEFAULT admin/main a5d3e29ed13d305d6516c8462bdc2756 Precio original: Original Price: 1 TEXT_INFO_ORIGINAL_PRICE admin/main 4387085725804c77abb032a674606992 Su carrito contiene productos que están actualmente fuera de stock. Quítelos para finalizar el pedido. Your cart contains products which are currently out of stock. Please remove them to finalize the order. 1 TEXT_INFO_OUT_OF_STOCK_IN_CART shopping-cart 63610c6835f9fb5a0fb0bcdce4c057bc Páginas de información Info pages 1 TEXT_INFO_PAGES admin/design 2bbff485d4116e82c4ccdd87c9a239ea Contraseña: Password: 1 TEXT_INFO_PASSWORD admin/main b6387f29017e76c5f2468315e11161c0 Confirmar contraseña: Confirm Password: 1 TEXT_INFO_PASSWORD_CONFIRM admin/admin_account 6df6834afe0e84b0d7710cc4dadad356 Contraseña actual: Current password: 1 TEXT_INFO_PASSWORD_CURRENT admin/admin_account ac7035956c3a272000871ef97ee8c2bc ****** ****** 1 TEXT_INFO_PASSWORD_HIDDEN admin/admin_account 2edb55f2e23e3125ea767488fc96c735 Nueva contraseña: New password: 1 TEXT_INFO_PASSWORD_NEW admin/admin_account 44ce07767d4ba24516062840dcf25477 Forma de pago: Payment Method: 1 TEXT_INFO_PAYMENT_METHOD admin/main 197cc4eeb6ed646b4cfb58c4b4a31d13 Descripción de la plantilla: Template Description: 1 TEXT_INFO_PCTEMPLATES_DESCRIPTION admin/pc-templates fe28e0cc514c7a6b097aff79b1ffeab4 Nombre de plantilla: Template Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_PCTEMPLATES_NAME admin/pc-templates a077eaa0ffcf29f030982eeef77e8d7d Nombre del catálogo PDF: PDF Catalogue Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_PDF_CATALOGUES_NAME admin/pdf-catalogues 7eac3ab8c6f6c7dde47f2e3e1f028fb4 Porcentaje: Percentage: 1 TEXT_INFO_PERCENTAGE admin/main b0fae9174d9df72cb16242fb0d6974a3 Precio Price 1 TEXT_INFO_PRICE shipping a70fe6a8028856632ffa98b3c233fde9 Nombre de campos de activos de productos: Products Assets Fields Name: 0 TEXT_INFO_PRODUCTS_ASSETS_FIELDS_NAME admin/products-assets-fields f4267e603122196e03001e6f1e1adbdc Calificación promedio: Average Rating: 1 TEXT_INFO_PRODUCTS_AVERAGE_RATING admin/reviews 7db9b921c5ab6be72caa7a3afec5a156 Nombre del grupo de productos: Products Group Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_PRODUCTS_GROUPS_NAME admin/products-groups 4e6956b2e97067d3f6e06bae92df57a7 Cantidad Quantity 1 TEXT_INFO_QUANTITY shipping 346436684f306f74130db8b740a58796 Tasa: Rate: 1 TEXT_INFO_RATE shipping a46f884c48dbe0026dd4673e9148d00b Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_INFO_RATE_DESCRIPTION admin/tax_rates 29ff0b3fe33be8d6060da67df9b1398a Tarifa de cuota Rate for Quota 0 TEXT_INFO_RATE_QUOTA admin/main b5c1e798684379587441917a370a665c ¿Está seguro de que desea reasignar esta orden? Are you sure you want to reassign this order? 1 TEXT_INFO_REASSIGN_INTRO admin/orders b0ac2cec2fca564e75e234b41615eed9 Actualizar precios de marketing según la divisa predeterminada y la tasa de divisa Update Marketing Prices based on default currency and currency rate 1 TEXT_INFO_RECALCULATE_INTRO admin/currencies b7307201c52775a000d7f87021a66f95 Reponer cantidad de producto Restock product quantity 1 TEXT_INFO_RESTOCK_PRODUCT_QUANTITY admin/main 13ba2df7acad71e9978bede51896407a No interrumpa el proceso de restauración.<br><br>Cuanto más grande sea la copia de seguridad, más tardará este proceso.<br><br>Si es posible, utilice el cliente mysql.<br> Do not interrupt the restoration process.<br><br>The larger the backup, the longer this process takes!<br><br>If possible, use the mysql client.<br> 1 TEXT_INFO_RESTORE admin/backup cb58f40791b9991a648f24498f321ed9 No interrumpa el proceso de restauración.<br><br>Cuanto más grande sea la copia de seguridad, más tardará este proceso. Do not interrupt the restoration process.<br><br>The larger the backup, the longer this process takes! 1 TEXT_INFO_RESTORE_LOCAL admin/backup f1c2488ec2f0dfe5e90d848e8efb669c El archivo cargado debe ser un archivo sql (de texto) sin formato. The file uploaded must be a raw sql (text) file. 1 TEXT_INFO_RESTORE_LOCAL_RAW_FILE admin/backup 3c3cad3baa6624e7f6681caef86e650a Autor: Author: 1 TEXT_INFO_REVIEW_AUTHOR admin/reviews 2806646c2dce845350a32030d0138126 Valoración: Rating: 1 TEXT_INFO_REVIEW_RATING admin/main 77e1a9b0a0e274da54d541ffe2f6d35e Lea: Read: 1 TEXT_INFO_REVIEW_READ admin/reviews f45b83c9181bf4b65f1d54a8b6b47ca3 Tamaño: Size: 1 TEXT_INFO_REVIEW_SIZE admin/reviews b4b9dfef0dcb4ffec0c016d56045a9ac Categoría guardada Category saved 1 TEXT_INFO_SAVED admin/categories 6e9c5722d0ccc440049172e3aa03c9f7 Fabricante guardado Manufacturer saved 1 TEXT_INFO_SAVED admin/manufacturers 238940dc0e6c7b367d0a1a9421f31311 Id. de remitente: Senders ID: 1 TEXT_INFO_SENDERS_ID admin/gv_sent 41cd592c9b0d3abfc1be565d8f4dafb7 Nombre de página SEO SEO Page Name 0 TEXT_INFO_SEO_PAGE_NAME admin/main 31e61220d3991694db1d40ed92b52b52 Establecer como predeterminado (requiere una actualización manual de los valores de moneda) Set as default (requires a manual update of currency values) 1 TEXT_INFO_SET_AS_DEFAULT admin/currencies 8cf92539b5fddd2c072d786f73c63b95 Tamaño: Size: 1 TEXT_INFO_SIZE admin/backup 75c39966fe253164f70c608f650140c7 Orden de clasificación Sort order 1 TEXT_INFO_SORT_ORDER admin/countries 7575d99b5c84ad17a1dabab6169cc698 Código de etiqueta de ventas Sales tag code 0 TEXT_INFO_SPECIALS_TAG_CODE admin/specials-types 4416502d2dbaa8d7532ba12ee94bfbe3 Nombre de etiqueta de ventas Sales tag name 0 TEXT_INFO_SPECIALS_TAG_NAME admin/specials-types 9ab6cba3b832608e4f3bf6028917f556 Estado: Status: 1 TEXT_INFO_STATUS admin/countries 83e4e700655d64cb5e5b5ea7abe39c71 Cambio de estado: Status Change: 1 TEXT_INFO_STATUS_CHANGE admin/main 83692650753ebe8a5b33bcefa866f68c Asignar condiciones de entrega de acciones y condiciones predeterminadas Assign stock delivery terms and default term 0 TEXT_INFO_STOCK_INDICATOR_LINK_TERMS admin/stock-indication 5c4ce202e3416b5c4f69bea4688e24e2 Texto de estado de stock corto: (selección de opciones) Short Stock status text: (option selection) 1 TEXT_INFO_STOCK_INDICATOR_SHORT_TEXT admin/stock-indication 19f1756e8ba98486bfc6c43f1bac9a45 Texto de estado de material: Stock status text: 1 TEXT_INFO_STOCK_INDICATOR_TEXT admin/stock-indication 7f6e874ddb77c7ed6ccb14f613365826 Lista de suscriptores Subscribers list 0 TEXT_INFO_SUBSCRIBERS_LIST admin/subscribers-lists ac8619fba6b6bcad357cb13676b73b6b Tipo impositivo (%): Tax Rate (%): 1 TEXT_INFO_TAX_RATE admin/tax_rates 89944de1dbe5b301d4ec206f5ca6f38c Se añaden tipos impositivos con la misma prioridad, y se agregan otros.<br><br>Prioridad: Tax rates at the same priority are added, others are compounded.<br><br>Priority: 1 TEXT_INFO_TAX_RATE_PRIORITY admin/tax_rates 3d97e4f193a844c9b197ca07715fbfa5 Anulación de autorización en 2 pasos 2-step authorization override 0 TEXT_INFO_TWO_STEP_AUTH admin/main 9f99df718f5858b80eb0693af89bf113 <br><br>(después de desempaquetar el archivo del contenedor) <br><br>(after unpacking the file from the archive) 1 TEXT_INFO_UNPACK admin/backup b0559c20d04760016c52797ce657a452 Categoría actualizada Category updated 1 TEXT_INFO_UPDATED admin/categories 8f94cab2ac1acca9209746c7eba3f5cf Fabricante actualizado Manufacturer updated 1 TEXT_INFO_UPDATED admin/manufacturers c565890657287570fa1fdcc31eeeeff6 Nombre de usuario Username 1 TEXT_INFO_USERNAME admin/main 2b1e29ca5de2b66326a387e3882a25f4 Usar GZIP Use GZIP 1 TEXT_INFO_USE_GZIP admin/backup 7e1936927bc4256d42c06c5279aa7ee8 Sin compresión (SQL puro) No Compression (Pure SQL) 1 TEXT_INFO_USE_NO_COMPRESSION admin/backup b2825b1d9b0afea1fb0a055da9f5ec2e Usar ZIP Use ZIP 1 TEXT_INFO_USE_ZIP admin/backup a79a257803adb7c131ea6dd64a3903b0 Valor Value 1 TEXT_INFO_VALUE admin/main ecc4240db1db9d8e3b533287fa891a3b Códigos de IVA Vat Code Chars 1 TEXT_INFO_VAT_CODE_CHARS admin/countries 6bf81c617749473e9d255cbbf2307fe9 Prefijo de código de identificación del IVA Vat ID Code Prefix 1 TEXT_INFO_VAT_CODE_PREFIX admin/countries f4e8e890e095247b2770e03af3d6760e Tipo de código de iva Vat Code Type 1 TEXT_INFO_VAT_CODE_TYPE admin/countries 8acea787bb7898685a9d80366f5e1b35 volumen volume 0 TEXT_INFO_VOLUME admin/main 3a5a7a470661010d6abd4a9b410ff1db Código de cupón: Voucher Code: 1 TEXT_INFO_VOUCHER_CODE admin/gv_sent 32d63eb2e1c55d7f8a17092d58a42cc8 Peso Weight 1 TEXT_INFO_WEIGHT shipping 30e78b8fea8a2efac1576600f1021c9d Tipo de venta cruzada Nombre Cross Sell Type Name 0 TEXT_INFO_XSELL_TYPE_NAME admin/xsell-types 0409a46a07b8b28de41a36fa9f642acc Código de zonas: Zones Code: 1 TEXT_INFO_ZONES_CODE admin/zones 585ababe2a64d85877f64e73fb0872f5 Nombre de zona: Zones Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_ZONES_NAME admin/zones 650363aef616aa8ca727b1709863f930 Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_INFO_ZONE_DESCRIPTION admin/geo_zones 9914fbed9baa64fe7da26d326ffcdd3d Nombre de zona: Zone Name: 1 TEXT_INFO_ZONE_NAME admin/geo_zones 9a1c82095a8bbf453afdba4d21425508 Zona: Zone: 1 TEXT_INFO_ZONE_NAME admin/tax_rates 17db1b9ef8f40272e223ea0e5aa3f8b1 Zoom Zoom 1 TEXT_INFO_ZOOM admin/main 496ab8f18e3e92bba6bf2f51451e337e heredar inherit 0 TEXT_INHERIT admin/main 7a8030363c67b88dca516e60d2471802 en línea inline 0 TEXT_INLINE admin/main 3c462a5704032d17e37ee4f134dbed45 Dimensiones del paquete (L*W*H) (cm) Pack dimensions (L*W*H) (cm) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_CM admin/categories 9f0a92df4d5ceafe2797570390570a1d Dimensiones del paquete (L*W*H) (in) Pack dimensions (L*W*H) (in) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_DEMISSIONS_IN admin/categories 65a906bfafcac9e8511619e248590baf Altura del envase (cm) Pack height (cm) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_HEIGHT_CM admin/categories 61a4248f0b06b535fb7f73149f4d3299 Altura del envase (entrada) Pack height (in) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_HEIGHT_IN admin/categories 79c1edf99e094a14f40351837ee461e5 Longitud del envase (cm) Pack length (cm) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_LENGTH_CM admin/categories ebc1caf9044a29fc0cfbb6e86fe6132a Longitud del envase (pulg.) Pack length (in) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_LENGTH_IN admin/categories 8407caf4f0732f693fc50283147d9157 Peso del envase (kg) Pack weight (kg) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_WEIGHT_KG admin/categories 9caf95ebc481881e97126872613dacb6 Peso del paquete (libras) Pack weight (lbs) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_WEIGHT_LBS admin/categories ba24780bde50d705d81010b4ba33e195 Ancho del envase (cm) Pack width (cm) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_WIDTH_CM admin/categories 71de604ad3af2299d0905b88a76ee7cf Ancho del paquete (entrada) Pack width (in) 1 TEXT_INNER_CARTON_WIDTH_IN admin/categories bf695b5dc1136549fb9dc4a2dd3ebace Comentarios internos Inner Commments 0 TEXT_INNER_COMMENTS admin/orders 81163cb67ff88d1cba76032779d94f10 Insertar atributo Insert attribute 1 TEXT_INSERT_ATTRIBUTE admin/productsattributes b94b1ae760177d3b37634e551d8e5f81 insertar y actualizar insert and update 0 TEXT_INSERT_UPDATE admin/main 8a3df0024ce73d5b800bf3f6bf312bc9 **Fuera de stock** **Out of Stock** 1 TEXT_INSTOCK_BOUND_MARKER main 86223a6ca2b5bfc8307e17c86b5f90f6 Los productos marcados con %1$s no existen en la cantidad deseada en nuestro stock.<br>Modifique la cantidad de productos marcados con (%1$s), Gracias Products marked with %1$s dont exist in desired quantity in our stock.<br>Please alter the quantity of products marked with (%1$s), Thank you 1 TEXT_INSTOCK_BOUND_MESSAGE main 761cd4f0d4f8068233ca4a027b552d6f Insertar grupo de clientes Insert customer group 1 TEXT_INS_CUS_GROUP admin/main 9382602a84116ce594db5f4d73c9499d Internet Internet 1 TEXT_INTERNET admin/main 2c02115719d2e49195870aedbea636bf Si no está seguro de que desea enviar sus datos para crear una cuenta, utilice" If you are not sure that you want to submit your data to create an account, please use" 1 TEXT_INTRO_REGISTER_ACCOUNT checkout/login 7021c2803bfcb4dac1fc8d7932dd9213 Sus datos se pueden almacenar hasta 7 años o hasta que decida eliminarlos usted mismo. Your data can be stored for up to 7 years or until you decide to remove them yourself. 0 TEXT_INTRO_REGISTER_ACCOUNT_2 main 73acd0471da76444e9e577d9a185e6d8 Tu correo electrónico no se ha recibido porque probablemente no se haya confirmado. Your email isn't received cause probably not confirmed. 1 TEXT_INVALID_EMAIL account/login e96f178eae5f51355eb1512df957f068 Has introducido una dirección de correo electrónico no válida. You have entered an invalid email address! 0 TEXT_INVALID_EMAIL admin/main 672c368a5eeef64194e3df561d9372b5 #NAME? - is invalid IP-address 1 TEXT_INVALID_IP admin/main ccfa1a7dd240405c7707a5107d4aeb15 #NAME? - is invalid IP-address 1 TEXT_INVALID_IP main 3b414a559adcc86fc87ab9dda8943adc Token no válido Invalid Token 0 TEXT_INVALID_TOKEN admin/admin_account ccfffc51019f9c21d667de262ccaf422 Inventario Inventory 1 TEXT_INVENTORY admin/categories 52cbfa455e34260ff8ca58be16d3b8cf Sólo atributos Only attributes 0 TEXT_INVENTORY_SWITCH_OFF admin/categories fef56a10252bdbdf9fb0969338bd9479 Con inventario With inventory 0 TEXT_INVENTORY_SWITCH_ON admin/categories 7065bb632b487e440bf195df15de4156 Tiempo de tránsito Transit time 1 TEXT_INVENTORY_TRANSIT admin/main a7c3243837ad42e03708d40d7744d93d Invitar Invite 0 TEXT_INVITE main 42f2b5245efa2e6cf906a990a3669d3c Lista de invitados Invite List 0 TEXT_INVITE_LIST wedding c1bd5948ed3d7ea13f186909f04ff9a0 Factura Invoice 1 TEXT_INVOICE admin/main 264ae6091b50f79ce290ed047d918076 Factura Invoice 1 TEXT_INVOICE main 661d7b499186143af737ad7324545836 Comentarios de Facturas Invoice Commments 0 TEXT_INVOICE_COMMENTS admin/orders 8649b400e795f28347b9d20a46a56505 ID de factura Invoice ID 0 TEXT_INVOICE_ID admin/main 0a76c372d388244e446925487d6c3451 Si algo ha salido mal por favor contáctenos en: If something has gone wrong please contact us at: 1 TEXT_INVOICE_INFO account/invoice 7956cb37f2a31497af2872556c5fd6d1 Si algo ha salido mal por favor contáctenos en: If something has gone wrong please contact us at: 1 TEXT_INVOICE_INFO admin/main 2051a30fec2554f72fd744fb679945a9 INV INV 0 TEXT_INVOICE_PREFIX admin/main 762aca5dcbedeee266464585ef81d1f0 INV INV 0 TEXT_INVOICE_PREFIX main 082f5f77f21183910514b00e76a25edb En descripción de categoría In category description 1 TEXT_IN_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION admin/categories f4e2ea7eec92d13cc8e8a6a483e63f1b En descripciones de productos In product descriptions 1 TEXT_IN_DESCRIPTION admin/categories c90f5263120f4548b718c7d6de4ae49c En stock In stock 1 TEXT_IN_STOCK admin/main 1a335407c5895dd250e281f3910fcfb7 En stock In stock 1 TEXT_IN_STOCK main 90f5681705285fc7c52a958dfb5e6c43 En tu carrito In your cart 1 TEXT_IN_YOUR_CART main 442d97df00806945e0afafb679855576 Dirección IP IP Address 0 TEXT_IP_ADDRESS admin/design 4d3cf13de490fdfc24d0d244adba58d2 ISBN ISBN 1 TEXT_ISBN admin/categories ae7df88d601fbb95d8828ef708eaf8f9 ISBN ISBN 1 TEXT_ISBN main c350deb5ce429748acb7c14364c813e7 Es un paquete Is bundle 0 TEXT_IS_BUNDLE admin/design d9d616e8e599b73dcd7469464864aadc No se puede desactivar el idioma predeterminado. Seleccione otro idioma como predeterminado antes de desactivar. You can not turn off default Language. Please select another language as default before turning off. 1 TEXT_IS_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE admin/languages 135824acc51ad2bd06ab6cc7b0d1876f ¿Está oculto? Is hidden? 1 TEXT_IS_HIDDEN admin/main 4a02091cdef4d49c79ec3e3234851d19 El producto está ausente en este momento Product is absent at the moment 1 TEXT_IS_NOT_AVIABLE main 8236dad3e8c4411d77d98e7eb32c30d9 ¿Es virtual el producto? 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  6. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    Cuenta Account 1 TEXT_ACCOUNT admin/main a802f3c547d01d0a144ef7225f6b4605 ¡Felicidades! Su nueva cuenta se ha creado correctamente. Ahora puede aprovechar los privilegios de los miembros para mejorar su experiencia de compra en línea con nosotros. Si tiene preguntas <small><b>ANY</b></small> sobre el funcionamiento de esta tienda en línea, envíe un correo electrónico al <a href="%s">propietario de la tienda</a>.<br><br>Se ha enviado una confirmación a la dirección de correo electrónico proporcionada. Si no lo ha recibido dentro de una hora, <a href="%s">póngase en contacto con nosotros</a>. Congratulations! Your new account has been successfully created! You can now take advantage of member priviledges to enhance your online shopping experience with us. If you have <small><b>ANY</b></small> questions about the operation of this online shop, please email the <a href="%s">store owner</a>.<br><br>A confirmation has been sent to the provided email address. If you have not received it within the hour, please <a href="%s">contact us</a>. 1 TEXT_ACCOUNT_CREATED account/create-success 489b010711bf244d2320f125835972cc Suscripción a cuenta Account subscription 1 TEXT_ACCOUNT_SUBSCRIPTION admin/main 0f7eefbd4a85fe5653610ab86671d72d Descuento acumulado Accumulative Discount 0 TEXT_ACCUMULATIVE_DISCOUNT admin/design dce87262989919e69230dba59eb8bb96 Acción Action 0 TEXT_ACTION admin/main 57ff10c8a5c4e2b7b6fe5c42647be08c Acciones Actions 0 TEXT_ACTIONS account 35a4b7fcfffe878b53f6a26498ae95b8 Acción sobre la falta de existencias Action on out of stock 0 TEXT_ACTION_ON_OUT_OF_STOCK admin/categories/productedit f7f82453a8b944daf8d4d647f614ca59 Activo Active 1 TEXT_ACTIVE admin/main 02decea37e2f72218e93633742af7693 Clientes activos Active customers 0 TEXT_ACTIVE_CUSTOMERS admin/design e92fb9aee78ffb9ea7348e3e89907ac7 Imagen activa: Active image: 1 TEXT_ACTIVE_IMAGE admin/groups b10de7f5e995ff192e10cf41ef1cd4fd Activo Active 0 TEXT_ACTIVE_ON admin/main a33601c31a5468bc64f970afcadeb75f Peso real del volumen, kg Actual volume weight, kg 0 TEXT_ACTUAL_VOLUME_WEIGHT_KG admin/main 3a6256d3d08967110c767872f3630134 Peso real del volumen, kg Actual volume weight, kg 0 TEXT_ACTUAL_VOLUME_WEIGHT_KG main b452a82c0e0e20b1893399179341ba63 Peso real, kg Actual weight, kg 0 TEXT_ACTUAL_WEIGHT_NP admin/main 94975ebef9089d50355bdce3ae7b5f68 Añadir Add 1 TEXT_ADD admin/main b7b0c5932487afae72243aaa02c4be85 Añadir Add 0 TEXT_ADD main 52e564fc4526fcfa1d4e125dfbe30edb Añadido Added 1 TEXT_ADDED main 1312d95f70450cac4b6c6f4c124698ea Añadido a Added to 1 TEXT_ADDED_1 main cf10e97518f4f28ada5c8be4ec4b0d1f su cesta your basket 1 TEXT_ADDED_2 main 66ef8bea068236da1e4e02121fc9ef9f Proceder a la retirada Proceed to checkout 1 TEXT_ADDED_3 main c69deb4401b109c032a7891e60bc7df5 Echa un vistazo antes de que el artículo se venda. Check out soon before the item sells out.. 1 TEXT_ADDED_4 main 680591e8f4ed5da267bb8d3c289830f7 Comentarios agregados Added comments 0 TEXT_ADDED_COMMENTS admin/backup 70112e1f88c2f80865f3029417c8ecdc Precio de atributo adicional Additional attribute price 1 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_ATTR_PRICE admin/categories 18b06c712572b61e923eb9b2704b3a6e Imágenes adicionales Additional Images 1 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES admin/main 82b22aab8d4812e1346ff51753eb9db5 Información adicional Additional info 1 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_INFO admin/categories 1fae65d8ad14fa92ae1a7ec57a1503fe Información adicional Additional info 0 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_INFO admin/main 8f26cb4279fed3c03a77aabfab8ec95d ¿Usar información adicional? Use additional info? 1 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_INFO admin/properties a96964da0b7368af8bf2c57dfa40fb01 Información adicional Additional information 1 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_INFORMATION main 5e306b102547467cbc1f1329d713eed8 Precio adicional Additional Price 1 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_PRICE admin/categories 9f865590616edf37467139deb38608fa Gastos de envío adicionales (netos) Additional shipping charge (net) 0 TEXT_ADDITIONAL_SHIPPING_CHARGE admin/warehouses 9ffd8e42dae3376173ee3e211becd68b Dirección Address 1 TEXT_ADDRESS admin/customers 79defebf30cf5d6b3fa6a861dd5ebc70 Libreta de direcciones Address Book 0 TEXT_ADDRESS_BOOK admin/design 03daabcf6ccfacb08cdda2d5b3ed2621 Libreta de direcciones Address Book 1 TEXT_ADDRESS_BOOK main b00806262cfccb0acc8d00838c6d5dde Por dirección: By address: 1 TEXT_ADDRESS_BY admin/main ae1dfb4afd88ac6f040f4ac4c133405f Detalles de dirección Address details 1 TEXT_ADDRESS_DETAILS admin/main 2a91b7376854e1bcd28a1a8f426558bd Añadir nuevo producto Add new product 1 TEXT_ADD_A_NEW_PRODUCT admin/orders/order-edit 28e95650ce1e086bb40f18b0970a89c2 Añadir producto Add product 0 TEXT_ADD_A_NEW_PRODUCT admin/products-relocate def052e451953546f17dd1f0944b2b98 Añadir comentario Add comment 0 TEXT_ADD_COMMENT admin/orders 2dc56a2f6f56649fa32441a34b4727f0 Agregar comentarios Add comments 1 TEXT_ADD_COMMENTS admin/design 8fa79939e1f512bda01a53238f6b0803 Agregar condición Add condition 0 TEXT_ADD_CONDITION admin/categories 3519178471737fcba0e363f4d0295575 Agregar producto personalizado Add custom product 0 TEXT_ADD_CUSTOM_PRODUCT admin/main b30f24bd915b18c455d49d29815cdd50 Agregar / Editar valores Add / Edit Values 1 TEXT_ADD_EDIT_PROP_VALUE admin/categories a10e7c81399ba7b73066fc93f66781b7 Agregar campo Add field 0 TEXT_ADD_FIELD admin/main f09466285598ef2f09c516adedf02ce2 Agregar regalo Add Give Away 1 TEXT_ADD_GIVEAWAY admin/main 4b7982b1bd8abc50b470ab51c3457394 Añadir gratis a su cesta Add for free to your basket 1 TEXT_ADD_GIVEAWAY main e3c92dcfadda4f75342acb877920543c Agregar grupo Add group 0 TEXT_ADD_GROUP admin/main cb47eeb507d48a0db25ff8f441c8e5ae Agregar elementos Add Items 0 TEXT_ADD_ITEMS wedding b43d658eac40ef814853cdfbd31b6204 Añadir más Add more 1 TEXT_ADD_MORE admin/main 3dd2f358afc76c88763c90ee8ccb2172 Añadir más Add more 1 TEXT_ADD_MORE admin/properties ee9d36fdc88ec1806bc1bfae5a2758df Agregar elemento a mi lista Add item to my list 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW catalog/personal-catalog d83fe14674aafa0112b1ac926031f6f0 Agregar grupo Add group 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_BANNER admin/banner_manager 85529d51dea05516e3e25e87037749ca Agregar una nueva dirección de facturación Add a new billing address 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_BILL_ADD admin/main 7ebd090069b2298752e16ac3cbd23125 Añadir nueva marca Add new brand 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_BRAND admin/categories 14f95a4f3c5563ce46edbd3e82439eb2 Añada un nuevo competidor Please add new Competitor 0 TEXT_ADD_NEW_COMPETITOR admin/categories 9d9847f2789ec9ec73470b834a84bb15 Añadir nuevo cliente Add new customer 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_CUSTOMER admin/customers 1bacb3f19fb3d29385024245af7aadd4 Agregar categoría Add Category 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_GROUP admin/categories ccdcd830c006bc7f73d66774f80e18ff Nueva clave New Key 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_KEY admin/texts 81a06c0c7e1a3c92b2cc079303e671ef ¿NOMBRE? #NAME? 0 TEXT_ADD_NEW_LIST main cc8e1f16ead0b6ce9eddce4ce8985937 Agregar nueva página Add new page 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_PAGE admin/information_manager 7f22eb7b25065c526c351a9b08f892c7 Agregar propiedad Add Property 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_PROP admin/categories f317a481e6c3b70679847154edbdafcc Nueva fila New row 0 TEXT_ADD_NEW_ROW admin/main 27e26ab530d41ef35a8fa691a6de11d5 Añadir una nueva dirección de envío Add a new shipping address 1 TEXT_ADD_NEW_SHIP_ADD admin/main 03b875b649702aa4ee110bcc6def5583 Agregar página Add Page 1 TEXT_ADD_PAGE admin/design 92dae2eb2bdc4195f45aa472d85e3c03 Añadir forma de pago Add Payment Method 1 TEXT_ADD_PAYMENT_METHOD ordertotal e1794e651bb6511baa6dcf4145514bc2 Mostrar recuento de productos añadidos Show count of added products 0 TEXT_ADD_PRODUCTS admin/design 6087d8758e141d26e41bcfae14081e89 Agregar método de envío Add Shipping Method 0 TEXT_ADD_SHIPPING_METHOD admin/modules 8c7fb68c4b1df4496dd132240eec8fe2 Agregar método de envío Add Shipping Method 1 TEXT_ADD_SHIPPING_METHOD ordertotal be072ed22501eb28d7f2cb4690504c0e Agregar tabla de envíos Add Shipping Table 1 TEXT_ADD_SHIPPING_TABLE admin/main c702344aa5e11d7129629689ad4ce9cf Añadir tamaño Add size 1 TEXT_ADD_SIZE admin/design bc3cde207376b3f3ff7d5a057e1521a6 Agregar estilo Add style 0 TEXT_ADD_STYLE admin/main 934b029b1013474872ea20e5a0e1b181 Agregar tema Add Theme 1 TEXT_ADD_THEME admin/main bb9686c0eb55157bf9158318ab1d672c Agregar grupo Add Group 1 TEXT_ADD_TYPE admin/main 28538792568a0c735e18c67f21ee14df Añadir vídeo de Youtube Add Youtube video 0 TEXT_ADD_YOUTUBE_VIDEO admin/main 2ab1ec0eeee37e7ad61561c01a9f5409 El orden ha ocurrido diferencia en el redondeo. Puedes ajustarlo ocultando la diferencia de impuestos Order has difference happaned in rounding. You may adjust it hiding difference it tax 1 TEXT_ADJUST_EXPLANATION admin/main 7d34870d31bc47eb67a2bfa02863d141 Ajuste de %s %s adj 1 TEXT_ADJUST_TAX admin/main 769c35669a00ef6958ae680625d0999c Gerente: Manager: 1 TEXT_ADMIN admin/orders c06a4e610e395463df0fe200d3318f30 Gerente Manager 0 TEXT_ADMIN pos/main e2e0ce26afb031dab9fa55e9b1625dbd Admin/Pedido Admin/Order 1 TEXT_ADMINORDER admin/main 3d2d8409d1db63534117975f7d2a75d7 Los miembros de administración con acceso restringido deben asignarse a los frontends. <a href="%s">Asignar ahora</a> Admin members with restricted access shooud be assigned to frontends. <a href="%s">Assign now</a> 0 TEXT_ADMIN_ASSIGN_PLATFORMS admin/main dca0ec4133221bef8bf0c7269900d250 Dispositivos registrados Registered devices 0 TEXT_ADMIN_DEVICE_VIEW admin/main 5f84f4ea66a07bc82506193965875f4e AVISO: el sitio web está actualmente Abajo Para Mantenimiento al público NOTICE: the website is currently Down For Maintenance to the public 1 TEXT_ADMIN_DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE main 0701b0d4f975a4ca2b2a350dc7ee5ca7 Sesiones de inicio de sesión Login sessions 0 TEXT_ADMIN_LOGIN_SESSION_VIEW admin/main 25735fb8932035ae8597e8ebddf9aaa4 Estadísticas de inicio de sesión Log-in statistics 0 TEXT_ADMIN_LOGIN_VIEW admin/main 4c3a8796aa6b6517fa8558af1a109b2e Notificaciones Notifications 0 TEXT_ADMIN_NOTIFICATIONS admin/main c5f5ef4f95b5c3eafed1d47693b15659 Pedido no encontrado o no tiene acceso a él Order not found or you don't have access to it 0 TEXT_ADMIN_ORDER_NOT_FOUND_ASSIGN_PLATFORMS admin/main a944ccfd9829a25ace3f8f6ee8c0aa36 Claves de seguridad de inicio de sesión Login Security keys 0 TEXT_ADMIN_SESSION_VIEW admin/main ec742ff4e21f878b21cf1f6ada3ed661 Atentamente, %s Sincerely, %s 0 TEXT_ADMIN_SIGN extensions/messages 2dfa8de39b5f8e20ea5e6718f3f0c557 Afiliado Affiliate 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE affiliate a421f6c6a4012ea00b39ccc0f47f5f3d Su dirección Your Address 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_ADDRESS affiliate aae8f8733ae752771cafb302bf680408 Afiliado notificado Affiliate Notified 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_AFFILIATE_NOTIFIED affiliate 741403d238259e431de356e05ea1335b Nombre del banco Bank Name 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_BANK affiliate 90f3692f4f0972c32ffeae463d26a37a Afiliado facturado Affiliate Billed 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_BILLED affiliate 0b8764ecffbbbb53f1aa6a956c4ca7c4 Número ABA/BSB (número de sucursal) ABA/BSB number (branch number) 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_BRANCH affiliate bdcdaf2bb0d52383dcbd36db8438e8b6 Nombre del beneficiario del cheque Check Payee Name 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_CHECK affiliate 0b9ca3b1a8e1ec1ca830bc12c120feb8 Cheque de pago Payment Check 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_CHECK_PAY affiliate 089897a4b41482b8f40994ba7249b454 Detalles de la empresa Company Details 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_COMPANY_DETAILS affiliate 2710f79abcadbd448ec959399d232691 Su información de contacto Your Contact Information 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_CONTACT affiliate c503c04cf8424e107b74e69b0df983cf Fecha de adición Date Added 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_DATE_ADDED affiliate 95e85a8968c6271f6d55f7f87ff76415 Editar afiliado Edit Affiliate 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_EDIT affiliate d55b7fea0aa3e390417102c7526429f9 Afiliado no encontrado Affiliate not found 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_ERROR affiliate cf0919766f6d0828557e5765a0a1a2ab Usted Consigue Su Dinero Por You Get Your Money By 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_GET_MONEY affiliate d02ab6830e1d51c53adbc3694c0716fb Página principal Homepage 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_HOMEPAGE affiliate 3c3707702a38224cad79af3240a9d6e6 Su ID de afiliado Your Affiliate ID 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_ID affiliate d96e0cc674a3a591fee872c12502c083 Nombre de cuenta Account Name 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_NAME affiliate e777a9401077b4982533af417a6295e6 Nuevo valor New Value 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_NEW_VALUE affiliate 8418cdb0c7c2481528435d03fa8d16b5 Número de cuenta Account Number 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_NUMBER affiliate a231b97bb2b1d6576642d5fbe1e55347 Valor antiguo Old Value 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_OLD_VALUE affiliate 7e21f11935d134680694c519bd279548 Su contraseña Your Password 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PASSWORD affiliate 1bcabbb711adf1d16d2e083e38524068 Posibilidades de pago Paying Possibilities 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PAYING affiliate c5bc4beb947890f65af2520fb3316f9a Pago de afiliados Affiliate Payment 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PAYMENT affiliate 5c61f3a48a02957e4a90e83adc601ce5 Editar pago de afiliado Edit Affiliate Payment 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PAYMENT_EDIT affiliate be7d8042883a73b04779cce6a9735c85 Pago de afiliado actualizado correctamente Affiliate Payment updated successfully 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS affiliate 5136b51e60afaeee280f748dcc845b1e PayPal PayPal 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PAYPAL affiliate 08d3451e1e355a27a8c7b56a841cf4cf Correo electrónico de cuenta PayPal PayPal Acount Email 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PAYPAL_ACCOUNT affiliate e1b7e2ddbd8d6e69c57e4334cf17faee Sus datos personales Your Personal Details 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_PERSONAL_DETAILS affiliate 5cdd995eb40756655c82bbdc991e38bc requerido (http(s)://) required (http(s)://) 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_REQUIRED affiliate aa8f78730029c2d66abc240f830fefc8 Registro de afiliado Affiliate Signup 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP affiliate 5502cb056e0ef06d76996d823d046efe Afiliado actualizado correctamente Affiliate updated successfully 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_SUCCESS affiliate 6865ef9fecd4c1a3a33c831534adc3e8 Código SWIFT SWIFT Code 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_SWIFT affiliate 524929f32fdaaf671b4e625234c8046c Transferencia bancaria Bank Transfer 0 TEXT_AFFILIATE_TRANSFER affiliate eb196f29c70b3e48440a58cd30107bf3 Después After 1 TEXT_AFTER admin/main 8d7ab2e81edc472d15430855bbecb538 Después de añadir al carrito After added to cart 1 TEXT_AFTER_ADDED admin/design 3d85ae316bc059f77d27583233aa23b9 * Después de guardar sólo * After saving only 1 TEXT_AFTER_SAFE_ONLY admin/categories 0aa41ee90036fa4c5dde7dcc68dad530 Tengo más de 16 años I am more than 16 years old 1 TEXT_AGE_OVER main c8ed1ec090ac330778f4ad305bb3463b hace ago 1 TEXT_AGO_COMMON admin/main 199b1c7c849b14165e6f27c27eeb9778 hace ago 1 TEXT_AGO_COMMON main 7f503593aa65bf728feeb8c7c39bc6b8 Ajax Ajax 1 TEXT_AJAX admin/design e295184600757ae59fe7376abd3fa0eb Alinear productos Align products 1 TEXT_ALIGN_PRODUCTS admin/main bffb66cb2d5165ccac26140756d86c87 Todos All 1 TEXT_ALL admin/main 98c8e464f281576dacc147fe1437fc59 Vender existencias de pedidos entrantes Sell incoming PO stock 0 TEXT_ALLOW_BACKORDER admin/main d0e3a93e327af48c66b52e8219464710 Permitir carro Allow cart 0 TEXT_ALLOW_CART account 7c3d60875627893d1bed5873058938d6 Permitir carro Allow cart 0 TEXT_ALLOW_CART admin/main c358aa96c7fa604eee901c662b64f7d9 Mostrar de nuevo en la notificación de existencias? Show back in stock notify? 1 TEXT_ALLOW_IN_STOCK_NOTIFY admin/stock-indication 5e01c3892240e9bdd7a22ee4f7d1362d Permitir otros Allow other 0 TEXT_ALLOW_OTHER admin/main 6e56267c1a6878d6af1f6a8938a6ac60 ¿Permitir añadir al carrito? Allow add to cart? 1 TEXT_ALLOW_OUT_OF_STOCK_ADD_TO_CART admin/stock-indication 5f91b65778043c8779679bd8d454ddf6 ¿Permitir salida? Allow checkout? 1 TEXT_ALLOW_OUT_OF_STOCK_CHECKOUT admin/stock-indication 144888b443334092d944d02851d32b17 Todos los paquetes All bundles 1 TEXT_ALL_BUNDLES admin/main a5968ca81152b9bd169eb9a737a39351 Todas las categorías All Categories 1 TEXT_ALL_CATEGORIES admin/main 2adee96f1508b6e812a4a13cf2533b6b Todas las categorías All Categories 1 TEXT_ALL_CATEGORIES catalog/advanced-search 1bd39213eb94354b88152af021a4e91e Todos los países All Countries 1 TEXT_ALL_COUNTRIES admin/geo_zones 7e6396976083ae13fdb8c6b00fb71226 Todos los países All Countries 1 TEXT_ALL_COUNTRIES admin/main cf58d89ba38870aef4c784a9a12ef717 Todos los clientes All Customers 1 TEXT_ALL_CUSTOMERS admin/main 9bee932d1c006f087d8fb60e3245b680 Todos los tipos de características All Features Types 1 TEXT_ALL_FEATURES_TYPES admin/features 50ded05f1a1a703bace1d7d42da1e0ba Todos los archivos All files 1 TEXT_ALL_FILES admin/js 0ad1f233a33e62b0a157d0e459929817 Todas las imágenes All images 0 TEXT_ALL_IMAGES admin/design 055bd36644534a58b22656b7df9ea0e8 Mostrar todos los idiomas Show All Languages 0 TEXT_ALL_LANGUAGES admin/categories/productedit d38ae6a385a6f0730f02b968523e6041 Todos los fabricantes All Manufacturers 1 TEXT_ALL_MANUFACTURERS catalog/advanced-search a57bd5416c56ebeea1731695446bf969 Todos los pedidos All Orders 1 TEXT_ALL_ORDERS admin/main e82d441aee3a9d312262e3a20c9ff4a9 Todos los estados All Statuses 0 TEXT_ALL_ORDERS_STATUS admin/main 9dbd02a6f1518cee6399de0cf037d584 Todos los grupos de estado All Status Groups 1 TEXT_ALL_ORDERS_STATUS_GROUPS admin/orders_status a006311e52eb29f053ffca9cf5bc1f33 Todos los tipos de estado All Status Types 0 TEXT_ALL_ORDERS_STATUS_TYPES admin/main 56004680c4dc8daf2d80462a3124083d Todas las páginas All pages 1 TEXT_ALL_PAGES admin/main 880a8625b82ad1e57137b3a3a007ac8a Vida Lifetime 1 TEXT_ALL_PERIOD admin/main e0853a7cddf5cdef4d6e3eea3a264b73 Mostrar todos los canales de ventas Show All Sales channels 1 TEXT_ALL_PLATFORMS admin/categories/productedit 22b85664871761de802844036739952f Precios Prices 0 TEXT_ALL_PRICES main b385f3f375edfac343373f6ae30a8f42 Todos los productos tienen la misma cantidad All products have equal Qty 0 TEXT_ALL_PRODS_SAME_QTY admin/promotions 36cad3d0b42a8c37f3402e5368e48310 Todos los productos All Products 1 TEXT_ALL_PRODUCTS admin/main 1a985c4c631a7e12888abd44c604e35a Todos los productos All Products 1 TEXT_ALL_PRODUCTS main f09aadc5e70a22d6219001fd8fc3ca30 Todos los presupuestos All Quotes 0 TEXT_ALL_QUOTE admin/main 2be74ea2adf1da9fbd3ed03ffcad4914 Todos All 1 TEXT_ALL_STATUSES admin/subscribers 091112a0afc298f1e97d7738eff9389d Procesar todas las tablas Process all tables 1 TEXT_ALL_TABLES admin/currencies ae1adac803f5f14258dd1656b6b1cb49 Todo el tiempo All Time 0 TEXT_ALL_TIME admin/main 3670d8ac672dddb05b7c57b121b46093 Todos los carritos sin guardar All unsaved carts 0 TEXT_ALL_UNSAVED_CARTS admin/main 9cc61e427a1a09d3a5caf4f0918f2b50 Todos los carritos sin guardar All unsaved carts 0 TEXT_ALL_UNSAVED_CARTS pos/main 5384b8f9be21c0a898693fec742a03f5 todos los vídeos all video 1 TEXT_ALL_VIDEOS admin/design ba5cc04a6d7a5a6fccbddfc3b01e36ba Todo sin marca All without brand 1 TEXT_ALL_WITHOUT_BRAND admin/categories de509d1847c3fad76064ec2eda0c1941 Todas las zonas All Zones 1 TEXT_ALL_ZONES admin/main efc011e624fb41335ca479326b70e351 ¿Ya tiene una cuenta con nosotros y desea habilitar su cuenta web? Por favor, llámenos o envíenos un correo electrónico y pídanos que habilitemos tu cuenta web. Already have a account with us, and want your web account enabled? Please call or email and ask us for your web account to be enabled. 1 TEXT_ALREADY_HAVE_ACCOUNT main dc769281d94f3df88df59b7efb2a62b2 También disponible en set(s) Also Available In Set(s) 1 TEXT_ALSO_AVAILABLE_IN_SETS main c08bc78d0475c841a5f0fc9e4b1b9b75 También te puede interesar You may also be interested in 1 TEXT_ALSO_INTERESTED shopping-cart ad92a2e2f303a55bbc0b3118f4b59e0f Clientes que compraron este producto, también han comprado Customers who bought this product also purchased 1 TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED admin/main fe299bfb45b18009c52a6681ca1940a4 Valores alternativos: Alternative values: 1 TEXT_ALTERNATIVE_CONST admin/properties 92e95f14b123ba2ffe6dc3f6e9527948 Siempre Always 1 TEXT_ALWAYS admin/design a5e8b9ca3120a263cfbaf11c7c7e1ca0 Siempre visible Always visible 0 TEXT_ALWAYS_VISIBLE admin/design 4b428ecf94b113d636d33c0f5266112c Importe total Total amount 1 TEXT_AMOUNT admin/main fc751df37a732cdccf2252bb515833dc Importe de ventas Sales Amount 0 TEXT_AMOUNT affiliate e91f2326284da3482eabf9f271303eeb Importe adeudado Amount due 1 TEXT_AMOUNT_DUE admin/main ea7df6159825102b75b506a243c97952 Cantidad Amount 1 TEXT_AMOUNT_FILTER admin/main 8ff2ed5fe573d9f6dc4d2d4f7d740a58 cuando el total del pedido sea superior a when order total will be higher than 1 TEXT_AMOUNT_HIGHER main dcb1d20fd7292923e137ba93e1858e76 Cambiar configuración de análisis Change analytics settings 0 TEXT_ANALYTICS_SETTINGS admin/google_keywords 85b2fc4364202be11ea1f9124351141d Id. de vista de Analytics Analytics View ID 0 TEXT_ANALYTICS_VIEW_ID admin/google-settings 09fc8b49ff1a77240d3f2c12513c8615 y la dirección de correo electrónico and the email address 1 TEXT_AND_EMAIL admin/customers ebfe90ee345a67ab7536d6315bc71487 Texto e imagen Text and image 1 TEXT_AND_IMAGE admin/main 5d24f882db67e322dbec70704abdae73 Añadir más Add more 1 TEXT_AND_MORE admin/main 82d7ae8d8ddcb2d402c1f418df8cd440 Velocidad Speed 1 TEXT_ANIMATED_SPEED admin/banner_manager 426b422ac37a7e45500a13fc93041ab2 Animar producto mosca al carrito Animate fly product to cart 1 TEXT_ANIMATE_FLY_PRODUCT admin/design ca1f5269b532937308b8a190723577b5 Anonimizar Anonimize 0 TEXT_ANONIMIZE_ORDER admin/main ec2f3d596ea950238aa658bb76581f97 anonimizar pedidos anonimize orders 0 TEXT_ANONIMIZE_ORDERS admin/main 2d027bc6118b0e1b1f958ab969fc12a1 Anónimo Anonymous 1 TEXT_ANONIMUS testimonials b536baf38d9ea0d411f51b805d94bc2f Respuesta Answer 1 TEXT_ANSWER testimonials 48fde47dc1803ca432139d75efaff775 Cualquiera Any 0 TEXT_ANY admin/design f89b41742078543dae904b2bb8cf5d82 Cualquiera Any 1 TEXT_ANY admin/main 61f8f57ad2849409184683c139d4f76f Cualquier país Any Country 0 TEXT_ANY_COUNTRY admin/special_day 8994c21483bb7680ea3e6325e0cd2188 Cualquier envío Any Shipping 0 TEXT_ANY_SHIPPING admin/special_day a05aa7648cc2182a855c3d2f838cea28 Permitir crear categorías Allow create categories 0 TEXT_API_CATEGORIES_CREATE admin/departments 48e6ad6a5c2703752bc3a1e4a3962cc4 Permitir categorías de actualización Allow update categories 0 TEXT_API_CATEGORIES_UPDATE admin/departments 6d25ac38221a7f03c3e5f49dbf2fb3c4 Compartir categorías/productos creados con departamentos Share created categories/products with departments 0 TEXT_API_CREATE_SHARE_ASSIGN admin/main d496af1a89a20691e2dfa6ff94ff0db8 URL del servicio API del departamento Department API service url 0 TEXT_API_DEPARTMENT_URL admin/departments efc65111705fd0a1dcfe758ebffd2f2e Clave de API de Departamento Department API Key 0 TEXT_API_KEY_DEPARTMENT admin/main a3b557896dec3100d8cf3af3a23c95fe API API 1 TEXT_API_NAME purchaseorders c2b2900f902dabdb509e2ab5e99a7b15 Permitir crear productos Allow create products 0 TEXT_API_PRODUCTS_CREATE admin/departments adfb82bfa5ae13598037acde1e692af9 Permitir quitar productos propios Allow remove owned products 0 TEXT_API_PRODUCTS_REMOVE_OWNED admin/departments 7ebcd1d619907f17aa5186e75e003215 Permitir actualizar productos Allow update products 0 TEXT_API_PRODUCTS_UPDATE admin/departments 39ce232a570f070c2f902de5e0d7434e [Crear estado de cliente] [Create client status] 0 TEXT_API_SYNCHRONIZATION_ORDER_STATUS_CREATE_CLIENT_STATUS admin/departments 4cf6197625957520dec6ade65b2b83d1 Crear en cliente Create On client 0 TEXT_API_SYNCHRONIZATION_ORDER_STATUS_CREATE_ON_CLIENT admin/departments 4b7a623bcd94fcd123d30a4e09b6bf8a Asignación de estado de pedido de sincronización de cliente Client Synchronization Order Status mapping 0 TEXT_API_SYNCHRONIZATION_ORDER_STATUS_MAPPING admin/departments aa2acc7af31f557b79933368cbd0e10f Estado del cliente Client Status 0 TEXT_API_SYNCHRONIZATION_ORDER_STATUS_MAPPING_CLIENT admin/departments f0a1fc658803863881be15ed01a5c2ef Estado del servidor Server Status 0 TEXT_API_SYNCHRONIZATION_ORDER_STATUS_MAPPING_SERVER admin/departments 2beb06aa999436182658f649a5a9926c Anexar los mismos productos Append same products 0 TEXT_APPEND_SAME_PRODUCTS main 2a2cf55106d96b610700557dd772f13a Aplicable sólo sin <b> inventario </b> Applicable only without <b> inventory </b> 1 TEXT_APPLICABLE admin/categories 74980787dae2abcd2c7a5ee464680724 Aplicar Apply 1 TEXT_APPLY admin/main 7f2234eb1b45cffb600c165e786d770c Aplicar Apply 1 TEXT_APPLY main 3bb1db1cc8aa9a5dac8f775d7b2a17b9 aplicar cambios apply changes 0 TEXT_APPLY_CHANGES admin/editor/owner 04fb8454d5d3b76b55b660945949dde6 Aplicar un descuento solo al primer producto más barato Apply a discount only to the first cheapest product 0 TEXT_APPLY_COUPON_PRODUCT admin/coupon_admin 77f160380c0513f8e463bc692b4d7870 El listado de productos es demasiado grande. Utilice la función de búsqueda Product listing is too large. Please use the search facility 1 TEXT_APPLY_FILTER admin/orders/order-edit 6afa611a1457b220130880f8217be5c8 Aplicar promociones a: Apply Promotions to: 1 TEXT_APPLY_PROMOTIONS admin/promotions f20665666fc7919c88a01d8ce1dffb6c Sólo al precio base Only to Base Price 1 TEXT_APPLY_TO_BASE admin/promotions 9d71f7ce35614885122f37a3c111f132 Precios base e inventario Base & Inventory prices 1 TEXT_APPLY_TO_BOTH admin/promotions f92cc0a4e51ae1eb27c49ab452b88797 Sólo a Precio de Inventario Only to Inventory Price 1 TEXT_APPLY_TO_INVENTORY admin/promotions 38414aed1feda699eb0832f13d0d53f5 Aprobado Approved 1 TEXT_APPROVED admin/main 163433b1838c8c588523e69a9be04b42 Aprobar seleccionados Approve selected 1 TEXT_APPROVE_SELECTED admin/main d525cb5a38d6ad5688cce250df92651b Abril April 1 TEXT_APR admin/main 27f096e45bf6f6a82591ba410b189e2d ASINA: ASIN: 1 TEXT_ASIN admin/categories 7051ccce6b91c8b6fcfcccaae690d84b ASINA ASIN 1 TEXT_ASIN main a62bd8fa2dd40c81a9e8555d2cd7507c ¿Desea activar las categorías y productos de esta categoría? Would you like to switch ON categories and products in this category? 0 TEXT_ASK_ENABLE_CATEGORIES_AND_PRODUCTS_TO_DEPARTMENT admin/categories 7c6a651f4c494a47eb027865c3e22bc3 ¿Desea activar las categorías y productos de esta categoría? Would you like to switch ON categories and products in this category? 1 TEXT_ASK_ENABLE_CATEGORIES_AND_PRODUCTS_TO_PLATFORM admin/categories f964afa5a8d8d77d834e2b298ade5e31 ¿Desea asignar categorías que contengan este producto al canal de ventas? Would you like to assign categories containing this product to sales channel? 1 TEXT_ASK_ENABLE_PRODUCT_CATEGORIES admin/categories 857e8bc82c040745139061412e21fc6e Solicitud de muestra Request for sample 1 TEXT_ASK_SAMPLE admin/categories d86851caced86eee1c86b2147910799a ¿Actualizar stock de pedidos? Update order stock? 1 TEXT_ASK_UPDATE_ORDER_STOCK admin/orders 73c7e9f08aa1e3fc126024e833efd1c8 Asignar Assign 1 TEXT_ASSIGN admin/main d1bd60fc894c710da1a1de2e24f2b76f Atributos asignados Assigned attributes 1 TEXT_ASSIGNED_ATTR admin/categories c477af96aa4633f2a0cbfc5fbf879b6a Promociones asignadas Assigned promotions 0 TEXT_ASSIGNED_PROMOTIONS admin/categories 807f12536fa71ddbac73148bb924a392 Propiedades asignadas Assigned properties 1 TEXT_ASSIGNED_PROP admin/categories 12c2d410708a18aa57d6fbf73bd1ef1c Documentos asignados Assigned Documents 0 TEXT_ASSIGNMENT_DOCUMENTS admin/printers f8dd70faead9e17ab89b2dbf70dfcb31 Asignar a controlador Assign to handler 0 TEXT_ASSIGN_HANDLERS extensions/handlers 26aa39d6671aef065d2a6443dc7e0760 Asignar canales de ventas Assign sales channels 1 TEXT_ASSIGN_PLATFORMS admin/adminmembers 998e8820873685134df615893a75121c Asignar proveedores Assign suppliers 0 TEXT_ASSIGN_SUPPLIERS admin/adminmembers da1ed36d54376b9c81bf803512903513 Asignar/Restringir Assign/Restrict 0 TEXT_ASSIGN_TAB admin/main fce1778d100aee66aaed85d6be61f7ca Asignar a atributos Assign to attributes 1 TEXT_ASSIGN_TO_ATTR admin/categories ad65f978c6d17d7d44569add8af43704 Asignar a inventario Assign to inventory 1 TEXT_ASSIGN_TO_INVENT admin/categories a0ce819600e76eee08cfe24a0921395f Asignar Assign 0 TEXT_ASSIGN_TRANSACTIONS admin/orders 87d3ef59dbe5cba4ea7b85d94b27a396 Asignar almacenes Assign warehouses 0 TEXT_ASSIGN_WAREHOUSES admin/adminmembers b57cf3167c5bcca26e3f74f46395249b Marcar como contactado Mark as contacted 1 TEXT_AS_CONTACTED admin/recover_cart_sales 2e41db0c13a06373c3ad2d8a8bb053d4 Marcar como trabajado Mark as worked out 1 TEXT_AS_WORKEDOUT admin/recover_cart_sales 88e5c47381fa88c55694a8fc4e873d9d Anexos Attachments 0 TEXT_ATTACHMENTS extensions/messages 686bafb525331af25e6928b07e208d3b Atributo Attribute 1 TEXT_ATTRIBUTE admin/categories 18dc2152014ded1bf0f8b67691f6459a Atributos Attributes 1 TEXT_ATTRIBUTES admin/design c278bbfcece54f2d57b3ba28fcec0774 Atributos Attributes 0 TEXT_ATTRIBUTES admin/main 8b03c3aaf013e68a850f774386f42f4a Opciones Options 0 TEXT_ATTRIBUTES main fa7a7fa0c76a20741923e8395ecb4dda Mostrar atributos combinados con cantidad Show Combined Attributes with Quantity 0 TEXT_ATTRIBUTES_W_QUANTITY admin/categories 2717e77601c294e646fbdd5bfb03f577 Atributos e inventario (variaciones) Attributes and inventory (variations) 1 TEXT_ATTR_INVENTORY admin/main 383cc2306029ab5cab65b952a2ea3a5e Agosto August 1 TEXT_AUG admin/main db7222559f89cff4f3647156d2f748a2 Datos de autenticación Authentification data 0 TEXT_AUTHENTIFICATION_DATA admin/suppliers fe5ba69cbdf1c8d562d59690af815bf6 Autorización Authorization 0 TEXT_AUTHORIZATION admin/socials/edit a92560b676b1cb23b87d19672b848d94 Autoriza a guardar tu código promocional Please authorize to save you promo code 1 TEXT_AUTH_TO_SAVE_PROMO promotions 0ee5bfbb83c06c1ddf9724174f49ed66 Automáticamente Automatically 0 TEXT_AUTO admin/main 1f3f74817f0accd1090689fd4b3a9412 Automatizado Automated 1 TEXT_AUTOMATED admin/main 9c1513e13a32bc0045e64eeaefe9fb29 Exportación automática Automatic export 1 TEXT_AUTOMATIC_EXPORT admin/easypopulate ea153b8a6d2aba87ccb5de1de9518b4a Importación automática Automatic import 1 TEXT_AUTOMATIC_IMPORT admin/easypopulate 8d1016318ca9c94ed08e127063191b4e Reproducción automática (el vídeo comenzará a reproducirse en cuanto esté listo) Autoplay (video will start playing as soon as it is ready) 1 TEXT_AUTOPLAY admin/design 5bf78ecda9ebecfc7989d31ce8123cfa Reubicación de almacenes automáticos de %s a %s Auto Warehouses Relocate from %s to %s 0 TEXT_AUTO_STOCK_RELOCATE admin/main 2e772af5d6031951303540106556dcc0 Reubicación de almacenes automáticos de %s a %s Auto Warehouses Relocate from %s to %s 0 TEXT_AUTO_STOCK_RELOCATE main 6db0d63268ae7f5102de0d9f9726d42d Disponible Available 0 TEXT_AVAILABLE main e0f932e637f5837a6599ae82338de883 En Almacenes At Warehouses 0 TEXT_AVAILABLE_AT_WAREHOUSES admin/design 07b0f38582bc560134a9544a82196bd0 Métodos disponibles Available Methods 0 TEXT_AVAILABLE_METHODS admin/main bdf7303677b6bf75c7662ef25702e495 Páginas disponibles Available pages 1 TEXT_AVAILABLE_PAGES admin/design 172d96705317acde8185e8927343ea71 Promedio de ventas Sales Average 0 TEXT_AVERAGE affiliate 56b554f27610841254eb92d32dc158c8 Importe medio del pedido Average order amount 1 TEXT_AVERAGE_ORDER_AMOUNT admin/main b7aacb7dc4fe3871c560eab165301f12 Promedio orden neto Avg. net order 1 TEXT_AVERAGE_ORDER_VALUE admin/main 4825026f6e624f7d825ce0470e6ac569 B2B B2B 1 TEXT_B2B admin/design 53713e41a8e58daaf2fd291fd9306ccf B2B B2B 1 TEXT_B2B_VIEW admin/design b65493708ebf40198917434417e29aea Stock temporal back-end Back-end temporary stock 0 TEXT_BACKEND_TEMPORARY_STOCK admin/main a38a32725a29627ca0ed19e4f6c78763 Antecedentes Background 1 TEXT_BACKGROUND admin/main 625065a51d4b7e369d1fb1b414d7b610 Color de fondo Background Color 1 TEXT_BACKGROUND_COLOR admin/main ac40142ae8b728cf34a358ddd2e2d52a Imagen de fondo Background Image 1 TEXT_BACKGROUND_IMAGE admin/main 2fd04cba1f1a5921598c50cd0b3e356f Posición de fondo Background position 1 TEXT_BACKGROUND_POSITION admin/main 0935fbdf7e35efa1fdb07e93d5de87c2 Repetición de fondo Background repeat 1 TEXT_BACKGROUND_REPEAT admin/main 81ecea30c400fc803614229cba06213c Tamaño de fondo Background size 1 TEXT_BACKGROUND_SIZE admin/main 96c557e5b91bce2f39d5f77197ca6803 Copias de seguridad Backups 1 TEXT_BACKUPS admin/main c8ab4310450d6d0298e73647fb7ca244 Directorio de copia de seguridad: Backup Directory: 1 TEXT_BACKUP_DIRECTORY admin/backup c0830cffa29e24ae491c4943a02b4ca6 Archivo de respaldo Backup file 0 TEXT_BACKUP_FILE admin/backup f01bc933f2ecb4060301e6b39254ebab Volver al pedido Back to order 0 TEXT_BACK_TO_ORDER pos/main ebe7774df9de4d034982d5bd2e42715d Detalles de cuenta bancaria Bank account details 0 TEXT_BANK_ACCOUNT_DETAILS admin/customers 82c518ac5db601c8134c09fc78f7eefa Pancarta Banner 1 TEXT_BANNER admin/main 45e601602e252934978206187b7d2a77 D<br>A<br>T<br>A D<br>A<br>T<br>A 1 TEXT_BANNERS_DATA admin/banner_manager f302b413958d4d84248618d0c4423ba2 Fecha de adición: Date Added: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_DATE_ADDED admin/banner_manager c6ccc23cb34a52c26cfdb2aa8119a489 Caduca A Las: <b>%s</b> Expires At: <b>%s</b> 1 TEXT_BANNERS_EXPIRES_AT_DATE admin/banner_manager 4e90bdfe7400d3405cb333cc20447524 Caduca A Las: <b>%s</b> impresiones Expires At: <b>%s</b> impressions 1 TEXT_BANNERS_EXPIRES_AT_IMPRESSIONS admin/banner_manager 12b08cb5fd6e9d37b324e6abfc7f22ef Caduca el: Expires On: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_EXPIRES_ON admin/banner_manager 839e972f6282d8966ca6f63ee605e607 Grupo de titulares: Banner Group: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_GROUP admin/main 1b06ed39fdcc6d27ff138b84e79a5000 Texto HTML: HTML Text: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_HTML_TEXT admin/banner_manager cf28cdecd521223b90dc8a4e7c8c2ee8 Imagen: Image: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_IMAGE admin/banner_manager c5f5358dc4e1969af8174c5a62408293 Imágenes de banners Banners images 0 TEXT_BANNERS_IMAGES admin/design b303c688db943909aa94ad8c575e64ce , o introduzca el archivo local a continuación , or enter local file below 1 TEXT_BANNERS_IMAGE_LOCAL admin/banner_manager db7db5d974bc4dbd502e514d55db7d1f Destino de imagen (Guardar en): Image Target (Save To): 1 TEXT_BANNERS_IMAGE_TARGET admin/banner_manager facb657a404b4b55e5af58c340e8f188 Impresiones/vistas. Impressions/views. 1 TEXT_BANNERS_IMPRESSIONS admin/banner_manager 164dd055074f0ae0ca0f09d907171953 Últimos 3 días Last 3 Days 1 TEXT_BANNERS_LAST_3_DAYS admin/banner_manager c431fe76785eb1237d6ead79a6e46d6f o introduzca un nuevo grupo de banners a continuación , or enter a new banner group below 1 TEXT_BANNERS_NEW_GROUP admin/banner_manager 5ea34a97cf09748be0e435ac9f32ff5c , o en , or at 1 TEXT_BANNERS_OR_AT admin/banner_manager 8199f12304ee3b799fe7e2b138d1cd79 Programado en: Scheduled At: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_SCHEDULED_AT admin/banner_manager 33fa7a4747a346983aa7f60e4a013ae7 Programado en: <b>%s</b> Scheduled At: <b>%s</b> 1 TEXT_BANNERS_SCHEDULED_AT_DATE admin/banner_manager 7f25023780f6b69e13959b20ea4c4e62 Cambio de estado: %s Status Change: %s 1 TEXT_BANNERS_STATUS_CHANGE admin/banner_manager b7ed40e47a19aed7fc9a65bd8bab36c4 Título del titular: Banner Title: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_TITLE admin/banner_manager 5c03de504b362ca7754fd013dc98791c Tipo de titular Banner type 1 TEXT_BANNERS_TYPE admin/main f7b1e2d4c527f8823ba3f76d12fddf17 URL del titular: Banner URL: 1 TEXT_BANNERS_URL admin/banner_manager 10847d15a6c83d67d5e91b8bc4346681 Editar titular Edit Banner 1 TEXT_BANNER_EDIT admin/main 72f374cfe9a946924085271f689e3a79 Deslizador, efecto Slider effect 1 TEXT_BANNER_EFFECT admin/banner_manager 4102cce535ec992d0f73ad2257e07a02 Filtrar por grupo Filter by group 1 TEXT_BANNER_FILTER_BY admin/banner_manager 2b6a4ad256800ff7a00386f81f1d48ef Imagen Image 1 TEXT_BANNER_IMAGE admin/banner_manager 7cf2fa269c662ce997d70ca0503dfc8f Nuevo banner New Banner 1 TEXT_BANNER_INSERT admin/banner_manager be2507f8e8b167d4e1044a992d5fb787 Nuevo grupo de banners New banner group 1 TEXT_BANNER_NEW_GROUP admin/banner_manager 0db6176fddff9a0e6803c26cf3483c26 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 1 TEXT_BANNER_SORT_ORDER admin/banner_manager ff9d608444e247fcd6b1a5bcf8c35562 Estado del titular Banner status 1 TEXT_BANNER_STATUS admin/banner_manager 74aefff93c11e578634f236d9db9747f Texto Html Html text 1 TEXT_BANNER_TEXT admin/banner_manager 98ad9f6b212121ee9ffecaa2c6ae15e6 Código de barras Barcode 0 TEXT_BARCODE admin/main 178748688588813738d5e4d28b542074 Código de barras Barcode 0 TEXT_BARCODE invoice 8fe29f0a73c6c8d561eb416dd67d1783 Acciones por lotes Batch actions 1 TEXT_BATCH_ACTIONS admin/main c028ddcb3c30c4e3d9598bd23a8684b1 Todos los productos de pedido ya etiquetados All Order Products already labeled 0 TEXT_BATCH_ALL_PRODUCT_ALREADY_PROCESSED admin/shipping-carrier-pick c72c86144818ba136248df50d7cbe4da Exportar a CSV Export to CSV 1 TEXT_BATCH_EXPORT admin/main fa6245389ee402bb229fb36f74c5d0ee Facturas Invoices 1 TEXT_BATCH_INVOICE admin/orders b05f8e5ea8ffbe7ec622df486af7215a Etiqueta de envío Shipping Label 0 TEXT_BATCH_LABELS admin/orders 1cd294838ff451dee4d3d0fef792d383 Lote crear etiquetas Batch create labels 0 TEXT_BATCH_LABEL_POPUP_TITLE admin/orders d71cb385887ae107d25e2369f6d1b19e No se encontró el módulo de etiqueta "%s" Label module "%s" not found 0 TEXT_BATCH_MODULE_NOT_FOUND admin/shipping-carrier-pick bb8185fd0d9831843908d2610ce55eef No se encuentra el método de etiqueta automáticamente. Ninguna regla coincide. Can't find label method automatically. No rules match. 0 TEXT_BATCH_NO_RULE_MATCH admin/shipping-carrier-pick 301d1024703e394cc5a502d938a0881b Boletines de embalaje Packing slips 1 TEXT_BATCH_PACKING_SLIP admin/orders 081640a81b3f34463c6a953b45166444 Añadir paquete al carrito Add bundle to cart 0 TEXT_BATCH_SELECTED_ADD_TO_CART main c55d5fda02e6e3bb319eadd8eed53ca2 añadir add 0 TEXT_BATCH_SELECTED_ADD_TO_LIST main 927ebaaca59f61bf1478cd9bdafd97c6 Número de registros Number of records 0 TEXT_BATCH_SIZE admin/main 16207c4c179f223dbb0de627873ad36a Bazaarvoice Resumen de valoración Bazaarvoice Rating Summary 0 TEXT_BAZAARVOICE_RATING_SUMMARY admin/design 6f6b08813d3b5dbada2a46d2981d1f6e Comentarios de Bazaarvoice Bazaarvoice Reviews 0 TEXT_BAZAARVOICE_REVIEWS admin/design b2771e5be284ba9b6ffbf08ace5287fe Antes Before 1 TEXT_BEFORE admin/main 3604e033c83775d1f4cafacd49337383 Rastros Breadcrumbs 1 TEXT_BEFORE_BREADCRUMBS main ced1122c51be1d9c49cf961baf4221d3 AVISO: Este sitio web se cerrará por mantenimiento en: NOTICE: This website will be down for maintenance on: 1 TEXT_BEFORE_DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE main 0fe5b3127cd77b29f51105919f15164c Éxitos Bestsellers 1 TEXT_BESTSELLERS admin/main 8957bf0543c0ad80b122d6838e728f20 Coeficiente de popularidad adicional al bestseller Additional popularity coefficient to bestseller 0 TEXT_BESTSELLER_POPULARITY admin/categories fe580437f20dc791aa1240bac0bfc0e2 Grande Big 1 TEXT_BIG admin/main 59f31c106f43cb460687aa1acb898c88 Dirección de facturación Billing address 1 TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS admin/main fd092d02109db79d28df9d33cbd78ed8 Dirección de facturación Billing address 1 TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS main edb26a6ccb061b30e945772d4df16299 Dirección de facturación o envío Billing or Shipping address 0 TEXT_BILLING_SHIPPING_ADDRESS admin/main 3ba5d3f6cccbb1e4f0cc1aeec1671045 En blanco Blank 1 TEXT_BLANK admin/design f257ae8372360d6ef2f6eaad43233b4e Bloquear Block 1 TEXT_BLOCK admin/main 68ca695143e84bbd50b75cf8e60851d3 Bloques Blocks 0 TEXT_BLOCKS admin/email-editor/edit ac6c4d620ad410287139299728d1cd99 Categoría Category 0 TEXT_BLOG_CATEGORIES main 0d2f18c524fa3d5f38356a87dadefd2e comentarios comments 0 TEXT_BLOG_COMMENTS main 0307ac2be308e26889a905e71f2b6a1d Contenido del blog Blog Content 0 TEXT_BLOG_CONTENT admin/design ef05a84fa05bdb1cca91c3dfc74b4c8e Artículos más populares Most popular articles 0 TEXT_BLOG_POPULAR_ARTICLES main e97cc57810a717d44eebea12598b6a75 Leer más Read more 0 TEXT_BLOG_READ_MORE main f0cd0935db46272c128c80ee9de1d5ab Publicaciones relacionadas por categorías Related Posts by categories 0 TEXT_BLOG_RELATED_BY_CATEGORIES main b3683c4a64e537a8dbd4108b1c587f3b Posts relacionados por etiquetas Related Posts by tags 0 TEXT_BLOG_RELATED_BY_TAGS main 9aeb17d5b336e886e0948726041ce13d Productos relacionados Related products 0 TEXT_BLOG_RELATED_PRODUCTS main 76238d7885988418661f8c8380fc26da Barra lateral del blog Blog Sidebar 0 TEXT_BLOG_SIDEBAR admin/design ed2cb56535086b4d227b09b314485a4a Etiquetas Tags 0 TEXT_BLOG_TAGS main 4a1965afbac5ba9721a1f8fc077a8248 Visto Viewed 0 TEXT_BLOG_VIEWED main 8b48f8075bbff6c6a8e7bca3751d6174 audaz bold 1 TEXT_BOLD admin/main d89a69b9f9113be85035d0da65fa9c46 Puntos de bonificación Precio: Bonus Points Price: 1 TEXT_BONUS_POINT admin/categories f88193dcddce55b93157542a97030bf6 Puntos de bonificación Bonus Points 0 TEXT_BONUS_POINTS admin/design 4061cdddf2b0e2d0d9e5566fef01044f El cliente tiene %s puntos de bonificación Customer have %s Bonus Points 1 TEXT_BONUS_POINTS admin/main 3aa24cafa0eb562d4db38ffb84dad475 Tiene %s puntos de bonificación You have %s Bonus Points 1 TEXT_BONUS_POINTS main 57141300d2c1b30988b4596e5778eec6 Programa de bonificación Bonus Program 0 TEXT_BONUS_PROGRAM account/history 00fa6864800ea83548f6e02c10c15f2f Programa de bonificación Bonus Program 0 TEXT_BONUS_PROGRAM admin/design aa6305103fe9ddf65181fd1f3f6f29de Estado del programa de acción bonificada Bonus Action Program Status 0 TEXT_BONUS_PROGRAMME_STATUS admin/promotions bd115c9c8bf3fcbd2978dd46b50d1b3f Puede ver los puntos del programa de bonificación <a href="%s">aquí</a> You may see The Bonus Program points <a href="%s">here</a> 0 TEXT_BONUS_PROGRAM_LINK account/history 4cde78f028df21656d0d29d89ee6745f Borde Border 1 TEXT_BORDER admin/main e2d3196222f38880657787cfce998ab9 Borde inferior Border bottom 1 TEXT_BORDER_BOTTOM admin/main b9301895f6bcbe4d4c2170db948e6b15 Borde izquierdo Border left 1 TEXT_BORDER_LEFT admin/main 8ed0703dcb7a2381c8f01facc5bf65d4 Radio de borde Border radius 1 TEXT_BORDER_RADIUS admin/design fe523ac11ccace3b9a1ff262317cf75d Borde derecho Border right 1 TEXT_BORDER_RIGHT admin/main 0f78f432d42354cf701d90e0d7a828db Borde superior Border top 1 TEXT_BORDER_TOP admin/main ad931105e43f8ff0ace39d34002978bd ambos both 1 TEXT_BOTH admin/design e495e8030d91b6a89ce87c35eb2b0843 Barra inferior Bottom Bar 0 TEXT_BOTTOM_BAR admin/design 523b22875e04337bded2942b229f56fc centro inferior bottom center 1 TEXT_BOTTOM_CENTER admin/main 25e484431b7b8175fce486ec728479e2 abajo a la izquierda bottom left 1 TEXT_BOTTOM_LEFT admin/main aa8cf1b13c2329ea148b79dda0414559 Parte inferior de dropbox Bottom of dropbox 0 TEXT_BOTTOM_OF_DROPBOX admin/design 2687136883b4427849c2ed778dd54d6c abajo a la derecha bottom right 1 TEXT_BOTTOM_RIGHT admin/main a2ed4ecffa7d12c2ad2db8be2116ce34 Marca: Brand: 1 TEXT_BRAND admin/main 1617111c7e77288fd95aa97b8dc9a20f Marca Brand 1 TEXT_BRAND main 4d7cac74ab99b4ec1d1f0b489f88137d Marcas Brands 1 TEXT_BRANDS admin/main 33df86ed4aa1a6bc3977de0b1218a0da Mostrar marcas con productos accesibles Show Brands with accessible products 0 TEXT_BRANDS_WITH_ACTIVE_PRODUCTS admin/design cafa42a33fe69cfd380d05970cd99671 Miga de pan Breadcrumb 1 TEXT_BREADCRUMB admin/main 92c33b468d1629288ee2c66517cc1913 Brillante Bright 1 TEXT_BRIGHT admin/main 2d15c91e6b6df8dfec71347a97536adf Perla brillante Bright Pearl 1 TEXT_BRIGHT_PEARL admin/easypopulate c37fbc8e064a6a2d01f0808831af9e80 Navegador Browser 1 TEXT_BROWSER admin/recover_cart_sales 2144d8c7ab979a37a751ef5c290ff362 Crear nueva plantilla de comentario Create new comment template 0 TEXT_BTN_NEW_ORDERS_COMMENT_TEMPLATE admin/orders-comment-template 17598f8b6c26849290022ec5ce13e751 No No 1 TEXT_BTN_NO admin/js a755e33ed7b2d1989cacc2a55d382356 No No 1 TEXT_BTN_NO admin/main 75e1f726dd67840165132433277275fb Ok Ok 1 TEXT_BTN_OK admin/main a0f5fd2a22aaae24eadfc47038e29538 Sí Yes 1 TEXT_BTN_YES admin/js c422a76e9ccd00c98e995b5179cac856 Sí Yes 1 TEXT_BTN_YES admin/main a9d3f6e2d2edb16b7bd689c16786854d paquetes bundles 0 TEXT_BUNDLES admin/main d0d4d7c3a624864c8288c0812d51fcec Paquete de productos Bundle Product 0 TEXT_BUNDLE_PRODUCT admin/categories 4414a731f84ab84a1ac80a2f87633a8c Productos en conjunto Products in Set 1 TEXT_BUNDLE_PRODUCTS main 8fbfabb29f95d454ac84f406734f150a Paquete de productos Bundle products 1 TEXT_BUNDLE_PRODUCTS_NEW main f6e70dcecf47c79307c3ff91e691d559 Icono de hamburguesa Burger icon 0 TEXT_BURGER_ICON admin/design ebb73b66c1343fe66aeb6be7c61a6e7c Botones Buttons 1 TEXT_BUTTONS admin/main 11d72241d22cd1e6db26914568cedbe0 Bloquear Block 0 TEXT_BUTTON_BLOCK admin/admin-device-view dad8c981838fe0b4075ca6c86de9fad7 Eliminar Delete 0 TEXT_BUTTON_DELETE admin/admin-login-session-view 1a61c5a39037858696588c67aeb5c2c7 Eliminar Delete 0 TEXT_BUTTON_DELETE admin/admin-session-view 85bf2b7d120562616d3581ee37e7bba0 Siguiente pedido sin procesar Next unprocessed order 1 TEXT_BUTTON_NEXT_ORDER admin/orders c0d64a43779ed6f389edc70afc28a9ed Siguiente presupuesto sin procesar Next unprocessed quotation 0 TEXT_BUTTON_NEXT_QUOTE admin/main c40da2bde16094e9f27c1530e8062c4e Desbloquear Unblock 0 TEXT_BUTTON_UNBLOCK admin/admin-device-view e90b21bf1369d2b537393a3eadd41b84 Comprar Buy 1 TEXT_BUY main 5c2acdbcc9320f3b55dfc2992d84068c Botón Comprar Buy Button 0 TEXT_BUY_BUTTON admin/design 614880af3bb3a28a6ac35002e324dd90 Comprar cantidad Buy Quantity 1 TEXT_BUY_QUANTITY admin/main bc9507b04c508434796a411044ac74fa por by 1 TEXT_BY main cdb836f66ecc3be243c2428971063275 por ajax by ajax 1 TEXT_BY_AJAX admin/design e6b704d3b504e6b004f9ae62031eb2e4 Código: Code: 0 TEXT_BY_CODE admin/main 4c48d80d87741e5d7848ce9457dc5c85 <div class="strongTitle">Al crear una cuenta, podrá:</div> <ul> <li>para comprar más rápido,</li> <li>estar al día sobre el estado de un pedido,</li> <li>realizar un seguimiento de los pedidos realizados previamente.</li> </ul> <div class=""strongTitle display_none"">¿Aún no tienes una cuenta con nosotros?</div> <p class=""display_none"">Haga clic en el botón Continuar"", complete los detalles en la página de la cuenta y nos pondremos en contacto con usted para finalizar el proceso. </p>""" <div class="strongTitle">By creating an account, you will be able:</div> <ul> <li>to shop faster,</li> <li>be up to date on an orders status,</li> <li>keep track of the orders you have previously made.</li> </ul> <div class=""strongTitle display_none"">Don't have an account with us yet?</div> <p class=""display_none"">Click on the ""Continue"" button, then complete the details on the account page and we will contact you to finalise the process. </p>" 1 TEXT_BY_CREATING_AN_ACCOUNT main ab07b7eca02b89f087509d643a342234 Fecha anterior a nueva Date Old to New 1 TEXT_BY_DATE admin/design 5f0a5581ebec1cf4e7cd108e225ac33b Fecha anterior a nueva Date Old to New 1 TEXT_BY_DATE main dcd06414c647f442cef1d37da87fee72 Fecha anterior a nueva Date Old to New 1 TEXT_BY_DATE_TO_LESS admin/design 5f0a5581ebec1cf4e7cd108e225ac33b Fecha anterior a nueva Date Old to New 1 TEXT_BY_DATE_TO_LESS main dcd06414c647f442cef1d37da87fee72 Entrega Delivery 1 TEXT_BY_DELIVERY admin/orders 9812b160c53f651aad942a7cea711eff Por idioma: By language: 1 TEXT_BY_LANGUAGE admin/texts 0bc04dd593760d1571ece94446afdb77 Marca Z-A Brand Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MANUFACTURER admin/design 43a4be5d9bea5f5242f899f81f0a63b8 Marca Z-A Brand Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MANUFACTURER main a8d5248e21e22904ada78f91f4f05738 Marca Z-A Brand Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MANUFACTURER_TO_LESS admin/design 43a4be5d9bea5f5242f899f81f0a63b8 Marca Z-A Brand Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MANUFACTURER_TO_LESS main a8d5248e21e22904ada78f91f4f05738 Modelo Z-A Model Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MODEL admin/design d28838ce79de62d60d0c12ec2636c3bb Modelo Z-A Model Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MODEL main aae20ddf57ba66ecd10bb7fe78846691 Modelo Z-A Model Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MODEL_TO_LESS admin/design d28838ce79de62d60d0c12ec2636c3bb Modelo Z-A Model Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_MODEL_TO_LESS main aae20ddf57ba66ecd10bb7fe78846691 Nombre Z-A Name Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_NAME admin/design 09a52958f22822a88b6806638e8e50b4 Nombre Z-A Name Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_NAME main 45924e9137ffad6f5d8d1f2a713d7561 Nombre Z-A Name Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_NAME_TO_LESS admin/design 09a52958f22822a88b6806638e8e50b4 Nombre Z-A Name Z-A 1 TEXT_BY_NAME_TO_LESS main 45924e9137ffad6f5d8d1f2a713d7561 Por órdenes By orders 0 TEXT_BY_ORDERS admin/main aecf47c725866a322986f159df326588 Popularidad de alta a baja Popularity High to Low 0 TEXT_BY_POPULARITY admin/design 556ae828865c4d66cc26e7e8e18bc5df Popularidad de alta a baja Popularity High to Low 0 TEXT_BY_POPULARITY main 9c0930532198a4acce8f86be609a7c20 Popularidad de alta a baja Popularity High to Low 0 TEXT_BY_POPULARITY_TO_LESS admin/design 556ae828865c4d66cc26e7e8e18bc5df Popularidad de alta a baja Popularity High to Low 0 TEXT_BY_POPULARITY_TO_LESS main 9c0930532198a4acce8f86be609a7c20 Precio de alta a baja Price High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_PRICE admin/design 7b2b7a1461164f2d47ac55401b1f8778 Precio de alta a baja Price High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_PRICE main 58fd2f152bb91d797829bd57b7c3cba7 Precio de alta a baja Price High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_PRICE_TO_LESS admin/design 7b2b7a1461164f2d47ac55401b1f8778 Precio de alta a baja Price High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_PRICE_TO_LESS main 58fd2f152bb91d797829bd57b7c3cba7 Cantidad de alta a baja Quantity High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_QUANTITY admin/design 1f423f49791a04acb5f5c95856c3de08 Cantidad de alta a baja Quantity High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_QUANTITY main d2cadba096f553dd91e25ec3580095a8 Cantidad de alta a baja Quantity High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_QUANTITY_TO_LESS admin/design 1f423f49791a04acb5f5c95856c3de08 Cantidad de alta a baja Quantity High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_QUANTITY_TO_LESS main d2cadba096f553dd91e25ec3580095a8 Por cola By queue 0 TEXT_BY_QUEUE admin/design 30c79f1375a08bc914c5f3728ed0cf9d Por nivel de pedido By re-order level 0 TEXT_BY_REORDER_LEVEL admin/main 0eaf39930ca36073dd00939bace77d31 Peso alto a bajo Weight High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_WEIGHT admin/design 1c3e0fd6abe284ab8b151daab4a69777 Peso alto a bajo Weight High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_WEIGHT main 0dfeaa72a6a0481c299370b52209a208 Peso alto a bajo Weight High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_WEIGHT_TO_LESS admin/design 1c3e0fd6abe284ab8b151daab4a69777 Peso alto a bajo Weight High to Low 1 TEXT_BY_WEIGHT_TO_LESS main 0dfeaa72a6a0481c299370b52209a208 Módulo también comprado Also Purchased Module 1 TEXT_CACHE_ALSO_PURCHASED admin/main e56ca55126b8be4b024cf447e3306441 Cuadro Categorías Categories Box 1 TEXT_CACHE_CATEGORIES admin/main 3ec613e26de18edca19f61e351a342c5 Caja de fabricantes Manufacturers Box 1 TEXT_CACHE_MANUFACTURERS admin/main 7511b2dc923a171f0d20126d96b87cfd Precio minorista calculado Calculated Retail price 1 TEXT_CALCULATED admin/categories 961ecdc6f2fc5c3ef88e322974ec0637 Precio calculado: Calculated Price: 1 TEXT_CALCULATED_PRICE admin/categories 1b9778f2f532279abff43a0d0850da7d Calendario Calendar 0 TEXT_CALENDAR checkout 4cda11f978aa0124561d28dceb931e0a Cancelar etiqueta Cancel Label 0 TEXT_CANCEL_LABEL admin/main 101e79276a842118e6961751f8d46474 Canónico (URL) Canonical (URL) 1 TEXT_CANONICAL admin/main 482d7eab3b4f45cdddaa5592471cc76c No se pueden anonimizar los pedidos abiertos Can't anonimize open orders 0 TEXT_CANT_ANONIMIZE_ORDERS admin/main 3c53af232258ac64be1c549e0f9c6fcf No se puede eliminar la cuenta con pedidos abiertos. Inténtalo más tarde o envíanos un mensaje y eliminaremos tu cuenta lo antes posible. Can't delete account with open orders. Try later or send us message and we'll delete your account ASAP. 0 TEXT_CANT_DELETE_WITH_OPEN_ORDERS main fae71856946fc55d15840e9abe7fc8aa No se puede editar ahora You can't edit now 0 TEXT_CANT_EDIT_NOW admin/editor/owner fa9f3e88137ab5412783b35d26708af2 Sólo se puede anular completamente Can be fully voided only 0 TEXT_CAN_VOID_ONLY admin/orders ebfd7e8d3a9794fe632db40ddb3e1376 Descripción de carga Cargo description 0 TEXT_CARGO_DESCRIPTION_NP admin/main d2fe7e7ba09a4b85cc206b9c913cf2da Carrusel Carousel 1 TEXT_CAROUSEL admin/main 8bf6b7658140cbc444bc5116de6d6c0b Carrito Cart 1 TEXT_CART admin/main e89e030c264eb888e8358dc45052c8fe Enhorabuena, tienes descuento Congratulation, you have got discount 1 TEXT_CARTDISCOUNT_MESSAGE main 0ff73632e821609b579e8a8e4a2d865a cajas cartons 1 TEXT_CARTONS admin/main 0f9e27f5f037df50592c9c5e378a611f Especificación del embalaje (cartón) Pack (carton) specification 1 TEXT_CARTON_SIZE admin/categories eb0ec1d0605e255b951c44b1cfb2e762 Envases: Cartons: 1 TEXT_CARTOON main 1e1b145ac1534e7b891c2d633cb73fd6 Acciones de carro Cart Actions 0 TEXT_CART_ACTIONS main 3f08003a8b05e4d0621c0b80f7f95670 Botón Añadir al carrito Add to cart button 1 TEXT_CART_BTN admin/main ac6a07f28f4ad66366f986faf7b78daa Se copió el carro Cart was copied 0 TEXT_CART_COPIED main 0ac88f771bbf62841b7f67d575a6b8b8 Especificación del comportamiento del precio si tiene un precio especial Specifying price behaviour if it has special price 0 TEXT_CART_DISCOUNT_CONDITION admin/promotions 580b8e41a6f9af1a304eccb180cc391b <p><b>Descripción:</b> la principal oportunidad de esta promoción es obtener un descuento adicional en productos o categorías que se definen en la pestaña Depende en condición de que el cliente esté comprando algunos productos o productos de la categoría especificada en la pestaña Principal</p> <p><b>Description:</b> the main opportunity of this promotion is getting additional discount on products or category are defined on Depend Tab in condition customer is buing some product(s) or product(s) from Category specified on Main Tab</p> 0 TEXT_CART_DISCOUNT_FULL_DESC admin/promotions 5a4181f99624f4c392a20cb7518dbbef Valor de venta, seleccione el tipo para definir el comportamiento Sale value, select type to define behaviour 0 TEXT_CART_DISCOUNT_SALE admin/promotions 57097498c3e3a9dd20b605db23283315 Tipo de comportamiento Type of behaviour 0 TEXT_CART_DISCOUNT_TYPE admin/promotions 159fd7dc9a7b3651efbdccd5e841dd8f Nuevo nombre de carro aplicado New Cart Name Applied 0 TEXT_CART_NAME_CHANGED main 73c0bb9f853f1f71e2b77122922664cb Fichas de carro Cart Tabs 0 TEXT_CART_TABS admin/design 4e4c60166c7f3a4483cbe22ffb749b4c Catálogo Catalog 0 TEXT_CATALOG admin/design a789d495c83bc10964878445eb8f55e8 Catálogo Catalogue 1 TEXT_CATALOG_LIST_BREADCRUMB admin/categories fa69cff6b31116f3a18b05f22afc7ef5 Catálogo Productos Catalog Products 1 TEXT_CATALOG_PRODUCTS admin/easypopulate 7968dbad01bdb79e6e2e282b1346ce5c Widgets de catálogo Catalog widgets 1 TEXT_CATALOG_WIDGETS admin/design f4aa5b4c9a477c45c72c0ec1a290ed89 Categorías Categories 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES admin/main de5f945a4e53a725d513eb7b909261c5 Categorías Categories 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES main d4aa2e6e748ebb9af29fe0f7598e9413 Descripción meta-etiqueta: Description meta-tag: 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_HEADER_DESCRIPTION admin/categories 4c8d90d542caf8beaae2240db3d9d0a6 Metaetiqueta de palabras clave: Keywords meta-tag: 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_KEYWORDS admin/categories 26963ac66a11ffd250ec8615412ab964 Categorías, vínculos Categories links 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_LINKS admin/main 105eda47adb0762e4cbfeb77ca426ddb Categoría SEO Nombre de página (antiguo-URL): Category SEO Page Name (old-URL): 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_OLD_SEO_PAGE_NAME admin/categories 3962624fe2bdaecc225553dea9dd4299 Título de la página: Page title: 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_PAGE_TITLE admin/categories 89b646cb2e29a984de637fee18ab7b67 Categoría SEO Nombre de página (URL): Category SEO Page Name (URL): 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_SEO_PAGE_NAME admin/categories ae80442f07b7fc48b4b2e8e494d3db78 Estado: Status: 1 TEXT_CATEGORIES_STATUS admin/categories 7f1c1a8fd649c76036a5b375ad6aabf0 Categoría Category 1 TEXT_CATEGORY admin/categories 8541935a5267eb71c8ebf76701b5a79b Añadir a: Add to: 1 TEXT_CATEGORY admin/properties 4302ab8f58953c6edaf1901b1430aee5 Categoría Category 1 TEXT_CATEGORY main a82448954843a08392b6dff3616c3b64 Crear categoría en Create Category in 0 TEXT_CATEGORY_CREATE_IN admin/categories a095b7eb02a52528ca1bbe1f8e038539 Descripción de categoría Category Description 1 TEXT_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION admin/main f122d10b0a1d0b936f8c5c5bb2690f39 Imagen de categoría Category Image 1 TEXT_CATEGORY_IMAGE admin/main b999c79e77e1aeb62a4271b497c6f1e4 Imágenes de categoría Category images 0 TEXT_CATEGORY_IMAGES admin/design a8ef2c82eef13a3dcea446d20b932313 Nombre de categoría Category name 1 TEXT_CATEGORY_NAME admin/categories e5fc51ae1cd20360b6acc3192d83e4c5 Páginas de catálogo Catalog Pages 0 TEXT_CATEGORY_PAGE main 4bdd2e0add24b33c37c215e6aa028025 Categoría colocada en Category placed in 0 TEXT_CATEGORY_PLACED_IN admin/categories 5da50ca62cbbcb978016206b22d1dfe7 Control deslizante del catálogo Catalog Slider 0 TEXT_CATEGORY_SLIDER main fb7fe9501e258a9442bfd215bfcc01f3 MFC CBM 0 TEXT_CBM main edeb2dec79f3d8a8c7b079f937f07e89 techo ceil 1 TEXT_CEIL admin/main 5df0630085d3fe35956d26bfe9713d2f centro center 1 TEXT_CENTER admin/main 9ad80762243aaab24af73ff48ed56c47 Certificado Certificate 0 TEXT_CERTIFICATE main f7f0a5e4c86a773d8de55f8076efb0a6 Cambiar Change 1 TEXT_CHANGE admin/main 4fb47dc507ed6b858e9273e9e10ab693 Cambiar Change 0 TEXT_CHANGE main 53a458eaeca36fb19791bd8775e3b9aa Cambiar Change 0 TEXT_CHANGE pos/main 03f49910f6b3bac80fbd2d5c881fe55b Todos tus cambios en este tema serán destruidos All your changes in this theme will be destroyed 1 TEXT_CHANGES_WILL_BE_DESTROYED admin/main 7bbab602ad0e0e77a6f7a1c6d8258b28 Cambiar tipo de titular Change banner type 1 TEXT_CHANGE_BANNER_TYPE admin/banner_manager 0d100949aabc6e77e11fdd0fc0091881 Cambiar texto del botón Change button text 0 TEXT_CHANGE_BUTTON_TEXT admin/design fe23ce84d76172ba5173cc7e4f0504e5 Cambiar nombre de carro Change Cart Name 0 TEXT_CHANGE_CART_NAME main a7641495a6661f5f112e681314a8abaa Cambiar entidad Change Entity 1 TEXT_CHANGE_ENTITY admin/texts 9b80477ad03c380517b2b1ef9e7fe50a Cambiar clave Change Key 1 TEXT_CHANGE_KEY admin/texts 69cd4bdecba49ce3d1440965454587b6 Cambiar texto del mensaje Change message text 0 TEXT_CHANGE_MESSAGE_TEXT admin/design 0d72e4c7bdd893ee026e0d9db45c616b Cambiar contraseña Change Password 0 TEXT_CHANGE_PASSWORD admin/design 42467090851fa3165c88005690473fc1 Cambiar producto Change Product 0 TEXT_CHANGE_PRODUCT admin/support-system 2c8a441eef934308bab955684050a743 Cambiar estado Change Status 0 TEXT_CHANGE_STATUS_SELECTED admin/main e02ef649c12e9067396908c54b2fde99 Cambiar nombre de usuario Change username 1 TEXT_CHANGE_USERNAME admin/main 557d60b3fe7d22bd4688afd7e16b9264 Cargar Charge 1 TEXT_CHARGE admin/main 221c3422587ae3ebc3de62070df2d3ad Cargar Charge 0 TEXT_CHARGE pos/main 982cfa4533e8c7352dfb7e0776b2edab Peso de franqueo/cargable Postage/chargeable weight 0 TEXT_CHARGEABLE_WEIGHT admin/categories ace8d72c66088b804cce995c613ef6e2 Gráfico Chart 1 TEXT_CHART admin/sales_statistics eb3a65f88d96c91b0c7853dea9a66959 Gráficos Charts 0 TEXT_CHARTS admin/main 11e969ba8863af3856c216d2b110bc9d Chat Chat 0 TEXT_CHAT main 138368819465fb21a958a8826611f7f8 Inicio de sesión de chat Chat login 0 TEXT_CHAT_LOGIN admin/adminmembers 03fea67ed0456ecf834e810f700c7eef Contraseña de chat Chat password 0 TEXT_CHAT_PASSWORD admin/adminmembers 53bd0a9fe33c249ec95c431c4c893feb Más barato Cheaper 0 TEXT_CHEAPER admin/competitors aeba2e7860aa574f07c3844283b05e55 Más barato Cheapest 1 TEXT_CHEAPEST admin/main 0404245605a11f9d647bce675e05b641 Casilla Checkbox 0 TEXT_CHECKBOX admin/main 9b312e9e4f08e2c687c8a5bd80513b9f Comprobado Checked 1 TEXT_CHECKED admin/main ceafd185ea38d08a24d4f7332833d12f Pago y envío Checkout 1 TEXT_CHECKOUT admin/main 1e59e69dc220149a40d3f3b1532aed72 Confirmación de pago Checkout confirmation 0 TEXT_CHECKOUT_CONFIRMATION admin/design a16a4b05a17f2022d205d8fb1b0a6d2e Pago y envío no permitido Checkout not allowed 1 TEXT_CHECKOUT_NOT_ALLOWED admin/main 70204ed150484dd85aeec7a43211232f Éxito de comprobación Checkout Success 1 TEXT_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS admin/main e891aa9fdeb22ff3423793d066926933 Comprobar todos Check all 1 TEXT_CHECK_ALL admin/main 8eb44e3b4d7cf431fb70cdfe6ff78d12 Comprueba tu correo electrónico Please check your email 0 TEXT_CHECK_EMAIL main 3c3059fb3458fb054187bdc6c15236cb Comprueba tu correo electrónico para cancelar la suscripción Please check your email for unsubscribe 0 TEXT_CHECK_EMAIL_UNSUBSCRIBE main 0a1fc39b0962612c3073f209369508f5 El módulo no está configurado. Compruebe la configuración del módulo o la configuración de la aplicación social Module is not configured. Please check module settings or Social Application configuration 1 TEXT_CHECK_SOCIAL_MODULE_SETTINGS admin/socials 96929c411c2d6490907c9c52de833ae7 Tiene notas de crédito sin reembolso. Compruebe las transacciones You have unclosed Credit Notes without refunds. Please check Transactions 0 TEXT_CHECK_UNCLOSED_CREDITNNOTE admin/orders 3405e8f5cb06d942668e9d3baa1c9698 Producto secundario Child product 0 TEXT_CHILD_PRODUCT admin/main 8f5a1c669e5da90e0fb6bc1e5b0baa1f Método de elección: Choise method: 1 TEXT_CHOISE_METHOD admin/categories c80ef7dccae0d8403063da86264441c4 Elegir Choose 1 TEXT_CHOOSE admin/customers 31ea5bdbd6e1f70c77467d719c63ede6 Elegir Choose 1 TEXT_CHOOSE pos/main 03f70c7aa15c20a9bdcb699805c08e9a Escriba o elija una marca Please type or choose brand 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_BRAND admin/main 79bd07f09b0177aecd4eed55f747feb5 Escriba o elija una compañía Please type or choose company 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_COMPANY admin/main ecabc208d5a142254f2d0b55c3297c45 Elegir cliente y direcciones para combinar cuentas Choose customer and addresses for merging accounts 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_CUSTOMER admin/customers 6ef338112444172f7eb497f3b377871d Defina los detalles Please define the details 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_DETAILS admin/recover_cart_sales 1e3873e2217086e0f855039a6b6f2d6b Elegir archivo Choose file 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_FILE admin/main b1367f6ee0e1a8261589251d29d6ea3b Elegir opciones Choose Options 0 TEXT_CHOOSE_OPTIONS main edbce59d4e898304bbe01bca0513cca1 seleccionar pedidos select orders 0 TEXT_CHOOSE_ORDERS admin/main 0a841f5662deca18af0ea3ca90239f65 Elegir pedidos Choose orders 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_ORDERS admin/sales_statistics e25634df6380bcdc3ad63fab12f4f13c Elegir página Choose page 0 TEXT_CHOOSE_PAGE admin/design 1c6b405e74464150e5672b6688459c47 Elegir precisión Choose precision 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_PRECISION admin/sales_statistics 3e1531804d779f5a37a5cf3c440f347d Forma de envío Shipping method 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_SHIPPING_METHOD admin/main 23a91d3f23489fbee4145bb82b530f83 Selecciona la forma de envío preferida para usar en este pedido. Please select the preferred shipping method to use on this order. 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_SHIPPING_METHOD checkout 299700bf0145bcbe62b62103a701f690 Escriba o elija un proveedor Please type or choose supplier 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_SUPPLIER admin/categories fbc3add6aa5ea696ad5ba6d372d3e7d0 Escriba o elija el origen del producto del proveedor Please type or choose supplier product source 0 TEXT_CHOOSE_SUPPLIER_SOURCE admin/categories 6d2ba9571e9de5327490055b46c58cde Elegir tema Choose theme 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_THEME admin/main e4e84e93782362cb0da33f4c1b831077 Tipo para elegir cliente Type to choose customer 1 TEXT_CHOOSE_TYPE admin/customers 3e0c8a7d6e55b7101b6a773f827cbb9f Elegir menú Chose menu 1 TEXT_CHOSE_MENU admin/main 0c317da000b9c91d239cc3db43057131 Círculo Circle 0 TEXT_CIRCLE admin/image-maps/edit c4dd16c6660547d78415cd357f1c3f5f Clase Class 1 TEXT_CLASS admin/main cc63c1ed47562ea184188136231c87e6 С inclinando todo Сleaning all 0 TEXT_CLEANING_ALL main 6197db13420f644578bd8d90b0ed79a6 Borrar Clear 0 TEXT_CLEAR admin/main 4d4d20d9fceb5c59d1e6f7b8cde2cf49 Borrar Clear 1 TEXT_CLEAR main 5f6495f3d0f76eb80da7a1c693d7c99d Borrar carro Clear Cart 0 TEXT_CLEAR_CART main de4bc6a9d35afde1c3eb9a277b23b0a0 Borrar la lista de comparación Clear your compare list 1 TEXT_CLEAR_COMPARE_LIST catalog/compare d87bad8347d8cef80a77a8217cc1e828 Borrar carro actual Clear current cart 0 TEXT_CLEAR_CURENT_CART main 3c0dc77cdd5e6c299931534860a197e5 Tasa de clics Clickthrough Rate 0 TEXT_CLICKTHROUGH_RATE affiliate 545c7f7cd98a535f1914c797a1d0b3ad Haga clic en el campo <br> derecho para elegir el color Click on right <br> field to choose color 1 TEXT_CLICK_CHOOSE_COLOR admin/main d3feaabdef26e51dba60735a6c54ff02 Haga clic en el campo derecho para elegir el color Click on right field to choose color 1 TEXT_CLICK_RIGHT_FIELD admin/main 4cd27ea5f87bb07cebc9b0f6036b2c9d Clientes Clients 1 TEXT_CLIENTS admin/main e8730f40a4d5b64b56917b385b1c643f Correo electrónico del cliente Client's Email 1 TEXT_CLIENT_EMAIL admin/main f8536e1d7890ca3e17f9e89f2235eb7b ID de cliente Client ID 0 TEXT_CLIENT_ID admin/socials/edit 28ec6b560281f50965beed3e4c62802c Nombre del cliente Client's Name 1 TEXT_CLIENT_NAME admin/main e2d7eeb91f64f59fa7ab45899df7b1a7 Número de teléfono del cliente Client's Phone number 0 TEXT_CLIENT_PHONE admin/main 3d2099d7084d83550fc2df64eae6ae2b Secreto de cliente Client Secret 0 TEXT_CLIENT_SECRET admin/socials/edit 75756f00f093a4a9ee4f1725d1f156e1 Cerrar Close 0 TEXT_CLOSE main 3e8b151afc625569464e42d739d33fa5 Cerrado Closed 1 TEXT_CLOSED admin/main 5ba2984beea5b215ab155597584fcca5 Cerrar todo Close all 1 TEXT_CLOSE_ALL admin/coupon_admin fb014a7bd94ba3be6a9b5e3f9b83bf52 Nombre del servicio Service Name 0 TEXT_CLOUD_SERVICE_NAME admin/printers 9cd526ade1dfb82f6d3238266e08f632 Código Code 1 TEXT_CODE purchaseorders 5af01dc326a68b4ff14d148b77e0bc79 Colección Collection 0 TEXT_COLLECTION admin/design 385b1f18a53e621a1554d72bb2e26765 Se ha añadido un punto de recogida Collection point has been added 1 TEXT_COLLECTION_POINTS_ADDED admin/collection-points fdcaca8d9f58903d36065f4574b6f9f1 Se ha actualizado el punto de recogida Collection point has been updated 1 TEXT_COLLECTION_POINTS_UPDATED admin/collection-points 36db09acab769a51c04243644b9e0155 Colección %s: Collection %s: 1 TEXT_COLLECTION_X admin/collections 4251a5e06d17100d13f31055e0231cf3 Color de fuente Font color 1 TEXT_COLOR admin/main 038dcf6418274f3c979c56bb232dc567 Color Color 1 TEXT_COLOR_ admin/main df8246a49238d6a48904d1955186d116 Formatos Formats 0 TEXT_COLOR_MODE admin/main 4754728ba2299d4deb89a64bf73d9db8 Columnas Columns 1 TEXT_COLUMNS admin/design f315e4e046b6e381068b9e611c526cb8 Columnas en fila Columns in row 1 TEXT_COLUMNS_IN_ROW admin/main f4aceb485634add94223cae07d07a1db Combinación Combination 1 TEXT_COMBINATION admin/categories 1c8c2ad9e095acc3040439c7041d654f Próximamente Coming soon 0 TEXT_COMING_SOON main 11b141756c8a50651b61ffc941da09a8 Comentario: Comment: 1 TEXT_COMMENT admin/customers 3b12746800d911441c909aa61b51eb79 Comentarios Comments 0 TEXT_COMMENTS admin/backup b5ab8a357b160f51b23bd9f12bb35f1d Comentarios Comments 1 TEXT_COMMENTS admin/design d84b4346d25093917d2bf3e209ee61c4 Comentarios Comments 1 TEXT_COMMENTS main 0c6cdd3c89cdb40507855302f29919cd Comentario de la reordenación: Comment from re-order: 1 TEXT_COMMENT_FROM_REORDERED main e134351ef5f45f8f0c5ab25e5ea0f7b7 Plantilla de comentario Comment template 0 TEXT_COMMENT_TEMPLATE admin/orders_status 579624a9f5f9021bf309d7e769747740 Plantilla de comentario Comment template 0 TEXT_COMMENT_TEMPLATE_LABEL admin/main 22d6aebe2ce7f966882526258fff2d72 Nombre de plantilla Template name 0 TEXT_COMMENT_TEMPLATE_NAME admin/orders-comment-template 299486bc14629bc133941f19c1e0b7db Comisión Commission 0 TEXT_COMMISSION affiliate efa629898c8e3a066693193a6a2398e4 Tasa de comisión Commission Rate 0 TEXT_COMMISSION_RATE affiliate 6f1f628bac4169ea5ee9866afc9a8b7d Buscar por departamento Search by department 0 TEXT_COMMON_DEPARTMENTS_FILTER admin/main 98db39b8a29c2efdbe2d36da9d104693 Buscar por canal de ventas Search by sales channel 1 TEXT_COMMON_PLATFORM_FILTER admin/main 9c1cfa7db324cbbe96fb16e925c8b927 Todos All 1 TEXT_COMMON_PLATFORM_FILTER_ALL admin/main 1d6d24f7579836bd0a67b5bdd00e0324 Canales de ventas Sales channels 1 TEXT_COMMON_PLATFORM_TAB admin/main ee997111023b8ad4f16fd55bd3395750 Campaña Campaign 1 TEXT_COMPAING admin/recover_cart_sales 5cf6b672d696db05ea6da8af38645494 Empresa: Company: 1 TEXT_COMPANY admin/main ce4884b1bca481b94e64169dc845bd83 Empresa Company 1 TEXT_COMPANY main 7463ee0b63183bd07bb01db10fab4885 Comparar Compare 1 TEXT_COMPARE admin/main 5d7681b00c049a4471113c2b4b000d78 Botón Comparar Compare Button 0 TEXT_COMPARE_BUTTON admin/design 6e3af08b3a06bfed11609178afcb2905 Comparar carritos Compare Carts 0 TEXT_COMPARE_CART main f06e3c3edc249c27156e89727c598192 Las características del producto que varían se muestran en barras amarillas como esta. Product features that vary are displayed on yellow bars like this. 1 TEXT_COMPARE_PRODUCT_FEATURES catalog/compare 4621eab8e259434c8cbbcf9da866c5d8 Competidor Competitor 0 TEXT_COMPETITOR admin/competitors 6b0fb3ee60173d741c6de9f32093e404 Competidores Competitors 1 TEXT_COMPETITORS admin/categories 7b8da7f96d0ddef218a1e0f47a8150db Moneda del competidor Competitor's Currency 0 TEXT_COMPETITORS_CURRENCY admin/categories 477e6f363f8da376e8ccd1beb05222cf Máscara de precio de competidor Competitor's Price mask 0 TEXT_COMPETITORS_MASK admin/categories ce713fcd262daeadc581fc542801362d Nombre del competidor Competitor's Name 0 TEXT_COMPETITORS_NAME admin/categories 8322cda50c06df7f2ee52db89b07f0ca Sitio del competidor Competitor's Site 0 TEXT_COMPETITORS_SITE admin/categories 1db793122df2bb81eaf89629aa402d58 Los pedidos completados no se pueden editar Completed orders can not be edited 1 TEXT_COMPLITED admin/orders 7f3a5d988e828eac494c4042f7d464a3 Componente Component 0 TEXT_COMPONENT admin/menus a0239b58d02df4fabbd69b9d0a3cfc54 Componentes Components 0 TEXT_COMPONENTS admin/design c0f6c2d40611a3c7d1fcabb4ab95354c Componentes Components 0 TEXT_COMPONENTS admin/menus fc46e825bf7262562964134a3b097be9 Redactar correo electrónico Compose email 0 TEXT_COMPOSE_EMAIL extensions/messages 1e72623fb1d267e26ac7a9a1eea35429 Condición Condition 0 TEXT_CONDITION admin/promotions b63ea83ed7a51a545b35ff076e3add45 Condición: Condition: 0 TEXT_CONDITION admin/suppliers a09ce747623055906442b851053698d6 Condición Condition 0 TEXT_CONDITION main 6ffeb753b4ecf91a936d08187704f6d5 Descripción de la condición: Condition description: 0 TEXT_CONDITION_DESCRIPTION admin/suppliers d3232a04d71b21f7270f0232ee7e18c4 Configurador Configurator 1 TEXT_CONFIGURATOR admin/design 6cbf6fa2e408db9fdc61c3829603af41 Configurar columnas para Configure columns for 1 TEXT_CONFIGURE_COLUMNS_FOR admin/easypopulate 04dd53edb01ba9327ae3e95cc208ebd2 Confirmar Confirm 0 TEXT_CONFIRM account b1574161f73968876e2f53cf808bf4a6 Confirmación Confirmation 0 TEXT_CONFIRMATION admin/design 6bf9d2bcdcb7de672d1d33f9b7c99d6a Confirmación Confirmation 0 TEXT_CONFIRMATION checkout d7b49b601e37197669aebfd95cce242e Botón de confirmación Confirmation Button 0 TEXT_CONFIRMATION_BUTTON admin/design 32230f30ead48d89defdae91ce5b6f01 ¿Estás seguro? ¿Eliminar esta promoción? Are you sure? Remove this promotion? 1 TEXT_CONFIRMATION_REMOVE admin/promotions 465e59a693ac220ec0b0bc2d4cade44a confirmado confirmed 1 TEXT_CONFIRMED admin/subscribers b2467d5b2ccc01b9e9f3c0e54e977fa1 Confirmar y pagar Confirm and pay 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_AND_PAY main fc1fe57617b00c1b6e37737563a1e0f9 Confirme que desea anonimizar Confirm you wish to anonimize 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_ANONIMAZE admin/main 689d212315a54e2af44fed57509247b2 ¿Realmente desea aplicar la plantilla. Se eliminarán todos los atributos asignados al producto. Do you really want to apply the template. All attributes assigned to product will be deleted. 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_APPLY_OPTION_TEMPLATE admin/categories 3690e0ddc2a7214e0cbc8c95b66ac58a Confirmar asignación de esta transacción al pedido actual Confirm assign this transactions to current order 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_ASSIGN_TRANSACTION admin/orders 7203ccf1f7a704daa51b49d5463f2262 ¿Está seguro de que desea copiar el criterio de ordenación del canal de ventas actual? Are you sure you want to copy sort order from current sales channel? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_COPY_GSO admin/products-global-sort 3159b52ac9439a89251359d93d6a3c67 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este cupón? Are you sure you want to delete this Coupon? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_DELETE admin/coupon_admin 81380bffff0eaa14e0bf944d6f6dbeea ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta cesta de clientes? Are you sure you want to delete this customer basket? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_DELETE admin/js 95933b9b505ad385c1c1386bc19c6d98 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta cesta de clientes? Are you sure you want to delete this customer basket? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_DELETE admin/main 650fb7f98195f609011bdd9db34bd821 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar permanentemente los elementos seleccionados? Are you sure you want to permanently delete this selected items? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_DELETE_SELECTED_ITEMS admin/main 9a1cbb1c5686e12fd2ec517381ca81ae ¿Confirma que finalmente se eliminó la clave de configuración dañada? Do you confirm finally deleting trashed configuration key? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_DELETING configuration 07402f9ebd259f6b3fa46a0413b136b4 ¿Confirma que desasocia el producto <b>%s</b> del primario <b>%s</b>? Do you confirm detaching product <b>%s</b> from parent <b>%s</b>? 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_DETACH_PRODUCT_S admin/categories e9b6bc712f28202b13b12b8329b09be6 Confirmar correo electrónico Confirm email 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_EMAIL main 20f909929a48c3a6c1e3e24b722dad6c ¿Está seguro de guardar este pedido no pagado? Are you sure to save this order not paid 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_NOT_PAID admin/main 43579d307fc6375e3cd9359782c33d64 ¿Desea actualizar los datos locales de NetSuite? Update local data from NetSuite? 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_NS_SYNC admin/main 9649a960c53f2ea21f10b1a14511cdb4 ¿Está seguro de que desea reasignar el carrito a sí mismo? Are you sure you want to reassign cart to yourself? 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_REASSIGN_CART pos/main ce154249f34f88cc283f02a9ace3d28a Confirme los totales restablecidos Please confirm reset totals 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_RESET_TOTALS admin/main b27b7f837e44c11328a5f26487549dcf Confirme que desea revertir los ingresos en su totalidad Confirm you wish to reverse revenue in full 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_REVERSE admin/orders-ga 04464100373c2fc17d705a781df2de0a ¿Realmente desea ordenar los productos agrupados y colocarlos juntos? Do you really want to sort groupped products and place them together 0 TEXT_CONFIRM_SORT_GROUPPED admin/main d320f6bb633cb9b158c490036a80a24b Comprueba tu correo electrónico y confirma la suscripción Please check your email and confirm subscription 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_SUBSCRIPTION subscribers ac14fb5472353b5457e5cd3bb2838c25 ¿Confirma la eliminación de la clave de configuración actual? Do you confirm trashing current configuration key? 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_TRASHING configuration 18807f7662b6b254d617ca3414ec36aa Confirmar que el cliente está agotado Confirm customer is workedout 1 TEXT_CONFIRM_WORKEDOUT admin/recover_cart_sales f5e9e24af131fc6f01961953bef01d10 Mezclador de conector exacto: Exact Connector Switcher: 1 TEXT_CONNECTOR_STATUS admin/exact_online 3b1b5ef546ccbbffec2a97a950178f95 Constante Constant 0 TEXT_CONSTANT admin/admin-menu/add 22d71c051a7992a5e6c19ba785700b25 Clave de consumidor Consumer key 0 TEXT_CONSUMER_KEY admin/main 1a8fb0256cbdd37a98b7979f11ae5302 Secreto del consumidor Consumer secret 0 TEXT_CONSUMER_SECRET admin/main cb34bfb6facaf0dafef5c774f0855441 Contactado Contacted 1 TEXT_CONTACTED admin/recover_cart_sales c7a9888ed6bfb0e4e866449d7c2693e8 Contactos Contacts 1 TEXT_CONTACTS admin/design f876301462c2d529a3d9808befb31901 De lo contrario, contáctenos y pídanos que abramos una cuenta para usted. Otherwise, contact us and ask us to open an account for you. 1 TEXT_CONTACT_AND_ASK main adab4db6faf54f488ae2c3103df39bf0 Formulario de contacto Contact form 0 TEXT_CONTACT_FORM admin/categories/productedit 58bbfc1558dc27347f2e3366e15b792c Información de contacto Contact info 0 TEXT_CONTACT_INFO admin/design 2b028c9e5cabd782091509e4c52f44d9 &quot;Contáctenos&quot; formulario correo electrónico &quot;Contact us&quot; form email 0 TEXT_CONTACT_US_EMAIL admin/platforms 96cea57717f2adac33696e47162f52bf Contenedor Container 1 TEXT_CONTAINER admin/design 067f243ec08d7fba299af8ea8d13e191 Contenido Content 1 TEXT_CONTENT admin/main e6f213b08d0291c189f9baa6ad7332ee Contenido Content 0 TEXT_CONTENT extensions/messages 76ffe8a23dd794ffc83734389d489187 Controles (deben mostrarse los controles de vídeo) Controls (video controls should be displayed) 1 TEXT_CONTROLS admin/design 46bbb28302a434e4d7163cb181e05dc7 Ocultar panel de control Hide Control Panel 1 TEXT_CONTROL_PANEL admin/design 94ee556d9ec144fbc968cd20278c1438 Conversión Conversion 0 TEXT_CONVERSION affiliate f610606325222c0c59b9285bb1dd4814 Convertir Convert 0 TEXT_CONVERT main 64db170731b2430b06d248cf10ec3386 Convertir de puntos de bonificación Convert from Bonus Points 0 TEXT_CONVERT_FROM_BONUS_POINTS admin/main b04b4d34248d83e0f052bfa0d6d258a9 Convertir de puntos de bonificación Convert from Bonus Points 0 TEXT_CONVERT_FROM_BONUS_POINTS main fde5f2ae370b6f0bf0c1dbce671b8832 Convertir en importe Convert to Amount 0 TEXT_CONVERT_TO_AMOUNT admin/main 7bbf90b810525ff44d4412983928d996 Convertir en importe Convert to Amount 0 TEXT_CONVERT_TO_AMOUNT main fa071e587064b7f20be8ad4b3f841785 Convertir en pedido Convert to order 1 TEXT_CONVERT_TO_ORDER admin/recover_cart_sales 5f8fccd7a71247cb9109ed407b474972 Acepto cookies de este sitio I accept cookies from this site 0 TEXT_COOKIE_BUTTON main 059cec5da5a28b1d59a7a9ef5f44d427 Al continuar utilizando este sitio web, usted acepta el uso de cookies, incluyendo rastreadores web (como Google Analytics, etc) de acuerdo con nuestra Política de Cookies By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies, including web trackers (like Google Analytics, etc) in accordance with our Cookie Policy 0 TEXT_COOKIE_NOTICE main ebf2546bfa193b6ef0af26ae7beb6df1 Elija un punto de recogida: Please choose collection point: 1 TEXT_COOSE_COLLECTION_POINT main 673574680dc0291b80a6d1dd8a66dc61 Copiado de Copied from 1 TEXT_COPIED_FROM main e0fbd716d573ea58e9550fb7788af39d Los datos se han copiado. Data have been copied out. 0 TEXT_COPIED_OUT admin/main 578dd31f1040cef642dd1ef497d074df Copiado al portapapeles Copied to clipboard 0 TEXT_COPIED_TO_CLIPBOARD admin/main 7fade6d02b9c20d98c5189d3e2c5a081 Derechos de autor &copy; 2005 &ndash; Copyright &copy; 2005 &ndash; 1 TEXT_COPYRIGHT admin/main 84ddbf188a8eec9f3f85f4aa45735ad1 Derechos de autor &copy; %s %s. <br><a href="ecommerce-development">desarrollo de eCommerce</a> por <a href="holbi">osCommerce</a>. <a href="trueloaded">Con tecnología osCommerce</a> Copyright &copy; %s %s. <br><a href="ecommerce-development">eCommerce development</a> by <a href="holbi">osCommerce</a>. <a href="trueloaded">Powered by osCommerce</a> 1 TEXT_COPYRIGHT main 9cb6a3eb0e2ee07a7bc10174fa37d89e Holbi Group Ltd. Holbi Group Ltd 1 TEXT_COPYRIGHT_HOLBI admin/main 9fc5f343e516848a12424b0a58388f57 Holbi Europe B.V. Holbi Europe B.V. 1 TEXT_COPYRIGHT_HOLBI_WOLQ admin/main 82c3b06b3be0eaea9b594c092ff49f9f Derechos de autor &copy; 2005 &ndash; Copyright &copy; 2005 &ndash; 1 TEXT_COPYRIGHT_WOLQ admin/main c367df595c50233d7b139af90850f990 Preguntas frecuentes duplicadas Duplicate FAQ 1 TEXT_COPY_AS_DUPLICATE admin/faqdesk 2d02bb55878120e6764310b9288be9b2 Producto duplicado Duplicate product 1 TEXT_COPY_AS_DUPLICATE admin/main 37dbe039ca7184a015ae1b83c6e1068c Enlace FAQ Link FAQ 1 TEXT_COPY_AS_LINK admin/faqdesk 93e3b03e72ceee286c597551d4969667 Vincular producto Link product 1 TEXT_COPY_AS_LINK admin/main 025614e6827aa57b947f7ebd544c0019 ¿Desea copiar atributos de producto a duplicados? Copy Product Attribuites to Duplicate? 1 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES admin/main d9dd75caec503ca7843e881016e2b614 Eliminar TODOS los atributos antes de copiar Delete ALL Attributes before copying 0 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_CLEANUP admin/main f529328b158fedbafd59fdc328136d81 Copiando atributos desde # Copying Attributes from # 0 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_FROM_ID admin/main 67fcc8fbb00f2c1768f1405de10d637e Copiar atributos a otro producto Copy Attributes to another product 0 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_INTRO admin/main 1c837a140ab9294a0cb7a7a47666b72d No No 1 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_NO admin/main 5d6b92afd6518f116cb76a0ee66f0e78 Solo se utiliza para productos duplicados ... Only used for Duplicate Products ... 1 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_ONLY admin/main 329d963be6240089f63b3c14bb6723b1 Omitir atributos duplicados Skip Duplicated Attributes 0 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_SAVE_DUPLICATES admin/main 5d5295a264e9a215c0c6c1f2628d86e8 Copiar atributos en Copying Attributes to 0 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_TO_ID admin/main b6edccdbbfa190d0f3b0e407ad68121d Sí Yes 1 TEXT_COPY_ATTRIBUTES_YES admin/main cc1196b63fafb62602387ca399451d7d Asignar a todas las mismas categorías Assign to all the same categories 0 TEXT_COPY_CATEGORIES admin/categories b3f5bcba0d62f81250572942dcbf49ab Copiar de Copy from 0 TEXT_COPY_FROM admin/menus 67dc2a4eb41b6cc6739a763c0cce7cc2 Copiar página Copy page 0 TEXT_COPY_PAGE admin/design a7f7058b15d21a76cad8bfe0b88a206a Mismos que Dirección de envío sames As Shipping Address 1 TEXT_COPY_SHIPPING_ADDRESS admin/orders/create 43633858f3a23465d875ccbb225a7983 Copiar a Copy to 0 TEXT_COPY_TO main 18bda4d16321bec2d2e51ae7af27840c Copiar al carrito Copy to Cart 0 TEXT_COPY_TO_CART main 34b218d73171218e60644c0a8f73c428 Guardar carrito Save cart 0 TEXT_COPY_TO_NEW_CART main 60646460ad1dd07ad538bb5c87335420 Coste Cost 1 TEXT_COST shipping e25a59f135c4a1491a57c609874a86b4 Coste desde Cost from 0 TEXT_COST_FROM admin/categories bca823d885ab0e96f870bff4da4db576 Precio de resultado no inferior Result price not below 0 TEXT_COST_NOT_BELOW admin/categories f8b8c65be182c8dbdf3df8a7dd04d738 Coste a Cost to 0 TEXT_COST_TO admin/categories 203df4d1b69cd13fb0ac4718bfa70004 Se ha aplicado el crédito Credit has been applied 0 TEXT_COT_APPLIED pos/main 1b6f6176bf7d7515958595a78bf925a4 Se ha eliminado el crédito Credit has been removed 0 TEXT_COT_REMOVED pos/main 4a9311c4db73fd02fea15fb09b78a127 (la validación puede llevar demasiado tiempo) (valitaion could take too much time) 0 TEXT_COULD_BE_TOO_LONG admin/seo_redirects f9e116b8e6add1bc0169c25f22f0462f Prefijo de marcado Dialling Prefix 1 TEXT_COUNTRY_PHONE_PREFIX admin/sms 55822f8f1e2a64523b128f4b794db7e7 Si va a visitar desde fuera de %s, seleccione su ubicación a continuación. If you are visiting from outside of the %s, please select your location below. 0 TEXT_COUNTRY_SELECTOR_NOTE main 2eff450f65968bdf36c15abdd4f62125 coma (para rango) o tubo (exacto) separados. Ej. 8,10 - de 8 a 10; 9|12 - 9 o 12 caracteres exactamente comma (for range) or pipe (exact) separated. Ex. 8,10 - from 8 to 10; 9|12 - 9 or 12 characters exactly 0 TEXT_COUNTRY_VAT_CHARS_TIP admin/countries 3e9ae77cce0fd0dd95218b42a87b844e separar con | si se permiten varios Prefijos Ex. EL|GR separate with | if several Prefixes are allowed Ex. EL|GR 0 TEXT_COUNTRY_VAT_PREFIX_TIP admin/countries aed7f93dae090fa6526f430aef617bcb Cuenta en página Count On Page 0 TEXT_COUNT_ON_PAGE admin/main c5a42cbad3576355605de026e8ce8b61 Ver valores View Values 1 TEXT_COUNT_VALUES admin/main f7c98a118dbf2209d9a8c4211eb3a2d8 Nombre del cupón Coupon Name 1 TEXT_COUPON admin/coupon_admin 0da805b172797c0b96d7dd14763eff34 Cupones Coupons 1 TEXT_COUPONS admin/main dbc9364b9e8c82b6e6081561711a7790 Sólo para plataformas particulares For particular platforms only 0 TEXT_COUPONS_RESTRICT_PLATFORMS admin/main 76a082e65ffbaa8a16ef6850b8aae49d El código ha sido aceptado, tenga en cuenta que algunos productos podrían ser excluidos del código Code has been accepted, please note some products could be excluded from the code 0 TEXT_COUPON_ACCEPTED main 3402e17adf490920977a9e3b34e67976 Código de cupón: Coupon Code: 1 TEXT_COUPON_CODE admin/orders 1f4af928633943ab400d2f53ee7c901c El código de cupón ya existe Coupon code already exists 0 TEXT_COUPON_INCORRECT_DUPLICATE_CODE admin/coupon_admin 3ab8f66e281d8e4e733984e808a46754 Archivo incorrecto o datos duplicados. ¡No Salvados! Incorrect file or duplicated data. Not Saved! 0 TEXT_COUPON_INCORRECT_DUPLICATE_FILE admin/coupon_admin 104ebef4aa2679907688c178e01a8d9f Puede utilizar el enlace de abajo para actualizar su carrito con descuento cupón" You may use the link below to update your cart with coupon discount" 1 TEXT_COUPON_OFFER admin/recover_cart_sales d00093bfec4529f54e59c7c2fa42a199 Cupón Coupon 0 TEXT_COUPON_OFFER main 4e15ef26dc14842085263eaa955f0881 Cupón ya canjeado Coupon already redeemed 0 TEXT_COUPON_REDEEMED admin/coupon_admin a5d2d8ea372bbf1d36cb386a0ab0f2c7 Cupón actualizado. Espere antes de continuar con la edición. Coupon updated. Please wait before continuing to edit. 1 TEXT_COUPON_UPDATED_NOTICE admin/coupon_admin a3ff0f579e6cb6e6e2194c2d2c5f6b3e Crear Create 0 TEXT_CREATE admin/main b1a08af1ce054b49c9e2b6e56b9f072d Creado Created 0 TEXT_CREATED admin/main 578066a5f7a0ef487db7c4102fcf4416 Creado por Created by 1 TEXT_CREATED_BY admin/orders 7d9a6d21d4c81f62b1823cdfaae67990 Creadas nuevas imágenes de banner Created new banner images 0 TEXT_CREATED_NEW_BANNER_IMAGES admin/design 8fffb8796980724222f0feb3c08c038a Se crearon nuevas imágenes de categoría Created new category images 0 TEXT_CREATED_NEW_CATEGORY_IMAGES admin/design 9297049f6fa149c13fedb594e781bd74 Se crearon nuevas imágenes de producto Created new product images 0 TEXT_CREATED_NEW_PRODUCT_IMAGES admin/design d1f2934b1b6bc3447f65c75e4aac8e40 ¡Felicidades! Se ha creado el registro de bodas Congratulation! Wedding Registry has been create 0 TEXT_CREATED_SUCCESS main 9907eb5b41073c3bf2150b38ae4c787c Crear cuenta Create Account 1 TEXT_CREATE_ACCOUNT admin/main 3ada690b641b45f4748582858a617fb5 Cuenta Account 1 TEXT_CREATE_ACCOUNT main f3029572b54bd248d67cbaf151c149e0 Crear cuenta Create Account 0 TEXT_CREATE_ACCOUNT_DEFENETLY main fcbd9ec8e63bd79c87762f171c96010f Crear nuevo menú Create new menu 1 TEXT_CREATE_MENU admin/design 21445933de123e36c70b5335b3fe3477 Crear menú Create menu 1 TEXT_CREATE_MENU admin/main 9b551688691a4e49390470ce234d0c73 Añadir marca Add brand 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_BRANDS admin/main 905ecb00e9288a0608cb6e0f929404ab Añadir paquete Add bundle 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_BUNDLE admin/categories d989883a8d061fdc43ded35068d05eaa Crear nuevo carro Create New Cart 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_CART main cade94d210da4074e8ddc33e6969f29a Página Crear Catálogo Create Catalog Page 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_CATALOG_PAGE admin/main bb4336e8db6ec720de86ae08e6ff883d Añadir categoría Add category 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_CATEGORY admin/main d802d4714eeeeb8d0217537e0460f1b1 Nuevo competidor New Competitor 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_COMPETITOR admin/main cf1be81e8a0706789c2af909182c5be7 Crear nuevo departamento Create New Department 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_DEPARTMENT admin/departments b5e9ed5f790925f7717b24bf2b1ea488 Crear ubicación Create Location 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_LOCATION admin/seo-delivery-location 646c8e5bebd9f5bb9b56a80175a7bca9 Ubicaciones de Creación de Lotes Batch Create Locations 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_LOCATION_BATCH admin/seo-delivery-location 814345f9b52d31c4375a82bc22d1f919 Crear nuevo pedido Create new order 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_ORDER admin/customers 850a55576d88258b2a271f095b8f4df1 Crear nuevo pedido Create new order 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_OREDER admin/main d2eb79d4f0d351153b0865012ad642a9 Añadir nuevo canal de ventas Add new sales channel 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_PLATFORM admin/platforms 7ec77c5c568eb19b4447309691c7aa97 Añadir producto Add product 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_PRODUCT admin/main 43bd5e8cfb03c44cd0c8137fcf04f847 Agregar propiedad Add Property 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_PROPERTY admin/properties 99a6119ab7501932244987dec1191ffc Crear nuevo presupuesto Create new quotation 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_QUOTATION admin/main 6ef1e962789bd691bcc9a6f535170241 Crear nuevo Create new 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_SELECTION admin/shipping-carrier-pick e0ca0ba58d8983bf9c6dc75ec2ab6386 Crear nuevo proveedor Create New Supplier 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_SUPPLIER admin/suppliers 074a8c809a65c496b500f10369099166 Nuevo tema New Topic 0 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_TOPIC admin/support-system f285ed9252a2e992bd0f421edc230ea9 Agregar nuevo almacén Add New Warehouse 1 TEXT_CREATE_NEW_WAREHOUSE admin/warehouses 81d941f857f742506e74cf39fcf6c04b Crear pedido Create order 0 TEXT_CREATE_ORDER admin/main 6de5089da985b5b161f2b73043ceb475 Crear redirección Create redirect 1 TEXT_CREATE_REDIRECT admin/seo_redirects f6103601d4137d21c28009ff6737e4cd Crear RMA Create RMA 1 TEXT_CREATE_RMA admin/orders/order-edit ed3f641a9df760e95fa141bfae9d2be9 Crear regla de transportista de envío Create Shipping Carrier rule 0 TEXT_CREATE_SELECTION admin/shipping-carrier-pick 358858be8e2e16f6f5cdee6b7d8d2b95 Crédito: Credit: 1 TEXT_CREDIT admin/customers 84259b85f09c2116fdc212ec40f9f2f3 Crédito Credit 1 TEXT_CREDIT main cc7966fc77010151cb2a85322f11cd39 Nota de crédito Credit Note 0 TEXT_CREDITNOTE admin/main 4161cdccd515cda42bb792454f15feca Nota de crédito Credit Note 0 TEXT_CREDITNOTE main eb20f27fb5e653c997b30aeaf17687d4 ¿Usar importe de crédito? Use credit amount? 1 TEXT_CREDIT_AMOUNT_ASK_USE admin/main bc79383f980bbe9d8f57848e47f389b8 ¿Usar importe de crédito? Use credit amount? 1 TEXT_CREDIT_AMOUNT_ASK_USE checkout 3362cdb4df5f769153edbe7f0fdfd18e Especifique el importe que desea pagar Please enter amount which you'd like to pay 1 TEXT_CREDIT_AMOUNT_CUSTOM_USE checkout 31348918584e37ada840e84284e59f3c Tu importe de crédito actual: Your current credit amount: 1 TEXT_CREDIT_AMOUNT_INFO checkout e4b541e58f7cbad628175b40d5061b55 CN CN 0 TEXT_CREDIT_NOTE_PREFIX admin/main f20c8020887b9e3ca8e0f8890018d47d CN CN 0 TEXT_CREDIT_NOTE_PREFIX main cfa3113d402cd1a5926a8c71ac1a5374 Páginas cruzadas Cross Pages 0 TEXT_CROSS_PAGES admin/design 09ef50343c3d949566adbe3bc4c28335 Productos de venta cruzada Cross Sell Products 1 TEXT_CROSS_SELL_PRODUCTS admin/main 53f86a5fb4e4cd0fc8d29709f6b130ac Descuento acumulativo с: Acсumulative Discount: 1 TEXT_CUMULATIVE_DISCOUNT admin/customers 19f2c4629bf0236e988f351a63c4889e Descuentos acumulados Accumulative discounts 1 TEXT_CUMULATIVE_DISCOUNTS admin/groups 3b08e41138819189a179c9eda279fe3d Monedas Currencies 1 TEXT_CURRENCIES admin/main 6526fa76ad9382d028c190d555b69136 Moneda Currency 0 TEXT_CURRENCY admin/categories c95a75b07276248b77a74250127529ef Moneda Currency 1 TEXT_CURRENCY admin/specials 6d4bb16691a0e8316b74248357968776 Moneda Currency 0 TEXT_CURRENCY main 27c2f71b3b932d7fe2f47af839b6cda7 Error: Ya existe una moneda con código %s. Error: Currency with %s code already exists! 1 TEXT_CURRENCY_CODE_ALREADY_EXISTS admin/currencies c81890d31c932592d4389e7daf872a92 Margen de tasa Rate margin 0 TEXT_CURRENCY_RATE_MARGIN admin/main b7b881dcd500289c43c0a9105e30f59a Corriente Current 0 TEXT_CURRENT admin/main 4dc68ad82cdd9fcbf452c70b2ca33b03 Corriente Current 1 TEXT_CURRENT main 979ddd754e98a9357b654c4bd4402ac5 Reordenación automática activa Active auto reorder 0 TEXT_CURRENT_AUTO_REORDER admin/purchase-orders e6fdd880f70148ed101d456763207ffc CLIENTE CUSTOMER 1 TEXT_CURRENT_CUSTOMER admin/recover_cart_sales 7b280b265953dddb11f5c26f7f0bac32 Fecha actual Current Date 1 TEXT_CURRENT_DATE admin/design 1a30ce33917e8b9e930a11e6d9ed5b3e Nombre actual Current name 1 TEXT_CURRENT_NAME admin/design 210a3f62446b53948ef5456f0a04e6ce Contraseña actual Current password 1 TEXT_CURRENT_PASSWORD account 08f4e1eafaa0608a6cf558b622ae87c1 Popularidad actual del producto Current product popularity 0 TEXT_CURRENT_POPULARITY admin/categories cf5dfadccc951d9c236d8198b8fb2c11 Estado actual Current status 0 TEXT_CURRENT_STATUS admin/main 0016c3ab9610bb387615f661fb3293bb Existencias actuales: %s Current stock: %s 1 TEXT_CURRENT_STOCK_QUANTITY admin/main 6628d5a65d5e15c0bffa8c629e97539d Hora actual Current time 1 TEXT_CURRENT_TIME admin/main 95039b1664a75637ba92853e72ba27e5 costumbre custom 0 TEXT_CUSTOM admin/main a1531011e5e3d889b363169afcb1c82f Personalizado Custom 1 TEXT_CUSTOM admin/sales_statistics c4386c78c3da3c44b68365332d315871 Importe personalizado Custom Amount 0 TEXT_CUSTOM pos/main 98fe1e2a4e4dd57eecc8eed162e01d1c Cliente Customer 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER admin/customers 40e722971e45ae9a0c256be2418c176e Cliente: Customer: 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER admin/main c3cfe53ff2122988b9fda97eb497b300 Clientes Customers 1 TEXT_CUSTOMERS admin/main a281afa6a3050e5da4c53228112e36fe Clientes Customers 0 TEXT_CUSTOMERS pos/main 1d5fe54e742c02169cf5d337333fa7f8 Clientes no encontrados!!! Customers Not Found!!! 1 TEXT_CUSTOMERS_NOT_FOUND admin/orders/create e8dffe5a0621e14505702e2642b1415c Clientes Customers 1 TEXT_CUSTOMERS_ONLY admin/categories eeeda87b81f3298055e49a3e94a40616 Cuenta de cliente Customer account 0 TEXT_CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT admin/design 60be7100b3b6683884052ab428e21736 Dirección del cliente Customer address 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS admin/main 5a1b5e71c890acf501961b35828ec281 Comentarios de clientes Customers Commments 0 TEXT_CUSTOMER_COMMENTS admin/orders d99c753827ef4c20e6c656300822b534 Datos del cliente Customer Data 0 TEXT_CUSTOMER_DATA admin/design 30b97f39b6f0e2b1210a7d94300d0e34 Ha sido desconectado de su cuenta y fue completamente eliminado. You have been logged off from your account and it was completely removed. 0 TEXT_CUSTOMER_DELETED account/logoff 37e68f161aa0047780fb77f6a5cdf9ac Detalles del cliente Customer details 0 TEXT_CUSTOMER_DETAILS admin/customers 6df20d416c01a0ceb099cc1b3278c7ad Correo electrónico del cliente Customer Email 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_EMAIL admin/design f9f744b2ee2c53bf46226149e46cdd04 ID de cliente Customer ID 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_ID admin/main 307fde97ee81ad62f6d7e97b0bb1612f Su ubicación Your location 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_LOCATION testimonials 4f84104ed5099e6e703aa7d0c39d4b31 El campo de ubicación está vacío Your location field is empty 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_LOCATION_ERROR testimonials b72bbd420e1b36c3cf4104d9af15dc0b Nombre del cliente Customer name 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_NAME admin/main 156abadeaba9c2a2850e32c959111489 El campo de nombre está vacío Your name field is empty 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_NAME_ERROR testimonials a531c00ac763bd56208667c5682396fd Origen del cliente Customer Origin 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_ORIGIN admin/recover_cart_sales 800f0a2e15a31cc6a6314c15c6e4f765 Teléfono del cliente Customer Phone 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_PHONE admin/design ad381187f8c6b48607e5e8176acff244 Estado del cliente Customer Status 0 TEXT_CUSTOMER_STATUS admin/report-products-notify 09d5e49656656dfe82fa209322ee709e El campo de título está vacío Your title field is empty 1 TEXT_CUSTOMER_TITLE_ERROR testimonials 126470a3927607c3d205d5c04d91d78a Personalizar Customize 1 TEXT_CUSTOMIZE admin/main d618ca0be2c4c37afc74f34283e3d7c5 Personalizar cuadros Customize boxes 1 TEXT_CUSTOMIZE_BOXES admin/main bd4c239e01f11bfeca7bce30c79848c9 Personalizar estilos de tema Customize theme styles 1 TEXT_CUSTOMIZE_THEME_STYLES admin/main 7ea89c741b728082f861ac97a9b393ba Número de aduana (EORI) Customs (EORI) number 0 TEXT_CUSTOMS_NUMBER main 67d7cc269c2576f5ccf709af614fa208 dejar vacíos los campos tanto de empresa como de aduanas leave empty both company and customs fields 0 TEXT_CUSTOMS_NUMBER_DESCRIPTION main 66311b792246c0282038dda3d7510f2b Número de aduana (EORI) requerido para pedidos comerciales Customs (EORI) number required for business orders 0 TEXT_CUSTOMS_NUMBER_ERROR main ba1a7114befe1d1e6c063275cc856af4 Importe personalizado Custom amount 1 TEXT_CUSTOM_AMOUNT admin/main fe19beca10197c1bb48b89f0428bcf7b Importe personalizado Custom amount 1 TEXT_CUSTOM_AMOUNT main 2bdee60268a13ec74eab51591d247848 Paquete personalizado Custom Bundle 0 TEXT_CUSTOM_BUNDLE admin/main da3ac247a2ee9a7315d623703c301a01 Parámetros personalizados Custom params 0 TEXT_CUSTOM_GET admin/main 5cb9d642b0a62055dfa155d77ac5051b Estilo de obtención HTTP: pr208[]=1&at2[]=3&brand[]=3&pfrom=12,55 HTTP get style: pr208[]=1&at2[]=3&brand[]=3&pfrom=12.55 0 TEXT_CUSTOM_GET_DESCRIPTION admin/main 6d86d4ef9a8d67d69cb2940b036d857b Página personalizada Custom page 1 TEXT_CUSTOM_PAGE admin/main 8e168b739f120e8d53f12b83d9f8183e Constante de título personalizado Custom title constant 0 TEXT_CUSTOM_TITLE_CONSTANT admin/main ace0e85aa83e980a48669cc382038d31 Añada una nueva clave en Admin > Design & CMS > Translation, con una clave única "CUSTOM_***" y una entidad "principal". Entonces guarda la llave aquí. Add new key at Admin > Design & CMS > Translation, with unique "CUSTOM_***" key and "main" entity. Then save the key here. 0 TEXT_CUSTOM_TITLE_CONSTANT_DESCRIPTION admin/main ee9d229cc7607a69b012504a5a87d082 Clientes del grupo Customers in Group 1 TEXT_CUS_IN_GROUP admin/main 857ed6b59d26c70d1bca3f61f6db5023 Clientes que no pertenecen al grupo Customers not in Group 1 TEXT_CUS_NOT_GROUP admin/main 35c077dfc070719eef8b75d19591a89a Oscuro Dark 1 TEXT_DARK admin/main 768240c0065ae07932480111de6a3e13 Panel Dashboard 1 TEXT_DASHBOARD admin/main 8129cbe0c069d7fad78b35769626d1b9 Panel Dashboard 0 TEXT_DASHBOARD main b139667dfe375f0944719e11990c084b Activo Active 0 TEXT_DASHBOARD_ACTIVE admin/main 84bd7a8a946edc3b6c425399c4201444 Paquetes Bundles 0 TEXT_DASHBOARD_BUNDLES admin/main 7b6cea4fbf1410cd183ec16e4f6bbfa7 Niño Child 0 TEXT_DASHBOARD_CHILD admin/main 6798e79bc67fd15bc2dc53bd90214d1b Listado Listing 0 TEXT_DASHBOARD_LISTING admin/main 0da74cb8c14e2661101b0821eb2a93e9 Maestro Master 0 TEXT_DASHBOARD_MASTER admin/main bfa4a5466947747c221cd93805d8485f para aprobar to approve 0 TEXT_DASH_TO_APPROVE main 5cfc76bdc40d66c864eb2c8532311367 Orígenes de datos Data Sources 1 TEXT_DATASOURCE admin/easypopulate 2f9356568ccd31d60bf619a4bfde3333 Gestión de datos Data management 1 TEXT_DATA_MANAGEMENT admin/easypopulate 0883704395cc494af0d613b8eb998944 Orígenes de datos Data sources 1 TEXT_DATA_SOURCES admin/easypopulate 16c80ad211a85815f917f2bcf00a2fbc Configuración de orígenes de datos Data Sources Config 1 TEXT_DATA_SOURCES_CONFIG admin/easypopulate 0f481bf5dc69f77404551315a06f948d Fecha Date 0 TEXT_DATE admin/main dccfab83f36c59afa242a337b94615bb Fecha Date 1 TEXT_DATE admin/sales_statistics 1303d659c4ae10615596cc6442d236e7 Fecha Date 0 TEXT_DATE extensions/messages ab4884fe8993c8355590afb28fea77ec Fecha Date 0 TEXT_DATE main 1ec66177238f6fed6d9e2e3515ff140d Cuenta creada: Account Created: 1 TEXT_DATE_ACCOUNT_CREATED admin/customers 7a1337af1b6b759898196276bc069a75 Última modificación: Last Modified: 1 TEXT_DATE_ACCOUNT_LAST_MODIFIED admin/customers ffe00ba34a0172d4866c782c5e139a3b Fecha de adición: Date Added: 1 TEXT_DATE_ADDED admin/main c97125a2de837271d3f78590e9e5fdac Fecha de adición Date added 1 TEXT_DATE_ADDED main 10a64f04b89f1f37dbc484ed5e4e3b51 fecha y hora: date and time: 1 TEXT_DATE_AND_TIME admin/main 5b3d6cf9462ecb307358f7031cc942ae Fecha disponible: Date Available: 1 TEXT_DATE_AVAILABLE admin/main e511c461d02029d70786f26635d3a9ca Fecha de creación Date Created 0 TEXT_DATE_CREATED main e3737e438f3f1f5cf0005655cc68d3a5 Departamento creado: Department Created: 0 TEXT_DATE_DEPARTMENTS_CREATED admin/departments d4aae8f2c6fd1ec7ce75853941292743 Última modificación: Last Modified: 0 TEXT_DATE_DEPARTMENTS_LAST_MODIFIED admin/departments 29a26c51d40719ea75b5417b715b1dc2 Fecha de modificación Date Modified 0 TEXT_DATE_MODIFIED admin/categories 604c0c781fcc54ea5c1ff075c04508c1 Fecha del último pedido: Date of last order: 1 TEXT_DATE_OF_LAST_ORDER admin/customers 83af1253e998ace7b958fb6036b37e9d Fecha de creación: Date Created: 1 TEXT_DATE_ORDER_CREATED admin/main 02421e59651abd726a548dd9557a2a78 Última modificación: Last Modified: 1 TEXT_DATE_ORDER_LAST_MODIFIED admin/main 2923a02ca37f2690cc5a942958bd7101 Intervalo de fechas Date range 1 TEXT_DATE_RANGE admin/main b207ea59a743937b8d8ad50d8687cfea Fecha/Hora Date / Time 1 TEXT_DATE_TIME admin/design c2086576005fac81b867b41d93fc4e3a Hora/Fecha Time/Date 0 TEXT_DATE_TIME admin/main 0c3176cc20b095d3c845af4f87206e7a Día Day 1 TEXT_DAY admin/sales_statistics 37d09d898a6880f734bd581d3188dd07 días days 1 TEXT_DAYS_COMMON admin/main 982cd1e4ecb326f892346c83dfc9e936 días days 1 TEXT_DAYS_COMMON main e484f43fac7b73891f386011ec57c467 Día para comparar Day to compare 0 TEXT_DAY_CMP admin/sales_statistics 201356ed67446cad48ec3f8b2026d1bf día day 1 TEXT_DAY_COMMON admin/main ad185515f7e4fbd6342bc37310193fc8 día day 1 TEXT_DAY_COMMON main a3b6d557111e09eb2d02432f447d217f Vi Fr 1 TEXT_DAY_FR main c50af43bc849f3f6b4fb86a7cb412b2e Lu Mo 1 TEXT_DAY_MO main d6528c9992691bd5725fcaa8fafa1fda Sá Sa 1 TEXT_DAY_SA main 9446f099bc308655b27df5790a23dd21 Do Su 1 TEXT_DAY_SU main 9c0a6f04c4eb4e36d38d29463c7077b3 Ju Th 1 TEXT_DAY_TH main f3a70d5f01913dc536594429bf7b597a Ma Tu 1 TEXT_DAY_TU main bfe07596b762d2a11e1eb53641b72b26 Mié We 1 TEXT_DAY_WE main 3a40d54446f605db7873b8dd04d0690d Depurar Debug 1 TEXT_DEBUG admin/cache_control eae7983aa36f726465ca9d4f1633e0e4 Caché de depuración vaciada. Debug cache flushed. 1 TEXT_DEBUG_WARNING admin/cache_control d3408739d5f4abbc1a97bbcbf417a0ea Diciembre December 1 TEXT_DEC admin/main 657841d4c750fdd8590c5d5eef0b5d02 Declaración Declaration 1 TEXT_DECLARATION admin/customers 4942e167e261be77779ae60b550b2001 Rechazado Declined 1 TEXT_DECLINED admin/main 5c3331961e07a2b5573788c65498674d Rechazar seleccionados Decline selected 1 TEXT_DECLINE_SELECTED admin/main 8f73cacae5bdcc0b34d3c8e438a54115 Predeterminado Default 1 TEXT_DEFAULT admin/main 0dc4203e9e35c24157c1f1167239414e Predeterminado Default 0 TEXT_DEFAULT main ebf6e50e86618e0271177feb3db350c8 Tienes descuento personal You have personal discount 1 TEXT_DEFAULT_DISCOUNT main b7a794327ffd7eebbeced6421d4d4e40 Imagen predeterminada Default image 1 TEXT_DEFAULT_IMG admin/categories b3960fe08a9dfa058bbc7aba3ad8bf06 Valor predeterminado para el pago en línea correcto Default for Online Payment Success 0 TEXT_DEFAULT_ONLINE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS_ORDERS_STATUS admin/main 8ec30c17972ab132a005c9bc56deb38d Páginas predeterminadas Default pages 1 TEXT_DEFAULT_PAGES admin/main 2e19540fea4b371fb2de0b97d0416b35 Usar conjunto de productos predeterminado Use default product set 1 TEXT_DEFAULT_PRODUCT_SET admin/seo-delivery-location b2b2c492181dba12656cc2a1f81f72cb Orden predeterminado Default sort order 0 TEXT_DEFAULT_SORT_ORDER admin/main be1fd293c39f1f780bc2fcf841c97487 Moneda predeterminada Default currency 0 TEXT_DEFAULT_SUPPLIER_CURRENCY admin/suppliers 39d8bc4e0d687865f824af0013205f46 Por q-ty: en existencias o valor por defecto By q-ty: in stock or default value 1 TEXT_DEFAULT_VALUE admin/main c05ee585e97faea3fb076885e84e04ba Tiempo definido Defined time 1 TEXT_DEFINED_TIME admin/easypopulate eebb725cbb2230df659f3908aa413e46 Definir Define 1 TEXT_DEFINE_FORMATS admin/platforms/edit 93178a6f9aebbb75cdca73cafc4ef68a ¿Eliminar este grupo? Delete this group? 1 TEXT_DELETE admin/adminfiles 0516d853dbbfd8e31acbfc72397ca164 Eliminar Delete 1 TEXT_DELETE admin/coupon_admin 5720fc56e11bb0526201fa7bac81d22f Eliminar Delete 0 TEXT_DELETE extensions/messages c1ccbe4a8b5713fd04181a61142f7f29 Eliminar Mi cuenta Delete My Account 0 TEXT_DELETE_ACCOUNT account 119aec5511a1fdd7bb5c91f512931669 ¿Estás seguro? Eliminará todo su historial en nuestro sitio web. Are you sure? It will remove all your history on our website. 1 TEXT_DELETE_ACCOUNT_CONFIRM account 9035a6322c8479e6dccbf30252ab1f90 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este afiliado? Are you sure you want to delete this affiliate? 0 TEXT_DELETE_AFFILIATE_INTRO affiliate ce4cb5e483cd02dbaad8a8422e4a9267 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este pago? Are you sure you want to delete this payment? 0 TEXT_DELETE_AFFILIATE_PAYMENT_INTRO affiliate 4d07afc0586fb6b7ee77a3c3e843a7e0 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este activo de productos? Are you sure you want to delete this products asset? 0 TEXT_DELETE_ASSETS_INTRO admin/main 42471a31608234f08279189523c691a4 ¿Eliminar esta copia de seguridad? Delete this backup? 1 TEXT_DELETE_BACKUP admin/design 5023bba57c6f7361a2fe7a3aefdf6a17 Envíanos un mensaje y eliminaremos tu cuenta lo antes posible. Send us a message and we'll delete your account ASAP. 0 TEXT_DELETE_BY_REQUEST main dc29fc52c1e013a551835e8a80030300 Eliminar carro Delete Cart 0 TEXT_DELETE_CART main 6b441d64237ca3a0715204a22141ce03 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta categoría? Are you sure you want to delete this category? 1 TEXT_DELETE_CATEGORY_INTRO admin/main 4beff4f8df13f88b98efdb781a5799f5 ¿Lo confirmas? Quitar &quot;%s&quot; ¿plantilla de comentario? Do you confirm? Remove &quot;%s&quot; comment template? 0 TEXT_DELETE_CONFIRM admin/orders-comment-template 0d31d1a3f4ced700d65296564a5c5e79 Eliminar del carro Delete from Cart 0 TEXT_DELETE_FROM_CART main 168c9a5158aa21be7446e8a388f6ffb3 Confirmar eliminación Confirm removal 0 TEXT_DELETE_HEAD_CONFIRM admin/orders-comment-template 9a2268e32a7c1cf55860712e7b1b06fe Eliminar imagen Delete Image 1 TEXT_DELETE_IMAGE admin/categories 1922b0bd3fca6e4d9386829b5eed250b ¿Eliminar imágenes? Delete Image(s) ? 1 TEXT_DELETE_IMAGE admin/faqdesk ae7f348d17b1d47baedbbfa4e51bc388 ¿Eliminar imagen del fabricante? Delete manufacturers image? 1 TEXT_DELETE_IMAGE admin/main 5c913a01da6f86dac94e0adb564a9ab8 ¿Eliminar imagen de plantilla? Delete Template image? 1 TEXT_DELETE_IMAGE admin/pc-templates 8c140326e4b3661ef35abbfba1827427 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta copia de seguridad? Are you sure you want to delete this backup? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/backup 282023473263d48ae2cecc77cf787aae ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta clase Template? Are you sure you want to delete this Template class? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/classes f7da1c22ef39c4538de9ad620492e5c8 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta colección de productos? Are you sure you want to delete this products collection? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/collections 2cc47098d31b93bdf4cd1cf12d3d80b6 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este cliente? Are you sure you want to delete this customer? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/customers 68210c6691c4d63958489260411fc876 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este departamento? Are you sure you want to delete this department? 0 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/departments fcb1545348f7f6ffda32344156b27a29 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar estos elementos de plantilla? Are you sure you want to delete this Template Elements? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/elements a118f09354fdc3a9aee11e579108f679 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta característica? Are you sure you want to delete this feature? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/features 4ae28e81f10fab4b7a437d6a174ded85 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este grupo? Are you sure you want to delete this group? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/groups fde9d20ffcb594c432eb3c0f935cc2f4 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este cliente? Are you sure you want to delete this customer? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/main 04d74a34934df6842fd058712d45e03b ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta plantilla? Are you sure you want to delete this template? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/options-templates 63576c0377f7039d4622369777a0cc21 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta plantilla? Are you sure you want to delete this template? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/pc-templates d9b8dfd2f3e3d81423a3123cf5fcda7c ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este catálogo PDF? Are you sure you want to delete this PDF catalogue? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/pdf-catalogues d4980b50d53b03f466b67691910ecd81 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este campo de activos de productos? Are you sure you want to delete this products assets field? 0 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/products-assets-fields 6696cfb4c347a109e0c09a99e77036ef ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este grupo de productos? Are you sure you want to delete this products group? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/products-groups 2376b85d60d3a2a9c6039df0dc8f7757 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar esta propiedad? Are you sure you want to delete this property? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/properties 122ca05535a6c9f49a669496317fb73e ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este proveedor? Are you sure you want to delete this supplier? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/suppliers 62a83007fdb32a9c0b9bbe83a2343423 ¿Desea eliminar esta clave para todos los idiomas? Delete this key for all languages? 1 TEXT_DELETE_INTRO admin/texts fbfff0f806b6668048a312c378da4d4c ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar este elemento? Are You sure want to delete this item? 0 TEXT_DELETE_ITEM_INTRO admin/admin-menu/delete 7b16263023021a40b4fc970336f48e33 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar permanentemente este elemento? Are you sure you want to permanently delete this item? 1 TEXT_DELETE_ITEM_INTRO admin/faqdesk 700ad2b561fcdd9ea54229c64c43faef Eliminar vínculo Delete Link 0 TEXT_DELETE_LINK wedding 67280929ab327cca52ce14d854993f87 ¿Desea eliminar productos de este fabricante? (incluyendo reseñas de productos, productos en especial, próximos productos) Delete products from this manufacturer? (including product reviews, products on special, upcoming products) 1 TEXT_DELETE_PRODUCTS admin/main c890bc1e824515d829be8367cccc8ca8 ¿Desea eliminar productos de este proveedor? (incluyendo reseñas de productos, productos en especial, próximos productos) Delete products from this supplier? (including product reviews, products on special, upcoming products) 1 TEXT_DELETE_PRODUCTS admin/suppliers fef039dafe3b56806101ebe86d591634 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar permanentemente este producto? Are you sure you want to permanently delete this product? 1 TEXT_DELETE_PRODUCT_INTRO admin/categories f2834058bc15f18c59110604bf366601 ¿Está seguro de que desea eliminar permanentemente esta pregunta frecuente? Are you sure you want to permanently delete this FAQ? 1 TEXT_DELETE_PRODUCT_INTRO admin/faqdesk 04f844825f7098eda54667cb754ecea5 Eliminar %s revisión(es) Delete %s review(s) 1 TEXT_DELETE_REVIEWS admin/customers cb2cda00b25ba76e341c0a548219fb7a Eliminar seleccionados Delete selected 1 TEXT_DELETE_SELECTED admin/main f01e195950f40c2df093bfaf77801686 Eliminar seleccionados Delete Selected 0 TEXT_DELETE_SELECTED pos/main c7482fa5cf453ad0ff89405ab31ba924 ¿Estás seguro? ¿Desea eliminar los suscriptores seleccionados? Are you sure? Do you want to delete selected subscribers? 0 TEXT_DELETE_SUBSCRIBERS admin/subscribers 8a52ccef83c958282e8baac63e92880a ¿Eliminar datos de prueba? Remove test data? 1 TEXT_DELETE_TEST_DATA admin/categories 67b66afed3348a954295ece358a70add Eliminar para este producto Delete for this product 1 TEXT_DELETE_THIS_PRODUCT admin/categories bf36db728bd33704c8d8f0c8342d9fbb <b>ADVERTENCIA:</b> ¡Hay %s categorías (secundarias) todavía vinculadas a esta categoría! <b>WARNING:</b> There are %s (child-)categories still linked to this category! 1 TEXT_DELETE_WARNING_CHILDS admin/main 75ec018e3d3edcfacabbc7ed67076cb1 <b>ADVERTENCIA:</b> ¡Hay %s productos todavía vinculados a esta categoría! <b>WARNING:</b> There are %s products still linked to this category! 1 TEXT_DELETE_WARNING_PRODUCTS admin/categories e58bbe66d2f572afcb9430b40b0aaabc <b>ADVERTENCIA:</b> ¡Hay %s productos vinculados a este fabricante! <b>WARNING:</b> There are %s products still linked to this manufacturer! 1 TEXT_DELETE_WARNING_PRODUCTS admin/main 95293a1caa1d81cda40e55314ad28361 <b>ADVERTENCIA:</b> ¡Hay %s productos vinculados a estos proveedores! <b>WARNING:</b> There are %s products still linked to this suppliers! 1 TEXT_DELETE_WARNING_PRODUCTS admin/suppliers b33a6729ef7ac9fbbd8c19c3ee985562 entregado por delivered by 1 TEXT_DELIVERED_BY admin/orders 6678d7df3ae55e17ac65deb91ad19d6e Áreas en %s donde entregamos flores Areas in %s where we delivery flowers 0 TEXT_DELIVERY_AREAS main f0d3b66fc7bf445b2433d520c5a7652c Fecha de entrega Delivery Date 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_DATE admin/orders 02c120b4d994fd9b97f1a0b92e025c4f Fecha de entrega Delivery Date 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_DATE main 7645b14a81afd72995c90955c572b340 Tiempo medio de entrega (días): Average delivery time (days): 0 TEXT_DELIVERY_DELAY admin/stock-indication f5e611028436cd8e1db5193d8ba72b9d Ubicación de entrega Delivery Location 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION admin/design 078a639cb89357c9ebe9b9e1b1ef38c2 Nombres de ubicación (coma o punto y coma o nueva lista de líneas separadas) Location names (comma or semicolon or new line separated list) 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_BATCH_LOCATION_NAMES admin/seo-delivery-location dc709608242d6aa4a6e51342fb940e11 Eliminar ubicación de entrega Delivery Location delete 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_DELETE admin/seo-delivery-location fb70a8cd3fea182bb018bd75cd251af2 Índice de ubicación de entrega Delivery location index 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_INDEX admin/design 9e4d811da820b127cf1babe78fd566c6 Ubicación de entrega Delivery Location 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_LINKS admin/main c1cd3f6a95ccd2a234d12eadd388dcb1 Entrega a %s Delivery to %s 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_LINK_TITLE_FORMAT main 5e0471b8a43af3a96c072ef4526f78b6 ¿Estás seguro? ¿Eliminar ubicación de entrega? Are you sure? Delete Delivery Location? 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_REMOVE_CONFIRM admin/seo-delivery-location 888010fe8daa48261bd7d71afe892275 Usar productos primarios Use parent products 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_LOCATION_USE_PARENT_PRODUCTS admin/seo-delivery-location ed951716174b0600178a442715bd99f6 Se ha añadido el plazo de entrega de las acciones Stock delivery term has been added 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_TEMS_ADDED admin/stock-indication 3224248aa468215d6a19d62b4af143a3 Se ha actualizado el plazo de entrega de existencias Stock delivery term has been updated 1 TEXT_DELIVERY_TEMS_UPDATED admin/stock-indication 30420062440b4f9ad228f10a491e3477 Tiempo de entrega (día) Delivery time (day) 0 TEXT_DELIVERY_TIME admin/suppliers 2d36ec33667f14b4a581a7fb1bbc2cac Usuario User 1 TEXT_DEMO_USER main 9f8820660f9804db84b318d75479a219 Departamento Api Precio Department Api Price 0 TEXT_DEPARTMENT_API_PRICE admin/departments 9c7f5dddabb67591ab5b8c61661df188 Departamento Department 0 TEXT_DEPARTMENT_TAB admin/main 7e51938820cc60b5a90a03916da19da8 Dependiente Depended 1 TEXT_DEPENDED admin/promotions 489cd18714dc4dd27b3bae8c081dc029 Productos dependientes Depended Products 0 TEXT_DEPENDED_PRODUCTS admin/design 2276626d2f4a255340fb197bc20cd87e Descripción: Description: 1 TEXT_DESCRIPTION admin/main ea6fdd67cdb570ee33b1318a4be50e2f Escriba o elija la unidad Please type or choose unit 1 TEXT_DESCRIPTION admin/properties d79e99d4f75f9264334ab4094d11e2a5 Configuración de descripciones Descriptions settings 0 TEXT_DESCRIPTIONS_SETTINGS admin/platforms/edit 1c62e198965b183286d5494bc27dadd0 Contar caracteres de descripción Count characters of description 0 TEXT_DESCRIPTION_CUT_OFF main 739289a61eb60abb84d90b1a27db432e Vínculos de descripción Description links 1 TEXT_DESCRIPTION_LINKS admin/main 6a7bf6521f88c36df974dc3cccfb24e1 Descripción de configuración Configuration Description 1 TEXT_DESC_LABEL configuration 7836dcee7a8f39d2f2b7fc1275291f56 Escritorio Desktop 1 TEXT_DESKTOP admin/main 3839bc498f0fb5e88b6195e362cf3335 Si necesita que retrasemos el envío de su pedido (fuera en vacaciones o similar), seleccione su día de envío preferido en la lista desplegable del calendario If you require us to delay the despatch of your order (away on holiday or similar) please select your preferred despatch day from the calendar drop-down 1 TEXT_DESPATCH_DAY checkout 472399314a7fe4b43d282a945d6e687c Si selecciona una fecha, retrasaremos el envío de su pedido hasta la fecha de envío que prefiera. Su pedido se enviará según nuestro calendario de entrega. Por ejemplo, si desea que su pedido de entrega urgente se entregue el sábado, debe seleccionar Viernes como fecha de envío preferida. Selecting a date will mean we delay the despatch of your order until your preferred despatch date. Your order will then be shipped as per our delivery schedule. So, for example, if you want your Express Delivery order delivered on Saturday you should select Friday as your preferred despatch date. 1 TEXT_DESPATCH_HOVER admin/orders 22a89d7b60427a30f7874183399d5834 Si selecciona una fecha, retrasaremos el envío de su pedido hasta la fecha de envío que prefiera. Su pedido se enviará según nuestro calendario de entrega. Por ejemplo, si desea que su pedido de entrega urgente se entregue el sábado, debe seleccionar Viernes como fecha de envío preferida. Selecting a date will mean we delay the despatch of your order until your preferred despatch date. Your order will then be shipped as per our delivery schedule. So, for example, if you want your Express Delivery order delivered on Saturday you should select Friday as your preferred despatch date. 1 TEXT_DESPATCH_HOVER checkout dfd6af4178c00f47e95e6a4d370ef8bc
  7. Dr. Mary Calaveris

    osCommerce v4 translation

    Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment f98e8f69aacb280cce8e566dfd5a1a3c Habilitar Pago y envío de Amazon Enable Amazon Payment Checkout 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_STATUS_TITLE payment 52be50c4b789c2f45ce668110f72e1ce 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment ff0aea27671a7195304ee81449daf4fd Paga con Amazon Pay with Amazon 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 70490da55ae198aa55f897cac274868f Iniciar sesión y pagar con Amazon Login and Pay with Amazon 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_TEXT_TITLE payment 47b1147395640de0c17323e5695c1890 Zona de pago Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_AMAZON_PAYMENT_ZONE_TITLE payment 42b73df478a7e80285e3fc93d6b13dc4 ¿Usar 3D seguro? Use 3D secure? 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_3DSECURE_DESCRIPTION payment 6204f7875f6901444e59b6cf4d99a9db 3D seguro 3D Secure 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_3DSECURE_TITLE payment 6f88e2f0c2d170a64fbd304845a06f71 La clave API de tokenización de la cuenta BrainTree que se va a utilizar. The BrainTree account tokenization API key to use. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_CLIENT_AUTHORIZATION_DESCRIPTION payment 7382f1f734703f72089cef5e27c6c2e3 Clave de Tokenization API Tokenization API Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_CLIENT_AUTHORIZATION_TITLE payment f0e47f6e496210c16e8115fa91887896 Todos los parámetros de una transacción no válida se enviarán a esta dirección de correo electrónico. All parameters of an invalid transaction will be sent to this email address. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_DEBUG_EMAIL_DESCRIPTION payment 7a168acf1c3f9e2e82fb823ca07516e0 Depurar dirección de correo electrónico Debug E-Mail Address 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_DEBUG_EMAIL_TITLE payment 97ee643354d1095ce4b1d9759ec01c71 La cuenta de BrainTree ID de monedas comerciales a utilizar The BrainTree account Merchant Currencies ID to use 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_MERCHANT_CU_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 2e55f589e5dbd73275d93c0c0b09241c Id. de moneda mercantil Merchant Currencies ID 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_MERCHANT_CU_ID_TITLE payment e99ca07518db8fc362d1ebe748f447ce La cuenta de BrainTree ID de comerciante a utilizar. The BrainTree account Merchant ID to use. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_MERCHANT_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 6dd777fab5c1692ece98088c8207d599 Id. de comerciante Merchant ID 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_MERCHANT_ID_TITLE payment f3829c8d3e919a196456d970ecbcf023 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 70114b229aa34cfe0af7c8566e44f9c7 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 60653defb83eb22c525c50339564eb8f La clave API pública de la cuenta BrainTree que se va a utilizar. The BrainTree account public API key to use. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_PUBLIC_KEY_DESCRIPTION payment 7e551f2549987db6c147551d1766feb0 Clave de API pública Public API Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_PUBLIC_KEY_TITLE payment 572f1ff64fb1c884326c0ee0d81e58d3 La clave API secreta de la cuenta BrainTree para usar con la clave publicable. The BrainTree account secret API key to use with the publishable key. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_SECRET_KEY_DESCRIPTION payment eb164fddbb4c8d40b2043f6293bec1ba Clave API secreta Secret API Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_SECRET_KEY_TITLE payment 7f51dce6cd415338f178cc5a817f421a Orden de visualización. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 59987f6a3fb72941ea6f3bb6b2cd9876 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment e961905e2b3a254027a85d3cd33d4f9c ¿Quieres aceptar pagos de BrainTree? Do you want to accept BrainTree payments? 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment ac829e9ae55e6cc121e3f2ffdd88335c Habilitar módulo BrainTree Enable BrainTree Module 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_STATUS_TITLE payment 1d5aa19f6239747546e297f938f421cc Incluir información de transacción en este nivel de estado de pedido Include transaction information in this order status level 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_TRANSACTION_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESC payment b8781670dddb19a88e31556ec32c9d22 Estado de Pedido de Transacción Transaction Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_TRANSACTION_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITL payment ee239b040330cf3704e9bf5f63148cbc Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment a9d344e039d52c42e0c84ce9a5d28f3a Zona de pago Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_BRAINTREE_HOSTED_ZONE_TITLE payment f9d94ed72e98ecb81c9e009181bafbd3 Valor en efectivo incorrecto Wrong cash value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_ERROR_MESSAGE payment f3d5386ec539bb92aaf219030467438e Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 4336aaa807c5a7d79d14aae6f66219e3 Estado de Pedido de Juego de Efectivo CASH Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 6b8e5146be8c8b6185113cd9df5b3272 Orden de presentación de CASH. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of CASH display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment e37b45e88277d22e43468e06ff90a346 CASH Orden de visualización. CASH Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 8ed4b59b23e74278a540fac48f2f8fed ¿Desea aceptar el pago en efectivo? Do you want to accept Cash Payment? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 651dd984b14782f9a353c2f353ee8583 Módulo de Pago en Efectivo CASH Enable Cash Payment Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_STATUS_TITLE payment 66bc8e5dcefd727a0b86990280e0b855 Personalizado Custom 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_TEXT_CUSTOM payment e7ab227c2f8f913211f1485dafd1c7db С pago en efectivo Сash payment 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 439dfda37b61dd34aa9c2f423b579138 Efectivo Cash 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_TEXT_TITLE payment 82a81b7ac532beb7a50861c1ed4daa22 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_ZONED_DESCRIPTION payment 456ec117622c0592a71d8a211ebfcebf Zona de pago en EFECTIVO CASH Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_CASH_ZONED_TITLE payment 8b69e3047878d12a9811705040afaeba Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 2cfd149a310ba958c8c04d28bd758ed4 COD Establecer estado del pedido COD Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 86a45b17317a3dd1de85d1cddfaa8168 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment d83e31428b0da63009833cb510c47a13 COD(POS) Establecer estado del pedido COD(POS) Set Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment ed4d87008c2705c63f7e75addeca7269 Orden de visualización de COD (POS). Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of COD(POS) display. Lowest is displayed first. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment b58fe257dd00ea14be86f1c638956293 COD(POS) Orden de visualización. COD(POS) Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 6b60a4dd72cd0aebbdc2773da8ca1a5c ¿Desea aceptar COD(POS)? Do you want to accept COD(POS)? 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment e7d3ce7ebd055124fe05c9ac2275ed57 COD Activar Pago contra reembolso para POS COD Enable Cash On Delivery For POS 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_STATUS_TITLE payment e7bfb66345a0297a881ca0091f3387de Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_ZONED_DESCRIPTION payment a402792caad914626222982976b169f9 Zona de pago COD(POS) COD(POS) Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_POS_ZONED_TITLE payment f5e56c63e13aea8a13a983bcee073acc Orden de visualización de COD. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of COD display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 897cb92f844481de97effb3b3bdc7ff7 COD Orden de visualización. COD Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 7ef3dfb84e9eb37ec5d3c35f6f618d70 ¿Desea aceptar los pagos de Cash On Delevery? Do you want to accept Cash On Delevery payments? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 34736eda690228cdeb55bdb1821d6349 Módulo de activación de Pago contra reembolso COD Enable Cash On Delivery Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_STATUS_TITLE payment 0c3286d25180ff6151e122fffaad3a63 Pago contra reembolso Cash on Delivery 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment ebeda90c5973b41288978356cf31f0ef Pago contra reembolso Cash on Delivery 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_TEXT_TITLE payment 58ec291f4095c9d1a435f6bf3aeab912 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment 6b04ac0945d542f41d375be464037ae6 Zona de pago de COD COD Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_ZONE_TITLE payment 29e58808a598fab6c61f917679f55f76 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 838831693245e2d0b7ff16263bb6abd3 FOR_COLLECT Definir estado del pedido FOR_COLLECT Set Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 25669b2b347d590bf182179dffbb3b6e Orden de visualización de recopilación. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of collect display. Lowest is displayed first. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment d9aba2322b4fe82da0e52dbb3ca8067d FOR_COLLECT Orden de visualización. FOR_COLLECT Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment e2f7bbf67692a25c0cabcc45d58b7169 ¿Desea aceptar los pagos de Cash On Delevery? Do you want to accept Cash On Delevery payments? 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 3bdf5b35e44a44bfe651be636b7f6c65 FOR_COLLECT Activar módulo de entrega contra reembolso FOR_COLLECT Enable Cash On Delivery Module 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_STATUS_TITLE payment a383b23e52a9de665e3fded8fe5d8e41 Recopilar desde punto Collect from point 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 2ebfecd08fdb7f040510bef1c89ad1fd Recaudar Collect 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_TEXT_TITLE payment ae65f701f04aed2fcdacfc2cd914c8c9 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment dca175c025c6ce88bcc6f739501c4385 FOR_COLLECT Zona de pago FOR_COLLECT Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_FOR_COLLECT_ZONE_TITLE payment 74ab97e32d4bafcdc2020c68590f40c6 Error de procesamiento de pagos globales Global payments processing error 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_GLOBAL_PAYMENTS_HPP_TEXT_ERROR payment 40c2023a7abf9c6b66d4702cde9ff0a6 Error de procesamiento de pagos globales Global payments processing error 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_GLOBAL_PAYS_HPP_TEXT_ERROR payment fb368b55e1c5db420d97333633959fba URL con detalles de condición URL with condition details 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_CONDITIONS_DESCRIPTION payment dc7af7008650327e9386e941863e0c71 Condiciones Conditions 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_CONDITIONS_TITLE payment 735cc6c9593780ce2f7236df6dcc06f1 Identificador de comerciante (identificador de almacén) para utilizar en el servicio Klarna (proporcionado por Klarna) Merchant ID (estore id) to use for the Klarna service (provided by Klarna) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_EID_DESCRIPTION payment 0cd4e5b69417a4a165c1fab00f07a151 Id. de comerciante Merchant ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_EID_TITLE payment b67cedb2a5d60ffb452186490cd3c2bb Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment d73459ceb36cc5670d05f7e15914d917 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 36575c3843e95f69d13ee3d421d085ed Secreto compartido para usar con el servicio Klarna (proporcionado por Klarna). Shared secret to use with the Klarna service (provided by Klarna). 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_SECRET_DESCRIPTION payment 2a421e48aa5aaea6da144b8f0452466b Secreto compartido Shared secret 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_SECRET_TITLE payment d9decb3a933fa71400a987be4b1d6d83 Establecer el método de envío predeterminado que se utilizará Set the default shipping method to be used 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING_METHOD_DESCRIPTION payment a16b27dae3cc6ce4d5c0ce911809c6a3 Método de envío Shipping Method 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING_METHOD_TITLE payment 79cc44ee9934bcdebf44de42b6b1a4f5 ¿Quieres aceptar pagos de Klarna? Do you want to accept Klarna payments? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 58de1f9b40a00ecf99087ffe7527b95c Habilitar módulo Klarna Enable Klarna Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_STATUS_TITLE payment 2a663599ee28062c3d166d7d7519a5f6 ¿Desea activar el modo de prueba? Do you want to activate the Testmode? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_TEST_MODE_DESCRIPTION payment 4faacb9d1bf73d7977a3cca7608c8fb5 Modo de comprobación Test Mode 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_TEST_MODE_TITLE payment 01b6b247f740b51841c436207ec2c01e Pago y envío de Klarna Klarna checkout 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment c25cb130a6389ebfda485ce57edf187f Pago y envío de Klarna Klarna checkout 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_KLARNA_CHECKOUT_TEXT_TITLE payment c5465a8d8c8c8cf6f880b669e6c641ea Establezca el estado de pago de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the paid status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_ORDER_PAID_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment a5f40cca5590c2edf58e460067618d78 Estado de Pago de Pedido de Juego LIQPAY LIQPAY Set Order Paid Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_ORDER_PAID_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 431941251ef104fc0e4b1d577bc9e5d0 Establezca el estado de proceso de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the process status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_ORDER_PROCESS_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 17a612f8d285a9fd22881853674bb950 LIQPAY Establecer estado de procesamiento de pedidos LIQPAY Set Order Processing Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_ORDER_PROCESS_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment ace52540cc9ca9379d2ecac4ecfcf896 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment d10c174413fba63170c5c1d4ec8edaab Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment d9034cc56cf171fa1671021f929ba028 Descripción de la clave privada LIQPAY del pago del módulo (pago) Module payment LIQPAY private key description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_PRIVATE_KEY_DESCRIPTION payment a9b42975db0a6d8a8fdfa36ab0243c4c Clave privada LIQPAY LIQPAY private key 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_PRIVATE_KEY_TITLE payment 24bb931bde64170e354a9c873a3878b0 Descripción de la clave pública LIQPAY de pago por módulo (pago) Module payment LIQPAY public key description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_PUBLIC_KEY_DESCRIPTION payment 5a3a5f13d82aaa647103d240ba7a44e5 Clave pública LIQPAY LIQPAY public key 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_PUBLIC_KEY_TITLE payment 4c5734de253cf4363780312736fd7cf7 Modo de prueba Test mode 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_SANDBOX_DESCRIPTION payment e197023e3b37e40aebc15c0841660990 Modo de prueba LIQPAY LIQPAY Test mode 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_SANDBOX_TITLE payment d7af2afee41b220ff7fd1aafc6eefc51 Orden de visualización. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment a308340142ffc76d4621ec9ed6570f1e Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment b25e97ebda86be4d5ad43e9b4f681343 ¿Quieres aceptar pagos LIQPAY? Do you want to accept LIQPAY payments? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 951be442b9aaef0adf01da10d733f8e9 Módulo de activación de LIQPAY LIQPAY Enable Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_STATUS_TITLE payment db931594d0ab86bc2a049025c8a21cf1 LiqPay LiqPay 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment f5ab7fdaa3f8d7528684f844c4f64e98 LiqPay 1 LiqPay 1 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_LIQPAY_TEXT_TITLE payment dd3b014d5ca1431010ef3e72f56daa2e Tu ID de cuenta comercial Your merchant account ID 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ACCOUNT_ID_DESCRIPTION payment e0bcda64ce09f04e16579c4b3e9c3d77 ID de cuenta Account ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ACCOUNT_ID_TITLE payment eeac623042754eb1ddf2dad01cbcc9bd <a href='http://www.multisafepay.com/nl/klantenservice-zakelijk/open-een-testaccount.html' target='_blank' style='text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: negrita; color:#696916; '>Regístrese para obtener una cuenta de prueba gratuita.</a> <a href='http://www.multisafepay.com/nl/klantenservice-zakelijk/open-een-testaccount.html' target='_blank' style='text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold; color:#696916; '>Sign up for a free test account!</a> 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_API_SERVER_DESCRIPTION payment 815d0b58e88e0ece8c6eea0779421901 Tipo de cuenta Type account 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_API_SERVER_TITLE payment 86e76bd03e4ba606d83f5c01ead1b52e Activar redirección automática después del pago Enable auto redirect after payment 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_AUTO_REDIRECT_DESCRIPTION payment 410822dcdf2b5d978a5e5208c2fb620e Redirección automática Auto Redirect 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_AUTO_REDIRECT_TITLE payment 21525b9183a6bbc1332fe4e659820c2b Estado del pedido: Order Status: 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_STATUS payment f6f3fbc5ea9414946c4bbbf724e55d81 en en 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_LOCALE payment b4eff7ba79312d2b9f693fb5b976ef7c Completado correctamente Completed successfully 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_COMPLETED_DESCRIPTIO payment 88e4a00c76a06c6579e15ba5b341da61 Establecer estado de pedido completado Set Completed Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_COMPLETED_TITLE payment 20598e74a6c9358b24cfd22e81337908 Rechazado (por ejemplo, fraude, saldo insuficiente) Declined (e.g. fraud, not enough balance) 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DECLINED_DESCRIPTION payment 82c195c33edb91e27389cd08f63acd56 Establecer estado de pedido rechazado Set Declined Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DECLINED_TITLE payment 2e13d28b3af271ef21b8a815fed8d4b7 Caducado Expired 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_EXPIRED_DESCRIPTION payment a3ecb396a2fe39ffc6d139f16a5d0bc4 Establecer estado de pedido caducado Set Expired Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_EXPIRED_TITLE payment 4afa5168e191da1b88bcdb13e8c1122d En curso In progress 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_INITIALIZED_DESCRIPT payment f909718b2ccd6e75bd1f6a0070247b14 Establecer estado de pedido inicializado Set Initialized Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_INITIALIZED_TITLE payment 688adbb6fd075940f753a197e1ce153d Reembolso parcial Partial Refunded 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_PARTIAL_REFUNDED_DES payment c12b79c9df46915b6e0b271361d619be Establecer estado de pedido parcial reembolsado Set Partial refunded Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_PARTIAL_REFUNDED_TIT payment 82fc8753a4962a7773936a49e8c27b95 reembolsado refunded 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_REFUNDED_DESCRIPTION payment 0bf753955f42bac0041f16ca879ae15d Establecer estado de pedido reembolsado Set Refunded Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_REFUNDED_TITLE payment 4032257c81be9f20182673465e734efd Reservado Reserved 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_RESERVED_DESCRIPTION payment 50a7cbef9ff6aba1f61ca71a47a7ae0c Establecer estado de pedido reservado Set Reserved Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_RESERVED_TITLE payment 60c716304f7da71d1552fa97c9ba71bb Deshecho Undone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_REVERSED_DESCRIPTION payment 76d433a98265e8657170697d0f1beca4 Establecer estado de pedido invertido Set Reversed Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_REVERSED_TITLE payment 096c171aac9aa55acd5231626f1aa979 Aún no se ha despejado Not yet cleared 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_UNCLEARED_DESCRIPTIO payment 3afb902a723c65e65c80daf57425114f Establecer estado de pedido sin conciliar Set Uncleared Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_UNCLEARED_TITLE payment 8d39b9ad2bd2cecbd2b9e05e34e857e7 Cancelado Cancelled 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_VOID_DESCRIPTION payment b192ff3d9a785dd09748cb2e428c3581 Establecer estado de pedido anulado Set Voided Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ORDER_STATUS_ID_VOID_TITLE payment 02352f85c9908edbbb2dfc73f8648a50 ID de este sitio ID of this site 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_SITE_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 995181910f3b2cdfb3b2df8353845646 Id. de sitio Site ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_SITE_ID_TITLE payment d14f2304c8afa8c0c056dfe55bea5719 Código de sitio para este sitio Site code for this site 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_SITE_SECURE_CODE_DESCRIPTION payment c2a9810d5126a50512fcbd9c7ed655fd Código de sitio Site Code 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_SITE_SECURE_CODE_TITLE payment e5916382c14d0a4ce808d9cb364bfea3 Orden de visualización. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment e51431ac39001991628ac18f0caae196 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 8fccc946daf749fbfb354c0e72f1a170 Habilitar pagos MultiSafepay para este sitio web Enable MultiSafepay payments for this website 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 89419c8058e62c8ae20560fef7a9776a MultiSafepay habilitado MultiSafepay enabled 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_STATUS_TITLE payment c2ff61b86a39b5dfb8b8402d08e1748a <img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0"> <a href="http://www.multisafepay.com/" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Visitar el sitio web de MultiSafepay</a> <img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0"> <a href="http://www.multisafepay.com/" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit MultiSafepay Website</a> 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment c5c955e767bba650040273099f87bbf9 Se ha producido un error An error has occurred 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR payment 157b8f1fb0ea7837d94bd204b1391058 Solicitud recibida no válida Invalid request received 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1000 payment f6fbac17afb96186ec8a6f189bae70f2 Importe no válido Invalid amount 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1001 payment 16c181c91d9d99fc96bf5679cbd8a6f4 Moneda no válida Invalid currency 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1002 payment 910243451ec8806f2118c689d69af334 Id. de comerciante no válido Invalid merchant ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1003 payment eec56864080084966ea1115aa07130f1 Id. de cuenta comercial no válido Invalid merchant account ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1004 payment 48b2bd9e1471b36df697b4c71091d500 Código de seguridad de comerciante no válido Invalid merchant security code 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1005 payment 1bdbd3cd81683a70f1a4b8d2893f1ee8 Id. de transacción no válido Invalid transaction ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1006 payment 2416c7d675a8e804830149013b62319e Dirección IP no válida Invalid IP address 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1007 payment 37c920f1c4ab6255b0967f86d770a296 Descripción no válida Invalid description 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1008 payment a1b33a92811b6b21a55bf46715abed0a Tipo de transacción no válido Invalid transaction type 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1009 payment e92ccd952688cf81cddcf175e4f23647 Variable definida por el usuario no válida (var1/var2/var3) Invalid user-definable variable (var1/var2/var3) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1010 payment 178b5295b4b5a87ad00fc5ccd870cb80 Id. de cuenta de cliente no válido Invalid customer account ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1011 payment 76151bc8633afde395382ae2526cc42b Código de seguridad de cliente no válido Invalid customer security code 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1012 payment 8f0b7bde89211602793764a99199bb8b MD5 no coincide MD5 mismatch 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1013 payment dc9f258e9bbf0bfb5fe1319d63ec7eee Fondo: error no especificado Back-end: unspecified error 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1014 payment f6cd6c025bf51cb54770bfd5992a3d59 Fondo: cuenta no encontrada Back-end: account not found 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1015 payment b840a764d3d2db7adfde367dbb8665ca Fondo: datos que faltan Back-end: missing data 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1016 payment 48bf9ccd8e79d4b6609df5efcfc9d21c Fondo: fondos insuficientes Back-end: insufficient funds 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_1017 payment dc2c3b55bf81f5b39aaa150137f67d34 Error de solicitud HTTP HTTP request failed 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_2000 payment 5a2232be1c634971e30c6feb8d74c6ee Código de respuesta HTTP no válido Invalid HTTP response code 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_2001 payment 32ce23d371727ffa9c23b2d2e360ab4d Tipo de contenido HTTP no válido Invalid HTTP content type 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_2002 payment b4aec4fe5a210a0625727b9e828e3a98 Error del comerciante Merchant error 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_6666 payment 90635af96c4630918bfe37aea542be3c No hay detalles disponibles No details available 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_9999 payment 489c1097b56b227603d47cfa84888b6f La transacción se rechaza Transaction is declined 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_DECLINED payment 5ec21245cbcf034e8b2cb14a7c8e8463 La transacción ha caducado Transaction is expired 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_EXPIRED payment 70f9b9307e6a6095103124f434134f83 No se puede realizar la redirección Unable to perform redirect 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_REDIRECT payment 5f218983fb6bc5de5fd6927ec8bf0fc3 La transacción se reembolsa Transaction is refunded 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_REFUNDED payment 8fee0921f53df4e985c59f85718180bd La transacción está reservada Transaction is reserved 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_RESERVED payment 7f82df5df054777a82df3c0de80feef3 La transacción se ha invertido Transaction is reversed 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_REVERSED payment b6c7b4f62544584c5170d72ee6da3f2e No se puede recuperar el estado del pedido Unable to retrieve order status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_STATUS payment e2a6c8e340d8386f7b9cec5cb70ee603 No se ha conciliado la transacción Transaction is not cleared 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_UNCLEARED payment 6d7365d5a5c75daf008572a1a89e2233 No hay detalles disponibles No details available 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_UNKNOWN payment 255fd0f6a67025b07c88128ffde2c5cb La transacción se ha cancelado Transaction is cancelled 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_ERROR_VOID payment 539ecccfa933c9a60b1fd8eb4d4f9db5 MultiSafepay (+ iDEAL, Credit Card y Mister Cash) MultiSafepay (+ iDEAL, Credit Card and Mister Cash) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 3168309cbc9046eaaacb1241226531d7 Volver a %s Return to %s 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_RETURN_TO_SHOP payment 97a9e8f40c6e473ac877de21652c2b56 MultiSafepay MultiSafepay 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TEXT_TITLE payment 92a3c1b8dd3f4e8a32c604515cc006b9 Habilitar el título de la puerta de enlace en la retirada Enable the gateway title in checkout 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TITLES_ENABLER_DESCRIPTION payment 30ef877a6d244ba9fa8d790fde50274b Habilitar títulos de puerta de enlace en retirada Enable gateway titles in checkout 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TITLES_ENABLER_TITLE payment 3a76858bc077ae0b749827beeb79bf09 Habilitar el icono en el título de retirada de la puerta de enlace Enable the icon in the checkout title for the gateway 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TITLES_ICON_DISABLED_DESCRIPTION payment 9237dfcf72649a3972fc48db4a6f29f8 Habilitar iconos en los títulos de puerta de enlace. Si está desactivado, anulará la opción Enable icons in gateway titles. If disabled it will overrule opt 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_TITLES_ICON_DISABLED_TITLE payment 3ce554535a2c74413512a5865dde5452 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment 5d422ce8c455ca3cf68a6293ab9a172e Zona de pago Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_MULTISAFEPAY_ZONE_TITLE payment fb8926cf6623ec3477d2b1047bb08529 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 74128feffa2bdf243490470818ebfd90 Estado del pedido sin conexión OFFLINE Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 51c7e26133cb40da7a0b763a4318c646 Orden de visualización SIN CONEXIÓN. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of OFFLINE display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 085be8fb275f42fa7dec31a21f98b592 OFFLINE Orden de visualización. OFFLINE Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 9ac08f75cd8d1e75819715a90d959ceb ¿Desea aceptar pagos OFFLINE? Do you want to accept OFFLINE payments? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 51b6ebc85b19bfefcab1c0ff3b049f1b Módulo de habilitación sin conexión OFFLINE Enable Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_STATUS_TITLE payment b6052d926de7316959eef31fdd17febc Pagos disponibles Available payments 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment dd0d00e466cda5b8ae3409654449aada Pagos sin conexión Offline payments 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_TEXT_TITLE payment 6c7b955dc6fc85d9c136c1289392e3be Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment f983ff6086b8d3632d6684a0c8bb7c32 Zona de pago sin conexión OFFLINE Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_OFFLINE_ZONE_TITLE payment b7081c1b8ae23a6bf9a97f9f015f3fe9 PayPal IPN Añadir envío al importe PayPal IPN Add Shipping to Amount 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ADD_SHIPPING_TO_AMOUNT_TITLE payment ad5bd0e9158b11dc5ef1e7477beb6ec6 PayPal IPN Añadir impuesto al importe PayPal IPN Add Tax to Amount 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ADD_TAX_TO_AMOUNT_TITLE payment 461a8c8aede5339807cae867d2988014 IPN de PayPal monedas permitidas PayPal IPN Allowed Currencies 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ALLOWED_CURRENCIES_TITLE payment fd8534d67cbf8295805d8be42c2ec6fe PayPal IPN Usar cURL PayPal IPN Use cURL 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_CURL_TITLE payment 4c01aae9fb96f50e17861608c785a588 Divisa predeterminada IPN de PayPal PayPal IPN Default Currency 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_DEFAULT_CURRENCY_TITLE payment ea947de3c03a3f9671bb4b5d3dc98773 ID IPN de PayPal PayPal IPN ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ID_TITLE payment d9271ecfe7883db6b0e2e5dfedbe4ae3 URL de notificación IPN de PayPal PayPal IPN Notify URL 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_NOTIFY_URL_TITLE payment 317ee0887e6b09ce5c367420b4959e92 PayPal IPN Establecer estado del pedido PayPal IPN Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment aceba205057fb93ebb2982ec49078546 IPN de PayPal Orden de visualización. PayPal IPN Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 21da1ad30beca7a5cc7a7c63ed5c8bd2 Permitir IPN de PayPal Allow PayPal IPN 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_STATUS_TITLE payment 090d42c9ee467c7aa03e3a3327597c28 Modo de prueba IPN de PayPal PayPal IPN Test Mode 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_TEST_MODE_TITLE payment 38b3d56c3e5da1d78d2e76482cda4f60 cURL habilitado cURL Enabled 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_TEXT_CURL payment 3da35de75a49ed57f7d06568a426ac30 IPN de PayPal PayPal IPN 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 059394578f7d77bd25f6d4c4554f835b PayPal (incluidas tarjetas de crédito y débito) PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_TEXT_TITLE payment 2e60e8ebc78691722c997870d7e6eb1a PayPal IPN Actualizar stock antes del pago PayPal IPN Update Stock Before Payment 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_UPDATE_STOCK_BEFORE_PAYMENT_TITLE payment c165fcfc4bef90fa86bd457594fa6120 Zona de pago IPN de PayPal PayPal IPN Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPALIPN_ZONE_TITLE payment c7bea07c00fd4980becf64c730ec2ad4 La divisa que se debe utilizar para las transacciones con tarjeta de crédito The currency to use for credit card transactions 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CURRENCY_DESCRIPTION payment 1a909863b846cc57385e2851487ec06c Divisa de Transacción Transaction Currency 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_CURRENCY_TITLE payment a695f9a6c756f4009343cbc943cdeca7 Módulo de pago Cuenta PayPal Express Descripción opcional (pago) Module payment PayPal express account optional description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ACCOUNT_OPTIONAL_DESCRIPTION payment 2f24f115ce25d9f14a17a640346e33ad Cuenta PayPal opcional PayPal Account Optional 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ACCOUNT_OPTIONAL_TITLE payment 0bf0f2d875a5474cdb1adf0b296d6b20 Módulo de pago PayPal Express API contraseña descripción (pago) Module payment PayPal express API password description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_API_PASSWORD_DESCRIPTION payment 5e08a55a7c02eae12d7ccc8a4c6e0903 Contraseña API API Password 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_API_PASSWORD_TITLE payment f51a923195f99c3e0062a45829489e61 Descripción de la firma API PayPal Express de pago por módulo (pago) Module payment PayPal express API signature description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_API_SIGNATURE_DESCRIPTION payment 12298ae1405e764e78fc9aee2e2c0faa Firma API API Signature 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_API_SIGNATURE_TITLE payment 2089508f17fe18e5c72a87c6630d6233 Módulo de pago PayPal Express API nombre de usuario descripción (pago) Module payment PayPal express API username description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_API_USERNAME_DESCRIPTION payment cf72841df5b68fe8284d91564465b876 Nombre de usuario de API API Username 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_API_USERNAME_TITLE payment 74312f1e39e06a5b9cf5c85173bc1447 ID de cliente de aplicación API API Application Client ID 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_API_APP_CLIENT_ID_TITLE payment 241196dbe6610de95c24f9225cf87e33 Clave secreta de cliente de aplicación API API Application Client Secret Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_API_APP_CLIENT_SECRET_TITLE payment 7660b5f8bab76d1194db86889f376105 https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/btn/btn_checkout_pp_142x27.png https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/btn/btn_checkout_pp_142x27.png 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_BUTTON payment 6cf635c796b7376471873a02b803d23c Mostrar botón de Paypal en el producto Show Paypal button on product 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_BUY_IMMEDIATELLY_TITLE payment c59055f86ca965ea8f195dd5fc6c904e Transacciones de PayPal Cancelar estado del pedido PayPal Transactions Cancel Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_CANCEL_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 3a2eb562739ceb697361cc6ddb27a09c Imagen de Pago y envío de PayPal PayPal Checkout Image 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_CHECKOUT_IMAGE_TITLE payment a271ce843dde87fbd68f9080b88a8aba Depurar dirección de correo electrónico Debug E-Mail Address 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_DEBUG_EMAIL_TITLE payment d80f4090f23de4d4b8780bb3f8490dfc Se ha creado automáticamente una cuenta con la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña:Dirección de correo electrónico de la cuenta de tienda: Contraseña de la cuenta %sStore: %s An account has automatically been created for you with the following e-mail address and password:Store Account E-Mail Address: %sStore Account Password: %s 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_EMAIL_PASSWORD payment 77ac5d04e2cc5ac0fdcbe2bc25c00cb4 Este módulo no se cargará hasta que se hayan configurado los parámetros de credenciales de API. Edite y configure las opciones de este módulo. This module will not load until the API Credential parameters have been configured. Please edit and configure the settings of this module. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_ERROR_ADMIN_CONFIGURATION payment c9002e981e080e1fb904c3b886acddcd El envío no está disponible para la dirección de envío seleccionada. Selecciona o crea una nueva dirección de envío para utilizarla con tu compra. Shipping is currently not available for the selected shipping address. Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_ERROR_NO_SHIPPING_AVAILABLE_TO payment 52673f4d9eed9ba5e98fa63d85c73203 en_US en_US 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_LANGUAGE_LOCALE payment 5030b373e57c36c8db5625f5d25f0f50 Revise y confirme su pedido a continuación. Su pedido no será procesado hasta que haya sido confirmado. Please review and confirm your order below. Your order will not be processed until it has been confirmed. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_NOTICE_CHECKOUT_CONFIRMATION payment 36cb8d4f808b0294ecc1d2659274b5d2 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment e8a422c0f939a499433c7410a9862591 Orden de visualización Sort order of display 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 02f2c86a00fec48afca4ace366c1e374 Activar Pago y envío de PayPal Express (OAuth) Enable PayPal Express Checkout (OAuth) 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_STATUS_TITLE payment cbc559faaa82e0dfb0e586ed6bbdf179 Salida con PayPal Check Out with PayPal 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TEXT_BUTTON payment d0d97f730a9f8f4f549eb6013c56a7cb Comentarios: Comments: 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TEXT_COMMENTS payment 43640fe4b86c0573a93d85f11779d814 <img src="images/icon_info.gif" border="0" /> <a href="http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&paypal&oscom23&express_checkout" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Ver documentación en línea</a><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0" /> <a href="https://www.paypal.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Visitar el sitio web de PayPal</a> <img src="images/icon_info.gif" border="0" /> <a href="http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&paypal&oscom23&express_checkout" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">View Online Documentation</a><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0" /> <a href="https://www.paypal.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit PayPal Website</a> 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 9a3859777904b1709e491fa180585e8f PayPal (incluidas tarjetas de crédito y débito) PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment d220c29242361bcb7f25fc3740ad06fa Pago y envío de PayPal Express (Auth) PayPal Express Checkout (oAuth) 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TEXT_TITLE payment f5ebb8917375fbc1961a6a0a0f99eb40 Transacciones de PayPal Nivel de estado del pedido PayPal Transactions Order Status Level 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TRANSACTIONS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_T payment 7c590ade990856fa5427280ebf799220 Método de Transacción Transaction Method 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TRANSACTION_METHOD_TITLE payment a3f99ebf0d81e015fdd885a1e1a1245b Servidor de transacciones Transaction Server 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_TRANSACTION_SERVER_TITLE payment fb56a72c2ee8033a3fbf1549941f5373 Inicie sesión en su cuenta para verificar el pedido. Please log into your account to verify the order. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_WARNING_LOCAL_LOGIN_REQUIRED payment 3d12b4cd5bf48f92530e0f1bd266f1ea Zona de pago Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_APP_ZONE_TITLE payment 041d4c3bf532681133585613c6ec41eb https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/btn/btn_checkout_pp_142x27.png https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/btn/btn_checkout_pp_142x27.png 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_BUTTON payment dd34eb88a007302bfc32b4d13b618fb3 Módulo de pago PayPal express comprar descripción inmediata (pago) Module payment PayPal express buy immediately description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_BUY_IMMEDIATELLY_DESCRIPTION payment 98690cd5a23e4a4f3a602bae29482105 Mostrar botón de Paypal en el producto Show Paypal button on product 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_BUY_IMMEDIATELLY_TITLE payment 45f359ec96dde674f2d7b2c5d0f84307 Módulo de pago PayPal express pago descripción de imagen (pago) Module payment PayPal express checkout image description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_CHECKOUT_IMAGE_DESCRIPTION payment 4add2b7254bb3741f030ab3feb5a6f1f Imagen de Pago y envío de PayPal PayPal Checkout Image 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_CHECKOUT_IMAGE_TITLE payment 65f01e58ac490969510bcba4a2c05cc9 Descripción del correo electrónico de depuración rápida de PayPal (pago) Module payment PayPal express debug email description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DEBUG_EMAIL_DESCRIPTION payment e3e975482c35197a5918a27e15823b86 Depurar dirección de correo electrónico Debug E-Mail Address 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DEBUG_EMAIL_TITLE payment 8594fa1f5df8f42676f3142a34c1d1d0 Cerrar Close 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_BUTTON_CLOSE payment 0b9a741a151246e78f072710936b6048 Se ha producido un error. Actualice la página, revise la configuración e inténtelo de nuevo. An error occurred. Please refresh the page, review your settings, and try again. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_ERROR payment 2af89476a6189dfcf65881b8c054ee81 ¡Falló! Revise la configuración de Comprobar certificado SSL e inténtelo de nuevo. Failed! Please review the Verify SSL Certificate settings and try again. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_FAILED payment 7844594191e23a79980fd6a0c3eeb789 Probando conexión con el servidor.. Testing connection to server.. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_GENERAL_TEXT payment df436b89f3814bcf69ac65792156e932 Probar conexión de servidor API Test API Server Connection 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_LINK_TITLE payment 5e4d95eb1914c0a32e8eb85991695a36 ¡Éxito! Success! 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_SUCCESS payment 19c18337e72bb9376e50ab4bd77ce0ee Hora de conexión: Connection Time: 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_TIME payment c45a569d6cc29e6804bbf183701c899f Prueba de conexión del servidor API API Server Connection Test 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_TITLE payment 124eb68115925137420365622fcedef2 Se ha creado automáticamente una cuenta con la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña:Dirección de correo electrónico de la cuenta de tienda: Contraseña de la cuenta %sStore: %s An account has automatically been created for you with the following e-mail address and password:Store Account E-Mail Address: %sStore Account Password: %s 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_EMAIL_PASSWORD payment 78d3e70ef124f583243271917c2f238e Este módulo no se cargará hasta que se hayan configurado los parámetros de cuenta de vendedor o credencial de API. Edite y configure las opciones de este módulo. This module will not load until the Seller Account or API Credential parameters have been configured. Please edit and configure the settings of this module. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ERROR_ADMIN_CONFIGURATION payment a53e9c3dab028b3b398e928008aef34f Este módulo requiere que cURL esté habilitado en PHP y no se cargará hasta que haya sido habilitado en este servidor web. This module requires cURL to be enabled in PHP and will not load until it has been enabled on this webserver. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ERROR_ADMIN_CURL payment 2b7e27f883bb596f86b4bd177e260224 El envío no está disponible para la dirección de envío seleccionada. Selecciona o crea una nueva dirección de envío para utilizarla con tu compra. Shipping is currently not available for the selected shipping address. Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ERROR_NO_SHIPPING_AVAILABLE_TO_SHI payment 32c29e676edeb989afe536a5a9868484 Módulo de pago PayPal Express instantánea actualización descripción (pago) Module payment PayPal express instant update description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_INSTANT_UPDATE_DESCRIPTION payment 3ed1fd8f8ddcee4a1006fc31d7fe0874 Actualización instantánea de PayPal PayPal Instant Update 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_INSTANT_UPDATE_TITLE payment 8216d3be1f28fd207f7b338a81a2d067 en_US en_US 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_LANGUAGE_LOCALE payment 2acc386930bf236db6eec2a15e57c78e Revise y confirme su pedido a continuación. Su pedido no será procesado hasta que haya sido confirmado. Please review and confirm your order below. Your order will not be processed until it has been confirmed. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_NOTICE_CHECKOUT_CONFIRMATION payment 247902394089667afc8dfebaa72f5456 Módulo de pago PayPal Express estado de la orden descripción (pago) Module payment PayPal express order status ID description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 025fd09bd25722b05d793f0f4f1e1ee5 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment a30a07ec50cf81da1c81061a4dd6ea9f Descripción del estilo de la página de PayPal Express del pago del módulo (pago) Module payment PayPal express page style description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_PAGE_STYLE_DESCRIPTION payment da3a7ea5ee3f6e4063806f27716dd244 Estilo de página Page Style 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_PAGE_STYLE_TITLE payment dacd5a5dee09d41a308adf8272d361a3 Descripción del proxy expreso de PayPal del pago del módulo (pago) Module payment PayPal express proxy description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_PROXY_DESCRIPTION payment dde905f3d37d8cddaa4fca713418a374 Servidor proxy Proxy Server 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_PROXY_TITLE payment 14e166b4b67d36a453a34d6448cb6c5f Descripción de la cuenta de vendedor express de PayPal (pago) Module payment PayPal express seller account description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_SELLER_ACCOUNT_DESCRIPTION payment 2855cd380320e3e0ae621104a33ee903 Cuenta de vendedor Seller Account 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_SELLER_ACCOUNT_TITLE payment afcb109a851e2f362aadfc10427df20d Módulo de pago PayPal express sort order description (pago) Module payment PayPal express sort order description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 2bae6711a570899e2ebd98898c8b3726 Orden de visualización Sort order of display 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 4ed38f4e842cc1d35241d32a2a390776 Descripción del estado de PayPal Express de pago por módulo (pago) Module payment PayPal express status description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 99c9be07f93beef5936b61fae87607ff Activar Pago y envío de PayPal Express Enable PayPal Express Checkout 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_STATUS_TITLE payment 2836803ac6f5e8f563a991b1bb72b625 Salida con PayPal Check Out with PayPal 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TEXT_BUTTON payment e36a061c91da17cb8e294a71ee7e2ec4 Comentarios: Comments: 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TEXT_COMMENTS payment f18173a23f40de4fe49c59ff94621c5d <img src="images/icon_info.gif" border="0" /> <a href="http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&paypal&oscom23&express_checkout" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Ver documentación en línea</a><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0" /> <a href="https://www.paypal.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Visitar el sitio web de PayPal</a> <img src="images/icon_info.gif" border="0" /> <a href="http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&paypal&oscom23&express_checkout" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">View Online Documentation</a><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0" /> <a href="https://www.paypal.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit PayPal Website</a> 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 12f17715ef1a3e68f971cee2a27c288c PayPal (incluidas tarjetas de crédito y débito) PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 96c6df0ab314bde1f7929cc8984a6199 Pago y envío de PayPal Express PayPal Express Checkout 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TEXT_TITLE payment dc7b43dd8992245f78d515917d463fa9 Módulo pago PayPal transacciones urgentes estado de la orden descripción (pago) Module payment PayPal express transactions order status ID description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TRANSACTIONS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCR payment b8aae03cc69657ec0eb67e9336e0930a Transacciones de PayPal Nivel de estado del pedido PayPal Transactions Order Status Level 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TRANSACTIONS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 6e9c665e2098deb3a37ea02feca6572e Descripción del método de transacción rápida de PayPal (pago) Module payment PayPal express transaction method description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TRANSACTION_METHOD_DESCRIPTION payment a7aca480d8806f35d0931564553d734e Método de Transacción Transaction Method 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TRANSACTION_METHOD_TITLE payment 53f4a2240741a7c31b680c349de13728 Descripción del servidor de transacciones urgentes de PayPal (pago) Module payment PayPal express transaction server description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TRANSACTION_SERVER_DESCRIPTION payment c8a98a4bebbbd5fc0cf4e23afbbe4580 Servidor de transacciones Transaction Server 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_TRANSACTION_SERVER_TITLE payment 1650d9de7c760b7466bf5e0ced672fa4 Módulo de pago PayPal Express verificar SSL descripción (pago) Module payment PayPal express verify SSL description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_VERIFY_SSL_DESCRIPTION payment 3c88a6f147ad58e57df71b76829e715a Comprobar certificado SSL Verify SSL Certificate 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_VERIFY_SSL_TITLE payment cc35e8dd2f8e70e56fc5eb5ae5eae763 Inicie sesión en su cuenta para verificar el pedido. Please log into your account to verify the order. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_WARNING_LOCAL_LOGIN_REQUIRED payment aaa089b767fb782cdddf31941c4759d6 Descripción de la zona express de PayPal (pago) Module payment PayPal express zone description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment 5f0789484e6ac0a7840be3008252f432 Zona de pago Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ZONE_TITLE payment 1ce07bcac918bd3e9ac2bf4bd0b7f402 La dirección de correo electrónico que se utilizará para el servicio PayPal The e-mail address to use for the PayPal service 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 84251b14899ba73161a9afe4e8fc25be Dirección de correo electrónico E-Mail Address 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ID_TITLE payment 0b03ba04adc8238683e4641ee47b873f Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment c2d73ba0f6d6adaa5068e5a37c543bbe Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 6435dc8fbd1d6aebb67f25715ee9b40b Contraseña API API Password 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_API_PASSWORD_TITLE payment 00d3cdc217c91f92e062351b3216ce07 Firma API API Signature 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_API_SIGNATURE_TITLE payment 3c3890bd5d5625b20ee4cd2d484dfd92 Nombre de usuario de API API Username 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_API_USERNAME_TITLE payment 009b9fb2648dcc72052c0fe5b59919d0 Depurar dirección de correo electrónico Debug E-Mail Address 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DEBUG_EMAIL_TITLE payment 2c325d5aa7d0b080c7cac467eb8430b1 Cerrar Close 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_BUTTON_CLOSE payment a8ab1e56379f360136839821d0e47684 Se ha producido un error. Actualice la página, revise la configuración e inténtelo de nuevo. An error occurred. Please refresh the page, review your settings, and try again. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_ERROR payment 5a918505f24628b67a8525c0fc380edc ¡Falló! Revise la configuración de Comprobar certificado SSL e inténtelo de nuevo. Failed! Please review the Verify SSL Certificate settings and try again. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_FAILED payment 9b390bde695c5460860efc4360acf662 Probando conexión con el servidor.. Testing connection to server.. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_GENERAL_TEXT payment 3608fe9a827cd260b21219770121bf7a Probar conexión Test connection 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_LINK_TITLE payment 7961228e2d3d63505e18b1632448c86e Probar conexión de servidor API Test API Server Connection 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_LINK_TITLE Test API Server Connection d1e4ff08af70d6872a9f58dcbc86aca3 Éxito Success 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_SUCCESS payment 1023137ae231a07486a111f011de8ea7 Hora de conexión: Connection Time: 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_TIME payment 3c3919ca2f6cd75f8e57ce27de25947c Prueba de conexión del servidor API API Server Connection Test 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_DIALOG_CONNECTION_TITLE payment 1ff5df529397f94f706854bebd4fa489 Este módulo no se cargará hasta que se hayan configurado los parámetros de credenciales de API y dirección de correo electrónico del vendedor. Edite y configure las opciones de este módulo. This module will not load until the API Credential and Seller E-Mail Address parameters have been configured. Please edit and configure the settings of this module. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ERROR_ADMIN_CONFIGURATION payment bb209060aa991aed83120e1b28637b8e Este módulo requiere que cURL esté habilitado en PHP y no se cargará hasta que haya sido habilitado en este servidor web. This module requires cURL to be enabled in PHP and will not load until it has been enabled on this webserver. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ERROR_ADMIN_CURL payment 834ce54f1cba87f519f9397f00b0d825 Vuelve a intentarlo y si los problemas persisten, prueba con otra forma de pago. Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ERROR_GENERAL payment 7e917f233d6e5cc230d99649f0f0dd35 Se ha producido un error al procesar su pedido There has been an error processing your order 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ERROR_TITLE payment 0f957954616f73b39cfffc1f2103af95 Servidor de puerta de enlace Gateway Server 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_GATEWAY_SERVER_TITLE payment 35cb73ef38339fcadd40527a8b1ce62a Dirección de correo electrónico del vendedor Seller E-Mail Address 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ID_TITLE payment a8d1532a534c58b08c7ff755beeac81e Establecer el estado del pedido confirmado de PayPal Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment cf9bb251d7bf82de3492bb5dbe3e5963 Establecer estado de preparación del pedido Set Preparing Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment e963bc9748fdf27a9dfd9e69e5214ddc Dirección de correo electrónico principal Primary E-Mail Address 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_PRIMARY_ID_TITLE payment bc2459bc909c5d38b9cd97d6865869a8 Servidor proxy Proxy Server 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_PROXY_TITLE payment 566d58b894fd7e3a01003f0a1f2a2057 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment a821869e9d31800dec4c7d58b1615c59 Activar PayPal Payments Pro (solución alojada) Enable PayPal Payments Pro (Hosted Solution) 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_STATUS_TITLE payment 0ea73477b65625cf33ef63ec57f34d4c <a href="https://www.paypal.com" target="_blank" style="textodecoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Visitar el sitio web de PayPal</a> <a href="https://www.paypal.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit PayPal Website</a> 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 30a84ada6b3a7ca95e0790bf4d73c1ed No se pudo comprobar la transacción de PayPal. Inténtalo de nuevo. Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TEXT_INVALID_TRANSACTION payment 563856372627161a06ee58b130ee9a47 Volver a la tienda Back to Store 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TEXT_PAYPAL_RETURN_BUTTON payment 1ee7a986c73cdb1f885c86db3ef2d199 PayPal Pro HS PayPal Pro HS 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 3e4bdf6c6d9e3879e19aa7cbd3caee9d PayPal Payments Pro (solución alojada) PayPal Payments Pro (Hosted Solution) 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TEXT_TITLE payment 606294f6e57d551ccd101419a93a227e Transacciones de PayPal Nivel de estado del pedido PayPal Transactions Order Status Level 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TRANSACTIONS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 501721d1bf4f0d1b7a160bc19bab3f69 Método de Transacción Transaction Method 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_TRANSACTION_METHOD_TITLE payment 34f2405f20a02d6870a5886e14819038 Comprobar certificado SSL Verify SSL Certificate 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_VERIFY_SSL_TITLE payment e4761f66592bfc4b7dc80b704d1df408 Zona de pago Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_PRO_HS_ZONE_TITLE payment ce467c287a4b49f68cded1e9e1f2cdde Orden de visualización. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 05d05f0c023163b5ddc8fdf25907efd4 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 5cde1398737d8d8ab18107c045e8d82d ¿Quieres aceptar pagos con PayPal? Do you want to accept PayPal payments? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 1cb4c862c66fd1a4825ee4051612cda8 Habilitar el módulo PayPal Enable PayPal Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STATUS_TITLE payment fcf388311d62bfa7929b83f9d03842a7 PayPal PayPal 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 22299d87951cb48e8401026f8784f4df PayPal PayPal 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_TEXT_TITLE payment 722e558f1debe7dbacab8d508cb17958 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment 8a53b58ad8c33f1b10b9047184e3fc1e Zona de pago Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_ZONE_TITLE payment 6dddd1ddbfb0edeb74d71ba1e03591a2 Establezca el estado de pago fallido de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the fail paid status of orders made with this payment module to this value 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_FAIL_PAID_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 5ef5167603517ebc57466f2985297331 Estado de error de pago del pedido de pxPay Set pxPay Set Order Fail Paid Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_FAIL_PAID_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment b1516be2aa6f95290e44ce7d54622dc7 Clave pxPay pxPay Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_KEY_TITLE payment 54db6b7b3ecb5eaff69d80691a266348 Establezca el estado de pago de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the paid status of orders made with this payment module to this value 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_ORDER_PAID_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 5c2a789fcdd44726862b8384a1158343 pxPay Establecer estado de pago de pedido pxPay Set Order Paid Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_ORDER_PAID_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 432d7fbd190436d92e5c3b837d861105 Establezca el estado de proceso de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the process status of orders made with this payment module to this value 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_ORDER_PROCESS_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 11f0cac4face6658bf6f1943d40ebaf3 pxPay Establecer estado de procesamiento de pedidos pxPay Set Order Processing Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_ORDER_PROCESS_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment ac5d340ecac3ce6b793c4412558ebda9 Orden de visualización. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment d0f732001ad0c30c674ff459e62c9c0b Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment df05aa08fdc279c4a4772b6f11e0ef58 ¿Quieres aceptar pagos de pxPAY? Do you want to accept pxPAY payments? 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment f48c6363f9a35e11cf2ce0956deaa408 Módulo de activación de pxPAY pxPAY Enable Module 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_STATUS_TITLE payment 86ddeee59c9da7067e3ca162e42c2c96 Modo de prueba Test mode 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_TEST_MODE_DESCRIPTION payment 1f0317ffb835e7695166440d2b5f3ad8 modo de prueba pxPay pxPay Test mode 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_TEST_MODE_TITLE payment bd92e7cac3eb7065ee9f1572f3ed28a7 pxPay pxPay 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 6ffb617532c8427b6b3f015c994533a8 pxPay pxPay 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_TEXT_TITLE payment 2859a41f605a8fb183ee1e49f0a52666 seudónimo de pxPay pxPay UserID 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_PXPAY_USER_ID_TITLE payment 18a25ed9971a9c24edbb4390d5cb1f8f La contraseña se ha enviado a 'callback processing script'. Debe tener el mismo valor definido en la interfaz de comerciante de WorldPay. The password has been sent to 'callback processing script'. This must have the same value defined in the WorldPay Merchant Interface. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_CALLBACK_PASSWORD_DESCRIPTION payment 8edcbb78c1c156fb57d3b870aed50889 Contraseña de devolución de llamada Callback Password 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_CALLBACK_PASSWORD_TITLE payment 3fdfc757da87f24191289b717d2ddabc Todos los parámetros de una transacción no válida se enviarán a esta dirección de correo electrónico si se registra una dirección aquí. All parameters in an invalid transaction will be sent to this e-mail address if an address is registered here. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_DEBUG_EMAIL_DESCRIPTION payment b2d2e7f8ee6babc5c51f2da343143866 Depurar dirección de correo electrónico Debug E-Mail Address 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_DEBUG_EMAIL_TITLE payment f04ab60c205afad8574f3902da18fdb7 Este módulo no se cargará hasta que se haya configurado el parámetro ID de instalación. Edite y configure las opciones de este módulo. This module will not load until the Installation ID parameter has been configured. Please edit and configure the settings of this module. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_ERROR_ADMIN_CONFIGURATION payment ec6e4facbc95283a9dfb85905b469dfa ID de depósito de la cuenta de WorldPay para aceptar pagos con WorldPay. WorldPay Account Deposit ID to accept payments with WorldPay. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_INSTALLATION_ID_DESCRIPTION payment 01cf8401be19ddecf155de67be72e502 ID de instalación Installation ID 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_INSTALLATION_ID_TITLE payment cb97e65adf9fa00b4e3ac706ceced79b Contraseña MD5 para verificar las transacciones con. Debe tener el mismo valor que el definido en la interfaz de comerciante de WorldPay. MD5 password to verify transactions with. This must have the same value as defined in the WorldPay Merchant Interface. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_MD5_PASSWORD_DESCRIPTION payment 48f803ccd2c97ff5174f43a8274a10d3 Contraseña MD5 MD5 Password 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_MD5_PASSWORD_TITLE payment 01ef5f135d6b8a10489b0c8e0b591b75 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor. Set status of orders made with this payment module to this value. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment f50dae1b090e94a759b70b564b6fdb53 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment f510f55f3fe06a5067ef026f898f243c Módulo de pago RBS World Pay hospedado preparar pedidos estado ID descripción (pago) Module payment RBS World Pay hosted prepare orders status ID description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRI payment 7a0a390fc69cafd5712c609a684f5b80 Establecer estado de preparación del pedido Set Preparing Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 40a6dde96461fb77e862e76ebb215cb8 Orden de visualización. El valor más bajo aparece primero. Sort order for display. Lowest value appears first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 5ac7e1b07849b14b26af2d5d10f218af Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 1330d75d6dd4c917f59bd41e6ff29096 ¿Desea aceptar pagos con las páginas de pago hospedadas de WorldPay? Would you like to accept payments with WorldPay Hosted Payment Pages? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment 5270c5386da267195de365c96bc62c45 Habilitar páginas de pago hospedadas de WorldPay Enable WorldPay Hosted Payment Pages 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_STATUS_TITLE payment cf7bf643beed7cc66f01008a43691fdb ¿Deben procesarse las transacciones en modo de prueba? Should transactions be processed in Test Mode? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TESTMODE_DESCRIPTION payment 60c516825e424bad12bf605a70344415 Modo de comprobación Test Mode 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TESTMODE_TITLE payment 4341427e5874200c811864b0c368cae7 Continuar a %s Continue to %s 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TEXT_CONTINUE_BUTTON payment 5d22c1c59e0281b16afb685769b1a4f8 <img src="images/icon_info.gif" border="0" /> <a href="http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&worldpay&oscom23&hosted" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Ver documentación en línea</a><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0"> <a href="http://www.worldpay.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Visitar el sitio web de WorldPay</a> <img src="images/icon_info.gif" border="0" /> <a href="http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&worldpay&oscom23&hosted" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">View Online Documentation</a><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0"> <a href="http://www.worldpay.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit WorldPay Website</a> 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment f221cfdd9b07b347d5b3fd33477efe5f Tarjeta de crédito Credit Card 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 7f8d5bfc6d50a5edfb364274e88a0201 El pago se ha realizado correctamente. Usted será redirigido automáticamente a nuestro sitio web en 3 segundos. The payment has been successfully performed! You will be automatically redirected back to our website in 3 seconds. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TEXT_SUCCESSFUL_TRANSACTION payment 7a55e41bc7844b4486fa00629baf91a7 Páginas de pago hospedadas de WorldPay WorldPay Hosted Payment Pages 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TEXT_TITLE payment a1419b2681dcb9ddd7b3ee00ac02a3c3 Transacción realizada en modo de prueba. Transaction performed in test mode. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TEXT_WARNING_DEMO_MODE payment e8244a603c0e43795b17f974f67704ae Módulo de pago RBS World Pay hospedado transacciones estado de pedido descripción (pago) Module payment RBS World Pay hosted transactions order status ID description (payment) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TRANSACTIONS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_D payment 15ab2e50f55ea0b55bbe3dbaaf90d568 Transacciones Nivel de Estado de Pedido Transactions Order Status Level 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TRANSACTIONS_ORDER_STATUS_ID_T payment 81697b745273ef9420048b6ae2aaacff Método de procesamiento utilizado para cada transacción. Processing method used for each transaction. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TRANSACTION_METHOD_DESCRIPTION payment 6bebd278efb18e3f7752de30e93a80d9 Método de Transacción Transaction Method 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_TRANSACTION_METHOD_TITLE payment b9c1c2120ed5d73a074a99d44cee03eb Si se selecciona una zona, esta forma de pago sólo acredita la zona. If a zone is selected, this payment method only credits for that zone. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment ab3fb0a60f3de1745dc3a0188ce25083 Zona de pago Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RBSWORLDPAY_HOSTED_ZONE_TITLE payment f31c6b20a2f6f8622a01a8a17d548454 CVC CVC 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_CREDIT_CARD_CCV payment 9f0c09f184107f7cdd0d4ce88865a013 Día de caducidad Expiry Day 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRES payment 1ffbcf97b1b8619084fa9c4ceec0a947 Número de tarjeta Card Number 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER payment 56904564b10fd5c592a37479c76b2f49 Nombre First Name 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_CREDIT_CARD_OWNER_FIRSTNAME payment bf42ef5af6e0df87fb91c37acef82953 Apellidos Last Name 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_CREDIT_CARD_OWNER_LASTNAME payment d1a4d019990eb48ee37ac03dcbf4d745 Su clave API privada Your private API key 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_KEY_DESCRIPTION payment 1b7715ca53894a4192662156c2ba3458 clave API API key 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_KEY_TITLE payment ef342a10edfa2e993d6e9584c53a6122 Establezca el estado de los pedidos realizados con este módulo de pago en este valor Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_ORDER_STATUS_ID_DESCRIPTION payment d7aa670512e32f349d0f9878c1c3a71e Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 4d418c5bff5d13be61639350ec43c636 Orden de visualización. Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION payment 02a3553ce5ae0715e905ad10352dacab Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 9290383e3fe76d324446177ac2eb0781 ¿Desea aceptar pagos periódicos? Do you want to accept Recurly payments? 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_STATUS_DESCRIPTION payment c064ed4b0c02dad9d5dc5328f339be5a Habilitar módulo recursivo Enable Recurly Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_STATUS_TITLE payment d2812826bae66d883a05801c0fd690a4 https://<su-subdominio>.recurly.com https://<your-subdomain>.recurly.com 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_SUBDOMAIN_DESCRIPTION payment ca27df99574f534e8133b5a7cf42e30e Su subdominio Your subdomain 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_SUBDOMAIN_TITLE payment 20bacdf9896a36ec4cbdf5f9a684a8dc Recurrentemente Recurly 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment 56d4816f6f07f2ceba3d82b869e48ec6 Suscripción periódica Recurly Subscription 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 27304bf18b70183aa964fd50301dc76d Recurrentemente Recurly 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_TEXT_TITLE payment cb3ba7624cdbde5f8154adedad3227e8 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite sólo este método de pago para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_ZONE_DESCRIPTION payment 00d803cef87a7caed4b3e4e4455c013a Zona de pago Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_SERVER_ZONE_TITLE payment 5553ec2faa827d1b6edecdf463c98baf ERROR ERROR 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_RECURLY_TEXT_ERROR payment 97750b06743f76b5bd6e103bbdae23c9 Ubicación del programa cURL cURL Program Location 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_CURL_TITLE payment 8c097a98ef33030ba226f5370d706dc4 Vuelve a intentarlo y si los problemas persisten, prueba con otra forma de pago. Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_ERROR_GENERAL payment 4dbb3ae41d71291b20f527c4b0554c8d Se ha producido un error al procesar su tarjeta de crédito There has been an error processing your credit card 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_ERROR_TITLE payment a9f1fe24d7e6837fc56e86a0d6346fd9 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 315ba127ac3fa2e5a9f5aee782794c4f Página Perfil de Pago Profile Payment Page 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_PROFILE_PAGE_TITLE payment 3fa6855b57895a7fcc4664a45a45637b Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment d50b7b160d961613879b87eefd3b588b Habilitar el módulo Sage Pay Server Enable Sage Pay Server Module 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_STATUS_TITLE payment 1f149e9cbe9e5ca90c80e64784cd7b12 <img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0"> <a href="https://support.sagepay.com/apply/default.aspx?PartnerID=C74D7B82-E9EB-4FBD-93DB-76F0F551C802&PromotionCode=osc223" target="_blank" style="text-decoración: subrayar; font-weight: bold;">Visitar el sitio web de Sage Pay</a> <a href="javascript:toggleDivBlock('sagePayInfo');">(info)</a><span id="sagePayInfo" style="display: none;"><br><i>Utilizando el enlace anterior para suscribirse a Sage Pay, osCommerce obtiene un pequeño bono financiero por remitir a un cliente.</i></span> <img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0"> <a href="https://support.sagepay.com/apply/default.aspx?PartnerID=C74D7B82-E9EB-4FBD-93DB-76F0F551C802&PromotionCode=osc223" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit Sage Pay Website</a> <a href="javascript:toggleDivBlock('sagePayInfo');">(info)</a><span id="sagePayInfo" style="display: none;"><br><i>Using the above link to signup at Sage Pay grants osCommerce a small financial bonus for referring a customer.</i></span> 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION payment f3713eba6cc2b96c97a5d2a0a2267883 Tarjeta de crédito o tarjeta bancaria (procesada por Sage Pay) Credit Card or Bank Card (Processed by Sage Pay) 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE payment 9d8d2d792c8aaaac4896770239f1ffc4 Sage Pay Server Sage Pay Server 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_TEXT_TITLE payment 86e673088471f514ff50d4c21ab8fa72 Método de Transacción Transaction Method 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_TRANSACTION_METHOD_TITLE payment f69cd8863fd4b90c677e7d47d00ae933 Servidor de transacciones Transaction Server 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_TRANSACTION_SERVER_TITLE payment bd2890e8be347295bd042788646b54af Nombre de inicio de sesión del proveedor Vendor Login Name 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_VENDOR_LOGIN_NAME_TITLE payment 44347f3789b265fd981c317d41fb15fc Zona de pago Payment Zone 1 MODULE_PAYMENT_SAGE_PAY_SERVER_ZONE_TITLE payment 3817ee2d72a83a04a4200baa354c3b24 3D seguro 3D Secure 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_3DSECURE_TITLE payment 5bcb68160607d7c5e2202da6fcb42430 Depurar dirección de correo electrónico Debug E-Mail Address 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_DEBUG_EMAIL_TITLE payment 0037e8f69b4f16434c52fcbef86e7589 Establecer estado del pedido Set Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 22f6476598e9ec361cfca294366dd74b Clave de API publicable Publishable API Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY_TITLE payment 918a1cee33094ff7cc0f8d65a68cf516 Clave API secreta Secret API Key 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_SECRET_KEY_TITLE payment ca16082b20fccf1e6ecd12aeb65fd0a0 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_SORT_ORDER_TITLE payment 92748a32879c36e9ad5b60e8cbac0561 Habilitar módulo de bandas Enable Stripe Module 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_STATUS_TITLE payment bbebaa7036103e4d45aa003f92c784a3 Guardar clientes Save Customers 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_TOKENS_TITLE payment c6a96a0f6f00c597d9d0b383e7da2b10 Estado de Pedido de Transacción Transaction Order Status 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_TRANSACTION_ORDER_STATUS_ID_TITLE payment 103726e0937ecf95fec84a7f8b5259ce Zona de pago Payment Zone 0 MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_ZONE_TITLE payment a9372b24a8d63067d0ebed24b8fae76b Tarifa de manipulación por este método de envío. Handling fee for this shipping method. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_HANDLING_DESCRIPTION shipping 7c52f9ecce0994fc9215978d346dac0a Recoge la tarifa de manejo de envío Collect Shipping Handling Fee 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_HANDLING_TITLE shipping 6ee08a674c370cf2f22c704abdf8c22d Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping 0be06a04c0c3d720e8570b55df536c26 Recopilar orden de envío Collect Shipping Sort Order 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 66e3202c593355a0df616591fc25a961 ¿Quieres ofrecer envío a domicilio? Do you want to offer collect shipping? 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping 62b09310ab7d9d71b481e92b0f7a5caa Habilitar envío de recopilación Enable Collect Shipping 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_STATUS_TITLE shipping 1882a71e1d67e9524273363a29bfb6eb Utiliza la siguiente clase de impuestos en la tarifa de envío. Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_TAX_CLASS_DESCRIPTION shipping 9c74ed0a670ef66e3a9a055f11c4245b Recopilar clase de impuestos de envío Collect Shipping Tax Class 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 037a5b1483f7ac8e0388a1bb429837c1 Recopilar desde punto Collect from point 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 7a14b54d07d403236e72b78cf5742239 Hacer clic y recopilar Click & Collect 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_TEXT_TITLE shipping b69caa0b98b4cf6626b7f0222f505cde Si se selecciona una zona, habilite únicamente este método de envío para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_ZONE_DESCRIPTION shipping ee440d21db24ef267c2146a5feec78d9 Zona de envío de recogida Collect Shipping Shipping Zone 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_COLLECT_ZONE_TITLE shipping e5707bb65b131908516209c36444846d Tarifas de envío a destinos de la Zona 1 basadas en una gama de pesos de pedido. Ejemplo: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Los pesos mayores a 0 y menores o iguales a 3 costarían 14.57 para los destinos de la Zona 1. Shipping rates to Zone 1 destinations based on a range of order weights. Example: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Weights greater than 0 and less than or equal to 3 would cost 14.57 for Zone 1 destinations. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_1_DESCRIPTION shipping 7b95075f17a314c358357b4e29e2db29 Tabla de envíos de DP Zone 1 DP Zone 1 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_1_TITLE shipping 84c73f2075793f4c37a6b1f67fefcb16 Tarifas de envío a destinos de Zona 2 basadas en una gama de pesos de pedido. Ejemplo: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Los pesos mayores a 0 y menores o iguales a 3 costarían 14,57 para los destinos de la Zona 2. Shipping rates to Zone 2 destinations based on a range of order weights. Example: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Weights greater than 0 and less than or equal to 3 would cost 14.57 for Zone 2 destinations. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_2_DESCRIPTION shipping 5aa572c4c14a28e2b7132919bbf98872 Tabla de envío de DP Zone 2 DP Zone 2 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_2_TITLE shipping dd379e2b352dc513c1dd2885a8bb8714 Tarifas de envío a destinos de la Zona 3 según una gama de pesos de pedido. Ejemplo: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Los pesos mayores a 0 y menores o iguales a 3 costarían 14.57 para los destinos de la Zona 3. Shipping rates to Zone 3 destinations based on a range of order weights. Example: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Weights greater than 0 and less than or equal to 3 would cost 14.57 for Zone 3 destinations. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_3_DESCRIPTION shipping 9301b98bcab4723e740fabf9b7447066 Tabla de envíos de DP Zone 3 DP Zone 3 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_3_TITLE shipping 51dd6f5a906fd8305b551d7fdf3df26d Tarifas de envío a destinos de Zona 4 basadas en una gama de pesos de pedido. Ejemplo: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Los pesos mayores a 0 y menores o iguales a 3 costarían 14.57 para los destinos de la Zona 4. Shipping rates to Zone 4 destinations based on a range of order weights. Example: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Weights greater than 0 and less than or equal to 3 would cost 14.57 for Zone 4 destinations. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_4_DESCRIPTION shipping 4768d26f49dc27bc01d398e582749842 Tabla de envíos de DP Zone 4 DP Zone 4 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_4_TITLE shipping f524f28a6abd1e5e363a1f58ef1e60c5 Tarifas de envío a destinos de Zona 5 basadas en una gama de pesos de pedido. Ejemplo: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Los pesos mayores a 0 y menores o iguales a 3 costarían 14.57 para los destinos de la Zona 5. Shipping rates to Zone 5 destinations based on a range of order weights. Example: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Weights greater than 0 and less than or equal to 3 would cost 14.57 for Zone 5 destinations. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_5_DESCRIPTION shipping 86185aa214e0db92a00caf48830e0341 Tabla de envío de DP Zone 5 DP Zone 5 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_5_TITLE shipping b157423f9abde97917c3e9ccdf5b9a68 Tarifas de envío a destinos de Zona 6 basadas en una gama de pesos de pedido. Ejemplo: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Los pesos mayores a 0 y menores o iguales a 3 costarían 14.57 para los destinos de la Zona 6. Shipping rates to Zone 6 destinations based on a range of order weights. Example: 0-3:8.50,3-7:10.50,... Weights greater than 0 and less than or equal to 3 would cost 14.57 for Zone 6 destinations. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_6_DESCRIPTION shipping 0485623e5f52bfe662274f7de483507f Tabla de envío de DP Zone 6 DP Zone 6 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COST_6_TITLE shipping 798b79d627a12c3d92695ee0b0626e61 Lista separada por comas de códigos de país ISO de dos caracteres que forman parte de la zona 1 Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 1 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_1_DESCRIPTION shipping 5dc110c68c370287ffc10fe5d2223f9f Países de la zona 1 del PD DP Zone 1 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_1_TITLE shipping a2a36f07910521b253f96b556e4f1478 Lista separada por comas de códigos de país ISO de dos caracteres que forman parte de la zona 2 Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 2 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_2_DESCRIPTION shipping 4a0505106dc23a15a65a1b8653923a27 DP Zona 2 Países DP Zone 2 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_2_TITLE shipping 85e1ec61582b79994fe8beaa6d5dc5c9 Lista separada por comas de códigos de país ISO de dos caracteres que forman parte de la zona 3 Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 3 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_3_DESCRIPTION shipping dc3ddb7ec6f1aa93e7f5c413f200285c DP Zona 3 Países DP Zone 3 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_3_TITLE shipping eab87fc75f115b9750228f77a50e00a0 Lista separada por comas de códigos de país ISO de dos caracteres que forman parte de la zona 4 Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 4 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_4_DESCRIPTION shipping 0c5b698d54c8a7b701cf232ec11dbd0a DP Zona 4 Países DP Zone 4 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_4_TITLE shipping 2ce28646a7092ddb88cce2a9348a0045 Lista separada por comas de códigos de país ISO de dos caracteres que forman parte de la zona 5 Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 5 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_5_DESCRIPTION shipping aa5f354838f1be5dc6aeb7fb73e8b5cf DP Zona 5 Países DP Zone 5 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_5_TITLE shipping f31bbd276b3464a52bdd5d9a7c7b3a5b Lista separada por comas de códigos de país ISO de dos caracteres que forman parte de la zona 6 Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 6 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_6_DESCRIPTION shipping 92463d9d451a5ef66ed4e2f90669936a DP Zona 6 Países DP Zone 6 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_COUNTRIES_6_TITLE shipping 45b3429ae0043291d870c1f7b6144d7a Tarifa de procesamiento de este método de envío en euros Processing fee for this shipping method in euros 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_HANDLING_DESCRIPTION shipping d6475b9fbbddbac29742ecc893eab7e6 Tarifa de manipulación Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_HANDLING_TITLE shipping 24e4da5fef8d8cc90a30163f0fc1179e Desafortunadamente no es posible enviar a este país Unfortunately it is not possible to dispatch into this country 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_INVALID_ZONE shipping aa93ce6aa3d60917e89c9d64b461d34b Primero se muestra el valor más bajo. Lowest is displayed first. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping e5f506f8bb41881db9a8bcc67b8f7d0b Reihenfolge der Anzeige Reihenfolge der Anzeige 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping d96f83282a153694a85775026be5d35b ¿Quieres ofrecer envío a través de German Post? Do you want to offer shipping via German Post? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping 0b3fac24afe2a0e3326f89d08a25287e Deutsche Post WorldNet Deutsche Post WorldNet 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_STATUS_TITLE shipping c62155e55868b8e8f193513e79b4596f Selecciona el tipo de IVA para este método de envío. Select the VAT rate for this shipping method. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_TAX_CLASS_DESCRIPTION shipping 97593353e91225657c36ed3e04b54f04 Steuersatz Steuersatz 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 33f9d1560affed001ce2eb7ac651cbe1 Correos de Alemania - World Net German Post - World Net 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping a558780860a9cbf244b1db82926d47f3 Correo alemán German Post 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_TEXT_TITLE shipping c79b3db170c66e5f968b41bc7243e17c kg kg 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_TEXT_UNITS shipping 5753dbc211c1eed903af4ed882dfa1aa Envío a Dispatch to 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_TEXT_WAY shipping 52643fe3bff10c68c8ad3fc6582a2a82 Los gastos de envío no se pueden calcular por el momento Forwarding expenses cannot be calculated for the moment 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_UNDEFINED_RATE shipping 896756cd39fb0901f92eafb022795f70 Si selecciona una zona, este método de envío sólo se ofrece en esta zona. If you select a zone, this shipping method is offered only in this zone. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_ZONE_DESCRIPTION shipping 17ab6dbf40b15c02dee9933842a70eca Zona Versand Versand Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_DP_ZONE_TITLE shipping bc4cd1bc21d54808f6673b58a3cf55c5 Introduzca el número de cuenta de fedex que tiene asignado, necesario Enter the fedex Account Number assigned to you, required 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ACCOUNT_DESCRIPTION shipping cdcb35f7f15f5651ca5a6d49483fbfd1 Tu número de cuenta de Fedex Your Fedex Account Number 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ACCOUNT_TITLE shipping dc52a775c6da804ef75b9a6f46775b1a Introduce la primera línea de tu nave desde la dirección, obligatoria Enter the first line of your ship from street address, required 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ADDRESS_1_DESCRIPTION shipping 13721b91cc028fa4a244b4e6a550b47e Primera línea de dirección First line of street address 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ADDRESS_1_TITLE shipping 9ea95e06456cf43fa4cc9a451c0e6a14 Introduzca la segunda línea de su dirección de envío, deje establecido en NINGUNO si no necesita especificar una segunda línea Enter the second line of your ship from street address, leave set to NONE if you do not need to specify a second line 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ADDRESS_2_DESCRIPTION shipping 17837ae76b5437176d9ceee2fb55f06f Segunda línea de dirección Second line of street address 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ADDRESS_2_TITLE shipping a4e52398b274d3cfc99885a99bfde7e9 Introduzca el nombre de la ciudad para el barco desde la dirección, obligatorio Enter the city name for the ship from street address, required 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_CITY_DESCRIPTION shipping 26209ffe4a6f5b6b2eb5d7bb27bea3fc Nombre de ciudad City name 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_CITY_TITLE shipping 444e4f3232b77187a953f653e2ec6cb8 Introduzca la ruta al programa cURL, normalmente, deje este conjunto en NONE para ejecutar cURL usando PHP Enter the path to the cURL program, normally, leave this set to NONE to execute cURL using PHP 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_CURL_DESCRIPTION shipping 5bc16d66dd068dfd9257391016f65120 Ruta cURL cURL Path 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_CURL_TITLE shipping 602887b23af29f0fb3a63522de9e1acb Activar depuración Turn on Debug 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_DEBUG_DESCRIPTION shipping 34d87e074fdc2abd8edcf282e0f3217d Modo de depuración Debug Mode 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_DEBUG_TITLE shipping c148352cce18ada82377ad6a4c483f02 Tipo de entrega (1 = recogida regular, 2 = mensajero de solicitud, 3 = caja de entrega, 4 = entrega en BSC, 5 = entrega en la estación)? Dropoff type (1 = Regular pickup, 2 = request courier, 3 = drop box, 4 = drop at BSC, 5 = drop at station)? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_DROPOFF_DESCRIPTION shipping 32baa412087f1f54febbe11100311ebc Tipo de entrega Drop off type 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_DROPOFF_TITLE shipping bdd583f4cb08f9c217c9e3646030ab44 ¿Quieres ofrecer tarifas Fedex Envelope? Todos los artículos por debajo de 1/2 LB (.23KG) se citarán utilizando la tasa de sobre si es True. Do you want to offer Fedex Envelope rates? All items under 1/2 LB (.23KG) will quote using the envelope rate if True. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ENVELOPE_DESCRIPTION shipping 8e63fc4dd02b74c2cb55b00f47e4f720 ¿Habilitar tarifas de sobres? Enable Envelope Rates? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_ENVELOPE_TITLE shipping 74a1fd6adb3b637ebcb0e3eff4fdb921 ¿Asegurar paquetes por encima de qué monto en dólares? Insure packages over what dollar amount? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_INSURE_DESCRIPTION shipping 521427714be9948d31a96557a9d10382 ¿Seguro? Insurance? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_INSURE_TITLE shipping ecb2430f07ad0f532a1df5e92f1d0279 Introduzca la clave de cuenta de fedex que tiene asignada, necesaria Enter the fedex Account Key assigned to you, required 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_KEY_DESCRIPTION shipping e42dee8d7c31873a4184ce10ead88c5b Introduzca la contraseña de clave de cuenta de fedex que tiene asignada, obligatoria Enter the fedex Account Key Password assigned to you, required 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_KEY_PASSWORD_DESCRIPTION shipping 88b63c48b86268f122b8b110c392957b Contraseña clave de tu cuenta de Fedex Your Fedex Account Key Password 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_KEY_PASSWORD_TITLE shipping 6b9d5f23bd790258865f291d5163ad80 Tu clave de cuenta de Fedex Your Fedex Account Key 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_KEY_TITLE shipping 4df96bf2521fbed43f2860be834c71e9 Introduzca el Fedex MeterID que se le ha asignado, ajustado a NONE para obtener un nuevo número de contador Enter the Fedex MeterID assigned to you, set to NONE to obtain a new meter number 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_METER_DESCRIPTION shipping 01ef6d33da3baf305500a6673b4685ec Su ID de Fedex Meter Your Fedex Meter ID 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_METER_TITLE shipping c3686bff0a2d7ffb28a3ceb9799210c9 Introduzca un número de teléfono de contacto para su empresa, necesario Enter a contact phone number for your company, required 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_PHONE_DESCRIPTION shipping 7276c29365c2a035af741057ad70e851 Número de teléfono Phone number 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_PHONE_TITLE shipping f5c283e90d8aa45739e8c3747528c8fb Introduce el código postal de la dirección de origen del buque, obligatorio Enter the postal code for the ship from street address, required 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_POSTAL_DESCRIPTION shipping 262941d40c92ced53fcc3de46edec630 Código postal Postal code 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_POSTAL_TITLE shipping b6710a6cad61ba138f4aea313a9a3298 ¿Recargo residencial (además de otro recargo) por paquetes Express dentro de los Estados Unidos, o paquetes terrestres dentro de Canadá? Residential Surcharge (in addition to other surcharge) for Express packages within US, or ground packages within Canada? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_RESIDENTIAL_DESCRIPTION shipping e1fff1679108bb1163ebdad38e55ea31 ¿Recargo residencial? Residential surcharge? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_RESIDENTIAL_TITLE shipping 8e504d822ef6da4bd95d5c36f0e4cfda Debes tener una cuenta con Fedex You must have an account with Fedex 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_SERVER_DESCRIPTION shipping e6f57e0d5954146bcde42a3a2e09cf90 Qué servidor usar Which server to use 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_SERVER_TITLE shipping 32d101e48e84f4d05f76faf05e879ffd Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping 9ba4d31ffabb3cd304fbe904bbbec291 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping dee10cbe2e029e618e5f1187dca5f94e Introduzca el nombre de provincia o estado de 2 letras para el barco desde la dirección de la calle, requerido para Canadá y EE. UU. Enter the 2 letter state or province name for the ship from street address, required for Canada and US 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_STATE_DESCRIPTION shipping e229b8af3b8df3c2386268e1d6ada8c5 Nombre de estado o provincia State or Province name 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_STATE_TITLE shipping f1794a89fc1bee5234fb3d8ebbab2401 ¿Quieres ofrecer el envío de Fedex? Do you want to offer Fedex shipping? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping 81a90226191cc09a2567b9d404a5ba8a Habilitar envío de Fedex Enable Fedex Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_STATUS_TITLE shipping 2a93d78c0f02dc4b6f4f67675be54870 ¿Importe de recargo para añadir al cargo de envío? Surcharge amount to add to shipping charge? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_SURCHARGE_DESCRIPTION shipping 4d92f1c1025ab170579f96a9f8b642ef ¿Sobrecargo de Fedex? Fedex surcharge? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_SURCHARGE_TITLE shipping 1a7b80259e2f3e06dc47f58f3975c4c2 Utiliza la siguiente clase de impuestos en la tarifa de envío. Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TAX_CLASS_DESCRIPTION shipping 176724d7033715f5ae5175691503006b Clase de Impuesto Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 05c8289d96414bb75762b8035199f8c6 Federal Express<br><br>Tendrá que haber registrado una cuenta con FEDEX para utilizar este módulo. Consulte el archivo README.TXT para conocer otros requisitos. Federal Express<br><br>You will need to have registered an account with FEDEX to use this module. Please see the README.TXT file for other requirements. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping eae77448846dc8965c798ae7f630b0ff Federal Express Federal Express 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TEXT_TITLE shipping 29edf168ee701db021d1c29b51f43473 Introduzca el tiempo máximo en segundos que esperaría una solicitud de tarifa de Fedex? Deje NONE para el tiempo de espera predeterminado. Enter the maximum time in seconds you would wait for a rate request from Fedex? Leave NONE for default timeout. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TIMEOUT_DESCRIPTION shipping 7041899bc5deeebca5b6b797dd4bc9dc Tiempo de espera en segundos Timeout in Seconds 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TIMEOUT_TITLE shipping 0e5f8e356601539801f568e9c6c562b6 ¿Desea mostrar los tiempos de tránsito para las tarifas de entrega terrestre o domiciliaria? Do you want to show transit times for ground or home delivery rates? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TRANSIT_DESCRIPTION shipping 6426bb0e70d4d73beb7b38b42a6452ca Mostrar tiempos de tránsito Display Transit Times 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_TRANSIT_TITLE shipping ddec98a8048a1bca3fced098fa1d2d5f Unidades de peso: Weight Units: 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_WEIGHT_DESCRIPTION shipping e053499c526c0b99cb042d3b46e4a850 Ordenar tarifas de arriba a abajo: Sort rates top to bottom: 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_WEIGHT_SORT_DESCRIPTION shipping 051c88c73cc476bd566f46dbdc15f3e2 Ordenar tarifas: Sort rates: 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_WEIGHT_SORT_TITLE shipping aa165559da97a2206fa9132f125242f9 Unidades de peso Weight Units 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_WEIGHT_TITLE shipping daf2880b31e89812d57852c29ca9efe2 Los gastos de envío de todos los pedidos que utilicen este método de envío. The shipping cost for all orders using this shipping method. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_COST_DESCRIPTION shipping c39908b8e8587b1fd7c7d06ee5ecf38a Gastos de envío fijos Flat Shipping Cost 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_COST_TITLE shipping a5ab78fd9cb005165e7b3a224923e52c Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping 9787f1fdf0e7b5bf606c0ded763d1fa9 Orden plano Flat Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 4b6428237ebe543761f7486d90d36084 ¿Quieres ofrecer gastos de envío fijos? Do you want to offer flat rate shipping? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping 3c5914ffbdbcd52882b4debf24700244 Habilitar envío plano Enable Flat Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_STATUS_TITLE shipping 12d3d759c595b5c550acd51fed43e185 Utiliza la siguiente clase de impuestos en la tarifa de envío. Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TAX_CLASS_DESCRIPTION shipping 208b3ddb496e16a3af97fc164ab53b5b Clase de impuestos fijos Flat Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping bff80f7f6449719bd62048056fdaca4a Tarifa plana Flat Rate 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping fb455d887f923751106da79055b213c5 Tarifa plana Flat Rate 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_TITLE shipping 799d09586f4facca604da4e62313241e Mejor manera Best Way 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_WAY shipping 1bad8b3f858db2c97878be3f4544a6a9 Si se selecciona una zona, habilite únicamente este método de envío para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_ZONE_DESCRIPTION shipping e7f581fee3ebcff083a4205adb1c2808 Zona de envío plana Flat Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_ZONE_TITLE shipping 468daffd1c11f0e7c570d41fcbc2ba6a Gastos de envío gratis Free Shipping Cost 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_COST_TITLE shipping 4e052f048fa88f50df517fddba3fa31f Orden de clasificación de FREESHIPPER FREESHIPPER Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 0a4adb7e4ca7716d48924cf3a2bd4ab3 Habilitar envío gratuito Enable Free Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_STATUS_TITLE shipping 0a96454844fa37245ac40dbf58a4cded Clase de impuestos FREESHIPPER FREESHIPPER Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 8d1af15ae72c97a5bf7894dde42b2aa8 ENVÍO GRATUITO FREE SHIPPING 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping a5065acd51d4b9e4d2b04e0b69253655 ENVÍO GRATIS! FREE SHIPPING! 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_TEXT_TITLE shipping c7e31723d5ac4a34304caab627dab73b Sólo envío gratuito Free Shipping Only 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_TEXT_WAY shipping d0db4bca1deaadda235b8c57be613aa8 Zona de envío FREESHIPPER FREESHIPPER Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_FREESHIPPER_ZONE_TITLE shipping 59a652c2d85c0c6ad30489964e076ff6 Tarifa de manipulación por este método de envío. Handling fee for this shipping method. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_HANDLING_DESCRIPTION shipping 563a248f939bfacac353ec603b953288 Tarifa de manipulación Handling Fee 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_HANDLING_TITLE shipping ec6a8ea1ab7ffbb37085e3e4d1ac4c4e El servicio solicitado no está disponible entre las ubicaciones seleccionadas The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_INVALID_ZONE shipping de91138642f51dd033a190eea6338002 Envío de prioridad global con número de seguimiento Global Priority shipping with tracking number 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_NOTE_TEXT shipping 5dbe5e550478e525c6e62b93b5ad07a5 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping 7f0c6a077d9c37e914939f5417131515 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping c6e4b887c04477f2be2051751229968f ¿Quieres ofrecer el envío de tarifas de Google Zones? Do you want to offer Google Zones rate shipping? 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping 7e0c5b23962e9a607b3aac777c5f5771 Habilitar método de tabla Enable Table Method 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_STATUS_TITLE shipping 39e84ef976f06aecc14a3ac68a9a6929 Utiliza la siguiente clase de impuestos en la tarifa de envío. Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TAX_CLASS_DESCRIPTION shipping bcd8c1953a39b0d281241968d068a9d5 Clase de Impuesto Tax Class 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 315a76b85fc74fddb1d467fdaead5d2a Cantidad Amount 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TEXT_AMOUNT shipping fe3d34c337fcad5ee40b563a8e3968aa Envío de Zonas de Google. Editar coste basado en zonas Shipping Google Zones. Edit cost based on zones 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 527860f0a4f1702aea6e4c5885fda51a Zonas de Google Google Zones 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TEXT_TITLE shipping 018b148165675d2e2cc52ebbea23c7d5 Enviar a %s Ship to %s 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TEXT_WAY shipping 63f39fc5e00d83f5daf5777cd9d24218 Peso Weight 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_GOOGLEZONE_TEXT_WEIGHT shipping ce853e3e65dd43012d9e9f64fac61b12 Artículo Gastos de envío Item Shipping Shipping Cost 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_COST_TITLE shipping 0f366461eec9df1af67f29af791a4ed0 Cargo por manejo de envío de artículo Item Shipping Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_HANDLING_TITLE shipping ad403a782ef899a28b65e7bae8a83dfc Orden de envío de artículo Item Shipping Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 406dbd1333dbb3173f334e72b2aadbf5 Habilitar envío de artículos Enable Item Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_STATUS_TITLE shipping 5c10c74e7da764c900ee07f26b51a7ad Clase de impuesto de envío de artículo Item Shipping Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping b7db03faea326680a854a64385a78219 Por artículo Per Item 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 84d5ca194eda6f00747abf40ef4a29fe Por artículo Per Item 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_TEXT_TITLE shipping b8752efe20c5dc83f4b309eedf0a207e Mejor manera Best Way 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_TEXT_WAY shipping c63073744c016d9c7212c14318765d0c Zona de envío de artículos Item Shipping Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_ZONE_TITLE shipping 98d0c27cba12805c20ae188951a7cc04 Los gastos de envío de todos los pedidos que utilicen este método de envío. The shipping cost for all orders using this shipping method. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_COST_DESCRIPTION shipping 1d70a904ff0ded04085fb3855262d24d Gastos de envío Shipping Cost 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_COST_TITLE shipping 2ba8288932d4e460b9b2da2bff6833e7 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping 0ab784fac48525194ebf313b2955aa72 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping ce1aa82e291d76fcc43e4cd51e881e86 ¿Quieres ofrecer este módulo? Do you want to offer this module? 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping 0798fb76ab8ce160df77579c0ed2e5f1 Habilitar módulo Enable Module 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_STATUS_TITLE shipping 8712fe070336c474dc37d8456c092567 Utiliza la siguiente clase de impuestos en la tarifa de envío. Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_TAX_CLASS_DESCRIPTION shipping 1443cad7d5bb27507ab58a8d089ed8f8 Clase de Impuesto Tax Class 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping ad9b732b7c78e926dac7522d993c51b1 Pago in situ(para POS) Payment on the spot(for POS) 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 6991ddb5343ebb378459359655d82c18 Sin envío Without Shipping 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_TEXT_TITLE shipping b64b3cda3aba35039fa3aca646285e9f Si se selecciona una zona, habilite únicamente este método de envío para esa zona. If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone. 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_ZONE_DESCRIPTION shipping 9149c5eb4ca22f428939760e38122665 Zona de envío Shipping Zone 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NO_SHIPPING_ZONE_TITLE shipping 27556aae0f414e85cd668e736b1fcf27 Entrega directa Direct Delivery 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_ADDRESS_WAY admin/main a5363384f97493e0a9e62e441601f560 Entrega directa Direct Delivery 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_ADDRESS_WAY main 784a9fed30b7d50b4699639aad38b9de ApiKey de NovaPoshta NovaPoshta ApiKey 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_APIKEY_TITLE shipping 18dd803b1c16186f562d2f7ae699a314 NovaPoshta Gastos de envío NovaPoshta Shipping Shipping Cost 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_COST_TITLE shipping eefa3ad8540a439678de0e4c4e279861 Orden de visualización. Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_SORT_ORDER_DESCRIPTION shipping 705691dcf8d93ca902ef1c03a8a7bbec Orden de envío NP NP Shipping Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 189f6c9c78479e2cf2e8b0ac43dbc061 ¿Quieres ofrecer el envío de NovaPoshta? Do you want to offer NovaPoshta shipping? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping e8adf2348f4aee0e855ac23f175287e2 Habilitar envío de artículos Enable Item Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_STATUS_TITLE shipping e8f54f5f7ce92d9ac81e4847af693be8 Nova Poshta Nova Poshta 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 460f4ee6940404f4524db4a5b5281f52 Nova Poshta Nova Poshta 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_TEXT_TITLE shipping 788e80d80938af53c27391ea9263a34c Nova Poshta Nova Poshta 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_TEXT_WAY shipping 364f2c4a897cb94e9c45a31c5d9e3e3f ¿Desea habilitar el seguimiento NP? Do you want to enable NP tracking? 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_TRACKING_STATUS_DESCRIPTION shipping fceaa0fa0c6f0fd594947e29e9378857 Habilitar seguimiento NP Enable NP Tracking 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_TRACKING_STATUS_TITLE shipping 3416b122a94567d9481e28999a7d4f1e Punto de recogida Collection Point 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_WAREHOUSE_WAY admin/main 64675cdb9b89df40c67358687db85f21 Punto de recogida Collection Point 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_NP_WAREHOUSE_WAY main 3b7720d73fc8182838966b63e0d019f7 Porcentaje A Tasa fija de Percentage A Flat Rate of 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_FLAT_USE_TITLE shipping 45cbc6331df4f0092f88634362ec4678 Porcentaje A Tipo fijo para pedidos con Percentage A Flat Rate for orders under 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_LESS_THEN_TITLE shipping dd6919265e84357aa72a7a514bebc226 Tasa porcentual Percentage Rate 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_RATE_TITLE shipping e8d977d7dbfe293ae59122486c058fd3 Orden de porcentaje Percentage Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 389ac76476ae95f84c45fbfbdf367801 Habilitar envío porcentual Enable Percent Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_STATUS_TITLE shipping ddbd7302381c55be48543e32593b1ed2 Porcentaje de clase de impuesto Percentage Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 7daa9a6b49bca970fc4527397e4491e1 Porcentaje Percent Rate 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 988b2b8a5c54a997222768772142ac38 Envío Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_TEXT_TITLE shipping a32a0ccfa53efd6df5803f3e369ba108 Total Total 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_TEXT_WAY shipping 157890dcc556270f8090e40fbd23497d Porcentaje de zona de envío Percentage Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_PERCENT_ZONE_TITLE shipping 528b62b7bbec0c32bfec56eaa90135d2 Tabla Método de Envío Tabla Table Method Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_COST_TITLE shipping 0818b4f0b698e1ab547ba0f14be218a4 Cargo por manejo de método de tabla Table Method Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_HANDLING_TITLE shipping 03554d14afa934275826c1bca5150853 Método Table Table Method 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_MODE_TITLE shipping b9c524cb8edbfbddbfa3265b18f97054 Método de Tabla Orden Table Method Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 6531ad71f6c1f686fef0d2413848ec77 Habilitar método de tabla Enable Table Method 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_STATUS_TITLE shipping f353115df44fa90dba6cfa5f73755ba2 Método de Tabla Clase de Impuesto Table Method Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 2649b8b3501a4a7335392fb11b482ff3 Cantidad Amount 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_AMOUNT shipping fcd5e9b691780e585e384ddcc9b81b8f Tasa de tabla Table Rate 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 56f54e1f69a3bf3119bec37b4d74b277 Tasa de tabla Table Rate 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_TITLE shipping 18bfb6cadd7cbff3cc7ffc6b0712ee13 Mejor manera Best Way 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_WAY shipping adbf632be2b97323771ab60144e6178b Peso Weight 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_WEIGHT shipping 125b461740deb49d55e0d3d436aba50f Método de Tabla Zona de Envío Table Method Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_ZONE_TITLE shipping e83ea322f1b499c946291a4ed7e4205f Habilitar seguimiento Enable Tracking 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_TRACKING_STATUS shipping ec81078ed81fb75c1151b1e04e0460e6 Cargo por manejo de UPS UPS Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_HANDLING_TITLE shipping aec4be2b611397d42c5e6de3986fb69a ¿Empaquetado UPS? UPS Packaging? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_PACKAGE_TITLE shipping e268737d0fcace0d60790c1261e750d2 Método de recogida de UPS UPS Pickup Method 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_PICKUP_TITLE shipping 1a8823b62570c4a21ac629a5e4c7f574 ¿Entrega residencial de UPS? UPS Residential Delivery? 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_RES_TITLE shipping 7d12dacc475f7c24d55638ff6638b5ea UPS Orden de visualización. UPS Sort order of display. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping c00d1754e428a96f465bb3ec696c2b9e Habilitar envío de UPS Enable UPS Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_STATUS_TITLE shipping ecb17963319a8d7c46171e80a283da2c Clase de impuestos UPS UPS Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 8ecd9149f4c92493fd7bbbb4578f15d3 United Parcel Service United Parcel Service 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 7ff6e34ffff8fcfbdbf3a03c7a0e19fc Aire al día siguiente Next Day Air 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_1DA shipping 922ac002644d15d16b032167eee7803a Aire al día siguiente temprano AM Next Day Air Early AM 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_1DM shipping 0367c581d419ec8b4ae7809b50eae411 Ahorro de aire al día siguiente Next Day Air Saver 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_1DP shipping 8944e38ca7bc47a3984d2193f8b964be 2° día de vuelo temprano AM 2nd Day Air Early AM 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_2DM shipping 5ab1d0ec2062f3b013b4407a9de89d38 Selección de 3 días 3 Day Select 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_3DS shipping fbd7c1ac128f6bc77b9213e620479c3d Masa UPS UPS Ground 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_GND shipping 1489ea4590028acb5f112e99d14c0d12 Estándar de Canadá Canada Standard 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_STD shipping 6569a29a0380a94e0e593d15b4d450e3 Worldwide Express Plus Worldwide Express Plus 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_XDM shipping 08e1d226680cb1931005645185f7fc27 Expedición mundial Worldwide Expedited 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_XPD shipping 2994b6710c93b88ad7d3840addb3ae6a Worldwide Express Worldwide Express 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_OPT_XPR shipping f9bb1768a4e22617a6196140094efbd6 United Parcel Service United Parcel Service 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TEXT_TITLE shipping 44049f2822a5aa6eafabf5d8cbbfb872 Métodos de envío de UPS UPS Shipping Methods 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_TYPES_TITLE shipping 698bdd3dd2d90ec5b266c3c392ee4c67 Zona de envío de UPS UPS Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_UPS_ZONE_TITLE shipping 32c0962f755a01cc3a323a3769a64edb Tarifa de manipulación Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_HANDLING_TITLE shipping 24d6429726e75840953bfbb8421df34f Opciones de USPS USPS Options 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_OPTIONS_TITLE shipping 076a51930df695d671ee9061304665df Introduzca la contraseña USPS Enter the USPS Password 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_PASSWORD_TITLE shipping 70281a0b3e2cbaa0f88953ab0a09266e Qué servidor usar Which server to use 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_SERVER_TITLE shipping f86610d44b782a8328db5937fb24e539 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping b50facd62810bbf8887ea4f2d6523814 Habilitar envío USPS Enable USPS Shipping 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_STATUS_TITLE shipping adfc809bbccae2a296d7695d5a5fd398 Clase de Impuesto Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 7cc18a137029721d65b0b9e7957b0bfe Día Day 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_DAY shipping 02bc16a8693c5dd61d5ca4ba01d85f81 Días Days 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_DAYS shipping b6e4d0eb8a8aed43449031b478b7a66c United States Postal Service<br><br>Tendrá que haber registrado una cuenta con USPS en http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html para utilizar este módulo<br><br>USPS espera que utilice libras como medida de peso para sus productos. United States Postal Service<br><br>You will need to have registered an account with USPS at http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html to use this module<br><br>USPS expects you to use pounds as weight measure for your products. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 37af2084226937f4c566c32dd326afb4 Error en los cálculos de envío de USPS.<br>Si prefiere utilizar USPS como método de envío, póngase en contacto con el propietario de la tienda. An error occurred with the USPS shipping calculations.<br>If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_ERROR shipping eb0ac9d360f7982e36d074c281d03d44 Correo urgente Express Mail 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_OPT_EX shipping 156e8aec881d166d4094dba613d7aa90 Correo prioritario Priority Mail 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_OPT_PM shipping b0956b12dfe272ae92cf7dc965f1012f Correo de paquete Parcel Post 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_OPT_PP shipping ee1b0c53173f24710aa480bd2c91465b United States Postal Service United States Postal Service 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_TITLE shipping 58a9b90b7f4f16d37826dd34bb471fc9 Semanas Weeks 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_WEEKS shipping 5fcc951cd983d622eda177e77040ca79 Métodos de envío internacional Int'l Shipping Methods 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES_INTL_TITLE shipping c180643d54fda87093be9fdbd6325e4c Métodos de envío nacionales Domestic Shipping Methods 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES_TITLE shipping 001d8c643a56a3d5812517dcda332070 Introduce el seudónimo de USPS Enter the USPS User ID 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_USERID_TITLE shipping ec4f704c6a9c5863e9b41e712f3f6497 Zona de envío Shipping Zone 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_ZONE_TITLE shipping 23a97105af38e3daf42249cbbb52e4c8 No hay envíos disponibles para el país seleccionado No shipping available to the selected country 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_INVALID_ZONE shipping d10167f3a3a3a4426cad7a5daada81de Número de zonas Number of Zones 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_NUMBER_OF_ZONES_TITLE shipping 3b7be34383921583eca34cb81c89e63d Orden de zonas por artículo Zones Per Item Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 612eb955a33a8ee6414acf0e8fec563c Habilitar zonas por método de elemento Enable Zones Per Item Method 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_STATUS_TITLE shipping 7b513239e95fdb12216db4c2b6a36e76 Zonas por clase de impuesto de artículo Zones Per Item Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 55d71daa94a4e858c7de450bc4466d87 Tarifas de envío y embalaje Post and Packing Rates 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 241aae3466e34cb23910406544847f9b %s Entrega Premium %s Premium Delivery 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_TEXT_PREMIUM_DELIVERY shipping 3a7c19fa34eb33f31c67164097031315 Entrega estándar de %s %s Standard Delivery 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_TEXT_STANDARD_DELIVERY shipping c14b4563670194f1e807535f26584c80 Tarifas de envío y embalaje Post and Packing Rates 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONESPERITEM_TEXT_TITLE shipping c82623caa9829874857e6c7938d924ef Tabla de envío de zona 1 Zone 1 Shipping Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_COST_1_TITLE shipping bacbb407caf2cb2228735311f2458861 Zona 1 Países Zone 1 Countries 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_COUNTRIES_1_TITLE shipping fadfecd5374006db7731e970a84bf6a8 Cargo por manejo de zona 1 Zone 1 Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_HANDLING_1_TITLE shipping 2ad2fabfb79c21cf1ba0000247813f45 No hay envíos disponibles para el país seleccionado No shipping available to the selected country 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_INVALID_ZONE shipping 517b83b9394a97cdb7054bcf4ea1f8ba Orden de zonas Zones Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping 661e2eaf82cebee8dccb8c1e26740dc1 Método Zones Enable Zones Zones Enable Zones Method 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_STATUS_TITLE shipping 2bdf99574b975dcfed81e01b54e9e590 Clase de impuestos Zonas Zones Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping 3487a518bfb64481d4371566487e647a Tasas basadas en zona Zone Based Rates 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 8be2cad0b342afc72183b43bf463a548 Tasas de zona Zone Rates 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_TITLE shipping f7a45c5761ce558a5612820bfb7b8526 lb(s) lb(s) 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_UNITS shipping 95fdec934dda8c40489b0df5910dcb15 Envío a Shipping to 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_WAY shipping 530bbbb7cbba8e6cfb783b5f85cf811d La tarifa de envío no se puede determinar en este momento The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_UNDEFINED_RATE shipping 7cddb519c8d077d35aa278e306e5b973 Tarifa de manipulación Handling Fee 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_HANDLING_TITLE shipping 52ef1233dff23054879f6e96f5bd191d &nbsp; &nbsp; 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_NOTE_TEXT shipping d3b4ab567e4818a7696707f60dfc1337 Orden de clasificación Sort Order 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_SORT_ORDER_TITLE shipping fdca8f00be1e4018cb2154e9261326d6 Habilitar método de tabla Enable Table Method 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_STATUS_TITLE shipping 296c8f14c7c8e795fe0ef22c2b13a208 Clase de Impuesto Tax Class 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_TAX_CLASS_TITLE shipping db665266ddb7f105d859c5c6079d3b32 Tarifa de tabla de zona de envío. Editar tabla de costes en la sección Tabla de Envíos Shipping Zone table Rate. Edit cost table in Shipping Table section 0 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_TEXT_DESCRIPTION shipping 2793c897503a1a0c06473780ffce033f Tabla de zona Zone Table 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONE_TABLE_TEXT_TITLE shipping a8eaf2bd2fe901c84dc6ebc3267220d3 Mensual Monthly 0 MONTHLY admin/compare-report 409c8faa615576e0ab7ee3aeed1baeb4 Más información More Info 1 MORE_INFO main 8e7ea05e3d83a53dd157ac83e2a4bb7a Mostrar más números de seguimiento Show more tracking numbers 1 MORE_TRACKING_NUMBER main 35167b1cac9d3db9ce08add111e9e6be Mover bloque Move block 0 MOVE_BLOCK admin/email-editor/edit 1d1372aac7f6ff3e788ff1b09d8601d4 bajar un área seleccionada move a selected area down 0 MOVE_SELECTED_AREA_DOWN admin/image-maps/edit a98844409eea7056f82c783a614c7e61 mover un área seleccionada a la izquierda move a selected area to the left 0 MOVE_SELECTED_AREA_LEFT admin/image-maps/edit f738ccc37291d5c913b1fc1b1eb4dbfa mover un área seleccionada a la derecha move a selected area to the right 0 MOVE_SELECTED_AREA_RIGHT admin/image-maps/edit 950ea141a9896cbe0ef46435911a34f6 subir un área seleccionada move a selected area up 0 MOVE_SELECTED_AREA_UP admin/image-maps/edit 3bbb23c6047b0a6ba06d205adeecf994 Sr. Mr 1 MR main b0c4ef1ab29ce01a8ae3bc0aa019bbda Sra. Mrs 1 MRS main 5ecd96e897b2cb38eb448edd5b1d725e ¿Habilitar búsqueda amplia? Enable wide search? 0 MSEARCH_ENABLE_DESC configuration 30c7fdce6127a3abc77f4a655b0bd519 ¿Habilitar búsqueda amplia? Enable wide search? 0 MSEARCH_ENABLE_TITLE configuration 96b890d7a3bd84c6dcd5e925b8c8a6d0 Color de las palabras resaltadas Colour of the highlighted words 1 MSEARCH_HIGHLIGHT_BGCOLOR_DESC configuration 86c1ad6bb107abb399b8a78fe4d06f30 Resaltar color de fondo Higlighting background color 1 MSEARCH_HIGHLIGHT_BGCOLOR_TITLE configuration 2dd5d4fb6bceb78e184388725b5a0866 ¿Desea habilitar el resaltado para los resultados de búsqueda? Enable highlighting for search results? 1 MSEARCH_HIGHLIGHT_ENABLE_DESC configuration 04f7b1027f26f1ae4e8df79e4d54f56c ¿Usar resaltado? Use highlighting? 1 MSEARCH_HIGHLIGHT_ENABLE_TITLE configuration e4d9fab516a68ae176d886a08d9298f0 Longitud mínima de la palabra, que se incluirá en la búsqueda Minimal length of the word, that will be included in search 1 MSEARCH_WORD_LENGTH_DESC configuration ef447bad5f53fbae4342ee137b0e139e Longitud mínima de la palabra Minimum word length 1 MSEARCH_WORD_LENGTH_TITLE configuration cdaef4ee7740a07e626ea303e5c6e1f3 Acciones de multiarte Multicart Actions 0 MULTICART_ACTIONS admin/design 7e31a457221738a1dc705c2d2a314e05 Usar módulo multicat Use Multicat Module 0 MULTICART_STATUS_DESC configuration dea95ae7f51d14c1e1c3b8592f9d36be Usar módulo multicat Use Multicat Module 0 MULTICART_STATUS_TITLE configuration 532378f4bb47b0802a0e6060a0c6bcf8 Comprobar todos Check all 1 MULTISELECT_CHECK_ALL admin/js 475f8d885dc6276e8aff5dca8408e270 Comprobar todos Check all 1 MULTISELECT_CHECK_ALL js 83ca1610fdc20fa52cae0533a98cc768 Seleccionar opciones Select options 1 MULTISELECT_NON_SELECTED admin/js c5def5c28ac067e287b70c599e63f42d Seleccionar opciones Select options 1 MULTISELECT_NON_SELECTED js 75b5374549748bfae9d09ab8d30c41d1 # elegido # chosen 1 MULTISELECT_SELECTED_TEXT admin/js 8b2cde0447b6c2809f80d7af218816e2 # elegido # chosen 1 MULTISELECT_SELECTED_TEXT js 46ac32cd5fcad3c6e7c96e0592b81352 Desmarcar todo Uncheck all 1 MULTISELECT_UNCHECK_ALL admin/js 2be875fb8fb6685b03c72b0ab926179f Desmarcar todo Uncheck all 1 MULTISELECT_UNCHECK_ALL js d598e9c2c3cddcb68ed43c6fc78f61c8 Cuenta Account 1 MY_ACCOUNT_TITLE account 0fa6bb03c1a89e14b7fffcd37aad752a Mi cuenta My account 1 MY_ACCOUNT_TITLE account/edit d6bfb89461c781c5cdc24e0fbab8c52a Boletín general General Newsletter 1 MY_NEWSLETTERS_GENERAL_NEWSLETTER account/newsletters a988330356adec87b61e5b1346bc0a7f Incluye noticias de la tienda, nuevos productos, ofertas especiales y otros anuncios promocionales. Including store news, new products, special offers, and other promotional announcements. 1 MY_NEWSLETTERS_GENERAL_NEWSLETTER_DESCRIPTION account/newsletters 33bd8ea6f2196ad028c0493bd4196ba8 Mis suscripciones al boletín My Newsletter Subscriptions 1 MY_NEWSLETTERS_TITLE account/newsletters ac89470b6fa77ddc62c83fc1319f4e31 Mis artículos pedidos My ordered items 0 MY_ORDERED_ITEMS main 89c155bfb800c7170201f6e53ee863fd Mis listas guardadas My saved lists 0 MY_SAVED_LISTS main b2f46ecec5e9decc45aa0ab2a7633f96 Mi configuración My settings 0 MY_SETTINGS main 65e516ef9f320c38690d1cef7970832f Puntos de bonificación Bonus Points 0 NAME_BONUS_POINTS main e36eae9eed89448b0485405cacabaea4 Nombre, correo electrónico, fecha Name, Email, Date 0 NAME_EMAIL_DATE wedding 5415c2c375312bb82c0f429e02bbfe5e Nombre completo Name in Fu