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  1. DannisF

    Voice search strategies

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable piece of information!
  2. Thanks, this is a rather extensive explanation of the Free Software and Open Source and Freeware essence and differences between them. We personally prefer to use open source systems, because they are very customizable and, in most cases, are available to be downloaded for free
  3. The source codes of Magento and osCommerce are quite different, it is true, so if you really need a similar Magento module for osCommerce, I believe you will need to rely on custom development
  4. DannisF

    Transactional email service

    I understand your trouble, for I used to face similar issues myself. I managed to sort it out by opting for Amazon SES, and it worked nicely for me since. However, there is a number of similar reliable transactional email providers, like Mandrill by Mailchimp, SendInBlue, Mailgun, perhaps you will find them to work out for your better than the service I use. All it all, it is best to give it a try to each.
  5. Thanks! This is very helpful and comprehensive material that contains everything one need to know about osCommerce and open source systems.
  6. DannisF

    Product tabs/SEO issue?

    I have always avoided placing content in tabs for fear they will not be indexed, but thanx for the recent Google algorithm changes, I can make tabs and am not afraid the valuable content will be overlooked by the indexing robots.
  7. DannisF

    Product tabs/SEO issue?

    Yes, due to the recent changes in Google algorithms, tabbed content is now actively being indexed. This makes bootstraps tabs valuable assets for SEO.
  8. That is a very educational discussion! As for me, I have always asked permission to use product photos, although the temptation to just download the pictures without permission and edit has been rather strong. Yet, the fear of legal prosecution is stronger in me than laziness ☺️
  9. DannisF

    AB Testing

    Hi! We implement A/B testing in our store, especially when we launch new sales or promotion campaign. We offer visitors two banner alternatives and then measure which they click on more often. This allows us to detect the most likeable banner.