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  1. Hello Fleeced, The old url may have stopped working recently but will take a look into this further along with the error page you / your customers have received. The secure.nochex.com url is the better url to use and has been around for sometime. The latest versions of our module for osCommerce have the secure link. I am glad you have managed to get your module working by changing the url, and if / when you come to updating your Nochex module and experience any issues or would like any assistance. Please get in touch, and I will be more than happy to assist you. Kind Regards James Lugton - Nochex Technical Support
  2. Hello fleeced, The url that you have mentioned: https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/checkout is an old checkout url. The url that is now commonly used is: https://secure.nochex.com/default.aspx. As a solution to your issue, We have an up-to-date Nochex module for oscommerce on the Nochex GitHub here: https://github.com/NochexDevTeam/osCommerce which uses the url https://secure.nochex.com/default.aspx along with updated functionality / features. Alternatively If you prefer how your current module works, can you raise a support ticket: https://support.nochex.com with a copy of your Nochex page so I can make the necessary changes for you Kind Regards James Lugton - Nochex Technical Support