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  1. please help me to set youtube video for item. i have tried all addons but none is working for me.
  2. anybody please help me to add Razorpay payment module. i am from india and most other payment modules not support here the code they have given is below <form action="" method="POST"> <!-- Note that the amount is in paise = 50 INR --> <script src="https://checkout.razorpay.com/v1/checkout.js" data-key="xxx_test_yyyyyyyyyyyyyy" data-amount=amount data-buttontext="Pay with Razorpay" data-name="Name of seller" data-description="order number" data-prefill.name="Customer name" data-prefill.email="Customer Email" data-prefill.contact="Customer Phone" data-theme.color="#F37254" ></script> <!-- input type="hidden" value="Hidden Element" name="hidden"> --> <input type="hidden" value="Hidden Element" name="hidden"> how to add the code the the module