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  1. Keep the emails genuine which should sound like a real person so don't add any lengthy paragraphs. Again keep it short and crisp. And don't forget to add your contact info.
  2. oscmepwl

    Transactional email service

    I'm not a marketing person but I do send marketing emails for my clients so I become aware of certain techniques. First of all, they use any of a marketing automation platform. Second, they send only a few emails with a time gap. These two are followed by most of them the rate of success is better and also it doesn't affect their reputation with their customers. Customers and email platforms are well aware in identifying a phishing email so it's better to grow without damaging the reputation or losing any existing/prospective customer.
  3. oscmepwl

    Newbie Member

    I'm an administrative consultant by profession and the most important part of my role is to administrate or manage the e-stores of my clients.
  4. I like the idea of @ArtcoInc If I'm a customer to a site I'll like to view the cart and remove items individually.
  5. It's a helpful question and the answer would solve several newbies problems.
  6. Along with that, it's better to show or email notification of the product availability if the product isn't available at the time of placing an order by the customer.
  7. oscmepwl

    Categories different rows

    Upgrading is the best option yet compare both the versions so you could find its advantages and disadvantages if any.
  8. oscmepwl

    Sendmail - no emails from checkout

    Then the problem could be with OSCommerce only not with email. So check the settings of OSCommerce.
  9. oscmepwl

    Left Column - pushed to bottom on poduct page

    The shortcuts differ with browsers but the highlighting works in the page of source code.
  10. oscmepwl

    I have no "main_page.tpl.php" file

    That's a new thing to come across. No one would think of losing a feature or add-on or anything with an update.