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  1. Hi all. Just installed Supertracker and got the following problems: 1. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class currencies in (edit)/admin/includes/classes/currencies.php on line 16 Uncommented: include ('includes/classes/currencies.php'); $currency = new currencies(); and it worked. 2. Every report works except for Last 10 Visitors which produces: Fatal error: Unknown(): The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete object. Please ensure that the class definition <b>currencies</b> of the object you are trying to operate on was loaded _before_ the session was started in /(edit)/admin/supertracker.php on line 636 Obviously related to error 1 but how do I solve the problem? Cheers. Ken
  2. Hi all. Wonder if anyone has a suggestion for my problem, No, going to a doctor will not help! We have products which are over 80Kg and products which are under 20Kg. If a customer buys the heavier products and either more of the heavy products or other products under that weight, there should only be one delivery cost as we will deliver them ourselves. If the customer buys only the lighter products, there needs to be a cost per product IF the products are deliverd by a courier, but a only one delivery cost for all products if they are to be delivered by us and are not in the two regions north or south of the specified area. They need to make a choice there. Also, if the customer is north or south of a certain area, the cost needs to be increased. Anybody got any ideas???? Cheers All. Ken.
  3. alkazar

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks for the pointers Janz. I'll get to work on it now. :) Guess I'll need to do at least something myself eh? B)
  4. alkazar

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks JanZ I already have the UK contribution installed. The problem was, shipping was not being taken into account for VAT purposes so I hunted around, realised in the admin that I had not made shipping = VAT Taxable goods so it could not be calculated for tax. Changed that, now it shows shipping as including VAT but not having VAT calculated on the total. Doing my head in :) Let me explain fully, sorry this will be a little long. I'll describe the Retail Customers process first then wholesale customers. Retail Customers (Customer Group 1): Because of EU directives, we have to display the total price including VAT at 17.5%. This goes from product -> checkout confirmation. What we get is product page = Retail Price - (1056.33) shopping basket = Retail Price - (1056.33) checkout shipping = Shipping Price - (94.00 shipping price inc VAT) checkout payment = No price (fine no probs) now it gets confusing for retail customers on checkout confirmation; Sub-Total = 1056.33 Shipping = 94.00 VAT = 171.33 Total = 1150.33 It LOOKS like the VAT is included in the Total but it is not. The Total price is correct, it just looks confusing. What should be displayed is: Sub-Total = 899.00 Shipping = 80.00 VAT = 171.33 Total = 1150.33 Now to Wholesale Customers (Customer Group 2): product page = Wholesale Price - (699.00) shopping basket = Wholesale Price - (699.00) checkout shipping = Shipping Price - (80.00 shipping price exc VAT) <---- Right checkout payment = No price (fine no probs) When we get to checkout confirmation we get: Sub-Total = 699.00 Shipping = 94.00 <---- WRONG VAT = 136.33 Total = 915.33 Note that the Shipping cost is wrong, it includes VAT whereas it should not but in the previous step (Delivery Information - checkout shipping) it displays correctly. It should be: Sub-Total = 699.00 Shipping = 80.00 <---- Right VAT = 136.33 Total = 915.33 Sorry if I am missing something fundemental here, but it just *seems* to me that SPPC should be affecting the final prices and the way they are displayed on checkout confirmation as well as everywhere else pertaining to Customer Groups? Also, just a preference, is it possible to have the final totals formatted this way: ------------------------------------------------- Product Price (Ex VAT) VAT Sub-Total ------------------------------------------------- widget 899.00 157.33 1056.33 Shipping 80.00 14.00 94.00 ------------------------------------------------- Totals: 979.00 171.33 1150.33 ------------------------------------------------- This clearly displays each product price before VAT, the VAT, the sub-total for each item and then the totals. Bit much to ask??? :) I would modify it myself as I am fine with php, just classes I have a problem with ;) Keep telling myself I must learn how to use classes properly. Sorry it is so long and even sorrier if my problem is not part of this excellent contribution. Best Regards Ken.
  5. alkazar

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi all. I've searched all 68 pages in this post but can't find/missed my particular problem. I'm not 100% sure this is related to this contribution but this is what happens. When an order is placed, the shipping charge in the total INCLUDES VAT whereas it should not, VAT should be added afterwards in the total. Have I missed a mod or has this not been addressed yet? Great contribution BTW. Ken.
  6. alkazar

    SPPC 4.1 adding to cart probelm

    Yep. Thanks, I never thought to look in bugs but that is exactly what happens here. Ken.
  7. Hi all. Hope this is the correct place to post this, if not, let me know where it should be posted please. I have SPPC 4.1 installed, running on a Linux box, with OSC 2.2 M2. If I have an item in my cart from a previous session, come back to the store without loging in, add an identical item to my cart then login, it does not update the existing item in the cart ie. change amount from 1 to 2. It works fine if I add a different item, updates the cart with the group price but not if I just want to update the amount of an item that I already have. Any ideas? Ken.
  8. Ah the stupidity of age :'( After racking my tiny little brain trying to find out what was wrong I eventually found it - the product wasn't in a taxable group so there would be no VAT to show up! Creeps quietly out of this topic now.................... Ken.
  9. Great Contrib. One problem, now that I have installed the contrib, the VAT is no longer displayed with the price. I haven't changed any of the files and am running with the database data contributed. Any ideas why this should be? ken.
  10. alkazar

    Not Displaying VAT Now.

    Hmmmm. Might have been better if I had posted this in the support forum for the contrib! Doh. sorry guys, I'll repost it properly. You can delete it if you like. ken.
  11. Great Contrib. One problem, now that I have installed the contrib, the VAT is no longer displayed with the price. I haven't changed any of the files and am running with the database data contributed. Any ideas why this should be? ken.