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  1. imag22

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Does anyone have this contrib and Master Products(not the one by Galen) installed?
  2. imag22

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    Hi all, I installed the contribution, everything seems to look ok on the front-end. But I get this error at the admin: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_admin_check_boxes() in /home/www/mysite/admin/includes/column_left.php on line 19 Does anyone know what this error is about? Where I can correct it? :blink:
  3. imag22

    Current AUctions V2.0

    Hi, great module. But I want to know if or how does it displays the "buy now" icon like the way ebay has it. Some of my items that I've listed on ebay have the "buy now" icon. Shouldn't my OSc site reflect whatever is displayed on ebay?