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  1. andyslade

    Update Order Emails

    Thanks JcMagpie. Looking into it further, I discovered that the Mail manager add on I installed required another addon which had the missing files. The Mail Manager instructions did not say that the other add on was required. I can now further invest the reasons why I can't get the emails to work properly.
  2. andyslade

    Update Order Emails

    I have installed oscommerce 2.3.4 and added the order editor module. I wished to change the format of the order update email sent to the customer and found that the HTML email format was not working as expected. On investigation I found that the file catalog/admin/edit_order.php contained the lines.. if (EMAIL_USE_HTML == 'true') { //Prepare HTML emai require('includes/modules/email/html_orders.php'); $email = $html_email_orders; However, I cannot find any includes/models/email folder. Searching the forums and internet also could not find any reference to the file html_orders, which I assume is designed to format the email in HTML format ready for sending. Can anyone shed some light on this?