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    Payment Modules Issues

    Hello, I'm currently working with a client that is having issues with their payment module(s) on their website. Previously they had a member of their company set up their website using Authorize.net. That person was removed from the company and had full control of the website previously. We've moved the hosting onto a new machine running PHP5.6, and removed Authorize.net in favor of Square (un-certified module) or Stripe (certified- module). Both modules end up with being on the checkout page with the URL: checkout_payment.php?error_message=Please+select+a+payment+method+for+your+order. and refreshing upon selecting Continue. At first I thought it was an error with the Square module that we were attempting to use, but after getting to the same result with Stripe I've realized either the modules are not compatible... or the previous person in charge of their files/infrastructure edited core. The company is now using go-daddy, so I am having difficulty seeing what is going on from the PHP error logs, as they mostly look blank. I'm not sure if no errors are actually occurring, or if go-daddy suppresses them. I have never used osCommerce before, it looks like a great platform; just generally no experience. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. PHP 5.6.36 (Zend: 2.6.0) osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3 I am happy to re-install on fresh files with the old database, but not sure what that will mean for their theme and website. I've read upgrading all the way back from v2.3.3 to v2.3.4.1 might be difficult? -TJ
  2. Hello, We are attempting to use this module. On the checkout_payment.php page, we end up with https://i.gyazo.com/de89d794624ee52ecd6baa5e7dc4e529.png We cannot enter any CC details, nor select a credit card type. Upon hitting continue we will get "error_message=Please+select+a+payment+method+for+your+order." We followed the original installation, then also tried j0ec00l2k's suggestions for making it compatible. Using PHP 5.6. Any help would be appreciated greatly.