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  1. Hello @MrPhil, FYI only, I finally opt to only use the Options/Attributes as it is Mandatory. If my issue can help others… As all my transactions are Person to Person, the customers who accept it will be advised that an overcharge upon Delivery will be charge. He can also give back to the Delivery man the same amount of Cans in order to balance is account…. So, thank you again for all your help and big thanks to let me know about the Frozen version.
  2. Thank you again, @MrPhil for your answer 🙂
  3. Hi @MrPhil, Thank you for your generous time regarding my issue. First answer is 2) I want it listed as a separate item, I want it to be added automatically and it can't be in the "per item shipping fee". I Need like a toogle True / False - Deposit required kind of option. I do understand your way of thinking, I would try again some options. Most of my products doesn't need that option. But some, for recycling purposes in Qc Canada, like aluminum cans or glass bottles, I need to add $0.05 per unit or bottle $0.10 etc., of course, non-taxable Here is what I am hoping to get: If milk is bought = price (no tax) no problem on this one; If 12 pack of brown liqueur = price (tx) + line adding $0.60 (no tax) for Deposit Qc; Delivery fee is flat rate $1.00 (tax) which is working fine. Ok, now, by reading your footer line, I do understand that i am using an obsolete version, so I will start by upgrading to Frozen + patches then see where it brings me... Thank you again!
  4. Hi supercheaphob! I have normal osC 2.3.4 installed .... You can forget the Deposit Payment Module (It work) but it is not what I need it to do. I need another type of module, I don't find it... Ex: If I sell A Pepsi can $1.00 (+taxe) I need the module to automatically add 1 line Item charging A 0.05¢ (non-taxable) for recuperation deposit - which will be credited eventually. If 12 Pepsi is selected, 12x 0.05¢ must be shown. Hope I am clear enough. Thanks you
  5. Hi to you All It seem I can't find how to set this issue. We have multiple product to sell but some (only a few) needs a deposit value non taxable to be added automatically when the product is selected. How can I do it? I have tried the Add-on 'Deposit payment module' but isn't what I am looking for... Ex.: If selected - product A worth 100 then add automatically 20.00 each as a deposit or core charge non-taxable but the product is taxable as it will be refundable. In used car business, let say a Starter, when bought, we ask for a 20 for the old part and when returned, the 20 is refund. If you can help