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  1. Hi Jack, trying to get Gift Voucher Secure to work with a zero balance cart total and not getting anywhere. On OSCommerce 2.3.1.


    Any advice?

  2. Thank you for the recommendation, Heatherbell!
  3. Talen7

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    Hello, I am running Gift Vouchers Secure 1.1 on both OS Commerce and OS Commerce 2.3.1 with PHP 5.3. In both cases, if I enter a coupon code, the Credit Card fields disappear so the checkout cannot be completed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Brad
  4. Hi there, I have an installation of OS Commerce using Gift Voucher Secure 1.1, PHP 5.3, and every time I put in a coupon code, the cart will not display credit card fields. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you! Brad