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  1. Yea, ty for the correct link, i simply installed your newest version and now its working perfect.
  2. i dont have a good screengrabber installed right now and i cant do it with the windows snipping tool but the whole path is just my website and then that what i wrote: www.website.com/product_info.php?products_id=
  3. Yes, and it's still working, but like i said before, i just discovered that the buttons view and buy dont redirect properly. If i click on the sales product photo, it redirects to the product properly but when i click on the "View Button", it says like "D'oh, product not found", i just want the view button to redirect to the same spot as the rest of the box does. Yea, there is the problem, when i hover over the view and the buy button there is no id number at the end and looks like this: view button: ...product_info.php?products_id= buy button: ...index.php?action=buy_now&products_id= while when i hover over the picture of the product it says: ...product_info.php?products_id=46 So for some reason the id number is missing from the view button and buy button
  4. I am talking about month Specials with the red sale ribbon in the corner that appear on the index page.
  5. The same exact products work on the "New Products" just fine while they fail on the "Specials"
  6. I'm using Frozen BS HTTP Server: Apache PHP Version: 7.1.14 (Zend: 3.1.0) Which config files? In what map? And my .htaccess file is empty. The view button and buy button for the "New Product" in the index works fine
  7. Yes, i thought that the path is wrong too but the thing is... how do i check my redirects? Where are they?
  8. alex121121

    Auto Update Currencies

    Sorry, i was unavailable for some time, i have php version 7.1.14 (Zend: 3.1.0) so that should be allright. I changed the code and it does not seem to make a difference. Should i change it back?
  9. I installed the addon and it works great but i just found out that when you click the view button on one of the sale products, it does not take you to the product but it says:" D'oh. Product not found! instead. Also, when you click the buy button, it does not add to the cart, instead it takes you to your empty cart where it says "your cart is empty".
  10. alex121121

    Auto Update Currencies

    Updating manually works perfect as before. But auto update still doesnt work, if its page issue, do you know what i could do?
  11. alex121121

    Auto Update Currencies

    Well, officially they do but when i made a cron job in their Cpanel, it triggered some kind of auto immune reaction in their server which prevented me to log into my osCommerce admin for 2 weeks. i had to open like 6 tickets until it was finally resolved and each ticket makes you wait like 2 days. It turned out to be some security protocol which happens on shared servers when people try cron job for the first time without it being authorized by the higher level host admins or something. I deleted the cron job and dont wanna have anything to do with it anymore.
  12. alex121121

    Auto Update Currencies

    admin->Configuration->My Store and set the Auto Update Currency yea, i did that, and it turns out i had also one test database and when i selected the original database and inserted the code successfully again, the auto update currency appeared. Thanks. At 9:30, i entered 10 (o'clock) in the auto update currency option and now at 10:15, it didnt update yet. Was it supposed to? I dont really understand what the manual means by: "The script will run before that hour eahc day providing someone is in admin prior to it."
  13. alex121121

    Auto Update Currencies

    Yes, cron wont work because of my hosting company. Running the database change is step 3a which i did; i ran the sql file which inserted the row into the database successfully and did everything else before (except step 2)
  14. alex121121

    Auto Update Currencies

    Ok, the manual of the auto-update-currency addons says: Step 3c: Go to admin->Configuration->My Store and set the Auto Update Currency setting to an hour. The script will run before that hour eahc day providing someone is in admin prior to it. But i dont see the Auto Update Currency setting option in admin->Configuration->My Store