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  1. This is so to the point, very well and simple explained. Gdpr is a hassle..
  2. omg13v

    Are you ready for Brexit?

    Good or bad, it is their decision but it will certainly take a while before they actually will be out.
  3. omg13v

    17 Years Young!

    Congratulations and many more to come!
  4. omg13v


    Is not easy to do, best thing probably is to get a professional to do it.
  5. omg13v

    credit card skimmers (in JS)

    Oh wow, that's crazy. Thanx a lot for sharing.
  6. omg13v

    Fake accounts

    You are right, this can be very annoying and a lot of unneccessary work to track ips.
  7. omg13v

    Alternatives to PayPal

    Thanks for sharing the info, I hate giving all my details.
  8. omg13v

    Email marketing done right.

    Thank you for sharing, really helpful.
  9. omg13v

    Share your strategy for christmas

    It's always a good idea to give something for free on Christmas, Easter.. It's the gifts season so is the best thing you could do.