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  1. sntmods1

    XML Sitemap Generator

    thats fixed, good job!
  2. sntmods1

    XML Sitemap Generator

    I've received this error while testing sitemap.php, any idea? Im using CE Phoenix 1.0.4 I've tested it with PHP 5.4, 7.0 and 7.1 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysqli_fetch_all() in /xxxx/xxxxxx/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/sitemap.php:14 Stack trace: #0 /xxxx/xxxxxx/public_html/catalog/sitemap.php(142): tep_db_fetch_all(Object(mysqli_result)) #1 {main} thrown in /xxxx/xxxxxx/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/sitemap.php on line 14
  3. Im unfamiliar with the files that help draw this page and where to look within the code. Is this using javascript, css, etc? This occurs on a brand spanking new, unedited CE Phoenix I've done nothing to the admin sections that would cause this. Do you believe it could be something on the service side causing this issue I'm experiencing?
  4. this is occurring on a stock install as well as an active store on the same server. Again, this doesnt occur on chrome while running on PC. Any thoughts?
  5. Here's a link to a video that I took of this issue. youtu.be/SPjxZLmqTgs This occurs on both Chrome for Android (Galaxy S9+) and Edge browsers. This doesnt occur on Chrome for Windows Notice how "Invoice," "Packing Slip," and "Back" buttons grow in size after clicking the "Summary," and/or "Status History" tabs? Its also duplicating the Admin links but in it's expanded state on the left of the screen. Anybody else experience this? Know how to fix it from happening in those particular browsers?