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  1. If this will implement in september then for what purpose we will use the robot.txt file.
  2. keep your email content short and crispy. With this the reader will not be bored by reading this and read the email with the insterest.
  3. Hi, everyone @JcMagpie thnku for this material....i usually have a confusion among these....but by reading your content today now all my doubts are clear about the oscmmerce and open software....really this information is so helpful for me to understand the difference between them.
  4. Thanku @JcMagpie for giving us information about how to add map in your website...Its really helpful...i will definitely try this on my website
  5. Allen Solly

    PHP 8.0 is coming!

    yes i am eagerly waiting for the next version of PHP. I think that 8.0 version of PHP will make a much improvement in the coding.
  6. Allen Solly

    Product tabs/SEO issue?

    Yes you can now easily use the bootstrap tab. Now the google gives the permission for this bcause google change his alogorithm and it also don't create any issue for seo Thanks
  7. Allen Solly

    which payment module do you use in your shop ?

    i usually use the paypal for the payments and according to me it is secure and good.
  8. Allen Solly


    Hi guys, i am also new in this forum and i hope that i get information that i want ...