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  1. Try comparing the packaged categories.php file with the one that you had before you changed yours for this contrib. The compare utility I use is called Beyond Compare 2. Get it at: http://www.scootersoftware.com/ This utility makes comparing the files very easy, you have to use it to understand. That is how I made it work. And I only copied the sections noted by the author as modified. -Patrick
  2. Does anyone know how to add all the categories to the home page with icons so that they stand out more than the categories list on the left??? Thanks, Patrick
  3. Did you edit all of the entries in categories.php under the admin folder? I remember when I did it there were alot of lines of code for that one file I had to copy. -Patrick
  4. Thanks, I found that and it works fine. So it is now up and running. Now its time to start learning about the look and feel of the site. Until we meet again... (Watch for upgrades and great new tech help pages that will be appearing by Mid-October at www.phatgod.com) Sincerely, Patrick
  5. Ok, sorry all for me being an idiot. Had I taken the time to completely read all documentation on it, including this forums first page I would have quickly discovered the files that are needed to change are few and easy to change. Once I compared the files with beyond compared and only copied the code marked by MaxiDVD I was able to quickly implement it. I ran into a short problem with the product_info.php file but quickly realized that I simply needed to edit the template file in the template directory instead of the copy under the catalog. This is because of a templating system that came with OSC-MAX 1.5. So other than that and a quick edit of the SQL file to comment out the first insert field I was in business. One problem I ran into is the SQL upload created several duplicates in the database and therefore also in the admin menus. Deleting these quickly fixed that problem. Finally, the last thing I had to do was disable the "Enable PHP image manager" option in the "image" section of the admin panel. Once that was done I stopped getting these "inserturlimg button" error messages when loading the new product page. I think this has to do with netpbm. I probably need to do something else. But also by disabling this option it gives me browse buttons to add the images, when before it didn't. I have one last problem with this that I am unsure how to resolve. Since my father will be using it I will have to keep it as simple as possible for him. I noticed that when you hit the "preview" button it will immediately list some errors at the top of the page... " Warning: No file uploaded." for every image field not utilized. Well we will be using a varying amount of images per item and I wan't to know if there is a way to disable this message for fields that are unused. That would be extremely helpful. This error even occurs when you just edit a product. Any ideas??? Thanks, Patrick P.S. I think its kickass how it will delete the image for you, even when you delete the product.
  6. I am still trying to do a compare on the files to figure out all of the changes, I printed out the compare report and I am going over it right now, but so far I have only compared the index.php files. I wish the author would just document the changes to each file, or for an easier approach for himself just go to the code itself and leave notes showing the areas he added or changed. Thats how your supposed to write programs anyway, with documentation embedded. I think this program is a great idea, just needs the code to be denoted in each affected file.
  7. pthurmond

    Country State Selector

    Ok I have posted an update to my contrib that should help with the problem that you speak of. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2316 -Patrick
  8. pthurmond

    Country State Selector

    Ok, after going over my own site I noticed that my site will allow a change to the billing address, but makes no mention of changes to the shipping address. Are you using a module that also allows direct change of the ship to address? My contrib is simply a change to the SQL query that queries the state when it is entered as part of the address. Theoretically there is no reason why you couldn't snip out this code and use it on any files in OScommerce that have the state as an input option, but I haven't tried it on anything but the create_account.php file. If you download the contrib and open the file you will notice the code change clearly marked (this is for editing and reference purposes). In the mean time I will research what other files request state info too and look into adding that to my contrib. -Patrick
  9. pthurmond

    Country State Selector

    Well it does allow you to create a new shipping address, but that is because it doesn't have anything to do with any changes outside creating a new account. Thanks for mentioning that though, because now I can modify it to include the fix for when you are adding a new address. I never thought of that issue. I will modify and post it later today (it is a simple modification at worst). -Patrick
  10. I will try tonigth when I get home (I cannot make the needed changes here at work).
  11. Yes, unless the guy didn't mean to package a .sql file with it and include it in the install instructions.
  12. Came as part of it, the mod was preinstalled because I am using OSC MS-2 Max, the one distributed by AABox.com
  13. Even without using the SQL (presuming the needed changes already exist), the contrib still doesn't work. Of course it doesn't help that the guy packaged way more files than needed for the contrib. He should have only included those needed for the contrib and that is it. So it makes it hard for me to pick apart what changes he actually made. Every time I install the contrib my entire site goes down. Luckily I have a backup of it burnt to a CD. I would really like to get it to work. -Patrick
  14. pthurmond

    Country State Selector

    I could never get that contrib to work for me either, that is why I made this contrib. Its sort of a workaround. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2316 Hope this helps. -Patrick
  15. Ok earlier in the posts of this contrib there was mention of a code comparison tool, however I am unable to find such a tool and was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find such a tool. It doesn't have to be free software either.