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    Odd 2checkout and oscommerce problem

    Sorry for the 3 posts, my browser kept feezing...anyway here goes.. I'm not sure what I did wrong here, but I am a 2checkout vendor on the older system, so I'm using the payment module that came with oscommerce. Well, I've been going back and forth between the 2checkout Admin settings and the settings in oscommerce for the module and I cannot figure out how to get sales receipts from either oscommerce or 2checkout. I could swear that when I first installed oscommerce and it was using the Store ID 18157 for 2checkout that both the buyer and seller would receive 2 e-mails. The weird thing is that the orders are showing up in my oscommerce admin panel, but oscommerce isn't sending me an e-mail telling me i've made a sale. And for that matter, neither is 2checkout anymore. When I made the test sale, I noticed that the buyer receives both e-mails (one from 2checkout and one from oscommerce) Any ideas at all on how I can attempt to fix this. Also, are there some basic rules I should be following in terms of having certain options set in the 2CO admin panel so that it doesn't conflict with the 2CO payment module in oscommerce? ie: both the module and 2CO admin panel have options for test mode... that confuses me because I never know which one to set. Any help on any of my issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mike