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  1. roroeow7

    check out procedure change?

    Hello Guys. I would like to ask about the check out procedure. Can I display a message before the customer go, for example, on paypal page to deposit the money for his order. I would like to receive the order, check if the product quantity is enough and then inform the customer to proceed or not for payment. There are times that customers pay their orders and some products are out of stock, so I have to return the money back. I know I could mark products as "out of stock", but is there another way? thanks in advance
  2. Hello Guys, I just started using oscommerece and my store needs no condition of use. I would like to make say other sites and use to have links to other sites of intrest. How would I go about making this change. thanks.
  3. roroeow7

    remove WHAT IS NEW?

    Hello Guys. Can you tell me please how to remove WHAT IS NEW and how to center loging in the main pages. Thanks