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  1. See this post 1760 for my original reply in this forum. I have since added the contrib "Downloads Controller", and have sucessfully solved at least one of my hurdles, in getting the CCGV contrib to work. That is, because this contrib "Downloads Controller", adds a "free shipping" module when installed. Now, when I try to check out when purchasing a GV, shipping is not charged. But I still get redirected back to the payment information page when confirming the order (see above mentioned post again). When purchasing a GV and another product, I still get charged for shipping for the GV (problem), as well as the other product (not a problem). The "free shipping" module does not come into play. Again, when confirming the order, I get redirected back to the payment information page. I have read all 90 pages of this forum twice. I have tried the solutions mentioned in this forum, for effect. All the params are set correctly (reasonably sure on both these statements). Are there any other new thoughts?
  2. spherica: As stated in this thread earlier, the author will try to put a package together with the latest updates. Untill that time though, I have found that the following four "versions" of this great contrib are needed to make this work for me. Other versions would be required if any language other than english is desired. With some trial and error, I have installed this contrib in this order: 1. 26 Jun 2004 - ccgv 510c 2. 11 Jul 2004 - Credit Class & Gift Voucher 3. 4 Sep 2004 - CCGV bug fix 4. 18 Nov 2004 - Class creates a TAX problem Mind you, only the first verion was the intial install where most of the work is done. The other files only required a few lines of changes here and there. When I installed these four versions, I did it by using the program "Beyond Compare". This software is intuitive, and is easy use. It compares two files, and shows the differences. You make only the indicated required changes to make this or any contribution, an integrated part of your store, if you do not have a clean install of osCommerce. Read, understand and follow, the install or readme files that are included with each iteration mentioned above (or any contrib for that matter). Hope this helps you, and others. Stewart
  3. Also, when emailing a voucher, the recipients email does not include a clickable link to redeem. The address is there (assumed to be correct), but is not hyperlinked. I have SE freindly URLs turned on (if this is an issue), as it is required by another mod. Thanks in advance for any help here. Stewart
  4. Sorry for the wrong information, but shipping IS charged in either case stated above.
  5. I have installed CCGV 5.10c (with bug fix) into MS2 2.2. I have discovered two issues with the installation. 1) If a gift voucher is purchased singularly, no shipping is charged, but then the customer cannot chekout. The customer is constantly redircted to the Payment Information page (checkout_payment.php) at the final step. No purchase confirmation. Nothing gets charged, no email sent, no reported errors, etc. 2) If a gift voucher is purchased with other products, then shipping is charged for the voucher, but checkout proceeds smoothly. The voucher product weight is set to zero. I use the "First Item, plus additional items", and "Free shipping" shipping modules only. I use the "Authorize.net payment module by Austin", and stock "Paypal" payment modules. Customers checkout just fine if gift vouchers are not a product selection. Any help in resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Back to getting the "Parse error: parse error, unexpected '.' in . . . /admin/easypopulate.php on line 1692" Stewart
  7. Mibble - I have also installed Linda's "Header Tag Controller", and Steve's "Wolfen_Featured_Sets", both prior to installing EP 2.74. I will start to look how these interplay, but they are working. Any other thoughts/suggestions? I appreciate the help already afforded me, and hope that it will continue for myself and everyone else here. Great job. Thanks, Stewart
  8. Suggestions as to where I might look? Thanks, Stewart
  9. Mibble - the only change that I can that you made was to remove the query statement and the subsequent dot on the same line. I have tried it anyway, and the error has changed to "Unexpected T_Variable on line 1702" Did I miss something? Stewart
  10. Forgot to mention that I am using EP 2.74 for MS2 Thanks, Stewart
  11. "Parse error: parse error, unexpected '.' in XXX\admin\easypopulate.php on line 1692" I get this parse error when uncommenting the lines that support big_images contribution. See post #928 Thanks, Stewart
  12. Mibble - post #927 shows a easypopulate file with the lines commented out for the image mods contribs. I am posting the same section of code (approx. lines 1690 to 1740) uncommented. I believe I have followed the instructions given in post #86 (and a few others) in order to get the big_image mod to work. I still get the dreaded parse error as I open the page. I replace the comments and the page parses correctly. DB is updated correctly. osC 2.2 MS2. Any thoughts? // unmcomment these lines if you are running the image mods $query = . $v_products_mimage . '", "' . $v_products_bimage . '", "' . $v_products_subimage1 . '", "' . $v_products_bsubimage1 . '", "' . $v_products_subimage2 . '", "' . $v_products_bsubimage2 . '", "' . $v_products_subimage3 . '", "' . $v_products_bsubimage3 . '", "' $query .=" '$v_products_model', '$v_products_price', '$v_db_status', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, $v_date_added, $v_date_avail, '$v_tax_class_id', '$v_products_weight', '$v_products_quantity', '$v_manufacturer_id') "; $result = tep_db_query($query); } else { // existing product, get the id from the query // and update the product data $row = tep_db_fetch_array($result); $v_products_id = $row['products_id']; echo "<font color='black'> Updated</font><br>"; $row = tep_db_fetch_array($result); $query = 'UPDATE '.TABLE_PRODUCTS.' SET products_price="'.$v_products_price. '" ,products_image="'.$v_products_image; // uncomment these lines if you are running the image mods $query = '" ,products_mimage="'.$v_products_mimage. '" ,products_bimage="'.$v_products_bimage. '" ,products_subimage1="'.$v_products_subimage1. '" ,products_bsubimage1="'.$v_products_bsubimage1. '" ,products_subimage2="'.$v_products_subimage2. '" ,products_bsubimage2="'.$v_products_bsubimage2. '" ,products_subimage3="'.$v_products_subimage3. '" ,products_bsubimage3="'.$v_products_bsubimage3; Thanks for sharing your time. Stewart
  13. I notice that there hasn't been any input to this thread in about 6 weeks, but I will post here anyway, with the hope of getting a timely response. This mod states that the Header Tag Controller contrib should be installed for this mod to work properly, as stated in the readme. I've done that. There are files included with this mod that I assume are to be compared to, or to replace the ones installed by the Header Tags Controller mod. However, when doing a file compare, the file included with this mod, is older (as indicated by the comment lines) than the files installed by Header Tags Controller. Version 3.0 in this mod, verses Version 3.2 in the Header Tags Controller mod. Specifically, the file named "header_tags.php" in catalog/includes. There may be others as I haven't checked them yet. My question is this: Which version of this file (and the others, if any) should be used for replacement, or what code should be kept if doing a compare? A quick response would be greatly appreciated, as I cannot go any further with a live shop until this is addressed. Thank you, Stewart