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  1. Hello @raiwa thanks for your very fast reply. I will forward my question. I asked at this "place" cause I was most likely to suspect a clue here due to the thematic proximity. Maybe some will show up with an idea. Anyway thanks again for maintaining this addon!
  2. First many thanks @raiwa for the great addon modul and the support! I have a general Question: Lets say we have 2 attributes (A1 & A2) with 3 different values (AxO1 ... AxO3) for each attribute(Ax). In this case the product will have 6 different prices (A1O1_A2O1 ... A1O3_A2O3). Shouldn't it be 9 different prices(not 2*3 but 3**2)? Maybe a practical example: Lets say we sell screws in different size(M4 to M10) and material (steel and aluminum). Now the pricedifference between M4 and M6 is not equal for the 2 different materials. I hope that I could express my problem clearly. Is there any addon which implements such a price/attribut/model? I would like to code this, but dont like to reinvent the wheel
  3. philpla

    DHL as shipping module

    Hello @cupidare MANY THX! german is fine ( mother tongue ;) ) i adopt your code to my oscom .... your code was a very good starting point anywhere i have some questions: - do you know if there is a function in the dhl-api to get the status/overview of all shipping during last day or so - #121: $oHeaders = new SoapHeader('http://dhl.de/webservice/cisbase','Authentification', $aCredentials); <- i also tried SSL, didnt work ... do you know why? - did you test it with dhl-api v3? again many thx for your help
  4. philpla

    DHL as shipping module

    @cupidare did you find in the meantime a solution for DHL shipping? (inxpress isn't what we are looking for ;) ) Best regards, Phil