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  1. The 1st attempt, I used the phpMyAdmin wizard. The 2nd time, I created it manually via the cPanel's mySQLdatabses tool (which by the way I've used probably at least 50+ times over the past 10 years, so I'm very familiar with it). I always default to 'localhost', but when that didn't work, I tried the IP address the 3rd time. That didn't work, either. I'm pretty sure I got the database name, user name and user password correct as it's the same ones I'm using for the live site under a different domain name. But I think after 3 tries with this version, and 3 tries with the previous version, and getting the same result... the problem lies within the install process itself. If I didn't have the credentials right, the install process should just fail with an error message, not just spin endlessly. That's always been how other installs I've done worked. Either way... I can't keep burning the candle on this one. BUt thanks for the quick responses!
  2. Ohhhh. Rats, wish I'd known that. Thanks, I'll try this again probably tomorrow. Yes, I'm using one of my Hostgator reseller accounts.
  3. Sorry Bert - The version is the one I downloaded from this site this afternoon -
  4. Hi, I'm trying to install a test version of a few ecommerce carts for a customer to experiment with, and this cart isn't moving through the auto install process for me. The database has been created, a user added, the configuration file permissions were changed to 755, the zip file was uploaded and extracted under the publichtml. I start up the install procedure and everything checks out ok. After I enter the database info, the little orange banner says it's testing the data base and the little yellow gear goes around and around.... and around.... and around endlessly. I've delete everything and started over 3 times. Please advise?