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  1. I am just finishing up fixing this module and will add it when completed. It needed a lot of things changed... (so many I doubt it works for v3 either) tom
  2. I have a question about the way the order_totals table is filled it. Why are the values positive? Shouldn't they be negative? I found this when working with the order_edit contribution. Tom
  3. You have: Debug Mode True And Which server to use test The Test server will not give you a meter. Try running it in production, not harm it is just quoting rates. tom
  4. OK QUE Shipping is taxed What other Canadian stores are out there? Let's get them all. tom
  5. It sounds like all the cases you mention can be configured with the current code. The only possible exception is if Shipping is taxed or not. We can't change the order_total based upon zone at this point. The question is: Do different provinces tax shipping while others do not?
  6. I guess I am hijacking this thread for the same topic :P Let's get this Canadian Tax issue in details. I would like to discuss it in terms of a PURE MS1 installation or a Current CVS installation. We recently fixed the compounding tax problem which I broke 6 months ago and I can provide the code snip to fix it for MS1 I want to address these issues as how should we configure the current code to do what is needed for the Provinces that have special cases. Is there someone that runs Canadian shops that knows the rules for each province? Tom
  7. You will have to add some code to the checkout process to do that. Espically if you want to force them to read the text.
  8. First thing each of those pages operate slightly differently. checkout_shipping will post to itself to update the shipping selection and comments and then redirect to checkout_payment then checkout_payment will post to checkout_confirmation to do his dirty work. (as a side note I like the way checkout_shipping does things, all it's business in it's page it also means you can to a reload without the Re-Posting variables message from the browser) Now check_out confirmation has much less code on it because it is only displaying the data for the user to confirm before placing the order, nothing on that last page can be edited. Also since payment modules may need to set up a POST form to another site to accept payment we can't accept changes to the comments on this page
  9. Here is an update to the long standing "Add comment to order" thread. We have added the comments box back to the payment page and also added it to the shipping page. The is because there are cases where these pages will be skipped. So there may be cases where it is not possible to add comments to an order, but that would only be for Virtual Products (Downloads) that are also Free. I have the code ready to commit so it will be part of MS1 I am just waiting for Harald as he had an issue or two that he has told me he wants to disucss about the way the current pages look. If you want a peek feel free to check it out at We have also enhanced the admin order status history display, but I have admin locked... tom
  10. We have been looking at the problem. We have two possible solutions. a) put comments box back on checkout_payment page B) add a button to checkout confirmation that will open up a text box for comments you then Continue back to checkout_confirmation and then confirm order The advantage of these is the steps are the same no matter if the payment processor is internal or external. and there is always c) do nothing The problems as I see it (from posts and other discussions) a) checkout_payment may become very crowded B) two extra clicks and may not be as intuitive c) not everyone is happy...