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  1. How do I get this to work with paypal standard? I set up a sales tunnel and when my customer leaves /checkout_confirmation > Paypal > /checkout_success.php - It shows a drop off at checkout_confirmaion.php because and even if client arrives at checkout_success.php, it doesn't count it presumably because it doesn't know its the same person. Can anybody help?
  2. Ok I finally got it working. Can anybody tell me where can I customize the emails that are sent out? The order process emails that customer gets..
  3. Should I get email confirmations while testing in the sandbox? It says IPN invalid but I'm wondering if thats because I'm still testing and not live?
  4. The above solution worked for me as well!
  5. I tried setting up this on a cron job and it doesn't work. I got an email notification with this: /bin/sh: line 1: /root/public_html/admin/backups/backup.log: Permission denied Any clue what I did wrong? My store is hosted in the root domain btw.
  6. Also when I am in sandbox I get following error: Paypal does not allow your country of residence to ship to the country you wish to. Any clue on how I can fix this? I am only using CANADA/U.S. addresses..
  7. ^NVM I do have it. Everytime I go to checkout I don't have an option to purchase without using paypal. It says log in or create account. I have already checked and I have enable purchase without paypal under paypal settings. Any clue what is going on?
  8. I installed this for my store. Version and when I did that, it tells me to go to admin and enable 'Paypal IPN' but that option isn't there. None of the files required me to modify admin either. I am using V2.2 RC2 and I see this contribution is for MS2. IS that the problem? Anybody with an RC2 store can you tell me what module version you use?
  9. That entire contribution says its for MS2 stores. The op is looking for Paypal IPN for v2.2 RC2. Are you saying it is compatible?
  10. Is this still only for U.S.? I am in Canada but see no mention of it anywhere...
  11. ^KGT discount coupon code is what I'm curious about. Will this work out the box with that discount add on.
  12. Does this contribution work with the updated version of Credit Class & Gift Voucher? Does it work with any of the other coupon contributions?
  13. ^ I just updated to the latest version and all is in order. Jack any advice on what I should be looking for when I have a suspected hacked file? I realize I don't know what hacked code looks like. I'm sure if it was something big and obvious, I'd notice but if it was something more obscure then I wouldn't.
  14. I haven't updated to the latest version. I'm using v 1.9..I want to know why it's just going blank rather than simply updating though. Unless this is an issue with 1.9?
  15. All of a sudden, today whenever I click on any of the buttons or the admin or configure option I get a blank page. I have ran sitemonitor before but today it isn't working. Any clue whats goin on?