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  1. Hi, Using the CE Phoenix version of osCommerce and have enabled sub-catoriges by changing bm_categories.php in includes > modules > boxes What I changed was $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setMaximumLevel(1); To $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setMaximumLevel(10); Now I would like the sub categories to have some padding-left on it with either an icon or a > before it. I have tried using the below to do it, but that didn't work $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setChildString('', ''); Any one have any ideas? Regards, Gaz
  2. Hi, Theme looks great, but would like to see the menus stay open when you in it. For example when you click on Catalog > Products Attributes the dropdown menu closes, how to I keep it open while in the Catalog section. Then when I click on dashboard it closes, like the default theme. Regards, Gaz