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  1. Great thanks Jack! Initially testing with v2.2d7 and the changes above looks good. I'll post an update if I encounter any other issues, but so far so good.
  2. Jack, Great set of updates to these contributions, thanks for your hard work and support. I have question that I believe crosses several contributions, but is primarily SEO Urls related. I've installed the following: Header Tags SEO v3.1.8 Articles Manager v1.5.7_3 Ultimate SEO Urls v2.2.d5 I have everything working well together except for one combination of options. If I enable the Ultimate SEO URLs option to "Enable use Header Tags as name" it works great for all pages except the Article pages. I've created psuedo pages for the articles and all other functionality is working as expected. However, when I enable the SEO URLs function to "Enable use Header Tags as name" then I end up with article URLs like this: www.storexyz.com/-a-1.htm instead of: www.storexyz.com/my-article-header-tags-a-1.htm Is the "Enable use Header Tags as name" option compatible with Article manager? Thanks for your help!