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  1. I program a csv importer that fetch csv's via (S)FTP or direct upload. The idea is to assign the csv's headings to a specific table's column. When the csv does not have any headings, you can assign a custom name to each column you wish to import. The reason is that there are many vendors that provide different csv's and to get them correctly imported to your store require to edit these csv's. This is not efficient when also handle stock updates or price changes. When call the csv importer either direct or via a cronjob, it checks if the current entry is enabled or disabled. Is there any interest to share this project in this community?
  2. fridgebox

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    NOPE not so EASY my friend , here you have the option to show your commitment, it's not that easy to paste a fix here in the forum if you are so RIGHT about it......... put it here 🙂 i told you i teach you.......... now do it the right way....... show your commitment........... your words............. not github............. oscommerce.............. here it is)
  3. fridgebox

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    not matter if i install it or not. The module creator ( even that he does it wrong on github), took the effort to commit his code , with the option for YOU and ME and OTHERS to correct HIS code on GITHUB. You ( as i assume you take yourself serious), should learn to use the correct channels for that. you could have created an issue for it on there, when you made the issue, a link to the issue would be sufficient to know and understand and find out what the issue is, now it is just a fix in the dark. it only is here on the forum, yet your fix MUST be in the original code, for that GITHUB is a good place. ( do not be offended, i just try to learn you):
  4. fridgebox

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    No, not really. you could report an issue on the github repository, even could offer the bug fix. Regardless if the repository owner accept your fix or not.... a link to your issue would have done the job. ( i encourage you to experiment , i know you have the potential............ i checked your work on the german CLUB, i speak and read ( mwa.... not really) fluent german..... i am 50% german). Good Luck!!!!!! PS: i made the concept for the takeaway (pizzapizza) concept in laravel......... for multi-stores. ( if you are serious and have a range of potential cliënts......... we might can set up something in that area).
  5. fridgebox

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    Found it: if (MODULE_CONTENT_HEADER_STORE_TIMES_STATUS == 'True') { #put what i told to look for in here } Now we know what you did, and can be traced in some way.
  6. fridgebox

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    you could have just say what is wrong. I cannot see with a "look for" and "replace" with........... what is the actual bug? I prefer to see compare A with B and highlight the difference. I not learn anything from "replace with"
  7. fridgebox

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    Nothing better on the net: https://freek.dev/595-managing-opening-hours-with-php Requires composer: https://github.com/spatie/opening-hours ( based on above link)
  8. fridgebox

    Export orders into csv

    You should use \t separation for csv's <?php $order_dump = DIR_FS_TMP.'order_dump.csv'; $order_dump = fopen($order_dump ,"a") or die(" error opening - $order_dump \n"); fwrite($file_handle,"$key\t$value[0]\t$value[1]\n"); fclose($file_handle) or die(" error closing $order_dump"); ?>
  9. fridgebox

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    The JS code is not closed. i assume not even your footer show, besides the CC entry. ( conclusion: bad code................... or more likely............. a template you use/bought............. not compatible with add-on) Excuse coming in 1,2,3 GO:
  10. you need urldecode OR rawurldecode There is some websites where you can TEST your given url strings. for example: Encode https://www.urlencoder.org/ Decode: https://www.urldecoder.org/