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  1. JACUK

    Flat Rate Shipping

    Thanks Mr Phil & Dan Cole, Your replies are appreciated. Mr Phil - it's the way my client works and the type of sales quantities. He has an arrangement with his couriers where in effect he can send up to 5 (approx) items for the same cost as one! And sales over that amount for individual are unlikely and the narrative on nthe site would steer such customers to a trade contact. Dan - thanks for the steer to the module - have downloaded and will install later today and see if it gets me to where i need to be. Again, your support is much appreciated. Julian
  2. JACUK

    Flat Rate Shipping

    I am developing a store with a small product range, about 12 at the moment with 2 or 3 attributes on most products. Want to use flat rate shipping and we will only be shipping to the UK (based in UK). I need 2 different shipping rates; 3 of the products are smaller and will be at £2.95 and the larger products at £6.00, but the flat rate needs to be by line item. In other words if the customer wants to buy 3 different products from the "larger products" range they will need to be charged £18.00 for shipping; if the buy 3 of the same product then only £6.00. If they buy a mixture of small & large items they need to be charged £2.95 for each different small product plus £6.00 for each different large product. So 1 small product plus 1 large product would be £8.95, etc - hope that makes sense!? Have searched the forum & Google, etc. and so far havent found a solution. Any ideas on available modules or a workaround to achieve this. Using :- osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE Any help would be appreciated. Thanks