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  1. bastosdesign

    Easier Attributes

    Thx Jack. I got it all sorted out. Your addon makes life MUCH easier... just trying to figure out how to modify it to allow multiple attribute selection at once
  2. bastosdesign

    Easier Attributes

    Update - this happens when I update the english.php file like the instructions call for... trying to debug why now
  3. bastosdesign

    Easier Attributes

    Anyone have this issue? Followed the instructions - now my admin pages look like this:
  4. bastosdesign

    Current Android Mobile Admin App?

    I have done my share of searching... trying to figure out what the current (2019) administration app is for Android. I went through the apps in the marketplace, most are from 2010 - and either no longer available on Google play store, or just plain outdated... Apologies if I missed something in front of my face... Did I miss something?