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  1. @ArtcoInc Thank you very much for this brief introduction. Now everything is getting clearer for me. I think I got the correct version now and thanks to @MrPhil the bugs will be done in one or two days. Thank you also to @burt for this hint I think I will follow it as soon as the first steps are done. For now this Thread will be closed at first I think. Maybe there will be some questions if the de-bugging won't work as I want it to. Cheers
  2. @MrPhil thank you for all these information. It is pretty hard to get through this jungle of versions. I recently started the Version from your link and hop I finally found something working. Is there a complete list of bug fixes I have to make for this version? Or something like a summary or do I have to find everything manually?
  3. @MrPhil I finally found out I am using Frozen with Bootstrap v4. so everything is fine. @JcMagpie I am hosting it via my stepfathers company. He is doing such things since his university days. I am going to talk to him about this issues. Thank you all for this help! Hope it will be fixed soon.
  4. Is there a sample shop for this Version of osCommerce?
  5. Hello together, thank you for the fast respond! I just searched another "responsive" osCommerce and found the following: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce this might be the version @JcMagpie offered me above right? But the issue with the product adding still exists. Due to the new installation I am recieving the following Error message "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /htdocs/OSC/includes/classes/passwordhash.php on line 62" Regards
  6. According to the System I am using "the latest version of osCommerce WDW-PV 7.0"
  7. Hello together, I am pretty new to E-Commerce solutions like oscommerce and would like to finally set up my online shop. I am using: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE MySQL 5.5.62 PhP 7.1.26 - By playing around with the whole system I recognized that my Cart won't load itself after adding and deleting a product. After adding/deleting a product, the site loads a while and aferwards shows off a HTTP Error 500 (This Site does not work). Not even refreshing will help I have to go back or open the site again - On the Log In page of the Check Out the Placeholder of Password and EMail Adress is still shown. - Also there are problems with the sozial media bookmarks, which are not shown when enabled. These three things would be the first questions I am not able to answer myself. I hope this Thread is opened correctly and would like to thank everyone in advanced by helping me with this. Kind Regards.